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13 November 2014

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All those Captain Smith titanic stories and links.....

As you well know, the late lamented Captain Edward Smith had his critics but also hs defenders. But, whatever, there's always lots of talk and local "links" to the man and his ship. Here are some of them..

Captain Smith has of course been remembered a number of ways - especially in his native Staffordshire.
From the statue in Lichfield to the famous Titanic Beer, brewed in Burslem in Stoke on Trent, his memory is not forgotten.
So... if you know of ways in which the Titanic or Captain Smith is remembered, particularly in Staffordshire, this is your page to tell - e-mail us with the details..

Lichfield statue

Ronnie Ince wrote in to say:
"This statue was the work of Lady Kathleen Scott; widow of Captain R.F.Scott the Antartic explorer. It was unveiled by Captain Smith's daughter on 29th July 1914.
At the time this was controversial as Captain Smith had no connections with Lichfield; but Lichfield Council have since refused an offer to transfer it to Stoke on Trent at no cost to them.

No doubt that with all the recent attention to the Titanic in recent films, and the re-discovery of the wreck, it is now a tourist attraction to Lichfield".

Titanic Wedding

One extraordinary couple from the Midlands decided to celebrate their love, and their mutual interest in the Titanic, by getting married to a Titanic theme on the day of the anniversary of the sinking.

Titanic talks

Ray Johnson, one of the experts on the history of the Titanic, gives talks on the subject.
Ray writes:
"The Titanic tragedy represented, in its own right, the end of an era of arrogance and social discrimination in sea travel. Quickly superseded by the horrors of the Great War, and further sinkings - notably of the Lusitania - interest in the Titanic waned until Walter Lord wrote his famous book "A Night to Remember" in the 1950s.
This book was based on the many survivor testimonies he collected, and was made into a feature film by William MacQuitty. With extracts from my interviews with both Mr Lord and Mr MacQuitty, I show how the Titanic tragedy - and its representation in the cinema from 1912 to the 1990s - still has a pertinent message today.

Using film clips, original survivor interviews and contemporary images and memorabilia, I hope I also help solve the riddle of why Captain Smith of the Titanic has a statue in his honour standing in Lichfield - a city which has no connection with the Titanic tragedy at all."

Titanic Readings - on tape

The BBC local radio station, BBC Radio Stoke, produced its own hour-long programme of dramatic readings, using accounts from the time, all about the Titanic tragedy.
It's now available on cassette.
Contact BBC Radio Stoke for details.

Titanic Beer

Titanic Brewery, which is based in Stoke on Trent, is named in honour of the ship's Captain, Edward Smith, who hailed from the Potteries.
Whilst some of their beers are named with a certain amount of humour, they take the link to the Titanic seriously, regularly contributing to the RNLI - and are proud to be an honorary member of the Titanic Association.
See Titanic Brewery website

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You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > People > Your Stories > All those Captain Smith titanic stories and links.....

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