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13 November 2014

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You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Entertainment > Music > Features > Adam Faith dies at 62

Adam Faith

Adam Faith & Den Siegertsz

Adam Faith dies at 62

Pop star turned actor Adam Faith has died of a heart attack at the age of 62. He was staying in Stoke on Trent while appearing in a play at the city's Regent Theatre.

Adam Faiths last radio interview

Pop star turned actor Adam Faith has died of a heart attack at the age of 62.
He was staying in Stoke on Trent while appearing in a play at the city's Regent Theatre.
Mr Faith was starring in the play "Love and Marriage" at the Regent Theatre in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

After Friday night's performance, he was taken ill at the Moat House Hotel in Hanley, where he was staying.

An ambulance took him to the North Staffordshire Hospital. Doctors fought in vain to revive him but he died in the early hours of this morning.

He had a history of heart trouble, and underwent heart bypass surgery 16 years ago.

Adam Faith's Career

Mr Faith was discovered by TV producer Jack Good while performing at a Soho coffee bar in central London.

He went on to become one of the biggest pinups of British pop in the 1960s. He first topped the charts in 1959 with "What Do You Want", which launched five years of chart success for him.

He finally gave up his singing career in 1967 and turned to acting, making his stage debut in the thriller "Night Must Fall".

Singer turned Actor

In the 1970s, Mr Faith found renewed fame starring in the popular TV series "Budgie". It was the story of a self confident Cockney lad just out of prison.

In 1973, he survived a serious car accident which prompted a return to singing to release an album entitled "I Survive".

Adam Faith

In the 1980s, he carved out another career as a financial advisor. He wrote a financial column for the Daily Mail, which he continued to write well into the 1990s.

!n 1991, he and co-star Zoe Wanamaker achieved a devoted following in the bittersweet comedy series "Love Hurts".

In 1999, Mr Faith set up a cable and satellite channel called "The Money Channel". It was aimed at providing personal finance advice and news. But it folded in 2001, and Mr Faith was later declared bankrupt.

Quote from his agent

He passed away at 2:30 this morning having had a massive heart attack 
Alan Field, Adam Faith's Agent

Sat 8th March 2003

In the same year, he starred opposite former Eastender Gillian Taylforth in a TV series called "The House That Jack Built". The episodes were broadcast early in 2002.

Mr Faith continued to work despite suffering from heart problems and his death will still come as shock to many people.

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Your messages of condolence

News travels slow when you are half a world away, I remember playing all Adams songs on the radio as a DJ in the 60's. My health is failing now also with heart troubles. Had my first bypasses back when Adam had his. I guess I will be hearing his voice singing with the angels and be reunited with a wonderful spirit in the near future.
Guy Westcott
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(formerly Brentwood Essex)

He died four days after my birthday. My friend sent me a text and told me he was dead. I can't believe it. I know this message is overdue but everytime I see a picture of him it makes me cry. I'm not a religous person but i hope Adam is in a good place. He is in my heart always. I Luv u Adam. You were, and still are a fantastic person.

I have been a fan from the very beginning and followed your career to the end. You were absolutely superb in everything you did. Your 'Face to Face' interview was one of the very best - ever.
Budgie and Love Hurts are acting memorials to a talent that was gigantic. Sleep well, dear prince, and let flights of angels take you to your rest - you have earned it. Goodnight, see you in the morning -
Vivienne Lee
Bridgend, Wales

What a lovely person, just 2 years older than myself - How I wish I could have met him.

Many times I sat in the front row at Royal Albert Hall in the 60's - almost near enough to touch him!
Adam has been in my life ever since - I have always been in admiration for Adam who seemed to stay the same person regardless of income. I feel as if I have lost a brother - and most certainly too soon!
Malcolm Goode
New Brighton formerly from London

To his famliy I will send my deepest condolence.
He was a great popstar and later a good actor.

I was an ardent fan 12 years of age. As I grew up, he showed maturity and ability which proved my choice of icon to be a worthy one. Sadly missed, I thank him for the entertainment over these many years.
Condolences to his family.
Maureen Bregazzi

A terrible shock
I have only heard today as I was on holiday and missed the news. I sat down to watch him on TV and the announcer said starring the late Adam Faith.

As a war baby I grew up with Adam and loved his music especially his first comeback with the Roulettes.
You will be sadly missed. See you Budgie.
Gordon Braid

I remember Adam from my earliest memories. My sister, who is six years older than me, adored him in those days and bought many of his early records, which I still have.

I particularly liked "Stardust", the film that he made with David Essex in the Seventies, and constantly use quotes from it in my everyday life.
When I was about six, my brother sister and myself all chased his car down the road in Blackpool, where he was appearing at the time. It turned out that the car belonged to Tony Fane, a member of the Arthur Haynes crew, who was staying in a local hotel.

I always felt a close a close affinity to Adam, and was ablsolutely devasatated to hear the sad news. My kids, who are seven and three years old, also loved Adam. They can sit and watch "What a Whopper"(an early sixties film of Adam's) over and over again. They also enjoy singing along to many of his songs.

I heard that he had died last year, and was relieved to find out that he was in fact alive ! and well, and filming "The House That Jack Built".
I can't believe that it has really happened now, and I feel that it is the end of an era. Condolences to his wife Jackie and Katya. He will be very sadly missed.
Melvyn Brill

I have just watched his recent appearance on Murder in Mind on the BBC and I was struck by the similarity between my Uncle Frank (my Mum's younger brother) and Adam not necessarily in looks, but by the way he spoke.

He was a talented actor who was able to easily adapt to all manner of acting roles. He is sadly missed and is held in high esteem by many of us who remember him from his early singing career. I was a very young child in the 50's when he began, but my Mum has lovely memories of him and read both his autobiography and that of Cliff another contemporary and Mum always said that Adam was a genuine unpretencious bloke and always preferred his book to that of Cliff cos she would relate to him in a way that she couldn't with Cliff.
Condolences to his wife Jackie and Katya.
Denise Thorne

What a Very Sad News. My deepest condolence to the Family. Rest in Peace and Warm Forever Adam Faith. We will miss you Very Much.
Gerald Markowitz
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

My deepest sympathy to Adam's family.I feel I've lost someone very near and dear to me. I 'fell in love'with him the moment he began his music career all those years ago and still treasure the photos, cuttings etc. that I collected along the way. Dear Adam, tell the BIG BOSS up there to put some order into this crazy world.
Tessa Hamilton
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

This is sad, sad news. I loved Adam and was so pleased to be able to see him again a few months ago in London. May God bless his soul.
Nancy Sinatra
Los Angeles

I'm 18, and I don't know Adam for his singing, but I did see him act, and I recognised his common touch. His eloquence and abilty to articulate his thoughts is an inspiration to us all. This is a terrible loss.
Leanne Conti

we are both terribly sad about adams sudden demise,having been fans since the start of his career.
i had his pictures [from a u.k .mag we read called '' boyfriend''] all over my wall when i was a teenager,
he was very good looking,and we loved the John Barry orchestra as his backing.
irene and brian
christchurch new zealand

A true entertainer
Not only was I a fan of his music but after seeing him in the film "Oh what a whopper" with Gerry and the Pacemakers and Susan Maughan, did I realise that his talent for acting would one day play a large part in his life. Fond memories from a loyal fan xx
Heather Matheson

Thanks for the charm of Budgie and some great acting moments through the years. You also played your first ever gig in my home town, at Wandsworth Boys Club back in the 50's.(As Terry & The Worried Men) I related to you a lot and people have always said i remind them of your looks! I saw you in a cafe in Chelsea once in the 80's and you kept looking over. Probally thought i was a lost cousin!. Adam, Thank You for the inspiration...MAY YOU BE HEAVEN BOUND....From one chirpy working class lad to another.
John Murphy

I was so sad when I heared of Adam's passing. I was a really big fan of his in the early sixties. I still have all of the records from that time. I especially loved a song from one of his albums 'Little Yellow Roses'. He also sang it on a TV special. I met him several times. He was a lovely person. I'll always remember him. I'd like to send my sympathy to Jackie and Katya.
Sylvia Ashton

I will always remember you and the tune "The first time"

I was grief stricken when I heard the news, still am but now he is at rest, and god be with him. I joined your fan club when I was a teenager back in the fifties, what a man, great singer, actor, entertainer, just a wonderful person, Show business has lost a great person.
Rest in peace, you will never walk alone.

I grew up listening to him on Radio Luxembourg, Six Five Special etc. He was part of my life since the early sixties.
I was looking forward to seeing his latest play, as I had seen most of his other performances and was a great fan.
I had recently purchased his albums on CD and films on DVD.

So his passing whilst I was on holiday in the USA was a sad loss. I would like to pass on my condolences to Jackie and Katya. It would be good to see a re-run of one of his performances again as a tribute to him.
Joan Maynad
Milton Keynes

You were my idol in the sixties.
I sat all night outside The Odean at Southend on sea to get a ticket to see you. I have followed your career ever since. You were a great actor and a great human being.
You died too young Adam so many people will miss you. Rest in peace lovely man. love
Sue Vernon

Hejda, min struts, with my deepest sorrows I wish you will rest in peace. Remember our funny and nice times together.
Agneta, Sweden

This is a very sad time for me Adam u have been with me all of my life.
Rest in peace. I will love and miss you always. Your 1 of the best. My love and symathy to your wife daughter.
val xx

I still cant believe Adam has gone, he was my first pop idol back in 1962 when I was six.

I remember playing his records for hours, I had no time for “Cliff Richard” only “Adam faith”.
My mother took me to see Adam with the roulettes at the new theatre in Oxford, I remember the screaming girls that almost drowned out the songs but it was great, I will never forget him, I loved him in Budgie, and Stardust.
In fact everything he did was so professional and was always rated by the critics, he must surely have been the greatest all rounder in the business!
Rest in peace Adam, God bless you and your family.
Anthony Baker

I was so saddened by your death. I cryed that you should go so young.
I hope you died happy and with no pain. How wrong it was that almost nothing has been broadcast about your passing.
I hope one day we will pass your way again. Stay Happy Adam, we loved you and will always hold you in our hearts
East Tisted

Still can't believe it a week later...cried my eyes out while playing his songs. My idol gone! Saw him in Alfie! absolutly brilliant
R I P Adam
karen stock
southend on sea

He was a great singer and actor and will be sadly, still after nearly a week after he died, I cannot believe that it has happened. I went to see him in "Alfie" and he was adorable as ever, it is so sad.
Elaine Fortnum

"In remembrance of Adam Faith 1940-2003" was flashed on the screen while I was watching the last episode of 'Love Hurts' on satellite TV. He was my teenage idol in the sixties and again in later years through his TV series of 'Budgie' and 'Love Hurts'. My condolences to Jackie and Katya. He will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace.
Lynne Barrett
Tumblong, NSW, Australia

I am a fan from Tasmania and will really miss your show
Barbara Corcoran
Burnie Tasmania

I still have fond memories of "Come Outside" with ?.
Adam thanks for the memories and condolences to your family
Gerry W
Ont Canada

It's with great sadness I hear of Adam's passing.
I was a fan right from the very start, and saw him perform for the last time on stage only a few weeks ago. A true professional, you were an inspiration to all.
Goodbye Adam, and thank you for the happiness you bought to us over the years. We will remember you always. God bless,
Christopher Compton
Sanderstead, South Croydon

I saw you on stage in December 1961 and was a fan from that time on. God bless you, whereever you are.
Robert Lambert
Zawiercie, Poland

I have been a fan of Adam's since he first started out as a pop singer way back when.
I remmber going back stage to see him and he gave me a signed photo at Brighton's Hippodrome. Have followed his career since.

I have just seen the announcement of his passing prior to a showing of Love Hurts on TV here in Sydney and got quite a shock. Condolences to family & friends.
Evelyn Fox
Erskine Park NSW

We will always remember him for Love Hurts.
Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends. Adam, rest in piece.
Fred van Duuren
Leiden, the Netherlands

He was my first 'love'

Well I can honestly say that Adam is the only man in the world that called me 'darling' or 'sweetheart'.
I last spoke to him on Wednesday afternoon and was due to see him again in a couple of weeks. He sounded fantastic as usual.

We first met when he agreed to be guest opener at a summer launch party for one of my clients, the renowned modern artist Marcus Levey.
Adam had known Marcus for many years as he used to perform as a singer at Marcus's casino nightclub 'La Dolce Vita' in Newcastle.

Quite honestly I can't believe he's gone - he was an absolutely unique superstar and one of the greatest guys I have ever known.
I know how privileged I am to have known him personally.
My heart goes out to Jackie and Katya (who he was so very proud of).
Richard Conway

I was so sorry to here of Adam Faiths Death.
I grew up with him in the early 60's he was my hero.
I send my sympathy to his family, He will be gratly missed
Pauline Ranson

It's sad to last a love one. Sincere Condolences. God Bless you all.

He was the first pop star I went to see in the sixties and have always followed his career.
I recently managed to get a copy of the LP Beat Girl which went missing in the 60's and brought back memories. He'll be missed.
Tony Allan

From one Acton boy to another, bless you for all the joy you have given me during my lifetime - from my first hairstyle to having coffee with my sister - thanks!
Brian Foster
Herne bay, kent

Very sorry to learn of the death of dear Adam. What a great character he was, and I will always remember him because of his fun music also, as well as his acting skills.
Let's celebrate Adam's life, with dignified respect for this talented man. Rest in peace Adam.
Robin Rowles
Swindon, SN5

An true enetertainer of the people -- Adam Faith
I knew Maurice Press his early manager and have met Adam on numerous occasions. Adam was a great entertainer; he stayed the course and was full of true Brit Grit.
David Gordon
Princeton, NJ USA

I was so sad to hear of Adam's passing. He held a special place in so many hearts. The world is emptier without him.
My thoughts are with Jackie and Katya.
Sue Scarlett
Calgary, Canada

RIP Adam Faith
You were my first love. At the age of five or six I slept with your picture under my pillow.
God bless!
New Hampshire, USA

Rest in peace Adam, you will be a great loss. Respect to the family and friends who have to go through a bereavment. Time heals, Take care
Andy Hazle
Glenrothes , Scotland


stoke on trent

"Adam Faith"
"Ya Dun Good Budgie", You'll be Missed !
Alex Demetriou
Pocomoke City, MD USA

to adam
You were a ledgend in your time. I never met you in this life but i hope to meet you in the after life. God Bless.
Stoke on trent

What can I say? I watched Adam sing his famous hit "What Do You Want" on a television programme only a few weeks ago and his sad, sudden death has come as a complete shock. Love and best wishes go to the loved ones of a true star. XXX
Samm Cox

Goodnight Old Cock
You were inspiring in whatever you put your hands to, and will never be forgotten, especially as the rock'n'roll manager in Stardust -- what I always wanted to be.
Eddie Rogers

Adam Faith
Sincere Condolences ! He was part of my teens.

Deepest condolences to the Faith family and friends. At 49 I remember Adam's many talents and enjoyed his performances and his genuine talent all rapped up in a genuinly nice guy.
Rest in peace
Andy Howard
Dallas. Texas

I remember Adam for Love Hurts and my dad has cds of his music. Hopefully he's ok now.

Death of Adam Faith
I was greatly saddened to learn of Adam's death - I was a fan in his "pop" days in the early 60's and just loved him in "Love Hurts" with Zoe Wannamaker.
He will be sadly missed.
Sandra Barnett

I loved him in my youth ,
only time I ever got the cane at school was when I carved his name in my desk and then filled it in with blue ink.
I saw him last at the Palace Manchester in The Chorus Line. He was wonderful, will be sadly missed.
Judith Sandiford

I was very sorry to hear of the death of Adam Faith.
He was a heart-throb of mine in the early 60s. I also thought he was a good actor when I saw him on the television and on the West End stage.
He was sitting near me when I celebrated my birthday in February 2002 by having lunch at the Ivy, and it amused me to think how I was sitting so close to someone I had hero-worshipped and screamed at when I was a young girl; but, now that I was so much older, I didn't even trouble him for his autograph as I respected his privacy.
My condolences to his wife and daughter.
Christine Brett
Buckhurst Hill

So sad to hear of Adam's death. He's of my generation and with him goes all that was great about the 50's and 60's - a true survivor.
He will always be "Budgie" to me.
Julie Butler

My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. I really enjoyed watching him years ago as the lovable rogue in "Love Hurts"- he was a genuine, warm, down-to-earth entertainer and will be sorely missed.
Natasha Gardiner

Much heartfelt sympathy to the friends & family he left behind.
I was privileged to live in a time when Adam Faith sang and performed 'live'. His acting prowess in "Budgie" amazed me.

As with others (who were teenagers in the 60's in Britain)... he touched my life. May he rest in peace and may all closely connected with him, be able to be at peace with your grief. He was a fine man and I'm saddened to hear of his death
Lesley Yeatman
Originally North of England. Now in South Africa

Condolences to Adam's Family.
He has always been right there in the public eye when I was a kid in Pop and Rock and Roll. In my youth on programmes like "Budgie" and later managing Leo Sayer and in his Business adventures. He always came over as a very nice, genuine person when he was interviewed "a real English Cockney Gent".
God love you Adam!
Richard Braybrook

From an old fan
Adam and I go back a long way although we never met.
I will always remember him because when I wed my first wife in 1964, we went on a short honeymoon to Southend-on-Sea and Adam and his group were playing at what is now called the Cliff Pavilion theatre in Westcliff-on-Sea.
Ever since then I followed his career and tried to watch everything he did on the telly. He will be missed by his family, friends and by all his fans from around the world.
God rest his soul.
Jeff McLellan
Origin Tottenham

I got into a fight over you when, as a teenager, I saw you live at Sheffield City Hall.
At the end, outside the Hall, a girl standing next to me said you were not as good as Cliff Richard.
My friend hit her, her friend hit me then the cops were called and we scarpered. Rest in peace Adam
Rita Keep

Death of Adam
I am from Stoke on Trent, born in Hanley, and I would like to send my condolences to Adam's wife and family, he truely was a legend.
Stoke on Trent

adam faith obit
what a great entertainer. Will be sadly missed.
I will ALWAYS remember Budgie and Charlie Endall!!
Lydia Roberts

Adam i remeber your songs during my youth well and your hit tv series "budgie"
you are and always will be a icon of britian.
god rest your weary head.
David Smith
Greencastle Pa USA

My mum loved him and I could see why when I used to watch Budgie which was one of my favorite shows when I was little.

Everything i've ever read about him said what a lovely and genuine man he was. He will be sadly missed, not least by my mum.
Condolences to his daughter and family and many friends.

Message for Adam
What a wonderful Man, so talented. My thoughts go out to his loved ones.
Elisa Howe xx

Tel has been a part of my life for 48 years from my days in Acton in the mid fifties.
Thank you for the many great memories and the wonderful entertainment. The example you set to others and your positive attitude under adversity was a real credit.
Sincere condoleneces to Jackie and Katya
Ron Griffiths
Perth, Western Australia

Adam Faith was a higly respected entertainer whos 50 years of Magic will live on forever. A True English Gent who will be sadly Missed..
Andy Fitzgerald
Stoke On Trent

All the best Adam. By Golly you were one of the best. Its not fair to see the best people dying young. You'll always be young Adam. God Bless Ya!! A great Englishman and a fine actor. You will be missed boy!!
Declan Waters
Athlone Ireland, and Morrisville NC USA

deepest sympathy to familey,great artist and actor. still listening to your music adam .god bless and keep you ,sleep tight , a fan for all
mal hardy

May I offer my condolences to the family of Adam. Being virtually the same age as Adam I heard and saw him on his first TV appearances and bought many of his records. He will be sadly and greatly missed by many people and show business has lost a great performer. To Adams family I would just like to say that mine and my wife's thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Kind regards,
Stuart & Mary Cooper

It's a sad loss, he was a multi-talented performer who made a lot of people happy...

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Frank Leyland
I remember Adam playing in a tv prog called "Budgie". Only yesterday I told my son Lee that if they aired it again I would watch the lot! He played a Cockney scamp under the control of a big-time Scorrich villain known as "Charlie Endell">

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