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25 July 2014
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Odd Staffordshire

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Discover Staffordshire > Local Life > Odd Staffordshire > UFO lights near Stafford

UFO lights?

UFO lights near Stafford

For many people across mid-Staffordshire, Saturday 27th July 2008 was UFO night… but what is the explanation of those little objects in the sky near Stafford?

On Saturday, 27 July, 2008, residents from around Stafford reported seeing a UFO in the night sky.

Matthew Parton, who supplied the pictures of the little strange orange lights you see on this page said: "although the quality is not brilliant, if you look at the majority of the pictures you can see 5 orange lights (ignore the one with lots of lights as we were viewing next to a block of flats). However the lights appear to the left of the flats."

Matthew also sent in the following images that were recorded on his video camera...

The best explanation?

But he was just one of the many people who phoned the local BBC station to report what they had seen.

Although Matthew reports five lights, others say they saw up to eighteen lights, some of which moved, then stood stock still, some of which appeared to be in formation, some random. Others reported seeing lights, though fewer in number, on Sunday too.

So what could they be? Below, you'll find some of your reports and explanations, though the one that seems to have most support is that of the Chinese lantern style balloons – these balloons are released after parties and can float quite high in the sky.
But... can that be right?

What do you think?  See what everyone else had to say...

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created: 29/07/2008

Have Your Say

Thanks for your posts. This board is now closed.

i saw a sighing the orange light in doxey

ashley durose
i saw about 50 ufo's tonight it was amazing. I got a couple of pictures on my phone and i think they were real so i was a bit scared

Lived in Staffs for a couple of years when at uni, never saw anything like this tho. dont forget the M.O.D base there, lol! probably bored surveillance techs messin about with new kit before the mercian regiment ships out to the war. other than that the lantern theory sounds pretty plausible.

Ross Brian
I saw these same lights last night (08/08/2009) from the longton area of Stoke-On-Trent at roughly 22:00. There was 4 lights, 3 of them which where in a triangular formatin with one light set to the left, The lights seemed to move simultaneously right, then stop dead before disappearing into the night. I would say these lights were there for roughly 8 minits. If anyone has any information on what this could be i would feel free to explain.

saturday night 10:45 over fegg hayes "stoke on trent" orange lights in the sky at first thought they were planes but notied they were a different colour than normal looked bigger above my head no sound bright orange heading south.

I saw these orange light in mid stafford this night and saw 6 of them, my best explenation for these lights is that they are chinese lanterns as people keep on saying on "Youtube" or from my idea from looking at it through a telescope, a UFO.

chris rugeley
i was stood in the garden at 9.45 sat 27th with my brother we saw this what looked like a comet tail very high in the sky it fell at an angle rather fast with a bright white flame, the flame went out and a red glow appeared it then ducked into a cloud and out again and moved rapidly left and right as it dissapeared from view.i would say it had a round ovaly shape silvery translucent colour

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Discover Staffordshire > Local Life > Odd Staffordshire > UFO lights near Stafford

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