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13 November 2014

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Robbie Williams

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Robbie Williams

Robbie checks sites (pic © Scarlet Page)

Fave sites for the Robster

'Robforever' keeps searching the web - and finds lots of sites that we like about our local cheeky chappy!

If you have a problem of not understanding the languages some of these sites are written, we suggest you find a translator-site on your favourite broswer.

If you want our Rob reporter to feature your site, just email us, at:


The Official Robbie Williams Site

The entertainer's official site carries news related to his career, a diary, a gallery of photos from his tours, and info about joining the Robbie Williams Fan Club.

The official web site is stylish and contemporary but is now very thin and not as flash as it once was. The forums have all gone too. It's a bit disappointing for true Rob fans.

The 'Inner Sanctum' section does provide hard core fans with backstage antics and various other bits and bobs, it's relatively simple to join and has just been updated. There is also an extensive merchandise shop where you can part with your hard earned cash on pretty much anything to do with the Robster.


The MySpace Robbie Williams Site

This is just a variation of the official site, but you have quicker access to some things, like the Blog (sadly, this is not written by Robbie, but by his publicists).

Good to read what his Friends are saying too.


Marika`s Robbie Blog

Marika has compiled this very pro Blog to keep all of RW's Italian fans informed of what he is up to. She does it in her own time and keeps it very up to date.
In fact, she has even had some pics I have not seen in tabloids etc on her Blog or MySpace, including my fave pic taken of himself in a grey suit and white T-Shirt (at Philip Lim’s boutique-opening in LA), and he really did remind me of the Take That times; I have not seen him in this pale grey colour much before and it makes him look lush.
Marika is a very clever lady and even translates some of these US or English articles into Italian so her peeps in Italy can get an all around perspective of what The Robster is up to.
Also, she has visited Stoke to see where Rob grew up, and there of pics of her in Stoke, even one of her with Jan, Robbie’s mum.


Robbie Williams Site

Last year Geraldine of RWAP and Chrissie of RWO had the idea to bring four fan sites together (RWO, RWAP, FS and TRWS) to form the Robbie Williams Fansites United and here is the result.

Chrissie & Julie who ran 'Robbie Williams Obsessed' have obviously had an influence as this site is very pleasing to the eye and it is aimed at a wider audience who like to listen to The Robster’s music and read about him as an artist and what makes The Man Behind The Myth tick. 
As for their Latest News, the claim to be often the first of the independent fansites to get breaking news on to their forums!

The forums are very unusual and not at all your fanatical type of fan peeps. Normally when a lot of Robbie fans, whom we are talking about in this case, write about their loved one they feel it obligatory to always big him up or compliment him even if it’s not really what they feel. They feel they have some how taken an oath of allegiance to never question or give any opinion other than favourable about RW or else they are being somehow disloyal.  (This is not the case. Rob is a very intelligent man and not a total Diva he respects constructive criticism more than most peeps; rather than just being humoured and sucked up to this way he wants to learn what the truth how maybe his fashion sense etc is thought of, and maybe take it on board and act upon it if he feels it appropriate rather than never knowing the real thoughts of his fans or anyone in gen. I know I would).


Pure Robbie

This is one of the most popular and well used Robbie fan sites out of all of them now.  It is credited to a lady named Shell who does this web site, a MySpace and many other things to do with RW.
The fans of this site are very happy with their site and very loyal and even have forum meetings where they all meet up. This year they had a very successful one in Amsterdam.
If you want   to know or see anything to do with Robbie, then either join this site and its many lively forums or write to one of its members on MySpace; they are a very kind and helpful group of people.

PureRobbie Forum 2008 poster


Robbie Williams Forever Fans' Community

Marielle has asked us to remind everyone about her Robbie site. Although it is run in the French language there are many good pics and illustrations for all to look at.  She has also recently improve the forum, and there are more avatars, music  selections and a better presentation.
Marielle is well known in RW circles and has been to LA and met The Robster and His Family quite a bit.
She has very good video and techie skills and if you get a chance, have a look at her self-made slide shows etc, which she also places on YouTube sometimes.


The Robbie Williams Site (International)

This is a good honest info site which I think used to be done on a diff format and I used to regularly look into myself some while ago. (Now however I do not belong to any site in particular because I am too busy on here and other things. I don't check all sites now unless I receive reviews & requests).

This site is registered in Australia but runs on UK time and has a very easy and pleasing set-up to its pages.  They have a forum for registered members where they endeavour to bring them everything they wish to know from tour information, latest
news, to respectful discussions about our fav man!
The Ladies who run the site, Susie and Jackie (UK) and Tania (Australia), obviously keep it as up to date as poss and use their own initiative and personal as well as prof interest in Robbie to keep the site interesting - even when things are slow on the current Robbie news front.

Robbie Williams With Respect

This is a small but well set-up web for Robbie fans and is run by an American and an Englishman so you get news from both RW`s home places. It has big forum space and is great to meet other like minded People.
Good job John for letting us know!


Robbie Williams Chile

This is a very dedicated and loyal fan base for all Latin speaking Robbie fans.
It has many nice photos and forums and hopes one day to be officially recognised as the no 1 Latin RW fan club.
It is very well done and very easy to  handle because of its sectioning of of different subjects on its site.


last updated: 16/07/2009 at 18:54
created: 11/07/2008

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me too I love RWO

me too I love RWO

I love RWO just for the psychic foresights for Robbie and myself at times, lolas lounge is very fascinating!

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Entertainment > Music > Robbie Williams > Fave sites for the Robster

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