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13 November 2014

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Odd Staffordshire

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On a haunting investigation.

On a haunting investigation

Haunted Burton - on film...

Those lovely people from the Burton Ghost Walks Organisation have produced a DVD "Haunted Burton". They claim that the town has over one hundred ghosts... Who would have known?

One person invited to take part in the making of the DVD was the well-known Spiritualist Medium Ian Doherty. This is his report of his involvement....


I was invited to the historic town of Burton with the view of partaking in the making of the DVD, Haunted Burton The Inside Story.

I had previously visited Burton as part of a paranormal team, and, as such, was very interested in having the opportunity to investigate further.
The rich tapestry of English history that pervades the often inconspicuous surroundings is fascinating to say the least.
There are ghosts of the early 16th century, attired in tricorn hats, three quarter length troos, stockings and shoes, and large groups of civil war soldiers fighting for king and country. 

Burton has been embroiled in religious turmoil that has chequered its past; it is therefore no surprise to be confronted with the visage of religious persecution and hatred, along with religious intrigue against the king, in this case King James 1st.

I visited the Appleby, The Leopard Inn, the Royal Oak, the Coors Brewery and the Grail Court Hotel.
The most impressive location however was Sinai Park House. The energy around this period house was strangely eerie, especially around the well. Of all the locations I have investigated on a professional basis, this has to be one of the most active.
Civil War soldiers from the seventeenth century abound in this area, both in defence and in attack. The religious history however prevails above all else, with the whole location being steeped in the rituals of worship.

Filming occurred over several visits to Burton, always at a different location, the meeting place being the Grail Court Hotel, itself a haunted location, and from there to the night's filming location, though I was never privy to where this would be!

I can honestly say that the historic town of Burton is undoubtedly haunted, and in my opinion probably one of the most haunted towns in the country.

Ian Doherty


The DVD is available from the Burton Ghost Walks Organisation and East Staffs Tourism Office.  For details - click on the weblinks to the right on this page

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created: 24/10/2007

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Dawn Cope
I saw a ghost tramp in a chemist in Horninglow Road, an old lighting shop I believe

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Discover Staffordshire > Local Life > Odd Staffordshire > Haunted Burton - on film...

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