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13 November 2014

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St Chad's Cathedral, Lichfield

St Chad's Cathedral, Lichfield


Lichfield in south Staffordshire is famous for its three-spired Cathedral and for being the birthplace of Samuel Johnson - the man who produced the original "Dictionary Of The English Language".

Funky facts about Lichfield

Lichfield has a long history ..... in differing forms it can be traced back to Roman times. It's actually a small city - not a town! - and has had city status since 1553.

The coat of arms includes one which depicts 3 British kings lying dead, killed in battle with the Romans.


The three-spired Cathedral is the only one in the country to have maintained its medieval outline. The spires, seen from a distance, are refereed to as The Ladies of The Vale

It's the birthplace of Dr Samuel Johnson - the man to write the first English dictionary - and Erasmus Darwin, the man of letters who was grandfather to Charles Darwin. The town has a museum dedicated to each man.
The most famous woman from there is probably poetess Anna Seward, 'The Swan of Lichfield'.


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Some of Your Comments

'The Inquisitor' says the best things in Lichfield are to do with the History and the Cathedral, whilst The Potter recommends taking the Ghost Tour.

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You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Places > Towns and Villages > Lichfield

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