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24 September 2014
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Tim Wedgwood interviewing Clive Hiller
Clive Hiller with Tim Wedgwood.

Your Pottery Questions - and Answers

On this page are the third series of questions that our ceramics expert Clive Hillier is dealing with from his pottery messageboard. Keep checking to find out if he has answered YOUR question!

We have so many hundreds of questions to our pottery expert Clive Hillier that he can only answer them one way - by talking his way through the answers!

The messages in bold below have been answered.

Click on the audio link below to and hear Clive talk through the answers to the questions on this page... starting with the first question at the top to the last one at the bottom.

audio Listen - Answers to your pottery questions 3 >
Audio and Video links on this page require Realplayer

Mike Smith - I have a Royal Doulton vase 40cms in height.The base colour is dark blue.There is a pitted gold based pattern approx.25cms wide with a beaded rim around the top and bottom.On the gold base are pale green leaves and cream flowers.On the base of the vase,next to the Royal Doulton sign,are the numbers 7781.Also on the base is what appears to be the letters R S and the numbers 694.If you can tell me anything about this vase,I would be most appreciative. Mike Smith (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Paris Harvey - I would like to find any information at all on the lovely pitcher I have acquired with the Nymphenburg mark. it is white porcelain with deep blue pinstriping in a romantic feather pattern, and the same blue pin dots..It has a square handle and the shape of the pot is a hexagonal cut from top to bottom. I cannot find anything on this pattern! Please help.

Wendy Campbell - I have an ornament named The Rival it is immaculate and wondered on age and value. Also a girl and a dog in a large glass oval dome. All is has on the back is 2098 Looks German I have had it 60 years and it was left to me by my grandmother.Thank you.

carole linkson - Please could you identify these marks on the bottom of two pots/vases:- >B 120 ___ P and the other one has 180 instead of 120. Thanks

Gina Woods - I have got quite a few items of a T F & S Ltd Phoenix China tea set. I do not know what the design is called; it has yellow and blue flowers, frilly edging with gold, a gold line inside and partway down the outside of the cups, and round the base. On the bottom of the cups is number in gold 6658. All items are perfect. 12 tea plates, 11 saucers, 10 cups, 1 sandwich/cake plate, 2 x 11cm high milk jugs & 2 x 8 1/2cm h, 12cm dia sugar bowls. How much should I expect to sell it for and how should I go about it?

richard linsley - I have a 1907 royal doulton plate. this plate has a little girl sitting on a log holding a doll, looking at a frog also sitting on the log.the plate is all painted in blue with a field forefront and tree background. do you have any information on this particular plate? (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Cristi Howell - i have a set of 3 ballerinas with the mark C in a circle L&M then 2 arrows pointing up with 2 boxlike marks at bottom of the arrows. Do you know anything about them. Thank you

Robert Markham - My mother in law has just presented my wife with a Minton Octocentenary Bowl numbered 444 from a limited edition of 800. It has never been out of its presentation box and has a certificate. It measures approx 29cm id diameter. Could you give me an approx value for insurance purposes Thank you

DONNA BROWN - H Aynsley & co Ltd - Ironstone - Englands Heritage Plates - Blue Hunting Scene - Genuine Hand Engraving - Decorated Underglaze - Permanent Colour - Detergent Proof Are these antiques?

Beverly - I have been gifted a chamber pot it is 10" in diameter cream color with green flowers the trade mark is blue lettering with a banner I beleive it is Norman then Burslem England there are some numbers above this but I can't make them all out I think it could be F Z SCN3. Can you help me idenify this peice Thank you

harry lamb - I have a teapot and butter/cheese dish in the shape of a house, on the bottom it says Beswick Ware with the numbers 239 on the teapot and 250 on the butter/cheese dish

Betty Samuels, Chepstow - My mum had a small spoon which she used as a sugar spoon. She always said it was a commemorative spoon from King George time. It had Westminster Cathedral on the bowl of the spoon and I think it may have had a coat of arms on the handle. Does this sound familiar to you? It somehow got lost and she still talks about it fondly. I would love to be able to give her another one that she can enjoy. Here's hoping you can help. Thank You

michelle - got a clarice cliff 6inch cream flowerd plate from the royal staffordshire ceramics reg no 840076 with gold edging .could you tell me how old it is and how much please?

JAYNE - I have a JG Meakin dinner set, Poppy design, 1 tea pot, 12 lge dinner plates, 12 smaller dinner plates, 12 side plates, cups saucers, turin, oval plates, 12 soup bowls and 6 sall desert bowls. are they worth anything as my children do not want them or should I send them to the charity shop.

angela green - I have purchased a wade breakfast set of thistle design. The teacup has a slight crack but all other pieces are in perfect order. I paid £26.00 and would like to know what its worth if I decide to sell it. Thanks for your help.

Steve Harper, Chichester - I have a 6 inch plate marked on the back with Grimswades Staffordshire and what looks like DHP in the middle of a star on the back,it says made by the girls of Staffordshire during the winter of 1917/18 while the boys were in the trenchs fighting for liberty & civilisation.On the front is a cartoon scene of 2 is sitting on a bomb with a hammer and chisel the other is watching him,the caption reads give it a good ard un bert you can generally ear emfizzing a bit first if they are going to explode.I wonder if you can give me any information on this item

Jan - I have 6 tea cups, saucers and side plates marked Edwardian Fine Bone China 24 Carat Gold with a Crown. There are six colours, Black, Yellow, Pink, Green, Pale Blue and Salmon. I was left the set some 28 years ago by my Grandma who lived in Cheshire. I have no idea where the set was bought but would like to know more about it. I have always known it as a Harlequen Tea Set but have searched and can find no record of this.

Niki B. Sawyer - USA - I have a small vase about 5-1/8 inches high. It has two handles, and is blue with 2 white carnations, 4 leaves, and one flower bud. On the bottom is a black crown. I would like to know the origin of the vase. Thank you.

Lyn Telford - I have got a jug which says on the bottom H J Wood Ltd, Burslem, England. Hand painted. It is about 12" high and has a scene of jovial beer drinking countryfolk on it. Should I sent to an auction or a jumble sale? Thanks Lyn

sally moore - i have a midwinter porcelon burslem england hand painted tea caddy. It has TEA in on front in green and is mainly in a cream colour with a little green decoration on top. The item is at least 50 years old and used to belong to my mother. Is it worth keeping. Thank you

Maureen Hunt - I have acquired a pot with lid that has transfer prints of George Best and his signiture. It is a 'dirty' cream colour. On the base reads The Staffs Co Ltd Crown Pottery, Burslem, England. I am currently in the process of co writing a book on George Best around various artifacts my friend has collected - one of which is the pot. If you have any ideas or information on the pot -ie why they were made, date, value etc it would be appreciated. Many thanks Maureen Hunt

Ursula Hughes - i have a tankard approx size 6ins high it is marked at the base SADLER made in England and also say's on the bottom Sailing,on the front of te tankard it has a scene of sailing ships with people looking on, and on the back there is one sailing ship. i was wondering if this has any value, thanking you

Sue Phillips - i have a dinner set of Ridgway pottery white edged in green and white polka dot it says on the back Conway then..Ridgway then made in England. My sister in law has asked me to sell it but i do not know how much i should ask. It also has gold mark on it that looks like a chinese character. Is this significant?

Allie Goodwill - I have a green Delphis Poole Pottery vase, 15 inches tall, in excellent condition. It has a Poole stamp on the bottom, alongside the number 85, and a painted initial, which i can't read. How much would it be worth at auction?

sandy sarasota fl - I have a black (plain no design)Wedgewood coffee service. Are they still commonplace or does it have value?

Linda Aird - Edinburgh - I have 1 set of 6 saucers and cups made of fine china but are marked Foreign. I also have a tea set comprising of 6 cups and saucers tea pot and sugar and cream, again marked with foreign. I have searched the web site for information regarding this foreign stamp without yielding any results and wonder if you could advise.

jack eckersley - we have a coffee set by j&g meakin it looks like a full set but some items are marked with sol sun on the horizon, some have j&g meakin with what appears to be a crown with 5 long fingers with balls ontop is this a full set. many thanks

maria - i have a small bronze apearance hunting jug but inside its a white pottery jug its almost as if the metal has been overlaid on the jug ,it has traces of silver on it may years ago i went to the antique road show and no one knew what it was nor the museum ,have you ever heard of it

Susan - I have what I believe is a pot stand, it is octagon shaped, blue and offwhite in colour and has a picture of a flower basket which is mainly blue, right round the edge there's a solid blue line. It is signed, but the signature is difficult to read I beleive it's CLrb(unsure). The tile itself is about a 1/2 an inch thick and cork backed. I would be grateful for any information.

christine loyden - i have two flat back figures of huntsmen on horses, supposed to be staffordshire. One has mark what looks like 7 or 4 underneath, and the other has no markings.they are both the same figure, but the one with no markings has the flesh painted in pink, the other white, the same as the rest of person on horse. They are supposed to be 19th century. I also have figure called the rival, again with no stamp, but supposed to be 19th century. Can you please tell me if they sound genuine, and if they are worth anything? Thanks

Laura Birss - I have a set of WWA&Co. China. The design is spray 99. It is a twelve setting teaset but two cups and the sugar bowl are missing. There are two matching cake plates, two jam dishes and two butter plates. Three items have small chips. Can you tell me anything about this set? Was it designed in 1899 thus the spray 99? What is its likely value?

Cheryl Cotton - Hi Clive..guess what?? I have a Royal Doulton dinner setting, with a tea service it's called Pompadour and is in excellant condition...can you tell me something about it please?? I don't know if I want to sell it but I am interested in it's history and value. I bought it about 20 years ago in an Antique shop in Melbourne (Australia) Tjanks Cheryl

Brian Hatton - I've got a Blue and White pitcher/jug measuring about 12 inches in height. The marking Hanley Staffordshire England round a star with a letter B, there is also diamond shape mark on the bottom of the pitcher. I would appreciate some identification and its value. Thanks

Chris Millar (Edinburgh) - Hi, My mother has a Royal Doulton fruitdish with narstium inscribed under the stamp, which is approx 80 - 90 years. My mother has always expressed an interest in it's value as it originaly belonged to a very affluent old lady that my Grandmother used to clean for and was subsequently left after her death.

Marie - I have just bought a lovely art deco coffee set and found other items that matched. However no-one seems to know what it is called. Grindley made it but that's all I know. Do you know any more. Many thanks.xxxxx (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

alan - I have a teapot, jug and sugar bowl with cartoon characters of the Beatles. It is stamped Washington pottery Hanley England. Is it valuable. Thankyou

Mark Appleby - Hi i was just wondering if you could help me a little i have been given a Staffordshire Ironstone jug and bowl set, it has a Crown on the bottom of the Jug with the word England bending over the top of the crown with the letter L enlarged, and also in crown at the bottom it has the letters NW and YW could you please tell me what this actually means please Many Thanks M,Appleby

jo farthing - i have a plate with no marks on back,but is cream with grey painted flowers and fences,on the front is written "new gray brown" and has letters N O N O written in the four corners,can you help identify it.

Christine Middleton - I have some pottery that I would like to know more about, hope you can help. 1. Long blue, white and silver oblong serving plate with Coronation Ware Made in England Est-1837 with 1278 and an x underneath. 2. Clarice Cliffe Hand Painted by Biyanne by Clarice Cliffe Wilkinson Ltd England - yellow, green stripe looking bowl. 3. Large Dark Blue Wedge Wood bowl with two serving utensils in Wedge Wood and real silver with a mark on the utensils saying RR S then RR as if the other way round then V and something else. 4. China Tea service St Michael China England 2586 All these items have been in the family for a very long time and we are unsure wether they are worth anything, but I am quite sure they are. Regards Christine

Sean Adams - My mother (whos is 80) has several various beswick figures. A Grey Horse,few Pekingnese dogs - various sizes and toby jugs all in excellent condition. I have tried to find out how to get some sort of an idea on how to get a value put on them for her, but not sure who to ask or even if they are worth anything. Any advice would be appreciated

Judy - I have a Sampson Smith vase est 1846 olde staffordshire figure from original moulds No 3 Mr Gladstone, made in England. Is this worth anything

sue salter - i have 6 dinner or soup plates (not sure which) marked lincoln then coat of arms, the names ralph 1750, moses 1751,enoch 1784, followed by the name wood and sons england, then alpine white ironstone. the plates are plain white with green/gold band. could you please date them for me, i found many wood and sons china but no lincoln and the design i have mentioned many thanks

Karen - Blackpool - I have a small figurine,A young girl sat crossed legged.Marked, Tuscan China, peggy no.2, potted by plant.Any advice would be very grateful.



Christine Malone - I have a Minton Flow Blue Bowl 6" in diameter with the Minton mark on the bottom - but it is also marked Carters - Seedsmen to HM the King. Raynes Park, London. Can you give me an idea of the value.


Flo Grejda - I have a small square plate marked Sandland Ware Lancaster & Sandland LTD. Hanley Staffordshire England. The mark is in green with 2 hands shaking under the Sandland ware, w/ Lancaster... under the hands, Also on the back is John Constable, R.A. 1776-1837 stamped in gold, How much is this worth, it is in mint condition with only the normal grazing from age. It is an english scene with a cottage and a man and women in a boat with cows in a stream. I also have 2 jugs or stiens which match, they are what looks like flow blue or delph pottery, the only marks on the bottom are TLS 1750 or JLS 1750 in blue, they are a washer women and a man with a cane or switch in his hand, both are sitting and their hats are the lids to the jug. Cannot find any info about the painter or the potter. Can you help me?

Peter Tripp - I have a 7inch long by 3 1/2inch tall Piggy Bank with "hole eyes", half the bank is drip glazed on the top half brown with some blue. It has standing legs and has a long slot to put mone in on the top. Does not have a cork hole to remove money. #117 on bottom. What could this be?

Elizabeth Wells - My mother was given as a llittle gilr a clarice cliff Coronation cup saucer and tea plate creamware with turquisoe blue and gold decorated.Perfect condition with a picture of the Queen Elizabeth II. Can you please tell me how rare these items are and if they have any value. Many thanks Elizabeth Wells


Wendy McFarlane,Toronto,Canada - My mother was given a black pottery decanter with a pewter lid that looks art deco.It has "Made in England" Pd.No.140614 marked on the bottom and has "Palm" also.It's black with palm trees and a water bird with a long beak standing in water. There is gold leaf in an art deco design.It's estimated to be about 80 to 90 years old.Could you give me some info on it? Regards, Wendy McFarlane,Toronto Canada

Lori-Ann Ries - I have a teapot from my grandfather with leaves and flowers. It has a white background with brown, grey, pink and yellow leaves. Accents are trimmed in gold. It has the Myott Staffordshire England emblam and words on the base and then the words Myott and England as well as the number 30 are faintly etched into the bottom. Wondering if you know the date of manufacture or anything further regarding the teapot. He used it everyday to make tea and now my kids and I do too. Thanks, Lori.

Jim Lee - We have a set of Enoch Wedgwood English Harvest china. Saucers and cups and plates. The bottom has "Enoch Wedgewood (Tunstall) Ltd." on it with unicorn design. The cup has "Made in England" with n "8" I believe. We are wondering if they have any value or are they just fodder for a lawn sale? Thanx

yvonne dewale - I have a figure which I think is pre/post war. Its a little boy on a plinth knelt with his legs underneath him and his arms outstretched holding what looks like a stand I have a glass bowl on it. he is wearing brown knee lenght shorts with braces and a blue open neck shirt no buttons. On the base is either WW or MM. There is a number OP 416 & also marked Rd 828834. He stands 23 " tall including plinth. I think it could be chalk although it isnt soft or crumbling. I would love to find out anything about him please. He was given to me as a gift from the daughter of a lady I looked after during her illness.

Sandra Rebholz - I have a teapot that is about 5" high to the top of the grasp on the lid ... the teapot is white with rather simply-drawn orange flowers, green leaves and yellow garland around the center flower on the front of the pot, a single orange flower with three tiny garland leaves and green swirls and the same single flower on the top of the lid. It is painted with gold on the edges, the handle, the spout and the grasp knob on the lid. On the bottom of the pot it says "Wood & Sons Burslem England" underneath a crest or coat of arms with a lion on the shild and a lion on top of the shield. Painted in gold are the numbers "460" and then something that looks like an "h" with a very high stem. I could send you a photo if you like. Can you tell me anything about my tea pot? Thank you. Sandra (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Heather - Is wedgwood worth anything. my mum has a large collection and i would like to know whether it is worth anything other than sentimental value

Cynthia Braswell - Went into an antique shop and bought a Ridgway Platter. On back there is a cross bow it says Ridgway and Lichfield. I would like to get more information about this platter

George Moore - Q. I have a large Blue/white bowl with gold inlay scalloped edges 17.5 inches across by 5.5 tall marked on rear F & Sons Essex Burslem with single F below could you give me a location to find out the history of f & sons and approximate value Good Condition no visible damage

jean - My Mother gave me a vase yesterday, it's very colourful! blues, greens, creams, the word aquamarine comes to mind.It tapers up to a narrow neck and has two handles.It looks 1930's and has a Clarice Cliff/Shelly look about it (wish it was one of those) but it has the name T.F.& S.Ltd....PHOENIX....MADE IN ENGLAND and the design is SEVILLE, in fact it does give a me Mediterrranean feeling!!!! p.s. Can I come back to you with more queries ?

Don Lewis - Hi We have a blue 7½” or 8”wedgewood plate depleting a civil war soldier standing on a number of rocks with a wooded area in the background this is complemented with a flower & leaf outer frame design. The back of the plate carries the following inscription. Capt. John Parker Battle Green Lexington mass Commander of the minute Mon April 19th 1775.” Stand your ground, Don't fire unless fired upon, But if they mean to have a war, Let it begin here. My question is to the point, is this plate worth anything. Also any information on the history behind this plates picture would be of interest. Thank you in anticipation Don

John Prior - I have a George Jones and Sons dinner service Crescent ware that the pattern name is "Gresham". It was limited to 50 makings and I was wondering if you could give me some information about it, value etc.WE have 8 complete settings Regards John

Donna Morris - I have a Royal Doulton Oyama piece which is blue and white with the dragons. It is an 11" plate with a rim that seats an 8" cover which is 6" tall. The dome has a handle on the top. Can you tell me about this piece and it's value?

Wendy Webb - I have 6 soup bowls and dinner plates with the stamp of creampetal grindley england . They are cream china with an intricate gold edgepattern approx 2-3 cm in width and a gold type of flower pattern in the centre approx 6cm in diamiter. I cannot find any information about these and was wondering if there are any other pieces to this set and what it is.

JO - Please can you tell me how to identify the age of Royal Albert Old Country Roses design. I have been given some pieces for my collection but am not sure of their age. On the bottom there are no numbers. Thank you.

Marney Timms - I have a royal doulton aubrey wash jug and bowl in near perfect condition. Can you let me know the date of it and the value ? thanks Numbers on the base are 399945 and 403830

MR A KOWAL - RUGBY - I have recently inherited a dinner set of several pieces. The inscription on the base of the items says "Phoenix China" T.F. & S Ltd. England. It has a picture of a phoenix above the T.F. & S Ltd. They are mainly white with a border of red, blue, green and brown. There are ovals with two red flowers with blue centres and leaves surrounding them. In between these ovals are small blue circles with a golden inner circle then and oval standing upright which is black with gold surround and gold star like shape. Around the oval shapes are brown dots. Underneath the boarder are red flowers and alternating bell like flowers which are brownish. The rims of the cups, plates etc are gold. There is the number 5588 on the bottom of some items.

Jean - i have a pie ce of wedgewood Angela on the base is stamped in gold Wedgewood bone china made in england angela and on the side is 46 i want to know what shape this is called as i cannot find a piece to match it or what year it was made can you help regards Jean

Kathy Carter - High Point, NC, USA - My mother has passed a small vase on to me. Much of the ceramic ware and pottery in her family came from the UK since the family are late 19th century emigrants from England, although I know nothing about this piece. It's possible it is a piece from a US potter as well. It is white, approximately 6.25 x 4 inches or 16 x 10 cm, showing a grapevine with a cavalier in 17th century style clothing standing jauntily beside the vine. The mark on the base is an impressed G or G-like design with two lines vertically through the center of the G and the very small letters "DEP" impressed to the right of the G. Also impressed is the number "8451." It appears to be mass produced--I can see a line along the side that speaks to use of a mold, and it is white with shiny glaze. I suspect it is not terribly valuable, but I would be interested in knowing the maker anyway. It's in quite well preserved condition. How might I learn the origin of this little piece? --Kathy

john hughes - have a pair of dogs king charles spaniels with old windsor pottery staffs england in a shield on base can you tell me any thing about them please


Sue W - I have a Trisa tea set with pink roses on it. I can't remember where I got it from and when. It is in perfect condition. Can you tell from this small description whether it is worth anything please.

Janice Crowe - I have inherited an Royal Staffordshire Pottery (AJWilkinson) Honeyglaze dinner service. This service was a wedding present for my parents in 1940, however my mother did tell me it wasn't brand new when they received it. There is a number that appears to be pressed into the mould that I believe is a 1 over 39.Main colour is cream, with gold edging, green and orange flowers with black, on either side of yellow lacelike banding on outer perimeters. On the plates and bowls there is gold scrolling on each of four corners. The shape of the plates and bowls suggests that is is somewhat of an Art Nouvea design.Can you tell from my rather poor description what design(name) this dinner service is - I am anxious to advertise and try and add to the existing six piece service.

Thresa - i have some staffordshire plates that i have been unable to find out anything about they are red/marroon gold trim in the majestic vellum line reg # 837607 can you tell me anything about them?

Melba Armour, Massachusetts - Would love some help with this piece. A Cliff Melrose soup plate (?) 10" diameter,5.5" base. Stamped with a'P' and a Zero or "o" incised into it. Manuf. stamp "Melrose" Cliff England. Pattern is Black and white, appears similiar to other patterns of maker. Thank you for any time you may give this request. Melba


margaret green - can you tell me the value of an Arthur Wood ER silver jubilee teapot plus sugar and creamer. The number 5762 appears on all 3 pieces and the name Arthur Wood. Thanks.

margaret green. - can you tell me the value of an Arthur Wood ER silver jubilee teapot plus sugar and creamer. The number 5762 appears on all 3 pieces and the name Arthur Wood. Thanks.

Karina - My uncle has a very old large rectangular meat platter which has been passed down through the generations. From memory it is white with a simple almost animated flor design and is stamped Cliff. Above it says Melbourne and below England.

grace - hi Clive Can you help I have 2 vases royal winton grimwades "suez"and other markings on the bottom they are irredesent marble green background with long darker green handles with bell type flowers any info please

Silvana - We have wedgwood jardiniere with a serial number 9955 on the base of it which belonged to my grandmother. It is blue/grey with white vertical bands and inside the bands and around the trim there are pale pink flower running on a vine

jane merriman - I have a Royal Staffordshire, A.J. Wilkinson marked pot with a lid and wicker-style handle. It is also marked "indian summer." It is glazed in orange and yellow, with black outlining. I don't think it's worth much, but I want to sell it and just have no idea what to ask for it other than a few pounds.

M. Flath - I recently purchased a Victoria Ware ironstone oil & vinegar cruet set. They stand about 10" tall. Are they real antiques? I read they make be fake imports made in the 20th century.

Billie - i have a coffee cup and saucer set. it is a blue and white, plymouth rock tourist set. it was made by jon roth. underneath the cup it say's---old english staffordshire ware. a crown with a circle underneath. which says jonroth england.underneath that it say'smade in staffordshire england, by the adams potteries. established 1657. i would lie a little back ground info and if you could. an approximate value for the set. this was my fathers, moms-grandmothers, they brought it over from wales. it is in excellent condition. thank you so very much, billie. (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Richard from The Netherlands - We found some plates from Alfred Meakin, made in Stahhordshire, England. On the back of the plate is says: "a hand engraved pattern applied under the glaze detergent and acid proof colour". Furthermore there are some apples on the front with some leaves and grain. we were wondering if you could perhaps shed some light on our question. Thank you in advance.

lisa - I recently purchased a dark green peice of pottery with a mans face as the handles and white grapes with women and men carrying items around the edges. There are no markings or initials to indicate who made the pottert.

Darren - My mother has three figurines that she has had for quite some time, I was just wondering if you would be able to price them for her. The figurines are by Royal Staffordshire, the first piece is Queen Elizabeth II Of England, Limited Edition of 500, 427/500/84. The second piece is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, 257/500/87. The third piece is His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, Limited Edition of 500, 208/500/85. I have researched the internet with no success. If you would be able to inform of their value my mother would be greatly appreciative. Thank you very much for your time.

Eric Jarvis - I would like to get your opinion on a predominantly blue and gold patterned cup and saucer I have with the marks SANDLAND and a crown, dated by Sotheby's at about 1850. How can I send you a photo?

Sue - Hi, another pottery question I have a cup & saucer which has a crown on it + bone china written on with the initials F 87 S royal vale made in england part no 8681 it has white flowers inside of a light blue colour, with gold guilding around the rim & on both sides of the handle & also around the base,the saucer has the gold guilding round the rim the flowers & colour are the same as the cup but the initials are different E 87 3,can you enlighten me- Thanks. (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Sally Paul - I have a few pieces of Adderleyware stamped on the back of each piece is "cottage 07892p R No. 746418, and the pieces are in the style of Clarice Cliff. I am trying to find out if they are worth anything and some info about them. Wondered if you could assist at all.

Ruth Hayden - I was given by an old lady a willow pattern plate with a crown indentation on the back with a number 7 indented also. Any idea how old please and worth? T.I.A

graham reich - i have a salad dish dark purple gold trimmings round the edge with apainted picture of venice signed a.c.rovley, on back gondola,empire wear,e.t.c,then a logo then stoke on trent england ,could you please tell me what you can about this it was left to me from my mother and is at least 70 years old thanking you in advance. i live in toowoomba aust.

Ansley Miller - Have old wedgewood-etruria-england salad plate w/6 sides-fruit border w/plums in center-red marking on back is L4597 .1. / 3Y indented on back also. can you help identify value and pattern????Thanks. (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Helen Adams - Have a ceramic teapot with markings on the bottom which say Burton 1790 K & CoB Late Mayer. Along with a small picture of a man kneeling with a pot. The teapot we think is from the mid 19th century, oval in shape with yellow roses painted on and gold coloured elaborate handle. Is it worth anything? Helen (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Anette Jewitt - Surrey, BC, Canada - I would like to know what ever you can tell me about a majolica leaf bowl that I purchased at an antique show the other day. It is 32.5cm long x up to 12cm wide x about 3cm deep. It is light green (fading to cream/white at the root. It is thick pottery, and is extensively crazed. The underside of this dish/bowl is cream/white and the mark is green and globe like with both horizontal and vertical curved graph type lines. the "globe" has a banner running from top left to bottom right that reads GRIMWADES. Under the "globe" are the words STOKE ON TRENT, and below that ENGLAND. There also seems to be a number 31 scratched into the pottery, under the glaze, and below the Grimwades mark. It is a beautiful piece! Roughly what year do you this was made, what do you think its monitary value is, and what can you tell me about it.


Deirdre Brooks - We have a coffee pot, milk jug, and three coffee cups. there made by crown ducal ware england. with a picyture of a crown. on the miljk jug it has number 49 The name of the pattern I have no idea but multifcoloured with paper latterns with bright coloured flowers in dark pink yellow etc

elizabeth price - i have what i think is a fruit bowl with Newhall,Hanley,England stamped on it .It has castles with beefeaters guarding, painted all around.Is this of any value and whats its history,i would be grateful of any information you can supply.Regards Liz

Don Lewis - Hi Clive We have a blue 7½” or 8” wedgewood plate depleting a civil war soldier standing on a number of rocks with a wooded area in the background this is complemented with a flower & leaf outer frame design. The back of the plate carries the following inscription. Capt. John Parker Battle Green Lexington mass Commander of the minute Mon April 19th 1775.” Stand your ground, Don't fire unless fired upon, But if they mean to have a war, Let it begin here. My question is to the point, is this plate worth anything. Also any information on the history behind this plates picture would be of interest. Thank you in anticipation Don

Don Lewis - we have a blue wedgewood plate in good condition the back of the plate carrys the following inscription Capt John Parker Battle green lexington mass Commander of the miniute Mon April 19th 1775. Stand your ground Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here. My question is to the point, is this plate worth anything

sherry maxine - i was trying to identify a vase with purple glase and two big butterflies. the bottow of the vase says "WILKINSON Ltd" then under that "BURSLEM" and under that "ENGLAND". EMBEDDED INTO THE PORCELAIN BOTTOM AND HARD TO SEE IS A NUMBER: 279. also there is a tiny letter u in brown. and purple big numbers 4883 (which looks like the purple on the glaze on the piece itself). would you happen to know who made it and when and the aproximate worth in us dollars? thanks a bunch for any help you can offer. (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Denise Robinson - I have a clarice Cliff tea pot with a regd. no.776243 on the bottom it appears to be the Rhodanthe pattern.It stands 4 1/2 inches high. The pottery name is not clear.

Matthew Hellard - My grandparents have got an old wash bowl and jug with the name Kew on the bottom and a single letter alongside it. They asked me if thought if it was worth anything but i dont know and I cant find any information about it can you help and if possible give us an idea how much they are worth they are both in excellent condition.


Pamela Arnold - I have a lovely Jackfield Pottery pitcher with enameled flowers. The bottom has 3 stilt marks and two impressed numbers. There is also a painted (over glaze)number (4346 V).Can you help me with the age and possible maker of this piece?

G Longman - Have a 30 piece set of Broadhurst Ironstone Willow pattern crockery, also various other piece i.e. Barratts Willow, 1 large 2 side plates, Johnson's Willow 2 small plates, Wood & Sons willow plate, Adams (Juliet) platter, Royal Dalton small plate (no. R251612), small Avon Ware dish with tulips on it, are they woth anything?

Susan lee - I have a ruby rose coloured tea set for 6. Under each item the inscription of Made in Czechoslovackia 1792 and two what look like Christmas Trees on, can you help in identifying this. thanks you in anticipation.

jodine - i have a wedgwood tea set made to commemorate king edward the eight but then he married simpson. i dont know if its worth anything. Jodine - (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

andrew photis - I am trying to identify the maker of a pottery bowl. On the base of the bowl is an impressed mark of two fishes one above the other and facing in opposite directions.

Paul - can u tell me information about H&K pottery jugs?

Carrie - Yorkshire - I have in my possession 2 bowls, both of them staffordshire. One of them is Myott - The Brook (Tennyson) (this also has a red R painted on the bottom) and the other is Welcome Home J & G Meakin (which has a green mark on the bottom) i was just wondering if they were collectable??? Thanks in advance

BRIAN POWDRELL --- HULL - I have a large tureen that has on it the Indian sporting series design, hog at bay.The tureen has no makers mark on it,the only marks on the base are small commer shaped indentations running around it.The border seems to be much more simillar to a edward challinor border,Than a spode example,did challinor or Clews make "hog at bay" as part of there series?

Jenny Hargrave - My grandma left me a Gibson and Son Teapot, milk jug and sugar basin.In mint condition. never been out of display case,Colour is a dark peacock blue, with a creamy white pattern embossed over part of it and lots of gilt. The original paper label is either in the teapot or on its bottom.The colour is beautiful, but not my style at all. any ideas. many thanks. jenny

jane - Hi there i have meat serving plate which has stamped on the back K&Co ivory and what looks like number 12 and a blue stamp of a potter at his wheel with 1790 K&Co B Late Mayers Daisy it also has a blue v and a blue circle of five rings . Any idea of its worth?


Mike Parker - In the 1940's and before my father was a China Dealer and used to buy interesting bits for my mother from his Stoke supplier. One item was a Winston Churchill head with a removable Homburgh hat (not a Toby Jug).Both pieces are for storing small items. It is made by T Lawrence and has a small jug mark underneath with the words Falcon Ware (Hand Painted). My Father often told me that only 7 were ever made. Have you ever seen one similar? Thank you

Johanna Westwood - I have a crockery vase/jug on the bottowm it has the number 5706 with a stamp Burslem on it and it is "Sally in our Alley" by Carey is it worth anything

DIANE TOMKINSON - LIVERPOOL - My mum has inherited a family vase from her mum which belonged to her mum. It does not have any stamps ect but has painted 1613 by hand and 74 underneath. It is a vase approx 8 to 10 inches high in the form of a tree trunk, it has little red riding hood to the right of the trunk and the wolf peeping around the tree trunk on the left. It is finely painted in pale colours to the front but no paintings to the back (almost like fine water colours) and is very delicate (it does not look damaged in any way). Who made it, when, and could it be valuable for insurance quotes. I am due to inherit and would like to pass it on to my only child (now 11) when he is older - Thank you in anticipation.

Liana Pearson - I have two pieces of unidentified pottery and wonder if either have any value. I have a Shorter and son jug, beige in colour with a brown handle. It has fruit on either side. On the base is a Shorter and son stamp and the no 36. I also have a figurine of a gentleman wearing a blue coat and pale yellow breeches with flowers painted on them. He is holding a basket in one hand and a yellow rose in the other. On the base is a crown with the letter S stamped underneath. please could you tell me anything about these items. many thanks.

Mary Trella - I have 4 mugs from my grandmother. The markings on the bottom of 2 are within what looks like a crest:Royal Vistas Ware. There is another marking but not all is clear. It is " from ----- by famous artists" Another marking looks to be a bow with something the could depict an arrow. On that is written Ridgeway England. The mugs have what looks to be gold handles and gold trim on the top and bottom. The color of the mugs is a gold color and they each have 2 nautical scenes. They all seem to have the numbers 4333 and an initial on the bottom hand done in gold. Any information?

ruth price - I have a flow blue china platter with the following marks: a griffin with a 7, an S, and a T encircled below it. Could you tell me anything about it?

Paul - I have a wash stand jug and bowl set marked 6085 0n the jug and1800 on the bowl with the name bros Marechal-Niel j809 or maybe 5809 can you please tell me anything about itand value if any. Thank you

Geoff Barrett - I inherited a piece of Royal Doulton porcelain in the form of an elegant lady entitled "The Parson,s daughter" The label inside is marked Doulton & Company Limited HN 564 and B/PZ There is a small break at the base which has been quite well repaired Has this some value please?

Paul Milton - I have a Limited Edition Shand Kydd Pottery "Greenwich" by Eric Thomas. Signed Peter Shand Kidd No. 570. A very large mug.

Kathryn worker - Hi, i have four large collectable pigs, all i know is the markings on the back are artefice ottanta, and decorato a mano, which i know means decorated by hand, i wonder if you could tell me a bit more about these please. They are about 12" and in different positions one is in a barrel one is lying down with feet in the air one is on his tummy and one on his back, they are very cute and well detailed. I heard there was only two shops in England that they could be purchased from, i am looking for any detail you can give me about these thank you.

ray cooper - yes i have got a wedgwood and barlaston of etruria embossed queen's ware coronation 1953 ash tray. i was just wondering about how much it is worth?

Isobel Duncalfe - I have a large rectangular dish (13"x 9.5". It is marked on the reverse "STAFFORD" AND ROYAL STAFFORDSHIRE PORCELAIN. It also says WILKINSON, ENGLAND and is embossed on the back with 2/31 and a small diamond mark. It has flowers trailing onit in a brown/red ochre and the corners are painted a deep royal blue. It used to belong to my grandmother. Any idea of value. The decoration is faded somewhat. Thanks

Carole K - Have blue glaze pottery holder for three candles sort of crude looking. Stamped Newport on bottom of holder, no other marks. Help do not have a clue about the Newport stamp.

Sandra - I have a tea set given to me by my Godmother 44 years ago and want to replace a cup. On the saucer it says Country Gardens by Queen Anne Bone China England.The design is mainly pink carnations with green fern.I have looked on replacement webs but cannot see this design listed. Please can you help me.

marilyn sinclair - I have a royal albert 'tahiti' coffee set (6)and a royal staffordshire 'roses to remember' tea set (12) I want to sell but don't know the value

Lindy Watson - I have cups, saucers, t plates and a cake plate, royal stafford bone china, est 1845, crown mark on base. pattern is large yellow and gold cirlces with mesh pattern overlay and mesh pattern strip between cirlces. can't find any info on this. belonged to my gran (born 1915).

Diane Jones - I've been given 2 pedestal fruit bowls,Staffordshire blue pottery with star like blue marks on bottom,in good condition.Can you tell me the year of manufacture and value.

Liliane Tucci - I have a set for 12 of Royal Staffordshire POrcelain by A.J.Wilkinson stafford pattern, stamped in the back.How much is it worth?? Thanks

Ray Dawe - I have a ceramic platter,18"oval it is poppy patern, underside has markings "POPPY Reg No.120685 S.H." Can you please tell me anything about it, thank you

Denice - hello please could you help me I have a royal Doulton coffee set in mint condition. The name of the design of the coffee set is OakDene and has the number Tc 1109. How much would the coffee set be worth.

Penny McAninch - I have a set of two thin vases made by Lancaster & Sons, Hanley England, that I have had for about 20 years, yet I have never seen another pair like them. The pattern on the vases is 2 horses, one white and one black pulling a wooden cart with man sitting on the rear of the cart. There is also a sunset in the background. It looks like there are bags on the cart. Each vase has 2 small loop type handles, one on each side of the top. Are you familiar with this pattern, and how old are they. Thank You Penny British Columbia, Canada


David Willington - Trying to identify a tea and dinner service by Hammersley. Floral pattern around edges with blue in background, reg number is 763417, all items have a number (maybe design)994. Any idea of the pattern name

Jane - I have a figurine of an elderly man reading a newspaper and he is sitting beside an elderly woman who is holding his arm with one of hers, and some sort of basket hanging from her other arm. On the bottom there is a stamp ...a crescent shape with five dots over it (making it appear as a crown); beneath this is the capital letter 'A'. Can anyone please direct me to who this maker might be? Thanks!

wendy kingston - i have brought a triangular stone ware dish the stamp mark is two capital WW.It is light green and beige with some raised flowers on it.Could you tell me if this backstamp means william williams and is it worth anythink .Thankyou wendy kingston.

paula bridges silverman - i received a piece of pottery from my late uncle -- it is a series of 6 plates in a cross style -- on the back it has l&S sons ltd and a number h088 -- they are dark blue with gold leaft and a picture in the middle -- i have no idea about the plate or the value -- thank you so much

I have a jug with a pear surrounded by fruits it is stamped Staffordshire Ironstone England and NWAO YWAO & a dragon/phoenix in the centre.A matching dish instead has a crown with NW YW.Can you please tell me how much they are worth?

jean f. - I have a black lady figurine its says francouse and churchill china england under neath her she is about 12 inch high can u tell me anything about her ty

Tony Cooper - My wife has a vase marked underneath thus "Countryside". The manufacturer is Newport Pottery Co. Ltd. Burslem England with the no 14 etched into the base. Are you able to identify this piece.

Margaret - I have a plain pale turqoise Clarice Cliff Jug that I would like to identify & value, please can you help. The handle looks like the branch of a tree/shrub, and flows into the neck of the jug with trailing leaves and a 'cloud like' appearance at the rear. On the base it says Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery Co England and has the number 817 faintly in white under the glaze.

Michelle - My sister bid on a blue Wedgwood teapot for my mom's birthday. She was told the year made was 1950. But after close inspection, the date stamped is 1956. She paid $120.00 for the teapot, but wants to know its real worth. It has the WEDGWOOD stamp, a hammer stamp, what looks like a music note stamp and a 3S or 36 stamp-not sure which. Can you help? I can't find any information online regarding the piece. It is in beautiful condition, and the white decoration looks like Greek gods.

Lynda Woodburn - I have a pair of Amphora vases. They are clearly marked on the bottom Amphora Austria Campina. Campina is written in blue ink - the other marks are stamped there is also a crown. They are 5 1/2 inches tall, they have blue and green glaze around the rim and base. They have a heron on each vase and a lined pattern on the other side. I also have a pot 3 1/2 inch tall with a 4 1/2 inch diameter. This is in the same style as the taller pots bt is decorated with some type of duck and triangular patterns. they all have two small decorative 'handles' on the rim. I do hope you can help, thank you.

Pauline Grover AMH8097 - I have a Wedgwood coffee set that consists of a lidded sugar bowl, a milk jug, 6 coffee cans and saucers. 1 saucer is missing and one is broken in half. It is green and lavishly decorated with(platinum?)flowers and orange 'ferns/leaves'. It bears the pattern number AMH8097, has impressed WEDGWOOD on all items of irregular depths, saucers have impressed MADE IN ENGLAND (England being under Made in) which appears arced. Some of the saucers also bear impressed 7A29 and some 8O29 some also have an impressed H. The cups only have the WEDGWOOD name and pattern. The pattern number is handpainted on all the items in a reddish colour paint. Under the pattern number a P is handpainted which may be the painters mark. I have searched the net for the last three years for this pattern to no avail. I am interested in (a)dating the set (b) pattern name (if any) (c) Value. I believe it to be handpainted, the orange 'ferns' are slightly raised. I have looked at thousands of pieces on the internet and have never found another item of this pattern. Is this a rare piece?Any help you can give would be very much appreciated. Some of the platinum is 'rubbed' on some of the saucers. Thank you in anticipation

patriciaFieldings (SF&Co) pair of pottery shoes, pattern 0259 circa 1908. Approx. size 4-5 in shoe size, in perfect condition. Could you tell me what the value might be.

Jillian Arsenault - I have a set of Swinnertons Staffordshire "Luxor Ivory" Reg. No. 837606. I'm sure they are not valuable, but I'm just looking for some replacements. I have found some similar patterns, but nothing exact. Could you help me find out if anymore exist out there. Thanks, Jill

Sara Donovan - Hi! I have a lovely 7" bay shire horse figure, sort of reminiscent of Beswick shires. But, he is marked under his hoof "Floral Bone China, Staffordshire England" with a crown and a flower. Can you tell me who made him and when?

Jeanette Mize - Can you tell me about 2 pieces of pottery with S globe on the bottom with Alfred Meakin writen inside and a banner across the top with rustic written, The word England 2 and the letter F on the egde and .A towards the middle. All of this information is on the bottom of both peices. One is a large vase about 2 feet tall and 12" across and the other is a soup turine, I think. I wondered what the pattern name is. It is white and blue flowers and stems. The pattern is also inside the vase. I cannot find anything like it on the internet. Thanks, Jeanette Mize


stephanie - I have the #1 of the ltd edition of the loving cup for King George and Queen Elizabeth commemorating their trip to Canada in 1939. Also, a Queen Mary tea set by Paragon. Would these have any value?

joyce - i have 11 fluted fruit plates they all have k p m on the back and a crown above ,5 are numberd 144, and 6 are numberd 27 ,i think they are Dresden china and where a wedding present to my grandparents, so they must be at least 100 years old . Can you please tell me how much they are worth. many thanks.

Amanda Thompson - I have a coffee/tea pot called 'Man Friday' by wedgwood & co ltd. I think its around 1950's. Would you be able to give me any further info. I can send photos if you wish. Thanks

carol - I have been left a set comprising of Teapot,Coffee pot,milk jug and sugar bowl made by Sadler.They are all numbered.The outer colours are gold ,green and blue with inners coloured brown.Could you please tell me if they have any value other than sentimental.Thank you.

Eileen Quinn - I have a complete 4 place setting of fine china with what i think is either chinese or japenese marking. could you please help me to identify it.

samphilp - I have a dish about the size of a candy dish or pickle dish with an oriental picture of a lady sitting on a bank of a river with a man standing besider her looking over the water carrying a basket on a stick over his shoulder. Any idea of its value or date. Thanks

Marsha - I have 9 different Wade Country Life teapots about 20-30 years old plus 8 mugs and the cream and sugar. If I sell them all together, what is an estimated value. Some of the pots include the Conservatory, Flories Flowers, the Police Station, The Fish Shop etc. Thanks Marsha from Canada

Meryl - I have a plate that I am unable to identify! I am listing the information - in the hope you might be able to help! It is dinner plate size. Pattern around surround shows urns with flowers and winged dragons (look like leopards) lots of vines wrap around the tails. There are three heads which look like possibly greek gods they are inside a small oval and are each different. each one has a headpiece, one with a winged hat, other with possibly a horn and the third with a shaped hat with what might be a crown. Colour of the middle of plate is white. the surrounds are in browny red with cream or gold colour and black. There is a pattern around the outside edge, and at the very edge is a reddy brown line. On the inner ring of the main part of the plate is another pattern. On the back is an impressed arrow, a small painted brown circle with a dot in it and an impressed triangle shape. There is an imbossed name which I am almost certain reads 'minton' but then the mark does not match minton plates. The mark is a triangle with Rd in the middle, to the top is 'o' and above that is 'iv' to the left of the Rd is D and to the right is 22 and then beneath the Rd is 7. There is then a looped ribbon shape with Florentine written inside it and in the centre is an urn shape with flowers in it. Underneath it says M & Co. The M is very similar to some Minton plates. Finally there is a number painted in the red/brown colour which is possibly 0 the 495 and this has what looks like a z underneath it. If you can help at all I would be vey grateful - it has driven me mad trying to track it down! Regards and thanks

Dorothy - We have a white and brown glazed two handled sugar bowl(?) just over 5" tall. It has a rim like as though it had had a lid once (a slight chip on the rim). On one side it depicts Robin Hood and King John(?) and the other possibly Maid Marian and Robin Hood dieing (?). Distinguishing marks are WEDGWOOD (in capitals), AMK (in capitals) a large asterisk and, I think an 'F' on the bottom plus another brown mark in the middle which we can't identify. Believe to have been bought at Nottingham Goose Fair roughly 1898. Your help to identify the age and value would be much appreciated.

morag cumming - Can you help? My mother has 2 doulton burslem spherical vases decorated in shades of blue. One, with the picture of Worcester Cathedral has the no.255932 on the base, also A8341 and the initials HM. The other is similar but the picture is of Durham Cathedral. She has had them for at least 40 years and they were probably bought by my late father in a house sale. Do they have any value?

Stacey A - I have 'beswisk ware' salad items. A leaf bowl with tomatoes on it, written underneath is 'Beswick ware, made in england 271', a salad dish and serving apparatus with tomatoes on, underneath is 'beswick ware, made in england 216'. Are these items of any value? thankyou.

Katrina - I have a figure called 'Lido Lady' by Plant Tuscan Ware I would like to know the age, value and possibly designer can anyone help. Thanks

Meriwether McGettigan, - Please tell me about the Orchies marks on Majolica. Some are impressed and so are printed (windmill and ORCHIES) . Thanks.

mary - can you help got a pair of staffordshire dogs not sure how to find out how old they are they are gold and cream regards

jude elliott - I have a lovely wedgwood jug and bowl set. it has two jugs and bowls, two toothbrush holders, two soap dishes and one family soap dish. The pattern i think is of chrysanthymum flowers and is painted in reds, browns and golds on a cream ceramic, presumable porcelain. Sadly it is not in prefect condition, some crazing and a small chip. All the pieces are stamped and have a painters mark and i think it might be around 1890. I've never seen this pattern elsewhere. Might this be worth anything - I paid £155 about 15 years ago for it when J's and B's were fashionalbe. It would be great if you could reply thanks very much. Jude

Claudia Suto - Hi, I was given this nice fine antique plate, from the Royal Staffordshire pottery in England. It is marked Jenny Lind 1795, and was created by the design of SwedishNightingale. The plate is in Excellent condition is 22.5 cms,across and is squared with scrolled edgess. Can you please tell me hou much are they or if they have any value? Thanks

colin toal - i have a royal adderley milk jug and sugar pot.The pot has the crest engraved on the bottom but it is backwards,(mirror image.)Is it fake?

Linda Shiver - I have four plates marked "Swinnertons, Staffordshire England, "Majestic Vellum" rES. nO. 837607. Each has a scene with castles, water and boats. What is the value?

jack mccormiclk - hi, io have a plate i would like you to value for me. it is an oblong shaped plate with a floral design. on the rear is flower arrangement with a scroll underneath with asiatic phail-nis(or nil). underneath that is the initials h & k can you help please

martin farrell - i have a figure made from pembrookshir coal is this of any value

Elane Carter - Hello, I was wondering if you could give me a quote on some Tams Ware pottery i have. I have got 2 Tams Ware plates and a large bread plate all in the buttercup design.

jeff bond - Can you give me any info about a cup and saucer by Crown Staffordshire. The base mark is that in use from 1906 to about 1930 and the items are marked "Flora Reg No 801871". can this be dated and valued ?

Margaret Bailey - I have a lovely little vase the name on the bottom is Melrose K&coB ate Mayers. It has a picture of a naked man with a pot in his hands and the date 1790 underneath. The marks on the bottom also has flower in blue and also something that looks like a wishbone printed on the bottom also in blue. The vase is painted with floral decoration in pale blue and red and is outlined in gold. The top os the vase is is painted with just a dark blue floral design. I wonder if you could tell me anything about this vase. Thank you

margaret mackey - I have a coffee set wich has the name Myott on the bottom can you tell me anything about this please

gaynor evans - could you help me date two figurines please, both are 16" in height one is a man looks in foreign dress with hat the base has 75 and L&M stamped the other is a woman holding a baby with 75 stamped on the base could be joseph and mary??? they are both ?bisque and are quite colourfull but not glossy, quite heavy. many thanks if you can shed some light on them

DaffKell - I have a 5pc washbasin jug etc set marked royal staffordshire the basin is very large. it is blue and white with flowers and garlands done in vertical panels The mark is a lion with crown holding a globe is it Victorian or Edwardian

Sharon Parkinson - We have a set of 8 monkey figurines simmilar to the meissen monkeys they have a mark on the bottom which looks just like a hand drawn pair if scissors any idea of the make?

Carol McShane-Street - I have a large piece of pottery that has been in my family for over 50 years. It has a scalloped edge at the top, is mainly golden yellow in color with brown flowers and leaves. On the bottom is "Melrose Ware England" with a crest that looks like an I over a C and "sons" below that with symbols that I can't really make out. It does have some damage on the upper lip edge and a crack in the body, however it is intact. The only information I have received so far is as follows: "What you have is a Jardinerre made by the George Jones & Sons Pottery Stoke on Trent England circa 1895-1910". I received this information from an antique dealer online that had one piece listed that was the same pattern. It has handles on each side. I am attempting to find a value of this piece, however at Antique Shops in my area I cannot find any listings and have not seen anything like it. (I am in Wisconsin in the U.S.) I can send a photo by e-mail if required, but perhaps in England you will have more information than I can obtain here in the States. Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Carol A. McShane-Street (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details)

c hallam - hi i have 6plates royal staffodshire stratford stage j&Gmeakin are they worth anything

June Barnes - Have a number of pieces of Losol ware, Shrewsbury pattern ,pottery from Keeling and Burslem. Have been trying to find out more but just keep getting e-bay!Comments would be much appreciated.

margaret campbell - i have a dinner plate made by homemaker it is white with black squiggles and has pictures of old coffee tables old chairs and old tools i saw one in the antique road show that went for a few pounds can you tell me more thanks

Sophia Payne - Another thing is: The Homepride collectables, what are they collecting in for a full set now? And how much do you think they will value at in approx 10 years time. Thankyou.

Sophia Payne - My aunty Patsy has got 2 identical dancing ladies figurines made in 1865, of the Staffordshire collection. She had them valued 15 years ago, but was wondering how much they would value at now. We cannot find them anywhere, can you help?

Sue - Well i was searching through my cupboard and i found what looks to be a small milk jug that you use for tea. Its by Alfred Meakin post-war i was wondering if it had any value at all?

Jeremy Walker - Tuscan tea cups
I'm sorry I can't help directly with your query but my eye was caught by your message as Plant's was owned by my father's family until it was taken over by Wedgwood. You may find the links below of interest.

Mark Lawson - I have had, for years now, a set of six cups and saucers, matching cake plate (flat, not on a pedestal), milk jug and sugar bowl. They are stamped in green "Crown Staffordshire" and also have a number painted on in red by hand. The numbers are all very similar, either 713939 or 713909. The set is a light yellow wash with pansies painted around the whole edge in different colours each with an orange dot in the middle. There is also a light green stripe along the top of the handles and a fine green line around the inside top of the cups bowl and jug. The sides of the handles are gilded and there is a gold line around the tops of the cups, the edge of the plate and the top and bottom edges of the jug and bowl. The set was used regularly by my great aunt and the gilding shows a little wear and one cup has a crack near the bottom. Is this a valuable little hand-me-down or should we continue to keep it on the dresser? Thank you for your advice. Regards Mark Lawson


June Smith - I have a large soup tureen with lid - muted white and brown bowl - lid with rose, gold and green molded/shaped (raised) flowers - markings gold crown with a large "M" something else in semi-circular shape but cannot read.

Jeff Mabbett - we have 12 pce tea set inc jug & sugar bowl id of R & D with number 233182 imprinted gold trim blue & pink pansies(?) and butterflies are these of any value? (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish any personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Cheryl Perry - I have a white/grey stallion in mint condition with Beswick name written underneath. It was given to me by my grandmother she had it for her engagement to my grandfather around 1915-1920. Is it of any value? thanks.

Jackie Wenham - I would like to establish whether the following have any value: 6 x cups, saucers, tea plates and 1x sugar, 1 x cream - all good condition. They are Crown fine bone china, made in Staffordshire. They also have F15793 (plus three dots) in red painted on the base. The pattern is turquoise and gold with yellow and pink flowers. Also, a small blue and white with gold trimming teapot which has Crown Pottery, Tams Ware, John Tams Lld on the base. May thanks for your help.

Janice Jordan - I have a teaset bone china gilt edge the only mark onthe bottom is SM it was my grandmas

jennifer - i have a alfred meakin hereford milk jug how much is it worth?

Lucy Munro - PLease can you give us any information on a pair of candlesticks marked Lount ware, England

Diana D - I have a Royal Doulton jardiniere and am having trouble finding any information on how to identify the pattern; I hope you can help... It's blue and white, approx 20cm diameter, with a scene of 4 children playing Blind Man's Bluff around a tree trunk. The children's dress is certainly of a past era but I couldn't say for sure when. Thanks for your time...

Mary Beth Guy - I have a blue and white cup. It has 2 children under a tree in a meadow. A river stands between with a church on the other side. It is stamped : SWINNERTONS (TEA KETTLE EMBLEM) with the words STAFFORDSHIRE ENGLAND. Beneath is stamped "SILVERDALE". Can you give me information? Thank you. (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish any personal contact details on this messageboard.)

kate - Can you help please.I have several pieces of pottery with F and sons ltd CLIFTON Burslem England printed on the bottom. Also a number 5 and a W. I don't suppose for a minute they're worth anything but I'd hate to car boot them and then find out that they were!

callistar - I have a staffordshire group[wombwells menagerie]due to the fact that we live in a rural area in mid-wales,can you advise me,on who to take it to.Firstly to see if it is right and secondly to have a value placed on it.Thankyou.



SUSAN LEWIS FROM FLORIDA USA - I have recently received some Sandland porcelain pieces. One set is a candy/cigarette case with a matching ashtray. The markings on the back identify it at Sandland. The front is a street scene in Medieval times with the title being "ye Olde Town". I also have what I think is an ink well of a colonial gentlemans head. Again Sandland. Are these pieces worth anything?

SUSAN LEWIS FROM FLORIDA USA - I have recently received some Sandland porcelain pieces. One set is a candy/cigarette case with a matching ashtray. The markings on the back identify it at Sandland. The front is a street scene in Medieval times with the title being "ye Olde Town". I also have what I think is an ink well of a colonial gentlemans head. Again Sandland. Are these pieces worth anything?

lorraine starkey - please can you help? We have a matching teapot and coffee pot (the lid is missing from coffee pot but two holes either side signify one was originally there). They are unmarked in a black glaze with pretty and largely unfaded gilt flower design all over. I believe they may be Jackfield design but unsure. The teapot lid has a small gilt lady on it.

Virginia Pierson - Hi I have a very old teapot set that I am trying to identify, on all pieces they have a small blackbird painted on the bottom and no other markings- colors are black - orange with white and different color flowers around the center and are shaped octogon.Your help would be so appreciated.

Liz Armstrong - I have a Royal Doulton Sentiments figurine which has across the bottom 'Christmas Angel' dated 1996 and is signed by A. Maslankowski it is numbered HN 4060 and has the Royal Doulton stamp (all in gold. I have been trying to find another one on the Internet or anything about this particular Angel and can't can you please perhaps enlighten me, is this a limited edition and can you perhaps also tell me the value. It is in perfect condition. Your help with any information on this peice would be gratefully received. Kindest regards Liz Armstrong


sany - I have a salad bowl and serving spoon and fork, Make is royal winton. c ould you give me a value on this.

Sylvia Duke - I have a coffee set, given to my Grandmother for her engagement in the 1930s, which is a Swinnerton's Old English Gardens number 15083 (I think -- difficult to read the last number). There is a coffee pot with lid, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups and saucers. Also an egg cup holder with 3 egg cups -- slightly different colouring from the coffee set. I would be grateful to know what sort of value these would be. Thanks very much.

Allen Covell - I have been left a set of 6 saucers,side plates,Dinner plates, desert bowls,& soup bowls (marked staffordshire enlish ironstone tableware underglaze [indian tree design green on white?]

Sally Zuehlke - Earth brown teapot the bottom raised marking says christine and england

William - I have a sugar bowl,milk jug. teapot and biscuit barrel in a cottage design with the marks A in caps and in italics Westminster Hanley Staffs Made in England I would like to know more about these if possible. I inherited these when my mother died approx 15yrs ago and I have no idea when she originally got them.

CHRIS SAVINE - I have a IMAGE70,SORAYA,COFFEE SET REG:NO 914837.Ithas never been used and could you put a value on it.

Pat Aubrey - Hello and thank you for providing this service. I have a Royal Staffordshire A. J. Wilkinson ashtray with the date of May 12 1937 on a banner below and the initial in Script E and R on the left and right respectively of the drawing in profile of with a crown overhead in the frame. I believe it is of Edward, who abdicated. Any value? Thank you

Mike M. - My question is about a Japanese piece. Do you have knowledge in that area? The piece I have is a Torii Brand sugar bowl with three short legs. It has two cherubs on the lid and two on each side with two trees in each of these areas as well. The items mentioned are raised, not just painted on. The bowl has two handles and has gold trim with reddish accents on a mostly yellow base. Thank you for anything you can tell me.

Amanda - I am trying to seek a crown devon sweet bowl S Fielding & Co it has a silver basket and bowl was oval type shape however I need to know the correct name for it so I increase my chances

Erin - I have a Wash Basin and Matching Pitcher that is yellow with a Roman motif that has Wilkinson Ltd England on the this Arthur Wilkinson? Could you guess at a date? Many thanks!

Amanda Addison - Hi I am trying to locate a Fielding sweet bowl England Royal Devon 54/x1 RD531320 can you help me identify the correct name of this item so I have more success?

Bryan Maher - I have aquired over the years a number of blue and white plates, transfer under glaze,bowls,cups, saucers manufactured by Johnson Bros in the Old Britain Castle series. On the underside they do not bear any markings stating that they are acid resistant and/or dishwasher proof. Could you advise how old they are and if they have any value? The latter for insurance purposes and to stop my wife using them when her friends come around!

Dawn Yates - I have a black wedgewood vase that was bought for me more than 30 years ago. Do you have any idea on the value of this item?

Cherlyn Curtis - I have a mint teach cup saucer and small plate set it says est $ 1846 old royal china England and is numbered in gold 2859 with gold trim on all 3 pieces came from elderly friend who was from England herself. Since it is a numbered piece how do I check its value? Cherlyn Curtis (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard)

Jean Williams - I have 2 vases - on the bottom it says'Indian Tree handpainted H.J. Wood Staffordshire England - there is also a number 575 on one and 579 on the other. Can you help?

Jim Smith - Help please. I am an avid collector of all things Batman and recently purchased a teapot with The Royal Staffordshire Fine Cermaics stamp on the bottom. The teapot is shaped as Batmans head. I have searched everywhere for info on this but i cannot find anything anywhere. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Margaret wilson - l have found a vase its colour is terracotta it has a brown and green flower print down the front of the vase it also has a handle, on the base it has printed WHEILDON S ENGLAND can you help me in identifying this vase please.lm from Australia.

Pam McColl - I have a small blue + white patterned bowl about 4" in diameter which has some impurities in the clay. Its has a lovely pattern of little chinese or japenese men running around it all doing something different. Sadly there are no marks on it and i was wondering if it has any value, it doesn't look mass produced.

Gail - I have a jug that once belonged to an antique collector. It has a small "w" within a circle and the number "4" on the bottom of it. Who made this piece?

Kathleen Robson - My husband bought a plate from a car boot it is hand painted by H J wood and is called Indian Tree

sue wilson - I inherited many pieces of what I guess is hand made pottery. There are yellow and pink daisys among brown daisys, and bees.The markings on the back are: red: Fly 2; black: Rd No 826 (can't read the embossed letters? or numbers but another has maybe an R (with backwards a??) and numbers: 3655; they all seem to have the same 826 but the red markings are different and the plates seems to have a crescent moon with maybe numbers with either a flower or fancy initial above it--I can't tell.

Dave - Have a large serving plate marked Daisy 1790 K & L B Late Mayer, Ivory 12. Can you advise of any value

Emma Logan - Hi, I was wondering if you know anything about what seems to be a fruit bowl made by keeling & co in the centre is an orange tree design in black and white around that is a kind of orange colour then on the inside edge is a black and white banner with orange trees and flowers, on the back it says losol ware garden a picture of a crown Keeling & co ltd Burslem England it also has a registration number 5332 and aound the outside edge is also a banner of black and white orange trees I have searched the internet for two days and have been unable to find any information on this piece or if there are any others like it I hope you can help Thanks

Dorothea Kidd - I have a set of 6 cups,saucers and sideplates.I was wondering what year they are from and if they are of any value. Ridgway Potteries Ltd.Says HOMEMAKER on back. They are black and white in colour with a design of a table, sofa,light, pot stand and some cutlery. Thanks

Trevor Slater - We have an interesting item called CHAIRMAN which has recently been passed to us It is an ashtray with match box holder at the back and match striker on the front I believe it may have been made as a special to advertise a tobbaco. I have never seen any other item like this. Royal Staffordshire Pottery Wilkinson Ltd England It shows a mark which indicates it was made in about 1910

amanda london - Hi i have a pair of clarice cliff teddy bear bookends i wondered if such things hold any value as i am going to just sell them at a bootfair?

Nancy Ayers - I have inherited some Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses,'china, acofee service, tea service and dinner service wth teapot, cofee jug and cake stand.Can you give me an idea of the value of tis and what is the best way to go about selling it. Thank you.


Archie Smith - My daughter has found some pritty plates, given by my mother,now decd.,they are in damaged condition.They are marked BIRMAJ (or that might be BIRMAI)2/3250.Would they be worth spending money on them to restor?

Barbara Lovejoy - I have a set of six plates they are green and covered in vine leaves.The decoration is not painted onto the suface I believe it is worked into the wet clay giving an embosed effect.I cannot read the small circular stamp on the bases but they all have the numbers 13430 stamped into the base with the number 7 below that can you identify them and give any information

steven morgan - hi clive , i have a large blue and white floral print serving plate/meat plate with the company name of B&K Ltd and also 'COBURG' on a sort of ball surrounded by wings. Could you give me any information about this. regards steve

peter ellis - ive got a large john barlycorn character jug ltd to 7.5000 michael doulton signature. dated aug 1981 what is it worth thanks.

Margie - Where in the area can I buy replacement pieces for J&G Meakin Westminster green pattern?

dave sykes - i have got a hat oin holder,underneath markings are;windsor art ware by gibson and sons ltd burslem,england. reg no.657307.can you help

mike curran - i have a tea set with the stamp j.h. cope can you tell me anything about it?

Lorna - I have a 98piece dinner set of Alfred Meakin I'm not sure of the type but it has the post-war symbol on the bottom. Would you be able to give me a rough estimate of value thanks :)

melissa lumby - a piece of pttery hat pin stand 6 inches hight floral painted back stamp dee stoke on trent reg no 658751 or2 stoke on trent with a crown in gold i think it could be from around 1895 era . kenneth

Ian - Hello, I am looking for some information on the value of an Alfred Meakin - Marquis shape - Marigold - England serving/vegetable dish (with cover). This is all the information that is available on the underside of the dish. It looks to be in very good condition. Thank you.

rhonda - I have a mint green toby jug seems to be selling stuff with keyhole shaped brown stamp on base and looks like unicorn have you come across this stamp mark before and if so who is it by

rhonda scott-brown - have an all mint green toby jug he seems to be selling bric a brac items from a box hanging over his shoulders there is markings on bottom, looks like shape of a keyhole just totally brown and think it says unicorn or enicorn and 1/124 do you no anything about this marking

Isobel Sinclair - I have been given an old dinner service which bears the stamp Gloucester K & Co. R No. 104604.It has a blue flower pattern on a white background. I would be interested to know more about this if you can help and also if it is of any value. I think it must be at least 70 years old.

Rita - I have a piece by Sherrat and Simpson, made in Staffordshire, it is a girl posting a letter in a post box, called "with love" 279, It is No 1 of only 950 and has a certificate to prove this, it is in excellent condition, the box has slight damage, is it worth keeping for a few more years. ta Rita

Clare Byrne - Please would you try and value my Alfred Meakins tea set. It is in its original box and the sugar bowl and milk jug have been taken out to be viewed. The picture is of a hunting scene. Thank you for your assistance

jim kaye - beswick crumpet or muffin set 4 pieces all numbered and perfect value please

Clare Byrne - I have a Alfred Meakin Tea set in its original box postmark 2nd August 1956 the only items to have been out of the original box is a sugar bowl and milk jug. The design is of a hunting scene.

Shelley From NZ - Hi. I have a side plate (bread and butter plate) with C Swinnertons Staffordshire England "Majestic Vellum" Reg. No. 837607. It has a hand painted 40 in light brown/red paint on the back also. The picture on the front is of Trafalgar Square with the wording Trafalgar Square 1845 in writing on the front also. I would like to know the age of the plate in particular please and if possible, it's value. It has no chips but has crazing. Thank you.

Paul - I have a lovely Spode Copeland china (9"dia) plate in cobolt blue and gold. It was made for the White Star line and has a Reg no.580303 and R4331 on the underside. It also has an O.N.C.S logo in the centre. Would you know what it might be worth?

Diane - I have several pieces of China that are marked Radisson W.G. George Made in USA 1188 or 118B on the back. The front is etched in gold about 2" around the plate and the center is vintage looking people (like George Washington era). Not sure of their value. Can you offer any advice. DF

Martin Turner - I have a Ridgway Potteries 'Homemaker Coffee pot and six cups and saucers.i would be grateful if you could let me know if it is a rare set and what sort of value it is? Able to fax a copy of whole set if possible. regards Martin

Kay - I have a full set of Wedgwood Lichfield Fine Bone China made in Stoke-On-Trent England. Could you please give me an approximate value? Thank you!

David Bray - Please can you help. I have been left, 6 Staffordshire Tea Saucers, a country scene, and a staffordshire oblong plate Dish/Country scenes. They are all in very good condition. I was wondering if they had any value as a set.

Elizabeth Green - How can I tell if a "staffordshire" spaniel or greyhound is authentic? Thank you.

Jean Easter - Could you tell me if a dinner service left my late aunt has any collectable value. I know that it dates from the 1930's and was made by WH Grindley. The items are in white with a mid-green border. There are 3 sizes of plates, 2 serving dishes with lids, 2 large serving plates and a sauce boat and stand with matching ladle.

zoe - i have a couple of cups bone china 8777 queen anne made in england patt no 8675 androyal stafford est 1845 andsutherland art china r they woth nothing

lynne p - I have my mother Alfred meakin marquis sharpe marigold dinner set. I think the flowera are poppys but cannot find one the same anywhere. Is that what the name was . She would have got it for a weeding present in 1943 I think. Any infor to point my in the right direction would be appreciated

I have a Brentleigh ware Koala table lamp base - about 12" tall. Any value to this piece? In excellent condition. (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)

david - hi clive,ihave a jug which is 7" tall, light green with darker edging around top with a raised pattern around centre of grapes and leaves on the underside it says 275 and below it the number 17 and germany

paula brooks -  please can you tell me what year my tea&dinner set was made its Midwinter stylecraft staffordshire its just been handed to me from my great aunt i would like to know how old it is thank you .

Cathy - I just emailed. The reg number might be 537806 on the saucer of my cup/saucer set.

Cathy - Can you please help. Is this cup/saucer of any value other than the esthetic one? I have a Swinnertons "Luxor Vellum" Reg no 837606, cup and saucer. Each piece has an artist's mark on it. The Swinnerton's logo is stamped on the back. There is a large C over the 'usual' mark. It's pattern is of pink roses with some other flowers in blue, orange, and purple. There is a gold rim.

Gerri - I have a childrens tea set minus the milk jug. It belonged to my mother who told me she was given it as a very small child in the 1920's. It is still in it's rather tattered original xmas box with a red background & pictures of holly/snowmen/children playing on it,also snow covered church roofs & Father christmas with sleigh & reindeers. All it says on the box is Foreign,(I think it may be made in China) there is a number but its quite obscure, it s a 6 piece tea set & has a picture/painting of (foreground to background)grass/2 post fence/window&doorless house/2 trees & bushes, with 3 flowers to the side of the house,I'm pretty sure it would have been massed produced at the time, but would think there wouldnt be many of them around these days, would it be likely to have any value?

Robert Hartley - Hello Clive I have a Staffordshire dinner service 12 place set of the Myott design. It must be 40 years old. How much would this be to replace @ today's value? Thanks for your help. Regards Robert

Helen Wood - My question: I have 11 Staffordshire dinner plates. Seven of these plates have the crown and I. Hall stamp on the back, four do not. They are all in excellent condition. What might they be worth? and how do I go about selling them? They are of the "quadruped" series.

carol hallett - i recently brought some alfred meakin diner plates and side plates jayne design i was wandering if they were of any value

alison jordan - I have inherited a wedding present my parents received in 1953 a wedgewood dinner service blue cups etc have white handles, on the base is stamped Wedgewood of Etruria and Barlaston clydewas this made to commemorate the coronation

Michael Schafer - I have an Adderley floral platter 14" x 10" in excellent condition. The markings have the Adderley ship trade mark with W.A.A.&Co. below and FLORISEL above. Above the trade mark is a black number 7 and above that is a red script that looks like 1654 with a swirl on the top of the 5 and an S below all in a fancy script. Additionally, beside the trade mark is the indented word IVORY with an indented mark above that which appears to be two dots. These could be easily missed as they are not colored. Is there anything special about this platter? Thankyou, Michael Schafer (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish any personal contact details on this messageboard)

Tracy -  I have an Alfred Meakin Royal Marigold gravy jug which came from a full dinner service althougth i only have the jug but there is no date could you please let me know date and any value thank you.

barbara -  can you help i was given as a present a leaf shaped dish about 4/5inches green with gold veins it ha a royal winton stamp wiyh other words but cannot read them

Sarwar - I have small 6inch high figure, white porcelain of an oriental(chinese/Japanese)old man sitting dressed in loin cloth round the waist, with an open book on his knee. Please can you provide any further.

Cindy - I have a pitcher that is about 9 1/2 " tall it has a narrow spout and looks like a peacock feather design in dark blue and brown. On the bottom is just a 3. Any ideals who might have made it. Thanks

Anne - I have a childs tea set marked Staffs Teaset Co Ltd - Teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl and 6 cups and saucers - decorated with animals playing cricket, fishing etc. About 55 years old. Please could you give me a value and some information about them. Thanks

mary -  can u tell me anything about a green emerald gold bowl by Wade.

Malcolm - Please could you help me, l have a Minton Soap Dish which is white with Pink ribbon and green rope design going round dish with lift out inner dish.Mark underneath is Minton BB with crossed hockey stick indents. Also a Minton Trough dish with lid, this has same pattern has soap dish but has a Star intent as well as Hockey stick indent. I do not know how old it is? was passed down from family. Have you any idea what age and value it could be. Thank you.

Miller - Hi, I have a whole set of blue and white "Country style hand engraved by WH Grindley and Staffordshire, England, detergent and dishwasher safe" dishes. There are 24 small desert plates, 24 bigger plates, 24 dinner platters , 24 soup bowls also 10 approximately 16 inch oblong platters, 8-10 big salad dishes, 6 smaller salad dishes and also 4 gravy cups. I was wondering how much this set might be worth. Thanks.

Helen Thomson - Hi I have two Siamese kittens. They look very much like a Beswick cat that I have, but on the bottom they have a crown with five points with circles on top of each point and the letter "S" underneath. Please can you let me know if the mark means anything. Kind regards. Helen Thomson Enfield, Middlesex

Tim Walton - We have an Alfred Meakin MEA Dinner Service and would like to kow the value of. Service consists of 6 small, medium and large plates. 6 soup/desert bowls Gravy boat, 2 - tureens with lids, 2 oval platters and 1 lage platter which is broken. Any assistance or advice would be gratefully received. Thanks

matthew - have a cranston vase ,blue in colour with typical leaf pattrn around neck.has 50/6/14 stamped on bottom of the cranston it worth anything

Bernice Lown - I have a strange pottery piece, it is a small basket weave, rectangular box about 2.5 inches across painted pink, with a yellow chicks head popping out from the right hand side, all one piece. Underneath it says Handpainted Flower, but it does not have any flowers on it. I would be interested to know where it was made and by whom. I paid around £6 for it at a jumble sale about 5 years ago beacause I thought it was cute!! Bernice (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish any personal contact details on this message board.)

lorraine - can you please tell me if Alfred Meakin Hay Ride is of any value as my mother-in-law has quite a bit of it. Thank you Lorraine

Leigh - My mother-in-law who is 72 years old has given me some Washington Pottery ltd Hanley tea service. They are decorated with gold flowers and have a picture of a cottage. On all the pieces it says A Somerset Cottage. Any info would be welcome.

alicion barnes - I have purchased 5 blue and white jugs with "victoria ware, ironstone" marked on the base of each. The largest is 19cm high and they decrease in size to the smallest at 10cm. They have very rounded "tummies" and a short rim round the neck to the spout. The large jug measures 12cm across ( not including spout.)They are all in perfect condition. They have the "Royal Arms" markings on the base. They are a gift for a very good friend and wondered if they are valuable aswell as beautiful!! Thank you for any help. Alicion

Trevor Deakin - HI, I Have two small blue jasper plates. one has a statue of cupid with stairs leading to it and building in the backs set, and the other is of Trafalgar square with a christmas tree in the scene but no date. can you give me any info on them

Susan McAdams - I have several pieces of Adderley's fine china daffodil pattern. I'm looking for it's age and value. Thanks.

Tracy O'Connor - I have a plate stamped ceramic art company limited, crown pottery stroke on trent , manufactuers of faience, direct from factory to purchases . Is this item worth anything?

christine cuthbert-steele - A Commemorative dinnerset was made by Alfred Meakin to mark the first visit to Australia by Queen Elizabeth in 1954. Design features her own pink English Rose plus sprigs of Australian Golden Wattle. My Mother bought a 6-place setting, with servers; each piece is individually numbered. It has always been Mum's "good" dinnerset, rarely used, so apart from a broken handle on one cup remains intact. Advice on value would be appreciated. We've never seen another.

I have 5 plates. The back marking, Oberwessel on the Rhine, No 106, E Wood & Sons. Some marked with a black 8. Some with a black 4. Were these ever reproduced? They have been in my family for at least 95 years that I know of (Based on when they were passed on to me) as I am only 34. They do have indentations on the rear sides. Like small pinholes ... I'd appreciate Your help in assesing the authenticity, please

Barbara - Mr. Hillier- I have an old family tea set- pot/bowl/creamer/sugar bowl/tea sandwich dishes/and tiny dishes (4") and cups and saucers markings on the top of diamond is "C" -left side "I" -right side "10" -and bottom "5" -could you direct me to way to get Staffordshire info? Thx so much! (From the US)

Robert Conway - I have a Royal Winton "albans shape" open sugar bowl. In gold lettering:COTSWOLD CAN.RD. 1952 AUST.RD. 29774 Also in gold it looks like 408 or 409 and a letter below this # which appears to be a V or W. Also below made in England there is a capital "A" Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Robert Conway (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish any personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Katie M. - I have a blue and white invalid server. The mark on the bottom is over a crescent moon and a triangle. Do you have any idea of the manufacturer?

Lorraine Harris - Good afternoon, I have two lovely KOWLOON patterned dishes in Staffordshire pottery I feel these are old as I have never seen this pattern anywhere on the website they are in china and green & white patterned edged with gold. I'd like to know more but can't find any information...Please help?? I look forward to your reply. Kind regards (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish any personal contact details on this messageboard.)

latesha - i have a selection of plates and am preparing to do some car boot sales to clear the house of things collected over the years could you please give me some information and valuation on the following before i sell them: oval swinnertons nestor vellum rose design stamped elegance 4323 large oval plate stamped coronation ware white with blue/floral decoration 2 slightly crazed beatrice wedgewood soup bowls stamped Rj- 16 J 3 M pretty gladstone cake plate 2 plates english harvest enoch wedgewood (tunstall)ltd thank you very much for your help

Heather Fulton - I have a teapot handed down to me as a flat-warming present. I dont think its worth anything but im trying to find out who made it. It looks like white ceramic, decorated with pink roses. On the bottom is a symbol in the shape of a coffee pot and it looks like its made out of the letter A and the handle, letter P. Any ideas?

Chris Giles - I have a pair of Royal Doulton vases in perfect condition- never used. They are stamped on the bottom with the royal doulton crest and numbered 6621 on both vases and have the letters UBW on both and are hand marked with the initials MW (i think) although this could be a signature- I am unsure. They are approx 14 inches tall and are painted with a sunflower design with white beaded chains. The upper and lower sixth of each are mottled deep green with the central section a paler shade of green. Can you tell me anything about them, i.e date when made and/or value of them?

Ruth - I have two vegetable terenes and one gravy/sauce boat with tray all marked 'Devon 1790 K&C B Late Meyers' they all have a number printed in a box I intend to sell these they are blue and white no chips or damage, I would like to know a suggested price I should ask please, they were my husbands grandmothers. Be very grateful for yous assistance. Thanks

M. MIller - I have a whole set of blue and white "Country style hand engraved by WH Grindley and Staffordshire, England, detergent and dishwasher safe" dishes. There are 24 small desert plates, 24 bigger plates, 24 dinner platters , 24 soup bowls also 10 approximately 16 inch oblong platters, 8-10 big salad dishes, 6 smaller salad dishes and also 4 gravy cups. I was wondering how much this set might be worth. Thanks.

Ann - i have almost an entire set of F. Winkle & company stoke china in the Togo pattern. Most of the pieses are in excellent condition. Iam wondering if they are worth anything and how much I might be able to sell them for. I would like to sell them by the piece if it could bring me more but would sell them as a set if I had to.

Derek Prescott - Dear Mr Hillier, I have a cake stand, with a stamp on the base, saying woods pottery burslem ,england. It also says colonial ware. The colour is in a purple, with apicture of awater mill and stream, with a flower pattern round the edge;and a flower pattern round the edge of the base of the stand. Yours Sincerely, Derek Prescott.

diana - I have several small bread & butter size showing "Windsor castle 1820" and one long oval shaped plate "House of Parliament 1850". On the back they are marked Swinnertons Staffordshire England "Majestic Vellum" Reg# 837607 I cannot find any information about these. They were my grandmother's and I am interested in whatever you could tell me or lead me to read about. Thank you

David Lyon - Hello. I am trying to identify a piece of Ridgways. It is a plate measuring 25cm dia. The stamp is cicular with a crown on top. It says Ridgways. Shelton.England In the centre it has Estd 1792. Also the number 450 stamped into the plate. The pattern on the front has four flowers, violets. Regars, Dave Lyon

Liz Dunne - I also have a piece of Poole pottery. I think it's from the Sixties. It's in mint condition,boxed and hallmarked with an x or f as well as factory name. Can u help me please? Yours sincerely, Mrs.E.Dunne.

M. Miller - Hi, I have a whole set of blue and white "Country style hand engraved by WH Grindley and Staffordshire, England, detergent and dishwasher safe" dishes. There are 24 small desert plates, 24 bigger plates, 24 dinner platters , 24 soup bowls also 10 approximately 16 inch oblong platters, 8-10 big salad dishes, 6 smaller salad dishes and also 4 gravy cups. I was wondering how much this set might be worth. Thanks.

sharon - staffordshire piece of youg girl titled "Princess". bottom marked "made in England" - is this real Staffordshire?

D Warren - I was left my grandmothers large dinner service of 48 pices,can you please tell me anything about it and the value. Tams Ware Longton Staffordshire. Number 2457.Aroung the rim are Autumn leaved tree's with a gold band around the inner base and around the rim. 36 plates-12large/12medium/12small. 6 platters-2large/2medium/2small. 2 jugs. 4 serving bowls with lids. Thank you

Jane Shrimpton - I inherited from my grandmother a vase (I think) I have loved since a child - it is cream with gold flowers on front & back - a dragon or griffin as a handle - it has a curved U shape with the spout to the left being higher than the dragon to the right .... the mark on the bottom is a sort of triple crown with crossed hammers over it and the words RH in a sort of shield underneath - also some inscribed numbers which are barely legible : 34 or 94 - 10 98 under it then II under that plus also 12 hand written.

tony williams - could you give me any information on a pottery mark, it is in blue print,it says victoria and sits on a crown

martin - please could you help me with this,staffordshire fine bone china bell with red dragon design ive got the year i think between 1930-1985 its a rangoon with the letter r under the symbol thank you

Ann Goode - I have a blue and white plate that has TOGO on it and Spoke England pottery on the back. Is it worth anything or can you tell me about it. It was my grandmothers

Marjorie Westerhouse -  I have a Staffordshire teapot in the marking it Devon Rose hand engraved, J. G. meakin england 1851. I would like to know its value if any. Thank You


Mary Walton - I have inherited a wadeheath jug with a picture of a galleon on the front ( approx 20cm tall ), it has quite a lurid colour scheme i.e. orange sails and turquoise waves.I would like to know the approx value of this item, and would be very grateful for any further info, many thanks

Sean Bramwell - I have received from my grandma a three piece square shape (two side dished and a sandwich plate). The back is stamped "OSIRIS MEDWAY DECOR" AND ALFRED MEAKIN ENGLAND ENCIRCLING A CROWN. I have tried to find the age and thought it was made between 1907-1914 but now I am unsure. Please can you give me any information about the pieces, age, rarity etc. Thank you. (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish any personal contact details on this messageboard.)

Susan Hawksworth - Dear Clive, I hope you can help me, I have recently found a tea service inherited from my grandmother. It is stamped Alfred Meakin "Realm Rose" and comprises 6 each of Tea cups, Saucers, Side Plates and Bowls it also includes a Sugar bowl, Milk jug, Serving bowl and Serving plate. Could you please tell me if this service also included a Tea pot. I have searched on the net and found information on Alfred Meakin but nothing about "Realm Rose" I would appreciate any information you could give me.Thank you Susan

Julia - Hello I live in Belgium and I am wondering about a meat plate I have. It is signed on the bottom in blue with a big detailed crown, stoke pottery, Rd No 218780 and N° 503 Impressed is the number twelve I think. The pattern of the plate is blue floral and has been printed not handpainted. Could you tell me anything about the plate? It has got dammage from a hairline crack were sadly water has got in. The plate measures 34.5 cm across and 28 cm. If you would be so kind? Kind regards

Alison Mills - J G Meakin coffee set with olive green flowers with turquoise centres. Good condition. Any idea of age and value? Thanks

Richard Brumfield - Hi Clive: I have a figurine of a woman with a scyth and holding a sheaf of wheat. It is quite delicate, with beautiful lines, 22.5 cm in height. On the inside of the base is a pair of blue scissors. I was curious to know if this particular marking has any history or can be tied to a certain potterer or business? Sincere thanks for any assistance.

Dusti - I have an old piggy bank that is white with blue on ears nose tail and feet it has vintage looking nursery rhryme picture on it... on the bottom there is a crest like symbol with the words old windsor pottery staffs england, i can't find anything about this in my books can you help?

Sylvia Orchard - What can you tell me about arsenic being used in bone china? I think it was used in the colouring.

diane cooke - my aunty has a vase that was a wedding presant to my grandparents it has the markings made in england w&al on the bottom its about 76 years old

Paul Jackson - I have a selection of Wedgewood "Wind in the Willows" decorative plates. Escape from Jail, The Carol Singers, Fireside Tailsand Gypsy Caravan. What is their likely value?

karen sadler - my mom died recently leaving me all her curio's,amongst them a pair of lewleys stoke pottery vases that were a wedding present to her gandma,how can i find the value?

Mikki - Just wondering about a covered casserole dish that belonged to husband's grandmother. It is oval, white and has a brown design of flowers and vines on it.Also has a littlecross hatch design on the ends, near the handles. Has a little curled handle on each end and also has a lid with a perky little handle. The handle on top is shaped like a daisy with a curve under each side of it, and the petals are outlined in brown. The center is brown. The handles on the side form a three dimensional fleur de lis. One, however is chipped. The inside lip of the casserole also has one chip. The bottom has a seal that states W & C Hanley and the word Windsor. Below the seal is the word England. We have no plans to sell this, just wondered how old it is and what it might be worth.

Keith Betts - Hi there i have a bowl with all shakespeare plays & pictures printed inside & outside, it is a Limited edition by Shand Kydd pottery. It says Shakespeare by Fritz Wegner it also has a limited edition number on it, and is also signed possibley by both.

davies ann - 8inch high yellow ceramic jug with pewter hinged lid the top edge is patterned with black and white on the base is bursley burslem england with an emblem looks like a thisle . been trying to trace any info as i believe it to be about 80years old any help grateful thanks

joan fitton - I have a set of 3 dishes which fit one into the other. The mark is SF&Co. RYE 1290. Are they valuable

valerie bulgin - i have a plain yellowish brown glazed jug - very attractive shape Clarice Cliff - is it worth anything?

lorraine - Hi Clive, I have 2 white plates/ear gold trim and on the back of these plates they are marked "MC",which the C is in the center of the M,1132m is below. I believe it is called the "OJ Mark". Can you give me a date or some history and is there any value?

kelley - I have a large ceramic mug. It look like it would hold about 1Liter of liquid. The mug is a blue and white pattern similar to the blue willow motif. On the bottom of the mug is a mark with a lion standing on its hind legs on the left, a crest in the middle and a unicorn on the right on its hind legs. The word MOMSTONE is underneath the crest. What can you tell me about the mug?

Nick - I have an Alfred Meakin 50s/60s coffee set, complete & undamaged, with geometric pattern in various colours. What is it worth?

David Benton - I have various tin-glazed plates and on some occasions wonder if they are English or Dutch. I know distinguishing between the two can be difficult, especially when they are early. However, the question is whether the palette differed between the countries. I think I recall somebody saying that the Dutch, for example, did not have a brown?

Dot Rose - I have blue pottery bowl, stylised petal or could be leaf-shapes around the sides. Marked Shorter & Son Ltd. Stoke on Trent in black. Marked in the mould SIS-828. Any idea when this was made?

Sara Turnbull - I have a Staffordshire Ironstone plant pot, green and decorated with autumn fruits. It is marked YWAO and NWAO on the bottom. Does it have any value? Many thanks

Hearne - We have been given parts of a set of dinner ware. On the back it says Pattern 1276 NEW HALL HANLEY Staffordshire ENGLAND. Can you tell me anything about the set?

sam amico - i have a teapot that is possibly more than 80yrs old it has chinese design and looks that it is made of sandy coloured material can you help

john smith - imformation about alfred meakin pottery

dave - i have a royal caulden bristol ironstone tea caddy with painted panels on the bottom it says made for twinings tea any value.dave

Brian Taverner - I have a 1989 Wade Royal Victoria pottery tea pot designed for the tea council collection. Daffodil patterned both sides of the pot with three potruding daffodil flower heads on the lid. My mother in law seems to think it is of value, can you please help put her out of her misery. Many Thanks

A Matthews - I have recently purchased a pair of Sitzendorf Parrot figurines and was wondering if you could date them and tell me a little about them? Regards Amy

Mike Williams - I have acquired 4 small bowls + 1 large bowl marked Washington Pottery Ltd, Hanley, England, warranted 22k gold. Are they worth anything?

Denise Nahirney - Date of Swinnertons (Staffordshire) "Nestor Vellum" Coral Island 22 Kt Gold Pattern is Hawaiian. I have plates, soup and bread and butter plates. Are there any mugs/cups?

Susan - I have an old serving bowl, aqua in color with black ivy through out. The bottom of the bowl says Minton-Dorsey. I cannot locate this pattern anywhere. There is no pattern name or number. Thanks for your help.

Susan Dey -  I have a Swinnerton Staffordshire Luxur Vellum Dinner Service comprising 65 pieces in mint condition. Could you please let me know the value of the whole set. Thank you.

margaret meehan - My parents have a china tea service marked Phoenix Bone China made in England with an eagle stamp with the intials TF + SL no. 672 It is nearly 50 yrs old and they are missing a cup and saucer - I have not been able to find any via the internet as apparently Thomas Forester was a small pottery. Do you have any ideas on how I could trace replacement pieces. thanks Margaret

c c cooper - ridgway pottery chids tea set.humphrey clock,old curiocity shop,in blue. could it have a value.

Steve - I Have A Pair of Wilkinsons Royal Staffe Pottery Vases Pans Garden Could you Please Tell Me Anything About Them And Ther Value.

patricia conway - I have an alfred meakin plate, on the back it says "spearpoint" Marigold with a marigold flower on it and says marquis shape. It has the letter E etched into the plate and a small green signature of some sort. Could you tell me anything about it please?

Brandon - I have a Swinnertons bowl with lid. At the bottom it says "Swinnertons" and then "Majestic Vellum". I assume this is limited edition as it is also numbered 4/60. I would appreciate any assistance.

Kim Arthur - Have 2 Alfred Meakin covered casserole dishes with flying ducks/blue sky design on cream background, have searched internet but cannot seem to find which pattern this is (and thus whether it is worth anything). can you help? thanks, kim

stuart carse - i have a silver royal winton tea for 2 setwith initials R A on the bottom. could you please tell me if this is worth anything.

Stephen Wardle - Hi, I have 5 side plates stamped Alfred Meakin England and the Crown mark which checking against on their web site dates 1945+. The design on the plates is gold/copper luster marigold detail and in the centre a lady wearing a long pink dress with a blue upper and a yellowish bonnet with flowers. She is holding a bunch of flowers and is standing in what looks like a country garden with a bird table behind her. I have had a look for this style of plate and cannot find anything of this design. Could you help with this.

Susanne - i need to find some wedgewood medic 4588 to complete a dinner service where is the best place to find these items please

K Corkill - We have a "Sandland" Tankard. One side shows sleeping driver at wheel of car with sleeping passenger, caption reads "1896 12mph London-Brighton". The other side has picture of 1840 Road Steamer. Bought at antique fair 30 years ago. Know absolutely nothing. Can you help and any idea on value. Gold rim and gold strip on handle all in lovely condition just a little crazing on glaze.

Guy - Hi, I have an old plate - handed down through the family. It has a black and white photograph of 4 of my ancestors on it and gold paint all round the rim. (my family were once in the pottery business in manchester). The mark on the back says MINTON and then there is the mark for 1885 but there is also a small heart and the letter J near to the MINTON mark - what do these mean? Thanks!

Sarah - Please can you help. I have been left with a H&K Tunstall jug with fruit prints on it. I have found the age - its between 1933-42. I was wondering if you knew how much this jug is worth? Thanks

Jennifer K - I have two Hope and Carter (H & C) flat rim soup plates measuring approx 9 inches across in a pattern called "Borgia." It is a brown/gold transfer with enameled overpainting featuring game animals (deer and boar) and fruit--very ornate. I discovered that H & C operated in Burslem from 1862-80 but can find little else about the company or this pattern. Is it collectible and are you able to tell me the value of these bowls? Thank you.

JILL - Please help i have been given a ewer & basin it has a beautiful picture of 2 doves which are surrounded by flowers and on the bottom of the ewer it has a heart shape mark and inside it it says D N W IRONSTONE and Staffordshire,England there are also some stamps of crowns in the heart i wondered if u can help me find out what it is worth or tell me where who might be able to help. Thank You

shanon - I have a Royal Doulton fine bone china dinner service it is white and has a 22crt gold band with a gold royal emblem made between 1928-1956 i believe it was made for Royal Insurance

L Mullins - I wonder if you can shed some light on a bowl we have... It appears to be a fruit bowl, it has a pink rose pattern with fern like leaves around the inner rim (about an inch wide), a gold edged rim and a single rose in the centre. The stamp on the bottom says Copyright underneath which is a circle saying Whieldon Ware with a banner underneath saying Lancaster then F Winkle & Co England underneath. There is also a handwritten number of 8692. Can you provide any further information as to it's manufacture date and value? With thanks.

Helen Milsom - We have a tea set. The base has a crown at the top and directly under it, it has the staffordshire knot, also it has a reg number 771239, do you have any idea who has made the tea set?.

alison mcquade - I have some Myatt son co ltd Windswept Leaves plates .Would they be worth anything?

Sharon Bulger -  Dear Sir, I am just wondering if you could help me we have a 4 leaf clover wedgwood plate im just wondering if you may be able to help me value it please? I also have a green Wedgwood plate - all it has on it is P178 9 R 60 GG7... can anyone help? Many thanks, Sharon (unfortunately the BBC cannot publish any personal contact details on this messageboard.)

kerry mizen - can you date/value 'winton petunia design-dinner service?

jacquie smith - Hi i have aclarice cliffe fruit bowl it's pale green on colour with a large flower in silver on one side and two silver leaves with cherries on it on the other. wha t kind of valuation would i be looking at if i decided to sell. there are no chips at all only slight fractures in the glaze.

Helen Marriott - How will I find out if my two vases I have are valuable and how much to insure them for

Louise Higginson - I have 2 limited edition staffordshire plates commemorating the independance of America produced in 1976, wondered what the value would be. both plates depict a different scene

Krysia Jones - Hi, I'm trying to find some info about a plate I have, it's a 1974 commemorative Alfred Meakin Plate of Tytherton Monument (1474-1974) Wiltshire, in glo white ironstone, numbered 475. Any info helpfull. Krysia

Tina Moore - I have inherited hundreds of dishes and pottery from my grandmothers. One is a musical cigarette holder, royal blue w/naked cherubs, gold trim. It is in perfect condition, marked R. Capodimonte. Never seen one like it.I also have a floral vase, marked with 2 crossed arrows, numbered 7491. I was wondering how old they were or who made them, they probably aren't of any real value, just want to know more! thanks

sandra williams - i have two dog figures that i was given a few years ago with mella england on them could you tell me anything about mella thankyou

Beryl Burch - I have a Clarice Cliff Royal Staffordshire dinnerware plate 11 inches diameter. Design: Maroon and Mauve soft fruits. Excellent condition - no crazing. I am interested in approximate value. Thankyou

Joanne Hall - Have a black glazed teapot with a square handle which belonged to my Great Grandma (don't know before that). Looks chinesey with what looks like a fan & pink and blue flowers. Has gold fancy work and green leaves. On the bottom is painted the number 639/634 (can't quite tell which)and also what looks like a gold y/h depends which way you look at it! We have no idea about it. Could you tell us the origin/year/price?

Dianna - I'm hoping that you can help me. I have two pieces of pottery that have a blue capital letter "A" on the bottom. Can you please tell me anything about them. Thank You!

john soulsby - i have a plate approx 91/2" at widest point across, white background, small multi rose decoration with gold rim to plate. mark on back, Crown Clarence England, 1656 can you indentify for me please?? Thank you & kind regards John

trisha pratt - can you tell me if there is a site to see if any a.meakin morning star and evening star pieces are collectable i hve plates .gravy boats black,blue cups,vegtable dishes.i would be grateful for yoyr help many thanks trisha

Debbie Grant - Hello. I am curious about a pitcher and wash basin I received about 20 years ago. There is a bird, perhaps a heron or egret, in a sky blue background on the outside of both. The basin is stamped on the bottom with Midwinter Porcelon Burslem, England. I've been unsuccessful in finding information on them so thank you for any you may be able to provide.

Margaret - Can you help please. I have been left 2 pottery figurines , not sure if edwardian or victorian dress. 1 is old man carrying a bag with inscription on front of base'I am starting for a long journey' 1 is an old lady carrying a hat case and a spaniel with inscription on base 'I am off with him'. Each figure has a hollow part behind which may hold tapers etc. All I know of these are that they were given to my uncle around 1910-1915 by an old lady who owned a shop in leytonstone, london. No idea if of any value , can see no visible markings Thankyou Thanks

A. Gledhill - i have two large serving plates and a turine marked Daisy 1790 K&LB Late Mayer please can you give me any information about the set and are they worth anything

andy harper - could you help me? i have two matching china sugar bowls they are chinese style ,blue and white,silver lids. on the base it has a crest with the words l& sons ltd above it and the words hanley underneath it also has the letters gfb p.n.s on the base and lid. could you tell me the history of them and any value.

Saimah Naeem -  I have a Royal winton piece which has no chinz design but is painted gold. is this a real Royal Winton piece?

ronni - i have a jug and wash bowl with the stamp staffordshire ywao ironstone nwao the colouring is green and white with a gold trim, is it any value

kate  - today I was in a antique shop,they had a small plate by cobridge pottery,the bottle kiln. i thought it was great. Are there many items in the range are they antiques of the future. Any info would be great. thanks

Matin. - I have a teapot, It has impressed mark QUEEN ANNE 2,and printed mark, DEVON WARE FIELDINGS, STOKE ON TRENT ENGLAND. PEARLINE.It has a gilded spout and handle.I would be grate full of any information Martin.

pat boulton - info please on alfred meakin "palmas" decor princess marigold teaset complete.

carol gibbons - i have a j & G Meakin dinner service but don't know the name of the pattern. It has two large pink rosebuds with aqua leaves. The marks only state STUDIO and J & G Meakin. Have had this about 40 years.

Margaret van der Merwe - I have a coffee set with a "C" then Swinnertons, an Alladins lamp, Staffordshire, England, "Majestic Vellum" Reg No. 837607. There are 6 saucers, 6 cups, a milk jug, coffee pot and sugar basin. The pattern is a blue flower with blue leaves and black stem on white. I have become very interested in "bits and bobs" since watching the Antique Road show, etc on TV. Thank you in anticipation.

ian warman - a mug with lancaster &sandland on bottom, 2 hands shaking. picture on mug is a happy drunk, verse saying: hro pleasures and pubs we may roam, will be a reckoning when we get home! any comment on age etc would be appreciated

sylvia stewart - Hi,I have a Royal Stafford china tea rose set which I was given 40 years ago.It is complete with milk jug ,sugar bowl,serving plate,cups and saucers.All of which have never been used.Could you tell me please if it is of any value?Thankyou. Sylvia.

Paula - I have an large(length 47cms) oval blue and white plate. Markings on botton say Royal Saffordshire Pottery, Burslem, England F C. Above the lion it says Lichfield. Would like to know if it is of any value. Thank you

Deborah Baker -  I would like to identify a figurine of a girl in a chair left to me by my great aunt. The backstamp is a capital letter A with a crown above it. Any info would be very welcome.

Trisa Helsby - I have a set of blue and white tea, coffee, flour, sugar, salt and pepper ceramic pots with TC in a circle on the bottom any idea what and where they come from

Tony - We have a pair of vases, black with pink flowery design,with marking Kozo,W.Bennett, Hanley 1911/11 on the bottom. Can you tell me anything about them. Many thanks.

christine wingate - I have a Royal Doulton Morning Star dinnerervice and I wondered if it was of any value?

kate - i have 6 cups 5 saucers and six side plates in a pale green with small flowers on the top of handles brentleigh wade staffordshire also 6 soup/dessert bowls with an orange flower swinnertons luxor vellum 837606 i know nothing about these or there value can you help

LESLEY - I was given as a child, a miniature tea set. I think it was made between 1930 and 1950. Unfortunately I was allowed to play with it, and some pieces have been cracked and (badly) repaired. Is it worthwhile, for me to have it properly repaired, or to try and replace the brocken pieces? It is marked crown staffordshire, made in England 17322. What is it's value please? Thanks

samantha bason - i would like avaluation on two vases hand painted serial number666

frank peterson - i have a edward the 8th coronation mug dated may the 12th 1937 made by easy porcelain and cannot find any information about it ie how many were made and its value if any,also got a mug made by the same company commemorating silver jubilee 1910 to 1935 culd you forward any information to me thanks FRANK

Bill Stacey - I have 2 matt black coffee pots 7" tall with ribbed sides and lids wedgwood and signed Keith murray marks on bottom are A and maybee a 3 also 2 ornate still pots in black marks are A-7 can you help inidentification and values Many thanks Bill Stacey

Karen Patterson - I inherited from my great-grandmother 6 patterned cups and saucers and dinner plates. On the back of them it says Ashley, Fine Bone China, Made in England, 22kt gold. I also have other plates that say Bone China, Warranted, 22kt gold and it looks like a half moon painted on the back and what looks like the number 6 sideways. Can you give me any information on these.

Sandra - I have a Royal Winton breakfast set in KEW pattern. I am trying to find out how old it is and why the KEW pattern seems to be a limited edition - was it to commemorate something happening at Kew Gardens? Many thanks for your time. Sandra (Sussex)

Ken Craggs - I have a small black Wedgwood jug, 11cms high and the base is marked with an X and the numerals 36. Is antique and of any value ? In anticipation

Michael Wall - am a novice to the antique game and wondered if you knew anything about a wedding bowl I have aquired. It says Royal Staffordshire ceramics burslem England on the base and is a pedestal bowl about 10" across. Inside it has a list of wedding aniversarys 1st = cotton, 2nd = paper , and so on up to 50 and round the rim it says "for better for worse , for richer for poorer...etc. it has crazing to the glaze so i presume it is quite old. Do you have any information on this bowl and a clue as too value. Thanks. Michael

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