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13 November 2014

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Northern soul

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Mary's Northern Soul & Motown Messageboard

BBC Radio's Mary Fox would really love to hear from you - message her about her Northern Soul & Motown programme, and tell her about your favourite tracks and your memories...

The usual plea, folks - please, no abuse or flaming or personal comments on the messageboard. A little knockabout humour is fine, BUT please keep courteous...
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last updated: 28/10/2009 at 11:12
created: 30/04/2006

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I used to listen in the office on Friday afternoons (I'm in Florida) - I have American converts to Northern Souls who are devastated - keeping the faith here in SoFlo. In the immortal words of The Artistics - "I'm Gonna Miss You"

Nick Marshall
Hi everybody... Can I just say many thanks to Mary for creating such a great show and for letting me be a part of it, and above all, thanks to every one of our listeners for their support and friendship, and for making the show such a success.
I hope I'll see you at the George, the Wheel, or at one of the many other soul venues up and down the land.

Jon Metcalfe(Grantham)
Replying to Steveo's comments. I think he is being negative in suggesting Mary's 'inane ramblings'. The BBC's specialist shows will always be more talk led. That was her strength.I listen to Kev Roberts too on Signal. He's totally different in offering a more music policy while slipping in his considerable knowledge.Mary's charm though will be missed. The Beeb have got this one disasterously wrong!

Goldie moving on
Well lets move on the show is dead!!!! SO LETS CELEBRATE ITS LIFE .. DE MARY FOX SHOW : Heaven must a sent ya yipeeeee... WE still got de WHEEL ON SUNDAY ( NOW BIGGER THAN DE MAIL ON SUNDAY ....) We got DE PETE ROBERTS SHOW ON each WEd 6--8 we got loads to keep us afloat AND WE WILL ALWAYS AV DE MUSIC yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. I took Shell to see the Surgeon who performed de emergency op... it will take time but he forecasts 100% recovery yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE... I GOT MY RESULTS BACK FROM DE ROYAL ...& I AV BEEN TOLD.. THAT BY DE TIME I AM 70.. I WILL AV CROWS FEET( LAUGH LINES ) ..Keith is puttin a Charity night on de George ( Cheers Keth) called lets get rid rid of Goldies laugh lines yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee grrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGoldie Talc Monitor At DE best !!xxxx

Sylvia Dean
Joe and I are so very very sad that we are to loose this lovely show. The decsion just beggars belief!!I think there will be many tears shed this Friday.Thankyou Mary and Nick for 5 very happy years which we have had the privilage of sharing with you.Friday evenings will never be the same. KTFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks to everyone who has contributed on these boards.
We are pleased to say that Mary has now returned to work, though she is on light duties.

Colin Williams
I have just tried to tune into the show from Provence, France. I can't beleive that the BBC has dropped the show which featured a professional who pleased the public with real soul music. Sadly missed. Bon route Mary.

Ric Franks
Been away and just been told by Nick on listen again that its all over. I never complain about the BBC but how can this ever popular and important source of Soul music on the airwaves be axed. It beggars believe. I am disgusted.

Clive Morgan
Mary's wonderful show has become a way of life for my wife and I - we don't get much soul here in Devon. Shame on the BBC for letting such a gem slip away.

Den (Bristol)
will miss the show been listening since the start (no more Dooley's)cheers Mary. Den

patrick moriarty
why has the show ended? what a crazy decision by the BBC. I'm from Southend, Essex but i work abroad frequently so i listened to it every week online at Listen Again. So many people will really miss the show, thanks very much to Mary and Nick for some great.... radio times! COME BACK "ON-AIR" SOON!

So Radio stoke has yet another bash at youth programming ?, what a total waste of time, do you not think that anyone under the age of 30 listen's to the station in general ?? is this because 1 extra bbc6 etc is all set for the chop ? wake up and smell the coffee, this was awful radio friday night 7pm. No offence to the presenters but dear me what a mess.

jeff white
Mary I can't believe it`! after discovering your show around three years ago I have tried to tune in every Friday or more usually on iplayer Saturday morning...then this week I find the show has ended, this has got to be the biggest own goal the BBC has scored since losing coverage of the FA cup! I have loved motown and sould since the early skinhead days in the late sixties and then discovering northern soul when I joined the Marines in 1973 and met lads from 'up t north' cant believe you wont be on anymore, will miss you and your show massively PLEASE COME BACK!!!!

So Is it the end or what, I resight a little bit more of William Shakespeare about The show. Thee End always comes at Thee end of a journey, But thee be other journeys with other ends. Well i have been on this Soul Journey for going on 45 years or more, i can only say rhis we haven't touched the Soul scene yet but i still think its not over from the BBC just yet, alls i can say to The BBC is this and its the title from one of my all time Soul Tunes and it goes like this regarding Mary Fox by Marvin Holmes and Justice YOU BETTER KEEP HER.

Jim Muir
I have returned home to find that the show has been axed. However, is it because of the BBC editorial decision or is Mary so seriously ill that she is unable to continue? It would be unfair to require that Nick take on the job full time if he has other commitments. I have introduced the show to friends in America who listen regularly and this is as good as the BBC world service in linking us to others on Earth.

Ian B
Gonna miss the show .... Thanks Mary x

Karl Carey
Working mainly from home, I discovered the show about 4 years ago and listen to it on the web about 5 times a week as I work. What am I to do now. Thanks Mary and all who worked on the show, it was bloody fntastic. Bubbles (Dublin Mod Club) reunion this Saturday night and I'm sure we will be talking about the show too. Things may come to an end but memories last forever.........

Mel Withey
I am amazed that the so called powewrs that can at Radio Stoke have dropped Mary Fox, then you have only got to listen to the station between 7am and 10am weekdays to see what a state Radio Stoke are in,today i heard some 5 year olds asking Pete Morgan some maths questions???????????????

Sylvia Dean
What a sad end to the show when we get the NEGATIVE and FACELESS brigade rearing their ugly heads ! There has always been a dgree of negativity. as their is on all messageboards and does open debate. But what i have NO time for is the faceless wonders that have posted on here and havent even had the guts to use their proper names especially when they have had a go at someone. At least Twiggy has always had the guts to be consistent!! I havent always agreed with him but at least he has stuck to his principles. Lets hope we can remember the good things and there were So many and so much good about this fab fab show there is NOHING like it out there and Mary made this what it was. The music was supported by well informed people from the soul scene with some excellent guests over the years . KTF

Russell Simpson
I've been listening to Mary Fox's show over the internet, on and off for many years. I've even managed to get a few requests read out and songs played. I have just discovered that the show is no more!!! What a travesty! The BBC have made a big mistake on this one!! Mistakes made by the BBC, whoever would've thought of that!!! Many thanks to Mary and Nick for the enjoyment bought to me from their most entertaining show playing great music over the years I've been listening from down South. I just wish I'd caught the last show :-( Maybe the BBC will realise the error of their ways and re-instate the show. Miracles could happen!! Thanks Mary.

Outer Circle Scooter Club
Hi Folks After this weeks listen again as being removed from the radio stoke website . You can listen to the last Show again on the website (homepage) for a while longer. Thanks O C S C

Dont forget Nantwich 17th April...
We are back on Saturday 17th April 2010 at Nantwich Civic Hall CW5 5DG.2 rooms:Main Hall:The way of The Wyche - classic & northern soul with residents Dave Evison, Keith Minshull, Gary Taylor and guests.Upstairs: A Dab of Soul - with Chris & Dave and guestswhatever remains of the 13th anniversary CDs will be available if anyone has not got one. 07974 722667 for more info

Steve Marlow (Harlow, Essex)
Regular listener on Iplayer for the last four years. Really enjoyed the show which gave a regular Northern Soul fix to a southern listner in soulless Essex. The show will be greatly missed.

Mary Fox fan & fan of her Soul Show!!
Brigusser? I dont like the tone of your post! Yes Steve White does a great show for BBC Radio Sheffield and its our choice if we choose to listen to it!! Not yours!! The next thing you will be telling us to do... is go to the Ritz in Brighouse and all dance to the music ginger taylor plays?? Not a chance... Pal. ktf soul brother.

To BIGGER USSER or Bigger bruiser, hey the BBC have dropped a clanger as far as i'm concerned, I loved Marys way of presenting Soul Music and i was coming round to Nicks style,to be honest without going all politics on ya, i dunna know if i spelt that right.I must say this to you, theres a difference between a Soul Presenter and a Soul Dj thats in my opinion, a presenter plays requests for THE LISTENER, sometimes Shows can be up and down because of clash of styles of requests both our local presenters did a great job. Now a Soul Dj is a master at his thing, he can fill and empty a dance floor at will, we pay our money to go and listen to a Soul Djs style on a night out,The people who think they own the scene are those who just take what they can get outta of it, weither its some recognition or djing fee or what ever, the Cd's have re-lit this scene that i'm convinced of but we all like our vinyl, the Cd have opened up the scene, no longer do we have a few who think they can manipulate the scene because of some very very good sounds that are only or just recently been released or found in the vaults. Goldie said we are getting ready for the next era, i have been ready for some 35 years for that but to be honest i have no passion what so ever left in me, ego ain't my game, i have made some good mates through Marys show and will meet up with um soon, reading the street is my thing and i know doing the same old thing conna last for ever. If Steve White wants me to teach him something then he can get in touch with me, i'm just collecting more and more tunes to let loose, i know theres an audience out there the bbc dunna think so, can Steve White be as good as Marys show, i conna see it but hey the guys got his chance to show the Soul fan what he can do. I'll leave it on that one, i dunna want to dwell on the past nomore.

Martin H (Newchapel)
Thank You Mary,Nick,all the guests & anyone else who contributed. There's Nothing Else To Say.......

I will try and Resight a bit of William Shakespear here. (Tis Thee End But Not Thee End). one day somebody might get the joke, i kept that poem short for those who may have limited scope of entertaining people.Nevermind i guess William Shakespear was talented, thats if you could understand him, i guess our loss will be for another production of old tissy tossy from the bard.

Alan Baugh
PSB-perhaps, but not for working class oldies.Best show on radio.London decision?

billy from harrogate
sorry to hear the end of a brilliant show,what ever the reason .lwould like to thank mary for last few years of great listening and wish you all the best.

Gill Roberts
I too would like to add my comments. I am very disappointed to hear that the show has been axed, especially as I understand Mary is on sick leave? seems a bit of a shabby time to do it. I listen live and again during the week. I live in Spain and this show together with a couple of others are the only Northern Soul experiences I get nowadays. I agree with Steveo that there was a bit too much chat on this show, others have less I feel, but the music was still brilliant and it gave thousands of people great pleasure. Great shame it has been axed. Thanks Mary and Nick for the past few years though hope to hear more NS from both of you some time in the future maybe??KTFGill

Pity that Mary's show is being dropped but at least it prevents the navel obsessive stokies such as twiggy rambling on incessently as if they own the "scene"! Stop being so maudlin and tune to Steve White on BBC Sheffield Wednesday's at 7:00

It's a pity that the show ends, every one was enjoying Mary's & Nick here in the French Riviera.Thanks for those years of dedication to soul. Keep on burning in our heart.

Chris Rathmell
Poor decision. You are the BBC and even if you believe this to be "minotity interest" (& that must be debatable) your remit includes public service broadcasting. Why no options of a change of day or time ?

Martin Pilnick
Cant believe it!!What are they thinking??!!

Mike Fallon
what is this maddness leave the show alone no way must it be scrapped

Rob S
Long After Tonight Is All OverWHY WHY WHY BBC?

Sean - London
I am very sad and angry that such a brilliant show has been axed by some faceless idiot at the BBC. How many local radio shows gain a truly national and international dedicated and enthusiastic listenership. Let’s face it most local BBC radio is as bland as Alan Partridge’s send up of it and I never dreamed I’d be listening to Radio Stoke every Friday from a different part of the country. I’ve nothing against the new show to showcase local bands, but surely another slot could have been found for this. It really is loss and a really stupid and regrettable decision. The best thing by far was Mary’s personality whose warmth and genuineness shone in every show. I also enjoyed the many, often amateur and nervous, guests whose dedication and enthusiasm was clear. It was a show all northern soulies could identify with and will be very, very much missed. I wish Mary and Nick the very best for the future – best wishes to all the listeners too. KTF Sean


Before everything disappears there another website or message board we contact you all on in the future????KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

Stupidy, stupidy, stupidy. Please BBC, can someone have the guts to stand up and tell us why you're getting rid of this much-loved show? Best wishes for the future for both Mary and Nick. I hope another (more customer focussed) station picks up the show and continues to broadcast what can only be described quality radio. BBC, hang your head in shame.

dave and ruth in rugeley
bbc you have got this so wrong stoke is known as soul on trent you dont need to change everything you are only doing it because you can shame on you and to all my soul brothers and sisters all i can say is keep the faith love to you all

When one door closes another one opens... sad to see the show disappear but I'm sure there'll be another opportunity with another station just around the corner.Karen x

Mike from telford
Have a brilliant last showeveryone will be willing you on

I have registered my formal complaint to the BBC and hope we can get this ludicrous decision overturned. In the meantime, keep the faith 'long after tonight is all over' 02/04/10

i think one of the reasons the show is been axed is this message board! all the sniping and back stabbing what goes on by grown up folk is very sad! like all the nonsense about keith minshull etc.that man has done more for northern soul in stoke than anybody! still active after all these years! there is not a month goes by where he isnt doing a charity night for somebody or something.lay off and show some repect for local legends like this.i thought all this northern soul was some kind of a friendly scene prob not hey?

IT WILL NEVER BE OVER FOR ME, THE MOVEMENT of Soul Music GOES ON and ON,Jinsky and The Lads get yourselves on Facebook.

Nigel Caulfield
Sorry to hear it is the last show don't know why the hell they have decided to pull the plug as it is the highlight of my weekend, how many other radio stations offer this type of music??? all the best for the future this show will be missed

Mick from Portsmouth
I have not listened to the show in the last few weeks and have just heard the very sad news that the show is to end. It felt like I had been punched in the stomach. There must be people, like me, from all over the country who have listened over the last five years. I have listened to other soul programmes on local radio and none of them come close to this one for quality. Mary and Nick, thank you both very much, I will miss you.(ps I dont know why I am suprised, because the BBC have never really supported our music, perhaps it is to working class for them).

I have just cut and pasted every complaint on this board into the official BBC complaints submission section...with an explanation of was a long list...i was surprized that it seemed to be accepted without word limit...

fletch north herts
such a crying shame to lose an important part of sixties soul culture im devastated to hear of the sudden demise of marys show

Jeff H
Posted earlier saying I'd complained to the BBC.I've had a reply - to long to print on here, but they say that they want more regional programes, what was Northern Soul & Stoke On Trent then other than regional.They also said that all complaints were recorded and if enough people complain that is taken into account in the decision making process, I would advise all those wanting to keep the show going to complain as I did.Click the contact button on the left and complain !!!Lets see what people power can do.

This is the most listened to local radio show on iplayer by a country mile. Please reinstate at once, or can the management please explain their reasoning for this decision.

I'm Sending Out An SOS, cause me and my Baby are in so such distress, Im sending i'm sending, play this record, no Nick play I'M STILL A STRUGGLING MAN by Edwin Star, the Struggling Man song is for those who onna struggling, one Mr Thompson might like and maybe change his mind, the SOS song just might hit home about the cutting of OUR SHOW. How STRUGGLING MAN dinna get played on this show i dunna know, Put it right Mr Thompson.Most of the gang are now on Facebook so it ain't the end and theres virtually every tune thats been on this scene there, i thought by telling Fans of Marys show this the sharing of knowledge will go on.

Made my official complaint to the BBC...pleading with them to re-schedule the show if they want the prime time spot on Friday nights....why not put it on at another time for Gos sake....Disgusted of Cadiz....

Bob cheshire Wolverhampton
Get real BBC execsJust one look at the response on this message board should be enough to see the error of your decision to axe the best loved soul show on radio.Many many thanks to Mary,Nic and all the guests for the pleasure you have provided to so many over the years and let us hope that the BBC reinstate this jem ASAPKTF

Dave Stockport
I agree with Terry (Crewe) we had such wonderful guests Like Dave Neil & Keith who stole the show with their wit energy & passion KTF!!

I`ve just tuned in via iplayer & i`m devastated. How can they axe this programme. It`s got to be one of the most popular specialist shows around. Another clanger by the BEEB out of touch again!

Andrew (SC)
Still only 300 or so on petition I think the bbc will lose little or no sleep on that score. I doubt that we will ever be told the real reason for the "short notice closure" still no rerponse from mineHOST about what happens to the MB page, KTF all

Johm Obrien Day od night really is at PORT VALE FOOTBALL CLUB SUITE ON THE EVENING OF MAY 7th 2010 £5 entry top Djs it does not matter which footie u support come along & show ya love !!!!!!!!!!!!! GOJOxx

george hughes ( london)
sad sad sad

Brad & Deb - Wolves
We are Very dissapointed with the BBC for wanting to axe the Mary Fox - Soul showWake Up BBC this is your Soulvation to redeem your status - Keep The Faith and KEEP Soul Music going it appeals to ALL Walks of LifeBrad & Deb - Wolves xx

Glasgow Mick ( AKA Guzzer )
My Friday nights stuck in Glasgow were made bearable because i felt like i was home or our and about out with my Soul Family. I might as well throw my Dongle away. Shame on you BBC,who gona listen to you now? KTF an keep on Dancin!

Jeff H
I suggest everyone interested in trying to save this show should complain to the BBC.This can be done by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on the left.I attach the email I sent them on the matter >I have never written a letter of complaint to the BBC on any matter, but was amased to hear whilst listening to this show on the iplayer that after a number of years its been cancelled.I have listened religiously for over 6 years on the iplayer as I live out of the Stoke area.I believe this show has a huge worldwide following & would expect the listening figures to reflect this.Can someone then explain to me why it is being cancelled.I would remind the BBC that they are a public broadcasting company and should therefore give the licence paying public what they want - the Mary Fox Northern Soul & Motown Show.I await your explanation in regard to the decision to cancell

steve clark, stourbridge
really sad to hear about show ending. What are the reasons?Why such short notice? The soul scene will still carry on but we have lost a vital part of that scene. Keep the faith- how true.

Dave Kelleway (Cambridge)
Have just emailed complaint in. I am disgusted that the BBC are axing a very popular show - most Northern Soul shows on BBC local stations are top of the "Listen again" charts, as it is clearly a widely loved music.To axe this show in the manner they have, shows arrogance and a lack of knowledge as well as demonstrating that they are totally out of touch with their "listenership"with the Tories ready to attack the BBC if (heaven forbid)they get in power, the BBC needs to keep its supporters on board, not desert them with such crass decisions.Ex BBC supporter.

Alison - Aberdeen
I'm so sad about the end of the show, I listen every week to get my Northern soul north of the border.Fridays just wont be the same, thanks Mary & get well soon.BBC Stoke you should bow to the pressure and re-consider!!!

Big Al D
How anyone at the BBC thinks this is a good idea I will never know. I heard that there is going to be a new slot for new and unsigned bands...great. Wannabes who have been around for 2 minutes with long hair and skinny jeans, all called 'The ...something' and all sounding exactly the same. Although they might sell 2,000 records to get to number one. This decision is short sighted and pathetic, and no doubt the hairbrain scheme of some 23 year-old just finished a media degree and looking to shake things up. Well, I think BBC Stoke you have lost a massive chunk of your listenership. I live in London and have absolutely nothing to listen to in terms of northern soul and motown. I looked forward to my weekly fix of Mary and Nick, and thought they done a great job over the years. This is more than a station, it's a community that takes years to build. Although I never sent in requests or emailed, or even posted, I never missed an episode and felt I belonged to something. Sadly the new BBC show will have nothing on the same scale. I am angry, sad and somewhat resentful over the decision. Yet again, more Northern Soul and Motown avenues killed off. Well done the BBC on this shocking decision. Mind you, who or what organisation was it that got 'Barry Gordy' on the phone after Michael Jackon's death? I would imagine that same 23-year-old who had never heard of such a legend as Berry, and had the ignorance to refer to him as Barry. My first and last post. Good luck to Mary and Nick, and am gutted it's over.

Mr. Viv Carton (from Sunny Exeter)
Nick & Mary,and all of you out there. Thank's for last few years. I have never listened to or enjoyed any Radio show as much as this, as many as 5 times on the play again.The show may go but the music never will. There is no beter time than now to KEEP THE FAITH. At nine o'clock I will drink a toast to absent friends.Please join me.Viv

Don W
Look forward to listening every week. Great music, great audience extending all over the world. It's not just a fantastic show thats being destroyed, it's a community of thousands of like minded soul fans as well. Disgusting

Mark P
The Northern Soul & Motown show on BBC Radio Stoke is brilliant and desrves to go on forever rather than being closed down arbitarily. I have only just listened to last week's show on Listen Again and cannot belive the sudden cgcop that is about to happen. Even Six Music, which hopefully will be saved too, is not being closed immediately. The show showcases the Stoke area (I live in London)which more effectively than other programmes because people nationwide and worldwide want to listen to it. Please reconsider

Jim Rogers
The "BBC" Axes the show! The real person please name yourself so you can get all the flack you deserve.

HEAVEN MUST HAVE SENT YOU (instro if poss) by THE ELGINS (for Mary,one of her favourites!!) BUT THE BBC TOOK YOU AWAY FROM US!!!!!KTF AGAIN!!JINKSY on his own!!

a few more track ideas for the last show1.HOW DO YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART by AL GREEN for Mary Fox2.GOODBYE NOTHING TO SAY by the Javells The attitude of the BBC to all the shows devoted and loyal listeners!3.I GO TO PIECES by Linda Griner for all us here in Murcia!anybody got the details of the contact addresses etc for the protest campaign to GET THIS SHOW BACK ON AIR SOMEWHERE ON THE RADIO??KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

'Leo' ..."The Fish" (Smithfield).
B/Stoke /Soul!..,great soul over the years on this show!, easy listenin,nice presentation,good sound's!!!,"Swings & Roundabout's, to ya "WINE-BAR-WINERS!!!!",& sing some of your songs"...,bet it ain't, "SOUL"ya ,"BBC-BALSAMS!"(Local- Radio),,,!,annoyed ,Leo!with 'Fish'(no "CHIPS!").

Terry Crewe
I am devastated that such a great show is coming off air.No one seems to know why.I really liked the guest spot. I am sure they liked it too . Top guests by far Dave Evison.Neil Rushton.Dave Williams entertained us for 5 years with thier wit & passion & knowledge .thank you boys for your altruistic contribution KTF Terry.

Barry /wendy from slough
have read all the messages. gutted to say the least will miss it like mad.soul music is our life.a very special thanks to mary/nick for opening our minds to our wonderfull music. as londoners we grew up on motown /stax.but over the years listing to you two. its been some thing else. we did not know what we had been missing,you will leave a big void in our home on friday nights.thanks again for everything. hope mary gets better.will miss can the bbc put a nob like chris evans on radio two and drop northern stoke. by the way there is programe on radio four on fridays at 1.30 called feedback. if every body emails this program about marys show we might get some answers.we love you lot to death.please keep the faith for ever barry/wendy from slough

Mark in London
Radio Stoke's Northern Soul & Tamla Motown show on a Friday evening is brilliant - the decision to get rid of it is even worse than the BBC's proposed closure of 6 Music. I usually access it in Listen Again and it is the most informative and entertaining of the various Northern Soul programmes on BBC local radio. Just about to sign the Facebook petition - get well soon Mary.

Clive Pownceby
I received the stock response from the BBC after emailing them. I shouldn't imagine there'll be a rethink.Yes, to echo a previous posting, Mary's comments would be welcome but I guess she has to be politic.I'd venture the opinion that they waited till she was on sick leave and less likely to kick up a fuss before making the announcement or is that too cynical a viewpoint? I was able to receive the show 'live' via my roof aerial from up here in the north-west and Friday nights just won't be the same.

Ian Alford
I'm sure many people would agree with me any chance the last sound to be played on your show how about O.Bs song ...for the loss of a true soul man and a true soul show..ktf folks

I can't understand why the BBC wants to axe such a popular show. It can't be costs - the show can't have a very different cost to any other they replace it with. Why didn't they concider moving it to a less peak time slot. Then we all could have still enjoyed our weekly soul fix (and, for me nostalgia trip)I am not from Stoke (actually Essex) but it seems crazy to kill such a popular show when people from all over the world are tuning in. Perhaps the BBC should have considered putting it on a World channel.

Goldie Talc Monitor
Well for de last time LASTfRIDAY AT DE wHEEL DE PLACE WHERE it all began (trust me) WAS DE BEST EVER SCORING 3245 MeGA BILLION SqUARED X 100000 bILLION IT WAS THAT gOOD cHEERS rOB ( CADIZ) sHELL IS ON DE WAY BACK THANK gOD ..........gOODbYE Mary Fox Show & Thank You & let de next era commence!!!!........GOTTA BE "GET READY "ELLA Fitz Dont Forget OB day folks on May de 7th Port Vale DOESNT MATTER which team ya support come and pay HOMBRAGE TO STOKES FINEST SOULIE yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee grrrrrrrhhhhh GOLDIE TALC MONITOR AT DE HOME OF SOUL xxxxxxxx

I agree with John Moffat....through Mary's & Nick's efforts....a small provincial Radio Station has a global following for 2 hours every Friday night....truly global....i bet there aren't many other "special Interest" shows in the broadcasting world can boast such a fact....Soul will survive everything of course....but we want our radio show to for Gods Sake BBC....look around you at whats happening in the music world....timeless music like ours has to have a decent showcase...

Roy Harrison Wirksworth.
Can we have Marys comments on the message board if she is well enough.That would enlighten us to the situation,Respect,Roy.

Outer Circle Scooter Club
Our next Charity Do is Friday 14th May at Milton Bowling Club, it is to raise funds for the Cervical Cancer Trust.All starts 8pm till late. Regular OCSC DJ's plus special guest appearance by local soul singer Sid St John. Its just a donation of £2.50 on the door with ALL proceeds going to the charity. For further details please see our website or our own page on Facebook. Cheers & KTF OCSC

Andrew (SC)
Our anger at the decision is directed at the wrong media, the message board is read by Nick & "us" along with a few others I am on lettter number 4 to MT and the bbc sorry to say its the usual stock response written by a kid on day release from Eton, but the people on this board need to spend 5 minutes and write to the board, especially those from out of the area to show the depth of feeling. Nick good luck Friday hope it goes ok for you, you are of course an innocent bystander, I cannot see why we are going down the road of a happy show to finish you should read some of these messages between records they won't let you of course. will we ever know the truth! A light is going out.

I think the shows demise was long overdue. As a soul fan of many years, i thought it was fast becoming a more chat, less music show. Too much gabble for my liking, in later years. Get Dave Evison or another similar presenter in now. But Please less drivel, and more music. I stopped tuning in over the last couple of years. p.s. could always let Nick revive the show again....

licence payer
who is head of programmes on the bbc stoke and i see theres a new 4 til 7 presenter on day radio??

derek smiley from Cambridge
UG! jUST HEARD THE SHOW IS FINISHING have signed the onlne petition! discrace have cancelled my tv license as a protest!I am one of those listeners who have listened to Mary for years never ased for a request but just took the show for is part of my life! The last time I had this feeling was when my father in law passed away...totally in mourning...I will miss hearing all about the different soul venues and soul characters. Been a soft southener i never got passed Bletsoe an old chicken shed in Beds...great allnighter thou! and the programme brought to life what the scene must have been like and still is...must visit the north one of these days love to meet you all, if any of you ol soulies can let me know what alternatives there are please let me know.. thank you! and well done Nick for your contribution and hope the BBC reconsider like they have the other programme chops!

Hi Mary/Nick I can't believe the BBC are axing the best show on the radio Friday's will never be the same. How about playing THIS WILL BE A NIGHT TO REMEMBER by Eddie Holman because I'm sure the show will never be forgoten

Joy Stevens
I am absolutely heartbroken to hear about the show....the powers that be are obviously out of their minds!I hold a monthly Northern Soul & Motown night in Fuengirola, Spain. Every member listens to Mary & Nick, not only for the fantastic music but also the information provided. Mary & Nick you will be sadly missed. Obviously some moron didn't do his homework very well, or his maths is crap! The following of this show must be phenominal! As for the BBC who the hell are they??? Keep The Faith!

beertowel jimmy
i heard once that the show was the second most popular IPlayer show in the request..Duke +Leonard on Stomptown...Thanks for the tunes

Shane Presland, St Neots
I'm sorry to hear that the show is going off air! but the big wigs in the BBC have never been very good at their jobs. Would realy good to hear Tony Galla So in love, Keep the faith has never been more true. Good luck for the future.

Bernard East lancs soulie
See my comment on the situation was not posted.Why ? I was only stating facts that other BBC local stations embrace Northern soul,yet Stoke are not interested.Shame on you.

Roy Blundell Quebec Canada
So sad in the frozen north So much pleasure was felt from listening to Mary and northern soul.I felt part of a scene even though thousands of miles away.My warmest wishes to you Mary and can only hope for a groundswell of support might change this strange decision !!!!!.Bonne chance Roy is a petition being compiled ?

Jos from Amsterdam
Without Mary's show there would never have been an Amsterdam Soul Club. She inspired and literally urged me to organise one. That alone would be enough reason for the BBC to keep the show on, wouldn't you think?

Can someone setup a facebook campiagn like the one for 6music? At the end of the day its the bankers who are to be blamed for BBC cutbacks, as all our money has gone into saving their banks. So its stuff like this that gets hit.

John Moffatt, Sheffield
I can only echo the other comments made on the closure of the show. Mary (and Nick's) efforts have turned a small local niche interest programme into a global must-listen and the decision to end it will have repercussions not only for the Soul scene but also for the image of Stoke generally. This show has given the city international recognition. Can they really afford to lose that? What worries me more is whether there are plans to allow this rot to extend to the other local stations that carry a specialist Soul show, our own Radio Sheffield for instance! Come on BBC, recognise the support this show has built up and think about your listeners - the same people who pay your costs. It is our show, not yours, and we want to keep it.

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)
Hi nick,Failed to state in my LAST post,soul on sunday 18th april crown hotel ballroom NANTWICH.K.T.F. to all....still hoping for a LAST MINUTE MIRACLE!!!!!

Steve Riley (Dorset)
What tw*t decided that it was a good idea to scrap the Northern Soul show? Please get a grip. Northern Soul is more popular than ever. From a one-time specialist interest it has become a worldwide phenomenon, and you choose now to let it go. People who would otherwise never have heard of BBC Radio Stoke listen to it via the net all over the country and all over the world, as messages to the show demonstrate. Why would anyone want to do away with such a success?

Jon from York
Yet another stupid decision by the BBC wallies! Stoke's pre-eminence in Northern Soul history is being sacrificed by some faceless chump

sue from stafford
well it seams like this is to be the last show of mary fox's northern soul and motown, it is a sad night for me and im sure many others , i tuned in to this show by mistake whilst tuning in my radio when i moved back to stafford about 3 years ago and i have listered every week since if not live, on the listern again or on the internet never missing even when i have been out of the country i have made sure i caught the show some how , it opened up a whole new world for me as we listened to the gig guides we started trying out 1 or 2 events since then i have been to many gigs all over the u.k. and this year i am even going on the soul cruise ! i have made many new friends from the message board and also met up with a quite a few, goldie, pete roberts, ian edwards mike and linda the wheeletes , sylvia and joe and the list goes on but most of i got to meet mary fox herself and i must say she really is a very nice lady and im really glad to have met her, im sorry to hear she has not been well and im sorry she is not to be here for the last show, but im sure she must be feeling a little sad her self as she put so much of herself in to the show making the show what it is a fantastic world wide success. she must feel slightly let down that after all her hardwork the bbc have axed the show, her show, which was, i beleive the first northern show on the bbc. and yet they are keeping others !!! that followed her lead. Any way i would like to say a huge thank you for bringing northern soul and motown music back into my life and this time its staying with me. thanks mary , luv sue and steve x

I look forward to Mary's show all week. It sets up the week-end. I have tuned in for 6 years +. Friday nights will never be the same. BBC, you have got it badly wrong. I hope it will not be replaced by pop drivel.

Dave H
You guy's ain't the only ones to lose a popular programme. The very popular 'Surfin the 70's' bows out monday night after 3 years and ever-increasing audience figures.We've got a country music show to replace it with. Oh deep joy..BBC Radio Stoke - Not content with shooting itself in one foot when both can be severely damaged, eh?

Innes in France
Like many listeners, I'm an expat, living in France & you've provide my main Northern fix.I'm shocked & disgusted but not entirely surprised at the BBC's action, we can only hope that the other Northern shows on the Beeb won't be axed as well.Many many thanks to Mary, Nick & all the rest involved, you've provided me with many hours of pleasure over the years & Radio Stoke will be wiped from my favourites on the computer after next week.Another online source for any that may not be aware of it, Catch you all around somewhere sometime.KTF Innes.

Goldie: Hope your wife gets better soon. We know you'll look after her...all the best. Rob

So it's no more for the N. Staff's queen of Soul then?Great show; the theme tune, playlist have always been excellent but there has been stiff competition in recent years. Every cloud has its silver lining; perhaps we can now concentrate on the sounds again instead of caustic comments(remember the food poisoning jibe?) winding up the Mesbo and "Quick Joey Small". Yipeeeeeeeeeeee...Still a good job well done. Our loss is Drivetime's gain.

Julian - London
Mary, NickListening here in Bangalore, India, in between a trip to Aisa and the UK and I just heard this news.Sad news indeed. What are they thinking of? Its Maddness! Total madness. They're nuts. You keep a very wide (worldwide) soul community in touch, not to mention to local Stoke soulies. Its been great listening to you over the years form "down south" in London where other commitments and a hundred and fifty or so miles keep me removed form the soul scene (with the exception of Ady's exceptional nights at the 100 club of course.)Maybe you'll be back somewhere else with another show one day. I'm sure that I am only one of many who wish the same.Thanks for all the soul.All the best, I wish you well and keep 'em spinningJulian

john wilkinson
I was stunned and disappointed,to hear nick announce the penultimate show on friday was gutting,to drop a programme that projects the communities and characters of Stoke and surrounding areas to the rest of the country and the world is ludicrous,how much does it cost to produce the show anyway,why can't it be prerecorded and transmitted at 2am for instance,time to think again,there must be a way to keep the soulshow with mary and nick going.

HerMan.(Allan from Sheffield.)
Hi Nick and of course Mary,What are the bosses at Radio Stoke thinking of ,cancel-ling the Soul show,Money or politics, either one it's a shame!Surely the ratings where still there,and although Mary has been ill surely(unless Mary's illness is one which has caused her permanent injury,God forbid)Nick has done a sterling job as a replacement.,and to receive such catastrophic news as the cancellation of the programme cannot assist in Mary's recovery from the condition she finds herself in at the present time.Over the last six plus years we have all I believe enjoyed placing tunes on the programmes play-list and I personally have given the listeners a number of tracks some known ,some not in firstly my A 2 Z of Northern Soul and my Music to go to Sleep by,and the few articles I wrote on cheap collectors items,I have and will always deam it a pleasure to have come in contact with Mary and all the members of the message board and the characters who have made at times my life worth living and of course Nick who played "A Little Togetherness,"at my behest on the first time he took over for Mary,I was going this week to tell everyone about the Samantha's Allnighter and recommend everyone if they are at a loose end on the Saturday that it is on next to attend but now it all seems a waste of time.I won't ask for a request as you must have a full play-list already all I will say is and this comes straight from the heart,I will always, and don't ever forget it,be Keeping the Faith as always be your friend.HerMan(Allan from Sheffield.)

Linda K
My heart is breaking hearing this news, you have been my constant friend every Friday night. Will miss you so much. Good luck to everyone who was involved with the Northern Soul radio programme. Linda from the USA

AS stated...totally disgusted and disheartened by the crass, commercial and unfathomable decision by the small-minded BBC to axe one of the (if not "the") best radio Soul shows ever me a more influential one, a more famous one, a better doesn't exist...anyway, last request is: "Len Barry - When you call me baby" will we know if Nick or Mary (although Mary is a full BBC employee and it might not be easy)..can set up independently in terms of a Soul show...

The only Good thing to come out of this is we wont have to listen to Marys endless inane gabbling again. Should let Nick carry on with the show. Or bring someone like Dave Evison in to takeover, if Nick cant do it. Mind you theres always Kev Roberts over on you know where....

Ian Gray (Gosport)

Bri Fisher
Never posted to a message board before. Cannot believe the BBC is daft enough to axe what is one of the better international shows it broadcasts. I, like many British expats, look forward to listening to the show each week. I'm in Perth, Australia and Mary's show is just part of my weekend.Mary - thanks for what you've done with this show. I suspect you'll never really know what you have done for our music. Your presentation was just right. BBC - amazingly bad call mate.

Jason Pugh ( Tring)
Absolutly gutted the show is about to end, it's difficult enough to find decent music to listen to on the radio as it is, this is a popular show with a diverse fan base, I guess it will be repalaced with a programme playing the same music that you hear all day evey day else where, get it sorted BBC leave it to the ocmmercial stations to play dross.

Angie in Retford
BBC Radio Stoke will lose another regular listener at 9 o'clock on Friday 2 April. I've enjoyed every show for the last few years. Thanks to Mary, Nick & all others involved in producing 'the best show on radio'. BBC please change your mind.

Paul Williams from Gloucester
Just heard the news the Beeb are to axe your show... I understand their need to keep within budgets, but this must surely be a mistake.... Its a great show playing fantastic music, lets hope the beeb reconsider. All the best, Paul

Nia - from Anglesey
Firstly thank you so very much Mary and Nick for the brilliant shows. So sad and very angry, as it is obvious to me that the people with the POWER have NO IDEA what this show is about, or what it has become to so many people.

mel owen
Listening on iPlayer to find the BBC's calling an end to Mary's show!!!!!Why?I agree with Bravs comment earlier, are the Beeb going to shut down for 2 hours, I think not. Is there anyone at the Beeb prepared to offer advice over the internet as to how we can all make our soul voices heard in protest.

Mary - we love you and your show. It's a great show with a world-wide audience (with zero marketing involved).Mary, take the show somewhere else. Your natural mix of Northern/Motown has huge appeal. Kev xx

Had to allow myself time to cool off before composing this message...what in the world do the BBC think they are playing at....a typical bunch of short sighted, bland but powerful "shirts" making decisions for us that we don't agree with. The Mary Fox Show (with Nick of course) has been a major part of everyone of my (and thousands of others) weekends for years now and for it to be dropped like this is crass, unprofessional and plain stupid. What is the persons name or name of committee who actually made this ridiculously ill-thought-out decision? We need to find out and bombard the ba**** with emails, messages expressing our disgust continuously until the "plum" has the sense to make a statement acknowledging a huge error of judgement....but in this day and age the moron will probably get a big fat bonus at the end of the year...Im totally disgusted with the BBC...will never listen to their local radio stations again....i hope that Nick & Mary or either one of them can get together with a local station and re-launch under a different banner....there would be a ready made listener base.... can't promise to keep my language under control so better sign off....BBC...standard setters....joke!!!!!

Michael (Huddersfield)
Gutted to hear about the show. I listen on the internet on Saturday morning. The show got me into the scene several years ago when I was looking for some tracks I had on an old Motown 8 track cassette I was amazed that so many other people existed with similar taste in music, who where prepared to get out and dance. We have been travelling around the country to the events and collecting the music since. Saturday mornings will never be quite the same, though I will always have the music you introduced me to I will miss both, your voices personalities and the guestsI hope the BBC will see sense or this lose of format will be a springboard to other things Many Thanx

My request' crying over over you' Duke Browner!!!!! Thank you

MURCIAN'S MESSAGE 24/03/10?????
where has the above gone again??????????carn't be bothered to repeat it again (life is to short!!!)this show and staff has really gone to the dogs since Mary has dissappeared etc!!!!!Two suggestions for the last show1 I MISS YOU by HAROLD MELVIN (the late great TEDDY)2.SO VERY HARD TO GO by TOWER OF POWERDon't know if we will even bother to listen to last show.Perhaps it will be better to treat the BBC like they are treating us the listener and ignore them???????IS THIS ALL AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE ?????lets all hope so!!!!KTF PERHAPS FOR THE LAST TIME FROM ALL HERE IN THE MOUNTAINS OF MURCIA!!!JINKSY AND THE MURCIANSPS Mary (the godmother of northern soul and one of the best radio northern soul presenters ever!!and we know our stuff!!)and Nick thanks for all the wonderful memories,'tunes' and great shows over the years.WE WILL ALL MISS YOU OUT HERE ON FRIDAY NIGHTS.You were our link to the 'old country' and our wonderful youth etc.Thanks BBC for taking that from us,but life will go on !!!!

Steve Shiel
I have emailed the BBC this morning to appeal the decision to scrap the show. I have suggested that those of us who listen on the iPlayer might pay a subscription fee to do so, in order to subsidise the show. How do others feel about this? How many listeners are there on the iPlayer? I know they come from all corners of the world, but do we know how many they are?I would urge you all to complain to the BBC and lets see if we can get the decision reversed!!!!!

Jules Allen Gold Coast Australia
Great show Nick. I'm probably TOO LATE...but I'd just love to put in one final request for yourself, Mary, all the guest djs...and especially to the listeners all around the's Johnny Robinson on okeh with the very appropriate song entitled 'GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN'........see if you can make room for this'll send shivers down the spines of all of us....KTF

Martin Pilnick
Can only say that I just can't believe what I've just heard!!!!This Show has listeners locally, nationwide & worldwide!!Absolutely GOBSMACKED!!Come on BBC Radio Stoke, get a grip & re-instate Show!!Thanks!!MartinPontypridd, South Wales.

Gareth (Wells Maine USA)
Mary and Nick and all the other show contributors, thanks for all the good music and good times over the years. I echo what others have said. Often this show was a ray of light in an otherwise miserable week. I'm sad to see it go and hope there will be some sort of reprieve. The only good thing is my neighbours won't have to see me dancing while I make my Friday night dinner.Is there a petition going on?

Jayne and Michael James
We cant believe your show is coming to an end. can you believe I have shed a tear!! it is like losing an old friend! We have listened to your show every Saturday morning in Sydney Australia. How samll minded of the BBC to cut such a popular show.We congratulate you Mary on your success over the last 5 years and want to thankyou for playing the familiar and rare gems that we have all grown to love and become part of lives and history over the years.Bless you Mary.

Bez Porthill
Disgusted on hearing "radio joke" is dropping a very popular show.Thanks to Mary for providing me with lots of soul during my recovery from a very serious illness.Shame on BBC!

Charlie Waring...
Have the BBC gone mad axing the best soul show that they,ve got. This show has been a Soul catylist in keeping the Soul crew, WORLDWIDE informed and in touch with each other. Its,s reunited many old friends, and basically kept the Soul community together. It,s been my pleasure to have guested on this show a couple of times and I,ve gotta say I enjoyed it immensely. Wishing Mary and Nick All the best for the future !!!...GoodTimeCharlie...P.S. this closure should be in the dictionary as meaning the very definition of shortsightedness...

dave and ruth in rugeley
if at all possible i think a fitting end to a fabulous show would be rita and the tiaras gone with the wind and this is for mary and you nick thankyou fore a wonderful show week in week out we are going too miss you both xxx dave ruth karl tom roy and sandra

the show keeps stoke on the worlds soul map

This proves that the BBC have lost the plot and not researched this,who ever made this decision is out of touch. I do hope that they will retract this with dignity and not think that they know best! Too many people listen so BBC Execs CHANGE YOUR MIND! We will forgive you don't worry.

dave and ruth in rugeley
hi nick we are gutted why can they not leave things alone this show made our friday nights its got a good following so why try and fix it when it is not broken i will not listen to this station again i would like to no what has happened to mary i would like to say to all our northern soulies keep the faith love to you all dave and ruth

Alan Edge (Wirksworth)
I have missed listening to the show over the last couple of weeks but i am absolutely flattened by this news about the show finishing. BBC how can you do this ??, can`t you recognise a winning formulae when you see one?, don`t you understand what this show means so much to so many SOUL people out there !!!, and how can you do this to such a lovely lady as Mary who has probably championed the cause of OUR MUSIC much more than many of our DJ`s on the scene today.Can`t believe that you can really do this we don`t need more mainstream souless mediocre music streams which may follow.REMEMBER BBC you can lose many things in your life but you never ever lose your SOUL `Totally Disgusted` of Derbyshire

Michael Mckay
Sorry to hear The Show Next week is The Last, I Listen To The Show every Week Either Live Or Listen againI Will mis The Show Very Much I Know NiC Marshal Will Be Presenting The Show Next Week & Please Could He Play Marion Ryans Version Of Better Use Your Head

rob littlewood
i cant believe the bbc are closing the show !!!!. i am reading the noticeboard and all the comments from fellow northern soulies, cant the bbc see what this show means to many people in the midlands the uk , and all our friends worldwide.from australia ,spain,holland usa , all over.surely the listenings figures must be more than acceptable.why our show ???? is there anything we can do bbc to keep our show ????mary ,nick i would like to personally thankyou both for the great sounds,amusing interviews,unearthing of some songs that just took you back to our magical past,its going to be devasting not to listen to the show on a friday night. thanks for playing all my requests , and when i think of it , there was more than a few!!!could i have a request for the next show and dedicate it to all of you, mary, nick and collo, cheers for everything !! "halos are for angels "blanche carter..thanks rob

Tony Dobson, Newcastle-under-Lyme
The first axing job at BBC Radio Stoke that I think was a major wrong decision came in the eighties when local artist/DJ The Legendery Lonnie's excellent Sunday morning sixties show was cut. Sixties music has never been so popular (except for during the sixties!), and now this bombshell. I just cannot believe that a few (so called) responsible people in London who are supposed to have their fingers on the pulse about the future of local "community" radio, popular demand and value for money have completely LOST THE PLOT.I don't watch the TV much nowadays as I consider the content 99% absolute rubbish and an insult to even the average human intelligence, so that leaves me with the internet and the radio.What am I paying my licence for now?I am feeling so sad, very angry and disgusted at just hearing the news from Nick Marshall tonight. Sorry I can't make the show in June Mary and All The Best for the future and many thanks for your fantastic efforts and enthusiasm over the years.

Stuart Benge
Tears, Tears, Tears.The tune to say how we all feel about you movin' on.Thanks Mary for everything you have done!!Stu

I still have not heard any logical reason for the scrappping of the show, tomight Nick says that they are moving subculture to Fridays thts a great young people's show but most young people go out on a Friday night?Then they will be broadcasting a funk show on a thursday but it wont be as popular as this and is it from Stoke?As a City we desperatley need anything we can to put us on the map , the success of this show has done this so why scrap it? Finally there is all of the great community work that has gone on because of the show, friendships , countless charity events another reason not to axe it.So come on BBC at least have the decency to tell people why the show has to go ?As a Finance Director I know that cost aint the reason because this show is not expensive

Kev Dempsey
Nick, i was the Guest on the very first show over 6 years ago and one of my Picks was 'No one there' Martha Reeves, on Friday April 9th there will indeed be NO ONE THERE! Twiggy mentions Al Wilson '50 50 Situation, What a Record, squeeze it in if Possible.

Ian Potts
Friday nights will just not be the same, Mary's show has been a major influence on so many of us enjoying the music, and travelling further afield to be part of the scene since the end of 2003.well done to Mary and Nick over the years. Its a shame that the BBC can't continue to broadcast the show

mick oliver
well i am dumbfounded.i cant beleive they are pulling the plug on the finest thing on radio.i suppose all good things must come to an end but you still ask the qustion that spring to mind are aint that peculiar,i,m on my way,thats enough,.it has and always will be an absolute pleasure to have been associated with a fantastic show which we know will come back in some format (ask dave evison) nmoo orthern will never go away in stoke and this radio station knows until the next genre keep the faith and while i,m in sombre mood how about I,ll always love my mama the intruders

Pete Roberts Manchester
I see that my last post has not been put up? Why? Was it because I named (Names) and the Mary Fox Show got axed in Stoke and not London! Please get back to me.Pete Roberts.

Yet again BBC Radio Stoke shoots itself in the foot!One of the craziest decisions I've ever heard. Sheer madness! Come on Signal, replace that friday slot..

The only good thing about losing the show is we wont have to read the rubbish that Twiggy writes about anymore, so there you go just one positive note to end on. PS I still dont want it to be axed.

To Jesse James's Brother,(Brian)it looks like fate will play its part with me being a guest on Marys show anyway just for you Brian i would have chosen these 3 gems. O C Smiths I'm Glad I Fell In Love With You(thats not an offer by the way)a nice Floater from Al Wilson called Fifty Fifty and my last choice would have been Angel Face by Jerry Butler for Mary, i would have chosen a different 3 everytime you ask me, I would love to have added one more for Mr Thompson head of the BBC and head Pirate of his ship and that would have been My Balloon Is Going Up or maybe Where Will He Go When His Party Is Over by Archie Bell and his fabulous Drells.

Les Thomas (Toronto)
Can`t believe the B.B.C. are going to scrap Mary`s show, are they crazy ! Keeps me (and many other ex-pats) in touch with "The Scene". It`s not just the best show on local radio, its the best thing on the web !Like the lad from spain, the last time I`ll listen to radio Stoke will be April 2.Best wishes to Mary & Nick.K.T.F. Les (ex Winsford)

ruby owen fundraising gig
most appreciative if you could give this a plug please,ruby owen fundraising night sat 27th march at the kings arms stoke.featuring the kym hart band,[pop,soul band ]+ accoustic duo! entrance is free with a buffet and a fantastic auction including hotels breaks,paintballing experence,theatre tickets,torres jamime 70cl brandy and much much more.all kicks off from 7pm.thank you-rob-rubber soul records

Shame on you BBC Radio Stoke. If this is a cost cutting exercise i take it you will switch off everything for 2 hours on a friday night (I don’t think so)or will you be on-air playing the same drivel called pop music like you have done all day long. Come BBC Radio Stoke lets have some diversity of Music. As listeners that pay your wages we have a right to listen to good music and not pop drivel, so come on and reverse your decision.

JATM POST 24/03/10 ???????

Jules Allen Gold Coast Austral;ia
MARY, YOU'VE CHANGED MY LIFE! Without your show, you and your messbo I would never have found all my old soul mates, would never have made all the fantastic new soul mates that I have, and would probably never have re-entered the scene...I had no idea that there was one here in Aus. Your choice of music, your guests choices, your interviews, your presentation, your empathy, your dedication and your soulfulness made your programme just too good to ever miss! ALL OVER THE have left your mark...BE PROUD...YOU ARE A WINNER! We will all miss you so much...especially in the STOKE and surrounding areas. We are doing what we can to save the show...the flame of our TORCH will never burn out...neither will we! Personally Mary, I'd like to thank you for playing my requests, reading out my stories and helping me find my soul mates. JOB WELL DONE...thanks to you WE GOT TOGETHERNESS. LOVE YA MARY .I just want you to KEEP ON !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Captain fizza
do you people who axe shows like this, not realise how big and important this show is to many people from all over the world, get real and get the show back on the road

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)
Hi NIick,Finding it hard to write this post as i am still bubbling with anger with the BBC.....anyway here goes.S.O.S. soul on sunday returns to the crown hotel ballroom 18th april 4til9 with guests Keith williams,greg osbourne and keith beard,across the board SOUL.THE MAGIC OF MOTOWN the reach out tour,direct from the states comes to the lyceum theatre crewe on 14th may,the biggest and best live motown tribute concert so the ad says tickets from £19.Nick could you please play for MARY Theres a ghost in my house (inst) by the funk brothers.Hope to some of you at the snake davies bash....TONY.

Don't know what planet BBC execs are on but it sure aint anywhere near Soul on Trent. What next, all other Northern Souls shows on other local radio stations axed too? Anyone any idea what's (really)going on? To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.

The Dutchess
Come on BBC have a change of heart,the Mary Fox show is just what we need on a Friday night after a hard weeks work

Giant, HEY
Is "Mr.T" losing the "THREAD" by putting 'LOCAl-RADIO' listener's on the "B"side? "REAR"gards,'STAX'(a.k.a,General'PATTERN!), not in "STITCHES!".

It is a great shame that the soul show has to end on radio stoke &, as some other people have stated there are other staions & radio shows geared to playing motown & northern soul, i personally think nick marshall has done a great job of presenting mary's show in her absence, i will say that the bbc are looking into regional stations all across the uk & the friday night slot seems to attract listerners from all over the world, that in itself is a great thing to happen but it does seem to be thin on the ground in terms of local listerners who tune in but stay silent in getting in touch with the show. The bbc want local broadcasting to be local!, so with lots getting in touch from outside of s-o-t they will simply pull it,seems to me they would rather have a smaller local listener base than a larger international one, maybe the silent ones should have got in touch sooner !!, still who knows they may decide to air a show on radio 2 for all the soul fans to enjoy. I Myself have been involved in a couple of internet stations & i am launching SOULNET RADIO.COM Very soon, i would be very happy if the listeners of stoke gave it a go!!, still it's a sad day to lose a great friday night show on bbc radio stoke. I Would like to wish everyone the best & hopefully hear from you lot soon. Ozz.

I have spoke to de Sentinal & to Bbc We need MORE PETITIONERS & this show looks like its closing BUT WE CAN STILL RALLY on with a BRING BACK OUR SHOW ......what will it mean people are sayin to me if the show comes off air WE NEED LOADS OF PEOPLE with pertent reasons to keep de show alive I ve been on ths show 3 times with Stan twice with Pete roberts once with pete Everett once with Dennis once with sylvia & 10 times aa a lone guest I have had so much from this show and possibly had 60 requests BUT I THINK THIS SHOW s main need to stay is for people out there who still have not discovered the POWER that is de Mary Fox Show anyway TYPING A KEYBOARD will not SAVE THIS SHOW LETS march yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee GOJO

Andy Smith
Sad to hear the show is coming to an end (I have made my complaint to the BBC). I didn't listen to every show but always enjoyed the ones I caught - All the best for the future.KTF

It is so hard to comprehend how it was decided that a progressive change would be to scrap Mary Fox’s Soul Show. I wonder how many of BBC Radio Stoke’s customers were consulted about this decision? Has anyone been canvassed? I know I wasn’t and judging by the comments on the MESBO, no-one else has been either! Why then does anyone at the BBC think it sensible to scrap a programme loved by so many worldwide? Surely the BBC provides a customer service through their programmes so isn’t it obvious that you ask customers what they want before you even think about changing anything! I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to compare Mary Fox’s Soul Show with the local pub or post office in that it provides a social service as well as damn good listening. There are guests on the show with whom we can all identify, information about local soul events are broadcast as well as information about soul people (birthdays, deaths, marriages, hospitalisation etc) and there is also the well used MESBO. If the show does not survive, people will miss out on so much, not least the many charities that benefit from soul events. Think again BBC.

Well its sad we are losing this show..speaking to City talk THEY SAY IT WOULD BE BETTER BEING OPPOSED LOCALLY in other words What do STOKE people feel about having a "Soul" 2 hr outlet each Friday...Stokes sister radio tell me ITS SEEMS UNLIKELY DE BEEB WILL DO A U-TURN......On Radio Merseyside FRIDAYS we have a Football Show That seems to go on allnight culminating in a chat show about Liverpool people THEY TELL ME THEY WOULD NOT DREAM OF HAVING A CULT MUSIC PROGRAMME ON AT PRIME TIME ..lets be grateful MARY MANAGED TO GET 300 shows out!!!!.....The commercial & community stations up here of which there are dozens do soul features now & again Stan & I went on one years ago...Jimmy had a soul show on MERSEY SIDE BBC during de Footie season break & that was scrapped..On Radio Stoke They have a Footie show which some Vale Fans say is`nt long enough to cover Crew Burton & Vale callers is that show getting extended I wonder...However the Mary Fox Show stayed for 6years It has been a PILLAR OF THE SOUL COMMUNITY I feel with the right approach this show may well be saved... Obviously the international links & archivial relation to Soul Music.. but we got 6 days to do it & lets not forget to put all our thank you s on if everybody`s efforts are futile..ONE DAY AT A TIME Shells doin okay yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeThe Nick Marshall SHoW (Mary`s)IS ON TOMMORROW YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Petes Show will be on listen again soon yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & THE HOME OF SOUL the place where it all began (Billy says it was de Cavern in 1957 but I did prove him mistaken on my guest spot recently)THE MOST TRULIEST SOULIEST OF SOUL ALLNIGHTERS IS ON TOMORROW yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee£10-00 Admission 10pm till 7am usual restrictions aplly u must wear a smile & WHEEL 60s(+1970)catalogue only being blasted out accross this Historic Soul Club)yipeeeeeeeeeeee I have BBC Complaints number & will phone them I will phone Talk tommorrow & I will walk on any protest marches other than that IF IT IS FAREWELL "Im Gonna miss ya " thanxs for allowing to me come on & play my WHEEL SOUL CLASSICS ..I met Pete Roberts Mike & Linda Maggie & Kev ,Ob,Flash,Twiggy , tim & many more people as a direct result of goin on de Mary Fox show THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU as Shell continues to snooze in de chair I will go back on Facebook & on other BBC WEBS & continue to.....""Edwin Starr"" It S.O.S...SAVE OUR SHOW...Nick its probably too late Iam so HAPPY so truly happy Shells Okay Please Play "Happy" William Bell................I hope the Show stays on GOJO...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx grrhhhhhhhh

dave allen
Are we being unfair to the beeb? Im sure that they are going to replace Marys show with somthing so good we cant miss it. They wont tell us yet coz its a suprise. But they are sure when we hear it we will enjoy it so much we will forget this foolish idea of wanting to listen to soul music.I cant wait ?K.T.F.

Fran Gierak, Derby
I cant believe it,taking off one of the best and most listened to Soul programmes in the world. The BBC the peoples institution, paid for by the people, there is no doubting its popularity, and Our Queen of Soul Mary Fox has moulded this programme into what it is today. We need the people who made this decision to tell us why, thats the least they should do, out of respect to the many thousands of loyal listeners

Bill Wright - Isle of Skye
I can't believe the show is ending. What the hell goes on in the heads of the people who make these decisions? Do they look at the worldwide audience this show attracts? What do they intend to replace the show with - more sanitised, repetetive, soulless pop I suppose. Really enjoyed the show for the whole 6 years now and will be so sorry to lose this slim contact with what were some of the best years of my life. Will miss all of you on the message board as well - even you Twiggy - if this sad day comes to pass. Many thanks to Mary, Nick and the rest of you. x

Its a wrong decision the best show around for us true soulies JJ

Bernard east lancs soulie
This is madness.Here we have a music scene that will never die so they take off a show in an area steeped in soul and once the home of one of the fab 4 venues.Radio Lancashire as 2 shows but Radio Stoke says no to one. Does that make sense ? Other local BBC radio staions are going from strength to strength with their programs,Sheffield Cambridge,Northants,WM.Marys show is also one of the best presented shows and having guests from all walks of life is a great idea.Sorry BBC you have this totally wrong.Wake up to the world outside.We want our show back.We want our Mary back

Andrew SC
Goldie, Sorry to hear about Bride mate hope all goes well see you (fingers crossed) 11/4 (Ann's Birthday) no pole dancing you'd never get up there anyhow lol. Well Mr Host what happens to this MB when the show shuts? TWIGGY I agree with 90% of your comment (don't know B J so cannot agree with the muppet bit). Could this be the last plug 16th May All Dayer at Crewe Alex in aid of Help for Heroes, djs starting to sign up Kev Dempsey & Dave N, Alan Harding, ANDY SCOFFIN, GED, Steve P & a few more to boot. Flyers and adverts being sorted this weekend, the help for heroes charity is supporting us so we will have official merchandise on offer on the day. This folks will be a sell out. Mary so sorry pet you are and have and will always be a star in the best sense of the word. We will fight on. Nick can we have The Triumphs "I'm coming to your rescue" come on BBC get with or we will send Twiggy and Jonny Concrete to the Studio's. KTF all.

John Wully
So disappointed to hear that the show is ending. Surely this is what great local radio is about? The homogenised, one style of radio programme, from every local FM station (the only difference being the traffic news and the adverts for local firms) that the commercial stations feed out needs to have an alternative, surely????

The Record Fairy
Its not very often at all i come onto the radio stoke message board, but this time i feel i need let the BBC know my feelings on their decision to axe OUR 2 hours of Friday Night Soul . I Just can not believe what is going on here ,this show as run for over 6 yrs and IS so popular in every corner of the world . I bet the decision to axe the show as fallen on the shoulders of some jumped up BBC executive who as not got a clue about northern soul or motown and what it means to all the listeners of OUR Friday Night Northern Soul Show with Mary Fox and Nick Marshall. . So BBC don`t you think its time for a U turn with your decision on this occasion . After all we all pay our TV licence fee and surley have the right to at least one good programe on the BBC radio . The Record Fairy

Lightbowne Lil (Man"CHEW"ster.)..
Mary Lass,this can't "B" true what I'm 'NOT' hearing on my wireless!!!!,have the 'CORP'gone "Mutton-Jeff!" to the opinions of the listeners?!!!, bless me "SOUL"...,I think you have lost the "PLOT" B/Corp,& I 'TRUST'you will 'Review the Remiss'of of your "JUDGEMENT"...,Keep "Smilin" Mary lass,it smells like "HIMALAYAN" (BBC, 'Big-Boss') "BALSAM" to me, & it don't smell, or spell, "SWEET!"....,(iff you get the "DRIFT!?").Nick,could you play,'HANGING ON' (Marvin Gaye) to the listeners,& wish Mary all the best!, the"SPIRIT-OF-SOUL" to Ya-'All!'..LiL/24.

Mac McNulty, Chiang Mai Thailand
Very sorry to hear of the BBC's decision to axe the show. Both Mary and Nick have done a Sterling job with this radio show, my week-end listening will never be the same. I'm sure there are hundreds of ex-pats in other far flung corners of the world, who regret the passing of this/our radio show. I doubt very much if the BBC will change their minds so all there's left to say is thanks guys for all the hard work you have all put into the show,all the back room staff included. Would you please thank Frank Gierak, Paul Baxter, Steve Kent and Graham Malley for a great Sunday afternoon trip to the Wheel on 14th Feb, when I was last in the country.Any record will do. All that remains to be said is Thanks for the memories, KTF Mac McNulty from Chiang Mai,(formerly from Derby)

Jack Mcdermott
Mary Fox Show. Great sounds, great guests, great info regarding soul do's. Worldwide audience via the net. Have a re-think if that's possible. Cheers, Jack.

Jo B
We can't believe the decision to axe Mary's show - what nonsense! We have been regular 'listen again' listeners since the show began. Do the BBC not realise what a worldwide coverage this show has? Let's hope they take note of public opinion (and the Facebook support page), see sense and have the courage to admit they made the wrong decision!

Duke Of Earl
Terrible decision whats going on at the BBC? One of the best and most listened to shows

Mike & Linda
The BBC can't be serious regarding the Mary Fox show.... Is it an early April fool prank, lets hope so BBC because this show brings so much pleasure to a fantastic number of soul lovers, it would be fool hardy to even contemplate axing the show never mind do it.... Let's have a sensible re-think eh BBC PLEASE!!!!

Pete Dyson.(Manchester) 25/3/10..
It's an "OUTRAGE!!!!!"..that's all I'm gonna say..(no it's not).The dropping of this show has disappointed many of your "SOUL" loving listeners that have tuned in on a "Regular" basis for six years to listen to the show!,please take on board, BBC, what people are trying to say before making cut's like this...In SOUL we "TRUST!"..good luck for the future ,Mary & Nick,regard's, Pete Dyson.

Chris, Brooklyn NY
I wonder if the person at the BBC who decided to cancel the show has actually listened to it? I THINK NOT!My understanding is that local radio is being changed to reflect the local community.---and then a program that IS a huge part of the local community is cancelled! Though I live in New York, I've listened faithfully via the internet for many years. Aside from offering wonderful music, and the opportunity every week to be introduced to recordings I would never have even known about if not for the show, Mary has the most informative, all-inclusive program I have found. She has brought together such a wide variety of people fro different walks of life, all with a common interest in Northern Soul........But far beyond that, numerous friendships have been made or rekindled, and the community has rallied together to support so many people and causes.This program and it's listeners should be held as a shining example of what a local radio station can achieve. Through Mary's efforts her show has gone far beyond Stoke and created a worldwide family.We need more programs like this, not less.Mary, I want you to know how much your program means to me personally. And to the BBC, SHAME ON YOU!I think you should really consider your decision.Chris Brooklyn NY

Terrible news to hear the show is ending, made so many friends from listening to this show. Fridays just wont be the same :((((

Janet Quinn
please keep the mary fox show not all soulies are able to be out on a friday night and we love to listen to mary's show so keep it on please

23 March 2010 - Well, it’s the final curtain soon for one of the best radio shows I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. The show has introduced me to some fantastic records I had never heard before despite growing up in the era and collecting souly records – there is always something you’ve missed. I’ll miss the masses of information from both the show and the message board. A big thank you (and get well soon) to Mary, another big thank you to Nick and a big thank you to all the contributors to the show and Mesbo.Nick, I suppose you’ll have too many requests to fit in the few remaining hours but looking through my 45’s an appropriate one is “The Incredables – There’s nothing else to say” goodbye and “Soulong” for now Ecky

Dave Robinson
Very sad news. The BBC have chosen to take off air a popular show that is listened to not only in Stoke but around the country and around the world. Whoever made this decision obviously has no idea what the show and this message board means to the Soul community everywhere. I would love to think they will change their mind, but I doubt it. The end of an era - Thanks Mary, Thanks Nick.


soulboy-malaga spain
The BBC have lost the plot. The best Show is on Friday Night at 7.00 p.m. The last time I listen to Radio Stoke will be on 2 April.

Mark Bone
The BBC & Radio Stoke will loose out. . listeners will head for commercial radio. What has become a National Institution will be lost.

Anton Ludwig
Hi Mary & Nick, To hear your show is to finish is quite a blow as we live down here in kent but travel north most weekends, your show is a lifeline to know what is on. It is always great to hear those memories that you play and to hear the gems that Nick turns up is a treat. So I truely hope the BBC change thier mind on this. The bbc suposedly prides it's self on a large cross of music. yet Northern Soul is a huge piece of british culture that is not dead (yet )

Malc Falle, Brittany 23/03/10
Well done Radio Stoke, yet another example of the BBC's flawed thinking. You should have looked at your listener figures before deciding to remove one of the UK's premier soul shows from the radio. The bad news for the BBC is the people that listened to soul music in the 1960's and 1970's were considered radical then and we have not changed very much since. This appalling decision will not be taken lying down by Mary Fox's Worldwide soul family so get ready for a fight BBC.

Bernie & Marie
from 2 twisted wheelers DONT axe Marys show because its one of the best around along with Nick Marshall on the show.

Goldie Proud Mary Fox Guest (19)
My Wife Shell was rushed to hospital on de 14th where de surgeons did the N.H.S. proud she has come home with me today ..She will be out of action for 6 months I have to stay with her 24hrs & I is happy to do so SHE needs TLC (Tender LOving Care) & I need TWC Twisted Wheel Club every time de Wheel is on we will get specialists in to sit with her till I return from de Home of Soul ..There will be half a dozen people at the house as I make my way to PORT VALE for OB DAY on May 7th The Wheel is on Friday I cant wait yipeeeeeeeeeeeee So anyway I am pleased with God for keepin me missus going & that all hands have vowed they will help me get de Wheel... I log on today to my fave site associated with DE BEST SOUL SHOW IN DE WORLD(Ok ay I is been on Petes Show but he even says DE Fox Marshall soul sizzler is numero uno)I AM SO SAD THIS SHOW IS COMING OFF DE AIR it means so much to all de wonderful soulies out there Me Pete Pete Andy Sylvia Bret Pete Sawyer Pete Dyson Collo Ian Rob (cadiz) Jinksy Sue Stafford & many more!!!What Fun it brought THANK YOU MARY FOX SHOW FOR HALF A DECADE OF SOUL EXTRAVAGANZA OF Community soul bonding at its best God Bless Mary Fox Goldie Talc Monitor Twisted Wheel Manchester xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Steve Amison
I wonder which idiot in the ivory tower in London decided to scrap the regular Friday night Motown & Northern Soul Show? Obviously someone who hasn't got a clue, how popular this show is not only in North Staffs & South Cheshire but it the whole of the UK & beyond. Please reverse your decision & use a rare commodity nowadays, abit of common sense as the BBC will lose & alienate a vast audience of potential listeners. Is this what I pay my licence fee for? I don't think so! Scrap some of the other drivel that the BBC seem to churn out by the bucket full and keep this excellent show, as it brings together a whole community of music lovers from near & far plus the various listeners have raised the odd £1 or too for charity as well since the shows inception. Keep The FaithAmo

The loss of Mary's show would be an immense blow to 1000's of listeners. Surely this cannot be what the BBC is about?

Andrew SC
to the HOST Tripe and you know it, what was so wrong with the show that the BBC need to replace it? it was diverse served all groups in the community, you only need listen to the request slots and "whats on" to know it was a success. cannot wait to see what they replace it with. Sad days indeed goodbye beeb hello commercial radio. Nick should the last record be "I'm on my way to a better place"

sue from stafford
I can not believe the bbc is taking this show off do they not realise the following this show has not only locally but all thru the u.k. and world wide !!!!!! we must try and stop this from happening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am absolutely amazed by the news that Mary's show is to be axed? Which fool has made this decision-obviously someone that doesn't have a clue about what they are doing!We can't let them walk all over Mary and walk all over us and i would urge everyone to email the Director General and complain very loudly, after all we are the license payers and we should have a say in this.Google Mark Thompson bbc and it will bring up his email address,we need to make a stand about this, and soon! I would also like to know why this decision has been made while Mary is off sick and unable to comment herself on the matter.No announcement on the show so far,just a message on the board that probably a minority of listeners bother to read!Words fail me!

Jos from Amsterdam
What sad news. Would a public appeal help to keep the show on? I'll come over to support it.

Steve Calloway
Foxy Mary,I Love UR Show.We Need U so so Much...*=)-

Trey Stone...,The Fabulous Peps
Mary's show is listen too even here in Lake Tahoe ,Nevada! It's worldwide...,don't dare take it away!

Andy Locker - Stone Soul Club
The BBC have lost the plot. The best Show is on Friday Night at 7.00 p.m. The last time I listen to Radio Stoke will be on 2 April.

Alan Wade
Scrapping the Mary Fox soul Show will proove to be a bad move by the BBC and radio Stoke. Stoke is one of the main areas of Soul music in the UK and there are more soul nights now than there were in the 60`s. I will contact signal radio who I am sure will be only too pleased to carry on such a popular show. I suggest Nick Marshall and Kev Roberts get together.

Tony (Wolverhampton)
Just heard the news that the show is to end on Good Friday. This just cannot be true. The show has been at the heart of the Northen Soul scene for some time now and has provided and invaluable link and focus for soul fans in Stoke and further afield throughout the world. I truly haven't felt like this since I heard that Wigan was due to close 29 years ago, and that is really saying something. I don't think the controllers can really be aware of how big the show is and what it means to people who are really passionate about their music. I forsee crowds gathering outside on the last night as the last show plays out to the sound of The Sapphires. Please don't let this happen.

Pat - Liverpool
Hi Mary, sending this on behalf of Anne and Joan also. We are so sorry to hear that the show is to finish in two weeks, can't really believe the BBC can be so short-sighted! We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to play some of our favourite tracks on your show, for putting up with our twittering and especially for your invaluable support for our Alzheimer Charity nights. It was through your show that we met and became friends with John and Ellen and we can't thank you enough for that. Hope you will soon be on the mend and back to your old self. Take care.Pat, Joan and Anne.

Kev and Maggie
An unbelievable move by the BBC to drop the show. Mary and Nick have united soul music fans from an area far greater than Stoke on Trent over the last few years as can be seen by many of the posts on this forum - we can only hope that the illness Mary is really suffering from is the fact that she is sick to the back teeth with her employers misguided decision

Kev Dempsey
Devastating news about the show,a Million thank you's to Mary for the last 6 years,Friday nights will never be the same,good luck Nick for the next 2 weeks, Kev

Ian Edwards
Well Done THE BEEB,You just lost the show which gives you your biggest listnership.I cant speak for others but I will be forever grateful to Mary for her kindness,for making me and others many new friends,for creating another family for us all,albeit just on a Friday night,for her help with the CHILDREN IN NEED event and for attending as well.This decision is a disgrace and is appalling,shame on the person who arranged this,I hope your happy with yourself,but heed a warning BBC RADIO,have you stopped and thought what you have done....MARY FOX SHOW,listeners nationwide/worldwide = an immense amount of listeners,for a relatively(with respect) small station,but BBC all the same,end result now,if you scrap it,let me see,oh yes.In Birmingham Jenny Wilkes BBC WM on exactly the same time as Mary doing Northern and Motown,or MoreThan on the internet 7-8 all soul/northern,Mike Hollis,and the very excellent Ace radio or SoulGuy all internet soul/northern,the great Mr Roberts has a show,not the same time but all the same a great show,all these options now people have.This should not happen to a lovely woman who has made a whole new bunch of friends gel together,but Aunty Beeb,no Mary, I will go to Jenny Wilkes live as well as the internet shows as basically you have took away a fantastic show,and lost yourself I would hate to think how many listeners.Mary and the brilliant Nick Marshall well done both if it is the end,good luck for the future,BBC can I get a reduction in my licence fee as no doubt you will fill our airwaves with some dross the trendy London set pass as music.

Andy Scoffin - Crewe
so the BBC cut a show with a good following - this has to be one of the strangest and unjust decisions the license payer has had to suffer.

GOLDIE so sorry to hear about your lovely wife SHELLs illness im glad to hear she is over the worst send her our best wishes from us all in stoke xx

Clive Pownceby
Unbelievable that this show, which has given so much pleasure to so many, is being axed. Is there nothing we can do to get the BBC to reverse this lamentable decision?

Sylvia Dean
TO HOST... Has the BBC lost leave of all sense !!! this is by far the best soul radio show on the BBC currently and no show paid for with taxpayers money goes anywhere near this. This show has attracted WORLDWIDE appeal and sindglehandedly helped to reinstate soul and be responsible for so many friendships across the UK. Its is a social networking show as well as a damn good radio show!! PLEASE think again . I think there is more to this than meets the eye!!!

Nidge ocsc
cant understand the bbc logic the friday soul/motown show is the only radio show i try and listen too so here is one punter they loose

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)
UTTER!UTTER!madness to axe this show...come on bbc TWO hours!!!!

Well it dinna suprise me one bit that this show would end soon, Here we have the BBC paying the likes of ya Gary Liniker millions of our licence fee and going to give them sports presenters 6 million quid more to commentate on The World Cup, its already being said The World Cup nobody wants to go, that is except those who cream off US more and more. One real problem whats up with the likes of Gary Liniker is he that skint he can't pay to get to HIS PLACE of work like we have to, The BBC have shamed us again, We have millions upon millions of Soul Music lovers world wide we should protest about these cuts, i have always said The BBC dunna care about THE MAN IN THE STREET, i hope the Host puts this message up,Why fix something that inner broke(get rid of the luvvie brigade and save the license fee payer hundreds of millions of pounds so we can keep our Soul Show.Brian James shut up ya muppet

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)
Over 300 tickets sold for the northern soul night that starts the nantwich music festival thurs 1st april with ginger taylor and snake davies,i will have some discounted tickets (£10) with me at the vine soul night shavington this fri 26th.

tommy c
well mary tell us what we can do the bbc never seem to listen, they are a law unto themselves.its our money they should consult the public and more so tell us why they justify the dropping of your show

Keith Beardmore
Well another radio era of soul music finally comes to an end the same happened with the superb Dave Evison show on Signal Radio in the nineties,I`ve never listened to Signal since, most likely the same for me with Radio Stoke..a very sad day , but we have to realise BBC local radio stations are on the decline, the competition from SKY etc is dominating choice and money and investment, radio stations are slowly becoming less attractive ,what is particularly sad re our soul show is the loss of national and international involvement of the message board players, not just local Stokies, who looked forward to hearing the soul show .Fortunately we have independant internet alternatives , we will survive, the music is bigger than all of us..KTF

Ian alford
Mary and Nick sorry to here the show is going typical BBC if something ain't mainstream they don't want to know..all the best for the future and keep the faith to you and all soul brothers and sisters out there..keep on keeping on

Paul Reddington
A Northern Soul disco is taking place at Greyfriars Club Nottingham this Friday.Tel 01159111491 for info.Thanks

Bill from the Isle of Skye
Great show Nick. Really enjoyed last Friday, several tracks I haven't heard before.Please play If you Really Need A Friend by Bobby Foster if possible. Just great Northern soul music.


Tommy Bolger (Miles Plattng)..
Lovin the "Soul-Sounds" on B/stoke "SOUL"...,a good "image" to ya listener!. a "GIRDER"request, to B/ Stoke, if poss?..Hank {Levine)"image"..,cherrs,Tom Bolger "Miles Platting"..! (pd).

Mary/Nick could you please tell my friend Jayne how much Im looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. She is moving down to Newquay and I cant wait. Could you please play 'Night Owl' its a track we both loved and it reminds us of our first season down here in 76. Thanks

Brian James
TwiggyAs always you write a load of twiggytwaddle that almost everybody can`t understand.Why are you not coming on to Radio Stoke and enlightening us with your music choices and knowledge to enable all of us to enjoy what you have been unable to play around Soul-On Trent because the local soulies keep blocking you at every occassion you try to play ? Come on then, let us feed you grapes with admiration of your music choices. Why do you keep ignoring the offer ? You say you want to be heard , but don`t back the statement up.Come on Twiggy how can you keep saying you are better than all the local DJ`s when we have not heard you play and talk ? Radio Stoke is the platform to launch you .So Do It

i am going jane but i believe goldie cant make it stan

jane scott
goldie and stan see you on friday at bury town hall i have heard some scoursers are going. ktf lol. jane x

Ray and lydia
Message For Nick Marshall. Alright Nick thought had better expand on how we know Ronnie Rocket from Stafford and are not just winding you up. Ronnie and me (Ray) are two of the four Pearce brothers from Stafford. There is Geoff(Geoffrey 59)Ray (Raymond 57) Ronald (Ronnie Rocket 52)we were all soulies in the late 60's 70's and 80's and Martin(41)who is not into soul. Geoff went to the original Wheel and Torch pre allnighter days. Ray Torch pre all nighter days and through the all nighters till it closed and Ronnie Rocket was a Wigin Boy. Ray and Ronnie are back into Soulin and scooterin and Geoff thinks we are all livin in the past and just laughs. Ho Hum.Great if you could play "Go Head on " by the Packers. All the best Ray

Pete Derby
Hya Bob (Bath) First of Petes show is terific & he links up with Goldie like Peter Cook & Dudley moore dare I say Jimmy & Bobby purify The Scouses whit is unerring Pete Roberts more dryer sense of Humour makes these to Soul Pedigree dudes de pick of the bunch Super Super Soulman Goldie YIPPPEE

Hi Rob In Cadiz, listen Rob i approached a well known manager of a public house recently and i said is it me or what, i told him about this Djing thing, straight away he said its a closed shop run by Dj agencies who use word of mouth, i would say unless you own or lease the building its impossiable to get past um, i hope i have cleared that up and it goes on exactly the same in The Soul Scene.Rob the main reason for not being a guest on Marys show is this, she does a very good job plays a fantastic mix and i have always said to Mary SAVE THE BEST TILL LAST, anyway Rob i have got the backing and finaces are in place so its only a matter of time, i'll know when the time is right, i believe in fair competion others dunna but hey they are the professionals.Rob i believe if someone is asked to guest or do a spot then they shouldn't be told what to play,Pete Roberts and the gang are having great success at The Wheel so one half of me said why should they change and the other half wishes drop a few more recent tunes in, I suppose Goldie as got that all under control along with Big Bret who are the real characters at The Wheel. I;m not searching for that kind of Soul Nite mainly because i like progressive Soul Music, now that dunna mean The Wheel people dunna. I would reccomend anybody who is looking for an experience to TRY THE WHEEL OUT, first night i went it was very good, i;m after capturing a similar atmosphere but I'll have to say this to the doubters, yes The Wheel was the first Night Club to play Soul Music but Soul-On-Trent was the place that mastered Soul Music(only kidding guys) its all about opinions. So Rob i'll leave it on this one do you know Grassing In The Grass by he Monitors, well worth a listen just to compare with other versions. Now i know how to beat um so its up to me now, play um at their own game.

Tony & Jill
Hi Mary / Nick thankyou for our request last friday. just wondering if you can you play for us Chuck Jackson if thats what you wanted yes it is the one done by Frankie Bev thanks T & J

rob littlewood
hi nick,hope mary is feeling better soon.great show , keep up the good work.My better half , jayne and our son louie both share birthdays next week , and i would love it if you could play a track for them. bobby hutton "lend a hand" would be good or "i cant get away"bobby garrett.i would like to say a well done to gaz lees and fellow djs at the soldiers at hednesford,turning into a great oldies night. thanks rob.

Harry "BELLA"fonte...(Hastings).
Good Sounds,B/Stoke 'Soul Show!'..a nice Listen....,"Pucker-Up-Buttercup" (Jr Walker),if poss, to an 'All Star' Kid from 'COLLYHURST'...,keep the 'SPIRIT', regards,Harry.

Twiggy: Forgot to say mate....."feeding you grapes by hand whilst you were listening to your selection of songs"....doesn't sound any worse than some situations ive found make sure you buy a big bunch of 'em...

Twiggy puts the cat amongst the pigeons again.....he loves it....I have to say...i do think he has good taste based on the many sounds he regularly requests...sometimes its a bit "ramble city"....but not without some good bits of humour and savvy info....but buckets of the other cr** as well.....Twiggski: 40th birthday?....I wish....more like 50th birthday....but i wouldn't mind being 40 again. I think this is the 5th or 6th time (that i know of)i've seen you challenged to appear on Marys show.... Nick: Could you play "Main Ingredient - Happiness is just around the bend"....a great slab of 70's Harlem based Soul...

Bobby M Bristol
Hello Stoke message -board participants : I used to travel to the Twisted Wheel Deansgate with Brian Goldstein in 1964 from Longport, where I lived with my wife Liz at the time. After tuning in to the Twisted Wheel Radio Show on Wednesday & listening to Brian on Petes Show I HEAR YOU GOLDIE how lucky we were .You Bri as Pete Robertys said missed your vocation, but then you are always happy anyway ! Please call in to Lambtrettas in Bath They Love you there thanks for mentioning my name on the Manchester Radio love to Shell. Bobby

Goldie Talc Monitor
Enjoyed Fridays show Nick cheers mate & I thoroughly enjoyed being on Petes Show I never giggled so much for ages THANK YOU PETER I MEAN THAT LAD!!!!!! u can listen to me giggling on Thursday 10am ---to 12 noon on the TWISTED WHEEL SHOW 106.6fm or log on to & simply click de LISTEN NOW Button if u miss that show for Gods sake dont miss ROONEY Tunes on Wednesday 6--8pm same logging procedures apply if u is outside de area yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" I Aint goin for that" by de FOXX siblings... like it Nick!!!! Keep it goin mate Goldie PROUD TO BE DE TALC MONITOR AT DE TWISTED WHEEL MANCHESTER grrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhxx

Get better soon Mary xx

'Persil Pete'(Soft-Soap).Great Sankey.
B/Stoke..Some great 'Soul' music played on this station,that make's me feel very "BUBBLEY!!!!".

Bertha Corsett (Oldham).
BBC/Stoke,Nice show,like the Music & presentation.It's my first comment on this messageboard, & I would like to say,......,"Eeeeee-By-Gum!!!"...I thank thee,Bertha(Oldham,Lanc's).


Dave Stockport
Goldie the Business on Petes show listen to the funniest guy on the soul scene Sunday 6pm --8pm or Thurs Morn 10am --12noon next up Mickey Roon ey next Wed 6pm --8pm dont miss that one Dave,

EXCellent Goldie you ISDEE best yes you are certainly the funniest see you Sunday smiler Elaine

Brian James
Twiggy,If you have such a superb taste but nobody will give you a chance, why not volunteer to play three of your choices on Marys show, you only live minutes away from the studios. I`m sure she would make you very welcome.So come on then let`s hear three.

Midge -blackburn
Nick, could you please play a track for all my true soulies in Blackburn & Stoke & Congleton You can do magic Limmee & the family cookin cheers nick --midge lovve the show best xishes to mary ktf

Goldie or Moldie Whatever
Hi jj; I went once to de Moorville hall -Twice to de Kings Hall -twice to de Foxley -twice to de Gardners- twice to North ward- once to Crossville- twice to Alsager -twice to Nantwich -7 times to de George- 2 times to de Sneyd arms -once To Crewe for de Griff Charity night - 7 times to de Love trap Port Vale which incidentally is a GOER for the Ob night of HIS LIFES CELEBRATION on May 7th yipeeeeeeeeeeee so JJ I have had a good look at the Stoke & surrounding area plus I is been a guest on de Mary Fox show on numerous occassions ..Lived in Stoke 64 65 before there was a soul scene there..I could count on one hand How many of us in Fenton Barlaston Hanley & Stone etc were going to de Brazenose Street Wheel Or De Midnight City...SO JJ is`nt it time you come up to look at de special soul spots I have found ..? ie..DE place WHERE IT ALL BEGAN???? See ya Sunday Bro I will look after you & Midge & TT- Watford ..yes sir it is gonna be de Mother Of All Sundays yipeeeeeeee Great Choice Ozz Gene Chandler THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO Twisted Wheel Goldie official Talc Monitor at THE TWISTED WHEEL 6 Whitworth St Manchester if you av a spare fiver come along 3--8pm ...Steve White special Guest.. Wheel only Catalogue well what else Sunday Mar 14th..grrrrrrrrrrhhhh take it easy JJ xxxxxxxx Goldie ( thats in case you is a woman otherwise ignore it !!

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)
Hi Nick,Enjoyed the EDDIE CARLTON track from last week,could you please slip in "DO IT"by Pat Powdrill.Cheers TONY.

Sylvia Dean
Can I give a little plug for the latest soul book out on the scene.. The Manchester Wheelers by DAVE. It has just arrived and I havent put it down !! Lots of great memories, and anecdotes.. and it does focus on the dark side, which after all was a big part of the scene. The author is clearly knowledgeable about the music played at the Wheel and the Blue Note club , and other clubs in Manc at this time. He talks of the progression of the soul scene in the 60`s- to early 70`s in Manchester... and the newer influences of to blue beat and reggae at this time. It is very well written and funny my humble opinion. KTF xxKTF

Pete Dyson..
Re:Tony Heinemann(Nantwich), Tony,I will make a note of the gig,('Geno')!!!...,cheer's,Pete Dyson.

Malc Falle, Brittany 10/03/10
Martin Jones-Diane Ducane's "Better Late than Never" on CD. Martin, Nick Marshall answered your query on the MF show last Friday. Neither Nick or his record Fairy's are aware of Diane Ducane's record ever having been released on CD. I have the track on an old Casine Classics Chapter 2 album and I am sure it has been reissued on a single But I have never seen it on a CD. Regards.Malc.

Andrew (SC)
Hi Mary/Nick early doors plug for the South Cheshire SC 2nd Charity all dayer at the the Alex club on Sunday 16th May 2010, between 12:00 and 21:00hrs. The chosen beneficiaries will be the "Help for Heroes" & to put readers minds at rest every penny raised goes to the charity. Those who recall last years event we raised in excess of £1000 and every penny went to the charities. More will follow on this subject matter but early plug appreciated Mark/Nick. KTF still hanging on for DD.

Martin Jones
anyone with information about a CD featuring Diane Ducane's 'Better late Than Never'?

Dear Me, another rant eh ??, Just a quick note to put you right twiggy, you would not have a clue about promotion, time , effort & what goes on into promoting soul nights, i will tell you this kev roberts works so hard its unreal, radio promotion the guy does not stop but he does live jump & breathe soul, i have e mails from him at 6 am some days, he works very hard & then you see 500 or 700 at an all nighter & YOU see the pound signs ! Do you have any idea how much it is to hire the place? security ? pa? staff? Dj's ? there is not much left is there ? THINK , I Really do think you should do that before ripping into another on here, dear me all this for a bunch of 45's & while on the subject if people want to hear oldies at a soul night let em . If They are dancing they want to, they are not ordered onto the floor are they?. i do tend to stay off this board now due to petty silly rants on here, i really do think it's time to put it to bed & just enjoy what we all love, SOUL MUSIC !Nick/Mary any chance of playing Nothing can stop me , gene chandler. Thanks Ozz.

Bob Wilson
Sorry Twiggy, but I think you are on a planet of one.I can`t make any sense of your ramblings and obvious dislike of successful DJ`s.

Jos, Amsterdam Soul Club
Hi Mary, get well soon. The show is in very capable hands though, Nick!If you like what you saw (and heard) at the Wheel on Valentines day, pay us a visit at the Amsterdam Easter Soul Weekend. 3rd & 4th of April. Two rooms of great soul on Saturday and a Soulcruise with a wooden dancefloor round the Amsterdam Harbour on Sunday. Check the website for details.

Northern Soul on the 24th July 2010 at the Lower Lower Lacon Caravan ParkWem, Shropshire for details Telephone: 01939 232376 Email: or look the website up regards many thanks Pete

Hi B/Stoke,.. To 'Wanda& Mickey'(Rooney).."STRENGTH" 2 ya's,!!,(pd).xx.

"Tizer" (The "APPETIZER")..,Collyhurst.
'Great Soul Sound's,'..B/Stoke!...'NO DEPOSIT-NO-RETURN'..(Alvin 'CASH')..,iff Poss?.Cheer,s,'U.C.P'.('STERA').

'Moston-Maurice'& 'Able-Mable'.(Gorton).
'G/Sound's',B/Stoke!..,hope Mary.F is 'OK'!....a Request iff Poss?.."HOLE IN THE WALL"...(The "PACKER'S).I thank thee "KINDLY"...,Cheer's, & Keep "SMILIN!"..,'SOS'...(pd)...Lil/7.

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)
F.A.O Pete dyson,the old FINGERPOPPER,HIPSTER and FLIPSTER that is GENO WASHINGTON is appearing with the Ram jam band at the Nantwich music festival Sunday 4th april at the civic hall,bet he would love whats going down at the wheel at the moment.

once again great night at moorville over 350 turned up then off to the hall of soul yes stoke is where it all began in 73

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