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24 September 2014
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Burial gown

Little Burial Gown (HKP)

Submitted by Pam Stimpson
This pattern for a little Burial Gown uses size 9 & 10 needles 4ply wool or yarn in cream or white, white ribbon

Cast on 144 sts with no 9 needles and knit 20 rows in moss st.Changeto no 10 needles and continue in stocking stitch for 2 rows keeping 4 stitches at eitherEnd of row in moss st.Make eyelet holes.Knit 1[ wool forward knit 2 together] to the last 5 sts knit one moss st 4. Continue inStocking st keeping moss st borders until work measures 8”[20cms] or 10”[25cms]

Next row decrease knit 2tog across the row keeping moss st borders 75stsNext row moss st 4, purl to last 4 sts moss st 4.Make eyelet holes moss st 4, knit 1, wool forward knit 2 tog repeat to last 5 sts knit 1,Moss st 4.Next row moss st 4 ,purl to last 4 sts moss st.

Divide for bodice

Keeping borders in moss st knit 16, cast of 6, knit 31, cast of 6, knit 16, working on theFirst side moss st 4 ,purl to endNext row moss st 4, knit 1, slip 1, psso knit to end of row repeat thse two rows  until 8 stsremain place on a st holder. Rejoin to back with wrong side facing purl 31, turn knit 1,Slip 1,psso knit to last 3 sts knit 2 tog knit  1, repeat these last 2 rows until 15 sts remain.Place on a holder.Rejoin to last front moss st 4 purl to end.Next row moss st 4,knit to last 3 sts knit 2tog knit 1,repeat until eight sts remain slip onto a stitch holder.Sleeves make two.Cast on 28 sts and knit 5 rows in moss st change to stocking sstitch and knit for 21/2”[6.5cm]Shape raglan cast of 2 sts at beginning of the next two rows.3rd row knit 1, slip 1, psso knit to last 3 sts knit 2 tog knit 1.4th row purl, repeat the last 2 rows until 8 sts remain, slip onto a stitch holder.

To complete

With right side facing knit 8 ,sts from first side, 8, sts from 1st sleeve 15, sts from the back8, sts from2nd sleeve, and 8 sts from second front 47 stitches.

1st row Knit2nd row make eyelet holes moss st 4 knit 1 wool forward knit 2 tog to the last 4 sts moss st 4.3rd moss st to end4th row moss st to end.

Cast off.

Thread ribbon through eyelet holes to tie at the back.

last updated: 25/08/08
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