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24 September 2014
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Ray Of Hope

Helmet or Bonnet for Premature Babies (HKP)

Submitted by Mary from Sandbach
NOTES: This is another beautiful bonnet for premature babies.

NOTE: Any unauthorized use, reproduction or sale of the knitting patterns is strictly prohibited. You may use this website and the knitting patterns for limited non-commercial, educational, and personal use only. If you need clarification, email the team:


4-ply wool: no. 3-25mm (no. 10) needles

Cast on: 53 (61, 69) sts and work in moss st. for 6 rows.

Row 7: * k 3, yfwd, k2 tog.* Repeat * to * until last 3 (6, 4) sts. K 3 (6, 4) sts.

[Row 7 forms a row of eyelet holes, in case tubes need threading through in hospital

Main Part of Bonnet

Continue in moss st. for 25 [29, 33] more rowsEnd of Main Part of Bonnet

Shape Crown

1st crown row: k7 (7, 8) sts. *k2 tog, k5* repeat * to * to last 4 (5, 5) sts, k2 tog k2 (3, 3) [46 (53, 60) sts.]

2nd and every alternate row : Purl

3rd crown row : k6 (6, 7) sts. * k2tog. K4* repeat * to * to last 4 (5, 5) sts., k2tog. K2 (3, 3) sts. [39 (45, 51)]

5th crown row : k5 (5, 6) sts. *k2tog, k3* repeat * to * to last 4 (5, 5) sts. K2tog. K2 (3, 3) sts [32 (37, 42) sts.]

7th crown row : k4 (4, 5) sts. *k2tog.,k2* repeat * to * to last 4 (5, 5) sts. K2tog, k2 (3, 3) sts. [25 (29, 33) sts.]

9th crown row : k3 (3, 4) sts. *k2tog k1* repeat from * to * to last 4 (5, 5) sts. K2 tog, k2 (3, 3) sts [18 (21, 24) sts]

11th crown row : *k2tog, k1* repeat *to* to end. [12 (14, 16) sts.]

Break off yarn, run yarn through remaining stitches, draw up and then fasten off.

To make up

Join back seam to just past start of crown shaping, using a flat seam. Leave rest Use open. Add ribbons on outside front corners, but do not thread through eyelet holes.


1. Use two co-ordinating colours, or a colour and white, joining at the beginning of any row

2. Use stocking stitch (modified) for main part of bonnet, working 19 (23, 23) rows. Modified stocking stitch First stitch of knit row is p.1, first stitch of purl row is k.1. This gives a neat edge.

3.Use 3ply yarn with 2.75mm (no12) needles, or D.K. yarn with 4mm (no 8) needles.

Adapting for a helmet

This bonnet may be adapted to make a helmet, by adding 2" ears. As follows:Cast on : 6 stsRow 1: KnitRow 2: Increase in 1st and next to last stitches (8sts)Row 3: KnitRow 4: As row 2 (10 sts)Row 5: KnitRow 6: As row 2 (12 sts)

Knit 5 more rows. Cast off. Attach "ears" with a flat seam .to cast on edge of hat, starting about 1cm, each side of back seam. Sew a length of ribbon to each ear.

You can attach these "ears" to any suitable bonnet pattern.

last updated: 25/08/08
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