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24 September 2014

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Ray Of Hope

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Angel's pocket

Angel's Pocket (SP)

NOTES: This sewing pattern for an "Angel's Pocket" can be made any suitable size.

NOTE: Any unauthorized use, reproduction or sale of the knitting patterns is strictly prohibited. You may use this website and the knitting patterns for limited non-commercial, educational, and personal use only. If you need clarification, email the team:


Small ones from 6" square can be used on the genecology wards for very early losses. Larger squares 10"-12" can be used by the Delivey Wards.

You will need 3 squares of material for each pocket.

Angel's pocket

This sample is made from 3x10" squares. Use any suitable lightweight material e.g. fine cotton, satin, towelling.

Pale colours.

Press ALL pieces before sewing

From the material, (or a mixture of matching materials), cut out three 10" squares.

Fold one square in half diagonally, to form a triangle
Along the LONG side of the triangle, stitch eyelet lace. Or make eyelet holes.

Attach ribbon at each end and thread through holes, meeting in the centre.

Leave enough ribbon at centre to form a bow.

Stitch triangle to corner and sides of one 10" square.

Stitch lace all around the square, flatten to inside.

Putting RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER attach the other 10" square leaving a gap 2"-3" long on one side where the pocket is joined.

Put fingers into gap and pull all the square through the gap, so that right side is now facing.

Turn in material of gap slightly and seal.

Top stitch all the way round.
If you have an over locker (Serger) you can layer the pieces right side out in the correct order and over lock (serge) round.

Then attach lace.

You should now be able to pull up into a little pocket.

last updated: 30/10/07

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Your Community > Ray Of Hope > Angel's Pocket (SP)

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