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24 September 2014
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Baby's V-Necked Cardigan (HKP)

Julia Rees
NOTES: Baby's V necked Cardigan --- Knitted --- Top Down. This pattern was kindly sent to us by Julia Rees

NOTE: Any unauthorized use, reproduction or sale of the knitting patterns is strictly prohibited. You may use this website and the knitting patterns for limited non-commercial, educational and personal use only. If you need clarification, email the team:


The pattern is for Double Knit Yarn, and fits a 14" chest. To make a bigger size, work two more raglan increases and work 6 more rows on the body and sleeve lengths.Use smaller needles if you wish to make a smaller size.X indicates Pick up and knit 1 stitchP-Purl K Knit

Using 3 ¾ mm needles cast on 33 stitches.

Row 1:- PurlRow 2:- K1 ,X, K2, X, K5, X, K2, X, K13, X,K2, X, K5X, K2, X, K1. 41 stitches.Row 3:- PurlRow 4:- K2, X, K2, X, K7, X, K2,X, K15, X, K2, X, K7, X, K2, X, K2. 49 stitches.Row 5:- PurlRow 6:- K3, X, K2, X, K9, X, K2, X, K17, X, K2, X, K9, X, K2, X, K3. 57 stitchesRow 7:- PurlRow 8:- K4, X, K2, X, K11,X,K2, X, K19, X, K2, X, K11,X, K2, X, K4. 65 stitchesRow 9:- PurlRow 10:- K5,X, K2, X, K13,X, K2, X, K21, X, K2, X, K13, X, K2, X, K5. 73 stitchesRow 11:- PurlRow 12:- K6,X, K2, X, K15, X, K2,X, K23, X, K2,X,K15.X, K2. X, K6. 81 stitchesRow 13:- PurlContinue to increase on the raglans, at the same time increasing one at both front edges on each right side row for 5 increases. 131 stitches.Work two more raglan increases, keeping the front edge straight 147 stitches.Divide the stitches for the sleeves 33, back 41, fronts 20 each.Work 22 rows SS for the sleeve, decreasing 1 stitch each end on the9th, 13th, 17 rows 27 stitches.Rib 8 rows. Cast off.

Work across all the stitches for the fronts and back combined for 18 rows of stocking stitch.Rib 8 rows. Cast off.

Using needles one size smaller than those used for main piece, pick up approx 4 stitches for every 5 rows right the way around-front edge, back neck, front edge.Work one row ribWork four buttonholes (yarn fwd, Knit 2 together) on the 3rd 11th 19th 27th stitchesRib 2 more rows. Cast off.To make a bigger size:Work two more raglan increases, and work 6 more rows on the body and sleeve lengthsUse smaller needles to make a smaller size.

last updated: 25/08/08
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