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13 November 2014

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Robbie Williams

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Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams News


Our Rob-Reporter, Sharron Lesley is one the Lad's most loyal supporters ... and from 2005 right up to the end of 2009, she brought you her regular blast of her findings from Robbie Williams land - and all from her own inimitable standpoint!

But now we've had to discontinue this page, and we won't be updating it any more. Thanks for having been with us over the last few years; we hope you've enjoyed the journey!

There are lots of other sites out there of course, which carry Robbie Williams news - so check them out...


Check our past articles though, to see the history of Robbie through Sharron's eyes over the last few years....
Happy reading!


Robbie Williams

Robbie 'proposes'

Well, I've been saying all along on this blog that Ayda is the one who seems to have helped Robbie to get his new inner calm, and I think she has really done it. 
I guess I was thinking: would she like England?; did she like Port vale and Burslem when he took her there earlier this year?  But it didn't frighten her off, did it, so I hope she does.

So, even if it was in fun, I think his proposal to her was sweet.  And, so long as she doesn't stop him touring, I think she's the best one for him.
Tell me what you think - use the messageboard!


Oh well, no need to cry, but I was sad that 'Reality' did not make it to number one in the UK album charts. It only got to number two, and is falling now.  On the bright side, it sold more than 200,000 copies, making it the biggest selling album of the year so far, joint with JLS.
Perhaps, it will boom up there again for Christmas?

Children in Need

So.. it was all a bit of a false hope.  The Sun newspaper said that Rob would be doing a full routine with Take That at the Children In Need rock gig on 12th November, but it looks like that won't happen.
I was so disappointed - but I am looking forward to seeing the recorded show. I think Robbie likes doing these charity events very much, esp when you think he and Jan do such a lot with 'Give It Sum'.

Seeing Robbie at Loose Women

Yes - I got a ticket!  It was a bit of a hassle getting to the studio, and had a bit of a fright when I didn't think we'd get in - but it turned out pretty wonderful!

This was my first Robbie gig since MK in 06… I too have had a few stage-fright issues (I will call them) of my own to deal with, which up until today have made me chicken out of going to see Robbie live, at least if it means a journey more than a few miles.
But this time I made myself do it and it was so worth it!

I cannot speak highly enough of the show and how good it was. There were approx 90 people in this small studio, and it was so low key and fun and magic in a very easy going way.
I love Loose Women anyway. I think I am prob a bit of a Carol character in some ways; however, add to these lovable wacky Ladies the Robster, and you have an experience!

I am usually quite quiet and guarded and mousy until I feel comfortable in my surroundings and with the people I am with, but once at ease my alter ego comes out a bit and I turn into quite an extrovert live-wire lovey show-off type I think: my passion is and all ways has been entertainment, and I become more confident and interactive with whatever I am a part of, even an audience, and this was no exception.

We all had a great laugh with the warm up man, he looked like the guy from X Factor with the big curly hair, (that’s the main bit I saw of him from my angle); he was great though. The Loose Women are so out there and also have filthy senses of humour I might add, esp Denise, but she’s hilarious.
The Robster was in his element, and it’s the first time I honestly felt it was the same Rob as I first liked and saw at CDUK with Cat Deeley a long time ago. At this gig also he sang and was recorded in a small intimate Riverside studio with an equally small audience.

Up until now that CDUK gig has always been my Robbie fave time and benchmark on which I rate anything else. Thus far nothing has ever quite come up to that first gig feeling of rapture and loving I felt and saw and enjoyed so much - until now that is ! This was either as near or as darn it equal to it: in fact Rob is so much more of a polished and all round TV presenter and Personality today and could have quite easily have taken over from Andrea or Kate in pole position on the Loose Desk (more so than his still slightly ill at ease and slightly weighted-down troubled self in those days).
Sensible and all ways in control, charming and attractive in all areas of his job, he has been morphing into this in-control Entertainer.

My friend and others said that he very kindly came out and started talking, signing autographs and even giving the odd kiss to the girls at the front. I thought he would maybe play an extra song or two and meet the fans, as it was so small a situation and no security probs for him to be worried about, but it seems before he could get past approx the first two rows he was told he must “leave now!” so he never reached us.
Then he did on the way home stop his car opposite a few of us, but me being a bit of a Mr Magoo short-sighted girl could not see him through his black windows - so I crossed the road to catch him in his usual passenger seat to give him a gift … and the car drove off leaving me feel very silly!
I crossed back over the road to my friend and she says, “did you see him?” Well, it only turns out that while I was one side looking an idiot holding up a bag to no avail, he had opened the BACK window on the opposite side.
This is the second time this sort of thing has happened to me. A long time ago I was with my Mum waiting to see him on the Fashion Rocks red carpet, so, to get a better view, I leave my Mum standing one side as she did not want to move. I stand at the front the alternate side to her and he stops to talk Mum’s side for ages! I miss seeing him. I think I will start formulating my own conspiracy theory (maybe RW sees me and avoids me as much as poss… joke, I hope).

But we all were lucky to get in and see such a great Robbie gig, which was the main thing. This felt like my old Robbie at last again.

Mark Marries

Congrats to Mark Owen who has married his long term partner and Mother of his two children Emma. Robbie was working in Germany at the time and was unable at attend.


Take That comeback?

Wow! Big news - Robbie's told Jonathan Ross, on his recorded chat show, that he could be performing with Take That again in the future.

He told him that the lads had got together, and "done bits and bobs", although said that he couldn't reveal much more.

Rob also performed his new single You Know Me and one of his biggest hits, the 2002 song Feel which will appear on the show. He also did 3 more tracks live in the studio that are available on the BBC red button.
You can see the show live on TV on Friday 6 November... and on BBC iPlayer for seven days after.

Robbie times

Every day brings more Robbie news, doesn’t it?  I’m enjoying it so much because I feel there is a new Robbie – and he’s a real refreshed Robbie. And that is what we all wanted…!
Remember Nov 9 is the official date for the release of Reality Killed The Video Star. Here’s the Beeb review:

Rob getting 'Loose'

I have just finished speaking to Frances Fuller, the lady in charge of the Ticket Office at ”Clappers" who allocate the tickets for the Loose Women show on television. I was after a ticket for it (but no luck!) after hearing Rob was going to be on the Monday 9 November programme.
It seems her and the other lady who works for her, Anne, have not known what has hit them! It seems part of the agreement was that the audience would be Robbie fans - from his Official Site. 
I thought that this is a very good thought on Robbie and Co’s part because it gives loyal fans a few advantages but… here lies the first problem. Loose Women tickets are allocated weeks in advance, so Frances and Clappers had to cancel the original audience and relocate them, and then followed what can only be described as a “bombardment!” at their office, of requests, emails and all types of queries from Robbie fans for the very few tickets for this one off show. The studio has just over 90 seats, an exceptionally small studio.

I missed out too.  In the News and Blogs sections of Robbie’s Official Site it gave you the email addy and said ‘first come first served’ with the tickets and, would you believe, I missed out and applied too late!
Personally, I think everyone should have been allowed 2 not 4 tickets max thus doubling others’ chances, and as you see even we at the Beeb get no favours here.

Anyway to cut a long story short Frances and her team have tried their best to be fair and even given people from long distances time to decide whether they want to chance coming or not before they cancel their tickets etc. Unfortunately they still feel they are coming out looking "The Bad Guys" when they have tried the best they can and even they won’t be watching the show in the studio!
The fact is, as in most TV audiences, they give out more than the actual number needed for the show (to allow for what they call 'natural waste' e.g. people going ill, not being able to get there in time and so forth). This means even if you have tickets you are NOT guaranteed entry, and this is why the tickets are FREE.


The downside of Rob’s return is that all the rumours have started again, which just makes me sad. Savvy says we should all start hitting back.  She’s set up a facebook page called “are you sick of media cannibals waiting to rip the flesh off Robbie... cmon folks show rob ya support”!  I think Rob would like it.  See:  


Proms – warm and personal

I am writing this while listening to the concert again in full. This show has such a feeling of warmth and genuine old fashioned entertainment like the variety shows of old Robbie with his local-lad-made-good personality back in full strength. But this time he is a lot more PC though lacking none of his natural charm and his black is black way of expressing his views...
He talks to the whole audience as though he is charming a woman one on one, maybe an older woman, as he says:  "I am still your son.” This is a sure fire way to not only bring out the lover in a woman but also her maternal protective side.
This is obviously a lot of the security in feelings that Ayda his Partner has now given him - and made him so happy and stable and knowing he can be in a good relationship and be a whole grown up happy individual!

The song Blasphemy by him and Guy is melodic and beautiful in the Swing vein like my fave,"I Will Talk, Hollywood Will Listen”.
Now to "Star Stuck" or ‘The George Dance a la G.Panos Michael’, as Robbie calls it: the opening sounds like  Marina the mermaid or an Atlantis type mystical sea  themed music from the Stingray type puppet shows of old. He has even updated his Auntie speech and added "ALIVE" to the negative normal ending of "No Regrets", stressing his and T/T `s rekindled brotherhood.
Another of my faves "Supreme” ( I have so many faves!!): this  sounded so fun and live and with "I Will Survive", one of Robbie’s usual ad-lib old song add-ons, going through it is so catchy, even all these years on from Donna Summers’ original. "Deception" is very reminiscent of David Bowie’s Major Tom (to me anyway).
Ayda's song I Won’t Do That To You somehow appeals to me: it is a sixties type of Dave Clark Five or one of the other equally nice and wholesome Beat type of band so fondly remembered and followed by lots of fans now.
Last but not least, “You Know Me” (at the moment Robbie’s next single, but he could change this knowing what a changeable guy he is). This has strains of doo-wop fifties and Swing Hollywood Will Listen going through the body of the song, and, just for good measure, mine and every woman in the world’s fave "Endless Love” finishes it off.
It’s an INSTANT Rob, not a grower. So, don’t stay in LA for always Rob: you do not have to tour anymore, you could keep going indef doing lots of gigs like The Roundhouse all over the World when you feel like it.


Electric Proms

I sent some Good Luck flowers to RW backstage at The Proms from all us at the Beeb. Wish I could have gone, but, blimey, tickets went in a flash.

Thinking of Gary and family

All our love and thoughts also go out to Gary Barlow’s Mum Marjorie and her dear Family including Gary at the sad loss of Colin her beloved Husband and to Gary and his siblings for their dear Father.      

X Factor

After much anticipation, Robbie was back doing what he does best. OK, so he may have been a trifle edgy but he covered himself like the professional he is.

It was so easy and natural how he could own the a whole stage, just being out there as a solo performer. Every other song that night had lots of dancers backing up the singers too as well. He was so cool looking and in charge.

The charm and entertainer in him was all there in full flight. If I hear somewhere else that it was all front and he did not enjoy that show I will eat my hat, despite reports about the door not opening on time, spoiling his entrance.

On the up side for him he says he has met the love he's always been looking for and nobody would deny him that - even though we are devastated he is not free anymore!!! 

Electric Proms - on the telly?

Sept 2009, and Robbie announces he's going to appear at the BBC's Electric Proms at the Roundhouse in north-west London on 20 October.

He will play classic songs alongside new tracks from his new album accompanied by a string and horn section as well as his full band.

The show, which will be broadcast on Radio 1, will be under the musical direction of record producer and songwriter Trevor Horn:-

Rob has also announced that the gig will be screened in 200 cinemas across Europe in a live, high definition, broadcast. Unfortunately none of those are in the UK!?

The full list of cinemas taking part are up on Rob's official web-site along with a message which says he'll be posting details of how you can tune in via BBC on the night to watch the Electric Proms as soon as the information is available! I guess we stayed tuned with fingers crossed!



Robbie Williams and Chris Moyles


Lovely to hear Rob talking to Moylesy on Radio One. He sounded so different, quite humble, but so honest and open!  I'm sure it's his feminine side coming out - maybe Ayda has helped him with that. They've been together three years now - wow, such a long time...

Part of his new (is it new? I think it is) personality is that he is just so straightforward - he said he knew that people thought Rudebox was a failure, and he had acute bit of doubt about if he could do the dancing stuff so much anymore... like he hates all the gym-training stuff now maybe. I liked it - all the big-head stuff gone (though I liked that too!!!)

He doesn't mind showing he has a soppy side. He revealed that Ayda calls him Tickles A Noo Noo at home.  Wonder what his soccer mates say. Hopefully he doesn't care.

I loved Bodies - the monks type choir opening it up in a nice mysterious way, then Rob's voice, and the anthemic flow. But that's me!

I'm trying to work out the lyrics. Are they depressing: all that about cemeteries. Not sure.

PS - Would love you to use the messageboard to say what you think of the single...


Rob does One
Nice to think the Beeb is going to be the one that gets the first talkings by our Rob about the BIG EVENT of this autumn (what?...  the single/album relesae, dodo!). Rob is releasing a download to the press for first-ever hearing on Sept 4th - so stand by!!
Rob is dropping by Radio 1 on Friday Sept 4th to talk about and play 'Bodies', so I'll be glued (not literally folks) to the radio - says it will be just after 8am which means Rob will meet up to the Big Man himself, Chris Moyles.
I wonder if it's true that they don't like each other? We shall see!

Locally, BBC Radio Stoke are excited too, and will be playing and talking about the single between 8.30am-9am on Friday Sept 4th.
If you miss it, you can still hear Radio Stoke's recorded show right up until Sept 11th.  Copy and paste the link to hear it:


Autumn already

Summer 2009

It's for real!
Phew!  I was beginning to think that it was never going to happen, but Rob has just had a big day talking to the press and friends about the 'Reality Killed The Video Star' album which he says is out in November.
Seriously, I was getting bad withdrawal, so I can feel the blood coming back... and the single will be out in October. Wonder when the pre-release is?

Seems like Rob did struggle a bit though, cos he had to have help with the lyrics, and, cuz that is Robbie's Big Talent, I hope he hasn't let the 'help' get in the way too much.
But, it's all really new stuff - the Robster wrote one song around the death of Jacko...

Thanks for coming back Rob!


Donna donation
Robbie showed his soft side again, when he offered a huge donation to the charity based in Stoke for children with life-threatening diseases - the Donna Louise hospice.  I know he loves this charity, so he must have broke him up when he couldn't get to the charity's big annual bash (though Jonny Wilkes and Pete Conway did make it) on July 11th.

Robbie - who is a patron of the charity - said that, no matter how much the event raised (and it could be as much as £25,000!), he would match it.


Very sarmy
While Robbie takes his hols in the Bahamas in June, I was wondering how Trevor Horn (producer of new album) was getting along. It's VERY quiet out there, and there's nothing on his website or even on the site of his Sarm Studios (weher the tracks are beign mixed).
But there is a sweet photo on Sarm's front page ( of Gary Barlow and the staff all with Comic Relief rednoses. The staff raised money for his achievement in climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Donna video
It's a long long wait for the new album, isn't it?  I've worn out my fingernails waiting!
But it's nice to see Robbie's softer side is still working. On his website, he's recorded a video supporting the work of the Donna Louise Trust, which has its tenth anniversary this year.
The Trust runs a home in Robbie's home-town of Stoke on Trent for children with life-threatening illnesses, and he is one of the patrons.
The film will make you shed a tear or two, I'm sure


Spring 2009


GIS gives
Thanks to Robbie's Give it Sum charity, the Under 10's team of Newcastle Albion and their coach received a grant of £650, which has bought the team warm jumpers and coats as they often practise football in the cold! There was also a grant for a Coaching Course for their Coach Andrew; they were presented with their gear at Port Vale at the end of April.


Happy Birthday Pure!
On the 4th of April 2006, somewhere on the outskirts of Sheffield, England a forum was born -, the concept of Shellspeare and entirely dedicated to Mr Robbie Williams.
PureRobbie is one of the best sites out there, and Shell told us that over 25,000 Robbie Williams fans visit every month, with full membership touching 8,000.
And if the new album emerges soon, then Pure could go through the roof!


Take That - NOT
It's a real puzzle this one, isn't it? The 'Daily Mirror' newspaper here in the UK had a front-page splash, quoting our Rob as saying there was definite progress on him and G Barlow and the rest all getting back together again, and we could expect Very Good News in the next couple of months.
And THEN, on his own blog, Robbie says... nope, it was all made up.
I believe Robbie.


Robbie in a dress - AGAIN!
Rob must love dressing up, because he's repeating his Red Nose effort from 2007. Yes, this time he will play Candy Marie-Candy (a little girl with pink ribbons) in a new Little Britain sketch for Red Nose Day (March 13).  Rob plays the devil-possessed little girl... almost too well!
David Walliams said, about the Robster's 'tendencies' that: "...we have found that the best way to tempt him back into the spotlight is by putting him in a dress!"
The sketch was shown on BBC1 on Friday March 13...  Brill


Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to Robbie for his 35th which is on Friday 13th February... and Marielle and Nina have really gone for it!
Marielle is a helicopter pilot from France and she has done a BRILLIANT birthday video for the Robster that you can see on YouTube.  This is the URL, just copy it into your browser:

And she and Nina have added some TOTALLY brilliant photo-montages to the 'Images Of Robbie' that all of you creative-types make. You can look at the images and also read Nina's 'Birthday Wishes' letter by clicking on the links below...


The Wanderer Returns
Robbie is back at last! He is staying with friends for a few days and then will move in prop to his new home in the UK.  His pets will come after as they have to go through Pet Passport Laws I expect - and that will be the proof that he is Back For Good, when the Dogs are here as well, to me.
Welcome back Boss … as I like to affectionately refer to him as, although he is not of course. But I call him mine, and not the other one, Bruce ‘The Boss’ Springsteen.

A word of warning though guys. I think the whole of the UK knows where RW`s new house is and there have been media hanging out there weeks ago I am told - but although everyone’s first thoughts are to go there and say hello, give him a bit of space, otherwise he will be back to LA before you can say Private Jet!
I would never have been this sensible a few years ago I must admit, but we all know how anxious Robbie is to have his privacy s`times - which is his right after all. So the only way it will work is give and take.  He will be cool and say hello and pose for the odd pics if everyone gives him some privacy when he wants it as well. Fingers crossed anyway.
He is back in the UK anyway, that’s a big thing.

Fearne's New Show
In the summer, Fearne Cotton has a new four episode interview show and RW is her first guest.  Brill!


January 19th... Gary B's birthday - he's 38... Which reminds me, it's Robbie's 35th next month. I wonder how he'll take it?  It's a big time for a 'pop sensation'!
(Congrats too to Gary and Dawn, who saw another baby pop out a few days ago. The baby girl is named Daisy).
Jan 19th is also the day of the national release for 'Close My Eyes' - the track in question probably surprised just about everyone, as Dutch DJ Sander van Doorn has a working on Robbie's ‘We’re The Pet Shop Boys’, plucked by Sander from Robbie’s last album 'Rudebox'.  It's been around since September, but now anybody can have a bite...

Dec 2008

Get Well Soon, Jan
It's going to be a sad Xmas for Rob, as the papers are saying his much-loved mum, Jan, is in hospital for a heart operation.  Rob flew in from LA to be near her, and I've read that she won't be out until New Year.
So, that puts it all a bit differently, doesn't it?
I know I say this for all here, and many Rob fans, when I say - we are thinking of you, Jan


Robbie's latest blog on his site is full of painful honesty about how he nearly packed it all in, and felt everything had become too much. "Just a lad from Stoke whose ambition was way bigger than my mental fortitude" he says.
And it looks like he's listening to fans - after reading the 'Pure Robbie' website's unhappy feelings about the subscription fee on Inner Sanctum.. he's told his management to put a stop to it.
So, is Robbie back with us? Hope so. It looks like he wants to be home in the UK too - I just read he has bought a Home in Calne, Wiltshire - near Jonathan Wilkes' home in Wooten Bassett, also in Wilts!


Robbie Rejoin?
I've been thinking about all this talk that Take That have been making about Robbie and how they met up in LA - so here's my Xmas wish... in poem called 'Robbie Rejoins T/T'!

Xmas is coming, The geese are getting fat
Robbie`s underwater, not alien hunting, But avoiding all Take That
But what is this I hear you say - We have seen them all together
At footie and in L.A, and  if they are not pals, To this we will shout never!
Well dear friends you would be right, As this is not the reason
For Robbie`s underwater for an entirely diff thing                                           
Not to avoid Take That, with whom he is now good  friends
But the question that`s always asked - will he be rejoining?                                             
To this the answer is yes of course, But to the question when
Robbie been his mischief self, It could be now or then
The chances are when you least expect in some unobtrusive venue
Up will pop The Robster to add his final 5th to the T/T menu!

...Also, good luck to TT, especially after the grand release in Paris of their new album CIRCUS (and big congrats too to Mark and his Fiancee Emma Ferguson who recently had a Baby Girl Willow Rose - a sister to two year old Elwood).

November 2008

RW Italy Fans
Marika tells me that there was a great meeting a few days ago in Milan in Italy.  Williams fans came from many Italian cities (Torino, Milano, Savona, Roma, Bari,
Firenze and so on....) as one amazing opportunity just to get to know ppl who meet in internet fansites but never in person, and gave them the chance to join a closely-knit group. The meeting was supported by the biggest italian RW forum ( )
Among them was a guy from Rome, Federico, who sings Rob's songs and has a beautiful voice. A lot of time was spent talking about Rob and his music....and other things of course!
The idea was was to show Rob that, even if he has been behind the scenes for 2 years, he is still loved!

What a great idea. We should do it in England...


Doug Wilkes - Guitar Master Craftsman!
Doug is a former Pop Maestro from the 60s era (plus still gigging now), who makes guitars from his workshop in North Staffordshire, about twenty miles from where Rob used to live – and he makes ‘em for Rob too!
Doug is a very nice, matter of fact guy - totally oblivious to all the pomp and ceremony that goes with most Pop Stars and Celebs, even though he has dealings with most of them at some time or the other.  He makes all sorts of stringed instruments for musicians who can afford custom built instruments.

Doug has just finished a beautiful PINK electric guitar for Robbie in the shape of his infamous RW logo; it is built from cedar wood and has mother of pearl inlays on it.
When I spoke to him, he said Rob picked it up a couple of weeks ago around the time he also visited Port Vale FC (end of October). In fact, RW’s helicopter landed in a field just by Doug’s Workshop! - and Rob popped in to collect it himself. It’s quite nice for  RW to visit Doug’s place because Rob’s sister Sally and her hubby Phil live nearby, and they and Jan drop in on a regular basis to see how things are going with Doug, and he says there is a very sim guitar waiting to be picked up in, GREEN colour this time though.
While we were chatting I inadvertently went to call Doug Graham because of Jon and his family (Jonny Wilkes’ dad was called Graham) because of they and Doug having the same surname – and then we both were saying our respects to Jon’s dear Dad. Doug was saying how he had once met Jonny`s Dad at a large Hotel (Midland he thinks), in Manchester and how Doug says he has heard the two families could be linked, in the past maybe.
To sum up, Doug is a very sweet and unassuming guy who takes his special connections with a pinch of salt and takes very little notice of all the pop-celeb stuff going on around him and concentrates on his work and his own biz. I quote Doug as saying, “I’m not nosey”! 
Good on you Doug and good luck with your gigs. Look out for him; he has a broad song sheet from Abba to Metal Rock.

We all thought, I think, that Rob wouldn’t stay in England much; so I’m happy he’s stayed around.  Maybe Ayda and Jan have really got on well?  Or maybe Ayda just loves England?
Funny though that she wanted to go on a ride on Blackpool Pleasure beach in freezing November!  RW and Family had Blackpool Pleasure Beach opened for them with help from Jonathan Wilkes’ friend who is a Boss there.
Shell told me that she is showing Purple Giraffe's video of Robbie, Ayda with friends and family at the rides (on and it’s v funny! Check it out.

PS  Good luck to Take That who are deffo for BBC Children In Need on Friday 14th Nov


Robbie Williams is staying a lot longer in England than many of us thought he would. 
He turned up unexpected at a meeting of Reach4It, a Stoke on Trent council youth project which tries to inspire kids to believe in themselves and their city. They were on a tour of one of the city's most haunted spots, The Leopard pub (only yards from his old home in Burslem), when up pops our Rob! Did they think he was a ghost???
The organisers, who brilliantly kept the whole thing secret, said they were really happy that he had inspired the kids...
Which reminds me - what's happening with Give It Sum, Robbie's local charity there?

On our messageboard, there is another suggestion why Robbie is sticking around England so long.  Is he here to pick up his custom made guitars from North Staffs based guitar maker Doug Wilkes?  You can see the guitars in progress on the website - just type in Wilkes Guitars...

And one other thing!! What's all this about Robbie being a Man Utd supporter? The papers said after he went to the Arsenal-Man U match with girlfriend Ayda Field that that was what he was. No way! Rob is Port Vale through and through - it was a shame that he didn't see the Valiants on the same day - as his team came back from 3-1 down to win 4-3 in the FA Cup. What a result!

October 2008

Well... what a surprise! Robbie Williams has been spotted here in England on a visit to his hometown of Stoke on Trent - but it was totally unannounced.
He shocked staff at Port Vale Football Club (his fave) by just strolling in and saying "hi"!
Later that day, he even popped into the Sneyd Green Oatcake shop to buy some of the local delicacy, and even had a cup of tea in a Burslem caff, stunning the customers in there.
The thing is that everyone has taken a vow of secrecy it seems - Vale won't comment, and even the oatcake shop owner just stays shtum. Did Robbie make them promise to keep it quiet?
It seems like he is visiting his Mum, Jan, and the rumour is that he may even be showing girlfriend Ayda around his boyhood haunts...


For Robbie Williams News from 2008, 2006 and 2007, click on the 'Past Features on Robbie' link on our main Robbie Williams page.  To access our main Robbie Williams page, clikc on the link in the top right-hand corner of this page.

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