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24 September 2014
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Tape measures

Babywear measurements

Christine Cooper
Check out our measurements guide when knitting for newborn babies...

Please remember that small babies skins are very sensitive. Do not use wools that are harsh, or materials that are scratchy. Do not use nylon, or any metal fasteners that could get hot in an incubator.

Velcro is acceptable on sewn items, i.e. birthing gowns and small dresses and rompers. It is not good on woollen items, as in the wash it sticks to its self and fluffs garments up.

Here is a size guide when knitting for newborn babies. Please remember that unless you are knitting for a particular baby, the hospital will always have a baby the garments will fit.

Size guide

These measurements are all approximate and of course these are the "birthday suit" measurements, for a 7-8lb baby we would normally knit a 16".

Also, the UK and the USA have different Knitting needle sizes which causes lots of confusion. The following link should help:

Needle Conversion Charts >
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***Yarn Counts for those of you who buy cones***

Count Approx Hand – knitting thickness

2/8 full 4 ply2/10 fine 4 ply2/12 3ply2/16 full 2ply2/20 fine 2ply2/24 11/2 ply2/28 full 1 ply2/30 full 1 ply2/32 1ply2/34 fine 1 ply2/36 very fine 1 ply

For desired thickness, try:

2ply 1 strand of 2/14 to 2/20or 2 strands of 2/28 to 2/32

3 ply 1 strand of 2/12 or 2 strands of 2/24 to 2/28 or 3 strands of 2/32 to 2/34 …….. or 1 strand of 2/16 with 1 strand or 2/28 to 2/32.

4 ply 1 strand of 2/8 to 2/20 or 2 strands of 2/14 to 2/16 ( full)or 2 strands 2/20 to 2/24 ( fine) or 3 strands of 2/28 to 2/30or 4 strands of 2/32 to 2/34or combinations such as 1 strand of 2/16 with 2 strandsof 2/30 to 2/32 etc.

You will find these counts should work for both Hand or Machine Knitting.

last updated: 17/03/09
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The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites

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