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24 September 2014

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Mostly famous for being in an American band, Saul Hudson (aka Slash of the band Guns N' Roses) is in fact a Potteries boy! You wouldn't believe it would you? Guns N' Roses fan Jon Clewes write the story...

Want to understand Slash?

Then hear his words: "A bottle (of Jack Daniel's) a day for five years, that's what I was doing... you have really bad breath in the morning - you know, you can't have sex in the morning till you've brushed your teeth, which is a real f****n' drag".

You may or may not known about the group 'Guns N' Roses', but believe it or not the lead guitarist - who can often been seen sporting those funny black hats ...hails from none other than Stoke-On-Trent.

Potteries boy

Slash was born in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, England on July 23rd, 1965. His birth name is Saul Hudson. He was later given the nickname "Slash", by a family friend, who said Slash was always in a hurry, zipping around from one thing to another. Quite apt really.


His mother is a Black American, and his father is a white Englishman, both artistic and highly influential in his early years. His father, also in the music industry provided art direction for record albums. Two notable clients of his were Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.

Move across the water

In the mid-1970s, at the age of 11, his parents separated. Slash moved from Stoke, to Los Angeles with his mother while his father remained based in England.

While at junior high school, his grandmother gave him his first guitar, although it initially had one string, Slash devoted 12 hours a day to playing.

Slash's early musical influences were Led Zep, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Neil Young and Aerosmith.

Musician mood

Slash lived a bohemian life style from an early age. Although an outsider at school, he was surrounded by artistic friends of his parents, getting accustomed to the moods he was to later experience.

Guns N' Roses formed in 1985, at a time dance music and pop mental dominated the scene. They certainly brought rock & roll crashing back into the charts. Guns N' Roses released their first EP in 1986, which led to a contract with Geffen.

The following year the first album 'Appetite for Destruction', hit the record shops.
Screeching about tales of sex and drugs, everything that good hard rock metal should be and making them one of the worlds biggest bands.

And the rest is history!

To finish on his words:

"We're the kind of band we liked when we were kids, definitely a people's band". Too right.


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created: 04/04/2006

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > History > Local Heroes > Slash

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