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13 November 2014

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Odd Staffordshire

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Seen one of these?

UFOs in Staffordshire?

Ever since investigations into the so-called 'Cannock Chase UFO Hotspot', Staffordshire has had its fair share of reports of UFO sightings

In 2007, the Ministry of Defence published its records on UFO sightings across the country.
The accounts, revealed under the Freedom of Information Act, showed there were over a dozen sightings in the county since 1999.

Incidents included the accounts, in 1995, of two who boys told police they had seen a figure with a lemon-shaped head by a spaceship in a field in Chasetown.

Cannock Chase

The now-defunct Staffordshire UFO Group had also made extensive investigations into the 'Triangles' shapes that were seen over Cannock Chase in 1988 - researches that were turned into a DVD 'Cannock Chase UFO Hotspot UK'.

In 2006, BBC Staffordshire TV spoke to the Staffordshire UFO group about lights in the sky at Cannock Chase...
To watch the video, click on the link below:


Maybe the activity in Staffordshire has inspired two local people to become great proponents of the truth of UFOs.

Tracie Austin-Peters, who fronts the 'Let's Talk Paranormal' TV talk show in the USA, was originally from Stoke; while another Stokie, singer Robbie Williams, has made programmes with BBC Radio Four stating his strong beliefs.

What do you think?...  give us your UFO thoughts on our messageboard below!

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created: 31/03/2006

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They are probably many races from all over the galaxy observing mankind, and have been for thousands of years. Most are evolved far beyond the primitive urges of conflict and war and are watching us to see how many of us may desire to do the same. Eventually we might look forward joining a "federation" of like minded civilizations! Many of these could be considered "cousins" of us earthlings and already share many of our nobler sentiments and aspirations.PS. 5 years ago we watched a silver disk shaped object fly over a US military installation in total silence at about 500 in elevation in broad daylight in San Diego, California. There were multiple witnesses to this event but we never bothered to report it to the authorities. I mean why? The base was bristling with all the latest radar gear and we figured if they really needed to know about, it they would have find out about it anyway. Seeing one of these craft in person changes ones perception from abstract belief to concrete knowledge. But given that only a few million people have actually seen or experienced these extraterrestrials still makes them only one person in a hundred - a very small minority considering and quite hard to relate socially to those who haven't yet. Still very exciting!

Gemma from Parkhall
On saturday 7th Nov 09 at about 8.45pm, we saw 5 strange fireballs flying accross the sky about 3 minutes between them, they were heading north-west, they disappeared one by one, i stood directly underneath them and they were about 200ft high. They were really big aswel. They were most definately not chinese lanterns!! I have seen these orange balls before but only one at a time, they are very still and then disappear. they have also been going in different positions like n, s, e and west. I have never seen anything like that last night though. really strange!!!

Michael Wright
I am based in Isleworth, and on two seperate occasions have witnessed the orange lights described in this article, on the first occasion i was with two other people and witnessed around 5 flying objects, now where i live in Isleworth we have a constant flow of planes passing by to land at Heathrow and these objects were flying at a much faster speed than the planes I then witnessed the same thing again on my own one night, however only two flying objects this time doing exactly the same thing. Is it chinese lanterns or unexplained flying objects well unless these lanters had some sort of turbo engine then i cant explain how they moved across the sky at such speed. Personally i would love to hear it was just lanterns and some sort of joke or prank, but if its not then what are we all witnessing ? And why now ?

Peter and Ann
31st October Newcastle staffs. 20.35 pm we both saw a bright orange craft on a strange low to high curved trajectory pass by and this was then followed a short while after by another, the same size and colour, on the same flight path - no noise and no aircraft lights. Any ideas?

Tina Weston Coynney
I saw nine red lights travelling slowly and then fading out.They didn't have any flashing lights.They apeared to be travelling south to north.Could they be lanterns coming from Trentham Gardens. 10pm 27/10/09 Wenston Coyney.

mary from meir
Did any-one else see the lights in the sky in mid-sept about 9pm ( saturday 26th ) most of my street were out watching them ,there were quite a lot about 50 to 60. It looks like there were over towards Tean/Cheadle way,they went across the sky and then dissapeared one by one in the same place . Has any-one any information on what they were. They wernt from Alton Towers, as it was closed , and were coming from the wrong area also i looked up events that were going on there this month and there were nothing, also my son worked there a few months ago and hes heard nothing that was happening there that would explain the lights. Thank you.

p hopkin
there is no such thing

These orange lights in the sky are chinese lanterns. You light the wicks at the bottom and then they float away, no noise. these can be as tall as 6ft. From a distance look circular like orange ball. Because they travel via air currents they often travel in linesthey will then burn themselves out and disappear.

Carol Arnall
I live in Rugeley and have been collecting ghost stories and strange phenomena for over 20 years.Have written many books.What Graham the UFO man is seeing is in fact coloured lanterns that people launch at parties etc. These are fairly recent products and many people have been mislead into thinking they are seeing UFO's

quite a few of us were looking up into the sky in meir ( sandon road end ) looking towards tean / cheadle area on 26th sept 2009 at about 8.30- 9pm when we all saw a lot of orange lights in a double line moving slowly across the sky they then went into a single file ,they appeared from behind a house in the distant and then just faded out a few houses away there was between 50 and 60 lights this went on for about 15 to 30 minutes. We know it wasnt Alton Towers as it was closed and they came from a differant direction we looked on the net and there were no events happening at that time in september.I was wondering if any-one else in the meir or any where else saw them and have any explanastion of to what they were . even though there were so many there was no sound.

at about 9pm last night Tuesday 22/9/09 big orange light in the sky and travelling very fast then it just disappeared.

We was going up to Hanley last night (saturday) around 9pm no the A449 outside Penkridge. 3 or 4 Big Orange Lights a few meters apart in a straight line, at a funny height. Higher than lampposts but lower can small light arcraft.

i was up cannok chase last night (11.09.2009)and i saw about 20 lights moving across the sky for about 5-10 mins and then they just vanished at once. what makes it worst it was on september 9 (9.11)

at 10.45 pm on saturday 5 september 2009,kidsgrove,stoke on trent,i went out side on the fronts to have a fag, i noticed this orange ball in the sky,it looked like it was in the area of the plough pub then it just turned and shot of across birchenwood/goldenhill area.ive got a camera and binos ready for next time

i live in the queensville - forebridge area of stafford. over the years i have seen orb lights as small ping pong balls and as large as 6 meters across and anything from 4 meters away to about 100 meters. i have seen triangular craft including a wedged shaped craft just above the roof of a nearby factory. apparently this was also a triangular craft as it was also seen from below it seems i had a side on view.

My husband, daughter and myself saw a single orange light above Wyrley, Staffordshire last night (22/8/09) it seemed to twinkle but was not a star. It definately wasn't a helicopter or plane as there was no noise. Occasionaly it would move slightly but it stayed in more or less the same place for well over an hour? Strange. It's not the first time we've seen it either, we've seen the same thing at least 3 times now, always in the same place?

in cannock staffordshire i saw a light moving accross the sky... it looked a bit like something on fire... it moved accross the sky then fizzled out to nothing. was about 11.10pm

Julie Tibbitts
We have just witnessed the same sort of spectacle that Pauline (below) did. At around 11.15pm tonight over our house in Chorley near Lichfield around 12 silent crafts went across the sky. They were very brightly lit and almost "jellyfish" like in appearance. It was quite eerie!

John Butler
I was waiting outside my brother in laws house with him and his son at approx. 10:30 pm on Saturday 27 June 2009. The house is in Whitehill, Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent. We were just talking before my wife and I travelled back to Blackpool. The three of us saw thia orange orb (about the size of a football to our eyes as we looked at it) travelling horizontally with great speed from west to east. The speed was far in excess of a plane or a helicopter and it was travelling directly towards us. Suddenly it stopped and hovered on the spot with no movement at all. There was also no sound but it was a long way from being directly above us (I would estimate that it could have been directly over Crewe or Nantwich say). My nephew ran into the house to get some binoculars but during that time the orange orb began to move vertically upwards, getting smaller in size to our view until it passed throught the cloud base and disappeared. The whole sighting must have lasted at least a couple of minutes. It was certainly not a quick appear and disappear.I am a Christian (not part of any UFO group who might be considered to want to see such things). My Chritian faith does not lead me to believe in life on other planets so to me this was a particularly exceptional, and difficult to understand, event.

eddy smith
i have seen ufo,s over leek in staffs i have it on vidio and photos of it as well

on jan 1st 2009 i saw four lights rise into the sky they moved in straight line untill two moved and looked like they were going to colide,i phoned my daughter who lives a mile from my home she and he partner watched them untill they flew away at high speed

stu b
on 6th june 09 about 10:40 pm in maidstone kent saw three orange lights in sky first two about 2 minuite's apart the third about 20 min later bright orange lights moving across sky then just seem to fizzle out.

Jackie C
I saw a large orange light glowing in the north sky on Sunday night 31st May around 10.30. It rose like a firework then headed west and stayed for about 5-7 minutes. I thought it was a firework at first but then it started moving. My son saw it too and one of his friends. I'm not sure what it was but it did look strange. Northallerton North Yorkshire

Chris M
On 24 May 2009, between 10.15 and 10.30 , a friend and I in Little Haywood watched a strong red light in the sky to the West beyond Stafford, at about 45 degree elevation from the horizon, not moving, but gradually diminishing in strength till it disappeared completely.
Have you had any reports from elsewhere?The sky was clear with stars becoming plainly visible.Quite strange.

I saw something Saturday night. I was sober as well so I know I was not seeing things.I was at Milford on Saturday at the Wimpy it was about 10 o'clock and we walked back to our car and got in to eat our burgers. I was looking at the horizon when I first saw this orange orb then it was joined by another 3 of them then they disappeared very quick and then some more came. There were about 12 in total they seemed to join in a straight line in groups of 4. They seemed to just hover there then just went away very quick towards Penkridge I got out to get a better look the only sound was of the other traffic and nothing else very spooky. Some one else from Stafford rang the late show and said they had seen the same thing so it was not just me.

Saturday 2nd August 2008 at approx 11pm - and in our back garden in Leek. We saw in total 3 of the weird orange lights, two appeared together following each other then 20 minutes later a third one. They appeared, travelled silently and horizontally across the sky and then out of sight. We caught the third on camera video but obviously not a brilliant filming

I was living in Tunstall. At the time I had a job delivering a magazine in my local area.I was down in the Longport area at the time of my extraordinary sighting.
I noticed a bright red flashing light above the electricity substation which is on the hill. My first thought was that it was a beacon of some kind. Then I noticed it move. Again I thought it was just a helicopter or something. Then the light began moving in my direction...It came right down over longport and turned slowly over the buliding that was part of "cookies light and sound".As it turned I could see that it was no bigger than a mini. It was sort of egg shaped, or more like an I-mac. It had a red light on the tail that went from the roof to the floor. It moved slowly and silently. It then glided over the buildings and down over the road and off down the railway tracks. Again I just stood and gaped.
Have you or anyone else see anything strange at these times? If so let me know

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Discover Staffordshire > Local Life > Odd Staffordshire > UFOs in Staffordshire?

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