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13 November 2014

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Polish Community - talk

This is a noticeboard for Staffordshire and South Cheshire's Polish Community to pose questions, and to get answers!

We've had hundreds of messages posted for the 'Polish Messageboard' on this site. All the comments have been saved; and you can access them by clicking on the links on the right-hand side of this page.
But to add your thoughts or comments... just make a comment in the form below

last updated: 02/03/2009 at 08:25
created: 14/03/2006

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Catherine Harris
I am currently researching for my PhD at the University of Birmingham. My research focuses on the experiences of Polish entrepreneurs in the UK. As part of this I am making a short documentary to raise people's awareness of the contribution that Polish businesses make to the UK. If you are a Polish entrepreneur of any kind and would like to be interviewed briefly for my film then please contact me. I would travel to you to conduct the interview. It would involve a few basic questions about how the business was established and your experiences of running it.The film will be featured on the University of Birmingham website and You Tube site. The aim of the film is to promote a positive image of Polish workers is the UK as creating jobs and contributing to their local community.If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions then please get in touch: or 07515167877.I look forward to hearing from you.Kind regards,Catherine Harris

Judith King
HelloI specialise in giving private elementary English lessons to Polish people in Stoke on Trent. details are:

Henry Wegiel
In response to Captain Kenneth Wood, re. Doddington camp. My parents were located there after the war. I lived there untill I was five years old. My father was a coal miner and we moved to a new house built for miners in Madeley. We moved to Canada in 1958.

Marianna from Leszno(now at Harlston in the UK)
Hi.I have a question,I want to meet polish peoples who live in Harlaston or Staffordshire do You know something about places when I can to meet polish people? Best regards for everyone!

Anthony Lewicki
Message for Piotr Lewicki - contact me on 07974 710718
George Hebda was a psychiatric Nurse in Scotland in the fifties.He later went down to England.For more info see above email address

Rachel Clements
Sorry to leave yet another, non Stoke and Staffordshire message! We need a Polish community board like this in the North East.I'm looking for Polish families in Newcastle to take part in interviews about their experiences of life in the city. I'm a PhD student at Newcastle University. I have a blog called Newcastle's Polish Families, so please contact me there, or find me through my university profile. Please also get in touch if you are interested in my research in any way. Many Thanks.

Anna Moronczyk
Seeking Lost Relatives:Hello, I’m uncertain this is the right forum to look for lost relatives.I’m writing from USA and I’m looking for my father’s (Romuald M Filipowicz) cousin and godfather to my brother JANUSZ DEMIANOWICZ. As my father he was part of the WWII Polish Army, and as a DP he resettle in England. The last address known (1953) is Moore St South, Blakenhall Wolverhampton, West Midlands.Do to life’s various circumstances contact was lost. If anyone recognizes this name, I would greatly appreciate provide me with any information about him or his family. I am very eager to reconnect with family members. colibri48@gmail.comKind regards,Anna

Seeking Lost Relatives:My father’s name is Romuald M Filipowicz (Konderowicz), native of Lwow PL. Served on the WW2 Polish Army II Corps as a DP in an Italian Camp he re-encounters with his cousin Janusz Demianowicz; who settled into life in England. Last address known is 2 Moore St South, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton.Do to life many turns contact was totally lost, I am in need of assistance.If anyone knows of the Demianowicz Family, could you kindly advise?... I am very eager to re-connect with them.Many thanks,AnnaUSA

Hey actually I'm looking any information about polish club in UK. I try to open something like that but I couldn't found anywhere and anything. I know that this site is for something diffrent but please if You have any information and You are able to share with me please give me a call this is very important for me :) Kinga 07518794187

Lisa Klawinski(Prokopczuk)
Hello, I just started a facebook as well. My fathers name is Michael Prokopczuk.

Babette Gallard
Could anyone tell me if they, or more likely their family, were refugees in WW2 and fled to Lisbon (where they may or may not have been issued visas).
I am trying to find out about my mother and her post war activities. Has anyone heard of Nell Schramm, born 1931 and qualified as a nurse At Georges, London? During WW2 she fled, with her parents, to Mauritius, via a number of other countries, and latterly settled down in London, assuming British nationality in 1952. Before this she went to school in Tunbridge Wells.

Piotr Pawel Lewicki
For me and for his grandchildren, I am trying to put together my father , Piotr Pawel Lewicki's story. he escaped from Poland in 39 through Romania, served briefly in France, Iraq , Palestine, North Africa( Carpathian Brigade), and later in the Independant Parachute Brigade. He was` born in a village near Saleschacky, in the Eastern Provinces, in 1920. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who's father or grandfather had a similar experience but especially from anyone who might have served with him -- a bit of a vain hope, given the passage of time. If anyone can point me to an association or individual who might be of assistancer I will be most grateful. Kind regard, Piotr Lewicki.

Iwonna it is Marysia nee Dabek
At long long last. Look at facebook, I have sent you a message with my e mail. I found a lot of army history. Get in touch please

Dave Grzelka
for Melony RobertsonCould it be Czesław? The Polish equivalent of Charles is Karol. The a ending is feminine I believe.

sandra Perchanycz
My fathers name was Bazyli PERCHANYCZ.He was born in Tarnawa-Nizna Turka Poland 05/1915.He was prisoner of war in Siberia came out via Iran Iraqu Palestine where he was anti aircraft op 8th Army fought in Montecassino Italy and came to England marrying my mother Kathleen in tamworth staffs.He had 3brothers and 1 sister i do not know the names of and he never heard of them since the begining of WW11.can someone help me find out anything

Iren Prozb
I'm looking for PROZBIKAnybody who know about Prozbik: Jozsef born 1893 HuMaria (Mary)POL. married Ptak NY 1919Stefan born in 1853 Istvan Bonyhadi Hu approx.1904 Thank

Melony Robertson (was Jankowski)
Hi im looking for anyone who may be able to help me, i have today found out that my grandad who came over during the war was involved in the battle of arnhem and am looking for anyone who may be able to help me as i am trying to do a little research, as unfortunately he is now in a home with alzheimers so i cannot ask him!
His name in english is Charles Jankowski but i am looking to see if anyone can help me with his polish name's spelling - i know its something like chezloe??yank, something ending in an a!
If anyone could help me i would be so unbelieveabley gratefull. we are catalogueing his medals and which to see if we can find anything about him to add to them, so as when my sisters and my own children grow up they will know our family history! Im not sure where he was born i think it was near krakow

krystyna urbanski lackenby
looking for my fathers family. Have documents from his service in British Occupation Zone Germany. Name Cezlaw Urbanski born 23.2.1916 Mieszawa or Miechalowie. Migrated to Australia 1949. Left wife and child (children) in Poland.

Catherine Harris
Are you a Polish migrant living in the Midlands region and running your own business?I am looking for Polish migrants who own/ manage a business to participate in research into their entrepreneurial experiences. This research is being conducted in association with the University of Birmingham.All forms of Polish entrepreneur are welcomed, but I am particularly keen to involve:• graphic designers,• translators,• solicitors,• tax advisors,• and dentists.Participating in the research involves a short interview about:• your migration experience, • how your business was established, • and how you continue to run your business. It is hoped the research will provide an insight into the Polish employers’ element of the UK, particularly in the Midlands regionThe research will be conducted in a location of your choice and only requires a small time commitment.If you are interested in participating or would like more information please contact: Catherine Harris - or The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT.

carol brett nee kudlek
karsten and dieter i am the daughter of karl joseph kudlek. i would like to contact you.

ann adams
i am trying to find a polish language class in stoke on trent i have been going to cauldon college but the classes are not continuing this term can any one help thank you ann

Patricia ann Boczkowski Crespo:
I'm looking for any members of my fathers family. My fathers name is Mieczyskaw Boczkowski, born in Bialystok county Poland on august 6th 1919... My father sis the son of Bolestow boczkowski and Bolestow is the son of Adam Boczkowski.. Adam Boczkowski was married three times~sincerely patricia~

Iwonna Francis nee Korzeniowska
Message for Rose Esther. You were looking for Genek Zelem. A number of us went to the Red Brick school and then to the White school. I saw Genek two weeks ago at Zbyszek Baran's funeral. He lives in Leeds, his mum in Cuddington and sister in Chester. Im sure that someone in our Polish community will have his number. Will try and find out. Regards. Iwonka

Iwonna Francis nee KorzeniowskaM
Message for Marysia Dabek. Marysia saw your message - I posted a few trying to find my mums relatives. I dont know whether you remember me. Our families + the Wieczerzaks visited each other regularly. We came to see you in Liverpool many times. I remember your mum visitging us in Lostock Gralam. If I r emember rightly one of your sisters was called after me - Iwonka or Yvonne Dabek. You and I were both born at Diddington Hospital. Our dads and Jan Wieczerzak were all in the army together. I remember your dad making and repairing shoes. Please get in touch. Dont think we can post tel nos on here or emails but please get in touch with me. I am in the Middlewich phone book I K Francis. Look forward to hearing from you. Iwonka

Iwonna Francis nee Korzeniowska
Hi Lisa re N Prokopczuk/Michael Prokopczuk you can get in touch with me on Facebook or please check the Middlewich phone book I am listed in there. Would love to here with regard to the above. Thanks. Iwonna

Iwonka Francis nee Korzeniowska
Iw emailed a couple of times. am desperately wanting to get in touch with a Lisa who leFT a message in March in reply to one of my postings re my mum.
Iwonka from Middlewich

katrina strzelec
I am looking for any one who knows or is related to my grandad, Marian Strzelec, krakow, born 1922! He had 11 brothers, all older than him... but lost contact after the war!! his father was polish and mother was austrian, so desperate to find family x

Iwonna Francis nee Korzeniowska
This is a message for Lisa with regard to Michael Prokopczuk.I posted a message sometime ago trying to trace relatives of my Mum Nadzieja Prokopczuk. Lisa if you have some information please post a message would love to get in touch. Iwonna

Do you want to speak English?unemployed peaople over the age of 18 years old, you will need to be living in the Staffordshire area, and also looking for a job, we can help with CV, interview Techniques and help with filling out applicationforms.If you want more information please contact Stoke -on - Trent College 40 Trinity Street, Hanley, S-O-T St1 5LJ.

Iwonna (Korzeniowska) Francis
Hi LisaI havent been on the site for awhile so was very excited to read your comments. Does this mean that you have some information with regard to Michael? Please get in touch. I believe that we cannot leave our email addresses but they will provide these on request should you want to email me.Thanks.Iwonna

Flexible Routeway S-O-T College. 01782 227681
This is a programme set up by the goverment and funded by the ESF, to help unemployed people over the age of 18 years old with English speaking, reading and writing. Must be pre entry. We also help clients to find employment and cover health and safety in the working environment. if you are interested and want to find out more please ring the above phone number to make an appointment. you must live in the S-O-T, Staffordshire area. Rgards, Pam Whitehurst Programme Coordinator.

Bernadette Armstrong ( Czaplinski)
My father Joseph Czaplinski was a teacher at Doddington school. My siblings Jurek, Grazyna(R.I.P),Janina and myself. My mother Alfreda died 10 years ago in Tasmania. All of my family now live there. My father is in frail health but still has the same determination.

rose esther
how do i contact genek zelem?iremember him from delamere school he wants to hear from anyone who knew him

He was my dad, married to ADRIANA (known as Shan). I was the first born MARYSIA in jan 1948 in the Polish military hospital Diddington. My dad had many friends in Cuddington. I think he was in 1st armoured division. Born Kostroma in 1916. I want to know so much more

christine dalton
Any info re Count Anton....... Polish Air Force possibly at Air Training school Perton ,also Morecambe in late 1930s

john Carless
i remember Jan Czerski as a school boy at wybunbury.i lived close to the doddington camp .i still see Teddy Kuzan (CHIPPY)

Joan Cook Kukielka
I am searching for a lady by the name of Barbara Nawracaj from or neighboring communities of Brzesko . She lived with me in Barrington, Il. 847=929-4761

sandra Perchanycz
my father Bazyl Perchanycz died in 1981 and lived in tamworth since leaving the polish resettlement corps witney camp 1947/8. he was born in tarnawa nizna, turka poland in 1915 joined the 2nd polish corps and british 8th army under Anders and Monty.i dont speak any polish but i do wonder if there are any family members alive poss poland?he fought at monte cassino and was a prisoner in siberia. could someone help me a little more?

Halina Howard
I am trying to find information on my stepfather Marian Kantoch. He met my mother Jadwiga Wisniewska in Doddington camp,Nantwich c1948. My sister Ursula and myself were in Doddington camp until 1959 when my stepfather moved us all to Hitchin in Herts. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Maria Herbowicz-Spence
I was born in the Nr 6 Polish General Hospital in Diddington (then Huntingdonshire) in 1947. I would like to know where exactly this hospital was. Thanks!

Liudmila Vysochina
Searching my relatives in MA USA, Ludwik/Marta/Zbyszek Zieliński

ginny ensignia
I am looking for ways of finding a polish english speaking aupair to live in Milton Keynes. Any best links or ideas or agencies that I can use? thanks


Steve Patalong
A possible answer for Gareth's enquiry. On my grand parents grave our name is spelt "Patalongowie".

Hello, I now work in Poland several times a year. My question is the soup with white sausage and a bolied egg that is poured in the bread what is it called and where in the UK can you get the breadBlessings

Hello,Could the person looking for relatives of Michael Prokopczuk please reply? The posting read:Iwonka Francis nee KorzeniowskaHi again I’m trying to trace any relatives of my mum's. She was called Nadzieja Prokopczuk and was from Male Sady near Dubno. She was taken to Germany as a young girl and never returned home. Her father was taken to Russia with his family. I have a picture which was in her possession of a Michael Prokopczuk written on the back but nothing else. Anybody out there with the same surname? Dziekuje. Iwonka

Mark Drake
HI, im an enlish person who would like to learn polish, i have a polish wife but she gets mad to quickly when im trying to learn,I live in burton, maybe Ula we could help each other out, also my wife is almost perfect English to teach..

Derick Williams
I went to see a Polish Show last week and I thought that the polish community should see it. It's the funny story of two englishmen who travelled to Poland to get a job. They really big up the Poles have a look.they are at hard graft theatre company and they have a website

Robin Stephenson
Hello, I am a notary public based in Staffordshire, am happy to assist if you have any legal documentation for use back in Poland. Robin Stephenson

Dear Ann & Carol - thanks so much for the information regarding my father. I see, though, that there are two dates for his death - 1977 & 1997, can you confirm which is correct.Heather

I live in Burton. I am looking person who teach me speak English, I am Polish teacher, I can teach Polish.

Jolanta Cicha
I am trying to find a person which lives in Crewe and can speak polish and can help me learn English for free! :)

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