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13 November 2014

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You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Local History > Features > Staffordshire Local History Messageboard

Staffordshire Local History Messageboard

A page for you to post your Staffordshire Local History Requests. From reminiscences and memories ... your requests for info about local historic facts and artefacts... (and your helpful answers too!)

Use this page to make your requests about information concerning Staffordshire's history.
And if you have the information to help someone with their puzzle, can you put in the answers too?

To make a request, or to help answer one, just fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

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LInda Rhead
This is for Christine Poole Holford in the hope that she'll visit the site again. Christine if you se this can you get in touch with me at believe we share some ancestors.My paternal grandmother was Sarah Poole daughter of William Ellis Poole.Her brother, John, I think was your grandfather.John married Elizabeth Fradley, daughter of William Fradley and wife Diana.I'm also related on the Fradley side...long story! William Ellis Poole and his wife and family lived first in Herbert St,Hanley, then Rutland St, and finally Bow Street, by Hanley Deep Pit. My grandma Sarah, died in 1945, my father was her son Clifford.Regards,Linda

We have recently moved into the old Nursery school, Bath House,Bath Lane, Hixon. We have been told that is was once possibly a pub, or Hotel.We have scoured the internet for any history but found nothing. We know it was built around 1812? If anyone can tell us anything about our house we would love to know. Thank you.

Joanna Jones
I am looking for information of the Procters of Audley. My immediate problem is Joseph or maybe, Samuel Proctor who married Amy. I'm at my wits end. please help

Bob Lockett
Barry Owens assumption is almost certainly correct. Executed prisoners were buried within the prison grounds and this practice continued well into the 20th Century.


Christine Holford from Canada
hello, my name is Christine Poole Holford. I happen to come across this site, wow what a surprise, I lived at 483 Etruria Road with my parents Bob and Doll Poole, 1946-1967. My dad worked at Grimwayds pot bank, at night he worked at the Queens Hotel. I can rememer back around 1950, the people who owned the Queens were name Mr and Mrs Wilkinson. I recall sitting on the front steps of the Queen for many hours a day. I used to sit with a bag of crisps and pop, there was a gents room only. There were 2 big trees at arms length from our front door, a big Owel used to sit there. Our house was ajoined to 485 the part of the house with the 2 front windows. I have a pic with my dad and Mr Wall who lived at 485 around 1952 in front of the Queens. Mrs Wall, used to clean at the Queens. Yes, I can recall the gas man coming to light the gas lamp half way down the bax and then there was on lamp at the bottom. I hope I am lucky enough to find this site again. We plan o! n coming back for a vacation around Sept 2009, we stay at the Haydon St B&B, this way I get to walk past my house many time whileon holiday.

Just wondered if you could help, I've been trying to trace the a/mentioned piece of music but to no avail.It was written in 1960 specially for the opening of Lea Hall Colliery at Rugeley in Staffordshire. It was written by the Composer Percy Young who was teaching at Wolverhampton Technical College at the time. It appears in his list of Brass Band Scores but there doesn't seem to be a printed copy anywhere

Barry Owen.
I have discovered that my Great Grand Uncle,William Owen, was hung outside Stafford Gaol on 11th April 1840 for the murder ofChristina Collins... according to the local paper of that time over 10,000 peopleflocked to the hanging !! I assume because of his crime he would not have been buried in consecrated ground and would possibly be in an unmarked grave within Stafford Prison..I have tried both writing to the Governor and Emailing their archive department to find out more about my infamousancestor..would you be able to give mesome pointers for my research on William Owen......any help would be gratefully received..Regards,

Carole Anne Carr
that's great news about Bethesda chapel. my mum Joyce Hawkins talks about it quite often. she will be pleased they are renovating it. there is also a beautiful chapel in Meir that as been recently built. lol

Phil P
Can you help ?During World War 2 (1943) , Rolls Royce opened a factory to manufacture the RB23 Welland jet engine. This was the first real mass produced jet engine and was used in the then revolutionary Gloster Meteor jet fighter.
Where in Newcastle was the Rolls Royce factory located ?
How many workers in 1943/44 ?
When did the RR factory close ?
Does any part of the factory remain ?
Was the engine just assembled from parts made elsewhere in UK or were ALL the main parts manufactured on site as well ?
Does any listener have any photographs of the RR Newcastle factory - inside and outside?
Dare I hope of any photos of the RB23 Welland jet engine assembly line at Newcastle ?
Listeners can send me email/images at :-newcastle.engine@

Meryl Dawes - NY, USA.
Hi, this is a long shot but I am looking for a country house ( or may be town? that my Great grandparents lived in some time in the late 1800's it was called Basford Hurst...... I looked on Google but only found Basford Hurst Park which seemed more industrial..... I do have 2 photographs that I think are the house and that it was somewhere in the Stoke g g grandfather owned a mill in Hanley George Goodwin and son. flint stone grinders, West Wood mills. it closed in the mid 1900'sDo you have any idea where I could find out information about this house....Basford Hurst???Thanks for your time

Paul Wakefield
Would like some information on a bomb that dropped in Nile Street in 1942 / 1943. My father recollects windows being blown out in Harris's garage as a child.

Christine Holford
i am trying to help some one to locate on the Staffordhire map a hostil for pregnent girls back in the 1945. The address was Etruria Road, Normacot. It was a home where young unmarried girls used to go.

Dave Pover
Re: Barlaston Murder... The murderer was Leslie Green. I was only about 5 at the time, but I was later told by my mother that I used to play with his daughter who lived a few doors down the road, whilst the trial was going on. We lived in Beeston St up Sandford Hill at the time.
Dave Pover, Victoria. Australia

Joanna Jones
I would like any information on Procters of Audley. One of them (uncle)? was John Procter, who ran the Bulls Head in 1864. I also know that my ggggggrandmother Amy was born at Talke about 1783. She was married to Joseph Procter who was a coal miner, as were most of the family. I would be very grateful of any help as I've discovered our distant ancestors owned Audley!!

eric fernyhough
i have photos of williamson st in tunstall when they knocking it down

Jeff Abbotts
Looking for old photos of Norton Parish (Norton, Milton,Brown Edge,Ford Green, Smallthorne & Ball Green areas)for a non-profit making book on the area, particularly Norton itself. Looking for loan of photos and permission to scan.

rob keeling
Has anyone information on the whereabouts of an Iron foundry called " White and Collins" location unknown but maybe near Shelton Bar ? great grandfather worked there pre 1914 and after any help be most welcome

does anybody no of a public house bagnall street longton now chelson street .1950s at the bottom of the street was the american. but higher up was a pub nicknamed the lamp

selwyn flynn
i would like info on the "gallowstree lane" murder if any one has any

M Parkin
I have an address for my great grandmother as Wardlow,Farley. I think it was near the entrance to Alton Towers and I'd like to know if this address still exists. Also, which school would a child living in Cotton in 1898 have attended? Thankyou.

selwyn flynn
does anyone remember the murder in Gallows Tree Lane,newcastle-under-lyme,staffs?i would appreciate a name and date if possible.

King Street Congregational Church (Newcastle).On Sept,6th 1859.Foundation stone laid by John Crossley.All investigation has failed to find it!! The 150th anniversary would be complete if anyone can shed light on this mystery.A Dunn.

frank hopkins
can you tell me when shelton bar steelworks closed down my dad harry hopkins worked during the war as a boy i was thrilled to see the the sky when the the glow light up the sky.

Clive Taylor
I am researching a court case at Stafford Special Assizes in 1885, the papers of which refer to the plaintiff owning a Public House/Spirit Vaults in Broad Street and Victoria Square Hanley namely The Jug Hotel and Museum. wo points: when was the Jug demolished, more intriugingly what was the Museum? Can anyone assist Please? Thanks Clive Taylor

Beverley Ricketts
Hi, I am researching the range of Pottery with the trade name Norville Ware made by Cartwright and Edwards from 1936+. I have found out alot about C&E, and how the company susequently was bought out, etc...but really it is the Norville Ware Logo and range i would like to find out about. The City Archieves and Museum have been very helpful, but their advice is that there is really no where one can find out why particular names were given to certain ranges. Does anyone remember why the name Norville was given to this Pottery range, or have any idea how it might be possible to find out? Many thanks

peta h
can anyone tell me what happened to Hixon secondary school.I was a pupil there in the 60's

Ken Buckley
The beautiful house(s) asked about by Derrick Woodward, were located on Stone Road, across from an old home named "Cranberry," believed to be the former Trentham Post Office. That would place them approximately 200 yards north of the old Trentham Gardens entrance on the same side as the mauseleum. The buildings were utilized during WWII housign a contingent of Newfoundland soldiers of the Pioneer Reg't. A NAFFI Quonset was set up opposite the black and white structures, which sat on each side of the entyrance to Trentham Parochial School - now filled with homes. I believe I'm correct. There is a great picture postcard book of Trentham which shows these structures. After the war, I believe the RAF utilized the buildings. Magnificent buildings.

Ken Buckley
Believe the New Inn referred to by Steve Howe sat at the intersection of Bankhouse Road and Garfield Avenue. On the aerial map, it looks like the same structure still stands. Years ago it was called Man In Space. So undoubtedly it has had many names since then.

Penny Vickers
Re: PB Ltd bricks - Potteries Bricks Co, Fenton.

Penny Vickers
Reserching Anthony Shaw, who was a pottery manufacturer c1850 to 1900. He had two pot works, namely Child Works and Mersey Works. Does anyone know where these were???

Can anyone give me the name of a public house in Hope Street, Hanley,circa early to middle 1900's? Any details of the landlord or other members of staff would be great. Many Thanks

A.lbert E. Inskip
Has anyone got any information about a colliery explosion that happened at Ford Green Colliery (now Norton ) on the 24th February 1912.?I have a ponys hoof made into a inkwell&penstand. it has a copper shoe and is capped by copper with a glass inkwellAround the side it reads "Colliery Explosion Ford Green 24th February 1912.Now I have read there were 50 ponys killed. and I think only one man as it was a saturday and no one was working.My father was forman blacksmith at Ford Green, until 1936, when he left to come to Nottingham, he passed away in 1952.I was always told he made this inkwell.but cannot understand why as he would only be twelve years old when the explosion happenedAlso I have been led to believe there are three more (all from the same pony) has anyone else got one of these inkwells if so I would love to hear from you.. or any information you may have

gareth shenton
Does anybody have any info on a large pot-bank which was called Johnson bros,This pot-bank was in a small street called "Ayshford st" just off cooke st ,near Edensor rd.2 brothers owned the pottery ,a man with half of a thumb missing used to work opp my house at the pottery he used to pack the pottery in large wooden barrels and lots of straw.That was in the early 1970-80s,in the same street was a coach garage the owner named Glyn he always smoked a pipe, opp halls-pottery was Manor engineering and at the bottom of ayshford st was Cartwright n edwards this pottery was on a street called -Willow row -(the cot).I hope this jogs someones memory.HAPPY DAYS

Karl Bostock
Does anyone know the route of the Monk's Walk from Dieulacre Abbey to any of the other Cistercian monasteries in Staffordshire or the location of Lady Well

Sophie Taylor
RE: Val Williams - Burton-upon-Trent POWs.My Grandfather is from Burton and has many stories and photos about/of the area.

Rob Wood
michael perrins I'm related to James HItchings who ran the Printers in Hanley. I'm registerd on the genes reunited web site and have a blogg website called Hitchings Family (Ancestory) if you would like to find out further information

Elaine Lapidge
Does anyone know anything about the Limes Maternity Home at Packmoor that I believe existed in the 1940's; whether the building still exists and if so what is it now used for. Any information would be appreciated.

was there ever a mansion in clough hall park?


Chris Cosgrove
I am looking for information on the Aircraft Factory at Blythe Bridge my Father in Law came from Liverpool along with some other men in the early days of WW2 to help set up the factory. They ha worked in a similar factory at Speke in Liverpool. His name was John Whittingham and there was another man called Hill and possibly a Ted Sadler, can anyone help or provide any information at all on the facttory.

Anne Kendall Smith
I am looking for rhe ancestors of a William Green, who was a solicitor in Wolverhampton in the 1890's. His father was also a William, born about 1805 in Wolverhampton. He was the grandfather of Cyril H. GreenThank YouAnne Smith

Kath Scally
I'm interested in the following message on you 2003 family history page:Thomas/ Wooldridge/Nailor families.Looking for info' on ben thomas married Ellen Wooldridge. I have copies of marriage license, but all census list her as sarah.Where could I look now?. thank you Hilary Southkemptville Ont' canadaIs it still possible to in touch?Kath

Jill Whitmore
Concerning the war memorial at the junction of the A525/A531 in Madeley Heath. I know it was erected in 1921 but has it always been in its present location as I have found co-ordinates for it which place it on the holborn in Madeley please help

i would like some info on the old barbers shop in stoke town centre ,hill st on the right just below the staff of life pub.the barbers is very old ,the shop is now being converted into a thi cafe,a bit of history on the old barbers would help with my reserch .
hi i have a north stafford car badge,it is burgundy,white and also has queens crown on top and 3 feathers.i wonder if u could give any info on it please.thanks cheryl.

Julie Johnson
I have found an ancestor on the 1881 cencus who was the hotelkeeper at The Waverley temperanec Hotel in Market Street, Hanley. I can't find any information on this hotel.Does anyone have any knowledge of this hotel; when it opened and when it closed? From the cencus it could be number 11 Market Street. Any info would be great! Many thanks.

Elizabeth Aumeer
My great grandparents lived in Back Walls, Stafford. Does anyone know what The Back Walls were and what it was like to live there in 1870. My great grandfather was a shoemaker.

michael perrins
interested in the history of James Hitchings printers of Hanley. He was my great grandfather and the founder of the business which lasted until the 1950s I think it was in Glass Street until the 1940s but then moved toPicadilly. James lived to a great age in Basford.The business was eventally soldv to Atkinsons I think and Percy Hitchings and his on Alfred moved to Rhodesia as it then was.Any information would be most welcome.

Derrick Woodward
Researching info;for a book,I've an old sketch of a black and white timbered building at Trentham.Apparently,damaged by fire and demolished during the 20th;century?Please,any help with the history of this fascinating building?Thank yuo.

Keith Mellor
On Ordnance Survey map 258 Close to the Caldon Canal between Ladderedge and the old St Edwards Hospital is a feature called Caena's Well. What is this and what are its origins and history please

Janet Tierney
I'm trying to find out about a relative of mine. She was a fine singer who performed in the Stoke area in the early 20th century and was known as 'The Clara Butt of the Potteries'. She had a very deep contralto voice (my father remembers she 'sang like a man'). I think her maiden name was Evelyn Turner, but could be wrong, family memories are a bit vague for that early on! If anyone knows anything, please contact me. All information gratefully received. Janet Tierney

steve howe
Does anyone have any information on New Inn, an area of Trentham or Clayton. There is a sreet called New Inn Lane which commemorates this area, but I would like to know where the New Inn stood.

I am looking for information on The Bull's Head which was a pub in Audley in 1860. It is now our house and I can't find any photos of it. It used to be owned by Allsops Brewery

Brian Wilson
I'm trying to find what the crest described cellerbrated it has BRIERLEY HILL 1894 with a staffordshire knot above and below on a red background thank you

I know that John and Ralph Harding (stonemasons) built Mow Cop castle.Did they build any other buildings of any kind?

Steve Ogden
Hi ThereI'm trying to find out any information regarding a busines run by a great aunt of mine. The bussiness was called Fanny's Bar, her name was Fanny Ogden. I have a feeling that is was based around the Wolstanton area but I can't be sure. Time period would be mid to late 1800's.

M Blakeman
I am disappointed that the magnificent chuch of St Wilfrid at Cotton, a Pugin building was not given a mention.Perhaps it's because it is somewhat off the beaten track and is not a very pretty site to see as it stands aside the ruins of the once proud Cotton College or is it because the threat of closure draws nearer daily and perhaps people do not want to give it publicity either good or bad.Whatever the reason I feel very sad that St Wilf's,so plain and simple but steeped in Catholic history will perhaps end its days without the recognition it deserves

Clifford Whyte
Robert Hancock 1730-1817 artist and engraver from the potteries had three sons , Robert, Thomas and Henry. Does anyone know who their sons were.

Jessica Burton
Does anyone know where I might be able to find a book called "At Loggerheads With Enemy" It's a book about the TB sanatorium that used to be located in Loggerheads.Failing that, any information on the sanatorium would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Golds
At the rear of Dilhorne Village Hall stand several man made mounds, does anyone the the reason for them.

Pat Butler
I'm interested in Chesterton's history and wondered where I could find old photos and information. Can anyone help please

Duncan Morris
Any information on the Hixon rail crash of 6th January 1968?

Tammo Schwarz
I was directed to this article on your site: about the history of the Fauld Explosion by reading an entry on Google Sightseeing. The claim in your article, that the Fauld Explosion was 'the world's biggest non-nuclear explosion' is patently wrong. Even the claim that it was the biggest non-nuclear explosion on UK soil is dubious, as Heligoland was under UK administration at the time of the (bigger) "British Bang" on 18 April, 1947. You might want to change some of the statements in the above article to fit the facts

marie jenkins
what and how much were War Bonds? Also when were they redeemed and was there interest given?Thanks

dennis patton
was there a plane crash in dillhorne in 1953?

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