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29 October 2014
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Visual Arts

1995 Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery
Hadrian Pigott, Instrument of Hygiene

Richard Wentworth @ Potteries Museum

By Lisa Dawson
International artist and teacher Richard Wentworth is exhibiting work in the Sculpture / Object exhibition at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Hanley until April 23 2006. Our art reporter Lisa Dawson grabbed an interview...

Richard Wentworth came to the Potteries Museum in Hanley to install a couple of pieces of art which are being displayed in the 'Sculpture / Object' exhibition in Hanley, Stoke On Trent from January until the end of April 2006.

The main piece of art he's showing is a sculptural piece called 'Match' (1995) which consists of a ping pong table with broken plates balanced carefully on top.

Find out more about the exhibition by clicking on the link above:

Richard Wentworth talks about his work and his interests...

To listen to the full 5 minute interview click on the link below interview:

audio Listen - Richard Wentworth interview >
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“I’ve always been very interested in the stuff that we have around us the objects in our lives. We’ve got a regular ping pong table and it’s covered in as many plates as I can fit on it, the plates have all been broken and put back together again, and of course we’ve got very strong feelings about all of that - as a general rule we’re anxious about eating off something that’s been mended, but then there are other things in our lives that we mend because we’d hate to lose them.

"The sort of things that really interest me is these little anxieties between what one thing is one minute and what it is the next ..."
Richard Wentworth

“The fact that they’re on a ping pong table, I’ve had dinner off ping pong tables, there’s nothing odd about that if you’ve got enough people coming to dinner why not! But it makes it a little bit tense because you have that feeling of opposition, maybe you even have a slight whisper of people who throw plates at each other when they’re not getting on - nothing too literal, its not an illustration of something, but I think it’s slightly edgy.

"Maybe it’s edgy the way that you feel slightly anxious - an example of something we’re probably all nervous about is drinking from a glass that’s chipped, we’ve all done it - what you tend to do is move it round and put the chip on the other side. But it’s interesting how that's quite deep in our mentality, there are confusions about hygiene, about being cut - ideas about danger!

“I think it’s a very, very strong interest in Britain, I’ve never really worked out why, but it might be to do with the fact that the British have these very ‘nesty’ kind of homes, maybe it’s something to do with our weather or something, there’s something very inward about a lot of English homes, they’re sometimes quite claustrophobic … I suspect that one of the things that’s running around in this show is a generation that’s almost trying to shake something off!

“The sort of things that really interest me is these little anxieties between what one thing is one minute and what it is the next - and it’s humans who are capable of changing that. So if you’re cutting out a dress with a handsome pair of scissors and you get into an argument with somebody you might the next minute discover that you’re holding a murder weapon - but that’s not what you were thinking when you’re cutting out the dress…

“And I suppose my interest has always been the way that these things sort of shimmy around. I’ve got a huge collection of photographs of objects that are being abused - how people keep a door open with a book, as a general rule it won’t be a bible it might be more like the telephone book when he had them…

last updated: 20/02/06
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