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13 November 2014

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Entertaining the crowd at a music gig

Entertaining the crowd at a music gig

SUBculture Messageboard

Your news of what's happening on Staffordshire's & Cheshire's music scene / tell us what you think of the show / suggest bands and tracks to play / your feedback on the BBC Introducing project / & give us ideas of what YOU want!

But... er ... no flaming please!

last updated: 05/06/2009 at 17:25
created: 11/02/2006

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Feedback and suggestions for SubCulture

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Alan Jeeves
Great show Thursday, highlight for me was the new tune by the setup, i caught them at fat cats recently and they were immense

Wally Pinner
Dear Naked Sunday your lack of ambition does you credit. Please keep up the American "singing" voice & enjoy your hair. Cheers.

woah! Pegasus Bridge i love you!

Pegasus Bridge, you are so awesome! cannot wait to hear more, i hope you go so far!xxx

PB sound amazing!! hope they go far! love all their songs, Paris is my favourite!

Awesome Show

Kristen-'please can u play more rock music'????Must be listening to something different to those on the track listings!Still no hip hop?nothing against rock-bit of an old rocker myself but too much of the same thing is just...too much.Haven't got myspace djFresh but i go to youtube to listen-just wanted to hear a bit of real passion over the subculture airwaves again..CANT BE THROWN AWAY!!

Thanks Ange but I reckon Hip Hop has died recently...i'll pop in and sort em out ...hahaif you want the parradox track (which was produced bt me and andy btw) gis a shout on myspace...

kristen bond
i listen to the show every thursday and i love it, but please can you play more rock music, as some classic ballads you guys rule!!!

martin stanyer
fantastic description of my band by Mr Wally Pinner, spot on son, anyway could you play pull my cracker lads, at nearly 550 pounds in sales 275 people obviously like Drab middle of the road rock FANTASTIC

well i would prefer to hear rock rather then all the stupid dance stuff, they do play sum rubish on subculture, its all the same bands, boring-noisless trash that say they are being different i want to hear the great tunes of stafford ie regards,naked sunday obzidian and the trent vale poet(i know hes not stafford but he rules),cmon lads

why is it they never play any rian candy? the guy is ubercool on evry level!!!!!!

Wally Pinner
Why does everyone keep harping on about Naked Sunday? Drab middle of the road rock is what it is. Don't be fooled by the haircuts,learn to percieve & move on.

play some naked sunday saw them at stafford lights that guy can sing like a demon of screamin, plus they sound original-and cool

You should play more Rumour Has It, The River Card and The Disappointments.

any skinless finger/uchi collabs would be appreciated

Haven't heard any of My Final hope on Subculture for a while any chance you can play a track

The Kettle Ons
It might melt your windows but go on have listen:

Corporation one
please check out our new . alsoo we're in need of gigs so if any one wants to offer us one wed be happy to oblige.

snoop ho
yo yo yo diggin yall

Hiphop's a bit thin on the ground?lovin the parradox track at the end-have you got cant be thrown away(he did it in a session there)classic track-should be out there?Also enjoyed TBK last week-just wondering if you just play one hiphop artist per week?Know there are a lot of good mcs in stoke area-uchi,kermeo,fresh,guti etc?As Oliver said 'Can I have more please'Thanks

Finally... airplay .. The Howieband from Stoke.. MOMMA song written and performed by: Howie. Track Howie's recent success on Last FM . This track MOMMA is available from his second album due to be released in the next few weeks... along with many more surprises.. Howie would love you to play this song on your station...

blue collars
new demo up, a listen, let us know what u think cheers tbc

big dongalingo
get subcultures mother in law on she sounds fit

HiNever posted on a message board before but I've just been listening to the show on the listen again. Don't get me wrong, I used to love Matt and Dave, it was great that they played local music and got artists out there but sometimes they didn't know when to stop talking and play music. I didn't think it was the right decision at the time but the change has been brilliant - it was getting a bit boring. I'm really enjoying the new show, it's upbeat and has a great blend of local and national music. And theres been a few times I've genuinely laugh out loud and had to tell my mates Sorry for the essay, but just wanted to let you know I'm loving the show. Cheers and keep up the good work!Dan

Class show, best it's ever been. Great mix of music and very funny.

pennywise the dancing clown
subculture they all rule

Robbie Gee
Saw Herzoga in Stafford the other night. A mind blowing experience in my opinion,top tunes,top lads & great attitude. For those of you who weren't there,shame on you.

Chris Cooper, Alsager.
Hey, love the show guys. I love Herzoga's live session. Nice Car is a great song by them, reminds me of Young Knives, especially as I saw them supporting Young Knives @ Sugarmill few months back. You should play stuff by them a lot more. hehe keep up the good work, lads!

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Subculture > SUBculture Messageboard

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