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13 November 2014

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Herceptin campaigners in London

Presenting the petition at 10 Downing St

Herceptin - the Diary of How They Did It!

A group of Staffordshire women who have breast cancer were campaigning throughout 2005/6 for a treatment drug, Herceptin, to be made available to them on the NHS.  Amazingly, it was a complete success!! Check their interviews here

To find out more about Herceptin, and the origins of the campaign, clink on the link on the right-hand side of this page.

To see your comments about the campaign, see below.

To hear members of the group in interview, click on the Audio links to the right


Thanks for all your comments the messageboard is now closed. Below is a selection of the best postings.

Sam Magill
Well done people you're a gem to society

Anthony Seymour
my mother has aggressive breast cancer, diagnosed about two weeks ago. Herceptin seems to offer "hope". Perhaps we can find out more here in Bristol. This is my start in researching the topic since talking with the doctor today.

Yes Herceptin is too expensive the NHS should fund us.

caroline knight holland
i have now had my second herceptin, i have early stage breast cancer her 2 pos. I am feeling great and would just like to thank Dot Griffiths , the other campaigners, Dr Murray Brunt,Ward 2 at NSRI and everyone else. The care and support I have received has been first class. Thanks and good luck to everyone else in a similar situation

Mrs ceinwen Jackson
I am 56 my younger sister died of bC a year ago. Now I need Herceptin urgently. I have had surgery/chemo/radio'. The oncologist at Velindre hospital in Cardiff is going to ask that I have it but has warned me that not one women in Cardiff has got it yet only if the cancer has returned. I could do with any help as I want to challenge this all the way. I would be grateful for any advice Thank you Ceinwen

Sue Bedoyan
This is not a third world country and money can always be found for taking lives, ie WARS,no one should have to beg for the right to live and these woman are having to fight the illness and should have every available help & support possible.My prayers are with them all will follow avidly

Felicity Moore
I feel very angry this morning as I have just heard that my mother who has just finished her Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and has been told by her Oncologist that she really needs to have Herceptin. We have just heard that Sussex & Surrey PCT have refused her Herceptin due to 'funding'. Where oh where do we go from here? Please help?

These women are making history. I am awaiting to hear if my tumour was HER2 positive. I will be keeping an eye on this campaign. Thank God there are people who are able to fight for what is our right - a right to live knowing that everything possible has been done to reduce the risks of a recurrance. Money is not the only issue here as if secondary cancer occurs, the cost to the health service could prove to be more than the cost of the herceptin.

At last the government has faced up to a problem that these women will continue fighting, Emma kearns has finally been allowed the treatment . Keep fighting the governemt has to give in one day!

as good as this drug is, maybe prescribing it to anyone without a license leaves the NHS exposed to endless law suits. the financial cost of that will mean even less money can be spent on the care of patients and lead to further resctictions on care services provided...

Hi, i know what these women are going through, im 17 and have HER2 positive and have been told that i would benifit from having this drug, yet i haven't got the money to pay for it. if i don't get the drug i would only have a few years to live. next year might be too late for this drug! these women are helping everyone! GoodLuck x

my daughter was told she needed herceptin by her clinician. the PCT said no. Hospital appealed and we got family members to write to their MPs so the hospital got loads of letters about my daughter. We phoned the PCT and asked questions and made it clear this was a breach of basic human rights. The MP was great and wrote to the PCT. My daughter now starts her treatment this month - hooray! Good luck to everyone else - we're still fighting and writing letters for everyone else in my daughter's position. xx

Jo Lambourne
I was offered Herceptin for my second bout of breast cancer.However, after a long wait I was told it was not the'right' type of HER2 cancer. My friend was also offered Herceptin and then told she could not have it because she had already had had chemotherapy?!. I have not heard of this being a barrier, as I know some of the people on the HERA trials had had chemotherapy. We have only just found out about your campaign and at present we are thinking of putting something about our personal problems in the in the local paper. How do we find out if our trust is one of the lottery post code araeas? Just an additional thought, this morning Tony Blair and the leaders of the opposition parties appeared on television to give support to testicular cancer. It must be observed that they were all males - there appear to be few women ( or non) at this level giving personal support to other women. Please let me know how we can help.

In my twenties and fighting for Herceptin too. Thank you to the Stoke women for all they are doing, x

Kiran Pandher
I have a freind who has just been told she is HEr2 grade 3 at a young age of 27 she has been told she is not a special case and so has been refused this right??? Keep up the good work!!

Brenda Vockings
Why wait until secondaries arrive - the costs then will be more than £40,000 per year? I want NHS funded Herceptin NOW!!!

last updated: 19/12/2008 at 12:39
created: 26/09/2005

You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > Your Community > Community features > Herceptin - the Diary of How They Did It!

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