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13 November 2014

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More History Queries...

...More postings you've placed on our Local History message boards over the past few years. If you want to respond to something you see here, please click on the link on the right hand side of this page to find our local history message-board form

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I am the grandson of Kenneth Beresford who owned Beresford Transport. If you contact me, I can get you in contact with my grandfather (he has all the information).
Karl Alexander Beresford, Cardiff/Stoke
Ken Beresford has seen your message and would like to speak to you...don't know how to put you in touch though????
dn.coulson, sandbach
The company (and family) that I'm interested in was a haulage firm, started I think by Tom Beresford and continued by his son Ken.
Jan Thomas, Redditch
What in particular would you like to know? Beresfords was based in Cheddleton (or close by). Jimmy Beresford owned another bus company which was based in Tunstall - the name of the company escapes me at the moment.....
Alan Thomas, Northwood
Can anyone please give me information about the company Beresford Transport, which I think was based in Tunstall in the 1930s and 40s.
Jan Thomas

Pooles and duggins princess bus services

I am so pleased to find that the Bethesda Chapel is being saved. My husband's family are related to the Clementsons by the marriage of Lucy Clementson to Thomas Nicholson. I believe they were married in this wonderful example of Victorian religious zeal. With best wishes for your campaign.
Susan Nicholson, Scarborough

Cyril Stapleton Band 1951…   I am researching bands of the 40's and 50's and somehow ended up on this page. Was this band then showing somewhere in the Stoke area around 1951?
Mr Ball, Torquay

Would like to hear from anyone with any stories or pictures of Haywood hospital, High Lane Tunstall c1920 to date. All so Staffordshire County council certified boys’ school. thank you
o nurse, Bristol

Could anyone tell me the name of a hospital/home that was on Etruria Road in Basford - my grandmother was a nurse around 1945 there and also adopted a child that was born (at something like "Murcroft"). Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Evonne Randall, Wakefield

I'm presently researching Cub Packs and Scout Troops in the Stoke South area - from the early 1920's onwards. The reference to a Cub Pack started by London Bankers at Trentham Gardens during the time, during the second world war, when the Gardens were in use as the Bank of England Clearing House makes interesting reading. More details about this Pack - and any others in the area pre 1940 - would be really welcome.
Pete Hayward, Trentham
"Trentham At War" is an interesting account of how Winston Churchill re-located the Bank of England Clearing House to Trentham during World War II. It was the beginning of a great relationship with London bankers. They did a lot for the community. Even started a Cub Scout Pack in Trentham to which I belonged. Trentham Gardens never looked so beautiful. I used to peddle my bike to the fantastic swimming pool along a road adjacent to the park each night after school. Some nights we'd share the pool with Norman Wainwright, champion swimmer of England. We had more fun growing up in Trentham. The Gardens was our backyard. We could row a boat, paddle a canoe, go swimming, put golf balls around the Italian Gardens, ride the motorboat around the lake, ride the miniature railway with Mr. Goldstone behind the throttle, and sell ice cream and soda pop at the many stands. Later, we danced every weekend in that magnificent ballroom. Norman Jones and his Orchestra was t! the house band. Joe Loss, Ted Heath, Cyril Stapleton, and so many more played there during thousands. The Gardens were a fantastic place. The Park was another sanctuary, especially with the so-called Elephant Clump of trees that I could see from our kitchen window at 25 Stuart Avenue, Trentham. Before, and for a short time after the war began, we used to watch the deer herd run across the skyline, and I can never forget a single albino deer. There's a lot more.
Ken Buckley, Bangor, Maine USA
I fondly remember Trentham gardens during that time. We went for Sunday School treats there for many years. I loved the little train going to the swimming pool and the lovely Italianate gardens.
There have been several articles in "The way we were" published by the Sentinel newspaper, together with photo’s. Ask their archives department for help.
Irene Reynolds, Hucknall Notts.

Staffs .county council certified boy's school - the school is now Werrington Young Offender's Centre. It was established at an Industrial School - to train the young of the poor for useful work. It took boys from 11 from all over Staffordshire and other parts of the midlands. Many were established across the country. Werrington is on the west side of the crossroad of the A52 with the A520 between Stone and Leek on the north east side of the Potteries. Don' know if this helps. Are you trying to find someone who went to the school? You could try contacting Keele university for more specific info. since they do a lot of local history.
Val Smith, Leek
Staffordshire certified school - This school is the ancestor to Werrington Young offenders institute which is still in existence today 2004
Bob Burden, Longton

I want to find the history about a chopper bike I acquired which was made in s on Trent in the 70,s. the name of the bike was the trusty "trekker" made by a company named I think trusty cycles of stoke on Trent. I would welcome any info on this company and the bike and its value. thank you

Try the newspaper The Potters' Examiner, and the Workman's Advocate. The British Library Newspaper Library has a set: I don't know if it is available anywhere in the Potteries.
This was a weekly title circulated in the Staffordshire potteries, edited by William Evans. It was the mouthpiece of the United Branches of Operative Potters which publicised the editor's solution to the problem of unemployment - organised emigration to the United States.
The title gives general information to prospective migrants, and specific details about the Upper Mississippi area. Letter from migrants in Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin to their families back in the Potteries are published to demonstrate the benefits of migration. Rather than give money to the strike fund, potters were instead encouraged to donate to the Potters Joint Stock Emigration Society and Savings Fund, which assisted potters to emigrate. Land was bought for a settlement in Pottersville, Wisconsin, however the poor land and harsh frontier conditions combined to make this a failure.
The scheme was cancelled in 1850.
Amanda Bevan, London

Charlie Mittens…Hoping someone can help!   I have just read your article ' Never Stop Dreaming' with much interest.
My father was George Mountford who played for Stoke City. I have heard many accounts and stories over the years of his footballing days and of our time spent in Bogota. I was only a small baby at the time and my sister Jill about 5 years old.
Sadly my father died over 30 years ago at the young age of 52 but my mother Phyllis Mountford is a 'lively 84' year old with many a tale to tell.
This is why I write to you- for some time I have been trying to get hold of a copy of Charlie Mittens book--- Bogota Bandit: Outlaw Life of Charlie Mitten. Penalty King of Old Trafford- by Richard Adamson. I know my Mother would enjoy reading it, if only to disagree with some of his accounts! Have you any ideas how I may be able to obtain a copy?
I look forward to hearing from you,
Kay Poole ( nee Mountford)

HEATHCOTES (china family)
In 1817 Sir John Edensor Heathcote chaired a meeting from all the pottery towns to arrange federation. (Briggs History of Longton)
The Heathcotes were a famous family in Longton in the 19th Century with Street and Pubs named after them Incidentally I come From Hoo but now live in The Potteries
Robert J Burden, Longton Stoke on Trent

I did my National service here in 1952. Does the RAF still have a station in Stafford? Is the goal still in use?
Peter Mack, Currimundi Queensland Aust
Yes they still have a station, but it is due to close in the next few years I believe. A lot of the original site has been sold off and is now an industrial park, though one of the gate houses and some buildings remain. My brother is currently stationed at RAF Stafford.
Dave Lee, Tamworth
Stafford does have an RAF station, for supplies and helicopters. The gaol is still in use.

Ubberly (PJ)
yes the club does still stand (See Ubberley Club). The spelling is bentilee. Any more info needed, just post here!
Paula, Hanley

Hello, I have an interest in Gipsy Green Cottages, where your article says that JRR Tolkien lived at Number 1. I have been compiling a Family Tree and I understand that my Great Grandfather & Grandmother lived at Gipsy Green with there family. They both worked at Teddesley Hall. All of there children went to Bednal school. I just wondered if you had any pictures of the cottages or interesting information? My Grandparents could have been neighbours of Tolkien.

I want to do a page on my web site about Hanley Baths. If you have photos of the inside or any memories / history please e-mail them to me.
Phil Ball, Stoke-on-Trent

Is it possible to acquire a street map of Hanley about 1950? That is where my wife and I did a lot of our courting. We met at Wedgwood’s, Barlaston in 1949 and were married for 53 years. She died two years ago, after we moved here to Somerset. Clarence Williams.
Clarence Williams, Wiveliscombe.

On my grandmother's marriage certificate it says she lived at Brampton Lodge - married 1902. Her maiden name was Henshall. I can only find 'The Brampton' on street maps. Is the Lodge still there? What was/is it like?
Jennifer James, Ascot

Woodhouse Fields can be found on the OS Pathfinder map 831 (Uttoxeter) with a couple of farms named after them - one is Woodhouse Farm on Nabb Lane, the other is Lower Woodhouse Farm off the Rocester-Hollington Road. Both are south of Alton.
Stephen Bott, Stoke on Trent
Most of my paternal ancestors were from North Staffordshire. In the 1851 census, I have them at Woodhouse Fields farm, Alton; does this area/building still exist?
Tom Gaunt, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Does anyone know any history of 'Hayes House' or 'The Hayes' in Stone? I have looked on the internet for any information concerning previous occupants but cannot find any anything at all. If anyone knows anything about the house, please contact me.
Natalie Husband, Stone, Staffs

Can anyone tell me, or direct me to a site, about the old monastery that used to stand in Tamworth behind St Editha's Church? Anything at all!!
Liza Benzey, Tamworth
I have learned that my direct line ancestor Richard Hudson was christened nov. 5th. 1608 at St. Editha's in Tamworth. I so much liked the 360' picture of the church. I would love to travel there some day. I would like to visit the graves of people & Speak with some who are still living there. Thanks for your e-net sight.
Johnny Hudson

I am looking for anyone with information relating to the email I received, the contents of which are below, would you please contact the Madeley village webmaster Thank you in advance.
"....Dear Mr. Finney, Perhaps you will be surprised to receive this e-mail from Germany. May I introduce myself before asking your assistance? I am librarian at Bayreuth University Library. Apart from dealing with books and media I am also responsible for organizing exhibitions showing interesting items of our rare book collection or presenting paintings and drawings of local artists.
Early in May we are going to present a twin exhibition with paintings of a middle-aged artist (Berthold Rubenbauer, b. 1951) and drawings of his late father (Wilhelm Rubenbauer, 1916-1993). Wilhelm Rubenbauer was actually a china painter by profession.
During World War II he was taken prisoner and spent four years (1944 to 1948) as POW in England. About Christmas time in 1945 he was lucky to receive a paint box by the Red Cross and he made good use of it. He drew his comrades, scenes of camp life and a few landscapes. Being released he managed to take his drawings and paintings home to Germany. His son still preserves them.
The original inscriptions on Wilhelm Rubenbauer's drawings and paintings helped us to identify the POW-camp he belonged to. It must have been Camp 193 i.e. Madeley Tile Works Camp. Apart from Madeley there is a drawing that refers to Addersley and another one that shows Shrewsbury cathedral.
I wonder if you could provide any further information concerning Madeley Tile Works Camp? Some drawings show a tar boiler. That is why I assume that the POWs had - at least sometimes - to repair roads or streets. Do you know who run the camp ? Have you got a picture of the camp commandant by any chance ? There is just one portrait amongst Rubenbauer's sketches and drawings. According to Rubenbauer junior it shows the commandant. I don't think so, as the man in the picture is wearing a German army cap. A neat drawing shows a three-gabled house with a row of chimneys on top of the roof and two turrets in front of the building. Old trees suggest that the house was situated in a garden or park. The German inscription says "red house". Could my description enable you to identify the building ? Was it possibly the manor house ? I think I had better stop pestering you.
Please forbear my curiosity. I am looking forward to your reply. With best wishes across the Channel yours sincerely, Dr. Rainer-Maria Kiel Librarian Bayreuth University Library Germany....."
(I have further information which is far too much for this message - thanks in advance...
Andrew T. Finney, Madeley

does anybody know what Anglesey Road, in Burton, was called before this? I know it was Kimmers... something Street. Please help me on this one. I lived on Anglesey Road for six years and I need to know.
P. Madher, Burton Upon Trent

My Grand parents had a lease on the rock houses after ww2. My brother and sister where born there, the doctor that delivered them was dr Cheese
Mike Edwards, George Town Tasmania

I am researching into my family tree and would like information about parkers brewery in Burslem where my great grandfather Arthur Adams worked. His son, my grandfather, William Adams also worked there any information or contacts for information would be very much appreciated
Mark Adams, Hexham Northumberland

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You are in: Stoke & Staffordshire > History > Local History > More History Queries...

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