Welsh Open 2017: Scores & schedule of play

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Highlights: Rocket's brilliant 2016 comeback win in Cardiff
Welsh Open on the BBC
Dates: Feb 13-19 Venue: Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Coverage: Live television coverage on BBC Two Wales, BBC Red Button and online (full coverage details)

The 2017 Welsh Open takes place at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff from Monday, 13 February to Sunday, 19 February, with live television coverage of every day's play on BBC Two Wales and the BBC Sport website.

Last year's final was won by Ronnie O'Sullivan after a thrilling 9-5 comeback victory against Australia's Neil Robertson.

The schedule of play and scores will appear below, with detailed BBC coverage information available here.

All times GMT.


Sunday, 19 February

Final (best of 17 frames)

Stuart Bingham (Eng) 9-8 Judd Trump (Eng)

69-45 (69), 65-64 (Trump 64, Bingham 65), 74-1 (74), 61-21, 35-63, 0-130 (68 & 58), 87-0 (87), 50-61, 1-91, 63-48 (63), 0-69, 36-74, 62-52, 31-66, 46-64, 71-57, 79-25 (55)

Saturday, 18 February

Semi-finals (best of 11 frames)

Judd Trump (Eng) 6-3 Scott Donaldson (Sco)

131-8 (131), 71-26 (55), 57-47, 1-75 (75), 69-7 (65), 0-82, 50-74 (74), 105-5 (82),74-14 (60)

Stuart Bingham (Eng) 6-0 Robert Milkins (Eng)

127-0 (127), 81-19 (67), 58-55 (Milkins 55), 71-33 (71), 81-6 (61), 101-4 (101)

Friday, 17 February

Quarter-finals (best of nine frames)

Scott Donaldson (Sco) 5-0 Zhou Yuelong (Chn)

Judd Trump (Eng) 5-4 Barry Hawkins (Eng)

Stuart Bingham (Eng) 5-3 Stuart Carrington (Eng)

Kurt Maflin (Nor) 2-5 Robert Milkins (Eng)

Thursday, 16 February

Fourth round (best of seven frames)

Mark Davis (Eng) 3-4 Scott Donaldson (Sco)

Zhou Yuelong (Chn) 4-0 Lee Walker (Wal)

Barry Hawkins (Eng) 4-0 Craig Steadman (Eng)

Igor Figueiredo (Brz) 1-4 Stuart Carrington (Eng)

Judd Trump (Eng) 4-1 Hossein Vafaei (Irn)

Stuart Bingham (Eng) 4-0 Robbie Williams (Eng)

Robert Milkins (Eng) 4-2 Mei Xiwen (Chn)

Kurt Maflin (Nor) 4-1 Yan Bingtao (Chn)

Third round (best of seven frames)

Mark Davis (Eng) 4-2 Fergal O'Brien (Ire)

Jimmy Robertson (Eng) 0-4 Scott Donaldson (Sco)

Zhou Yuelong (Chn) 4-1 Ross Muir (Sco)

Graeme Dott (Sco) 2-4 Lee Walker (Wal)

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (Tha) 1-4 Barry Hawkins (Eng)

Anthony Hamilton (Eng) 2-4 Craig Steadman (Eng)

Dominic Dale (Wal) 1-4 Igor Figuiredo (Bra)

Stuart Carrington (Eng) 4-0 Robin Hull (Fin)

Judd Trump (Eng) 4-0 Jackson Page (Wal)

Allister Carter (Eng) 1-4 Hossein Vafaei (Irn)

Stuart Bingham (Eng) 4-0 Ian Burns (Eng)

Michael White (Wal) 2-4 Robbie Williams (Eng)

Josh Boileau (Ire) 0-4 Robert Milkins (Eng)

Mark Allen (Nir) 2-4 Mei Xiwen (Chn)

Kurt Maflin (Nor) 4-2 Mitchell Mann (Eng)

Yan Bingtao (Chn) 4-1 Mark Selby (Eng)

Wednesday, 15 February

Second round (best of seven frames)

Ronnie O'Sullivan (Eng) 3-4 Mark Davis (Eng)

Stuart Bingham (Eng) 4-2 Rory McLeod (Eng)

Kurt Maflin (Nor) 4-3 James Wattana (Tha)

Mike Dunn (Eng) 2-4 Mark Selby (Eng)

Judd Trump (Eng) 4-2 Alex Borg (Mal)

Mark Allen (NI) 4-1 Boonyarit Kaettikun (Tha)

Peter Ebdon (Eng) 0-4 Mei Xiwen (Chn)

Thor Chuan Leong (Mas) 3-4 Yan Bingtao (Chn)

Fergal O'Brien (Ire) 4-2 Chris Wakelin (Eng)

Zhou Yuelong (Chn) 4-1 Paul Davison (Eng)

Graeme Dott (Sco) 4-1 Adam Stefanow (Pol)

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (Tha) 4-1 Ryan Day (Wal)

Jamie Cope (Eng) 1-4 Anthony Hamilton (Eng)

Craig Steadman (Eng) 4-1 Sam Baird (Eng)

Stephen Maguire (Sco) 3-4 Ian Burns (Eng)

Jamie Jones (Wal) 2-4 Dominic Dale (Wal)

Mark King (Eng) 2-4 Scott Donaldson (Sco)

Ross Muir (Sco) 4-0 Marco Fu (Hk)

Lee Walker (Wal) 4-3 Neil Robertson (Aus)

Jackson Page (Wal) 4-3 John Astley (Eng)

Hossein Vafaei (Irn) 4-2 ChristopherKeogan (Eng)

Andy Hicks (Eng) 3-4 Robbie Williams (Eng)

Igor Figueiredo (Bra) 4-2 Anthony McGill (Sco)

Stuart Carrington (Eng) 4-2 Wang Yuchen (Chn)

Elliot Slessor (Eng) 2-4 Jimmy Robertson (Eng)

Liang Wenbo (Chn) 3-4 Michael White (Wal)

Shaun Murphy (Eng) 2-4 Josh Boileau (Ire)

Robert Milkins (Eng) 4-1 Eden Sharav (Sco)

Ali Carter (Eng) 4-1 Darryl Hill (Iom)

Tian Pengfei (Chn) 0-4 Barry Hawkins (Eng)

Allan Taylor (Eng) 1-4 Robin Hull (Fin)

Mitchell Mann (Eng) 4-2 Sean O'Sullivan (Eng)

Tuesday, 14 February

First round (best of seven frames)

David John (Wal) 2-4 Mark King (Eng)

David Grace (Eng) 2-4 Robbie Williams (Eng)

Alfie Burden (Eng) 0-4 Igor Figueiredo (Bra)

Stuart Carrington (Eng) 4-2 Sam Craigie (Eng)

Marco Fu (Hk) 4-2 Martin Gould (Eng)

Alan McManus (Sco) 2-4 Christopher Keogan (Eng)

Duane Jones (Wal) 1-4 Michael White (Wal)

Andy Hicks (Eng) 4-2 Martin O'Donnell (Eng)

Ronnie O'Sullivan (Eng) 4-1 Tom Ford (Eng)

Gary Wilson (Eng) 3-4 Rory McLeod (Eng)

Liang Wenbo (Chn) 4-2 Rod Lawler (Eng)

Tyler Rees (Wal) 1-4 Jamie Jones (Wal)

Joe Perry (Eng) 3-4 Anthony McGill (Sco)

Gareth Allen (Wal) 4-3 Wang Yuchen (Chn)

Hammad Miah (Eng) 1-4 Josh Boileau (Ire)

Oliver Lines (Eng) 1-4 Eden Sharav (Sco)

Mark Williams (Wal) 3-4 Elliot Slessor (Eng)

Mark Allen (Nir) 4-0 Sydney Wilson (Eng)

Boonyarit Kaettikun (Tha) 4-1 Ken Doherty (Ire)

Hamza Akbar (Pak) 2-4 Peter Ebdon (Eng)

Ali Carter (Eng) 4-2 Zhao Xintong (Chn)

Ding Junhui (Chn) 2-4 Robin Hull (Fin)

Yu Delu (Chn) 0-4 Robert Milkins (Eng)

Matthew Selt (Eng) 3-4 Mei Xiwen (Chn)

Judd Trump (Eng) 4-1 Andrew Higginson (Eng)

Barry Hawkins (Eng) 4-1 Fraser Patrick (Sco)

Yan Bingtao (Chn) 4-1 Daniel Wells (Wal)

Mike Dunn (Eng) 4-1 Kurt Dunham (Aus)

James Wattana (Tha) 4-3 Xiao Guodong (Chn)

Michael Holt (Eng) v Mitchell Mann (Eng)

Adam Duffy (Eng) 3-4 Thor Chuan Leong (Mas)

Mark Selby (Eng) 4-0 Liam Highfield (Eng)

Monday, 13 February

First round (best of seven frames)

Li Hang (Chn) 2-4 Mark Davis (Eng)

Akani Songsermsawad (Tha) 2-4 Chris Wakelin (Eng)

Scott Donaldson (Sco) 4-1 Jack Lisowski (Eng)

Paul Davison (Eng) 4-0 Joe Swail (NI)

Mark Joyce (Eng) 3-4 Ross Muir (Sco)

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (Tha) 4-0 Ben Woollaston (Eng)

Jamie Cope (Eng) 4-0 Nigel Bond (Eng)

Dominic Dale (Wal) 4-0 Zhang Anda (Chn)

Fergal O'Brien (Ire) 4-1 Cao Yupeng (Chn)

Jimmy Robertson (Eng) 4-3 Aditya Mehta (Ind)

Michael Wild (Eng) 3-4 Adam Stefanow (Pol)

Rhys Clark (Sco) 2-4 Lee Walker (Wal)

Hatem Yassen (Egy) 1-4 Alex Borg (Mal)

Jackson Page (Wal) 4-3 Jason Weston (Eng)

Stuart Bingham (Eng) 4-2 Matthew Stevens (Wal)

Michael Georgiou (Cyp) 1-4 Allan Taylor (Eng)

John Astley (Eng) 4-1 Ian Preece (Wal)

John Higgins (Sco) 2-4 Sam Baird (Eng)

Fang Xiongman (Chn) 1-4 Kurt Maflin (Nor)

Kyren Wilson (Eng) 2-4 Sean O'Sullivan (Eng)

Dechawat Poomjaeng (Tha) 1-4 Darryl Hill (Iom)

Hossein Vafaei (Irn) 4-3 Sanderson Lam (Eng)

Stephen Maguire (Sco) 4-2 Zhang Yong (Chn)

Zhou Yuelong (Chn) 4-0 Noppon Saengkham (Tha)

Neil Robertson (Aus) 4-1 Jimmy White (Eng)

Tian Pengfei (Chn) 4-2 Chen Zhe (Chn)

Luca Brecel (Bel) 2-4 Anthony Hamilton (Eng)

David Gilbert (Eng) 3-4 Ryan Day (Wal)

Ricky Walden (Eng) 3-4 Graeme Dott (Sco)

Jak Jones (Wal) 2-4 Craig Steadman (Eng)

Ian Burns (Eng) 4-3 James Cahill (Eng)

Shaun Murphy (Eng) 4-0 Jamie Barrett (Eng)

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