Teodor Salparov Bulgaria

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16 Aug 1982






London 2012
Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 0

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Teodor Salparov competed in VOLLEYBALL

Did you know?

  • There are six players in a volleyball team, and the net is 2.43m high for men and 2.24m high for women.
  • They are allowed a maximum of three touches of the ball between them before it must cross the net.
  • Crucial is the set and spike, in which a player feeds the ball (the set) for a team-mate to smash it into the opposition's side of the court (the spike).
  • The London 2012 men’s and women’s events feature 12 teams, divided into two pools of six. The best eight progress to the knock-out phase.
  • Volleyball made its Olympic debut at the 1964 Games in Tokyo, with Japan winning the women’s tournament in front of a jubilant home crowd.

Appearances for Teodor Salparov

Date Event Won
12 Aug Men's Volleyball Bronze Medal Match
10 Aug Men's Volleyball Semi-final 1
8 Aug Men's Volleyball Quarter-final 1 Won
6 Aug Men's Volleyball Pool A Match 27 Won
4 Aug Men's Volleyball Pool A Match 23
2 Aug Men's Volleyball Pool A Match 14 Won
31 Jul Men's Volleyball Pool A Match 8 Won
29 Jul Men's Volleyball Pool A Match 1 Won