Olafur Bjarki Ragnarsson Iceland

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Date of birth

12 Jul 1988


London 2012
Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 0

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Olafur Bjarki Ragnarsson competed in HANDBALL

Did you know?

  • There are seven players on a handball team and each match lasts 60 minutes and is a fast and furious hybrid of football and basketball.
  • The aim is to throw the ball into the opposition's goal. This happens often; as an example, France beat Iceland 28-23 in the 2008 men's Olympic final.
  • Both the men's and the women's Olympic handball tournaments involve 12 teams, divided into two pools of six.
  • The top four countries from each pool progress to the quarter-finals.
  • All pool matches are being played in the brand new Copper Box arena, while medal matches are in the Basketball Arena.

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