Nezir Sagir Turkey

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Date of birth

19 Oct 1983


London 2012
Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 0

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Nezir Sagir competed in WEIGHTLIFTING

Did you know?

  • Weightlifting was part of the very first Olympics in 1896 but it wasn’t until 2000 that women were allowed to compete at the Games.
  • Final placings are based on the total weight lifted in the two different lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk.
  • The snatch involves lifting the weight above the head in one movement; the clean & jerk allows the weightlifter to raise the weight above the head in two movements.
  • Each lifter is allowed three attempts at the snatch and three attempts at the clean and jerk, with their best lift in each discipline counting towards their total.
  • When a tie occurs, the athlete with the lower bodyweight is declared the winner. There are 15 medal events in total.

Results for Nezir Sagir

Date Event Rank Mark
3 Aug Men's 85kg Group B 16 315 kg