Maria Alvarez Teran Bolivia

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Date of birth

28 Feb 1989


London 2012
Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 0

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Maria Alvarez Teran competed in TENNIS

Did you know?

  • There are five tennis medal events taking place at Wimbledon, with mixed doubles making its first Games appearance since 1924.
  • Most matches will be the best of three sets. The exceptions are the men's singles final (best of five sets) and all mixed doubles matches, decided by a first-to-10 tie-break if they reach one set all.
  • Tennis appeared in the Olympic Games between 1896 and 1928 but was then dropped from the Olympic programme.
  • It returned in 1988, when Steffi Graf added the women's singles title to the four majors she claimed that year in what became known as her 'Golden Slam'.
  • Wimbledon staged the tennis competition when London first hosted the Olympic Games in 1908, with Great Britain winning all available gold medals.

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