LiveHow India beat Ireland in Pool B


  1. Win guarantees India top spot in Pool B
  2. Ireland need a point to make last eight
  3. Ireland 259 (49): N O'Brien 75; Porterfield 67
  4. India 260-2 (36.5): Dhawan 100, Rohit 64
  5. India have won five out of five matches

Live Reporting

By Phil Dawkes and Mark Mitchener

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So, a disappointing day for Ireland - but they're still in the hunt for a quarter-final place with one group game left, which is more than can be said for certain other teams. A final-day showdown with Pakistan in Adelaide awaits.

Next up, it's Sri Lanka (already through to the last eight) v Scotland (already eliminated) tomorrow in Hobart, with play starting at 03:30 GMT. We hope you'll join us from 03:00. Until then, thanks for your company and enjoy the rest of your day.

And a reminder the way the quarter-finals work: co-hosts New Zealand and Australia are already assured of their venues, no matter where they finish in Pool A.

Contrary to what you may hear elsewhere, New Zealand will play their quarter-final in Wellington on 21 March, their opponent will be determined by where they finish. In the same way, Australia will play in Adelaide on 20 March (opponents to be determined). The other games will be in Sydney and Melbourne - one will feature Bangladesh, one Sri Lanka. The ICC will decide which.

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Jay: Wonder whether the Irish team management will be looking at the data...

Captain's view

More from Ireland captain William Porterfield: "It was a very good pitch and there wasn't a lot of help for the seamers. We just couldn't kick on like their opening pair did. Ashwin bowled very well. We just lost some wickets in that period. All in all I think we played very well.

"We have put in a lot of yards in the last few weeks. It is all about being fresh for that game [against Pakistan]. It is winner takes all so we need to mentally prepare and be ready. If you can't get up for these games you won't be up for any."

Captain's view

Ireland captain William Porterfield: "I don't think it can [knock Ireland's confidence]. There are a lot of good things to take. We were disappointed to come off having not capitalised on a good situation. You have to give credit to India and they way they came back."

Captain's view

More from India captain MS Dhoni: "We've been here four months, the guys put in a lot of effort in the Test series so I knew we had to step up the intensity from the one-day series, and all the boys have done that. We're a little jet-lagged after coming from Perth, the boys were a little sleep-deprived so that's another reason this game was important."

Captain's view

India captain MS Dhoni: "Our bowlers are really doing the job for us, they've stepped up - not just the three fast bowlers, the spinners are complimenting them and when we've used part-timers they've done well. After the first three or four overs, I already knew I could bring on the spinners. There was less pace in the pitch than the last few games, so I tried all three fast bowlers and then with all the left-handers in their side, Suresh Raina bowled well."

What do Ireland need?

So, from Ireland's perspective:

  • If they beat Pakistan, they will reach the quarter-finals.
  • If they tie with Pakistan, or it's a no-result because of weather, they will reach the quarter-finals (as will Pakistan)
  • If they lose to Pakistan, realistically (because of net run rate) they need to rely on West Indies to fail to beat the UAE in order to qualify.

Man of the match

Man of the match Shikhar Dhawan, who scored 100 for India: "I've spent lots of time here and sorted out my game. I am used to the bounce and the pace and enjoying my game. I have a game that suits these bouncy tracks. I enjoyed playing with greater creativity today.

"Everyone has spent lots of time here. I would like to thank the support staff and especially our skipper who have spent a lot of time working with the boys. It is lovely when we are on the field to see our bowlers bowling so consistently.

"The captain's message was to do the same things that we have been doing and with the same intensity."

Remaining fixtures

The all-important remaining Pool B fixtures are:

  • Thursday: South Africa v UAE
  • Saturday: India v Zimbabwe (let's be fair, that's a dead rubber)
  • Sunday: West Indies v UAE, Pakistan v Ireland

Let's have a look at that Pool B table, then. India win the group with five wins from five games, then come South Africa, Pakistan and Ireland (in that order on net run rate), all on six points from five games. The remaining three quarter-final places are between that trio and West Indies, who have five from five. Zimbabwe and the UAE have been eliminated.


Jeremy Coney

Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

"If Pakistan bat against Ireland in the way they have played so far in the tournament, they won't score as freely as we have seen today. They will struggle more with the bat, though they may have got some confidence from that win over South Africa. and that may flow into their batting. I think Ireland will bowl better at Pakistan and won't be taken apart, But they have to cope with the Pakistan bowling, which be lively."

Final scorecard

India 260-2 from 36.5 overs (won by eight wickets)

Batsmen: Kohli 44, Rahane 33

Fall of wickets: 174-1 (Rohit 64). 190-2 (Dhawan 100)

Bowling figures: Mooney 6-0-44-0, Cusack 8-0-43-0, Thompson 6-0-45-2, Dockrell 5-0-44-0, Stirling 5-0-36-0, K O'Brien 6.5-0-42-0

Ireland 259 (49 overs): N O'Brien 75, Porterfield 67, Shami 3-41

Ireland won toss


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Man of the match

The splendidly-moustached Shikhar Dhawan is presented with the man-of-the-match award by the still splendidly-moustached Kiwi legend Sir Richard Hadlee.

So, on paper, India were favourites - and on the field, I suspect it will be written into the annals of World Cup history as a fairly routine victory. While William Porterfield (67) and Niall O'Brien (75) had good knocks for Ireland, their bowlers rarely threatened against India's top order.

Kalika Mehta

BBC Sport in Hamilton

"The Indian fans have streaked out of Seddon Park and on to the streets of Hamilton in jubilation. They expect a lot from their side and they're yet to be disappointed. As each match passes their cries of 'Jeetega India' are growing louder.

"Although significantly outnumbered the Irish fans too remained in good voice all day. Tonight they'll be looking to drown their sorrows in local favourite Shenanigans before their all important match against Pakistan."

Champagne moment


Ind 260-2

O'Brien fires one as far outside as he dares, Kohli extends his bat but can't quite get to it. Next ball, he does connect with a fierce cover drive and India have won it with 13.1 overs to spare.

Jeremy Coney

Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

"It hasn't been what you call lively, with bowlers bowling 125-130kph, but there has been enough pace for batsmen to play all the shots, and it has been a fast outfield on a good seeing day. Ireland batted 30 of their 49 overs with enterprise, but they lost wickets at critical times and you can't do that against the better sides."

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Ind 256-2 (target 260)

Kevin O'Brien back on - can India win it this over? Kohli briefly endangers both bowler and umpire, clubbing the ball back past O'Brien - who wears a painful blow on the hand - and the umpire Dharmasena gets his legs out of the way like a hockey player looking to avoid a foul. Rahane rotates the strike to leave four needed.

Ind 254-2 (target 260)

Rahane has outscored Kohli in this partnership and looks like he could catch his partner up here, delicately dabbing Cusack for four wide of third man. The maths mean a half-century is unlikely for either batsman here - but Kohli has the TMS commentators purring with a powerful square cut for four and a quick single which leave just six more runs needed for victory.

Text 81111

Tom in London: Even England would be slight favourites to win from here.

Steady on, Tom...

Ind 242-2 (Kohli 33*, Rahane 27*)

There are smiles all round, with both the batsmen and the infielders seemingly content in the knowledge that this result is a foregone conclusion. Kohli and the reprieved Rahane add a couple of singles while Mooney attempts a yorker which Rahane digs out - and it flies off the edge, low on his bat, for four. Not Mooney's - or Ireland's - night. That's also the fifty stand.

Kalika Mehta

BBC Sport in Hamilton

"There are times when you can't hear what the person next to you is say because the sheer amount of cheering and general noise the Indian fans are making.

"11,002 people are packed in Seddon Park - which usually has a capacity of 10,000 - and the 95% or so Indian fans all brought to their feet by burst of "Jai Ho" from the Bollywood film of the same name. Although they honestly don't need much. As the big screen tells them only 24 more runs are needed a conga line is started up along all three banks."

not outNot out

Ind 236-2

It's "umpire's call", both for impact and clipping the top of the bails, so umpire Dharmasena's decision is upheld and he gives Mooney a consolatory pat on the shoulder as he walks back to his mark.

Umpire review

Ind 236-2

Getty Images

Mooney yells an lbw appeal against Rahane, both tattooed arms in the air, as he tries to flick the seamer across the line. Umpire Dharmasena is unmoved, but Ireland want a review...


Ind 236-2 (target 260)

Umpire Richard Kettleborough (who, given he's been ICC umpire of the year for the last two years, may fancy his chances of standing in the final now England are out), signals the batting powerplay which India have decided to take a couple of overs before they're obliged to do so.

Ireland turn back to seamer Alex Cusack, but with only three men permitted outside the circle, Kohli finds a gap to thread a four through the covers, while four straightforward singles mean India need 24 from 36 balls.

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Ilyas Najib: As a Pakistani it's the second game in a row I've backed the Indians, NRR will play a part in qualification in this group.

Drinks break

Ind 228-2 (Kohli 26*, Rahane 20*)

Bryan Waddle and Ebony Rainford-Brent on TMS lament the lack of a genuine pace bowler in the Irish ranks - I wonder if Boyd Rankin might seek to requalify for Ireland (in the manner of Ed Joyce) if he's overlooked for England for much longer, having been in the wilderness for 14 months since his last appearance. Rahane helps himself to another four, and the players have earned a drinks break with only 32 more needed.

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Prayags: This match is going to finish too soon. Do not know what to do with rest of the day with boss out of office today.

Ind 224-2 (target 260)

Ireland turn back to opening bowler John Mooney - now sans his lime-green headband - and the bearded right-arm seamer opens with a ropey wide. Keeper Gary Wilson is standing up to the stumps, and there's a slip in, but Rahane reaches well to unleash a cover-driven four which bisects two infielders and two boundary riders alike. An attempted legside stumping is called as another wide, it's really not Ireland's day.

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"Ireland have showcased their cricket by beating a couple of the bigger nations, Zimbabwe and the West Indies, in this World Cup. They chased down the West Indies score with ease in the first match. They haven't done themselves any disservice and they will still hold out hope for that last game against Pakistan."

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Ind 218-2 (Kohli 26*, Rahane 12*)

The leprechauns and other green-clad Blarney Army fans in Seddon Park are putting a brave face on this game, dancing around the stands, but the party's already started for the Indian contingent who have unveiled a huge "Bharat Army" flag. Rahane late-cuts, this time there's no Thompson to cut it off at third man... because he's bowling. Andy Balbirnie can't quite get there, losing his sunglasses as he dives towards the rope in vain, and the target is down to 42 from 108 balls.

Ind 210-2 (target 260)

Kohli has all the time in the world to late-cut Kevin O'Brien down to third man, where Thompson stretches every sinew to cut the ball off and restrict Kohli for two - earning him a little clap from the bowler. O'Brien is then indebted to brother Niall who is Ireland's boundary fox at deep cover. But there's nothing the O'Brien family - or anyone else - can do as Rahane easily knocks a four back past the non-striker. 50 more needed.

Bryan Waddle

BBC Test Match Special

"India are very much hand-eye players who can bat through the line on true surfaces. If you stack one side of the field, they are just as likely to move across the stumps and whip you that side anyway."

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Scorecard update

India 203-2 from 30 overs (target 260)

Batsmen: Kohli 21, Rahane 2

Fall of wickets: 174-1 (Rohit 64). 190-2 (Dhawan 100)

Bowling figures: Mooney 4-0-28-0, Cusack 6-0-23-0, Thompson 5-0-37-2, Dockrell 5-0-44-0, Stirling 5-0-36-0, K O'Brien 5-0-29-0

Ireland 259 (49 overs): N O'Brien 75, Porterfield 67, Shami 3-41

Ireland won toss


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Ind 203-2

Kohli is in no mood to hang around here and finds easy pickings against young Thompson, punching a four back past the bowler to bring up India's 200 and helping himself to ones and twos.

A win today would confirm India as winners of Pool B, earning them a quarter-final against the fourth-placed Pool A team - which, on the balance of probabilities, one would expect to be Bangladesh (that's assuming Australia Sri Lanka both beat Scotland, and Bangladesh find things a little less straightforward against New Zealand).