Why are we changing football stats pages?

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UPDATE: You can now search for your team or league and see who scored on our new Football Scores and Fixtures page.

These were the most popular features you requested when trying out the first version of the new page. We've added these features in a way that gets you the information as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the feedback and please keep it coming.

BBC Sport is launching an improved football offering as part of our work to provide you with a better experience whether you are on a computer, tablet or mobile.

These new pages have been designed to fit in better with what our users are looking for in how we provide scores, fixture information and results.

The new designs are not the finished article - and we want your input into these pages so we can make sure we're offering the best service to our users.

Below we answer some of the most common questions relating to the new pages.

What improvements are there in the new designs?

The new designs will present our fixtures, scores and results in one place, as we trial a better offering for users.

It means we can provide more detail about matches, and make it easier for users to find out more information about how their club has got on, and who they face in future.

The new service is also designed to take account of the different type of screens BBC Sport visitors look at our results page on, allowing us to present a richer experience for you.

Why have you made these changes?

We are completing the process of switching BBC Sport over to a responsive design - this means the pages adapt automatically to the screen size of the device you are looking at it on.

By doing this, BBC Sport users will be able to see the same content no matter what device they are on, giving visitors the best experience irrespective of they are looking at the site.

The changes are based on feedback we've already received from you. These particular pages are a trial that we will improve based on your feedback. This is to make sure that the new designs are what our users need when they do eventually replace the existing pages.

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