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Richard is the sports news correspondent for BBC Radio 5... Read more about Richard Conway live.

He reports on, breaks and analyses some of the biggest stories and issues in sport.

Prior to joining the BBC, Richard was part of the sport editorial team for Sky News and started his career working on political programmes for ITV.

Backing Anelka costly - but was there another choice?

26 February 2014
Nicolas Anelka quenelle

Nicolas Anelka is football's latest test case as society's ills are once more discussed and debated through the prism of the national sport.

Charged by the Football Association for making the controversial quenelle gesture after scoring in a Premier League game at West Ham United on 28 December, the 34-year-old French striker insists he was being neither anti-Semitic nor racist.

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Lifting the lid on F1's inner workings

20 November 2013

Take a stroll down the Formula 1 paddock on any given Sunday during the racing season and you'll likely see an array of celebrities in sunglasses, local politicians scanning for a good photo-opportunity and sports stars with their attendant entourage.

One person you're unlikely to see mixing with F1's glitterati - or even recognise should he be present - would be Donald Mackenzie.

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