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David was appointed BBC's sports editor in December 2009.... Read more about David Bond

In the summer of 2012 he fronted BBC News' coverage of the London Olympics as part of what he describes as "arguably the greatest job in sports journalism". That job sees him provide analysis and context to the major sports news stories and events across the BBC's news and sport services on TV, radio and online.

Previously, he was the Daily Telegraph's sport editor while he has also worked for the Evening Standard and Sunday Times.

'Ecclestone is more vulnerable than ever'

20 February 2014

Bernie Ecclestone might have won his High Court battle against the German media company Constantin Medien, but the 104-page judgment handed down has left the all-powerful boss of Formula 1 more vulnerable than ever before.

While dismissing the claim against Ecclestone, Mr Justice Newey concluded that the 83-year-old billionaire had paid a "bribe" as part of a "corrupt agreement" with the German banker Dr Gerhard Gribkowsky.

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