Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth Games results


Athletics: Men's 100m

Athletics: Men's 100m T37

Athletics: Men's 110m hurdles

Athletics: Men's 200m

Athletics: Men's 400m

Athletics: Men's 400m hurdles

Athletics: Men's 800m

Athletics: Men's 1500m

Athletics: Men's 1500m T54

Athletics: Men's 3,000m steeplechase

Athletics: Men's 5,000m

Athletics: Men's 10,000m

Athletics: Men's 4x100m

Athletics: Men's 4x400m

Athletics: Men's marathon

Athletics: Men's decathlon

Athletics: Men's high jump

Athletics: Men's long jump

Athletics: Men's triple jump

Athletics: Men's discus

Athletics: Men's discus F42/44

Athletics: Men's hammer

Athletics: Men's javelin

Athletics: Men's shot put

Athletics: Men's pole vault

Athletics: Women's 100m

Athletics: Women's 100m hurdles

Athletics: Women's 100m T12

Athletics: Women's 200m

Athletics: Women's 400m

Athletics: Women's 400m hurdles

Athletics: Women's 800m

Athletics: Women's 1500m

Athletics: Women's 1500m T54

Athletics: 3,000m steeplechase

Athletics: Women's 5,000m

Athletics: Women's 10,000m

Athletics: Women's 4x100m

Athletics: Women's 4x400m

Athletics: Women's marathon

Athletics: Women's heptathlon

Athletics: Women's high jump

Athletics: Women's long jump

Athletics: Women's long jump T37/38

Athletics: Women's triple jump

Athletics: Women's discus

Athletics: Women's hammer

Athletics: Women's javelin

Athletics: Women's shot put

Athletics: Women's pole vault


Badminton: Men's singles

Badminton: Men's doubles

Badminton: Women's singles

Badminton: Women's doubles

Badminton: Mixed doubles

Badminton: Mixed teams


Bowls: Men's singles

Bowls: Men's pairs

Bowls: Men's triples

Bowls: Men's fours

Bowls: Women's singles

Bowls: Women's pairs

Bowls: Women's triples

Bowls: Women's fours

Bowls: Mixed pairs B2/B3

Bowls: Open triples B6/B7/B8


Boxing: Men's light fly

Boxing: Men's fly

Boxing: Men's bantam

Boxing: Men's light

Boxing: Men's light welter

Boxing: Men's welter

Boxing: Men's middle

Boxing: Men's light heavy

Boxing: Men's heavy

Boxing: Men's super heavy

Boxing: Women's fly

Boxing: Women's light

Boxing: Women's middle


Cycling: Men's individual time trial

Cycling: Women's individual time trial

Cycling: Men's cross country

Cycling: Women's cross country

Cycling: Men's sprint

Cycling: Men's sprint B2 tandem

Cycling: Men's team sprint

Cycling: Men's keirin

Cycling: Men's 20km scratch race

Cycling: Men's 1000m time trial

Cycling: Men's 1000m time trial B2 tandem

Cycling: Men's 4000m individual pursuit

Cycling: Men's 4000m team pursuit

Cycling: Men's 40km points race

Cycling: Men's road race

Cycling: Women's sprint

Cycling: Women's sprint B2 tandem

Cycling: Women's 500m time trial

Cycling: Women's 1000m time trial B2 tandem

Cycling: Women's 3000m individual pursuit

Cycling: Women's 10km scratch race

Cycling: Women's 25km points race

Cycling: Women's road race


Diving: Men's 1m springboard

Diving: Men's 3m springboard

Diving: Men's 10m platform

Diving: Men's synchronised 3m springboard

Diving: Men's synchronised 10m platform

Diving: Women's 1m springboard

Diving: Women's 3m springboard

Diving: Women's 10m platform

Diving: Women's 3m synchronised springboard

Diving: Women's 10m synchronised platform


Gymnastics: Artistic - men's team all-round

Gymnastics: Artistic - men's individual all-round

Gymnastics: Artistic - men's floor

Gymnastics: Artistic - men's horizontal bar

Gymnastics: Artistic - men's parallel bars

Gymnastics: Artistic - men's pommel horse

Gymnastics: Artistic - men's rings

Gymnastics: Artistic - men's vault

Gymnastics: Artistic - women's team all-round

Gymnastics: Artistic - women's individual all-round

Gymnastics: Artistic - women's beam

Gymnastics: Artistic - women's floor

Gymnastics: Artistic- women's uneven bars

Gymnastics: Artistic - women's vault

Gymnastics: Rhythmic - team all-round

Gymnastics: Rhythmic - individual all-round

Gymnastics: Rhythmic - individual hoop

Gymnastics: Rhythmic - individual ball

Gymnastics: Rhythmic - individual clubs

Gymnastics: Rhythmic - individual ribbon


Hockey: Men's

Hockey: Women's


Judo: Men's -60kg

Judo: Men's -66kg

Judo: Men's -73kg

Judo: Men's -81kg

Judo: Men's -90kg

Judo: Men's -100kg

Judo: Men's +100kg

Judo: Women's -48kg

Judo: Women's -52kg

Judo: Women's -57kg

Judo: Women's -63kg

Judo: Women's -70kg

Judo: Women's -78kg

Judo: Women's +78kg




Rugby sevens results


Shooting: Men's 10m air pistol

Shooting: Men's 10m air rifle

Shooting: Men's 25m rapid fire pistol

Shooting: Men's 50m pistol

Shooting: Men's 50m rifle prone

Shooting: Men's 50m rifle 3 positions

Shooting: Men's skeet

Shooting: Men's trap

Shooting: Men's double trap

Shooting: Queen's prize individual

Shooting: Queen's prize pairs

Shooting: Women's 10m air pistol

Shooting: Women's 10m air rifle

Shooting: Women's 25m pistol

Shooting: Women's 50m rifle prone

Shooting: Women's 50m rifle 3 positions

Shooting: Women's skeet

Shooting: Women's trap

Shooting: Women's double trap


Squash: Men's singles

Squash: Men's doubles

Squash: Mixed doubles

Squash: Women's singles

Squash: Women's doubles


Swimming: Men's 50m backstroke

Swimming: Men's 50m breaststroke

Swimming: Men's 50m butterfly

Swimming: Men's 50m freestyle

Swimming: Men's 100m backstroke

Swimming: Men's 100m breaststroke

Swimming: Men's 100m butterfly

Swimming: Men's 100m freestyle

Swimming: Men's 100m freestyle S9

Swimming: Men's 200m backstroke

Swimming: Men's 200m breaststroke

Swimming: Men's 200m butterfly

Swimming: Men's 200 individual medley

Swimming: Men's 200m individual medley SM8

Swimming: Men's 200m freestyle

Swimming: Men's 200m freestyle S14

Swimming: Men's 400m freestyle

Swimming: Men's 400m individual medley

Swimming: Men's 1500m freestyle

Swimming: Men's 4x100m freestyle

Swimming: Men's 4x100m medley

Swimming: Men's 4x200m freestyle

Swimming: Women's 50m backstroke

Swimming: Women's 50m breaststroke

Swimming: Women's 50m butterfly

Swimming: Women's 50m freestyle

Swimming: Women's 100m backstroke

Swimming: Women's 100m breaststroke

Swimming: Women's 100m breaststroke SB9

Swimming: Women's 100m butterfly

Swimming: Women's 100m freestyle

Swimming: Women's 100m freestyle S8

Swimming: Women's 200m backstroke

Swimming: Women's 200m breaststroke

Swimming: Women's 200m butterfly

Swimming: Women's 200m freestyle

Swimming: Women's 200m individual medley

Swimming: Women's 200m individual medley SM10

Swimming: Women's 400m freestyle

Swimming: Women's 400m individual medley

Swimming: Women's 800m freestyle

Swimming: Women's 4x100m freestyle

Swimming: Women's 4x100m medley

Swimming: Women's 4x200m freestyle


Table tennis: Men's singles

Table tennis: Men's doubles

Table tennis: Men's team

Table tennis: Women's singles

Table tennis: Women's doubles

Table tennis: Women's team

Table tennis: Mixed doubles


Triathlon: Men

Triathlon: Women

Triathlon: Mixed team


Weightlifting: Men's 56kg

Weightlifting: Men's 62kg

Weightlifting: Men's 69kg

Weightlifting: Men's 77kg

Weightlifting: Men's 85kg

Weightlifting: Men's 94kg

Weightlifting: Men's 105kg

Weightlifting: Men's +105kg

Weightlifting: Women's 48kg

Weightlifting: Women's 53kg

Weightlifting: Women's 58kg

Weightlifting: Women's 63kg

Weightlifting: Women's 69kg

Weightlifting: Women's 75kg

Weightlifting: Women's +75kg

Weightlifting: Powerlifting - men's lightweight

Weightlifting: Powerlifting - men's heavyweight

Weightlifting: Powerlifting - women's lightweight

Weightlifting: Powerlifting - women's heavyweight


Wrestling: Men's 57kg

Wrestling: Men's 61kg

Wrestling: Men's 65kg

Wrestling: Men's 74kg

Wrestling: Men's 86kg

Wrestling: Men's 97kg

Wrestling: Men's 125kg

Wrestling: Women's 48kg

Wrestling: Women's 53kg

Wrestling: Women's 55kg

Wrestling: Women's 58kg

Wrestling: Women's 63kg

Wrestling: Women's 69kg

Wrestling: Women's 75kg

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