Rafael Nadal v Tomas Berdych as it happened

Live text as Rafael Nadal eliminates Tomas Berdych and sends Stanislas Wawrinka through to the World Tour semi-finals.

8 November 2013 Last updated at 22:26

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As it happened

  1. 2224: 

    Right you are then. Let's call it a day before last orders, but let's make sure we have a clear head for tomorrow because there'll be another cracker in the afternoon when Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro fight for a place in the semi-finals. That Group B clash will be live on BBC Two and, of course, there will be live text commentary from around 1400 GMT.

  2. 2220: 

    The arena quickly empties but Rafael Nadal remains to please a few screaming fans who desperately want his autograph. A Spanish flag is placed in front of him, as are a couple of trainers and a few supersized tennis balls...


    Stanislas Wawrinka: Vamooooos!!! Next diner is for me @RafaelNadal!! Good job!!

  4. 2216: 

    "I wish him a good holiday and good luck for the Davis Cup," says Nadal of Berdych. "In the second set he played great, it was very difficult to stop him. I try to be intense in every moment. In the final set, I always enjoy to play these special moments."

    The world number one then reveals he watched Chelsea's Champions League match against Schalke at Stamford Bridge and the crowd hiss. Cripes. The Spaniard, a Real Madrid fan, takes it all in good humour.

  5. 2210: 

    Nadal's victory over Berdych - his 17th win over the Czech - ensures Stanislas Wawrinka joins the Spaniard in the knockout stages. Nadal, of course, tops Group A after going through the round robin matches undefeated.

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Nadal 6-4 1-6 6-3 Berdych*

    A Nadal backhand drops on the line and Berdych simply look to the floor and place his hands on his hips. A wayward Berdych forehand presents Nadal with three match points. A double fault from Nadal but victory is never in doubt and he clinches the win with a forehand down the line.

    NADAL BREAKS- *Nadal 6-4 1-6 5-3 Berdych

    Opening two points to Nadal. Gulp. Berdych's limbs beginning to tighten... his nerve beginning to wobble... Nadal steps in for a crunching forehand winner. Triple set points. Gulp. Berdych advances to the net to saves one, but a double fault - his second of the game - is a meek way to surrender.

    Nadal 6-4 1-6 4-3 Berdych*

    A beautifully constructed point from Berdych. He lasers a forehand into the corner and when the ball comes back his way he follows it up with a winning volley to nudge ahead on the Nadal serve. The crowd seem to be in Berdych's camp, but they're a fickle lot as they are soon cheering for Nadal as he produces a breathtaking winner for a 40-30 lead. Berdych then goes long and we're still on serve.

    *Nadal 6-4 1-6 3-3 Berdych

    Berdych has been the more aggressive since the start of the second set, like a bear who has been rudely awoken from his winter slumber. Nadal has prodded and probed but to no avail. Berdych directs a lethal forehand into the corner, which Nadal has no hope of catching, and a canny serve out wide, which the Spaniard can merely net, secures him the game.

    Nadal 6-4 1-6 3-2 Berdych*

    A turbo-charged Nadal is perhaps preparing to turn the screw as he holds to love, almost putting the pressure back on his rival in an instant.

    *Nadal 6-4 1-6 2-2 Berdych

    World snooker champion Ronnie O'Sullivan is ringside and the Englishman and his family seem to be having a jolly old time watching two of the sport's finest battling for supremacy. Nadal somehow retrieves from beyond the tramlines but he is unable to snooker his opponent and after a series of baseline blows he sends a backhand drifting long. The world number one drags himself into contention at 40-30, but Berdych's response is to aim an ace out into the wings.

    Nadal 6-4 1-6 2-1 Berdych*

    At 0-15 it seems the Nadal serve will be tested once again, but he throws down one flame thrower after another. Berdych unable to pose any questions with his tame returns and a forehand winner from the Spaniard acts as an angry full stop.

    *Nadal 6-4 1-6 1-1 Berdych
    Rafael Nadal

    No signs of nerves from Berdych as he gathers momentum for the final push. He throws in his 10th ace of the match in another irresistible hold.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at the 02 in London

    "Winning the first set assured Nadal will top the group, and so avoid Djokovic in the semi-finals, but Berdych clearly hasn't given up on a first win over the Spaniard since 2006. Nine winners and just one unforced error in 29 minutes saw him bully Nadal like few others have managed in the second set. Stan Wawrinka will be desperately hoping Nadal can flick the switch and get his game back into gear."

    Nadal 6-4 1-6 1-0 Berdych*

    Nadal is caught whispering 'vamos' to himself as he prepares to serve with the game evenly poised at 15-15. Revived by his own pep talk, the Spaniard pounces like a panther at the net and unleashes an irretrievable volley. The Spaniard extends his lead to 40-15 but is reined in to deuce and Nadal, so often the hunter, is now the hunted. Berdych slaps a forehand into the tape, letting his prey wriggle free - but a Berdych forehand winner soon has us back to deuce. Nadal, however, has been wounded but not fatally so and he comes through the early test.

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    Carol Laslett: Oooops! Rafa needs to wake up! Though I did think that if Berdych's serve is consistent Rafa could be in trouble.

    Charlotte Collier: Berdych is on fiyaaaa.

    GAME AND SECOND SET- *Nadal 6-4 1-6 Berdych

    Nadal takes control from the baseline, pulling Berdych this way and that before getting the better of Berdych with a forehand winner for a 0-30 lead. However, Berdych drags himself level to 30-30. A 10th ace brings up set point... opportunity missed but a second set point comes his way and this time Berdych is clinical - an ace out wide bringing the set to its conclusion.

    Tomas Berdych returns
    Nadal 6-4 1-5 Berdych*

    Whoops and whistles from the enthusiastic supporters as a powerful Berdych forehand down the line forces Nadal to net for 30-15. An ace eases the Spaniard clear and he follows up with a short sprint to the net, pushing a volley beyond his opponent for a hold to 15. Nadal has won a game! Hurrah! Poor thing.

    *Nadal 6-4 0-5 Berdych

    Another impressive hold of serve from Berdych. An eighth ace of the match... then a ninth... messy footwork from Nadal as he plonks a backhand into the tramlines and the Czech inches closer to inflicting a bagel on the world number one who has won merely four points so far in this set.

    BERDYCH BREAKS- Nadal 6-4 0-4 Berdych*

    Only a soothsayer of some skill could have predicted that the pendulum would swing so dramatically in Berdych's favour. Three break points for the Czech and he ruthlessly grabs his opportunity with a driving forehand winner onto the line to break to love.

    *Nadal 6-4 0-3 Berdych

    If anyone doubted Berdych's ability to break free from his more illustrious opponent then a hold to love following a break of serve should silence some doubters. Cool and crisp from the Czech.

    BERDYCH BREAKS- Nadal 6-4 0-2 Berdych*
    Rafael Nadal

    Ferocious hitting from Nadal as he pulls Berdych from tramline to tramline, but it is the Czech who comes out on top this time - kissing the baseline and even Nadal can't swirl and counter punch from there. The Czech advances to 15-30... he then advances to 15-40, collecting two break points on his way and even an ace down the 'T' can't get Nadal out of jail as Berdych enters unchartered territory.

    *Nadal 6-4 0-1 Berdych

    A faultless service game from Berdych as he confidently gets the second set under way, as if to tell the doubters 'fifteen straight defeats? Pah'.

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Nadal 6-4 Berdych*

    A clench of the fist from Nadal as he thunders a serve down the middle and follows it up with a thumping forehand winner into the corner. A first ace of the match eases the Spaniard to two set points - 'Come on, Rafa' scream a bunch of fans. Berdych gets involved in another baseline tussle and there's only going to be one winner.

    *Nadal 5-4 Berdych

    Will Berdych at least force Nadal to serve out for the set? Oh yes, and he does so with aplomb. Rat-a-tat-tat - take that, Nadal, as one missile after another is launched his way.

    Tomas Berdych
    Nadal 5-3 Berdych*

    An error from Nadal on his forehand, a sight so rare that a strange noise ripples around the arena, a mixture of gasps, oohs and applause. Double fault from Nadal allows Berdych to level at 30-30, but that is as close as the giant Czech gets as he screws a backhand wide and Nadal gallops over the line with a punchy forehand winner into the corner.

    *Nadal 4-3 Berdych

    Berdych is the only player in the top 10 who has yet to win a title this season, although he still has a chance to collect one final trophy, of course, before the year ends. The world number six is content to remain on the baseline, hoping that his booming serve does the trick and, so far, his service game is on song.

    GET INVOLVED- #bbctennis

    Dr Eke Paul: The only way Berdych can defeat Nadal is if Rafa decides to play holding the racket in his right hand...

    Nadal 4-2 Berdych*

    Nadal grimacing and grunting along to every blow he strikes and the venom of his shots prove too hot for Berdych to handle. The Czech spraying returns everywhere bar the court.

    *Nadal 3-2 Berdych
    Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker (right) and striker Lukas Podolski

    Gasps from the spectators as Nadal crunches a winning forehand return for break point. A moment of concern as the Spaniard's ankle buckles after a hip-swinging forehand into the tramlines, but the world number one seems unaffected. Berdych, though, forces the game to deuce and closes out with a 130pmh ace.

    Nadal 3-1 Berdych*

    Nadal peppers the baseline with one pulverising forehand after another and, eventually, Berdych is wrong-footed - the Czech caught lunging towards his forehand corner when the short-tugging Spaniard has targeted his backhand. It all seems too easy for Nadal and his thunderous groundstrokes, combined with a few tame Berdych returns, allow for only one outcome.

    *Nadal 2-1 Berdych

    At 30-30, one or two cries of encouragement can be heard for Berdych as he prepares to serve once more. Whatever was said, whoever those vociferous supporters were, they seemed to inspire the beanpole Czech as he launches an ace to ease to within a point of holding and follows that up with a decisive volley from the net.

    Nadal 2-0 Berdych*

    Two wayward returns allows Nadal to collect to the opening two points so easily it's as if he were picking petals off a flower in full bloom. A baseline battle then ensues and, surprisingly, it is Nadal who crumbles, slapping a backhand into the net. The Spaniard, though, is barely threatened from there on in and consolidates his lead.

    NADAL BREAKS- *Nadal 1-0 Berdych

    A short, sharp grunt from Nadal as he thunders down a forehand winner for the first point of the match. The cheers which greet his effort suggest Berdych will have to overcome the crowd as well as his opponent. An almost identical point gives Nadal a 0-30 lead and then a lame forehand from Berdych presents Nadal with a double break point. A fine serve rescues one but the Czech goes long on the next point and we all know what that means.

  35. 2013: 

    Both players going through their pre-match routines while Rudimental's 'Waiting All Night' is blasted out of the sound system. A minute or so until we kick off.

  36. 2012: 

    "Please welcome world number one Rafael Nadal," the announcer tells a jam-packed arena. The Spaniard steps through the dry ice and is hit by the kind of reception normally reserved for pop stars at the 02. The 27-year-old waves his racquet in appreciation before taking his seat.

  37. 2009: 

    Can Berdych defeat Nadal? The Czech last beat the Spaniard back in 2006 at the ATP Masters in Madrid and has subsequently lost the last 15 encounters. If you're a frequent visitor to these pages then you will know how to get involved, but if you're new to this business then... you can pop over a text on 81111, tweet us using the hashtag #bbctennis or click on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  38. 2004: 

    Hello! The final game of the day features world number one Rafael Nadal, who has already progressed to the semi-finals of the ATP Tour Finals, and Tomas Berdych, who needs to beat the Spaniard to progress to the knockout stages. If ever there was a match worthy of your attention then this is it. Unless you take into account Saturday's decider against Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro, but that's another story...

  39. 2000: 

    When victory is a must and the last man prowling at the other side of the net is the world number one then perhaps it is time to start believing that some things are impossible. When victory is a must and your opponent is one of the greatest champions of his sport then perhaps it is time to start believing that today won't be your day. When victory is a must and you've almost forgotten what it feels like to defeat your rival then perhaps it is time to prepare for the inevitable. But what kind of attitude would that be, eh!

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