US Open final 2013: Serena Williams v Victoria Azarenka

Live text and radio commentary as Serena Williams captures fifth US Open title in thrilling final against Victoria Azarenka.

9 September 2013 Last updated at 01:10

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As it happened

  1. 0109: 

    There was plenty to take in during that roller-coaster of a match. Fortunately Piers Newbery was on the scene to absorb it all and filter out the meaning in amid the mess. His match report is live on the BBC Sport website.

    It might be worth wandering your fingers over to the preview of the men's final as well. As sequels to tonight's action go I think that Novak Djokovic v Rafael Nadal looks more Godfather than Matrix.

    That gets going at 2200 BST right here and on BBC Radio 5 live. If you have better Monday night plans, I don't believe you.

    Bye for now.

    Jeff Tarango, Former Tour professional on BBC Radio 5 live

    Azarenka wanted to fight back, she had the energy to fight back, but losing that second set, while she looked like she was down and out mentally, Serena learned from it, capitalised it and is now $3.6m richer.

  3. 0057: 

    So where does that leave Serena Williams in the pantheon of greats? Her 17th Grand Slam title is one less than the great Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert, beyond that pair Steffi Graf (22) and Margaret Court (24) might yet be reachable. Williams has just equalled Graf and Court's five US Open titles.

    Serena Williams
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former American professional tennis player Jill Craybas: "We all thought the match was over when she was up in the second set but Azarenka came back and fought hard. Serena just came out stronger in the third set and came out with great service games and took advantage of everything, was aggressive and came out with the win."

  5. 0052: 

    Serena Williams, wearing that smart grey jacket that she came onto court in three and a half hours ago, is now posing for the snappers. She gives the silverware an affectionate squeeze, before performing a well-practised little heel lift for the full-length photos.

    She has plenty of practice I suppose.


    Serena Williams: "I definitely felt the love to thank you for all who supported. Victoria, you played unbelievable, what a great match, what a great person and what an honour to play against you. And to everyone in that box, I love you. Vika is such a great opponent, such a great fighter, it was never over until match point."

  7. 0048: 

    Serena Williams returns the praise to Victoria Azarenka, before enthusiastically hugging the lady who hands over more than three million dollars of prize money. As you would.


    Victoria Azarenka: "It is a tough loss but to be in a final and to play against the best player who deserves to win today is incredible. We gave it everything we got. Well deserved and congratulations, Serena."

  9. 0046: 

    Victoria Azarenka is the first summoned to the on-court microphone. After the words initially catch in her throat, she gets out a very courteous speech with the help of supportive applause from former president Bill Clinton in the posh seats.

  10. 0043: 

    A rank of Stars and Stripes flags have assembled on court for the trophy presentation. This is Serena Williams' 17th Grand Slam title, her first came on the same stage when she beat top-seeded Martina Hingis in 1999.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former American professional tennis player Jill Craybas: "After beating Serena twice this year, Azarenka really thought she could do it this time. There was so much tension between the two of them. Azarenka absolutely believes she can do it and that's why she is showing tears, she gave it her all yet she still came short."

  12. 0041: 

    Serena Williams bounces up and down, stamping down on the Decoturf surface in delight as her box holler back in response. Victoria Azarenka dissolves into tears as she slumps into a courtside chair, putting on her sponsors' watch as she comes to terms with her emotions.

    Serena Williams

    The match, an absolute emotion-wringer, came in at two hours 45 minutes.

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Williams 7-5 6-7 (6-8) 6-1 Azarenka

    Two championship points at 40-15, how are those nerves now Serena?

    Victoria Azarenka peppers the baseline to draw the error on the first, but finally Williams is off the hook and into the winners' enclosure as her opponent drifts long.

    WILLIAMS BREAKS- *Williams 7-5 6-7 (6-8) 5-1 Azarenka

    Victoria Azarenka has escaped from the straitjacket and wriggled out of the cage to defuse the dynamite once already this evening. She is going to have to repeat that escapology act.

    Break point down at 30-40, she nets a backhand from the middle of the baseline to give Serena a double break. The American will serve for the set and title next.

    Jeff Tarango, Former Tour professional on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I thought it was very telling when Serena smacked her legs with her own racquet as if to say 'legs, if you don't wake up we're going of here'. She's such a competitor, such a thoroughbred."

    Williams 7-5 6-7 (6-8) 4-1 Azarenka*

    Serena Williams tops off that break with a hold to love that was crown with a second-serve ace. All guns blazing off her own serve, stonewalling on Azarenka's. Might that be the combination than cracks the lock and gets Williams' hands on the US Open booty?

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    Senny: First time I can actually say I'm enjoying watching a women's final

    Mogamad Nackerdien: I can definitely see Vika dominating women's tennis for a few years. None of the other women comes close to these two!

    Akude Emeka O: Don't think I've seen female players batter themselves this much, credit to both ladies, fantastic athletes.

    WILLIAMS BREAKS- *Williams 7-5 6-7 (6-8) 3-1 Azarenka

    Slow and steady may just win the race for Serena Williams.

    Victoria Azarenka is exposed at 15-0 up as she drift a lob skywards which Williams smashes inexplicably long. That is Williams' seventh unforced error of a young third set.

    The American changes tack and shows plenty of patience to keep it central and steady and Azarenka eventually commits the error as she tries to up the pace. A double-fault takes the game to deuce.

    Williams is definitely coming over a little more conservative, hitting with a little less pace and asking Victoria Azarenka to try and come up with something other than furious defence. The Belarussian saves one break point with a canny bit of volleying as she goes toe-to-toe with Williams at the net, but that double-fault habit on a second returns to give the American the break.

    Williams 7-5 6-7 (6-8) 2-1 Azarenka*
    Serena Williams

    Both players are short of the standard that they were achieving down the straight in the second set. Serena Williams gets the greater slice of a hotchpotch of errors, holding for the loss of two points.

    *Williams 7-5 6-7 (6-8) 1-1 Azarenka

    Serena Williams wastes a good chance to really bear down on the Victoria Azarenka serve, taking two points off the Belarussian, but no more as she sends a disjointed forehand into the net.

    Williams 7-5 6-7 (6-8) 1-0 Azarenka*

    Serena Williams still looks a little shell-shocked by the loss of that second set as she double-faults on the first point of the third. She recovers to 30-30 and then comes in on a mid-court ball to put away a forehand for 40-30. Azarenka mishits one well wide and Serena, with a moody black cloud hovering over her head, sets off on her slow wander round the far net post.

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    Simon Kent: Get in Azarenka! Loving the US Open final. The women's game finally living up to the epic battles in the men's draw

    Maninder kanith: This match deserves a final set showdown!

    Michael Griffiths: A set and 2 breaks down against Serena is like being 8-0 down to Man Utd with 10 mins left, can't believe this is going the distance

    Jeff Tarango, Former Tour professional on BBC Radio 5 live

    "In a long-distance match, Azarenka is in better shape. You have to lean with Azarenka. Wow, what a match."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former American professional tennis player Jill Craybas: "I think the crowd are happy to see more tennis. It's been such high quality and we're seeing such mental toughness from both players. It's a toss in the air who is going to win this match."

    TIE-BREAK- *Williams 7-5 6-7 (6-8) Azarenka

    Serena Williams rips across court to take the first mini-break and a 3-1 lead, but Victoria Azarenka stretches and strains behind her own serve to hold for 3-2. Williams now with two serves. The American is in at the net as Azarenka's defences continue to amaze and that cushioned forehand volley is into the net! Mini-break regained by Azarenka and we are 3-3. Williams holds serve, via an Azarenka slip on the baseline for 4-3. Two serves for Azarenka and both are held as Williams nervily prods long and overcooks a lob. Azarenka leads 4-5 and is two points from a decider.

    Serena Williams

    Serena is a whirlwind of limbs as she fires into the net to hand Azarenka 4-6, a mini-break and two set points. Williams saves the first on her own serve, but Azarenka will has another on her racquet. Into the net from the Belarussian and Williams yelps with delight. 6-6 at the changeover and still these two cannot be split in the second set.

    Azarenka holds serve to turn the magnifying glass back on Williams and the yips descend. Williams pumps long and the set is Azarenka's. No real celebration from the second seed, just a snarl towards coach Sam Sumyk. Williams screams with frustration.

    We are into a mouth-watering finale.

    GET INVOLVED #bbctennis

    Andrew Priestley: Cannot believe what I'm seeing here! Serena can't close out the victory on TWO occasions! Azarenka could steal this!

    Kelechi Chris: Tie-break. I fancy Azarenka edging it hope am wrong though

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former American professional tennis player Jill Craybas: "Serena's nerves were getting in the way, she completely lost her balance. We'll see how she responds. She normally responds like a champion."

    AZARENA BREAKS- Williams 7-5 6-6 Azarenka*

    The connection between Serena Williams' mind and limbs, fuzzy in the early part of the game, is completely severed from 30-30. The American jerks into a straightforward backhand and then ball buries itself in the net, before she double-faults on break point to throw Azarenka a lifeline. The second seed has a tie-break to really set the cat among the pigeons.

    WILLIAMS BREAKS- *Williams 7-5 6-5 Azarenka

    Without the ball in her hand, Williams' shots are suddenly flowing loose and lithe. The American skips to 0-40 and thinks she has pocketed the break and a second chance to serve for the title when Azarenka pushes apparently long. Computer says no though as the HawkEye review shows the second seed got a wipe on the back of the line.

    It only holds Williams up for a couple of points though. Azarenka dumps into the net again and Williams will have a second chance to serve out.

    Serena Williams
    AZARENKA BREAKS- Williams 7-5 5-5 Azarenka*

    Is that a hint of nerves there from Serena Williams? Nope, not a hint, a great big quivering mass of them.

    A double fault takes the game to 15-15, before she yanks at a regulation groundstroke long for 15-30. Azarenka lunges out wide to block back a superb return right on Williams' toes to set for 15-40 and two break points. Williams redeems the first, but suddenly the baseline seems to have been moved a couple of feet closer to the net. Williams strays long once again and Azarenka is back level from a double break adrift.

    *Williams 7-5 5-4 Azarenka

    Victoria Azarenka swats a running forehand down the line and then hustles Serena Williams out of the game's final point with a little hurry-up stroke off the same wing. Determined stuff from Azarenka, but there will need to be diamonds in amongst the grit if she is to deny Williams. The American serves for the title next.

    Williams 7-5 5-3 Azarenka*

    Serena Williams picks off Victoria Azarenka at the net with a clinical pass on her way to a hold to love. There was, of course, a sizzling ace in that potent cocktail. That game was like a cold shower on any flames of hope flickering in Azarenka's heart.

    GET INVOLVED #bbctennis

    Chris Smith: Amazing point from Vika to hold. Maybe the comeback is still on

    Adelugba Taiwo: Am afraid it's all over Vicky, all hope is lost now, there is no coming back into d game again

    *Williams 7-5 4-3 Azarenka

    This is turning into a dog-fight. Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams dig baseline trenches and trade groundstroke salvos. A typically mammoth rally at 40-30 ends with Azarenka hitting a raking off-forehand winner as Williams energy levels fade first.

    Azarenka bouces back to her chair like there is helium in her heels. Could there be life in this dog-fight yet?

    AZARENKA BREAKS- Williams 7-5 4-2 Azarenka*

    It turns out that Victoria Azarenka is not the only one with pet gremlins to keep under control. Serena Williams floats a backhand a couple of feet long under no pressure to give Victoria Azarenka 15-40 and two break-back points. The American saves the first but, after her skirt has given her some untimely hassle pre-serve, her forehand looks wide on the next point. The video review confirms the damage and Williams' cushion is down to the single break.

    Victoria Azarenka
    Jeff Tarango, BBC Radio 5 live

    Azarenka kept pausing, like she was looking over in the corner of her eye at her opponent. It was more a mental break than a physical break. She's not going to give up yet but she's going to have to play the best tennis of her life to come back.

    WILLIAMS BREAKS- *Williams 7-5 4-1 Azarenka

    Victoria Azarenka suffers a potentially fatal brain-melt.

    Serena Williams circles for the kill as she crushes a backhand across court to give herself 30-30 and Victoria Azarenka plenty to think about. Too much to think about it turns out.

    The second seed has had her occasionally-erratic serve on a tight leash for most of the match, but two successive double faults rear their ugly head to surrender the double break.

    Jeff Tarango, Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    It it amazing that these athletes, when they've got their backs against the wall, produce their best tennis, and that's why they're number one and two in the world. They're so mentally tough.

    Williams 7-5 3-1 Azarenka*

    With time running out, Victoria Azarenka has come out swinging in an attempt to topple the Serena Williams serve. A laser-guided forehand down the line licks the paint to give the Belarussian two break points at 15-40, but a kicker of a serve out wide and Azarenka's pat long release the tension.

    Williams completes the getaway with an exocet ace down the middle. Will Azarenka get any better chances than that? In truth Williams' serving was so powerful and accurate that, whatever the scoreboard said, she could not have wrestled the game her way.

    GET INVOLVED #bbctennis

    Len M: Serena has never lost a Grand Slam final after winning the first set. Vika, is it Game Over or History maker?

    Austine Chrisopher: Serena has changed gears in the second set. I see her taking this in two sets

    *Williams 7-5 2-1 Azarenka

    Victoria Azarenka wobbles to 30-30 with the destiny of the match hanging over her by a thread. Rock-solid minerals from the second seed though as she feathers over a drop-shot that Williams cannot pick up despite a headlong charge towards the net. That was brave. Azarenka holds and she is still in this match, if only by her fingernails.

    Williams 7-5 2-0 Azarenka*

    Victoria Azarenka is blown away to love. Serena Williams is hitting a ball so heavy, it must feel like lead off Azarenka's racquet. There are code violations for racquet abuse, but this is legal ball abuse from Williams.

    GET INVOLVED #bbctennis

    Atobajaye kazeem: Vika needs to take every point she can now coz once Serena gets into the game, there will be no stopping her.

    Zamin Shabir: Serena up one set to nil. Surprised it took her so long. She could beat half the men.

    WILLIAMS BREAKS- *Williams 7-5 1-0 Azarenka
    Boris Becker

    Boris Becker decides that it might be best to capture the day's play for posterity while there is still time as Serena Williams takes the first two points of the second set. Victoria Azarenka is struggling with her ball toss, lunging to regather rather than risking striking a wobbly one. Williams' wrong-footing backhand winner outfoxes Azarenka for 15-40 and two break points. One saved, one to go for Azarenka. But a Belarussian backhand wide mean that, at a set and a break up, Williams's rock-solid serve will need to subside soon if Azarenka is to stand a chance.

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Williams 7-5 Azarenka*
    Victoria Azarenka

    Serena Williams crushes the life out of the set, romping to 40-0 in a blizzard of baseline wallops before Victoria Azarenka pushes wide. A video review cannot save the Belarussian. But Azarenka lost the first set of last year's final and served to win it. Don't count her out just yet.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former American professional tennis player Jill Craybas: "Serena in those last few points really went for it. The way this match is going, we've seen some winners, we've seen some errors, it's going to come down to a little bit of luck. Sometimes those ball are going in, sometimes they're missing. It's going to come down to who is the more aggressive."

    WILLIAMS BREAKS- *Williams 6-5 Azarenka

    Victoria Azarenka looks set to secure her place in a tie-break at least at 40-15. But things get out of hand. Fast. Serena Williams boffs a backhand winner down the line, forces Azarenka into the net and then fires across court with fizz to move to advantage and set up break point.

    Williams returns right up on to baseline and Azarenka's block response in engulfed in the mesh. Williams breaks and will serve for the set next. And all this while she has been searching for top gear.

    Williams 5-5 Azarenka*

    Serena Williams inspects not only the strings, but also the grip of her racquet as she miscues a forehand high into the New York skyline for 30-30. A blockbusting serve follows for 40-30, but Williams is having to tackle a troublesome hemline, as her skirt flutters upwards in the breeze, as well as Victoria Azarenka. A distracted double fault follows and we are into deuce.

    Azarenka is just two points away from the set after she tickles a teasing dropper over the cord to pull Williams back from advantage. The cheek of it. Serena packs away the game with a double-handed backhand punch volley and a ripped ace down the middle though.

    At the moment the momentum seems to be marginally with Victoria Azarenka, but the set could teeter either way.

    GET INVOLVED #bbctennis

    Timothy Olagoke: Following live score on my phone in Abuja Nigeria. I want Serena to do this in 2 sets. Azerenka could be dangerous with a decider

    Zhul_Nurain: Wow what a great match. A very tense one I must say

    Tim Purcell: Wind at US Open is nothing - they should try playing in Mold in North Wales during the winter. Bracing

    *Williams 4-5 Azarenka

    Glorious, glorious stuff from Victoria Azarenka at 0-15 as she drags herself back into the point with a dead-eyed lob and then takes it with a rocket off-forehand. That has lobbed some fuel into the furnace and she canters through the rest of the game. An ace is followed by another clean-as-a-whistle-fresh-as-a-thistle winner before Serena Williams flops wide to fold.

    That point has brought some zest and zing to Azarenka's whole demeanour as she heads for her chair and the changeover.

    Victoria Azarenka
    Williams 4-4 Azarenka*

    Serena Williams holds her serve to 15. Neither player looks close to giving up their serve since that early exchange of breaks.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former American professional tennis player Jill Craybas: "I feel Serena is struggling with the wind right now. I haven't seen her like this before. Her wardrobe is really affecting her because her skirt is flying up in the air."

    *Williams 3-4 Azarenka

    Serena Williams gets animated as a swirling gust gives a bit of curl to the ball and cramps her up on a backhand. Only adjusting with her top half and not getting her footwork going, the defending champion dumps into the net and then starts a bit of a monologue, complete with semaphore arm signals, to explain where she went wrong.

    Azarenka takes the game with a brilliant improvised volleyed lob after both players chase her drop shot into the front of the court.

    Williams 3-3 Azarenka*
    Serena Williams

    Serena Williams's top knot is a fairly decent makeshift weathervane and judging by her locks, the wind has dropped on court. Certainly she seems more comfortable in that game, holding well.

    GET INVOLVED #bbctennis

    Anirudh G: I feel this is going to be an epic that could go very deep into the third set! Tie Break with Serena winning it 12-10

    Maria Fiorentino: The wind should favour the more defensive and mobile player, and that is Azarenka

    Harris Aziz Masari: The wind making it interesting or Serena could have ended 2 weeks of hard work in about an hour

    *Williams 2-3 Azarenka

    Victoria Azarenka's coach Sam Sumyk, inscrutable in shades, claps his charge as she whips away a forehand winner early in the game. He will like the looks of her defence as well as her attacking strokes. Azarenka scampers back and forth along the baseline to field powerful blows and gets her reward as Serena plants between the trams.

    Williams into the net and that is another hold from Azarenka. She has settled well after being paddled in the first game. If I were her I would start leaning into this wind like it is a force-10 gale to sow further seeds of doubt into Williams' mind.

    Williams 2-2 Azarenka*

    Serena Williams, thinking on her feet, tries coming to the net on the game's first point, but is comprehensively passed by Victoria Azarenka. The second seed keeps pace to 30-30 but misses the chance to turn the screw on Serena as she dumps a basic cross-court backhand into the net and then pumps long.

    Victoria Azarenka
    GET INVOLVED #bbctennis

    Shohidur Rahman: Can't believe anyone thinks this match will be a contest. Serena should get this done in just over an hour.

    Joel Newnham: It's blowing a hurricane out there on Ashe

    *Williams 1-2 Azarenka

    Victoria Azarenka is adapting to the conditions quicker and better. The Belarusian slices and dices from the baseline, giving Serena Williams no pace to work with and challenging the defending champion to scrape some skidding balls back up and over. So far, Williams is struggling. She nets from bang centre on the baseline, with plenty of time to set her feet, to allow Azarenka the first service hold of the match.

    AZARENKA BREAKS- Williams 1-1 Azarenka*

    It is getting gusty out there. And Serena Williams is not enjoying the breeze. After moving in and crashing a mid-court forehand into the net to drop to 30-40, the American sighs and sags her shoulders as she waits for the wind to die down. When it eventually comes, the first serve on break point is into the net. The second is good, but Williams is still calibrating her groundstrokes to the conditions and she strays long to hand the break right back.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former American professional tennis player Jill Craybas: "That's Serena's tactic, to make a statement from the beginning. She's feeling really confident. She's just going for it."

    WILLIAMS BREAKS- *Williams 1-0 Azarenka

    Serena Williams makes an entrance. What an entrance.

    After Victoria Azarenka aborts her first ball toss, distracted by a sound in the crowd, she maybe wishes she just could have aborted the whole game. Serena races to 0-40 and three break points and although Azarenka saves the first with a fist pump, Williams batters a backhand winner past the Belarussia to tie up the first game.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  63. 2152: 

    Serena Williams has lost only 16 games en route to this Grand Slam final. Only two other women - Steffi Graf and Mary Pierce - have lost fewer since 1988 when all of the big four went to a 128-player main draw. Ominous.

    Umpire Alison Hughes calls the players to the court and we are ready to go.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former American professional tennis player Jill Craybas: "I think she's very good at handling Serena's pace. That's one of Azarenka's strengths; she moves so well, she anticipates so well. It could bother Serena that she can't just overpower Azarenka. Serena is used to beating Azarenka in a Grand Slam tournament so she does have that on her side today."

    GET INVOLVED #bbctennis

    Akunna Ojogho: Going for Azarenka in 3 sets but first I have to fight a little battle with sleep

    Edward Ditchfield: Hope Azarenka can make a decent (and relatively quiet) contest of this. Some competition is needed at the top of the women's game

    Ayo Obit: Vika has to be really strong on her service games else this could end 6-1, 6-2. She shouldn't expect to break Serena 5 times.

    GET INVOLVED #bbctennis

    Andrew Priestley: Victoria Azarenka MUST win the first set tonight. You'll never beat Serena Williams in a Grand Slam Final being a set down

    Adrian Grant: Team Serena, let's go

  67. 2147: 

    After a brief bit of bother about bouquets and bags the players are out on court. Serena is sporting a tracksuit top that is more like the sort of over-sized school blazer your mum buys you in the optimistic hope that it will last through from ages 11 to 16.

    After a pre-match photo in which neither either bothered with a sliver of a grin, Victoria Azarenka has won the toss and will serve.

    (L-R)Victoria Azarenka, Monica Seles and Serena Williams

    You can get your lugholes across this match live on 5 live sports extra right now. Russell Fuller is in the company of American natives Jill Craybas and Jeff Tarango.

  68. 2143: 

    Pre-match soundbites of nothingness for your delectation:

    Victoria Azarenka: "I'm just really excited to be at this stage of the tournament. I'm just trying to fight for every point. Serena is a great champion, she will give her best and I will do the same."

    Serena Williams: "It's really awesome and to be a part of it is really cool. The crowd has been really amazing, every year it gets better and better. I was so emotional the other day in the semi-final because everyone was really nice."


    You can tick off a fair few of the A list this evening in Queens. Actors Hugh Jackman, Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are all in the house along with La Vida Loca lover Ricky Martin.

    You can rub virtual shoulders with the showbiz set by tweeting your thoughts and predictions to #bbctennis or texting from UK mobiles to 81111.

  70. 2135: 

    You don't have to take Lindsay's word for the fact that Victoria Azarenka can throw a spanner in the spokes of the serene Serena though.

    Just know your history.

    Tonight's final is a rematch of last year's title-deciding contest. And 12 months ago, Azarenka was within a service hold of beating the red-hot favourite before eventually losing 6-2 2-6 7-5.

    Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former world number one Lindsay Davenport on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra: Victoria has beaten Serena before and believes that she can beat her again. Many players go out there hoping just to win games at times and Azarenka goes in there with so much more confidence and self-belief. That is what makes the rivalry that is starting so interesting because Azarenka does have the game to trouble Serena.

    She is fast enough around the court to defend well but she can also put balls away and you have to be able to do both because Serena comes at you with so much power and pace that you have to be able to fight that off and stay with her.

    Vika is one of the few that can do it.

  72. 2125: 

    A little thing like facing tennis' head girl Serena Williams is not going to faze the world number two.

    The pair of them have met in three finals this year, and while Williams was victorious in Rome, Azarenka took the spoils in Doha and Cincinnati.

    Victoria Azarenka
  73. 2120: 

    Victoria Azarenka doesn't care what those people think. In fact, she doesn't give two figs about what pretty much anyone thinks.

    She is an unapologetic grunter, who warms up behind the scenes at Flushing Meadows by dancing along to Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye on her headphones and dedicates victories to big-haired rapper boyfriend Redfoo.

    The only person who seems to have her ear is her grandmother who told a younger Victoria to stop complaining about life on Tour because it was a breeze compared to the alternative of working two or three jobs back in Belarus.

    Good call gran.

  74. 2115: 

    Well, this tennis match today is all a bit of a waste of time. They should just walk out, shake hands, present Serena Williams with the US Open trophy and pose for photos.

    All that's missing from that schedule is an hour or so of inevitable bullying for Victoria Azarenka and slightly uncomfortable viewing for the rest of us.

    That is many people's take on today's final. But those people have not being paying attention.

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