US Open day five as it happened

Defending US Open champion Andy Murray beats Leonardo Mayer to reach the third round.

31 August 2013 Last updated at 00:49

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As it happened

  1. 0041: 

    And that is a wrap from me. Thanks for keeping me company over the last nine hours or so - it's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride but the end result is Andy Murray is through, and Laura Robson is out. After Hewitt-Del Potro finish, defending women's champion Serena Williams is last on Arthur Ashe - stay across the BBC Sport website to see how she gets on against Yaroslava Shvedova. Cheerio for now.

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    So, that's two British men in round three at Flushing Meadows. Brummie qualifier Dan Evans is our other man in the last 32 and he is back in action on Saturday, on the same court that Murray has just vacated. Evans's third-round match against Spanish 19th seed Tommy Robredo is scheduled fourth on Louis Arsmtrong Stadium at around 2100 BST.

  3. 0038: 
    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray speaking to Sky Sports: "I started to move a lot better towards the end of the match. I riled myself up, but it is pretty draining conditions on this court where there is absolutely no shade. It is tough when he is serving big and hitting winners but once I was able to get a read on his serve.

    "Florian Mayer has got a strange game he doesn't play like anyone else on tour. There will be some funky points and I have to be ready for that."

  4. 0036: 

    Lleyton Hewitt and Juan Martin del Potro are on court for the first of the night matches in Arthur Ashe Stadium - and still on serve at 2-2 in the first set - but Andy Murray is about to leave Louis Armstrong Stadium, if he can fight his way through a scrum of autograph hunters. His night's work is done.


    Dusky: Well done @andy_murray. Worth staying up on Friday night.

  6. 0029: 
    Andy Murray into round three
    Andy Murray

    The result is the right one for Britain, though, and Andy Murray joins Dan Evans in round three. If you ignore the third set, it was a convincing win... but this picture tells the real story of Murray's day: Frustration!

  7. 0029: 

    That took a bit longer than expected, didn't it?

  8. 0026: 
    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Andy Murray beats Leonardo Mayer 7-5 6-1 3-6 6-1
    Andy Murray

    Yes, it's all over. Andy Murray again yells to the sky but this time in triumph. He has dropped his first set of this tournament but he is safely through to round three, where another Mayer... Germany's Florian Mayer awaits.


    Joe Kilgour‏: Murray has finally sorted himself out.

    *Murray 7-5 6-1 3-6 5-1 Mayer

    They have been playing for more than two-and-a-half hours now and if you had just walked in and started watching, you would wonder what the fuss was all about - Murray is producing some magical stuff all of a sudden.

    He starts with a wondrous backhand cross-court winner on the run and follows up by outplaying Mayer on the next two points too before following in a flicked lob to put away the volley and seal the break. The British number one will serve for the match, and a place in round three next.

    Murray 7-5 6-1 3-6 4-1 Mayer*

    Murray needs to press home his advantage here, and he is in the sort of mood where you would have to prise it from his clenched fist. Mayer is still full of running and flashy forehands but it is nowhere near enough. Murray holds and has breathing space in the fourth set.


    Alex Tres: Pull yourself together Andy, I want to go to sleep!

    *Murray 7-5 6-1 3-6 3-1 Mayer
    Andy Murray

    Wow, Murray might be having a howler - literally, if you think about the noise he has been making - but it has not diluted his work ethic. He covers every inch of the court to pile the pressure on Mayer's big forehand, and the Argentine cracks, making mistake after mistake... after mistake. Mayer is broken by Murray's resistance - was that the decisive blow?

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dom Inglot on Arthur Ashe Stadium: Leonardo Mayer's attitude here is definitely to live by the sword and die by the sword. He is not holding anything back.

    It is not a problem for Murray that he gets bogged down in these dogfights in the early rounds. He is a two-time Grand Slam winner, but you do wonder whether that could that have been three or more if he had been able to preserve his energy levels a bit better.


    Nicola: Get off Murray's back!! Dusky.... Federer and Nadal shouldn't have been beaten in first week at wimbers! C'mon Murray 4 set or not you're not only one to have hard time!!

    Murray 7-5 6-1 3-6 2-1 Mayer*

    Not sure if Andy Murray is making too much eye contact with his coach Ivan Lendl right now, but it is probably best if he looks the other way - Lendl is fixing him with a steely glare as Murray continues to make things as difficult as possible for himself, throwing in a double-fault and a limp forehand to let Mayer reach deuce.

    Murray is playing himself as much as the Argentine right now, and he is proving a difficult opponent. Even so, he holds out, but not without a struggle, and he is in a real dogfight on Louis Armstrong Stadium.

    *Murray 7-5 6-1 3-6 1-1 Mayer

    Murray has got his England/Poland kit back on as he goes for an early break. At 30-all, he has a sniff but not for long, Mayer is in at the net to put away the next two points and a waggle of his fist shows he is full of confidence at the moment. Murray is still moaning to himself, in case you were wondering.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dom Inglot on Arthur Ashe Stadium: Andy got a little complacent and it gave Mayer the chance to get back into the match. Now Murray needs to work out how to turn that back round and get himself back into the match.

    Murray 7-5 6-1 3-6 1-0 Mayer*

    Murray has been shaking his head pretty much non-stop since the end of that third set - for a good few minutes actually because Mayer disappeared for a bathroom break and now the crowd are holding him up too. Once the fourth set does start, he is clearly a man in a rush to wrap this up quickly, and marches back to his chair after a comfortable hold.


    Dan Thomas: I think it might be because Mayer is blinding Murray with his shirt colour! Come on Murray!

    GAME AND THIRD SET- *Murray 7-5 6-1 3-6 0-0 Mayer

    Two aces, two challenges. Murray challenges the first - but it nicked the edge of the line. The second one is called out but Maya disputes it - and is right. That's 30-0 and he is two points away from the third set. Make that one point, because Murray has put a backhand wide. Seconds later, Mayer fires down a backhand winner and he is right back in this match. Murray's mood just got even worse.

    Murray 7-5 6-1 3-5 Mayer*

    The pressure is on Murray but you would not know it from this service game. Three aces help him hold with ease. He needs to break now, though, otherwise we are into a fourth set.


    Dusky: Murray shouldn't be dropping sets in 2nd round matches, right?

    *Murray 7-5 6-1 2-5 Mayer
    Leonardo Mayer

    Sarah, below, makes a good point. Mayer only plays well when he wears bright yellow, and he has changed shirts again. He is in trouble here, at 15-40, but an ace helps dig him out of that particular hole and he looks full of confidence as he saves another break-point too and serve-volleys his way to a 5-2 third-set lead.


    Sarah Barry: I blame you for this set.....the hi-vis shirt is back and Murray is struggling...

    Murray 7-5 6-1 2-4 Mayer*

    The horror continues for Murray, who finds himself 0-40 down and in a whole heap of trouble. He claws his way back to deuce but soon faces another break-point when Mayer follows a rasping forehand into the net to dispatch the winner. Disaster? No. Murray stops shouting at himself long enough to save that break point and then holds out thanks to two Mayer mistakes. Murray will take anything he can get at present, though.

    *Murray 7-5 6-1 1-4 Mayer

    If Andy Murray is going to wrap this match up in three sets then he needs a break-back soon. He has a sniff here, at 30-all, but some power-play by Mayer quickly closes that window. Murray is still howling at the sky like an unhappy hound, but vocalising his frustration is not changing his fortunes.


    Mark Underwood: C'mon Andy. Just stay calm and stop wobbling.

    Murray 7-5 6-1 1-3 Mayer*

    Murray is a ball of anger at present but he needs to focus here. He is left chattering away to thin air after another error but, fortunately, throws in some big serves too. He holds and is off the mark in the third set.


    Wilfred Zaha‏: Who expected this then?

    *Murray 7-5 6-1 0-3 Mayer

    Murray is still muttering away to himself when Mayer fires down a double-fault, but he does not get a sniff of a break-back. Mayer is bouncing around the court for the first time in about an hour and - BANG - he seals his hold with an ace.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dom Inglot on Arthur Ashe Stadium: "Something like this can lift a player - the question is can it lift Mayer enough? I don't doubt Andy will win this match but now it is about how long it takes him to win it."

    Murray 7-5 6-1 0-2 Mayer*

    Yes, definitely work for Murray to do - particularly when he bungles a smash and nets a volley to go 0-30 down. He is in more trouble when Mayer slaps down a superb crosscourt forehand winner right on to the opposite tramline and that is THREE break-points.

    Can Mayer take this chance? He messes up his first opportunity with a weak forehand, then a net-cord allows Murray to put away a forehand and come back to 30-40. Chance gone? Nope. An inside-out forehand winner gives Mayer his first break of the match - no wonder he is fist-pumping like crazy. Murray, meanwhile, is fuming, scowling and screaming in frustration.

    *Murray 7-5 6-1 0-1 Mayer
    Leo Mayer

    Mayer is on the brink of being broken again at 30-all, after a net-cord falls Murray's way. Another break here would surely be the end - but things are immediately levelled out when the net-cord helps the Argentine on the next point and he composes himself to fling down a big serve and hold. Still work for Murray to do here.

  35. 2318: 

    If Andy Murray goes on and wins this match, and with Leo Mayer looking cooked that's not a very big IF to be brutally honest, then the defending champ knows who he will play in round three - Germany's Florian Mayer, who has ended the hopes of home favourite Donald Young with a one-sided 7-5 6-3 6-4 win.


    Andrew Priestley: Mayer's resistance has been broken. The error count is creeping up as the tiredness creeps in. Stroll in the park for Andy now.

    GAME AND SECOND SET- Murray 7-5 6-1 0-0 Mayer*
    Andy Murray

    And there you have it. Murray has not just grown into this match, he has gradually changed his tactics and is now going on the attack: pushing forward as Mayer falls back, he is the one coming into the net to finish off points, and he now has a two-set lead. Surely no way back for Leo now?

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dom Inglot on Arthur Ashe Stadium: "Andy has definitely grown in confidence as this match has gone on and it is hard to see where Mayer goes from here.

    *Murray 7-5 5-1 Mayer

    A woman in a loud dress wanders into the stadium and up and down the aisles as Mayer prepares to serve, keeping everyone waiting as she tries to find her seat and bringing a stern rebuke from the umpire. Eventually play resumes and Mayer is straight back under pressure on his serve.

    At 30-all, Murray attacks a second serve early and his backhand brings an error from Mayer on the same side. That is break-point, but Mayer's forehand comes to his rescue again with an inside-out winner into the opposite corner. So, it's deuce, but not for long because Murray is into the net to put away another weak Mayer backhand. That's another break point, and this time Murray takes it. Another Mayer mistake means the Scot will serve for the second set next.

    Murray 7-5 4-1 Mayer*

    Murray again makes short work of his service game - Mayer tries to increase the heat with his returns but he shortens the points in the wrong way from his point of view by smacking most of them straight out.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dom Inglot on Arthur Ashe Stadium: "Maybe Murray should have let that last ball drop, and finished the point off after it bounced. He had to watch that a long way."

    *Murray 7-5 3-1 Mayer

    Murray's service stats are solid on first or second delivery - he has won 78% and 80% of points on those. Mayer's first service percentage is ok at 74% but he is struggling to hold things together on his second serve, winning just 20% of points. Can he improve both of those here? Yes, but only thanks to that forehand of his.

    At 30-all, Murray is two points away from what would be another devastating blow but Mayer crunches down a winner and he is gifted the hold when Murray blows an overhead, ballooning it wide.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dom Inglot on Arthur Ashe Stadium: "If he loses this next service game, Mayer might as well write off the set."

    Murray 7-5 3-0 Mayer*

    Hmmm, the points are coming a lot faster - and easier - for Murray now. He holds to love. Mayer needs to put his hi-vis top back on, I reckon. That should fix it.

    *Murray 7-5 2-0 Mayer

    The beginning of the end for Mayer? Possibly. Murray is right into him on the Argentine's first service game of the second set and at 30-40 is looking to hammer home his advantage. Mayer is into the net, as per usual, off his serve but Murray's return is a dipping one that the world number 81 cannot control. The early break is his.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dom Inglot on Arthur Ashe Stadium: "Andy needs to be more clinical with those passing shots. I don't think it will happen here, but those are the type of mistakes that can come back and haunt you."

    Murray 7-5 1-0 Mayer*

    A change of shirt for Murray, who has ditched England/Poland and gone for Holland - bright orange. Mayer disappeared completely for a while, and has also gone for a change of outfit - no more hi-vis, instead traditional white.

    The different look doesn't help Mayer much - Murray races to 40-0 and, after a couple of sloppy shots including a wild attempt to pass Mayer at the net, holds to get off the mark in the second set.


    Ross McD: Murray does that so often in first sets again lesser players, as do the other big players. Break just at the critical time.

    GAME AND FIRST SET- *Murray 7-5 0-0 Mayer

    Ah. Maybe Mayer was tired. He cracks completely here, finding himself 0-40 down thanks to a succession of unforced errors on his forehand, which until now has been his rock. His gameplan got him five games, but Murray has the first set.

    Murray 6-5 Mayer*
    Leo Mayer

    No problems for Murray here. Mayer looks ever so slightly tired and tries a drop shot at the wrong time. Murray gobbles it up and holds with ease.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Legendary American coach Nick Bollettieri on Arthur Ashe Stadium: "Mayer is the underdog and he is playing like he has nothing to lose. He is getting the crowd on his side here. But the longer this match goes on, it should favour Murray."

    *Murray 5-5 Mayer

    This is turning into a great first set, and a clash of two very different styles - Mayer on the all-out attack and Murray on the defensive. The Argentine keeps coming into the net, and keeps picking up points. He also pulls out a pearler of a drop-shot winner that drops dead as it crosses the net. Not even Murray can reach that one, and he is muttering to himself more and more now. Mayer holds, again.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dom Inglot on Arthur Ashe Stadium: "I did not expect this tactic from Mayer. He may not be the most comfortable at the net but he probably thinks this is his best chance of victory."

    Murray 5-4 Mayer*

    Mayer is coming in to the net at every opportunity, and not always picking the right moment - he will probably charge in on a return of serve soon. Murray, as you would probably expect, is a lot more patient. He holds comfortably enough and lets out a loud "C'mon" as he heads for his chair. He is trying to gee himself up here.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport in New York

    "It's a pretty stifling afternoon on Armstrong and it's not just the players who are drenched in sweat already, I can tell you. It's hard going for Murray so far. There was a huge queue to get inside and the place is pretty much packed, with plenty of vocal support for the champion. We've already had one burger spillage, followed by some world-class lip biting. "He can't be from New York," says a steward."

    *Murray 4-4 Mayer

    We are approaching the business end of this set, so will Mayer tighten up? Initially, yes. A couple of mistakes leave him at 0-30 and under pressure on his serve. He takes the next point but only after one heck of a rally, with Murray eeking about four extra shots out of him just by being able to run down what might have been winners against anyone else.

    Even at 30-all, the Argentine is still not out of the woods, though, and when he goes long on the next point Murray has his first break point of the match. Will he take it? No. Mayer finds a huge forehand to make deuce, leaving Murray screaming in frustration. Mayer is back in control and, eventually, he holds.


    Rosie Marriott: I think if Andy can keep his cool he can go all the way again this year, he just can't take anything for granted.

    Murray 4-3 Mayer*
    Andy Murray

    Some Murray mind games on serve see him mix up his delivery - to be honest, he is probably tired of seeing Mayer run round his backhand so he decides he might as well slam some serves down the forehand side instead. The only blip is a double-fault, and Murray holds out after a clever drop shot catches the Argentine out.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Legendary American coach Nick Bollettieri on Andy Murray on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "Mayer is running round the ball to get on his big forehand and then coming into the net. He has to do that to get in this match."

    *Murray 3-3 Mayer
    Andy Murray

    No sign of Mayer tying up here. He holds to love thanks to more of those big serves and crunching forehands.

    Murray 3-2 Mayer*

    At 30-all, Mayer is sniffing more break points and trying to attack Murray' second serve. It doesn't work - he doesn't win another point - but he has definitely given Murray something to think about in the early stages. Can this last, though?


    Andrew Priestley: Mayer is really fighting hard, making Andy work for every point. As long as Murray can hold his serve, Mayer will tire & fade.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dom Inglot on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra: "Mayer's backhand is the weaker side and Murray definitely has to try to out-manoeuvre him to exploit that. Movement is not Mayer's strong point and, if he can get him where he wants him on the court, he can expose his backhand."

    *Murray 2-2 Mayer

    Mayer's first hiccup sees him fall 15-30 down after his death or glory tactics end in the former on the first couple of points. He is undeterred, however, and keeps on attacking, battling back to hold with a super serve-volley combo that sees him in at the net to bat away a forehand winner. Lovely stuff. They are are still on serve and still all-square in this first set.

    Murray 2-1 Mayer*

    Again, Murray has to scrap to hold his serve, after Mayer takes him to deuce. The Argentine has one heck of a forehand from what we have seen so far but there is a more subtle side to him too - he tries a drop shot with Murray behind the baseline, and it almost comes off, but the athleticism that Nick Bollettieri spoke of before the match comes in handy again. Murray not only gets there, he ends up playing a shot that ultimately wins him the point.


    Maria Read: It's easy to come out all guns blazing, but how long can Mayer keep it up?

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Legendary American coach Nick Bollettieri on Andy Murray on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "Mayer is playing some very aggressive tactics. Andy is probably a bit surprised to see a clay-court player coming into the net to attack him."

    *Murray 1-1 Mayer

    Murray's white top has a red stripe on the chest and sleeves and looks a bit like an old England football kit from afar - but on closer inspection it is more like Poland. Probably just as well for a myriad of reasons. Anyway, back to the tennis, and Mayer has kept up his fast start. He is serving well and coming in to finish off points too - and ends up holding to love.

    Murray 1-0 Mayer*

    Who backed Mayer then? Maybe we were all wrong.

    He starts like a dream, firing down some sparkling returns to get Murray on the run and beat him with some crunching winners. Murray saves one break point with a big serve but is soon in trouble again when the Argentine slaps away another fizzing forehand. Again, Murray's serve digs him out of a hole, this time with a big one out wide, but he is lucky to avoid a third break point when Mayer blazes wide from near the net. Murray is still on the defence, and Mayer - decked in luminous yellow - is still on the attack, but it is the Scot who holds.

  70. 2144: 

    Here we go. Murray to serve first. We are about to find out who is the best tennis player that was born on 15 May 1987. Anyone backing Mayer? Anyone... ?


    Justin Chin: Moving to Brighton for a new job tomorrow but packing can wait. Muzza in straight sets! Who's he even playing?

    James: Hoping for a smooth 3 set victory but Know Andy Murray it wont be easy.

    Maria Read: Andy in straight sets. Come on Andy

  72. 2138: 

    Andy Murray and Leo Mayer are warming up. British doubles player Dom Inglot, who won his second-round match earlier today, is now in the commentary box for 5 live sports extra and says: "I don't see Leonardo causing Andy too many problems, he is predominately a clay-court player. You never know but I would say Andy will be feeling very confident about his chances."

  73. 2136:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMurray v Mayer... coming up

    Right then, the sun is shining on Louis Armstong Stadium, Andy Murray has just arrived on court, and you can hear commentary of his match with Leo Mayer on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra (not Radio 5 live, sorry!).

  74. 2133: 
    Dan Evans - from qualifying to the show courts

    Just before Murray gets under way, news of Dan Evans. It's all good too.

    He made it through the traffic to get to practice today at Flushing Meadows, and now he has been told he will play on a show court on Saturday, with his third-round match against Spanish 19th seed Tommy Robredo scheduled fourth on Louis Arsmtrong Stadium at around 21:00 BST

  75. 2130: 
    Murray v Mayer... coming up

    Andy Murray and Leo Mayer are due on court on Louis Armstrong Stadium for their second-round match in the next few minutes... in fact, here they come now.

  76. 2129:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMurray v Mayer... coming up
    Andy Murray

    Legendary American coach Nick Bollettieri on Andy Murray on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "I was really impressed the other night with some of his gets - he runs like a sprinter and when he gets there he found some great shots. He is serving well and doing everything well. The way he is playing he has to reach at leas the semi-finals."

  77. 2126: 

    I'm going for Murray in THREE SETS here against the world number 81, but what do you lot reckon?

    Tweet me using the hashtag #bbctennis text me on 81111 (UK only, and remember to put your name on those texts!) or post your thoughts on the BBC Sport's Facebook page.

  78. 2121: 

    Fifth seed Tomas Berdych came through 7-6 (7-3) 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 in two hours and 45 minutes. Denis Kudla put up one heck of a fight, though.

  79. 2119: 
    Murray v Mayer... coming up

    Wake up everybody! Tomas Berdych has beaten Denis Kudla! Andy Murray v Leo Mayer is not just coming up, they are on court in a matter of moments!

  80. 2114: 

    Women's ninth seed Jelena Jankovic is also a set up against Japan's Kurumi Nara after taking the opener 6-3, but the Serbian former world number one, a finalist here in 2008, is finding things a lot harder in the second set. Nara is a break up and leads 3-2.

  81. 2109: 

    What else is going on? Well, over on Arthur Ashe Stadium, Sloane Stephens is flying against Jamie Hampton - who pays the price for teasing Laura Robson (see 1926) by dropping the first set 6-1 in that all-American women's third-round clash.

    You could say Hampton is facing some 'teething' problems of her own right now, huh?


    Steve: I share a birthday with Nadal! There are many different ways to judge life's successes but probably safe to say that Rafa's ahead of me in all categories.

  83. 2101: 
    Murray v Mayer... coming up

    Ah, the commentator's curse... well, sort of. As soon as I write that last entry, Tomas Berdych breaks back. They are back on serve at 2-2 in the third set on Louis Armstrong Stadium.

  84. 2100: 
    Murray v Mayer... coming up
    Denis Kudla

    I bring bad news for everyone waiting for the Andy Murray match. Denis Kudla has broken Tomas Berdych at the start of the third set. Judging from the picture above, Kudla is rocking the Lleyton Hewitt look - and playing like him too. Looks like we could be in this for the long haul... Another tie-break, anyone?


    Louise Sanders: Come on Berdych & Kudla, hurry it up! Can do without another delayed Murray match.

  86. 2052: 
    Isabelle Wallace

    There's another Brit in action at the moment too and, like the Murray brothers, she is Scottish too.

    Isabelle Wallace from Inverness, who turns 17 at the start of September, is up against Hannah King of the United States in the first-round of the girls' qualifying tournament. Wallace, seeded eighth, has raced into a 3-0 lead.

  87. 2045: 

    Another match that Andy Murray might be interested in is the doubles clash involving his older brother Jamie Murray and his Australian partner John Peers.

    You might remember they lost a first-set tie-break 9-7 to Feliciano Lopez of Spain and Brazil's Andre Sa... but they hit back to take the second set 7-5 and lead 2-1 on serve in the third.

  88. 2043: 

    Tomas Berdych is getting closer. He has indeed taken that second set tie-break 7-3, to go with the one he won 7-3 to take the first set. The fifth seed leads Denis Kudla of the United States 7-6 (7-3) 7-6 (7-3). Kudla is proving a tough nut to crack, however, and has been getting some pretty vocal support off the home fans on Arthur Ashe Stadium. Will Berdych find things any easier in the third set? Andy Murray is waiting in the locker room to find out.


    Jason Phillips: I share a birthday with Roger Federer - although I've had a 10 year head start. #slowstarter

  90. 2032: 
    Murray v Mayer... coming up

    When I say Andy Murray v Leo Mayer is coming up, I mean it in the loosest sense.

    That match will follow fifth seed Tomas Berdych and America's Denis Kudla on court on Louis Armstrong Stadium, and, although Berdych is a set up, he is about to find himself in a tie-break for the second set after a shade over two hours on court in a closely-fough contest.

    If Kudla takes that tie-break to make it one-set all, Murray needn't worry about warming up for a little while yet.

  91. 2029: 
    Murray v Mayer... coming up

    I forgot to mention Andy Murray is slightly ahead on prize money too - he has picked up £19,296,541.02 compared to £1,058,655 by Leo Mayer. I would settle for his £1m to be honest, but my biggest tennis prize was a t-shirt and a pot of balls that I won when the Bobby Charlton Soccer School came to Colwyn Bay in 1990. And that was only because everyone else there was playing football.


    Ros Clarke: I am joint leader in Grand Slam wins for people born on my birthday. Better than Leonardo Mayer.

  93. 2018: 
    Murray v Mayer... coming up

    By the way, Leonardo Mayer was born on exactly the same day as Andy Murray - 15 May, 1987. He hasn't quite managed to scale the same heights as Murray in his tennis career so far, though, and is currently ranked 81st. Murray leads 2-0 in terms of Grand Slam titles, and 1-0 in Olympic gold medals.

    I know the feeling. I was born on exactly the same day as Carlos Moya, who currently leads me 1-0 in Grand Slam titles and, as a former world number one, edged me on that score too. I haven't given up on either yet, mind...

  94. 2014: 
    Murray v Mayer... coming up
    Andy Murray

    So, how confident is Andy Murray of overcoming Leonardo Mayer tonight and progressing to round three? The two have met only once before, with Murray winning over three sets indoors at the 2009 Valencia Open.

    "He's a very talented player," said Murray. "He's got big sort of long, looping strokes. I think he plays his best tennis on the hard courts.

    "I played him once before in Valencia. He's a good player. I think he's had quite a few injuries the last couple of years and that's why he hasn't got much higher in the rankings. But he's very tough."

  95. 2005: 

    Yep, Novak Djokovic is into round three after a big serve wraps up a straight-sets win over Benjamin Becker. Djokovic had to save two set points in the first set but was never in trouble after that.

    The top seed wins 7-6 (7-2) 6-2 6-2 in one hour and 48 minutes and he will play Jarkko Nieminen of Finland or Joao Sousa of Portugal in the last 32.

  96. 2001: 

    Meanwhile, on Arthur Ashe Stadium, Benjamin Becker has just double faulted and has been broken again. That means Novak Djokovic leads 7-6 (7-2) 6-2 5-2 and will serve for the match next. Taxi for Becker, I think.

    Dan Evans

    Britain's Dan Evans on Twitter: 48 minutes into this journey and not close to the courts. Traffic's bad #evoknows

    Evans is heading to Flushing Meadows for a practice session ahead of his third-round match with Spanish 19th seed Tommy Robredo on Saturday. Let's hope he makes it in time!

  98. 1953: 

    A couple more results to tell you about now, starting with the longest match of the day so far. Spain's Marcel Granollers came through a five-setter with Rajeev Ram of the United States, fighting back from two sets down to win 3-6 4-6 6-2 6-3 7-5 in three hours and 21 minutes. Granollers plays Alex Bogomolov Jr of Russia or Tim Smyczek of the United States next, after a bit of a lie down, hopefully.

    Julien Benneteau had a much easier time in his all-France clash with Jeremy Chardy, winning 6-4 6-3 6-4. Benneteau will play the winner of the Berdych-Kudla match in round three.

  99. 1947: 

    Britain has already chalked up two wins in the men's doubles today, so can Jamie Murray and his Australian partner John Peers make it three out of three? Yes, technically, but they are going to have to do it the hard way because they have just lost a first-set tie-break 9-7 to Feliciano Lopez of Spain and Brazil's Andre Sa on Court 10.

    Murray's mother Judy is a confirmed admirer of Lopez, which might offer her minor consolation should her son bow out.

  100. 1945: 

    We are getting closer to that Andy Murray-Leo Mayer showdown because Tomas Berdych has taken the first set 7-6 (7-3) against Denis Kudla of America. And we could have a (minor) shock on our hands on Grandstand Court because 24th seed Ekaterina Makarova of Russia has taken the first set 6-4 against big-hitting German Sabine Lisicki, the 16th seed.

  101. 1940: 
    Novak Djokovic

    Germany's Benjamin Becker (pictured) is trying his best but normal service has been resumed by world number one and top seed Novak Djokovic on Arthur Ashe Stadium. Djoko has just taken the second set in 31 minutes, breaking Becker twice in the process and now leads 7-6 (7-2) 6-2.


    British number one Laura Robson, who lost in the third round today, on Twitter: Reading all of the kind messages while I'm waiting in the doping control room. Thanks for the support! #usopen

    Rafael Nadal tweets

    Rafael Nadal on Twitter: Practicing with #MarcLopez!


    Andy Harrow: Now British interest in the women's draw has sadly come to an end, I can now cheer on my favourite Ana Ivanovic... am I allowed to declare my love? when does she play next?

    I think you just have, Andy. And the Serbian 13th seed will be back on action on Saturday for her third-round match with Christina McHale of the United States.

  105. 1926:  
    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport in New York
    Laura Robson

    Laura Robson plans to rest her injured wrist after losing in the third round to Li Na, and will head to her parents' home in Greece before focusing on the Asian swing of tournaments and trying to improve her results at the smaller events.

    Before that, however, is a trip to the dentist to have her wisdom teeth removed. "There have been a couple of horror stories, a few of the girls have been trying to scare me a little bit but it's not working!" she told BBC Radio 5 live. "Jamie Hampton has been the worst, she said, 'I wasn't able to do anything for three weeks and it's going to hurt so much,' but I wasn't listening.'"

  106. 1922: 

    Another British success to tell you about now, though, Dominic Inglot and his Phillipine partner Treat Huey have beaten Italy's Daniele Bracciali and Lukas Dlouhy of the Czech Republic 6-3 6-3.

    The 16th seeds will play either Australian pair Chris Guccione and Bernard Tomic or Spanish duo Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez in round three.

  107. 1911: 
    Murray v Mayer... coming up
    Andy Murray

    A reminder that we lost one British player earlier on today when Laura Robson was beaten in straight sets by Li Na, but we have got another in action in the next hour or two in the shape of Andy Murray.

    Murray, the defending champion and third seed, faces world number 81 Leonardo Mayer of Argentina for a place in round three in the next match on Louis Armstrong Stadium following the clash between Tomas Berdych and Denis Kudla.

    Berdych, the fifth seed, is 5-2 up on the American in the first set.

  108. 1907: 
    Novak Djokovic

    Talk about taking your game to the next level. Top seed and world number one Novak Djokovic barely lets Benjy Becker have a sniff in this tie-break, racing into a 5-1 lead with some thumping winners, and showing his subtler side too with a delicate cross-court backhand volley to bring up five set points.

    Becker delays the inevitable with a stinging backhand winner of his own but Djokovic is soon heading for his chair with the first set in the bag after taking the tie-break 7-2, after 52 minutes of play that saw him save two Becker set-points a matter of moments ago.

  109. 1901: 

    Benjamin Becker fires down his fourth ace of the first set and, after 48 minutes, he and Novak Djokovic are into a tie-break on Arthur Ashe Stadium. That court was barely half-full for most of the Laura Robson v Li Na match but there are not many spare seats to be seen now.

  110. 1854: 
    Djokovic breaks back
    Novak Djokovic

    This game has everything - long rallies, booming winners and wild groundstrokes, but the eventual answer to my last question is 'Yes - things will get better for Novak Djokovic'. Only just, though.

    Benjamin Becker sees one set-point come and go when he flops a forehand into the net, and a second disappears when he flashes a crosscourt backhand into the tramlines. The German is wild with a huge forehand on the next deuce before a netcord drops agonisingly on his side of the net. They are back on serve at 5-5 in the first set.

  111. 1846: 
    Trouble for Djokovic?

    What's this? world number one and top seed Novak Djokovic is finding things hard going against the world number 87, Germany's Benjamin Becker. A double-fault from the world number one brings up his first break point of the match, and he goes long with a backhand on the next point. Becker will serve for the first set at 5-4 next.

    Djoko has hit 15 unforced errors so far. All in all, not great... will things get any better for him now?

  112. 1839: 
    Tommy Haas

    Novak Djokovic and Benjamin Becker are still on serve at 4-3 to the top seed in the first set but two of those matches I just mentioned have just finished. Tommy Haas (above) has seen off Taiwan's Yen-Hsun Lu 6-3 6-4 7-6 (7-3), while Flem-Jo (or Colin Fleming and Jonathan Marray to you and me) have beaten Ryan Harrison of the United States and Robert Lindstedt of Sweden 6-3 6-4.

    As discussed, Tommy Haas plays Mikhail Youzhny next.

    And Fabio Fognini of Italy and Albert Ramos of Spain, or French 14th seeds Michael Llodra and Nicolas Mahut are next up for Fleming and Marray.

  113. 1831: 

    And over on Court four, Britain's Dominic Inglot and his Phillipine partner Treat Huey have just got their second round men's doubles match under way. The 16th seeds are a game up against Italy's Daniele Bracciali and Lukas Dlouhy of the Czech Republic.

  114. 1829: 

    On Court 10, Colin Fleming and Jonathan Marray, seeded 12th in the men's doubles, are leading Ryan Harrison of the United States and Robert Lindstedt of Sweden 6-3 5-3 in their second round match.

  115. 1822: 

    Mikhail Youzhny is another of today's winners - the Russian 21st seed is safely into round three of the men's singles after beating Ukraine's Alexandr Dolgopolov 7-5 6-1 6-3. Youzhny will play veteran 12th seed Tommy Haas or Taiwan's Yen-Hsun Lu in the last 32. Haas is currently two sets to the good in that encounter.

  116. 1816: 

    First things first: that Andy Murray match has moved a little bit closer. Agnieszka Radwanska took that tie break against Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and the women's third seed completed a 6-4 7-6 (7-1). The Pole is into round four, where she will play either 16th seed Sabine Lisicki of Germany or Russian 24th seed Ekaterina Makarova.

  117. 1810: 
    Novak Djokovic on court

    Top seed, world number one and 2011 US Open champion Novak Djokovic, is next out on court on Arthur Ashe Court to take on Benjamin Becker of Germany. Djokovic is serving as this match gets under way - but I'm going to take a quick look around the courts becase I've got a few results to bring you up to date with...

  118. 1803: 
    THIS is Leo Mayer...
    Leo Mayer

    Sorry about that, THIS is Leo Mayer. His match with Andy Murray might be a little bit later than 2000 BST, actually, because the women's third seed, Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland, is in the midst of a second set tie-break with Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia - if the 32nd seed wins that set then their match will go to a decider... and there is another match - between men's fifth seed Tomas Berdych and home hope Denis Kudla to get through before the defending champion gets on court. In short, you've got time to make your tea, and eat it.

  119. 1758: 
    Leo Sayer? Or Leo Mayer?
    Leo Sayer

    So, no luck for Laura. How will Andy Murray fare? A reminder he is due on court on the Louis Armstrong Stadium at at around 2000 BST to play Leo Sayer, oops I mean Argentina's Leo Mayer.


    Bishop Yinkus: No chance of getting past Li Na today but still a good achievement.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jeremy Bates, head coach of women's tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "It is just great to see Laura back on the court after her wrist injury, they are not easy to overcome. We have seen two excellent performances from her in this tournament and I don't think she had much say in that match because Li Na was exceptionally good. It was just encouraging to see Laura moving well and she has a good autumn to look forward too."

  122. 1749: 
    Li Na beats Laura Robson 6-2 7-5

    Li Na closed out that win in one hour and 21 minutes and the key stat for Laura Robson was indeed her number of unforced errors - she hit 30 in all, seven more than the Chinese player - and also that she managed only seven winners compared to the fifth seed's 23.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jeremy Bates, head coach of women's tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "Laura will be disappointed but she has been outplayed today by a very good performance from Li Na."

  124. 1742: 
    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Li Na beats Laura Robson 6-2 7-5

    Li Na can smell victory now and is covering a lot of court as she closes in on a place in round four - dashing into the net to put away a volley that puts her 30-0 up. Robson hits back with a crosscourt forehand that lands plum on the line - Li Na challenges, but to no avail - and we are back at 30-all when Li Na puts a routine backhand into the net.

    Hope for Robson? It appears not when she cannot keep her next return in - that's a first match-point - but Robson survives when the fifth seed fizzes a backhand into the tramlines. Back to deuce, but not for long... Robson is again caught out by a Li Na serve and, on matchpoint number two, victory is sealed by a second-serve ace.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jeremy Bates, head coach of women's tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "It is going to be very difficult for Robson now - she has to be agile and find a way to hurt this Li Na serve, but she has not done it very often in this match."

    Robson 2-6 5-6 Li Na*

    The 11th game of the second set opens with the best point of the match, a l-o-n-g rally where Li Na scampers from corner of the court to the other to keep the ball in play before Robson steps in to stylishly put away a drive volley - my favourite shot in tennis, when it is done right! Robbo bounces on her feet and bounces the ball before throwing down a big serve to go 30-0 up but follows that with double-fault number five and Li Na is back in it at 30-all.

    The fifth seed knows this is a chance and Robson chooses the wrong time to find a couple more of those unforced errors. A backhand flies out, and Li Na has the break. She will serve for the match next.

    *Robson 2-6 5-5 Li Na

    Pressure, what pressure? A 10th ace helps Li Na go 40-0 up before she puts a forehand in the tramlines. That's as good as it gets for Robbo, though, because the fifth seed is into the net at the next point to bang away a short return by the Brit.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jeremy Bates, head coach of women's tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "It will be critical for Laura to get the ball in play off the Li Na serve. She has been restricted by Li Na's serving in this match so far but things might be different with her serving to stay in the set."

    Robson 2-6 5-4 Li Na*

    The statistic that will haunt Robson tonight (if she loses!) is her unforced error tally - which stands at 25 in this match after she smacks another backhand long. That's 15-all but Li Na has got mistakes in her too, handing Robson the next two points. The Arthur Ashe Stadium is now half full and Robson is the one getting the yells of encouragement - they don't help her much, though, because she throws in a double-fault. Don't worry, though, because Li Na flashes a backhand return wide. That's a hold for Robbo. This is tense.

    *Robson 2-6 4-4 Li Na

    The key for Li Na is her first serve - she has won more than 90% of points when she has got it in. Robbo remains hopeful, though, and has another sniff at 15-30 before Li Na finds a big backhand, and takes the next point too when Robson goes long from the baseline.

    Another big serve from Li Na sees her hold, and that first-serve point percentage will continue to rise. This second set remains on serve, and in the balance. Another big game for Laura coming up...

    Robson 2-6 4-3 Li Na*
    Laura Robson

    Oh dear, Robbo starts with a double fault. That's her third, although Li Na has hit five. Things get better for the Brit from then on, though, with a couple of huge forehands seeing her hold. Phew.

    *Robson 2-6 3-3 Li Na

    Li Na is wobbling again on serve again at 30-all but - and this will sound familiar - she finds an ace at the vital moment, and that is nine in all. Robson has not managed one yet. Robbo keeps coming at her on the next point but is long with her forehand and that is a hold for the fifth seed. You get the feeling the next game is a big one for Robson. She cannot afford to be broken again.


    Joel Newnham: Terrible game from Robson just then. Back on serve.

    Robson 2-6 3-2 Li Na*

    Has the momentum of this match changed again? A loose backhand leaves Robbo 0-40 down and facing three break-back points. She saves the first, and the second through Li Na mistakes but not the third. She smacks down a big backhand that Robson cannot deal with, and we are back on serve in this second set.

    *Robson 2-6 3-1 Li Na
    Laura Robson

    Li Na has lost her way of late and at 30-all she is in a spot of bother again. Her serve digs her out of a hole, however, and a second-serve ace completes the hold. Robson remains a break to the good, though.

    Robson 2-6 3-0 Li Na*

    Robson races to 40-0 but does not have it all her own way - a rasping Li Na forehand winner sees to that. Even so, the Brit is not going to let this one slip. She wraps up another hold and leads 3-0 after just eight minutes of the second set.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jeremy Bates, head coach of women's tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "That was very encouraging, a very good return game and suddenly Laura has got a spring in her step."

    *Robson 2-6 2-0 Li Na

    This is more like it! A fizzing forehand winner takes Robson to 15-30 and a Li Na double fault gives her two break points... her first of the match. Li Na saves the first with an ace but she is wide with a backhand in the next rally, and the Brit has a 2-0 lead.

    Robson 2-6 1-0 Li Na*

    Laura comes out fighting at the start of the second set and brings some accuracy to go with her all-out-attacking tactics too. She holds too - Jeremy (below) will be pleased.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jeremy Bates, head coach of women's tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "Laura has not found her rhythm but I don't think she has been allowed to play - Li Na's first serve percentage is high and worth two or three points a game, and she has backed it up with some laser groundstrokes. Laura has been stifled - now she needs to hold her first couple of games in the second set and try to claw her way back into the match."

    GAME AND FIRST SET- *Robson 2-6 0-0 Li Na

    Nope, still no way into the Li Na serve for Robson, who cannot put the fifth seed under any sort of pressure whatsoever - she has won just four out of 20 points on the Chinese player's service in this first set and forlornly trudges to her seat after dumping a forehand return into the net. That's the first set in the bag for Li Na.

    Robson 2-5 Li Na*

    Better by Robson, much better. She is still making mistakes but, when she does land a big serve or big forehand, she invariably wins the point. She lands enough here to hold, but Li Na will still serve for the first set next.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jeremy Bates, head coach of women's tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "Laura has missed a few balls with her returns and, if I could tell her anything now, I would tell her to take a step back and just concentrate on getting the ball back in play."

    *Robson 1-5 Li Na
    Li Na

    Things are just not happening for Laura on the Li Na serve either - she is going on the attack straight away but is not getting the ball back in play, let alone hitting a winner. The Chinese player is usually aggressive and inconsistent herself, but is just waiting for each Robbo mistake right now. Her tactics are working, too.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jeremy Bates, head coach of women's tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "Laura Robson just has not found her range in these baseline exchanges yet. The ball is only missing by a matter of inches but they are still mistakes."

    Robson 1-4 Li Na*

    Robson needs to focus on holding her own serve first and foremost, though, and she is not helping herself with some more wild groundstrokes as she tries to take the game to Li Na. The Brit bounces her racquet after one forehand flies long, bringing up another break-point. She still goes on the attack on the next point... But the ball flies out. Li Na is a double break up in the first set.


    Allan: Let's go Robbo! You can do this in two sets!

    Callum Rymer: #Robson already beat #LiNa once. That fact alone will give her the mental strength to do it again.

    *Robson 1-3 Li Na

    Robson is still a break down, though. Any way into the Li Na serve this time? Nope. Li Na throws in another double fault but two aces mean it does not matter much.


    Michael: Should be a different and more exciting match to watch than last year. Laura is serving with more consistency, is stronger, and using a little more variety. Li Na is coming forward a lot more than last year, and doing so means playing with more width; instead of letting Laura stand and swing in the centre. She'll also be intent on denying Laura opportunities.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jeremy Bates, head coach of women's tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "It certainly relaxes you when you get off the mark. There are not many people in here but it is still an intimidating arena. Laura had a loose first service game but that was a lot better."

    Robson 1-2 Li Na*

    Fair to say there are a few spare seats in Arthur Ashe Stadium - about 21,000 I think. How is Robbo shaping up, though? Her improvement continues with some sparkling forehands to get the first two points but her serve hits a snag and her backhands are flying long... Suddenly she is another break-point down. Trouble ahead? No. Luckily Li Na throws in a couple of limp returns and Laura goes on to hold. She is off the mark - I might even get the score right soon, but don't hold your breath.

    *Robson 0-2 Li Na

    Li Na takes the first three points on her own serve too, as Robbo balloons another forehand long. Hang on, though, because the Chinese player chucks in a double fault and Laura bangs down a big winner with her next return. She is definitely going on the attack but the mistakes keep coming too - her next forehand flies out. Even so, encouraging for Britain's number one.

    Robson 0-1 Li Na*

    Oh dear. Not a good start for Robson. A very erratic one in fact - full of mistakes. Her first serve is all over the place and Li Na is straight on the attack on her second delivery. Robbo's forehand is not working yet, either... She blazes a couple of forehands long as Li Na breaks.

  154. 1621: 

    Li Na has had enough of hot pink and has changed to a red outfit. It's a good job I'm not a fashion writer, isn't it? Luckily the tennis is about to start - Robson to serve first.

  155. 1616: 

    Interviews done... all two questions questions a piece! Anyway, Robson and Li Na are out on court and warming up. Li Na is wearing a loud neon pink number, while Robbo is sporting a slightly more subtle pastel peach skirt.

  156. 1614: 

    Steven Hill: Laura will do this in two! 7-6 and 6-3!

    Simon Richardson: Different dynamic to last season, and I can't see anything but a Li Na victory in straight sets. I hope I'm wrong.

  157. 1610: 

    Laura Robson has just given her pre-match interview, in which she reveals she is "feeling confident". The same interviewer asked Li Na what her tactics would be - not sure what answer she was expecting, but Li Na replied "do the same as my last match"... which is win, I guess?

  158. 1609:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    You can listen to live commentary of Laura Robson vs Li Na on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra - just click on the icon on this page or the BBC Sport tennis index.

    So, can Robbo beat Li Na? Jeremy Bates has just been speaking about why he thinks she can... "if she plays her finest tennis today".

    Give us your thoughts too, via #bbctennis, text and BBC Sport's Facebook page.

  159. 1605:  
    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport in New York

    "It's another muggy start to the day in New York but the forecast is clear it should be pretty hot by the time Andy Murray steps onto Louis Armstrong Stadium to face Leonardo Mayer in the mid-afternoon sun. On the face of it, Mayer should not pose too may problems as the world number 81, but the venue has not always been to Murray's liking. The slightly more cramped conditions have seen him struggle against Marin Cilic, Feliciano Lopez and Robin Haase in the past, while he lost to Stan Wawrinka there in 2010.

    "Laura Robson has far happier memories of playing against Li Na at Flushing Meadows and will hope for a repeat of last year's third-round performance on Arthur Ashe Stadium. Li is seeded 25 places higher, however, and Robson's right wrist remains a source of concern when she plays her backhand. "I think I'm playing my forehand well enough for it not to be," she said bullishly after her previous win."

  160. 1603: 

    Laura Robson, the British number one and 30th seed, is the underdog against Li Na, the fifth seed from China, but there is a very good reason she will fancy her chances today - she beat Li Na at this stage of the US Open last year.

    Are you backing the Brit to do the business again and reach round four at Flushing Meadows for the second successive year. Let me know using the hashtag #bbctennis or via text on 81111 (UK Only). Make sure you put your name on those texts, though.

  161. 1558: 
    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray, the defending champion and third seed is due on Louis Armstrong Stadium at around 2000 BST, for his match against Argentina's Leonardo Mayer, the world number 81.

    But first, it's Laura...

  162. 1555: 
    Dan Evans

    Yep, the Dan Evans fairytale continues after he saw off Bernard Tomic in four sets on Thursday night. To be honest, I don't know of many fairytales that involve the hero having his nipples taped, but the British number three overcame his unusual ailment to set up a clash with Spanish 19th seed Tommy Robredo in the last 32.

  163. 1550: 
    Welcome to day five
    Laura Robson

    Hello and welcome to day five of the 2013 US Open. It's a busy one for the Brits...

    Laura Robson is first in action today, up against fifth seed Li Na on Arthur Ashe Stadium in a matter of minutes.

    But I'm going to start with a sentence I thought I'd never write: In a few hours we will find out if Andy Murray can follow Dan Evans into round three. Sounds good, when you read it out loud, doesn't it?

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