Andy Murray v Ernests Gulbis as it happened

Live text commentary as Andy Murray loses to Ernests Gulbis in round three of the Rogers Cup in Montreal.

8 August 2013 Last updated at 21:30

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As it happened

  1. 2111: 

    Good stuff from Gulbis, who goes on to face Juan Martin del Potro or Milos Raonic in the last eight. Murray's 13-match winning streak is at an end and, after he finishes in the doubles, he will move on to Cincinnati next week, before New York and the defence of his US Open title later this month. We'll have reaction to today's match in the report and more updates from Montreal throughout the rest of the week. Night all.

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Murray 4-6 3-6 Gulbis

    A great point from Gulbis at 15-15 as he wrong-foots Murray at the net with a forehand down the line, a less great point as he double faults for 30-30. Big serve, match point.... ace down the middle!

    Murray 4-6 3-5 * Gulbis

    Murray breaks a string in the opening rally and the ball flies long over the baseline. A good old rummage in the bag eventually produces a replacement, which he removes from its plastic cover. I remember when Lendl first did that at Wimbledon in the 1980s - he was like a robot from the future. Anyway, Murray gets back from 0-30 to 30-30 but cannot reach a Gulbis lob and looks to have tweaked something in the process. Break point for Gulbis... and he moves in to angle away a drop volley. He'll serve for the match.

    Murray * 4-6 3-4 Gulbis

    The pace drops momentarily on what looks to be a toasty afternoon, and Gulbis holds in a straightforward service game with an ace.

    Murray 4-6 3-3 * Gulbis

    Gulbis's weird and wonderful forehand misfires as he nets an enticing mid-court chance with Murray out of court, and the Scot takes the game with a beauty of a forehand into the corner.

    WHAT A SHOT!- Murray * 4-6 2-3 Gulbis

    Murray gets the chance to hit straight back when a backhand return at 30-30 draws an error from Gulbis, break point... and what a point, as Murray hangs on in the face of some thunderous forehands, chases down a drop shot and then cuts off a backhand smash to fire a backhand winner. If Murray needed a point to get the blood pumping, that should do it.

    Murray 4-6 1-3 * Gulbis

    Murray smacks a backhand hard enough to get caught in the net, but there's barely a titter among the crowd - no-one dares. Murray is 0-40 down and facing three break points... he saves the first but comes under a barrage at the net on the second, and eventually goes for too much with a lunging forehand volley. Gulbis leads by a set and a break.

    Murray * 4-6 1-2 Gulbis

    A love hold for Gulbis, rock solid.

    Murray 4-6 1-1 * Gulbis

    Gulbis goes for the old drop shot-lob one-two and it works a treat. If that doesn't darken Murray's mood, a warning for a time violation certainly does. He's teetering at 30-30 and, after edging ahead, can do nothing about a succession of pounding Gulbis forehands that take it to deuce. Some good serves get Murray out of trouble, but it's hard going right now.

    Murray * 4-6 0-1 Gulbis

    Oh yes. Murray charges into the net behind a sliced backhand at 30-15 down, only to see Gulbis lift a backhand lob over him and onto the baseline. Murray has the bit between his teeth in this game, though, getting to deuce with a fine return followed up by a dart to the net, but Gulbis serves his way out of trouble once again.


    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson: "Going to be long afternoon in the sun for Andy Murray if he's to survive in Canada, drops 1st set 64 to Gulbis, long argument with umpire."

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Murray 4-6 * Gulbis

    Murray begins the game with an 86% success rate on first serve, which would see off pretty much anyone, but a double fault sets him off on the wrong track in this key game. At 0-30, Gulbis plays a brilliant rally, wrestling the initiative with a heavy backhand and taking the point with a killer drop shot. Three set points... Murray saves the first, before both players are apparently warned for slow play, and Gulbis then climbs all over a second serve and fires a backhand return that Murray can't handle.

    Murray * 4-5 Gulbis

    Apparently it's 27C in Montreal today, which is even hotter than Salford in this glorious summer. Murray is having to work a bit now as Gulbis moves within one game of taking the first set, the Latvian's left arm shooting out to signify a forehand is coming before he hammers it down the line for 30-15. His second ace of the day seals the game.

    Murray 4-4 * Gulbis

    Excellent, a bit of aggro. Almost. The opening point and Gulbis stretches for a terrific Murray half-volley drop shot at the net and flicks it over the Scot's head, but it's called "not up". Gulbis isn't happy and heads for the umpire's chair... but rather disappointingly takes it on the chin and quickly gets back to business. Murray holds comfortably, nothing to see here.

    Murray * 3-4 Gulbis

    Gulbis is 15-30 down when the madness descends and he thumps a mid-court smash into the net to offer up two break points.... back he comes once again, battling to 40-30 and then winning the point of the match so far in a quick-fire exchange at the net.

    Murray 3-3 * Gulbis

    Murray wins a punishing rally at 15-15 which sees him scurrying backwards and forwards in trademark fashion, deep behind the baseline, until Gulbis makes an error, but a double fault on the next point suggests the Scot was blowing a bit after that one. He could be in trouble at 30-30, but Gulbis goes for too much and the game is done.


    Steve Lamb: "Write-off Roger Federer at your peril. He's had losing streaks before but is at his most dangerous when the odds are against him."

    Ross McD: "Too many people in the draw who can beat Fed now, and too few days when he turns on the genius. 17 will be what he finishes with. "

    Murray * 2-3 Gulbis

    That Gulbis forehand involves his left, non-hitting arm, pointing out wide to the left as if he's trying to distract his opponent with the old 'look over there' trick. It doesn't work too well as he slips 0-30 behind but the world number 38 does a good job of saving the game with four straight points, attacking the Murray backhand on game point and forcing an error.

    Murray 2-2 * Gulbis

    Murray double faults to fall 0-30 down and coach Lendl looks mightily unimpressed, which admittedly is not far off a beaming smile in his repertoire of facial expressions. Gulbis wastes the chance with some very loose errors, but Murray sends a backhand wide and it's deuce. Gulbis nets, then hammers a forehand long, game over. His forehand is very odd.

    Murray * 1-2 Gulbis

    Gulbis gets out of position and pushes an awkward backhand outside the tramlines for 30-30, but gets out of trouble with a good second serve on game point that tucks Murray up and draws the error. All quiet so far, both on and off court. In fairness, it is 2.40pm on a Thursday afternoon in Montreal.

    Murray 1-1 * Gulbis

    Wallop. Murray levels with a love-service game, smacking down an ace and then drifting over a lazily brilliant drop shot that leaves Ernests stranded.

    Murray * 0-1 Gulbis

    Gulbis gets of the mark with a hold to 15, crucially making first serves at every opportunity.

    * denotes next to serve

  23. 1928: 

    Murray and Gulbis are on court, thankfully wearing differently coloured versions of the same t-shirt, with the Briton in white and the Latvian in blue. It's just like being there, isn't it? To be honest they could do with a few more spectators, but a fair few have probably taken a quick break after Nadal's win. The toss has taken place and one of them definitely won it, but it's anyone's guess who as the mic wasn't turned up.

  24. 1922: 

    One man sadly absent this week is Roger Federer, who celebrates his 32nd birthday today. The Swiss has been on a ropey run of form recently as he struggles with a new racquet and a bad back, but he has been sighted in the last couple of days practising in Cincinnati ahead of next week's Masters event. Does Federer have an 18th Grand Slam title in him? Let me know what you think using the hashtag #bbctennis or via text on 81111 (UK).

  25. 1919: 

    The day's play has kicked off already in Montreal, with Rafael Nadal coming through a big test against Wimbledon semi-finalist Jerzy Janowicz. The Spaniard won 7-6 (8-6) 6-4 after Janowicz had served for the opening set. A pretty horrendous overhead from the Pole at 30-30 ended up in the net, and Nadal took advantage.

  26. 1915: 

    "I respect Roger [Federer], Rafa [Nadal], Novak [Djokovic] and [Andy] Murray but, for me, all four of them are boring players. Their interviews are boring." So said Ernests Gulbis at the French Open this year. It's hardly Ali-Foreman but that could have gone on to spark some pre-match trash talk - if Murray hadn't agreed with the Latvian: "I always try to give honest answers. But they are fairly boring so I don't have to deal with the aftermath of any scandals."

  27. 1914: 

    The stats might not look good for Gulbis but there is hope amid those five losses to Murray, as he's pushed the Scot to a final set three times and is enjoying a good year that has seen him climb 100 places to 38 in the world, winning his third ATP title along the way at Delray Beach. Of course, it's not always plain sailing with Ernests...

  28. 1910: 

    A whole entry without using the word 'Wimbledon' - and they said it couldn't be done. Time to focus on the future. "I'm pretty ready to move forward and not think too much about Wimbledon and concentrate on the US Open," Murray said after Wednesday's match. "I'll probably never feel that same pressure again. That's why I'm really happy. It wasn't my best tennis, but the nerves were there and that's a good sign."

  29. 1905: 

    Hello there. The last time Andy Murray was actually beaten on a tennis court was on May 11th in Madrid, when he went down in straight sets to Tomas Berdych. Three months on and the winning streak is up to 13 matches after he beat Marcos Granollers in the second round of the Rogers Cup on Wednesday. Today in Montreal he faces the always entertaining Ernests Gulbis, a man he has beaten in all five of their previous meetings.

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