Andy Murray v Marcel Granollers as it happened

Andy Murray beats Spain's Marcel Granollers 6-4 7-6 in Montreal in his first match back since winning Wimbledon.

7 August 2013 Last updated at 19:28

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As it happened

  1. 1927: 

    Right, the report on Andy Murray's win is up and expanding on the BBC Sport website. Keep your internet tuned to this frequency for plenty more coverage of Andy Murray's US Open preparation, but for today we are home and hosed.

    Bye for now.

  2. 1925: 

    It might be worth keeping half an eye on the body language when Andy Murray meets Ernests Gulbis in the next round. At the French Open this year, the Latvian accused Murray, along with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, of being 'boring'.

    Murray agreed, but added that his bland press-conference answers were deliberate "so I don't have to deal with the aftermath of any scandals."

    I think the subtext was when you are one of the world's best people care what you say a little more than when you aren't.

  3. 1917: 

    The step up in class as Andy Murray racked up seven straight points in that tie-break was a little glimpse of what he still has in his locker for future rounds.

    Considering for much of the past month the nearest Murray has got to competitive action was been bat and ball on the beach with girlfriend Kim Sears, that was a more-than-acceptable start to his US Open preparations.

  4. 1911: 

    Andy Murray, speaking to Sky Sports: "It was tricky. It is extremely windy here and the balls here are quick so it felt like it was flying around, I didn't feel that I had my timing and got pushed behind the baseline. He had a very good win over Dimitrov yesterday, won last week and is one of the best doubles players in the world, so he is tough.

    "I only hit one really good pass at 5-2 in the tie-break, I find I am getting there but actually doing something when I do is the final thing to come together after time off.

    "Ernests Gulbis is a good player, he is very talented and I will have to play a bit better than a did today if I am to come through that one."

    TIE-BREAK- Murray 6-4 7-6 (7-2) Granollers

    Andy Murray wins his fifth successive point before a crunching pass makes it six in a row. The Briton has four match points, but only needs the first. Granollers nets to fold out of the match and allow Murray to advance to a meeting with Ernests Gulbis in the next round.

  6. 1902: 

    Andy Murray beats Marcel Granollers 6-4 7-6 (7-2) to make the third round of the Rogers Cup.

    TIE-BREAK- *Murray 6-4 6-6 (4-2) Granollers

    Marcel Granollers rolls out a delicate little daisy of a drop-shot and even Andy Murray, flying from the blocks cannot pick that one up. Murray chokes one into the net on the next point to fall 2-0 and a mini-break behind. Granollers flops a lob long for 2-1 before the balls head back up his end.

    Murray nicks back the mini-break for 2-2 and then a sublime cross-court pass turns the tables entirely, putting Murray 3-2 up and a mini-break ahead. A ripped forehand and Murray swaps ends well in charge of the shoot-out.

    Murray 6-4 6-6 Granollers*

    Andy Murray wobbles rather worryingly to 30-30, but a ram-rod straight forehand down the line gives him 40-30. Pinpoint precision and rock-steady nerves on that one. Granollers pegs him back on his way to deuce, but a backhand spooned long from the Spaniard sends us into a tie-break.

    *Murray 6-4 5-6 Granollers

    Andy Murray misses with a backhand pass before Marcel Granollers throws the kitchen sink into two serves at 40-0 in search of an ace to seal the game. No dice, instead a double fault for 40-15. No matter, though as Murray plonks long to hand over the game.

    Granollers could have an extra 10mph to all his shots if he gave himself a bit more room and stretched into the ball. Instead he plays all his shots within a racquet's radius of his torso. He is a man of six foot three who plays the shots of a man of five foot three.

    Murray 6-4 5-5 Granollers*

    Wimbledon champion Murray (it still feels good just to type) looks like he fancies packing this one away in two now he had a bit of wind in his sails. Plenty of pop on the serve before he bullies a game Granollers out of the final point for a hold to 15.

    Andy Murray
    MURRAY BREAKS BACK- *Murray 6-4 4-5 Granollers

    Andy Murray is backed up to the cliff-edge at 40-30, but he blasts away from the baseline to see off set-point. A call of 'out' as Murray presses long in the next point. Murray is not having any of that. Up pops his finger to request a video review like it was the bill in a Paris bistro.

    He is proved right and Murray wins the replayed point with a cunning little backhand down the line that Granollers pats back and then sees whizz away for a winner. Break-point Murray. He scoops it up with a fierce forehand and the Scot is back level on serve in the second set, even if he is shipping a game on the scoreboard.


    Ross McD: Granollers (gran-ohl-err) (v): Act of grinding or crushing food for preparation. eg. "I'm going to granollers that garlic later."

    Murray 6-4 3-5 Granollers*

    Andy Murray attempts to mix it up, throwing slices of backhand into his cocktail of topspin forehands but Marcel Granollers is gulping it down happily enough.

    The Spaniard absorbs the changes of pace and spin on his way to 40-15 to deuce with Murray cuffing one into the net under little pressure on the baseline. Granollers is hitting decent length, peppering the whitewash at the back of the court. Eventually he gives way, biting off more than he can chew with a forehand that fizzes long. But he was not far from getting the second-set job done ahead of schedule there.

    Granollers serves for the set next.

    SUCCESSFUL CHALLENGE- *Murray 6-4 2-5 Granollers

    The winner of this one will face either Fabio Fognini or Ernests Gulbis in the next round. Those two are into a third set out on Court Nine.

    Might we be heading for a decider ourselves? Marcel Granollers is not feeling the weight of being ahead in the set just yet. He puts himself within one game of the second, snuffing out a spirited challenge from Murray that was prolonged by a successful deployment of the video review system.

    Murray 6-4 2-4 Granollers*

    Andy Murray keeps Marcel Granollers honest with a whistlestop hold of serve. The Spaniard will get the first use of the new balls that have just been decanted from their tins, though.

    *Murray 6-4 1-4 Granollers

    Marcel Granollers tries on a break lead for size and likes what he sees in the mirror. An assured hold gives him the 4-1 lead that Andy Murray enjoyed in the first set.

    There is a difference behind those bald figures though. Murray was a double break to the good, Granollers has just one in the bank.

    GRANOLLERS BREAKS- Murray 6-4 1-3 Granollers*

    Hello. The wind is getting up and the ball is wobbling about like a toe-poked beach ball. Andy Murray finds himself lunging for a backhand that he had all lined up and is suddenly under a bit of pressure at 15-30.

    A backhand is snared by the net for 30-40 and break point Granollers. It is gusting a hoolie out there and Murray sends one way long via the handle of his racquet to slip a break adrift.

    The trademark second-set wobble? It might just be.

    *Murray 6-4 1-2 Granollers

    Marcel Granollers offers up his racquet head as an apology after the ball squirms over to Andy Murray's side of the court via a thick net cord for 40-0.

    Unusually he looks like he means it as well. He looks like the sort of senor who would point you on the the way if you were lost in his native Barcelona. And throw in a good tapas recommendation for good luck.

    Murray 6-4 1-1 Granollers*

    Andy Murray rips a rocket down the middle for a swinging ace and 40-15. Amid the double-faults in the first set, he did land with a creditable 77% of his tee-offs in the first set.

    Marcel Granollers finds a backhand pass from way out towards the wings on his way to deuce, but Murray can dance that jig too. Some slippery angles escape the Spaniard and Murray levels up.

    *Murray 6-4 0-1 Granollers

    A low-key start to the second set with Marcel Granollers rumbling to 40-0 before putting the kibosh on a brief mid-game resurgence from the world number two.

    'Granollers' could be a nice verb for something. Perhaps chowing down on some particularly chunky muesli or driving one of those shopping mall mobility scooters at very low speed. Suggestions to #bbctennis on Twitter or 81111 on text.

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Murray 6-4 Granollers*

    Marcel Granollers feet get a little too eager, hunching him up as he attempts to scrape back an Andy Murray slice at 15-15. Murray lobs in a fourth double of the match so far for 30-30. A bit of a blemish on his comeback copybook, that.

    But Murray is not to be denied. The first set is in the racquet bag with some forceful forehands drawing errors from Granollers.

    *Murray 5-4 Granollers

    Marcel Granollers skips jauntily to 40-0, before being given something to mull over as Andy Murray gets within sniffing range at 40-40. Granollers straightens himself out to see off the danger and extend the opening set for at least another game.

    There is a ball girl on court in Montreal who is accessorising with shades by the way. I think they still have corporal punishment for that sort of thing at Wimbledon's school of fuzz-fetching.

    It is a toasty 24 degrees though.

    Murray 5-3 Granollers*

    A third double fault of the match checks Andy Murray at 30-0 up, but time is running out for Marcel Granollers in this set. An over-cooked backhand and a shanked return usher Murray to within a game of the opener.

    *Murray 4-3 Granollers

    Marcel Granollers has a hefty slice of cross-court pie beckoning but he fires into the net as he attempts to go down the line with Murray flat-footed at the net at 40-15.

    The gauze turns from Granollers' foe to friend, though, as a thick top edge sends Murray on an unexpected sprint to the net. Out of position, Murray is put away this time and the Spaniard is a break away from parity.

    GRANOLLERS BREAKS- Murray 4-2 Granollers*

    Andy Murray lunging at the net to get graphite onto a nicely measured pass from Marcel Granollers. His volley plops long, though, and it is 30-30. It would have been a beauty had it landed.

    No time for what might-have-beens, as Granollers whisks up his first break point. Ivan Llendl glowers down from up in the players' box. His pupil finds some jagging angles to run down Granollers' defences and appease the stony-faced Czech tennis deity.

    Murray has to scamper to save a second and then a double fault brings up a third. Murray rips into a mid-court bounce, but his forehand pings long off the netcord.

    The Scot punishes his offending racquet with a heel to the strings. You won't like him when he gets angry, Marcel.

    MURRAY BREAKS- *Murray 4-1 Granollers

    Andy Murray shoots a return right up onto Marcel Granollers' toes to bring up a break point at 30-40. In comes Granollers to the net and Murray gets a second chance of lobbing after his first is patted back by the Spaniard.

    Nope, Murray's second attempt gets the treatment that his first somehow escaped. Deuce is followed by a Granollers double which gives Murray a second break point. That also goes by the wayside, but the third time is the charm for Murray.

    He adds a bit of zip to the forehand and suddenly Granollers is floundering like a beached whale on the baseline.

    Murray a double break up and moving his way through the gearbox nicely.

    Murray 3-1 Granollers*

    Andy Murray puts clear, blue court between himself and Marcel Granollers with a sturdy service hold.

    MURRAY BREAKS- *Murray 2-1 Granollers

    A chink of an opening for Andy Murray at 15-30, but Marcel Granollers, tentative on the previous few points, summons up some minerals for a charge to the net to win the next point for 30-30.

    A big serve puts him within sight of safety, but Andy Murray is harder to wipe out than a strain of norovirus.

    The British number one nips away at his man with angled forehand approaches followed up by clinical volleys. That combo buys himself a pass to deuce and then saves game point. He milks Granollers for a break point and converts at the first time of asking, darting to the net to retrieve a Granollers dropper and watching the lob back over his head drift wide.

    A green and purple Wimbledon brolly has made it into the Montreal stands. Their bumper sales despite that eyesore colour scheme might be the greatest testament to people's love of SW19.

    Murray 1-1 Granollers*

    Andy Murray discovers a bit of rust as he dusts down his double-hander backhand and screws an ugly one wide and long to give Marcel Granollers 15-30. The length of the Scot's groundstrokes is a little patchy as well and he is fortunate to escape after inviting Granollers into mid-court at 30-30.

    Murray is on the board, though, and it wouldn't be the man we know and love without one of those anguished grimaces.

    *Murray 0-1 Granollers

    Marcel Granollers holds serve in straightforward style to get us up and running. The Spaniard is fire-engine red, with Murray all cooling tones of blue and white.

  31. 1713: 

    His opponent today in the second round of the Rogers Cup (Murray got a bye through the first) is Marcel Granollers, the 36th-ranked Spaniard. Granollers picked up one of tennis's most fetching pieces of silverware by winning on the clay in Kitzbuehel on Saturday.

    Marcel Granollers
  32. 1710: 

    "Every player would like to get to number one, but I would rather win another Grand Slam or two and not get to number one," said Murray before the start of this tournament.

    I think he might be able to do both.

  33. 1705: 

    One man who isn't looking back is Andy Murray himself.

    With the big lumbering Wimbledon gorilla finally off his back, the Scot has zeroed in on the defence of his maiden Grand Slam title - the US Open - and the man at the top of the world rankings- Novak Djokovic.

  34. 1700: 

    Where were you this time a month ago? No, wait, no need to answer.

    If you are reading this, I already know.

    At 1700 BST on 7 July, you were watching Andy Murray clawing his way back from a break down in the third set against Novak Djokovic on Wimbledon's Centre Court. It all went rather well from then on in.

    After perhaps the most-deserved and most exact month off in British sporting history, Murray returns to competitive action today against Marcel Granollers in the Rogers Cup in Montreal.

    And the Canadian stadium MC is about to claim his place in history as the first build-up merchant for 77 years to welcome a British Wimbledon men's singles champion onto court....

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