Wimbledon Day 12 as it happened

Marion Bartoli thrashes Sabine Lisicki to win the women's title as the Bryan brothers win a fourth successive Grand Slam.

6 July 2013 Last updated at 18:42

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As it happened

  1. 1834: 

    Tomorrow is D-day. Andy Murray, fortified by the experience of last year's defeat, will attempt to bring to an end a 77-year wait for a British Wimbledon men's single champion. Will he, won't he? Whatever happens, you can guarantee he'll leave every last drop out on Centre Court in pursuit of that little golden fella.

    For what it is worth Boris Becker and Richard Krajicek believe that the Scot will join them in the Wimbledon winners roll.

    We'll be here, struggling manfully to maintain impartiality, from 1000 BST. Hope you can join us. Sweet dreams.

    Andy Murray
  2. 1823: 

    On BBC Two right now, Ivan Llendl, Andy Murray's coach, is batting back questions with the ferocity of his client's returns. It is suggested to him that he must have learned something from last year's Wimbledon final defeat. "Of course we did, we learn from even matches that we win, but I am not telling you what," he says with a sliver of a grin.

    Beneath those sunglasses, I think the Czech's glare is set to stun.

  3. 1816: 

    The nice thing about the doubles final is that rather than being presented with your gongs on the sawdust of the Centre Court circus floor, you get to clamber up in amongst the big wigs in the Royal Box.

    Matching outfits, matching trophies and matching genes, the Bryan brothers pose for the snappers from on high.

    Four-time Wimbledon doubles champion Peter Fleming, BBC Sport

    "Their enthusiasm is so compelling, they are great technicians but tactically they understand the game so well. Their approach is so positive, and they are two great guys as well."

  5. 1812: 
    Champagne moment

    Enormous air on the chest bump. Bob slightly out-leaping Mike, but both the Americans clearing three feet or so. Mike fumbles a pen as he signs autographs on the way out, but that is about the only mistake that either has made over the last hour and half after the opener.

    Bryan brothers
    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 6-4 Dodig/Melo

    Bob and Mike Bryan win the Wimbledon doubles title to become the first pair to hold all four Grand Slam titles simultaneously.

    BRYANS BREAK- *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 5-4 Dodig/Melo

    Big pressure on the Ivan Dodig serve at 15-30, Melo and Dodig, Dolo if you will, save the next rally but offer up a break point at 30-40. That's sublime. Mike Bryan threads a forehand between his two opponents. Dodig left it to Melo and the Brazilian presumed his mate was across it.

    Mike Bryan to serve next and they have not had a nibble on his serve all day.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 4-4 Dodig/Melo*

    Mike Bryan holds serve to 15. Ivan Dodig and Marcelo Melo's attempts to break weren't helped by the latter getting in the way of the former's attempt at a cute cross-court drop-shot. Melo almost catches it between his shoulder blades.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 3-4 Dodig/Melo

    Ivan Dodig takes a crouching position directly under the flight path of the Marcelo Melo serve at 40-30, but a return from the Bryans side pins the Brazilian on the toes. Deuce. Is this the solitary break that decided the last two sets? Nope, not this time. A couple of great big hairy brutes of serves, the Kray twins of the tennis tee-off, salvage the game for the Dodig and Melo combo.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 3-3 Dodig/Melo*

    Now Bob delivers an unblemished service game for his brother's inspection. Mike sees it and sees that it is good. All square on the scoreboard.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 2-3 Dodig/Melo

    Games flicking by in a blur. Marcelo Melo serves out to love. This slug-out has legs.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 2-2 Dodig/Melo*

    Right, Mike to serve, the dodgier of the two Bryan actions. Hush my mouth. An ace at 30-15 is followed up by a service winner out wide to sign seal and deliver the game.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 1-2 Dodig/Melo

    Feline reflexes from Marcelo Melo. He looks like he could catch flies between chopsticks as he flicks away a winning volley with only a couple of hundredths warning to seal the game.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 1-1 Dodig/Melo*

    Bob slaps down the serves, Mike punches away the volleys. The Bryans are in their strongest formation and hold to love in less than a minute.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 0-1 Dodig/Melo

    Ivan Dodig pulls another ace out of his quiver to see off danger at 30-30. The Bryans are trotting about court like they have helium in their heels though. Very buoyant.

    Four-times Wimbledon doubles winner Peter Fleming, BBC Sport

    "You can almost feel the change in the match, the Bryans took this match by scruff of neck at the end of the first set. Dodig and Melo have to match the Bryans' energy, their confidence is waning a little bit and their movement is slowing down.

    "It's a little wooden at times and, that's when you have to say 'On to plan C', without it you're going to lose anyway."

    BRYANS WIN THE THIRD SET- Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 6-4 Dodig/Melo*

    The Bryans grind their heel into the fag end of the third set with a hold to love. There is plenty of fuel in the furnace now and it is going to take some effort from Ivan Dodig and Marcelo Melo to derail their express train.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 5-4 Dodig/Melo

    Ivan Dodig being asked a few questions as he serves at 15-30 down. A crash-bang serve out wide is a more than adequate replay though. A netted volley give him and Marcelo Melo sight of safety at 40-30, but Dodig prods a volley wide of the tram alley to prolong the pain a little longer. The Bryan brothers cannot finish with a break and have the changeover to mull over their chance to serve out for the third set. Maybe they should change the 'changeover' to a 'mullover' given the mental gymnastics that some of the players pull during their sit-down.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 5-3 Dodig/Melo*

    A whistlestop hold to love from the Bryan brothers. We are clipping through this match now, 26 games completed in 85 minutes.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 4-3 Dodig/Melo

    Ivan Dodig and Marcelo Melo hold serve to keep the pressure up on the scoreboard. The Wimbledon roof doesn't just protect the players and the court from rain. If you are posh or famous enough then it also doubles up as a very expensive parasol. The organisers have unrolled it partially to shield those in the Royal Box from the solar glare.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 4-2 Dodig/Melo*

    Doubles tennis with mirror twins, great to watch, not great to text commentate on. Mike is the right-hander and Bob is the left-hander I have to keep reminding myself. Bob also has a slightly stronger serve and he holds to conserve their lead.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 3-2 Dodig/Melo

    Ivan Dodig, ranked 49th in the singles game, is the pick of the players on court individually. But the dash and panache of the Bryan brothers run his serve close. It scrapes through but he and Marcelo Melo are under the cosh now.

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Srinivas Sasank: Steve and Mark Waugh probably the closest to the Bryans in terms of achievements

    Alex Haworth: If your surname was Melo, why would you call your child Marcelo? Poor guy

    Edward Ditchfield: Why do doubles players have to touch each other after EVERY single point? Stop it and just get on with it!

    Yellow would have been cruelly Alex. Maybe it is a Boy Named Sue situation.

    Four-times Wimbledon doubles winner Peter Fleming, BBC Sport

    "One of the things they do so well when ahead is to play fast. When you have the momentum you get in to your opponent. In a bad patch, slow down, make the opposition think. When the Bryans get on a roll they just mow you down."

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 3-1 Dodig/Melo*

    Serve held by the brothers Bryan, break consolidated and on we roll.

    BRYANS BREAK- *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 2-1 Dodig/Melo

    Ivan Dodig frames a forehand up towards the rafters to give up a break point. That ball looks like it went so high that it is likely to come down in Tooting's SW17 rather than within the swankier boundaries of SW19. The Bryans press to the net and a winning volley by Bob noses him and his brother ahead in the third.


    Dar, in sunny Cornwall: Great sporting brothers.........the Charltons, the Bedsers, there must be more, but few better.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 1-1 Dodig/Melo*

    The Bryans hold serve to level up the third set. This is looking like it could descend into service line trench warfare pretty quickly. Both pairs are levelling out at about the same level. Closely matched encounter now.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 0-1 Dodig/Melo

    Never seen em' apart do you? Well, the Bryan brothers are not total strangers to single tennis. Bob reached the second round at Wimbledon in the men's singles draw in 2001, claiming an upset win over Bohdan Ulihrach in his opening match.

    Mike has not played at Wimbledon, but has appeared at Nottingham and Queens and lost in the first round of the 2001 US Open against Andre Agassi.

    Ivan Dodig and Marcelo Melo hold with Dodig's back-of-court smash, tracking the line all the way for a winner, the highlight. board

    Four-time Wimbledon doubles winner Peter Fleming, BBC Sport

    "A lot of doubles players owe the Bryans a living, they single-handedly made themselves stars and have promoted doubles relentlessly."

    BRYANS WIN SECOND SET- Bryan/Bryan 3-6 6-3 Dodig/Melo*

    The brothers Bryan are level on the board. They are aiming to become the first doubles team to hold all four Slams simultaneously.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 5-3 Dodig/Melo

    Ivan Dodig and Marcelo Melo hold, but it will be the Bryans to serve for the set next. Great sporting brothers? I'm thinking the footballling Nevilles, the rugby playing Youngs, let's have your suggestions on #bbcwimbledon or 81111.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 5-2 Dodig/Melo*

    "Bryan Bryan leads five games to two," intones the umpire after a game in which Ivan Dodig's errors proved vital. The Croatian has come off the boil after a great start when he was bossing the court like it was his own feudal fiefdom.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 4-2 Dodig/Melo

    Marcelo Melo is slipping and sliding as he chases back to try and retrieve a lob from Bob at 40-0 up. The Brazilian looks like he is playing in socks on polished lino as he loses traction.

    The Bryans take that point but there is nothing else for them in the game.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 4-1 Dodig/Melo*

    The service holds are now just whipping by. The Bryans return fire with Bob's service action snap, crackling and popping.

    *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 3-1 Dodig/Melo

    Marcelo Melo and Ivan Dodig stop the rot and get on the board with a solid hold. The spicier top notes have been taken out of the sun's heat, still an absolute stunner of a evening.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 3-0 Dodig/Melo*

    Being at the net in doubles is like being in the stocks. Bob Bryan cops a Marcelo Melo volley on the ankle at 40-0. It came off the Brazilian's racquet like a rubber bullet. No time to move for Bob. He and his brother win the next point though and are probably still favourites to succeed 2012 champions Johnny Marray and Frederik Nielsen after getting their act together.

    Four-times Wimbledon doubles winner Peter Fleming, BBC Sport

    "Doubles is such a game of momentum, of riding the energy wave and right now it is all with the Bryans even though they are a set down."

    BRYANS BREAK- *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 2-0 Dodig/Melo

    Ivan Dodig forces his serve a little too hard, flying the backline of the Bryan box to give away a break of serve. We might be seeing some regression to the mean after that first set.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-6 1-0 Dodig/Melo*

    Bryans on the board first in the second set and expected to make a much fiercer fight of it than they did in the second. It will be a big anti-climax if they don't certainly. Centre Court is filling up to around three-quarters capacity, it could just be the shade offered by the stand roofs that is attracting them as much as the tennis though.

    MELO/ DODIG WIN FIRST SET- *Bryan/Bryan 3-6 Dodig/Melo

    Ivan Dodig, who served the first game so efficiently, to try and bring the set to close. He continues in much the same way, keeping up the pressure to set up 40-0. Marcelo Melo with a volley to put it to bed, but he plonks it wide. A netted Bryan return though sends the underdogs scampering though to the first set. 31 minutes on the board.

    Bryan/Bryan 3-5 Dodig/Melo*

    The Bryans have got their best-selling, multi prize-winning show on the road. They race to 40-0 before holding serve and are now just the one break adrift. Ivan Dodig and Marcelo Melo will serve for the set for a second time next.

    Four-time Wimbledon doubles champion Peter Fleming, BBC Sport

    "Dodig and Melo were Supermen for the first five games, but the Bryans will take solace from that break.

    BRYANS BREAKS- *Bryan/Bryan 1-5 Dodig/Melo

    Classic doubles scurry and chase as the Bryans zip about at the front of the court to win a point at 30-0 down and give themselves a chance in the game. Ivan Dodig had a chance to stop the silliness but paid the price for producing a backhand push when a punch was required. The Bryans have 30-40 and break point which they convert with a volley right into the whites of Marcelo Melo's eyes.

    Bryan/Bryan 1-5 Dodig/Melo*

    Leftie Bob to serve. He is a little limp on a mid-court pick up though and he and his brother see the bagel looming on the horizon at 15-30. They dodge its doughy embrace though. Two rat-a-tat volleys at the net, one that Marcelo Melo failed to fend away from his stomach, take them to 40-30, before Bob serves out to finally get the Bryans on the board.

    *Bryan/Bryan 0-5 Dodig/Melo

    Mike Bryan sets up two break points with a glorious cascading lob that clears Ivan Dodig and crashlands just inside the baseline. That was a more finely plotted trajectory than Armstrong and Aldrin's. Ivan Dodig and Marcelo Melo are two towers of men though. Dodig's big serve scoops his duo back to deuce. It is so bazooka powerful that it even fools the stewards into letting customers back in to fill their seats before a video replay proves he was wide of the mark and they are called back from their stools to replay the final point. It is only a temporary hold-up though.


    Four-time Wimbledon doubles champion Peter Fleming, BBC Sport:

    "Clearly the Bryan brothers with some early match jitters, but those will settle down. This is Mach speed!"

    DODIG/MELO BREAK- Bryan/Bryan 0-4 Dodig/Melo*

    Ivan Dodig pumps a backhand return down the lines, selling Bob the eyes at the net, to convert a break point for a 4-0 lead. The punters slowly filtering back into Centre Court are checking what is in their glass and wondering if the sun has got to them as they see the favourites being handing a whupping.

    *Bryan/Bryan 0-3 Dodig/Melo

    Marcelo Melo and Ivan Dodig are only seeded 12th but the Croatian/Brazilian combination is gaining plenty of momentum. They have upset the fourth and seventh seeded duos on their way to this final. A hold of serve from Melo puts them well clear on the scoreboard.

    DODIG/MELO BREAK- Bryan/Bryan 0-2 Dodig/Melo*

    Bob Bryan's serve comes under pressure at 15-40 and although the American top seeds take the first break point back off the table, they slip a break down as Ivan Dodig gets a return right back on Bob's toes. His partner Marcelo Melo slaps down a ball that was begging for it, floating temptingly in front of him.

    *Bryan/Bryan 0-1 Dodig/Melo

    There is not a lot of respect for the script in that opening service game as Ivan Dodig cranks up the serve power and blasts through to hold for the loss of just one point. Overhead exocets.

  52. 1611: 

    The thing about the chest-bumping Bryan brothers is that they are not just twins, they are 'mirror twins'. Bob is the left hander, Mike is the right-hander and they know each pretty well having only spent a handful of weeks apart in their whole lives.

    Bryan Brothers

    A potent mix that has delivered more than 90 doubles titles.

  53. 1602: 

    While that hullabaloo is going on out back, on Centre Court there is no time for sentiment. The trophy presentation trestle table has been packed away and the doubles net has replaced the singles version.

    The stands are not even half, not even a quarter, perhaps a 16th full, as the Bryan brothers and Marcelo Melo and Ivan Dodig emerge for their doubles dust-up. The queues for the toilets and bar are jammed though.

  54. 1558: 

    Marion Bartoli is exchanging sweaty hugs with famous former champions who watched her victory over Sabin Lisicki from the Royal Box. Billie Jean King looks absolutely chuffed. Now, out on the balcony of the Wimbledon clubhouse to show off her new piece of mantelpiece furniture to the public who have massed below to give her another cheer.

    A bit big for a mantelpiece you say? Clearly the Wimbledon organisers are thinking along the same lines. The champion gets a three-quarter scale replica of the Venus Rosewater dish to take home while the original resides in the All England all year round.

  55. 1550: 

    Right, that's me for now. Mike Henson is bringing you the men's doubles final, with American tops seeds Bob and Mike Bryan versus Croatia's Ivan Dodig and Brazil's Marcelo Melo, the 12th seeds. A Bryan brothers victory would see them hold all four Grand Slam titles and the Olympic title simultaneously. Enjoy...


    JB on 81111: I think people are having too hard a go at Lisicki. After what she has been through to even make it here was a miracle. We've all seen Murray freeze up in previous finals but now she knows what it's like to get there, I'm sure she'll be back again.

    Andrew: Can't believe there are people complaining about 'the standard of tennis' as if they're entitled to a 3-game 5-hour thriller just for having bought a ticket. Tennis is unpredictable and Sabine did brilliantly to get to the final. Hope to see her again next year!

    1999 Wimbledon champion Lindsay Davenport, BBC Sport
    Marion Bartoli

    "You've waited for this moment for so long, and it goes so fast! You don't get to hold the trophy for too long!"

  58. 1549: 

    Big shame for the match and for Lisicki that she didn't manage to hold her nerve but if ever you wanted a demonstration of the realities of elite-level sport, that was it: all it takes is for that heart to be pounding a touch too fast and everything you've worked for and dreamed about can crumble to dust in front of millions of prying eyes. Nasty.


    BBC Football Focus presenter Dan Walker: Marion Bartoli is the Bubba Watson of tennis. Unconventional, unique and... a champion #wimbledon

    Mitchell Baker: Nice to see Bartoli's father can't control his emotions. He looks ecstatic and in tears.


    More from new champion Marion Bartoli: "Finishing with an ace, in my wildest dreams I'd never believe it. I have practised my serve for so long, at least I kept it for best moment!

    "Holding this trophy has been my dream since I was six years old. I cannot believe it and I hope to do my best again next year."

    Marion Bartoli

    Marion Bartoli on winning Wimbledon: "Honestly I cannot believe it. When I was a little girl I dreamed of this moment for so long. I missed out in 1997, I know what it is like and I'm sure Sabine will be here one more time, no doubt about it."


    Sabine Lisicki speaking to BBC Sport's Sue Barker: "I was overwhelmed by the whole situation. Credit to Marion, she handled it perfectly. She had been here before. She deserves it and I hope I get the chance one more time as well."

  63. 1543: 
    Marion Bartoli

    "As a small girl I dreamed about this moment," says Bartoli. "Finishing with an ace to win Wimbledon, even in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined that..." Thanks for her dad, who hadn't been here all fortnight but who flew in for the final, and she comes across very well.


    Sam Wheeler: Always a shame in a final when a player freezes with the pressure, doesn't show the potential shown in earlier rounds.

    Daniel Fine: We saw three games of Lisicki playing the way she can, other than that it was a disappointing end to a fantastic tournament

  65. 1539: 

    Here's Lisicki being interviewed, holding it together well and saying plenty of nice words about her conqueror. Much as this defeat must sting she might pep up a bit when she checks her back account, she's about 800 grand richer.

  66. 1538: 

    Big, sympathy-fuelled applause for Sabine Lisicki and here's the quirky Marion Bartoli with a double-curtsy before getting her mitts on the Venus Rosewater trophy. The Frenchwoman will also receive a cheque for £1.6m, which is nice.


    Matt: The standard of tennis today is shocking. I feel sorry for the fans who have shelled out hundreds of pounds for this.

  68. 1536: 

    Well, it wasn't the great final many had anticipated, largely because Lisicki didn't really turn up. But take nothing away from the 28-year-old Bartoli, losing finalist in 2007 and a major champion at last in her 47th Grand Slam tournament.

    Three-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Talk about an impressive way to end a match, that was exhibit A right there. She completely outplayed Sabine Lisicki today."

  70. 1532: 

    Great finish by Bartoli and off she goes, wading into the crowd, a la Pat Cash. A hug for her good friend Amelie Mauresmo, champion in 2006, and one for her old man, tremendous scenes. Meanwhile, Lisicki stays in her chair and wonders where it all went wrong...

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Bartoli 6-1 6-4 Lisicki

    Lisicki has gone from crying tears of despair to screaming like a banshee on a blood-soaked battlefield in the space of about 20 minutes. But here's Bartoli with more angles than Pythagoras to move into a 15-0 lead and she follows that with a brute of a first serve for 30-0. Bartoli sets up three championship points with a forehand hit so hard it must have hurt and she finishes it off with an ace.

    *Bartoli 6-1 5-4 Lisicki

    Bartoli missing a lot now and here she is firing a backhand long. The crowd awakes from its heat-induced slumber. What a shot this is by the German, a pinged backhand from behind the baseline, and she follows that with a whipped forehand winner down the line. Lisicki with the old one-two, pressure back on Bartoli...

    Sabine Lisicki
    Three-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Things have just gotten a whole lot more interesting!"

    Bartoli 6-1 5-3 Lisicki*

    Lisicki with an elegant forehand volley for 0-15 but there's nothing elegant about this backhand winner by Bartoli, like a navvy tamping down cement with a length of four-by-two. Here's another one for 30-30 following a double fault but Bartoli hands her rival a break point with a backhand that hits the net cord and drops on her side. Lisicki's alive! Lisicki's alive! Just...

    1999 Wimbledon champion Lindsay Davenport, BBC Sport

    "Great first serves there, putting the pressure back on Bartoli to serve this out."

    *Bartoli 6-1 5-2 Lisicki

    Lisicki missing with everything now, she just wants out. Or does she? The German finds a big first serve which Bartoli can only claw out and Lisicki shakes her fist in defiance. Lisicki long with a forehand but she saves a championship point with a thrashed backhand, cross court. Another break point saved but she follows that with a sprayed forehand that lands long. Third championship point but this time Bartoli nets with a backhand... ACE! Almost, Bartoli gets an outside edge to the fielder at point, but here is an ace to hold. That's ballsy, you have to say that's very ballsy...

    Three-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "There would have been no place Lisicki would rather have been an hour ago. Her mind's all fogged up, but Bartoli is totally in the zone."

    Former world number one Tracy Austin, BBC Sport

    "I don't want to sound too tough but this is not the time to be shedding tears. When the pressure is raised, that's when she struggles."

    Bartoli 6-1 5-1 Lisicki*

    Lisicki would rather be anywhere else than sat out there on Centre Court, but let's see how much gravel she's got in her guts. Certainly, Bartoli is clogged up with the stuff. Bartoli surges into a 40-0 lead before skipping to the back of the court and touching her racquet on the screen - weird. But that's a hold...

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Amy Thain: Oh Lisicki, I want to cry with you. So horrible to watch after the amazing effort she put in to beat Serena.

    Dan Wickham: Bartoli is ruthless! Lisicki struggling with the heat?

    Former world number one Tracy Austin, BBC Sport

    "Just as you think Lisicki is starting to turn it around, and get her foot in the door, she throws in a double-fault."

    *Bartoli 6-1 4-1 Lisicki

    Bartoli climbs into that backhand return to make it 15-15 before floating a backhand winner down the line. As poorly as Lisicki has played her opponent has been rock-solid out there. Yet another double fault at 40-30 and it's shades of Graf-Zvereva in the French Open final in 1988, the Belarusian got double-donuted that day. Another double fault and Lisicki dissolves into tears, this is getting ugly, it's almost time to turn away... better by Lisicki, giving Bartoli the runaround and nicking the advantage, but she follows that with another spooned backhand... Lisicki hooks a backhand miles wide, nets with a forehand, Bartoli breaks again...

    Former Wimbledon champion Lindsay Davenport, BBC Sport

    "I'm not sure anyone thought that 11 games into it, Lisicki would have only one hold."

    Bartoli 6-1 3-1 Lisicki*
    Marion Bartoli

    Lisicki looks forlornly over to her team as she sits on her chair inbetween games but they can't help her - not unless somebody fancies putting in a hit on Bartoli, and even then the Frenchwoman would probably break through the tackle. Bartoli hasn't lost a set in the tournament - although she hasn't faced a top-10 player - but Lisicki is making a few dents on this service game. These double-fisted volleys aren't things of beauty but they're very effective, here's one on the backhand wing for 40-30. And that's a hold...

    *Bartoli 6-1 2-1 Lisicki

    Was that Lisicki's chance? Perhaps. What a rally this is by Bartoli and what a way to finish it, a whip-cracked backhand that skims the sideline, followed by a triumphant fist pump. Worse for Lisicki, that was actually out but called in... double fault for three more break points, Lisicki on the verge of meltdown out there, not looking in a good place at all. Bartoli outfoxes her rival at the net, Lisicki is being steamrollered out there...

    Former world number one Tracy Austin, BBC Sport

    "I love the attitude of Bartoli out there, she goes for every shot and does not take anything off them. It's full throttle."


    Caroline on 81111: Don't write off Lisicki. She also trailed Radwanska.

    Matt, London: Love Bartoli's style and mannerisms. Is a double-handed serve legal in tennis? Would love to see Bartoli try it.

    Bartoli 6-1 1-1 Lisicki*

    Lisicki pushes a backhand return into the tramlines for 40-30 but Bartoli fires a forehand long for deuce after some tremendous scrambling by the German. And here's a break point for Lisicki as Bartoli hooks a backhand wide, only for Lisicki to mis-time a forehand... double fault by Bartoli for a second break point but again Lisicki misses with a backhand... here's another chance for Lisicki as Bartoli nets with a backhand but the Frenchwoman saves again, courtesy of a drive backhand-volley... Lisicki returns that serve with interest but Bartoli saves again, finishing that point off with a drilled backhand winner... Bartoli has saved six of seven break points against her and that's another hold...

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Hayley Randall: The crowd are behind you, use it to your advantage and push aside those nerves! #Lisicki #bbcwimbledon

    Enzo Gambaro: This Wimbledon final is like watching a car-crash. It's horrible watching someone wilt under pressure like Lisicki has done.

    Sam Garrood: Bartoli has just broken the Wimbledon ladies' record for most fist pumps after winning a point - 274 fist pumps. Great effort.

    Three-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Credit where it is due, Bartoli is hitting a sweet ball, she looks like she belongs and she wants to win. She's hitting flat ground strokes, and Lisicki cannot handle it right now."

    1987 Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, BBC Radio 5 live
    Sabine Lisicki

    "The crowd want to see a match, they want to see Lisicki settle down. They feel almost embarrassed for her."

    *Bartoli 6-1 0-1 Lisicki

    Better by Lisicki, a hooked backhand down the line for 30-0 before the German steps in and hits through a confident backhand winner. Lisicki misses with an attempted lob and Bartoli puts away the overhead but that's a welcome hold.

  93. 1444: 

    Unsurprisingly, Lisicki has nipped off court for a little word to herself. Not sure that should be allowed - that's sport, you get embarrassed, you should have to sit there and suck it up. It's all about the Lisicki serve at the moment, she's only getting 54% of her first deliveries in and her second serve is getting marmalised. She's back out again...

    Former Wimbledon champion Lindsay Davenport, BBC Sport

    "Lisicki's toss has not been this inconsistent this tournament, for some reason it is way too far behind her."

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Bartoli 6-1 Lisicki*
    Marion Bartoli

    Bartoli doing a grand job of keeping the ball in play out there while Lisicki is incontinent with mistakes. Here's another one, a forehand into the net, that set all done in 30 minutes...


    Brian on 81111: The winner will be -A-I-- ------I. The engraver can make a start.

    *Bartoli 5-1 Lisicki

    Neat work at the net by Lisicki, that point finished off with a lunging forehand volley, and here she is with the old one-two, a tonking first serve followed by a backhand winner. Bartoli's not going to die wondering out there, she's in the mood to kill dead things. Lisicki taken to deuce and here's another break point as Lisicki fires a backhand into the net... Lisicki with a curling ace down the middle, her second of the match, before Bartoli nets with a snatched backhand return. Bartoli into the net and Lisicki is unable to pass her, but the German hits back with a drop-shot so dinky it almost didn't happen. Lisicki, however, nets with a backhand on the next point, follows up with her second double fault and hands the break to her rival with a forehand that lands long...

    Former world number one Tracy Austin, BBC Sport

    "I don't think Lisicki needs to pull back, she needs more racquet head speed, more spin and she needs to give herself bigger targets."

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Richard Powell: Somewhat surprisingly Bartoli is out-thinking and out-hitting Lisicki. Could be nerves, but definitely Advantage La France.

  100. 1431: 
    Kate from Belfast

    Tennis fan Kate from Belfast has had her nails painted in honour of Wimbledon. And they say no-one has any spare cash any more...

    Bartoli 4-1 Lisicki*

    A beefy baseline exchange ends with Lisicki netting with a backhand before Bartoli finds a big serve out wide for 40-0. Bartoli showing all the right body language out there and she wraps up that game with another fine first serve out wide.

    Three-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Bartoli has better hands, a better feel for the ball and is one of the only players who volleys with both hands."

    *Bartoli 3-1 Lisicki

    ... that was a second-serve ace, by the way, which was sent down 1mph slower than the first. Bartoli charges off her chair towards the baseline, pumping her fist, waving her racquet and pursing her lips, as if attacking an imaginary intruder. Lisicki with an ace for 15-30 but here's some sharp work at the net from Bartoli, finished with a backhand volley into an empty court. Bartoli has a good look at that second serve but hoicks it into the net but Lisicki can't save a second break point, the German really hasn't settled yet.

    Bartoli 2-1 Lisicki*

    Neat drop-shot by Lisicki and Bartoli is a bit slow off the mark, moving in as if she's pulling a fridge before netting with a forehand. Lisicki fires a forehand miles long for 30-30 before drilling a forehand return into the tramlines, Bartoli secures the hold with an ace...

    *Bartoli 1-1 Lisicki

    That's Bartoli's 29th double fault of this tournament, although she does give her second serve a clump. Lisicki with a fine, whipped forehand winner but she follows up with a muffed attempted drop-shot into the net. Clunky backhand return by Bartoli and Lisicki can only bunt a backhand into the net. Lisicki with a wild forehand and here are two break-back points... ace by Lisicki, her first of the match, but she follows that with a double fault. The old nerves are jingle-jangling out there...

    Bartoli 0-1 Lisicki*

    It's Marion Bartoli to serve first and her first delivery finds the net. Lisicki can only frame a backhand return on the second serve but here's some fine baseline scrambling by the German to make it 15-15. Lisicki spreads her wings and heave-hoes a forehand return down the line and she follows that with a ripsnorter of a backhand winner for two break points. Bartoli saves one courtesy of some barnstorming hitting on both flanks and the second courtesy of some good hustling and a double-fisted forehand winner. But here's the first double fault of the match... followed by the second...

  107. 1409: 

    I think it's fair to say Lisicki will start out as the crowd's favourite - they like her smile - but they might warm to the eccentric Bartoli as the match wears on, she's got more ticks than a dingo. We'll have some play in a minute...

  108. 1406: 

    If Marion Bartoli were to win this she would surpass Jana Novotna's record of winning a Grand Slam tournament after the most attempts - Novotna won Wimbledon in 1998 at the 45th attempt, this is Bartoli's 47th major appearance...

  109. 1403: 

    Many thanks for Mike Henson, this is Ben Dirs to take you through to the conclusion of the women's singles final. It's an absolute jamspangler of a day in London, so hot it would take your face off if you didn't take the necessary precautions. Here are the pre-match photos, they'll be knocking up in a moment...

  110. 1401: 

    Marion Bartoli and Sabine Lisicki are loaded up with the final bouquets before emerging blinking onto court in bright, brilliant sunshine.

    Ben Dirs is here to take you through the warm-up and the thrills and spills of whatever follows...

    Three-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroe on Marion Bartoli, BBC Sport

    "I have never seen anyone with so many quirks as Marion Bartoli on a tennis court, that's what makes it so intriguing."

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "There's pandemonium at the Aorangi Park entrance as Andy Murray stops to sign autographs for supporters who braved the heat to wait for the duration of his practice session. The sound of cheers, screams and applause are mixed in with the noise of camera crews jostling for position and the furious clicking of lenses. "We love you Andy!" screams one young girl, while an older man yells "You're a superstar, Andy, do it for Britain!". Incredible scenes.

    Andy Murray
  113. 1357: 

    The newspapers are a mix of mounting Murray mania this morning

    Simon Briggs in the Daily Telegraph writes "not only did Andy Murray knock Sherlock off the BBC schedules, but he put paid to an opponent who resembles a Bond villain" in his win over Jerzy Janowicz.

    The Sun describe Murray as the Prince of Darkness as came through strongly as the sun dipped. I'm not sure that Janowicz will appreciate being described as 'Lankenstein'.

    The Daily Mail latches on to James Cordon's presence in Andy Murray's box with Martin Samuel stating that "whatever happens, he is now unrivalled as the guv'nor of British tennis. The finest player of this, or any, generation. "


    Humza Ahmed: Bartoli will win this. She's experienced this before and I think she will come out on top

    Ashish Shah: I hope and think its @bartoli_marion turn to win. Will be divine justice if she does given that she's modelled herself on Seles!

    James Le Roth: Great to have new blood so I don't mind as long as we get a competitive final

  115. 1356: 

    Marion Bartoli has been speaking to BBC Sport's Rishi Persad, and as a lover of cats maybe it's not surprising which animal she likens herself to when on the court:

    "On the court I'm a tiger, I hate to lose. Sometimes I'm so determined to win and I want it so badly I want to fight until death!"

  116. 1354: 

    That is not the only interesting story in the Bartoli camp. The hitting partner who has prepared the 2007 runner-up for her second appearance in a Wimbledon final is one Thomas Drouet.

    Ring any bells? Perhaps not, but he was at the centre of this season's stinkiest controversies.

    He used to return balls to Bernard Tomic but the relationship that came to an abrupt end when Tomic's coach and father John allegedly head-butted him in Madrid in April. Tomic senior has since been charged with assault.

    "After what happened in Madrid, I wanted to go back to Paris to look for work. I saw an article about Walter, Marion's father, who is looking for someone to help. I sent a message, and two days later, I was at Roland Garros to start the work with them," Drouet told the New York Times.

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "Andy Murray's practice sessions used to be renowned for their light-hearted nature - there was always lots of joking around - but not these days and especially not before a Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic. The only more jovial moment arrives when Murray drills a passing shot into Dani Vallverdu's body, prompting a shriek of pain from the Venezuelan. Murray's next pass is accompanied by a "great shot!" from Valverdu, to which Ivan Lendl replies: "You're only saying that because you're scared he'll come for you again!". It's then back to the serious business of serves and returns, with particular emphasis placed on the latter as Valverdu stands in midcourt to send down one delivery after the next at full pelt."

    ANdy Murray
    Tracy Austin, BBC Sport

    "Lisicki has the physical skills, but she has not had the consistency before these Championships. She has had by far the tougher draw, she's taken out three Grand Slam champions and Radwanska in the semi-final."

  119. 1350: 

    Marion Bartoli has been warming up for the final in typically unorthodox style. Before knocking down a few practice balls on Saturday, she and her camp lobbed around a rugby ball on the Aorangi practice courts.

    Presumably that is ok as long as she didn't pull on studs to do so.

    Bartoli ended her coaching relationship with her father Walter in February. It was a sparky combination with Marion sending her dad away from courtside in the middle of her win over Flavia Pennetta at Wimbledon 2011.

    After missing the rest of this tournament he is going to be in the stands this afternoon apparently.

    Marion Bartoli playing rugby
    Lindsay Davenport, BBC Sport

    The 1999 champion makes her prediction for today's match:

    "Based on her form through the tournament, my head says Lisicki. She has been by far the better player because she has had such a tough draw.

    "But Bartoli knows this is a huge opportunity, she knows this is her chance and she knows those moments and how to go after them."

  121. 1343: 

    Sabine Lisicki has been chatting with three-time champion and fellow German Boris Becker in the build-up to the final.

    She believes that she is coming into her meeting with Marion Bartoli battle hardened by the tough matches she has had en route.

    "I think those tough opponents made me ready for every next match, " she said.

    "Those first three rounds made me ready to play against Serena and the experience with beating Serena helped me in the semis. I feel more than ready for the final."

    Boris Becker and Sabine Lisicki

    The full interview is currently being broadcast on BBC One in the build-up to the final.

  122. 1337: 

    A fabulous day to look forward to, but there is also a glittering gem of an afternoon to look back on.

    After Novak Djokovic had quelled Juan Martin del Potro's five-set rebellion on yesterday, Andy Murray made it four Grand Slam finals in his last four attempts in lid-off, lid-on Centre Court dissection of Jerzy Janowicz.

    One of the great Wimbledon day's has been concentrated into some 100% proof highlights on the BBC Sport website. Knock 'em back to set you up for the day.

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "There was a real sense of occasion for Andy Murray's practice today as Dani Vallverdu puts his friend through his paces for the penultimate time at Wimbledon 2012. They worked on forehands, backhands, volleys and passing shots, with Murray and coach Lendl exchanging the occasional quiet word on everything from swing and placement to footwork and string tension. The media presence was no larger than it has been on any other day - 40 or so cameramen and a scattering of reporters - while court staff and members of Murray's support team also watched on."

    Andy Murray
  124. 1330: 

    There is plenty more going on after and around the women's final today at Wimbledon.

    Great Britain's Kyle Edmund and his Portuguese doubles partner Frederico Ferrieira Silva are in the boys' doubles semi-finals third on Court One.

    The Bryan brothers Bob and Mike, are closing in on a unique 'Bryan Slam'. Should they beat Ivan Dodig and Marcelo Melo in the men's doubles today, they will become the first team to hold all four Grand Slam titles and the Olympic crown simultaneously.

    The successor to Eugenie Bouchard, who made the third round of the main draw this year, is currently being decided on Court One where Belinda Bencic of Switzerland trails Taylor Townend of the United States 4-1 in the opening set of the girls' final.

  125. 1324: 

    Marion Bartoli has had, on paper at least, an easier route to the final.

    Her win over 20-year-old 17th seed Sloane Stephens in the quarter-finals was as difficult a match as she has had according to the pre-tournament rankings.

    Yet to drop a set, she has been on court for 27 minutes less and 24 fewer games than Lisicki.

    You can watch how both players progressed through the draw with this nifty little video on the BBC Sport website.

  126. 1322: 

    As well as overturning top seed, world number one and red-hot favourite Serena Williams in the fourth round, Lisicki has beaten three other players ranked higher than her to make it this far.

    Elena Vesnina, Sam Stosur and Agnieszka Radwanska have all fallen to the world number 23's big hitting and fighting spirit.

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "The start of Murray's practice session today was delayed by the presence of women's finalist Sabine Lisicki on the court where he is scheduled to hit. While the Scot waits, he begins his stretching routine under the guidance of fitness trainers Matt Little and Jez Green. Murray's physio Johan de Beer and agent Matt Gentry are also there. He'll be hitting against Dani Valverdu, with coach Ivan Lendl monitoring their progress."

    Andy Murray
  128. 1318: 

    Sabine Lisicki has built up enough credit with the Centre Court crowd this year that she could hit a ball girl with a spare ball or cut open a line judge's shin and still probably be clapped off court.

    The German has more smiley faces than an Acid House revival and well she might.

    Where Steve Darcis, Sergiy Stakhovsky and Michelle Larcher de Brito were all knocked out straight after their wins over Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova respectively, she has ridden the momentum from her big win all the way to the final.

  129. 1312: 

    Welcome to the final Saturday of Wimbledon. It is a drop-dead gorgeous day at the All England Club. The sun has exclusive use of the sky today - not a cloud in the hemisphere.

    BBC Weather's John Hammond stops only just short of advising those visiting Wimbledon to don full Lawrence of Arabia garb to protect from themselves from the rays.

    The mercury will be knocking on the door of 27 degrees Celcius by the end of the afternoon apparently.

  130. 1309: 
    BBC coverage

    Has Andy Murray's run to the final captured your attention more than last year's? Well, the figures are in and it suggests the Scot's progress has caught the Great British people's attention.

    After a peak of 10.4 million people tuned in for his five-set win over Fernando Verdasco in the last round, 13.2 million got their eyeballs across a TV for his victory last night.

    That compares with 11.4 million for his last-four win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 12 months ago.

    Online, 6.47m UK browsers made their way to the BBC Sport website yesterday, the biggest ever number outside the Olympics. It even trumped the 6.38m who hit the site on the day of Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement. Big, big numbers all round.

  131. 1300: 

    For all the shocks and surprises of the fortnight that preceded it, tomorrow's men's final is Novak Djokovic against Andy Murray - just as the seedings committee predicted back at the start of it all.

    Today's women's final is the one that better sums up a Wimbledon championships with more twists and turn than a Blackpool big dipper.

    Marion Bartoli against Sabine Lisicki, seeded 15th and 20th respectively, is a clash between the titans of kookiness, the leviathans of laughter, the colossusses of character.

    The only thing you can predict with any certainly about events on Centre Court today is that they will be five-star entertainment.

    Marion Bartoli and Sabine Lisicki

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