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As it happened

  1. 2054: 

    The covers are pulled over Centre Court for one final time this evening, which is perhaps a sign - a sign for us to wrap up today's edition of the live text commentary. Thank you, as always, for joining us. There will be more of the same on day six when Novak Djokovic and Laura Robson will receive top billing. Bye.

  2. 2052: 

    Slow clapping on Court One. An official, carrying a walkie talkie, is in discussions with the umpire and they conclude play should be suspended. The scoreboard is lit up with the words: "There will be no further play on this court today due to darkness." It all means Petra Kvitova's match with Ekaterina Makarova will resume on Saturday.

  3. 2048: 

    The light is fading, but the tennis continues on Court One. Russia's Ekaterina Makarova, the 25th seeds, has broken former champion Petra Kvitova in the final set and leads 2-1. Sloane Stephens's match with Petra Cetkovska was suspended, though, before the duo embarked on a third set.

    Petra Kvitova
  4. 2040: 

    France's Adrian Mannarino sets up a fourth round tie with either Lukasz Kubot or compatriot Benoit Paire after beating Dustin Brown 6-4 6-2 7-5 in one hour and 39 minutes.

  5. 2039: 

    On Court Three, Petra Cetkovska obliterated Sloane Stephens 6-0 in the second set, bouncing back from losing the first set tie-break 7-6 (7-3). Dustin Brown is in trouble over on Court 12. The German's opponent, Adrian Mannarino, is serving for the match.

  6. 2033: 

    Only one member of the groundstaff gang remains on Centre Court, inspecting the grass and removing any stray blades from the ground. There is tennis being played in SW19, though, Seven matches, in fact. Ekaterina Makarova has secured the second set 6-2 against 2011 Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova, dragging the match into a decider.

  7. 2028: 

    "It's not something I'm going to push extremely hard to set up," says Murray when asked about the possibility of setting up a showdown with Serena Williams. "But if people want to see it I would do it."

  8. 2026: 

    Andy Murray on the early exits of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer: "There's a lot more pressure on me now with them being out. I don't read the papers and stuff, but they have papers in the locker rooms so you see some of the headlines and it's not that helpful. You need to be professional and not let that stuff bother you. I played my best match of the tournament so far today."

  9. 2023: 

    Andy Murray is being quizzed by journalists in the interview room and the Scot admits each set became tougher. "I think he started to feel more comfortable. I served well the first couple of matches but maybe did not hit the ball quite as well as I would have liked. Playing under the roof, it's easier to time the ball. I would rather there was good weather and we'd play outdoors without the roof."

  10. 2019: 

    The fifth day of the Championships is nearing a conclusion and what a fine day it has been for British tennis fans. A Brit in the fourth round of the men's draw - and the third round of the ladies' section. For a recap on the day, tune in to Today at Wimbledon with John Inverdale, John McEnroe and Lindsay Davenport.

  11. 2013: 

    Andy Murray will at some point, if he hasn't already, inspect the stats and the Brit will be particularly pleased at winning 85% of points on his first serve. A healthy 40 winners from the Scot, too - and only 14 unforced errors. An A- perhaps for the report card.

    Andy Murray
  12. 2010: 

    The floodlights have been switched off on Centre, but there is plenty of work to be done to keep the turf in tip-top condition. Groundstaff currently brushing the dusty baseline with their brooms, while members of the armed forces are clearing up in the Royal Box.


    mvalli: ‏Flawless victory. On to the next one.

    Kate C: ‏Solid performance from #Murray. Looks like he is strong for week 2. #Wimbledon Exciting!

    Emma Saunders: ‏Great day for the Brits

  14. 2005:  
    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Murray is so comfortable in these surroundings now. He's maturing as a player and as a person. It's great to watch. It's been a disconcerting week for the top players, but Andy will be delighted with the way he has played."

  15. 2005: 

    Adrian Mannarino is 6-4 5-2 up against Lleyton Hewitt's conqueror Dustin Brown on Court 14, 2007 women's finalist Marion Bartoli is through to the fourth round courtesy of a 6-4 7-5 victory over Camila Giorgi of Italy.

  16. 2004:  

    Andy Murray, speaking to BBC Radio 5 live: "I thought it was a high-level match, I struck the ball very well throughout.

    "He served very well in the third set, I had very few chances but I got the break right at the end.

    "I went for it. I hit a lot of winners, that was the most pleasing part. I hit the ball better from the back of the court.

    "I hope I can keep playing better. I've been pushed in my matches, I've been tested and have come through it well.

    "From what I have heard, people are putting even more pressure on me because of the way the draw has worked out. It's hard. It would be a lot easier if we just focused on one match at a time."

  17. 2000: 
    Andy Murray

    Murray waves farewell to his followers, throwing sweatbands to those in the front seats. The spectators are gradually filtering out of this grand old arena. One cad waving manically towards his friend who has dashed down the steps to take a picture. Good times have been had by all, or so it seems.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "Not for a moment has Andy Murray lost any emotional control or physical control, it's been virtually a perfect week for him. He's going to have an awful lot left in the tank for the second week."

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "He's a honourable competitor, Robredo, but he did not have enough in the arsenal to beat Andy Murray who is a battering ram at the moment and so difficult to beat. Perhaps there is only one man who can beat him?"

    Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Another very solid performance from Murray. The way the schedule has worked for him leaves tomorrow and Sunday off, he'll be ready and raring to go for the second week."

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Murray 6-2 6-4 7-5 Robredo*

    Oh la la! Murray, an intimidating presence at the net, clips the cord - Robredo chases down the volley, attempts to curl a forehand around the net but agonisingly fails. Three match points Murray... An outrageous passing shot from Robredo delays the procession. Victory is soon Murray's, though, as the Spaniard directs a backhand into the net. The crowd rise to salute their man.

    MURRAY BREAKS SERVE- *Murray 6-2 6-4 6-5 Robredo
    Ivan Lendl

    Slow clapping from the spectators on Centre as they await the results of a Murray challenge. Replays confirm the Spaniard's delightful backhand passing shot grazed the baseline. "Come on, Andy," a lady yelps as the Scot wins two points on the trot. Oof! A deep backhand volley from the net kisses the tramline for break point! First serve... long... second serve... finds the target- but the Spaniard then nets a forehand. His footwork was a bit shambolic there. The match could soon be over.

    Murray 6-2 6-4 5-5 Robredo*

    A wild forehand from Robredo, the Spaniard losing patience, allows Murray to ease to 40-0. The Scot follows up with another one of his unreturnable serves which acts as a punchy full stop.

  24. 1945: 

    Laura Robson's doubles encounter has been rescheduled for Saturday, I believe - she was due to partner Lisa Raymond in her second-round encounter...

    *Murray 6-2 6-4 4-5 Robredo

    A puff of the cheeks from Robredo as he strides towards the service line, knowing one more point will secure him another hold. He turns around, takes aim and unleashes a crackerjack ace out wide. Murray must serve to stay in the set, which shouldn't be a problem for an Olympic champion.

  26. 1941: 

    Adrian Mannarino has won the first set against Dustin Brown 6-4, over on Court One 2011 women's champion Petra Kvitova is 5-3 up in the first set against Ekaterina Makarova...

    Murray 6-2 6-4 4-4 Robredo*

    Oohs from the Centre Court crowd as the ball wickedly bounces in front of the Spaniard and Robredo can only snatch at the backhand. Unlucky. More oohs and aahs as Murray entertains with a fabulous volley at the net.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "Murray's serves are consistently in the 124-130mph area, overwhelming stuff."

    Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Murray is in a great position, but it's like he's waiting for the break to happen. He needs to make it happen, make an impression on the first couple of points. If he does that, he could be back in the locker room pretty quickly."

    *Murray 6-2 6-4 3-4 Robredo

    Both players comfortable on their own serve. Tit for tat. Robredo matching Murray for aggression, stepping towards the net to crunch away a venomous overhead volley. Murray doesn't bother chasing that. Too good.


    Kevin Palmer: ‏Murray looking awesome tonight. Tearing apart a class player in Robredo. Open top bus around London on Monday week required?

    Devin Cross: ‏When did Murray get such an amazing forearm shot? That ball had a smoke trail!

    Murray 6-2 6-4 3-3 Robredo*
    Murray fans

    A winning forehand return gives everyone on Centre an indication of the talent Robredo possess. That's as good as it gets for the Spaniard, though, because Murray is holding with ease.

    Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, BBC Sport

    "I think the Robredo camp sense their man is in this match, or in this set anyway, he's certainly picked up his form since early on in the second."

  34. 1936: 

    Play is back under way on the rest of the courts - Dustin Brown of Germany, who beat former champion Lleyton Hewitt in the second round, is a break and 4-3 down in the first set against Frenchman Adrian Mannarino over on Court 14.

    Follow the latest with our live scores service.

    *Murray 6-2 6-4 2-3 Robredo

    Robredo meekly directs a backhand into the tape, giving his opponent a sniff at 30-30. But a booming first serve on the next point gives Tommy ample time to scoot to the tape and get the better of the second seed with a canny forehand into the corner. A forehand long from Murray and Robredo has his nose in front again. Murray challenges the point, but HawkEye confirms his effort bounced some distance beyond the baseline. The umpire smiles. He wants to say I told you so, but is far too polite and professional.

    Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    Murray is in charge of this match but he doesn't want to let the intensity drop. Robredo has nothing to lose, so he can swing away, but Murray should really be looking to finish this off.

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

    Murray 6-2 6-4 2-2 Robredo*

    Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Something of the Roger Federer there from Murray as he glides to the tape to tap away a backhand volley. The Brit looks at home on the hallowed turf.

    Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, BBC Sport

    "That sort of aggressive play from Robredo is keeping him in the match. Since he got settled on the Centre Court I think he's played well."

    *Murray 6-2 6-4 1-2 Robredo

    The Spaniard has found his rhythm, dashing to the net to get the better of Murray with a punchy volley. A hold to love and a couple in front of me take it as a cue to embrace. Steady on there.

    Murray 6-2 6-4 1-1 Robredo*

    A voice on the public address system has informed everyone at the All England Club, and possibly beyond, that play will resume on the outside courts in 15 minutes. Good news for those who have been spending the last few hours hiding from the drizzle. Murray comfortably levels the set. Serving with aplomb. No sniffs for Robredo.

    *Murray 6-2 6-4 0-1 Robredo

    Hello there. Aimee here, taking over from Tom who needs to dash to the canteen to satisfy his craving for mung beans. Actually, it may not be mung beans on the menu. I wasn't concentrating as there's something happening in front of me on Centre Court. A crisper than usual service game from Robredo, holding to 15. Murray only once causing damage with a super forehand.

    GAME AND SECOND SET- Murray 6-2 6-4 Robredo *
    Andy Murray

    Murray has won 100% of points on his first serve in this set so far. Masterful. That's messed that one up - lacklustre volley, Robredo to pass. Return long, 15-15. Acer down the middle, 30-15. Mis-hit forehand long, 30-30. Robredo backhand long, set point. My giddy aunts, what happened there? Forehand off the frame, and now Robredo will hammer one cross-court for a shock break point. Yes yes, lacing forehands to Robbers' backhand, deucer. Service return long, second set point. Long! That's the two-set lead from Murray, and with that I shall hand over commentary duties to Aimee Lewis. So if it goes wrong now, you know who to blame.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "Tommy Robredo is playing a brick wall, everywhere he wants to hit it Murray is standing there."

    * Murray 6-2 5-4 Robredo

    Ai-yai-yai - Tommy all over a drive volley at the net, but he's muffed it - down into the net, feeble. Backhand boomed down the line by Murray, very much his defining shot in this contest - 0-30, two points from the set. Better serving from Robredo brings it back to 30-30, and after some super fetching Murray is just long. Robredo into the net, reeling from the punished return, deuce. Sliding serve out wide, Murray beaten but with a service game for the set.

    Murray serve position

    Just backing up Pat Cash's comment on BBC One regarding the second serve weakness of Murray. This Hawk-Eye graphic shows just how short his second serves are landing. Given they are only being at on average at 83 mph, it gives Robredo ample opportunity to attack.

    Murray 6-2 5-3 Robredo *
    Murray fans

    What I like about the poster in this photo is the way that Andy Murray's head is almost identical to his racquet, suggesting a mental focus on the game so complete that his very facial features are turning tennis. Not sure about the left arm though - tough to double-hand backhand with a limb that short. Audible slap as a Murray forehand cross-court comes back off the net-tape, and Robredo will have a surprise deuce as he goes ultra-aggressive with forehands. Lovely forehand pick-up from Murray to leave the Spaniard chasing; another fizzed into the corner to snuff out any threat.


    Chris Fletcher: Robredo is getting totally out gunned by Murray atm! It's important to note that Robredo doesn't wake up till the third set.

    Robin Bray: This has to be Andy Murray's tournament this year! If he doesn't win this time around, he never will!

    * Murray 6-2 4-3 Robredo

    Mmm, stick that Murray backhand cross-court pass in a frame and clear a space in the National Gallery. Robredo with a deeper serve; he'll hang on this time, but for how much longer?

    Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, BBC Sport

    "For the improvement he has made in his game, the remaining thing to improve is Murray's second serve. When it's slow and he doesn't get the depth it's just sitting right in the middle of the box."

    Murray 6-2 4-2 Robredo *

    Quick update from the Overlords of Wimbledon: the weather is improving rapidly outside, and we may yet resume play on the uncovered courts. Serve out wide to the backhand, backhand steered away to the subsequent open spaces. Ace! Return long from Tommy; Murray on cruise control.

    * Murray 6-2 3-2 Robredo

    Robbers in trouble again. When his first serve doesn't land, he's getting torn apart. Crashing backhand down the line from Murray, the tennis equivalent of a glove dashed across the cheek. Break point again... saved with a combo of forehand wide and then back the other way. Murray dashing in for a simple backhand put-away - good Lord he's missed it! Robredo hammers back a forehand - Murray will leave it, and that's a second error of judgement.

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "Robredo is being outclassed but he's just going to have to keep going and hope Murray loses his focus a little bit, which can happen in best-of-five sets."

    Murray 6-2 3-1 Robredo *
    Andy Murray

    Dismissive volley from Murray behind a brutal first serve. Ace to follow, arrowing in before slicing away from Robredo's desperate lunge.

    * Murray 6-2 2-1 Robredo

    At last, Robredo holds - for only the second time in the entire match. As the players go to their chairs, a man in a cranberry shirt stands to stretch and grin at his beaming female companion.

    BBC Sport tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The way this is going this match is not going to take much longer."

    Murray 6-2 2-0 Robredo *

    Murray bang on it here, almost going down on one knee to drive the return back like the watching Alastair Cook punching one through extra cover. At the risk of inducing the mockers, I'm going to stand up and say it: Murray looks in complete control.

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "Robredo has just got to hang in there and hit the ball as deep as he can, be aggressive when he can, and just hope Murray's level drops. I think he's playing well but he's only won two games!"

    MURRAY BREAKS SERVE- * Murray 6-2 1-0 Robredo

    A couple of choice stats from that first set: Robredo languishing at 18% on his second serve, and he's muffed nine unforced errors. Peachy from the number two seed, forcing his sweating opponent way out wide and then gliding in to dismiss the subsequent volley. Break point, Robredo lobbing his chips in the air and coming to the net - crackeroo, passed cross-court with a swordsman's flourish from Murray. Break taken, all is right in the Wimbo world.


    Ross McD: ‏Precious little trouble for Murray today. Robredo doesn't have the weapons to threaten him.

    Mike Fraser: ‏It is good to see Andy being so aggressive, especially on the forehand #Murray #wimbledon

    Alastair Eykyn, BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    "Bar one shaky service game when the concentration wasn't quite there that was a very good first set from Andy Murray."

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Murray 6-2 Robredo *

    Murray, off-balance, pulls a forehand wide, but an ace out wide stills any nascent nerves. Ach, sloppy mid-court forehand into the tape for 30-30, but what a conjuror's backhand that is - flicked up and round from way out wide to land in the furthermost reaches of Robredo's unguarded forehand corner. Roars from all corners, and why not?

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Murray's movement is so balanced and it is giving him so many options. These are the moments you want to see Murray step on the gas and take his opponent apart."


    Former Liverpool midfielder Didi Hamann: Murray looking in great shape. I reckon he's the man to beat this year.

    MURRAY BREAKS SERVE- * Murray 5-2 Robredo
    Michael McIntyre and Ross Hutchins

    Possible caption contest with this photo, although is that even McIntyre's hand? Murray with a chance down the line at 15-30 but he finds the tape, and then - ooh la-la - times a backhand down the line with such sweet timing that the ball is thudding into the backboard before Robredo can flinch. Spanish forehand into the net - break grabbed back, Murray a hold of serve from the first set.

    ROBREDO BREAKS SERVE- Murray 4-2 Robredo *

    Robredo winning just 11% of points on his second serve, and that spells trouble whichever way you present it. This is better though, a cute volley cross-court for 0-30 on the Murray serve and then a forehand into the net from the Briton for three break-back points. One saved with a forehand drilled deep, but he tosses away the next one with one of those slow-motion backhand slices that never, ever look like making it.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "Robredo is a bit of a five-set specialist and if he's going to win this he's probably going to have to go five!"

    MURRAY BREAKS SERVE- * Murray 4-1 Robredo

    Purrs from the capacity crowd as a Murray lob baffles his opponent with cunning disguise. Wonderful return of serve from the backhand side, pinning Robredo on the baseline, and he's being overwhelmed by Murray's power and accuracy here - another break taken, the match cantering away...

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "Everyone talks about the mental side improvement with Murray, which is plain to see, but for me the forehand improvement is also huge, the way he takes the ball on a lot more now."

    Murray 3-1 Robredo *
    Judy Murray

    Mama Murray in a natty purple-and-poppy jumper courtside. Extremely nice woman, but despite that I'm still slightly scared of her. Ole! Murray with a delightful stretching volley, and his advantage is secured. Murray's forehand being clocked at an average of 73 mph this Wimbledon, an increase of four mph on last summer. You're welcome.

    MURRAY BREAKS SERVE- * Murray 2-1 Robredo

    Mmm. Delightful from Murray, coming into the net to clip away a dismissive volley. 15-30, but that's a fine backhand down the line from the Spaniard. Easy on the eye, that shot. Murray eats up a second serve and controls the rally until Robredo goes long for deuce, Murray enjoying this, tearing into the returns, controlling the exchanges - sudden acceleration of ground-strokes, forehand whipped cross-court, Tommy tugging into the net - break!

    Murray 1-1 Robredo *
    Andy Murray

    Bustling exchange from the baseline, Robredo burying a backhand drive into the net as Murray nods his approval. Henman Hill packed with upped umbrellas, giving it the look of a multicoloured field of mushrooms. Poor analogy.


    Liam Brady: Good news: Robredo prefers clay and has never consistently performed on grass.

    Daniel Darlington: No-one left in the men's draw has beaten Andy Murray at Wimbledon. Let's see how he gets on against Tommy Robredo.

    Who could stop Murray reaching the final? Tim Henman has given us his thoughts on Murray's possible future opponents.

    Two-time US Open champion Tracy Austin, BBC Sport

    "A great service game from Robredo. He looks very relaxed for his first appearance at the cathedral that is Centre Court."

    * Murray 0-1 Robredo

    Here we go - acer down the middle from Robredo, Murray going long with a forehand to ship the first game. Appreciate that Robredo hails from the Iberian peninsula, but once you've heard someone pronounce his name in an exaggerated New York accent, it's hard not to picture him as some spivved-up wise-guy

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "With all the injuries he'd had you felt you'd seen the last of Tommy Robredo at the top level but he had some good victories in reaching the last eight at the French Open."

  76. 1754: 

    A reminder that the roof will stay closed for the duration of this contest now they will start under it. That strange yellowy light from the subtle floodlights, an anticipatory buzz and burble around the old arena. Shall we?


    Richard Legard: ‏I can see #Murray taking #Robredo out in rapid fashion tonight.

    Jessica Chapman: ‏Friday night sorted. Andy Murray show us what you got ! #wimbledon #murray

    Clifford Meyer: ‏Aha! #Murray about to face #Robredo. Watch Murray target the Robredo backhand side to break it down. It just gets more exciting every day!

    Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Robredo's going to go out there and relish the opportunity and make things as difficult as he can for Andy Murray, Andy is so strong from the baseline I'm not sure Robredo can hurt him all that much, but you can't take anything for granted."

    Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook

    England cricket captain Alastair Cook: "I think it's our third visit - we are very lucky. We're looking forward to being the centre of sporting attention when we play the Ashes next month."

    Cook's predecessor as England captain, Andrew Strauss: "It's not bad being a retired cricketer, it's quite good fun. What's next is the Ashes - I'm going to be doing some commentary. Alastair is refusing to talk to me now I'm in the media though! If he's lifting the urn at The Oval he's going to be in the running for the BBC Sports Personality award."

  80. 1747: 

    Tommy Robredo? 31-year-old Spaniard, seeded 32 here at Wimbledon. He's never gone beyond the third round here in 12 attempts. Got as high as no.5 in the world back in 2006, and has enjoyed a limited renaissance this year with a quarter-final finish at Roland Garros. HERE COME THE PLAYERS!

  81. 1743: 

    Robson, of course, through in straight sets in the first match on Centre this afternoon. Fancy one of the jumpers in this photo? I could be wrong, but I've got a feeling they're home-made.

  82. 1742: 

    Eugenie Bouchard, who took co-producing credits on a Gangnam style you tube video with Laura Robson, has fallen at the third round stage that her friend joined earlier today.

    The Canadian has come a cropper 7-5 6-2 to Carla Suarez Navarro.


    More from British number one Laura Robson after her win over Mariana Duque-Marino: "I'm still very awkward when I wave to the crowd because I haven't decided what I want to do, like Sharapova blows kisses, so it's something I need to work on."


    Laura Robson on BBC One following her second-round victory: "My brother didn't get to watch today because he's a court coverer on Court 18 and he was holding umbrellas for the players."

  85. 1740: 

    What's that? You'd like a barrage of stats to fill these barren moments? Never a problem. These two players have met five times before, and have claimed two wins apiece - Murray retired from the 2009 contest at Indian Wells with that wrist injury of his. Murray has made the fourth round of this tournament every single year since 2006, and is on a 13-match winning streak on grass.

  86. 1736: 

    Dustin Brown, who overcame Lleyton Hewitt in the last match, is up and running in his third-round meeting against Adrian Mannarino. The Jamaican-born adopted German was a break down but 0-30 up at 4-3 down before rain forced him off court.

  87. 1732: 

    Photo du jour here - both expressions and clothing replicated many thousands of times around the grounds.

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "The roof does close quickly; it's more getting the ambient temperature right inside with 15,000 people in here. If you don't get it right that's when you can get condensation and moisture on the grass."


    British number one Laura Robson: "The atmosphere was amazing, when the roof is closed it feels a lot louder and you feel a lot more pumped. It was a tough one for me, I was really nervous, there's a lot of pressure but I'm just trying to focus on the tennis side of things and the expectations I have for myself rather than what everyone else is thinking."

  90. 1727: 

    Well, we've had to wait a wee while - rain, roof over, roof back, the small matter of victories for Laura Robson and Jerzy Janowicz - and we'll have to wait a while again. Just as Andy Murray and Tommy Robredo prepare to leave the burnished hallways, the rain has begun to fall again. We'll have to wait for the roof to be closed. Weary sigh.

  91. 1723: 

    On Court One, replacing the victorious David Ferrer is 2011 champion Petra Kvitova. The Czech eight seed is level at 2-2 against Russian Ekaterina Makarova.

    On Court Three, replacing Jurgen Melzer, are Sloane Stephens and Petra Cetkovska. Cetkovska has a break at 2-1 up in the first.

    On Centre Court, though it is time for Andy Murray to do his thing. The British number one takes on Tommy Robredo next. And Tom Fordyce is the man to take you through it.


    Jerzy Janowicz, speaking on BBC One: "This is my best result in a Grand Slam. This was the first time I played at Centre Court so I'm so happy.

    "The delayed start affected me, I was broken early in the first set. I was nervous, but I was able to come back.

    "Right now I'm playing really good tennis and I'm really confident."

    Four-time Wimbledon doubles champion Peter Fleming, BBC Sport

    "A virtuoso performance from the Pole and what might we expect of him in the coming days and years."

  94. 1719: 

    A very impressive win for Jerzy Janowicz. The 22-year-old Pole puts away Nicolas Almagro 7-6 6-3 6-4 to make the last 16 of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time.

    He beat Kyle Edmund in the first round and might face Edmund's fellow Briton Andy Murray in the semi-finals. Jurgen Melzer is his next test though.

  95. 1713: 

    Eugenie Bouchard, the Canadian teenager who beat former world number one Ana Ivanovic in the last round, has lost the first set of her match against Carla Suarez Navarro of Spain 7-5.

    Bouchard is giving up 48 ranking places to the world number 18 though and with last year's junior title already to her credit, she is going to be a fixture in the latter stages of the main draw at Wimbledon for years to come.

  96. 1708: 

    Belgian 20th seed Kirsten Flipkens has seen off Vesna Dolonc 6-4 6-2. It is Alize Cornet or Flavia Pennetta next for her.

    Check all of today's results from Wimbledon on the BBC Sport tennis pages.

  97. 1704: 
    Sue Barker and Laura Robson

    Laura Robson takes a trip up into the BBC crow's nest to have a bit of a chin wag with Sue Barker. Maybe amid all this One Direction chat she can get Sue's advice on how she dealt with the heady world of pop during her time hanging out with Cliff Richard in the mid 80s.


    Former world number one Kim Clijsters: ‏@laurarobson5 good win girl! Even if it wasn't with your best tennis! Good battle ... Keep it going :-)

  99. 1657: 

    David Ferrer, a match behind the rest of his side of the draw because of yesterday's weather, completes his second-round match against fellow Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut 6-3 3-6 7-6 7-5.

    A bit like on court, the number four seed will be playing catch-up in his diary ahead of a potential semi-final against Novak Djokovic.

  100. 1653: 

    Jurgen Melzer will be waiting for the winner of the meeting of Nicolas Almagro and Jarzy Janowicz. The Austrian has seen off Roger Federer's conqueror Sergiy Stakhovsky 6-2 2-6 7-5 6-3.

    Here he is stretching off his spine. Got to keep limber over the next ten days.

    Jurgen Melzer
  101. 1649: 

    Nicolas Almagro is a much happier bunny when he has continental clay rather than English grass under his feet. He has never been beyond the third round at Wimbledon and he does not look like he is going to this year.

    The Spaniard has coughed up the second set against Jerzy Janowicz. The Pole leads 7-6 (8-6) 6-3.

  102. 1644: 

    Flavia Pennetta strikes back in her match to take the second after being chewed up and spat out in the first set against Alize Cornet. The Italian takes the second set on a tie-break for a 6-0 6-7 (4-7) scoreline.

  103. 1641: 

    Sergiy Stakhovsky's 15 minutes of fame may be coming to an end. Jurgen Melzer has taken the third set of their meeting on Court Three and has a break in the fourth for a 6-2 2-6 7-5 4-2 lead.

    Maybe Sergiy needs a little bit more of the "magic recipe" that his host family in Wimbledon put together for him before his win over Roger Federer. Nothing suspicious in that I stress in case the doping authorities are reading, just a mix of chocolate spread and positive vibes.

    BBC Sport's David Ornstein explains more after going to see how the Ukrainian spends his time off court in SW19.

    Aimee Lewis departs, Mike Henson now at the controls by the way.


    Gemma: This Ferrer vs B Agut match is just brilliant. Non-stop action. Exhausting just watching! #wimbledon

    I Love The English: ‏Whoa. Purely based on this match, Janowicz is the "ace king". #Wimbledon

    Kirsty Hughes: ‏Stakhovsky must be so tired from Wednesday still #wimbledon

  105. 1627:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Laura Robson on BBC Radio 5 live: "It was a great atmosphere out there. It was so exciting to be on Centre Court, once the roof closed it became much louder. It was a great day to be a British player.

    "It has been a couple of crazy days (with all the seeds who have fallen) but (in terms of the draw opening up) I have a tough match tomorrow and I'm just taking it match by match."

  106. 1625: 

    Tears on Court 12 from Flavia Pennetta while she was receiving on-court treatment from the doctor. It is unclear what was wrong with the Italian but a stethoscope was used. Pennetta, a set down to 29th seed Alize Cornet, has decided to carry on and needs to hold to stay in the match.

  107. 1618: 
    David Ferrer

    David Ferrer needed a tie-break to settle the third set 7-6 (7-4) with Roberto Bautista Agut.

  108. 1613: 

    Laura Robson on BBC Radio 5 live: "Three of One Direction tweeted me! Zayn and Louis were the only ones that didn't!"

  109. 1610: 

    More One Direction chat during Laura Robson's interview. The British number one, who has reached the third round of Wimbledon for the first time, is asked whether she listens to the boy band's tunes. "I like a bit of cheesy music," she admits.

    "Yesterday I tweeted, it was hilarious. I did a PS 'hi to the One Direction fans' and they all corrected me saying 'we're not fans, we're Directioners. It's a whole different world." It is indeed, Laura. It is indeed.

  110. 1605: 

    Peter Fleming, BBC commentator on Almagro v Janowicz on Centre Court: "Janowicz has established himself as the better player off the ground. Almagro is an experienced clay court player and you would expect him to control the game from the baseline."

    John Inverdale, BBC Sport presenter

    "This is like an Agatha Christie murder mystery - players are dropping like flies at this year's Wimbledon."


    Amy Andrews: Potential for Laura Robson to play again on Centre Court today? Her doubles match has yet to be assigned a court.

    Jack Haugh: The power of Jerzy Janowicz is no surprise but the athleticism of a man at that height is. He could beat anyone on his day.

  113. 1605: 

    What is that I see? Ah, yes, last year's semi-finalist Angelique Kerber being booted out of the competition. The seventh seed was beaten 3-6 7-6 (8-6) 6-3 by Estonia's Kaia Kanepi, the world number 46.

  114. 1559: 

    What a fabulous forehand pass that was from Jurgen Melzer to break back in the third set. The Austrian celebrates with a manic roar and, at 4-3, is serving for the chance to level the set against Sergiy Stakhovsky.


    BBC Radio 5 Live: Jon Culshaw gives John Inverdale impressions of John Motson, Michael Johnson, Geoffrey Boycott & John McEnroe. Listen on the BBC Radio 5 live website.

  116. 1555: 

    David Ferrer seemed to have got over his second set wobble and was strolling through the third set, but the Spaniard failed to serve it out and the third set with Roberto Bautista Agut is back with serve. Jerzy Janowicz has awoken from his slumber, breaking back and levelling the match at 4-4.

  117. 1548: 

    Tommy Haas, the 13th seed from Germany, has seen off qualifier Jimmy Wang 6-3 6-2 7-5 to book his place in the third round. The 35-year-old is making his 53rd Grand Slam appearance - only two currently active players have made more appearances: Federer and Hewitt. Meanwhile, man of the moment Sergiy Stakhovsky takes the second set 6-2 against Jurgen Melzer and is 2-2 in the third.

    Follow the latest with our live scores service.

  118. 1545: 
    Jerzy Janowicz

    Almagro and Janowicz slugging it out on Centre and after 15 minutes it is Spain's Almagro who has nudged ahead, breaking early for a 4-1 lead in the first set. Perhaps the delayed start hampered Janowicz's preparations.

  119. 1540: 

    Robson bursts into giggles after being asked about receiving a good luck tweet from One Direction's Harry Styles. She eventually composes herself to reveal she was not one of the singer's followers.

    "I got an e-mail to say 'he's following you'." she says, giggling a bit more. "I've gained, like, 20,000 followers and they have no idea who I am."

  120. 1536: 

    Laura Robson is being quizzed in the interview room and is asked about her thoughts on playing on Centre. "It's a little bit faster, a tad slippier because of the humidity in there but other than that it's good," says the British number one.

    "I was having a bit of timing issues with my serve throughout the whole match, it wasn't to do with serves. I managed to keep it together."

  121. 1531: 

    Seventh seed Angelique Kerber is struggling over on Court Two, letting the second set tie-break slip away 7-6 (8-6) which means the German's match with Estonia's Kaia Kanepi is into a decider.

  122. 1529: 

    A few spectators clap as Almagro and Janowicz reappear on Centre. Play will begin in a few seconds. There's tennis being played elsewhere, however, and murmurs of disbelief can be heard from Court One where David Ferrer has lost the second set 6-3 to his compatriot Roberto Bautista Agut.

  123. 1525: 

    Peter Fleming, BBC commentator on the delayed start to Almagro v Janowicz on Centre Court: "We have a roof, we don't need to suffer anything right now. The crux of the problem is this, the committee have said this is an outdoor tournament and they want to play with the roof open as much as possible."

  124. 1523: 

    The Centre Court patrons boo, in the politest way possible of course, as Nicolas Almagro and Jerzy Janowicz disappear to the locker-room. The roof must be set to crank into action.


    Satish Srinivas: One Direction members wish Laura Robson well & she's in 3rd round for the 1st time. Can't wait for Justin Bieber to wish Andy Murray.

    Simon Hughes: ‏Wimbledon is just that step above any of the other Grand Slam tournaments #Wimbledon

  126. 1520: 
    Sergiy Stakhovsky

    Sergiy Stakhovsky is struggling to find the magic which turned defending champion Roger Federer into a muggle. The Ukrainian lost the opening set 6-2 to Austria's Jurgen Melzer and needed treatment on his foot - but he's still toiling away on Court Three. It's with serve at 2-2 in the second.

  127. 1512: 

    Hello there, we have a journalist in the interview room with the guts and boldness of Jeremy Paxman. The lady asks Dimitrov about Serena Williams's description of him as having a black heart.

    "You guys tell me what kind of heart I have," he politely replies, unruffled and unfazed. "I think I'm here to talk about the slippery courts. I don't think we should be talking about that... I think that's in the past, it's getting old."

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live commentator on Stakhovsky v Melzer on Court Three

    "It is not looking good at all for Stakhovsky. He has an ankle wrapped in an ice pack after slipping and is now consulting with the ATP trainer. Two days ago he had the day of his career, now he is in trouble, 3-1 down in the first set and who knows if he will even be able to continue?"

  129. 1505: 
    Grigor Dimitrov

    Grigor Dimitrov is asked about the conditions underfoot on Court Three: "I think it was just a bit of moisture, I think it's just the weather conditions. It happens. It's the same for you and your opponent."

  130. 1503: 

    Former England captain Andrew Strauss is studying the Wimbledon programme while Nicolas Almagro and Jerzy Janowicz limber up on Centre. Away from the grand old court, Grigor Dimitrov is in the interview room, answering questions about his five set loss to Grega Zemlja.

    "It was a great match, a great five setter," says Sharapova's beau. "I've got to give a lot of credit to my opponent."

  131. 1457: 

    Australians Ashleigh Barty and Casey Dellacqua, the 12th seeds, progress to the third round of the ladies' doubles thanks to a 6-3 6-2 victory over Megan Moulton-Levy and Shuai Zhang. Easy peasy.

  132. 1455: 

    The line judges stride onto Centre Court, two ballboys are standing to attention by the players' chairs which must mean Nicolas Almagro and Jerzy Janowicz will soon walk through those green doors.

  133. 1447: 

    Fourth seed David Ferrer was slugging it out with fellow Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut before releasing the shackles late in the first set, clinching it 6-3. On Court Three, Jurgen Melzer is 3-1 up against Roger Federer's nemesis Sergiy Stakhovsky.

  134. 1444: 

    Poland's Urszula Radwanska, sister of fourth seed Agnieszka, recovers from a break down to Alison Riske and secures the first set 6-4. Over on Court 18, Tommy Haas is performing like a well-oiled machine, smoothly going 4-0 ahead in the second set against Jimmy Wang.

    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    "That brief little jig of delight on Centre Court from Laura Robson is one we hope we will see many, many more times on Centre Court."

    You can listen to BBC Radio 5 live commentary from Wimbledon via the BBC Sport website.

    Coaching legend Nick Bollettieri, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I'm very impressed with how Laura adjusted today. After watching her play a match like this she has a great future ahead of her."

  137. 1436: 

    Laura Robson speaking to BBC One after her straight-sets victory: "It's a big win for me. Any match on Centre Court is a big one and it was a great atmosphere out there. I was kind of feeling nervous, but luckily I've played on Centre a couple of times before. I'm really excited. I'm going to play doubles this afternoon, if it stops raining, and get ready for tomorrow."

    John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Laura seemed a little bit shy possibly a tiny bit embarrassed to embrace that adulation she received but a really nice effort, a perfect opponent who tested her but not too much, and on Laura goes."

    Laura Robson
    Former British number one Sam Smith, BBC Sport

    "If we're getting excited today can you imagine what it's going to be like tomorrow and in the rest of the tournament. She's a very normal 19-year-old with an extraordinary talent, but what was important about today was the handling of the match."

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Robson 6-4 6-1 Duque-Marino

    Long from MDM, Robson two points away. Punishing forehands, three match points. More forehand muscle - Duque-Marino can't live with that, and Robson has sprinted home - just an hour and 13 minutes, and a performance that has this eager Centre Court crowd purring. Onwards we go.

  142. 1426: 

    While 22-year-old Grigor Dimitrov, he who promises much but as yet has failed to deliver, makes plans to leave the All England Club, 35-year-old Tommy Haas looks set for a long stint in SW19. The German holds to love to bag the first set 6-3 against Jimmy Wang.

    * Robson 6-4 5-1 Duque-Marino
    Laura Robson

    Deep, deep hitting from Robson, three more break points. One lost on another mis-hit lob, but she take's the next when the weary MDM goes long. One hold of serve away from the third round.

    Robson 6-4 4-1 Duque-Marino *

    Peachy pick-up half-volley from MDM, but it's the briefest of delays as Robson's forehand biff overwhelms her meagre defences.


    Great Britain's Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford: ‏Great job @laurarobson5

    Former Australian and French Open champion Mary Pierce, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I've been really impressed with Robson in this second set. Now she looks extremely settled and focused."

    * Robson 6-4 3-1 Duque-Marino

    16 unforced errors from Robson, and nine winners - she's also landing just 40% of her first serve, so there's substantial room for improvement despite the scoreline.

    Robson 6-4 3-0 Duque-Marino *

    Less than an hour gone, and Robson is away and running - whipcrack hold, the die seemingly cast for the South American outsider.

  149. 1413: 

    Grega Zemlja targeting Grigor Dimitrov backhand and the ploy is a canny one as the Bulgarian nets. Sixth match point for the Slovenian. Dimitrov advances to the net and Zemlja gets the better of him with a looping forehand pass. A 3-6 7-6 (7-4) 3-6 6-4 11-9 victory for Zemlja.


    Official heads-up: the BBC Glastonbury team are keeping a close on eye on the action at Wimbledon using the BBC Sport App. Join Matt Everitt from BBC Radio 6 music in downloading the BBC Sport App and share your thoughts on the weekend of sports and music using #bestseat on Twitter. Have you seen some of the Vines that are being created around the BBC's coverage this weekend? You can follow the BBC's coverage of Glastonbury here.

    Matt Everitt
    * Robson 6-4 2-0 Duque-Marino

    Eye-catching exchange of baseline drives, MDM firing a backhand into the outer edges of the tram-lines. The Colombian making too many unforced errors when the rallies threaten to lengthen, but Robson is lacking consistency too - forehand long, needless deuce. MDM wide for advantage Robbo, and the first break points of this second set - mmm, saved with the most casual of serve-volleys. Robson now - ah yes, ripper of a forehand, break taken, crowd whooping...


    On Court Three, Grigor Dimitrov is serving to stay in the match... first serve goes long... second serve - finds the target and Grega Zemlja nets. Backhand long from Dimitrov... Fourth match point for the Slovenian. He goes long. Sharapova looks on through her shades. Wild forehand from Dimitrov. Fifth match point. Serve down the 'T' saves him and it's a wild roar from Dimitrov. The great young hope pulls through and it's 9-9 in the fifth.

    Robson 6-4 1-0 Duque-Marino *

    MDM lumping another forehand long. Robson rolls one over the tape in slow-motion, the ball almost achieving the impossible and balancing in perpetuity on the net. Forehand pulled cross-court and wide, Robson with nose in front in this second set.

    Former British number one Sam Smith, BBC Sport

    "There was so much tension out there, this is a second-round match against a qualifier but there was such relief winning that first set, it's a huge test for her being the favourite."

    Former British number one Sam Smith, BBC Sport

    "I just love the way Laura times that forehand, it's such a natural shot, and if you're down the other end seeing that you are going to get your running shoes on because it's so big."

    GAME AND FIRST SET- * Robson 6-4 Duque-Marino

    Now it's MDM's turn to melt under the spotlight - a double-fault of her own, 0-30. Robson long for 15-30, but a forehand arrowed into the backhand corner creates two more set points. The Colombian to the net - volley into the tape, Robson leads...


    Sean Nicholson: Robson has no bottle at all! Struggles big time in closing the set when given the opportunity! Will come with experience!

    philmscribe: Relax, Laura, calm it all down


    Here's some important news about tickets for Saturday: "Currently there are more people in the Wimbledon queue than the allocation of Centre and Number One Court tickets for tomorrow. You are strongly advised to wait until the early morning before queuing for Ground Admission."

    John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Robson's 19, she's learning on the fly, that was a set that should have already been in the bag and she's going to be mightily frustrated, but top players are able to shrug it off and say 'I'm still winning'".

    Robson 5-4 Duque-Marino *

    Languid ball-toss from Robson, but that's sensible tactics from Duque-Marino - heavily sliced backhand down the line, and Robson can only shovel it into the net. 30-30, and - oh no - a double-fault for break-back point. Crisp serve, MDM hurried, saved. Deuce, Robson bouncing the ball, serving... ach, another double. She'll ship another break point here with a poorly-chosen lob attempt, and when a feeble forehand slides halfway down the net, the advantage has been ceded in frustrating fashion.


    Moments ago, Grigor Dimitrov was waving his racquet around like it was a wand, patiently waiting for his postponed match with Grega Zemlja to commence. Both players now in their chairs. Zemlja with a towel around his shoulders. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. The Bulgarian, of course, needs to save match point.

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live commentator on Dimitrov v Zemlja on Court Three

    "Grigor Dimitrov is saying it is too slippery. At 30-30 he slipped over mid-point and lost it - to leave him match-point down. He has gone and sat down. The umpire is running his hand over the state of the court. Drizzle falling, slippery conditions to leave him match point down. Maria Sharapova looks on with sunglasses on - she is optimistic! They remain on court, the umpire has stated play will continue once the drizzle stops. Extraordinary."

    John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Laura's leftie slice serve should work for her all day long."

    * Robson 5-3 Duque-Marino

    Robson's heavyweight forehand punching huge holes in MDM's defences - frantic reply sailing long long long, and she'll have a set point here. No, long, and at last a punchy serve from the world 162 to stay in the set - for now.

    Three-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Being under the roof is good for the fans, they're not huddled up shivering, and they're extra energised, it does sound a lot louder out there."


    Test Match Special cricket producer Adam Mountford: Geoff Boycott at Wimbledon today. He won't like being on Centre Court with the roof on. He much prefers it when it's uncovered.


    B: Laura Robson is on a completely different level this year!

    Adam Ryan: And now for the rest of my day, I shall not move from the sofa

    Dawn Barnes: Go Robson go. Rooting for you @laurarobson5 a major hope for British women's tennis

    Robson 5-2 Duque-Marino *
    Mariana Duque-Marino

    Robson cantering now, pulverising that forehand, Duque-Marino without the movement or weapons to retort. Barely concealed delight in the crowd.

    BBC Sport tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Robson is generating a feel-good factor inside the court with her tennis. The Union Jack flags are being waved and everyone has a smile on their face."

    * Robson 4-2 Duque-Marino

    MDM with a thick band of white strapping on her left thigh, and an equally practical white towelling sweatband holding her long hair from her eyes. Robson with British beef on her groundstrokes, and Duque-Marino can only stretch a forehand into the net. Flashing forehand into the corner, MDM on the ropes, Robson swinging... long! from the outsider, and a second break has been snatched away. Magnificent.

    Former British number one Sam Smith, BBC Sport

    "You look at Laura's results and they've been very up and down, she has lost to a couple of players outside the top 100, and she has said herself she loves playing the big players."

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 live

    "What a really entertaining women's tennis match this is. Robson is right back in her stride."

    Robson 3-2 Duque-Marino *
    Laura Robson

    Robson starting to find her range, the crowd warming to their compatriot as she warms to her task. A third game on the bounce, the early momentum reversed.

    Coaching legend Nick Bollettieri, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Laura has to get used to playing on show courts because she is going to be a feature player for many years to come. This is the penalty."

    John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "I played in Colombia in the Davis Cup way back in 1979, they have a decent tennis history but you wonder how when you're playing 8500 feet up at altitude."

    * Robson 2-2 Duque-Marino

    112 mph body-serve from the Colombian, and Robson can only fend it away. MDM with a wayward forehand for a glimmer at 30-30, and Robson's into the next rally - no no, a backhand lumped long as MDM slices to take away all the pace. Big forehand way long, deuce. Robson with another chance - raking forehand drive, MDM on the defensive, fizzing backhand to set up a passing shot - yes, well played, break taken back...


    Emma Boyd: I like the sound the ball makes when it's hit indoors. Weird I know.

    Ewan McQueen: This is exactly the sort of match Laura Robson needs to start winning. Hope she can do it today on Centre Court.

    Alex Bonynge: Think having a roof at #wimbledon takes something away from the tournament, however if it means being able to watch #Robson I can cope.

    Robson 1-2 Duque-Marino *

    Trouble, from nowhere - MDM suddenly clambering all over the Robson serve. Three break points, the first saved with a biffing serve out wide, the second on an error, but Duque-Marino is into this one - fine reply, into the net, backhand volley punched away for the break.

    John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "You can see how anxious Laura is, she's going big, she needs to pull back a little and get into a couple of rallies with Duque-Marino to see if she folds."


    The outside courts have been inspected and it's good news. Very good news indeed. Play will begin in 10 to 15 minutes.

    * Robson 1-1 Duque-Marino
    Geoff Boycott

    Very solid line-up in the Royal Box this Friday afternoon - former England captain Andrew Strauss, current skipper Alastair Cook, coach Andy Flower... and former England opener and now TMS pundit Geoffrey Boycott. The lady in the lemon sports jacket is, I believe, Lord's Boycott's current opening partner, Rachel. MDM holds at pace; cautious opening exchanges.

    John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Laura's forehand reminded of someone and it is Petr Korda, he had a take back that reminds me of the way Laura hits the ball, he would be a good guy to emulate."

    Robson 1-0 Duque-Marino *

    Robson, classical white visor pulled low over her eyes, and and MDM can't get any sort of finger-hold in that opening service game. Couple of chaps in the crowd there with luminous green McEnroe wigs on. The party has begun.

    Former Australian and French Open champion Mary Pierce, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Being the leftie Robson has the advantage today. What more could she ask for? This is the greatest day of her life. She has woken up in her own bed, probably been able to walk here and now is going to play on Centre Court. Now they have moved her up to Centre Court she is going to be feeling more pressure. The crowd will definitely be behind her but she has to deal with it all."

  185. 1315: 

    Pleasing footage this morning of Rufus the Hawk, the scourge of Wimbledon's feral pigeons. They've kitted him out this year in a tremendously natty green-and-purple helmet, which I'm told prevents him flying off on random killing sprees but has the unsettling side-effect of making him look like a bird of prey robot. Or as if he's auditioning for Daft Punk. Stolen last year, of course, in one of the great avian heists of our times. Just imagine waking up after a heavy night on the sauce, head pounding, a vague recollection of a 3am jape gone wrong, and then opening your eyes to see an enraged hawk perched on your bed-post. Sobering.

  186. 1314: 

    Is there a more beautiful sight than that of covers being removed from a tennis court? A voice on the public address system tells us all the courts will be inspected and play will hopefully begin on the outside courts shortly. Beautiful.

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 live

    "We are going to have a full extended 10-minute knock-up here as they have not had chance to play outside on the grass this morning."


    Got a burning question to ask British number one and world number two Andy Murray? He'll be answering them in his BBC Sport column throughout the tournament. Send them in via Twitter using #askAndy. He's rather partial to random ones!

  189. 1309: 

    Robson's opponent this afternoon is Colombian Mariana Duque-Marino, who for reasons of text-comm brevity may be referred to as MDM for much of this contest. First meeting between the two; Robson the clear favourite, ranked this week at 38 in the world to MDM's 117. Robson four years younger at 19 and - as we all know - a former winner of the girls' title here at Wimbledon.

  190. 1303: 

    Yes, the rain has been falling all morning, but with the roof over Centre this much-anticipated Day of the Brits can go ahead regardless. Laura Robson out onto court, Andy Murray on third.


    Coco's Tea Party: ‏Sitting in Centre Court ready to watch @laurarobson5 rock it!

    Phil: #Wimbledon to keep tradition they could set off the sprinklers under the roof every 30 mins so we all think its raining.

  192. 1259: 

    Afternoon all, all set? For reasons of authenticity, I'd prefer if you read this text commentary today in wellies, a transparent rain poncho and and soggy socks.

  193. 1257: 

    There is life on Planet Centre Court. The ball boys and girls emerge to cheers, just as Tom Fordyce rolls over the hill in the BBC commentary box to take over live text duties. The cheers for Tom are just mine though.

  194. 1252: 
    Plastic ponchos

    Meanwhile, elsewhere at the All England, the plastic poncho is the new must-have accessory. They come in various shades none of which are particularly flattering it has to be said. For more images, go to the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  195. 1250: 

    The Centre Court crowds are trickling through the gangways and spreading along the rows. Some thoughtfully-prepared picnics are being torn apart before even a ball has been struck. We are T minus 10 minutes before blast-off on Laura Robson v Mariana Duque-Mariano.

  196. 1246: 

    I like your optimism Martyn. An announcement over the tannoy says that they organisers are doing "everything possible" to get play going on outside courts. Short of assigning a ball boy or girl to run alongside the players clutching an umbrella with another out in front to squeegee the court surface, I think they are going to struggle.

    No play before 1315 BST is the latest pronouncement from the referee's office.

  197. 1236: 

    Sarah: I want to see Gilles Simon versus any of the top 5 women. I'd like to think they'd crush him.

    Martyn Ellis: Watching the radar and if you look out to the west clear weather approaching already dry in Oxford so reckon by 2pm you will be underway

    Nick Bollettieri, BBC Radio 5 live

    "There is no American left in the men's singles draw - and that hasn't happened since 1912."

    With the likes of Jamie Hampton, Madison Keys and Sloane Stephens emerging on the women's side there is plenty of depth on the women's side at least.

  199. 1225: 

    Dan Church: If they're forecasting a day of rain, why not start play on centre at 11am and fit in 5/6 matches to ease the potential backlog?

    Andreas Plastiras: Smart move from the organisers:@laurarobson5 & @andy_murray on centre court today. Poor weather outlook. Got to look after your own!#Wimbledon

    Soraya Nair: Excited for Robson's match today on centre court! #wimbledon.

    Dan, I believe it is all about preserving the integrity of the tournament as an outdoor contest. The organisers like to play as many matches in the conditions that they have been played in over the last 135 years or so and will only move matches under the roof if the rain really forces it.

  200. 1222: 

    There is little sign of any play getting under way anywhere else sadly. The rain is not particularly heavy but the clouds look anchored in for the day.

    The covers are puffed up to protect all the outside courts as I have my first sighting of a plastic poncho. It is very difficult to have fun in a plastic poncho I find and the people wedged in on Court 14 are doing little to disprove the theory.

    Nick Bollettieri, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I believe a lot of today's match will be determined by how Laura Robson gets over her nerves. Everyone gets nerves - it is how quickly you get over them."

  202. 1215: 

    One Direction singer Harry Styles: Good luck for today maaaaate! @laurarobson5

    Just 45 minutes until play begins on Centre Court with Laura Robson taking on Mariana Duque-Marino.

  203. 1213: 

    Nick Talbot from London: "I'm pretty confident Laura Robson will win in straight sets. If she keeps her serve going, she will win. Murray should win but after the upsets to Federer and Nadal, you never know.

    "It should be a good day for the Brits.

    "There's been a great sense of camaraderie in the rain this morning. I think everybody sees the funny side and there's a great vibe. It's Wimbledon after all, so you expect rain."

    Nick Talbot
  204. 1209: 

    It is just a row of empty green seats at the moment, but the Royal Box will be filled by some sporting buttocks shortly.

    Sir Bobby Charlton, Geoffrey Boycott and Andrew Strauss are all due to take in the Laura Robson and Andy Murray action.

    Also on the list is actor Jack Davenport. Younger readers may know him best for Pirates of the Caribbean, but he will always be Miles in This Life for me. What a programme that was.

    This Life cast
  205. 1202: 

    The annual Andy Murray debate. Should we describe him as British or Scottish? Well, until 2014's referendum on independence at least, he is, of course, both. Which this face-painted couple have clearly got covered.


    Chris Harding: John McEnroe vs Sue Barker old school battle of the sexes. Make it happen #bbcwimbledon

    Carolyn Ellis: the ultimate battle of the sexes would have to be Sue Barker vs Tim Henman! @BBCSport

  207. 1157: 

    Laura Robson has moved her practice inside as she awaits the start of action on Centre Court at 1300 BST.

    The British number one is knocking up on one of the indoor courts. And as she is effectively going to be playing indoors, at least the atmosphere is right, even if the surface isn't.

  208. 1152: 

    There are not many sports where the stars do their duties to grow the sport as a whole as diligently as in tennis.

    So if you are down at Wimbledon, you can find Agnieszka Radwanska, last year's runner-up, and Tomas Berdych, the 2011 finalist, signing away in an autograph tent on their day off.

    1200 BST for Radwanska and 1305 BST for Berdych if you fancy getting a body part scrawled on.

  209. 1145: 
    crowd of brits

    Just because it is raining is no excuse for letting your style standards drop. These ladies match some Union Jack macs with some Stars and Stripes trousers to make a sartorial special relationship.

  210. 1137: 

    Stuart Fraser: "Sad to say but it is the end of Roger's era. He actually had an incredible 2012 so it was going to be tough to replicate it."

    United Lounge: "Talk about Murray vs Williams and Djokovic vs Sharapova, why not add Andy+Serena vs Novak+Maria, that would be a good game."

    Does Roger Federer's defeat to Sergiy Stakhovsky mark the end of an extraordinary era as a second-week Centre Court staple for the Swiss? What battle of the sexes would you want to see? Your thoughts are welcome on #bbcwimbledon.

  211. 1132: 

    After Andy Murray said in his BBC Sport column that he wouldn't mind seeing what it it is like to be on the receiving end of Serena Williams's serve, the American defending champion looked a little less excited by the prospect, saying she wouldn't win a point.

    But let's not let that get in the way of a good story.

    Novak Djokovic was duly asked which female player he would take on and with Serena already taken, he opts for Maria Sharapova.

    "I guess it would be a lot of fun, fun to watch," the Serb said rather unconvincingly.

    I really don't think the players at the centre of this are sharing the press's enthusiasm.

  212. 1127: 

    There is going to be plenty of time to consider whether £25 is a reasonable price to pay for an official Championship umbrella.

    The Voice of Wimbledon returns to the tannoy to say that because of "the prevailing weather conditions" (he means the steady rain) the start of play is delayed.

    He gives no time scale beyond saying that officials will continue to monitor the situation.

    On a screen in the press area though is a stark announcement "No play before 1230 pm".

  213. 1115: 

    Barbara Haron (pictured right), from Northern Ireland: "I'll be supporting the Brits 110%.

    "Laura has a great chance. Everybody here will be cheering for her.

    "There's been some great energy in the queues this morning. I've been very impressed to see how much enthusiasm there has been despite the rain. I'm from Northern Ireland - we get plenty of rain there anyway!"

    Barbara Haron
  214. 1114: 

    Of course those on Centre Court don't give a fig what is brewing up above. The roof is still firmly shut to protect them from the elements.

    The covers have been peeled back though to allow the court to breath like it was an expensive bottle of Bordeaux.

    Court covers on Centre
  215. 1111: 

    Good news for fans of tennis action rather than tennis talk. The rain has halted and spectators have downed brollies around the outside courts.

    The court covers are being deflated and we may just be away on time at 1130 BST. It is still awful gloomy up above though.

  216. 1104: 

    Simon Paul, from London, has been queuing with his patriotic daughter Kathryn in the rain since the early hours: "The atmosphere has been really nice in the queue. Everybody we've spoken to has been really friendly. We're all in the same boat, so we are just trying to make the best of it.

    "Laura Robson has got a good chance of winning with a home crowd behind her. She's still young but eventually she will be a top-five player.

    "I imagine Andy Murray will get to the final, he's got a really good chance to win it this time."

    Simon and Kathryn Paul
  217. 1059: 

    Tim Henman and Boris Becker have also given gloomy assessments on Roger Federer's chances of winning an 18th Grand Slam title on the BBC Sport website.

    So while we wait to see whether the projections of an 1130 BST start are realised, why not drop over your thought on if it is Roger and Out on Federer's time at the very top of the game.

    #bbcwimbledon for those thoughts with 81111 open for text business as well.

  218. 1051: 

    While previewing Andy Murray and Laura Robson's travails today, the newspapers are still digesting what Roger Federer's exit from Wimbledon means for the tournament and tennis in general.

    In the Daily Telegraph, Paul Hayward writes that tennis might have to prepare for the end of a golden age after "growing fat and happy on its menu of Swiss virtuoso, Spanish demon, Scottish homeboy and Serbian warrior".

    Hugh Muir writes in the Guardian that Grigor Dimitrov, or Baby Fed as he has been christened by some, is still some way short of carrying the great man's mantle.

    In the Daily Mail, Charlie Sale says that the official resale of tickets is causing some ruptions between the Lawn Tennis Association and the All England club.

  219. 1041: 

    Not everyone has been let loose on the grounds, but the queue is edging forward. Hopefully those doing time under the brollies will eventually get under, or at least within sight of, the Centre Court canopy.

    Crowd at Wimbledon
  220. 1032: 

    The gates fly open and it turns out I have done the Wimbledon patrons a disservice.

    There are a few people wiggling away like professional race walkers, but everyone stays short of a full-blown run as they make their way up to the prime big-screen viewing patches on Henman Hill.

  221. 1028: 

    We have heard a lot about the traction on the grass court of the All England Club. We are about to see how the public walkways bear up.

    The clipped tones of the Wimbledon public address announcer puts his staff on stand-by to let in the hordes massing at the gate. A headlong rush for the best spots Aorangi Terrace is likely to ensue regardless of his warnings.

  222. 1025: 

    What are you doing to support Andy Murray's charge toward the Wimbledon title? Maybe putting some tentative plans in place for a men's final barbeque? Fixing some Scottish saltires to your car?

    Well you have to go some way to match the commitment of Keith Meisner.

    A former junior hitting partner of Murray's, he has put together a song called Under the Lights to support his old friend.

    "He's got a game as sharp as a dagger; He'll boom that backhand past you," read the lyrics according to BBC News.

    I'm tone deaf musically but I reckon that 'you' is probably a 'ya'.

  223. 1014: 

    One star of the tournament who performs whatever the weather is Rufus the Hawk. His daily tour of duty keeps the show courts pigeon free.

    And with his talons he never grumbles about a lack of grip on his perch. What a trooper.

    Rufus the Hawk
  224. 1010: 

    Ernests Gulbis v Fernando Verdasco third on Court Two, the conclusion of Grigor Dimitrov and Grega Zemlja's match on Court Three, teenager Eugenie Bouchard's meeting with Carla Suarez Navarro on Court 18, the next stage of Dustin Brown's Wimbledon odyssey on Court 14.

    More exciting encounters than at your first school disco.

    You can read the full details on today's order of play on the BBC Sport website.

  225. 1002: 

    If play does get going elsewhere there is plenty to warm the cockles of some soggy spectators.

    David Ferrer, the fourth seed and runner-up at the French Open just a few weeks ago lest we forget, is up against one of his many fellow Spaniard in the draw, Roberto Bautista Agut first on Court One.

    2011 champion Petra Kvitova can bring a blizzard of winners to the court on her good days. On her bad ones, she can be a total washout. She will play Ekaterina Makarova in a intriguing little meeting second on Court One

  226. 0955: 

    The forecast is not providing many rays of hope or sunshine sadly.

    BBC Weather's Ben Rich promises that there will be some dry spells, but as he says it against the backdrop of a graphic that shows is sheeting down at 1100 BST, 1400 BST and 1700 BST, I'm guessing they might be fairly brief.

  227. 0950: 

    Why so Centre Court-centric you may well ask?

    Well, the truth is the action may not spread much further than than the showpiece stage today.

    The lid is already slammed shut over the top of Centre Court and the raindrops are bouncing down on the tarpaulins everywhere else round the grounds.

    Rain at Wimbledon
  228. 0943: 

    And then comes the man who would be king. Andy Murray was relishing the ice-cool penalty taking of Spain and Italy's football teams in the Confederations Cup semi-final last night.

    His nerves need to be similarly steely as he picks his way through the early-round minefield that has already claimed Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Roger Federer.

    Tommy Robredo is the man who hopes to cause an upset.

  229. 0942: 

    Following Laura Robson's match, Spain's Nicolas Almagro, by seeding the most likely semi-final opponent for Andy Murray in the men's draw, takes on Jerzy Janowicz of Poland.

    That'll be a good chance to check both players' form as two of the possible hurdles to Murray making the final.

    After the departure of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Marin Cilic blew this side of the draw wide open, four-time semi-finalist Tim Henman has run the rule over the other players looking to take out the home crowd favourite.

  230. 0937: 

    British number one Laura Robson was due to play her second round match against Mariana Duque-Marino on Court Two yesterday.

    The rain intervened though and instead she has got the opening slot on Centre. After her straight-sets win over 10th seed Maria Kirilenko last time out, she should have any problems packing out the place.

  231. 0930: 

    The queue is already snaking round and round Wimbledon Park, the chance of Centre Court ticket-holders giving up their seats early are slim and the forecast is for steady rain.

    But you can't dampen the enthusiasm of the British tennis public.

    There were still some hopefuls scuttling from the station to join the back of a very long line this morning.

    And when you see the line-up for today's play, you get an inkling why.


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