Andy Murray v David Ferrer - Sony Open final, Miami

Andy Murray beats David Ferrer in a third-set tie-break to win the Sony Open in Miami and rise to number two in the world rankings.

31 March 2013 Last updated at 20:58

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  1. 1945: 

    That's your lot for today, thanks for your company and check back on the BBC Sport pages later for news of Laura Robson and Lisa Raymond in the doubles final. I'm off to get my legs rubbed.

  2. 1942: 

    "It was a strange match," adds Andy Murray. "I just managed to fight well in the end. They were incredibly difficult conditions, very windy, extremely humid and hot. I served poorly and if I'd served better, I could have made things easier for myself. That's something I'll need to do better during the clay season."

    Murray says he will now take a few days off before heading to Monte Carlo in 10 days for the start of the clay-court season. He can look forward to seeing his name second in the world rankings on Monday.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Daily Telegraph correspondent Simon Briggs: ""This is not just about winning, it is about the way you win and how much heart and guts did Andy Murray show there? He was absolutely phenomenal and he will go into the clay-court season knowing he could not have done more than he has in this tournament."

  4. 1935: 

    Asked about the match point he saved, thanks in part to a challenge, Andy Muray says : "That's the beauty of the challenge system, in some matches that would have been over but luckily it just dropped in. It was such a tough match, it could have gone either way and both of us were struggling physically. He's one of the best players in the world and every time I play against him, people expect me to win. I say it's so tough, he has a great attitude, he's a great fighter, I don't think he played his best tennis today and he still could have won the match."

  5. 1930: 

    "I'm tired. It was a very long match but Andy deserved the victory more," says David Ferrer. And to the Spanish fans: "I'm sorry, just one more point..." Que buena gente.


    Darren Cahill, ex-coach to Andre Agassi: "I take that 5 set final idea back. 3 sets of that style of tennis on these slow hard-courts is plenty. Well done to Muzza. Rises to world #2."

    Travis: "Not exactly an exhibition of high quality, but a gritty grind of a performance from Murray to get to #2 in the world. Excellent."

    Chris Conroy: "That was some match, Murray just edged it through sheer guts and will to win."

    Tom Johnson: "Great win Andy. Great fitness levels from both players. Awesome evening of tennis!"

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live in Miami

    "Andy Murray showed what he is all about there. He went for broke and went on to win the tie break by seven points to one. What a final and what a win for Andy Murray. We have never seen a more draining match than that and that will have meant the world to Andy Murray."


    Andy Murray beats David Ferrer 2-6 6-4 7-6 (7-1) to win the Sony Open and take the world number two ranking

    TIE-BREAK- Murray 2-6 6-4 7-6 (7-1) Ferrer

    Murray wins a great rally on the opening point, although only after a dramatic net cord goes his way (1-0), and then wallops a winner (2-0) before a Ferrer error (3-0). Another loose one from the Spaniard (4-0) is followed by a service winner (4-1). A long, long rally and it's Ferrer who succumbs, drifting a backhand wide and then collapsing with cramp, presumably (5-1). A service winner (6-1) and it's five match points... and a backhand winner does the job (7-1)!

    Murray 2-6 6-4 6-6 Ferrer *

    Apparently, Murray was quizzing the umpire about why Ferrer was receiving treatment at every changeover, which I must admit had occurred to me. Still, Ferrer took what was on offer and it looks to be helping as he slams a forehand winner on the opening point. He then has a disagreement with the umpire over a challenge, and after Murray lets a 40-15 lead slip the Scot throws in a clearly tactical challenge of his own to grab a breather. Murray then plays a fine rally, only to slide a makeable backhand volley wide. Match point for Ferrer... long rally... Murray clips the back of the line and a Ferrer challenge only confirms that. Drama. Murray holds and we have a tie-break...


    Steve Cohen: "As of 5-5 both Murray and Ferrer have won more games on their opponents serve than their own- Return that."

    Josh Jacobs: "Murray v Ferrer has been an exhibition of counter-attacking tennis. Wonderful and amazing fitness levels."

    * Murray 2-6 6-4 5-6 Ferrer

    Ferrer moves ahead as Murray goes for broke and moves to the net at 40-15 down, flopping a forehand volley below the tape. Ferrer looks much the stronger right now, which speaks well of the ATP trainer's leg-rubbing skills. He's at it again...

    Murray 2-6 6-4 5-5 Ferrer *

    Murray goes for a forehand lob at 15-0 but just misses, and Ferrer comes battling back. He works his way into the net and does enough with a smash to make it 15-40 and two break points... Ferrer goes long on the first, but Murray nets an attempted forehand pass on the second. A big fist pump from the Spaniard and a huge ovation from the stands.

    * Murray 2-6 6-4 5-4 Ferrer

    Murray is dragging himself around the court like a man on the brink of collapsing between points, but starting to land the heavier blows when the ball is in play. A thumping forehand into the corner and a big return give him his 11th break point of the day, and Ferrer nets. The trainer is back out on leg-rubbing duty for Ferrer as Murray prepares to serve out the match...

    Murray 2-6 6-4 4-4 Ferrer *

    Murray does a good job of holding serve himself, under pressure at 40-30 and in another energy-sapping rally before firing a cross-court backhand winner off his hips.


    World number 131 Ivo Karlovic on Twitter: "Court and balls in Miami are too slow to play entertaining tennis. There is no winners, just unforced errors."


    Andrew, via text: "First man to hold serve wins. Alternatively, last man to collapse from exhaustion. Punishing stuff."

    * Murray 2-6 6-4 3-4 Ferrer

    Ferrer holds, which obviously feels like a break after the previous six games, and Murray looks unhappy when he makes an error and then looks to the stands, which are heaving with spectators coming and going. The trainer comes on to give Ferrer a good old fashioned leg rub.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Daily Telegraph correspondent Simon Briggs: "Very nice touch from David Ferrer there. As I say these two are terrific friends and it was lovely to see him go over and check Andy Murray's ankle was OK there when he was on the floor."

    Murray 2-6 6-4 3-3 Ferrer *

    It's the humidity, it must be. Both men look like exhausted. Another error sees Murray slip 15-30 down, but he gathers himself to arrow a forehand winner into the corner. Ferrer then dips a backhand at the incoming Murray's feet and earns, you guessed it, a break point... Ferrer wrong-foots the Briton, who slips at the baseline and grimaces, before heading to the chair. "Are you OK, Andy?" asks the umpire. "Absolutely fine, mate," says Murray through gritted teeth.


    Max: "What a weird 3rd set... seems as though serving is a disadvantage to you. Just like it is when I'm playing tennis."


    World number 33 Mardy Fish on Twitter: "Really good umpiring in this match. Very physical and to call 25 seconds on every point would be an injustice."

    * Murray 2-6 6-4 3-2 Ferrer

    Ferrer swings a forehand into the tramlines and it's 0-40, three break points to Murray... and the Scot hits an excellent cross-court backhand winner to make it five breaks in a row in this set. Just nice to see a winner, really. Murray leads 78-77 in points won.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Daily Telegraph correspondent Simon Briggs: "So many ebbs and flows in this match both in the play, body language and mentality."

    Murray 2-6 6-4 2-2 Ferrer *

    Murray nets a backhand at 30-30 and it's break point to Ferrer... but a good serve arrives at just the right time. Ferrer gets a second break point... but hammers a forehand wide, possibly disturbed by a call from the crowd. Murray is thankful, whatever the reason, but then double-faults and floats a backhand long. Break point number three... double fault! This is tough going for all concerned. It might be the time of day, the conditions, the style of play, the lack of needle between the finalists, but yesterday's women's final between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova was a more intense contest. There's still one of the biggest titles in tennis up for grabs though...


    Leticia Bessel: "Three breaks in three games of the third set. Hey um... you ok Miami? Do you need to sit down? A glass of water, perhaps?"

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live in Miami

    "Andy Murray is having to go to the trenches to beat David Ferrer today, but he breaks his serve to go 2-1 ahead."

    * Murray 2-6 6-4 2-1 Ferrer

    So, two more break points - Goran and Pete must be watching this in horror somewhere - at 15-40 after Murray has the better of some fairly tame baseline exchanges, and he looks to have snaffled the first only for Ferrer to catch the back of the line. Another lengthy exchange follows, but this time the Spaniard is not quite so accurate and slides a backhand wide. Muray moves ahead with the 10th break of the match. Four service holds and Murr... well, let's see.

    Murray 2-6 6-4 1-1 Ferrer *

    Murray's drop shots are not always the most reliable source of points, and trying it against Ferrer is especially brave, but he does just that and it comes off for 15-15. Some brilliant retrieving from Ferrer then leads to Murray framing a forehand, and another error on that side gives the Spaniard two break points... Murray chases hard around the baseline but misses with a forehand and we're all square.

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live in Miami

    "This is turning into an exciting match. Andy Murray really had to dig deep in that second set, particularly when he had the chance to lead 5-3. David Ferrrer scrapped for all his worth to make it 4-4 but Murray fought back to seal it. This is Murray's trend of the week really, coming back from a set down."


    Craig Rothnie: "David Ferrer and Andy Murray seem to be playing too similar games and whoever takes the ball on first seems to come out on top."

    Ian Robbins: "Come on Muzza, this is a strong fight back but need to keep calm."

    * Murray 2-6 6-4 1-0 Ferrer

    Murray moves ahead for the first time in the match as Ferrer continues to misfire, netting a forehand to offer up two break points... and narrowly missing with a forehand down the line on the first. Five service holds and Murray is there...

    Murray 2-6 6-4 Ferrer *

    Murray looks a little shaky after an error makes it 30-15, but he finds a service winner just when he needs it for two set points... and does enough with a backhand into the corner to draw the error. After just over an hour and a half we will get a final set, and having already shared 16 break points between them it's fair to say there are likely to be a few more twists.

    * Murray 2-6 5-4 Ferrer

    Another twist in this strange match as now Ferrer wobbles with the finish line in sight, four errors gifting Murray back the advantage. He will serve for the set, but I wouldn't put your house on it...

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Daily Telegraph correspondent Simon Briggs: "They are good friends these two off the court. Andy Murray said last year that David Ferrer has many ways of hurting you and that is just what he is doing now."

    Murray 2-6 4-4 Ferrer *

    After another feisty exchange between Murray and the umpire at the changeover, Ferrer frames a forehand on the opening point and Murray then wins the kind of punishing rally that the Spaniard usually relishes. A big serve-big forehand combination gives Murray a couple of game points, but he cannot convert. He nets a backhand at deuce and Ferrer has a break point... Murray goes for the cross-court drop shot and it's too ambitious, catching the net. Ferrer is back on level terms, Murray looks rattled.

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live in Miami

    "David Ferrer reminds us he is not going to go away. 4-3 Murray leads but he really should be 5-2 to ahead. On the 30-40 point he had at least three or four opportunities to win the rally, but Ferrer held on."

    * Murray 2-6 4-3 Ferrer

    It's been a while so easy to forget, but Murray shows why he is regularly vying for the major titles with a brilliant point at 15-30. A huge cross-court forehand opens up a gap and he steps in and hammers away a backhand for two break points... his chance comes on the second, a fantastic rally, but Murray plays a couple of very tentative overheads that keep Ferrer in the point and the Briton then blazes a forehand wide. Ferrer holds, and the set remains very much alive.

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live in Miami

    "The crowd had a best of three sets final in the women's final yesterday, maybe they will get the same here. Most of the shouts seem to be 'Come on Andy!' at the moment, and I think they want to see a third set."

    Murray 2-6 4-2 Ferrer *

    The Austin Powers theme tune has been a regular choice at changeovers in Miami. No idea why you would do that. Anyway, Murray is back in trouble after Ferrer chases down a drop shot for 15-30, before Murray then double faults. It's two break points for Ferrer... when a towering defensive lob lands on Murray's baseline, the nerves are jangling, but he thumps a brilliant forehand winner and reels off the next three points to hold. His best moment of the day.


    Rosie, via text: "That match against Cilic at the US Open has taught me that Murray is capable of a remarkable comeback. Fingers crossed."

    * Murray 2-6 3-2 Ferrer

    Murray has another chance to pass Ferrer at the net at 15-15 but chooses to slice a forehand, squash style, and the Spaniard leaps on it to smack away the volley. It gives him a brief burst of momentum to close out the game and steady the ship.

    Murray 2-6 3-1 Ferrer *

    Ferrer looks pretty grumpy as he trudges back to the baseline after an early miss and the umpire questions whether he wants to challenge. "David? David? DAVID?!?" All of a sudden, it is Murray who looks the calmer of the two and he holds comfortably to extend his lead.

    * Murray 2-6 2-1 Ferrer

    Look out - Ferrer drags a backhand wide at 15-15 and then double-faults to give Murray two break points... the Scot has a good look at a forehand cross-court pass but overdoes it and misses the baseline by a distance. It feels like a big moment, but Ferrer is having his own dip at the moment and fires a forehand well wide to gift Murray a much-needed break. It's hardly a classic, but we do have a match on our hands now.

    Murray 2-6 1-1 Ferrer *

    Murray manages to level and his service stats are creeping up, but are still well below what's required as he's winning just 52% of first-service points and 33% on the second serve. It's tough going, but a serve down the 'T' at 40-30 gets him off the mark in the second set.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Daily Telegraph correspondent Simon Briggs: "The story of the match has been one of wasted opportunities for Andy Murray. He has to take a break point soon."

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live in Miami

    "It looked for a moment as thought the line judge was going to call it in but his hand went up almost in instalments. We are having an Hawkeye challenge on that call there and I have to wonder whether Andy Murray was challenging to get a bit of breath back."

    * Murray 2-6 0-1 Ferrer

    This time it's Ferrer who opens proceedings with a double-fault and Murray has an early chance with a break point... the best rally of the match follows, but Murray eventually goes wide with a forehand. He then challenges, possibly to get his breath back as it always looked out. Murray goes long moments later to hand over the game, and mutters furiously to himself as the players make a pit-stop for drinks while changing ends.


    Mike Dickson, Daily Mail tennis correspondent: "Ferrer deservedly takes first set of Miami final 6-2 v Murray. Ferrer been exceptional (and louder than Oxford's cox)."

    Neil Harman, Times tennis correspondent: "Andy also receiving an object lesson in why you should not toss away challenges."

    Murray 2-6 Ferrer *

    A double-fault, a miss that he cannot challenge, a forehand halfway up the net and... three set points.... Murray double faults again! Shocker. The Briton has made 19 unforced errors to eight from Ferrer.

    * Murray 2-5 Ferrer

    A loud cheer tells me Murray has earned a break point... and taken it. The Scot is then told at the changeover that he is "very close" to going over the 25-second time allocation between points. He doesn't look too impressed.

    Murray 1-5 Ferrer *

    Murray gets off the mark, straightforward I believe. Technical issues. With me, not him.

  53. 1706: 

    Craig Millward: "Andy Murray simply hasn't turned up for this first set. Ferrer taking full advantage and rightly so."

    Zach Kingsbury: "Murray is a mixed bag at the start of matches. You don't know whether he's going to be good or not."

    Greg Edwards: "Usual slow start from Murray... no need to panic just yet!"

    * Murray 0-5 Ferrer

    Murray finally hits his mark with a superb running forehand winner that flies cross-court and gives him a break point at 30-40, but he finds the tramlines and is already out of challenges. TV coverage shows that he had missed anyway. Ferrer takes the game and this is a thumping at the moment.

    Murray 0-4 Ferrer *

    Murray is pegged back from 40-0 to deuce, two backhand errors getting him in trouble, and Ferrer thinks he has won the next point when a forehand is called wide. A cry of disbelief and a challenge follow, but it was indeed an error - just his third of the day so far. Murray then dumps a mid-court backhand in the net and follows up with a double-fault. Break point to Ferrer... and the Spaniard takes it in a long rally which ends with Murray netting a backhand. It's relentlessly accurate stuff from Ferrer, but it's been poor from Murray.


    Daniel in Hastings on 81111: "When are people going to address Murray's consistently poor starts to matches? He has been broken in his first service game in his last four matches yet nobody seems to care!"

    * Murray 0-3 Ferrer

    Ferrer quickly moves 40-0 ahead and, although Murray gets one back with a cleverly guided backhand pass off a smash, the Spaniard closes out the game moments later. Murray lost the first three games against Richard Gasquet in the semis, but he might find Ferrer a tougher proposition to overhaul.

    Murray 0-2 Ferrer *

    A couple of loose backhands have Murray in a bit of trouble at 30-30. He closes in on the net and swats away a forehand volley, only to pull a forehand into the tramlines for deuce. An aircraft passes overhead, possibly the blimp which has been droning above Crandon Park for much of the fortnight. Ferrer earns a break point when Murray goes long, and he converts when a seemingly defensive backhand catches the baseline and Murray can't respond.

    * Murray 0-1 Ferrer

    Ferrer smacks an ace on the opening point but Murray responds with a fizzing return, and he chases down a drop shot to earn two break points.... Ferrer saves the first with a smash and the second with a serve, taking the game when Murray fails to control a forehand return.

    * denotes next to serve

  60. 1638: 

    Craig M on 81111: "A win for Andy would be a big step forward in getting to number one this year. Come on Andy!"

  61. 1637: 

    Murray and Ferrer are out in the Florida sunshine and knocking up majestically. Ferrer has won the toss and elected to serve....

  62. 1633: 

    Murray is not the only Briton in action on finals day, as Laura Robson will team up with American Lisa Raymond to face Russia's Nadia Petrova and Katarina Srebotnik of Slovenia in the doubles later on. Raymond is 20 years Robson's senior at 39, and the teenager admits: "She helps me refocus because I start singing along to the music, and she says 'Come on, focus!'"

  63. 1630: 

    Beast, terrier, wall, wheels - all words I'm going to try to avoid using about Ferrer, but if it goes long, I can't guarantee it. Ferrer certainly has plenty to play for today. For a player of such consistent excellence, it's something of a surprise that the 31-year-old has only won one Masters title. That has a lot to do with the consistently even more excellent players above him, but he will view this final as a great opportunity. Should he win, Ferrer will go back above Rafael Nadal to fourth in the rankings.

  64. 1627: 

    Brad Gilbert, Murray's former coach, on Twitter: "Still can not believe the men's final is going to start at 1130am on Easter Sunday."

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent: "All the previous evidence would point to an Andy Murray win over David Ferrer in Miami final. Oh that it was all that straightforward."

    Jamie Tarrant: "Good luck, Andy Murray. World number two in the next couple of hours."

    Stuie Neale: "Afternoon piers im going for murray of course in straight sets."

  65. 1625: 

    If you want to help me out by sharing your wisdom, you can do so using the hashtag #bbctennis on Twitter or 81111 via text (with your name) from your UK mobiles.

  66. 1621: 

    Murray is looking for his second title of the year, having won in Brisbane in January, but a victory today would give him his first Masters 1000 title since he beat Ferrer in Shanghai in October, 2011. The prospect of regaining the world number two spot is certainly something his coach, Ivan Lendl, believes is significant. And you wouldn't argue with Ivan. "Hopefully it will lead to potentially advantageous seedings at the French and Wimbledon," the eight-time Grand Slam champion told BBC Sport.

  67. 1618: 

    Murray has a 6-5 record in previous matches against Ferrer, although more encouragingly he is 5-1 up on hard courts and won their most recent encounter in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon, back in the hazy days of summer. It wasn't snowing then, at least. "Ferrer has a great attitude on the court," says Murray. "He fights for every single point. He's not struggling to play well in the big events. That's why he's in the final."

  68. 1612:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveBBC coverage

    Don't worry, it's not just me this afternoon. BBC Radio 5 live coverage will be kicking in at 1700 BST, just as soon as the Boat Race has finished. If it's anything like last year, that could be about 7pm, but here's hoping for a peaceful afternoon on the Thames and a smooth transition across the Atlantic. You can access 5 live commentary from the right-hand side of this page.

  69. 1608: 
    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live in Miami

    "Ivan Lendl and Laura Robson were already up and about before 8am because of the early start of 11.30am local time, which is the earliest I've ever known for a big final. It's all designed to get the final on CBS TV here, in a country where the NCAA basketball dominates during 'March Madness'.

    "I've often been told not to read too much into practice sessions, but if Andy Murray hits the ball as cleanly as he did in his half-hour hit, David Ferrer will have his hands full. Lendl, dressed all in black, looked even more menacing than usual. Murray tried to nail him, Lendl-style, with a couple of forehands into the stomach. Lendl nonchalantly volleyed them back. The sun is out, there are just a few puffy white clouds above, and Britain could have two winners on the same day."

  70. 1600 BST: 

    Good afternoon. I'm not sure whether Andy Murray grew up dreaming of becoming the world number two, but if he did, then today could be the day. Although he has been number two before, briefly, in 2009, so it's probably fair to assume that winning his first Masters title since 2011 is as big a motivation as the rankings. Standing in his way is Spain's David Ferrer, the world number five and a man not short of motivation himself.

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