Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic in US Open final as it happened

Andy Murray beats Novak Djokovic in five thrilling sets to win the US Open and his first Grand Slam title.

11 September 2012 Last updated at 10:42

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As it happened

  1. 0237: 

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes an astonishing summer of sport. Britain has a Tour de France winner, numerous Olympic gold medallists - too many to mention in the space that's provided here - and, now, a Grand Slam champion, the first British male for 76 years. Thanks for sticking with us through the early hours to witness Andy Murray create history. It was worth it.


    William Taylor on Twitter: "Andy, win or lose, you are and always will be the pride of Scotland. I can see you dominate the game + reach No.1."

    Afolabi Shobowale on Twitter: "What a difference a good coach makes. Lendl has certainly transformed Murray."

    Graeme Cooper on Twitter: "I haven't felt this good since Archie Gemmill scored against Holland in '78."

  3. 0228: 

    Is this a perfect opportunity to sum up Murray's achievements? I'm going to anyway, even if it isn't.

    Murray has won his first Grand Slam - avoiding becoming the second man in the modern era to lose his first five Grand Slam finals.

    The 25-year-old is the first British men's singles winner at any Grand Slam event since Fred Perry won this championship in 1936.

    This is the 287th Grand Slam event since a British man last won a major title.

    Still wanting more? Oh go on then. The British number one is the first man to win the US Open and an Olympic singles gold medal in the same year.

  4. 0223: 
    US Open Champion Andy Murray

    "They were incredibly tricky conditions. After the third and fourth sets it was tough mentally - Novak is so strong, he fights until the end of every match and I don't know how I managed to come through in the end.

    "That was almost a smile [from Ivan Lendl]. He's one of greatest players ever to play, here he made eight consecutive finals. Having him here supporting me has helped in the tough moments, but not only him, everyone else too. They've been there since the start. Thanks very much."


    Nick Wall on Twitter: "Delighted for Murray; very much deserved. Djokovic showed why he is a true champion of the sport; fought to the very end."

    Anders Read on Twitter: "What a change in Murray since Lendl became his coach!"

    Tom Darnell on Twitter: "Just think, 76 years or so from now, the youth of tomorrow will be wearing 'Andy Murray' branded polo shirts."

  6. 0213: 

    Murray is presented with the trophy and lifts it into the evening sky amidst a frenzy of flashbulbs as photographers attempt to catch the perfect picture, an image of Murray holding aloft a trophy which confirms he has won his maiden Grand Slam at his fifth attempt.


    Scott McCann on Twitter: "Goosebumps all over! Andy Murray, you're phenomenal! Major champion! Inspirational stuff."

    Paul Rawlins on Twitter: "What a fantastic final, if you're going to win, that's the way to do it. In agonising glory."

  8. 0211: 

    "It wasn't to be but I want to congratulate Andy for his first Grand Slam, he absolutely deserves it," says Novak Djokovic to whoops and hollers from the crowd. "And also, his team, this is your success also.

    "I would like to thank my team, my family and friends for supporting me. I tried my best. I gave it my all and it was another tremendous match to be a part of. It was definitely enjoyable."

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "What a performance. It was epic, a dazzling performance to come back from losing a two set lead. He's joined the club. We've been talking about the big three and Murray being part of the fab four, but he had a missing ingredient however, he's put that right in spectacular style. If you write a script, that's the way to have won it. To go through this situatiion where you thought logically he might have lost the fifth set, he's made a staggering improvement to the mental side of his game."

  10. 0209: 

    Djokovic walks towards the US Open champion and embraces his friend, the man who outfought him during four hours and 54 minutes of nervy, breathtaking, unforgettable tennis. No sign of a Lendl smile. Yet.

  11. 0204: 

    Andy Murray drops to his knees as the enormity of his feat overwhelms him. His camp are in tears, but the Scot - the first British male Grand Slam winner in 76 years - hasn't started blubbering yet.

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 6-2 Djokovic*- MURRAY WINS US OPEN

    Djokovic skips into position. Crouches down. Stares at Murray as he prepares to serve for the championship... A hush descends on Arthur Ashe. The supporters greet Murray's opening point with thunderous applause and they are cock-a-hoop as replays confirm a Djokovic forehand had bounced long for three championship points... Djokovic ruins the procession by dashing to the net, patting away a volley. Murray takes a second bite... and Djokovic's forehand return goes long. He's done it! He's only gone and done it!

  13. 0159: 

    Djokovic calls for the trainer who strides onto the court and massages the Serbian's thigh. The crowd are a tad disgruntled by the defending champion's medical time out and the Serbian responds by sarcastically clapping. While Djokovic receives treatment Murray is gambolling on the baseline...

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "Physically Murray has been better. The pyschological aspect of losing the third and fourth set makes this a fantastic performance and, if he does this, it is one of the greatest sporting achievements of all time. There have been all these barriers and he's got over them all."


    Paul Rawlins on Twitter: "Dear Andrew, please could you fix it for me to stop having palpitations. Yours, Paul #bbctennis #USOpenFinal."

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 5-2 Djokovic

    The defending champion drops to his knees as a backhand lands in the tramlines for 0-30. Djokovic wriggles uneasily, as if he's tweaked a muscled in his right leg... two break points Murray. "Come on," he tells himself. Djokovic can only find the tape and the Scot has the finishing line in sight. In about five minutes or so we might no longer need to imagine what it'd be like to have a British male Grand Slam winner.


    Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 live at Flushing Meadows: "There's no loser in a Grand Slam final like this. Can you get better tthan this? These guys are amazing."

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 4-2 Djokovic*

    If Murray wins the next 10 points he will become the first British Grand Slam winner since Fred Perry. Murray, sucking in the oxygen through his nostrils, wraps up the game with an ace for a hold to love and he's two games away... two games away... and breathe.


    Paul from west mids via text on 81111: "Work in the morning!! I'm at work now and not getting a lot done and I've got no nails left!

    Daniel from Sheffield via text on 81111: "After this titanic effort, if Andy Murray wins this match i this he should emulate Djokovic and eat a lump of the Hard court."

    Sim from Bristol via text on 81111: "Day off tomorrow but I'll feel drained after this match either way! Come on Murray!"

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 3-2 Djokovic

    Ruth Rendell and PD James could combine forces with JK Rowling and they wouldn't be able to come up with a plot with so many twists and turns as this match. A super-duper return from Murray steers the game to 30-30, but he can do little to prevent Djokovic edging ahead thanks to wonderful loose-limbed hitting from the Serb. A courageous Murray goes for a forehand winner for deuce but Djokovic, unflinching, comes through after the Scot's forehand and backhand falter.

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 3-1 Djokovic*

    A humdinger of a backhand winner down the line is a warning that Djokovic is not ready to throw in the towel yet and suddenly the Serb has triple break points as Murray overcooks a forehand. Oh my giddy aunt (whatever that means). A whippy forehand winner. One saved. But a Murray backhand drifts into the tramlines and the defending champion has dragged himself back into contention.

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "Murray's playing his best tennis of the match after four and a half hours. His defensive play has been so impressive and you have to hand it to him to come back like this. But he has got to keep his focus - this match is still a long way from being closed."


    Dave from west mids via text on 81111: "I feared for Murray during the third set but now it's a straight fight. Murray in the ascendancy! Cannot bear any more!"

    Stacey from Oswestry via text on 81111: "Who cares about work in the morning, can't sleep till this is over! Brilliant game, gut wrenching to watch! Come on Murray, you can't lose it now!"

    Phil from Belfast via text on 81111: "Sat in work on the longest ever tea break in history on night shift, hoping Murray does it within the next hour coz i have to start back by then! 1936 was an awfully long while ago, but this tea break seems longer!"

    Simon, (wheezing gently) in the beautiful Forest of Dean): "I have just been dug rather violently - and in my opinion unjustly in the ribs for an involuntary whoop at that break. Sorry dear!"

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 3-0 Djokovic

    Both players blessed with seemingly infinite reserves of willpower and energy as they entertain the crowd with shots which would not look out of place in a circus. An overhead volley from Djokovic takes him to 40-30 and he waves his arms in the air, urging the spectators to appreciate his wizardry. Murray squanders a break-point chance as an attempted passing shot goes awry but the Serbian's backhand plonks into the net - and it's break point to Murray. And a tired-looking Djokovic forehand allows Murray to gallop ahead.

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "That was a stunning effort after four hours and 17 minutes. It's just staggering tennis."

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 2-0 Djokovic*

    Can Murray hold? Oh yeah! And with some panache. It looks a little ominous as the net gets in Murray's way for 30-30, but he unleashes an unreturnable serve and then becomes the master of another tense baseline slug-fest.

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 1-0 Djokovic

    I just thought I'd let you know that this is the first Grand Slam since 2001, at Wimbledon, when both the men's and the women's singles finals have gone the distance. No need to thank me, it's a pleasure. Back on the court there's a clenched fist from Murray as Djokovic hits long for 30-30 and a firecracker of a forehand secures the Brit a break point. The Scot doesn't need a second invitation. Djokovic targets the Murray backhand but he holds firm and it's the Serb who surrenders, netting to grant the Brit a perfect start.


    Adam in Essex via text on 81111: "I am actually hiding under my duvet, so as not to wake up my wife. Come on Andy! (I scream inside my head)."

    Andy from Cornwall via text on 81111: "Work at 5am, I cannot go to sleep before this is over! Andy you can do it! Eyes open with match sticks to the end!"

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 Djokovic*

    A deft drop shot forces Djokovic towards the net and the Serb can only steer his forehand into the tramlines for 40-15. A double fault from Murray, his fourth of the match, gives his opponent a sniff... and a loose forehand drops beyond the paint for deuce. Djokovic, nostrils flaring, scampers along the baseline and forces Murray to net for a set point and the Scot responds by drilling a forehand long. Folks, we're into a decider. There will be no sleeping on my watch.

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-5 Djokovic

    Djokovic, with the wind on his back, starts proceedings with a risk-free smash and slaps a forehand winner out of Murray's grasp to drag himself level at 30-30. An ace helps the defending champion over the line and with the four-hour mark approaching, the Serb is a game away from levelling the match.


    Sukhraj Hayer on Twitter: "Djokovic & Murray's games are made for each other. This is an epic of Ridley Scott's 'Gladiator' proportion #bbctennis."

    Frankie Bond on Twitter: "The fitness of these guys is ridiculous. Has anyone ever been to New York in August? Walking down the street is tiring. #bbctennis."

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-4 Djokovic*

    The pair embark on another tense baseline battle and there's high-pitch screams from the fans, as if they're on a rollercoaster and about to hurtle down a dip at 120mph. Murray punches his way through to 40-0 and it's a simple hold for the Scot who is refusing to let go of Djokovic's coattails.


    Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 live at Flushing Meadows: "I don't think anyone on this planet can run corner to corner the way Djokovic does, not even Nadal. That's why he's going through shoes!"

    John Lloyd on BBC Radio 5 live: "That game saw true greatness from both players. That was the best game in the tournament."

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 2-4 Djokovic

    The Stars and Stripes dancing half-heartedly in the wind which suggests there's still a hint of a breeze in the air. The crowd are whipped into a frenzy as a stooping Murray narrowly fails to keep a looping backhand on target. The Scot, grimacing with determination, steps in towards the net and his barnstorming forehand winner for 30-30 earns a standing ovation from mum Judy. Djokovic, though, possesses a lethal forehand and it damages Murray once more, causing the Scot to despairingly scream. A standing ovation from a majority of stadium as a diving Djokovic falls to the floor and Murray concludes a 30-shot rally with a wonderful winner down the line for deuce. Phew. The Serbian brings a magical game to an end as a tired Murray sends a forehand into the barrier.

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 2-3 Djokovic*

    Murray, undeterred, races to 40-0 before being pulled back to 40-15 with a classy Djokovic forehand winner down the line. An angry serve guarantees a comfortable hold for the Brit, though.

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 1-3 Djokovic

    The floodlights have added a certain je ne sais quoi to the atmosphere as the second and third seeds continue their racquet duel in one of the finest tennis amphitheatres on the planet. Grunts and groans from both players as they attempt to outwit each other from the baseline, Djokovic eventually relenting as an attempted backhand drops long for 30-30. The Scot suddenly has break point - Kim Sears is on her feet, applauding her other half - but Djokovic's defence is made of the toughest teak and he slices his way out of trouble, forcing Murray to net a forehand. Djokovic scrapes through and the Serb, eyes like saucers, punches the air.


    Sir Chris Hoy on Twitter: "Going to have to go to sleep with another early start and busy day tomorrow. When I wake up Andy Murray will be US Open Champion I'm sure."

    Former England hooker Brian Moore on Twitter: "Nervy game win for Murray 1 -2 down 4th set. And with that off to listen to this in bed - Good Night and Good Luck."

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 1-2 Djokovic*

    Murray creaking. A double fault allows Djokovic to draw level at 30-30, and a terrible forehand into the tape sees Djokovic ratcheting a break point. Murray negates his rival's advantage by serving into the Djokovic forehand, and another booming serve sees the Scot overtake the Serb, eventually holding when the second seed frames a forehand.


    Tony from Doncaster via text on 81111: "As much as I would love to see Andy lift this trophy, my fears have set in! Novak looking stronger, but this is still one of the best finals I have ever witnessed! Still game in though."

    Mark from Edinburgh via text on 81111: "You just know this has 5th set tie-breaker written all over it . It's been a great summer but we need this one in the bag too ! Come on Andy!!"

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 0-2 Djokovic

    I hope no-one was making plans to sleep tonight. Murray, shoulders slumped, starting to talk to himself, which is always a worrying sign. A slap of the forehead from the defending champion as he pushes a lob agonisingly long for 15-30 then shouts of "jelly!" from Murray as a forehand slaps the net. I'm assuming the Scot is referring to his legs. The Serb has upped the ante. How will the jelly-legged Murray respond?

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 0-1 Djokovic *

    And so it goes on. Murray into the fourth with another table-tennis style forehand slice, and Djoko will take control of the point with a whipping forehand and punching volley. 15-30, and trouble as a drop-shot brings the Serb to the net for the cheekiest of drop-shots of his own. Two break points to grab the initiative away - Djokovic to the net, Murray swinging from the baseline, Djokovic swatting away the winner. He has the break, he has the break...

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "This is so fascinating to watch - we've had so many ebbs and flows. You would think Djokovic would be more tired because he played yesterday, but he always seems to come back stronger than ever just when you think he's down and out. I can't wait to see this next set. I have no idea which way it's going to go. This is an epic."

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 Djokovic

    Murray, swinging from the hips like a man with nothing to lose, eases to 0-30 but Djokovic overhauls the Scot's advantage and secures his set point with a risk-free smash. Tell the fat lady to head back to the dressing room and rest her tonsils.


    Ruth from Scotland via text on 81111: "There will a lot of very sleepy unhappy coffee dependent workers tomorrow if Andy can't pull this off. C'mon Andy, finish the most amazing summer with a perfect win."

    Richard, not sleeping in bed, via text on 81111: "Moving house tomorrow so went to bed after first set, now can't sleep and following on phone."

    Ally in Inverness via text on 81111: "Baby fed, winded, asleep. Done. Time for some mummy and daddy sleep. Muzza, I hope we'll be reading about your victory speech when we wake up again in 2 hours! Nail it muzza, NAIL IT!"

    Chris from Accrington currently resident Loire Valley via text: "Watching this in a Sleepy french hamlet, Saint Catherine de Fierbois! Some French yokels will be awoken abruptly with manic full throated roars if Andy pulls this off!"


    Dan Walker on Twitter: "Love this: Last British man to win a grand slam was Fred Perry. He won his 1st on 10th September 1933. He was seeded 3!"

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-5 Djokovic*

    Murray is, of course, aiming to become the first man to win the US Open and the Olympic singles gold in the same year and he needs to recapture the swagger which helped him to glory at London 2012 and saw him eke a two-set advantage here. The Brit in danger. Two break points Djokovic - and the Serb grabs his second chance thanks to a marvellous backhand return which Murray can only tamely net. Murray currently struggling on his second serve in this set, which was a key weapon on his path to Olympic glory.

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-4 Djokovic

    A disgruntled Djokovic slammed his racquet onto his bag after managing just the one point in the previous game and darkness descends upon the 25-year-old Serb once again when Murray steals a point for 0-15. The Serb frames a backhand, awarding two break points to Murray with sparklers on top. "Ohhhh" utter the crowd in unison as a Djokovic forehand grazes the baseline before Murray hits long, and the Serb limps over the line to maintain his break.


    Sahil Oberoi on Twitter: "It's all down to grit from here, the 2nd set was a lot tougher than it should have been, Andy has to dig in and believe! #BBCTennis #USOpen."

    Jade Russell on Twitter: "#bbctennis C'mon Murray you're so close don't let it slip away now!! You can do this!"

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-3 Djokovic*

    Murray starts the game like the opening of a Batman movie. A crosscourt forehand winner for 30-0. Kerpow. An unreturnable serve into the wings for 40-0. Kerping. And it's kerboom as a crafty serve into the Djokovic ribcage secures the Scot a trouble-free hold to 15.


    Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 live at Flushing Meadows: "You have to remind yourself how much time you've spent in the gym, how much running you've done, and how good the physical team behind you is, because you know you are going to feel it now. You have to hope that your oppponent is more tired. That's what I'd tell myself right now. And I think Murray can say that. He's one of the best physical specimens on the tour."

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 1-3 Djokovic

    The camera focuses on a bespectacled Sir Alex Ferguson, arms folded and shuffling in his seat but I'm positive he isn't preparing to give the hair dryer treatment to his compatriot. The Manchester United manager knows how to negotiate a comeback and is perhaps witnessing Djokovic returning from the brink as the second seed holds to 30 to nudge ahead.

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 1-2 Djokovic*

    Murray unleashes a couple of obscenities after a double fault awards Djokovic two break points. "Take your time," he tells himself, adding a few choice words in the mix too, and not phrases I'm prepared to repeat - not even at this hour as there might be children and grandparents reading. The clinical second seed takes his first opportunity, returning with ferocity to send a forlorn Murray lunging towards the tramlines in vain.

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 1-1 Djokovic

    Those who talk of Djokovic's demise must remember that the five-time Grand Slam winner saved match point in last year's semi-final against one of the greatest players to have graced the game, Roger Federer. He produces a 127mph serve, his fastest of the match, for 40-30 and then produces a dazzling backhand volley from his magical box of tricks, which he greets with a manic full-throated roar.


    Chris from Bolton via text on 81111: "I've got my excuses ready just in case I need to go into work late tomorrow, let's hope I don't need them and Murray wins this 3rd set!"

    Simon via text on 81111: "Nole looking like he's having his Ben Ainslie "shouldn't have made me angry" moment after losing that set!"

    Matt from Aberdeen via text on 81111: "Make this a quick set, Andy. I have to be up at 0545 this morning."

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 1-0 Djokovic*

    Murray departs the field before embarking upon the third set. The Brit in unchartered territory as he has never before won two sets in a Grand Slam final. He's one set away from laying Fred Perry's ghost to rest... The burden perhaps weighing heavily on his shoulders as Djokovic ekes ahead at 0-30 but a deft backhand volley, as cute as a litter of kittens, reduces the arrears before the Serbian musters two break points. A groan from the Scot as he unleashes a mighty forehand winner into a postage stamp of a corner, a booming serve levels play at deuce and he winds up the game with a cool ace.

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 Djokovic

    Craft and guile from the Serbian who serves, looks up to see Murray racing towards the backhand side, and scurries to the net to pop a delicate volley out of his rival's path. A 30-shot rally culminates in Murray's favour when Djokovic hits wide and superb defensive skills from the crafty Scot earns him double set points. That's true Caledonian grit. Djokovic uses all his might to attempt a forehand winner into the corner, but there was a tad too much venom in the Serb's racquet and replays confirm the second seed's effort was wide of the paint.


    Tony in Doncaster via text on 81111: "I have said before, and I'll say it again! Andy needs a test in every match to lift his own game. This set will be the one I feel."


    Owen via text on 81111: "Aimee, I hold you responsible for flagrant inducement of mockers with your fizzy wine comment at 4-0 in this set. The outcome of this match is on your head."

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "The whole match has been extraordinary, but the ebbs and flows of this set... Djokovic was out of it, it seemed like he was heading for the exit sign pretty quick. Murray then became tentative and let Djokovic back in. Murray went into his shell, but he's sprung into life just at the right time - and that's a very good service hold."

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 6-5 Djokovic*

    Djokovic slams his racquet onto his thigh and mutters something in his native tongue as an erroneous forehand takes Murray to 40-15. A change of tact from the Serbian and a dash to the net pays dividends, but he follows that up with a lazy return and he must now hold serve to prevent his opponent from grabbing a two-set lead.

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 5-5 Djokovic

    Djokovic's feet are not only moving in unison but they're beginning to dance and the Serb, stepping in to unleash a series of crunching groundstrokes, is now dominating the brutal baseline exchanges. The defending champion concludes the game with panache, sending a lob over Murray's 6ft 3in frame and Murray's response is to grab his left thigh and look towards his team. Worrying signs if you're a Murray fan.

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "It just shows how much of this game is mental. Unbelievable."


    Gemma Moore on Twitter: "He is showing why he is a champ now, Djokovic."

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 5-4 Djokovic*

    Oh. Murray's forehand falters twice for 0-30. A ripple of nervous energy makes its way around Arthur Ashe before silence decends. A third forehand into the net from Murray presents Djokovic with three break points and the Serbian breaks back after a Murray forehand, assisted by the wind, bounces long.


    Sahil Oberoi on Twitter: "Just shows how vital the first set was, Murray now believes his moment has arrived, his first major beckons!"

    Tim Postle on Twitter: "Murray is like the Phil Mickelson of tennis. Best never to win a major.... until he starts winning loads of 'em."

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 5-3 Djokovic

    A change of racquet for Murray as his overworked strings decide they've had enough. The Wimbledon finalist's new equipment aren't needed when Djokovic sends down a crackerjack of an ace and it's a comfortable hold for the reigning champion, forcing Murray to serve for the set.

  67. 2315: 

    Without meaning to distract you from our live text commentary, Judy Murray has been writing for the LTA website and her latest blog from New York is worth a read. You can follow updates on all things to do with tennis in the UK via @britishtennis on Twitter.

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 5-2 Djokovic*

    Sublime serving from the Olympic champion who romps home to hold to love.


    Mark Lambert on Twitter:"Greg Rusedski won SPOTY in 97 for a US Open final. Murray could win US, 2012 gold and Wimbledon final and not make top 3. The 90s were awful."

    Stephen Fry on Twitter: "Cut could cut the tension with a … with a Black & Decker tension cutter. #USOpen Come on on Andy!"

    Other tension cutters are available

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "That was a much better game from Djokovic and it looks like he's back in his mindset. There's no easy route against Murray and Djokovic looks like he realises that again after going missing for 15 minutes or so. Murray is now under a little bit of pressure to hold in this game."

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 4-2 Djokovic

    A net cord bounces kindly for the 25-year-old Scot and Murray pounces like a tiger to hit a sumptuous winning forehand down the line for 0-15. Impeccable defending from Murray, who seems to have the stamina to fetch and retrieve all day long. Break point Murray after a wayward Djokovic forehand. A booming serve comes to the defending champion's rescue and he negotiates his way out of danger with a lovely passing shot.

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 4-1 Djokovic*

    I hope the local supermarket in Dunblane is well stocked in bottles of fizzy wine from a certain French region. Oh, I typed too soon. Djokovic races ahead and earns two break-back points and Murray responds by spooning a backhand into the tramlines. Djokovic couldn't, could he?


    Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 live at Flushing Meadows: "Djokovic hasn't connected his feet to his head yet. All credit to Andy Murray, but Novak is not playing the tennis he is capable of playing."

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) 4-0 Djokovic

    No other player has won as many matches as Djokovic this year, but the Serb is faced with a daunting task on a balmy evening in New York. The frazzled Serb awards two easy points to Murray for 0-30 and a crazy forehand goes long by some distance to gift Murray with two break points. Djokovic is facing a mirror image of himself and the Murray defence is proving to be impenetrable. The Serb lashes another forehand long and it's a double break for Murray. Maybe, just maybe this is Murray's day.

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "It's amazing to me that a player like Djokovic - with the season he had last year - can let losing the first set have this sort of affect on the second. It's staggering. Murray is being professional, getting the balls back dead and Djokovic has blown a fuse."

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 3-0 Djokovic*

    I think this is as apt a time as any to tell you Murray is just the second British player to reach consecutive Grand Slam finals in the open era - the other being Ann Jones (Roland Garros and Wimbledon in 1969). The Scot, aggressive and patient, dominating his opponent and forcing Djokovic into making uncharacteristic errors. The Djokovic backhand continues to malfunction and it's an easy peasy lemon squeezy hold to 15 for Murray.


    Andy Murray's former coach Brad Gilbert on Twitter: "This is a great opportunity - put the metal to the petal - take the belief away from Djoker - give the Dr what he ordered - straight sets."


    Joe in Tottenham via text on 81111: "87 minute first set, that's almost an entire football match with 22 players and a 15+ minute break."

    Rob in Bourne via text on 81111: "If it was 5 sets of that quality and Andy won I would die a happy man."

    Kenny in Manchester via text on 81111: "I'm a teacher, good job my first class is at 1pm tomorrow rather than 9am, could be a long night! Wouldn't look good falling asleep in front of my class! Its usually the other way around!"

    *Murray 6-6 (12-10) 2-0 Djokovic

    Is the Serbian getting a little hot under the collar? The second seed presents Murray with triple break points as he nets a backhand, and another clumsy backhand nudges Murray further ahead.


    Gary Lineker on Twitter: "Sport of the highest quality. Andy takes the first set. Murrayvellous!!"

    Jake Humphrey on Twitter: "Yes!!!! First set to Andy!! That was tense. Who else is inspired to spring out of bed and go find a court..?!?"

    Murray 7-6 (12-10) 1-0 Djokovic*

    Phew. After one hour and 27 minutes Murray has the first set in the bag. I hear the sound of chickens being counted and eggs being hatched so perhaps I should add a little gloom to proceedings by mentioning that the British number one did clinch the first set in the Wimbledon final before eventually losing in four to world number one Roger Federer. Back to business and the Murray forehand is proving to be a potent weapon as he holds to 15.


    Joe Benson on Twitter: "Tennis is unreal. What a start! 1hr 27 mins, incredible!"

    Sukhraj Hayer on Twitter: "If Novak wants to win this match, he needs to sort out his footwork on the baseline. Looks off balance half the time."

    British player Oliver Golding on Twitter: "So big from Muzza! Time to put Djoko to bed now! Surely has the momentum after winning that tie-break! #comeonandy"

    New York Times sports correspondent Christopher Clarey on Twitter: "Not quite Borg-McEnroe #Wimbledon tiebreak material but Murray takes it and we are now on a 7 1/2 hour pace for five sets."

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "During the tie-break I was thinking 'who is this most important to' and felt if Murray could win it then Djokovic - mentally and physically after playing his semi-final on Sunday - might struggle to come back. For Murray to come through in those conditions, he's obviously favourite to win this final."

    *Murray 7-6 (12-10) Djokovic

    First blow Djokovic as he races to the net, forcing an under-pressure Murray to prematurely end a 24-shot rally by sending a backhand pass into the barrier for mini-break at 2-0. The crowd applaud - and it's a fist pump from Mr Connery - as Murray delicately places a volley into no man's land to level at 2-2. The spectators are then whipped into a frenzy as the duo embark on another marathon rally, with the Serbian this time the victor as Murray chops a volley long.

    There's a wonderful ebb and flow to the tie-break until Murray earns a set point when Djokovic, at full stretch, nets a backhand. Danger averted - but it's a momentary reprieve for the Serb as his backhand once again falters to present Murray with a second set point, which the Scot squanders by plonking a simple backhand into the tape. Third set point Murray... and Djokovic once again holds strong when Murray sends a looping forehand into the tramlines at 8-8. Who will blink first? I have no idea but I do know my nerves are in a frazzle.

    Fourth set point Murray... "Come on, Andy," are the shouts from pockets of the stadium. Their encouragement is in vain however as Murray, with the court at his mercy, wildly biffs a forehand long. Fifth set point Murray. Blimey. Djokovic saves with a nerveless ace for 10-10. Backhand wide Djokovic... sixth set point Murray... and it's a stentorian "come on" from the Scot as a Djokovic return goes long.


    Jon in Eastleigh via text on 81111: "With these conditions, Rafa not there and not having to play Federer, plus on his best surface with the high of his gold medal... If Andy doesn't win this one I can't see a better chance any time soon."

    Murray 6-6 Djokovic*

    Marvellous! A change of tactic from the Scot as he scampers to the net, sending an acute volley beyond the onrushing Djokovic for a beautiful opening point. The third seed lets Djokovic dictate from the baseline and a lazy backhand into the net levels matters at 30-30. A 128mph ace - his first of the match - puts daylight between Murray and his nemesis, and we're into a tie-break when a Djokovic forehand can only find the tape.


    Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 live at Flushing Meadows: "The wind has died down a lot and that gives Andy the chance to get some big serves in here."

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "A key part of Murray's success recently has been how well he has controlled his emotions. He has to be careful now and stay focused."

    *Murray 5-6 Djokovic

    The third seed mutters to himself as he concedes a point for 30-0 and a confident shrill from the linesman indicates a Murray forehand has gone off radar. It's another comfortable hold to love for Djokovic who quickly heaps the pressure back on Murray's shoulders.


    Rachel Mclafferty in Leeds via text on 81111: "PLEASE Andy. Give me a happy reason for being shattered at work tomorrow!"

    Alex in Guilford via text on 81111: "Tonight was a bad night for my internet to go down. I'll just have to image what a 54 stroke rally looks like."

    Frazer in St Andrews via text on 81111: "With Sir Alex in Murray's corner, Djokovic stands no chance. Fergie time all the way until Scotland prevails."

    Murray 5-5 Djokovic*

    Djokovic gambles on the baseline as he prepares to face the Murray serve and the Serbian is looking a far more relaxed and confident figure than he did a few games ago. Murray, navy shorts fluttering in the wind to suggest there's a hefty breeze on his back, sends a picture-perfect forehand winner down the line for 30-15. Nerveless. And an overhead smash followed by an unreturnable serve wraps up the game in the Scot's favour. By the way, in the middle of that game, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson apparently took to his seat in the Murray box.


    Pat Cash on Twitter: "Interesting set so far Murray looked better early but he had to stop his usually effective slice backhand as he was missing. Djok has rhythm."

    *Murray 4-5 Djokovic

    Djokovic, winner of three titles so far this year and all on hard court, whips a forehand winner down the line to stylishly conclude a hold to love. Easy peasy. Over to you, Mr Murray.


    Susan in Edinburgh via text on 81111: "C'mon Andy. Scotland is behind you! You can do this!"

    Murray 4-4 Djokovic*

    Djokovic scampering to the net more frequently than his rival and it's proving to be a smart tactic as he eases 0-30 ahead. The Brit, this time, decides to scoot to the front of the court and the pair dance at the net, with Djokovic showing Fred Astaire-like footwork as a Murray volley drifts into the tramlines to concede three break points. Ohhs from the crowd as Murray fetches and retrieves, sending lob after lob Djokovic's way, before eventually crumbling and we're back on serve. What an opening set.

    *Murray 4-3 Djokovic

    A rip-roaring forehand winner from Djokovic ends another tantalising rally in the Serb's favour, but his opponent isn't a happy chappie as Murray was convinced an electronic beep had sounded to signify a let cord. "How can you not hear it, the machine went off," says Murray, approaching the umpire amidst a cacophony of boos. The Scot doesn't let the kafuffle distract him and drags the game to deuce, but he is unable to break the Serbian's serve for a third time in this opening set.

    Murray 4-2 Djokovic*

    Oh my! Murray, using the backhand slice to good effect, sends Djokovic lunging from tramline to tramline as they embark on a baseline slug-fest... 20 shots.. 30 shots... 40 shots... 50 shots! Someone end this rally I'm going giddy! Murray seems to be in control, but directs a seemingly straightforward forehand beyond the paint to conclude a 54-shot rally. The Scot recovers, though, and goes on to consolidate his break.


    James Grant in Aberdeen via text on 81111: "Murray is in imperious form. At this rate I see the first Scottish grand slam champion."

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "Maybe that's what Djokovic needed - smash a racquet, get the frustration out and refocus. Maybe it won't prove such a bad thing."

    *Murray 3-2 Djokovic

    Djokovic, seven days younger than his close friend across the net, is far from his loose-limbed self and once again his forehand malfunctions to gift Murray with two break points. The Serb's first serve fails to hit the target... and his second attempt bounces off the net and into the middle of the court. Djokovic meekly surrenders with a double fault and gives his racquet a good old whack as he trudges back to his chair. Oof.

    John Lloyd, former British number one on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "In these conditions volleying is very difficult. Your footwork has to be perfect. Djokovic isn't the best volleyer normally, let alone in weather like this."

    Murray 2-2 Djokovic*

    Murray's last five set match was in the semi-finals of the Australian Open against Novak Djokovic. After the nervy start these two have made in this match, it would be of no surprise if this showdown were to go the distance. Both content to remain at the back of the court as they attempt to outwit each other by the sheer force of their groundstrokes. Murray coming out on top in this game with a comfortable hold to love.


    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "There were 50 break points when these two met in Melbourne, could be similar here between great returners."

    *Murray 1-2 Djokovic

    Double fault from Djokovic - only his eighth of the tournament - and, in a blink of an eye, the Serb once again fails to get the ball over the net to present Murray with three break points. Djokovic saves two and the camera focuses on Ivan Lendl for the first time. The Czech wearing a snazzy red jumper. A confident Djokovic rescues the situation with a booming forehand into the corner followed by an overhead smash. Beautiful. Murray, though, has the Serb on his heels and a flat-footed Djokovic can only meekly send a backhand into the tape for break point number four. A tame backhand from Murray lets the second seed off the hook and the five-time Grand Slam winner eventually wriggles free.


    Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 live: "These players are so close in their games you can't really say the wind is an equaliser, but I think it favours Murray quite a bit."


    BBC tennis commentator David Law on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "The wind is doing silly things to the flight of the ball. Sat courtside three hours ago and it was a gentle breeze. A right old gale now."

    Murray 1-1 Djokovic*

    Djokovic decides to scoot to the net and it immediately pays dividends for the defending champion as he outfoxes Murray with a punchy backhanded volley for 0-15. An impatient Murray decides to finish a 20-shot rally with a rash backhand into the tramlines and the Briton's wobbling at 0-30. Steady, Andy, steady. A wild backhand from the Scot earns Djokovic three break points... a lovely backhand passing shot down the line puts Murray on the scoreboard and a menacing serve saves the second, but Murray tamely nets a backhand and we're level.


    Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "Towels blowing around, sharp gusts of wind, holding on to straw hat and Murray breaks to love first game."


    Tunde in Hackney via text on 81111: "Muzza in 4! & Sports personality of the year!! C'mon Son!!"

    Mark in Horndean via text on 81111: "Could there be a Murricane tonight?"

    Colin in west Lancashire via text on 81111: "Win or lose I already consider Murray one of the greats of the current era, 5 grand slam finals, Olympic gold, 8 masters titles, he has already done more than enough to make Britain proud, this would just be icing on cake."

    *Murray 1-0 Djokovic

    Apparently Murray opted to receive first. Interesting. Plenty of empty seats on Arthur Ashe at the moment, I hope those absent ticket holders scoot to their chairs soon. A net cord favours Murray and the advancing Scot sends a deep volley towards the Serb's feet and Djokovic's riposte sails beyond the baseline for 0-30. Another looping forehand from the off-balance Djokovic bounces long and Murray has pocketed three break points. It's the wind, my friends, the wind. The pair embark on a lengthy baseline battle and Djokovic... directs another forehand into the tramlines!


    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "Gaps in the stands - clearly not everyone has been able to bunk off Monday afternoon work at short notice."

  112. 2109: 

    Murray, guaranteed to jump to number three in the world regardless of what happens in the next few hours, limbering up those muscles. "Come on Murray," shouts a lone voice from the upper levels of the stadium. The Scot has opted for a white T-shirt and navy shorts combo while his opponent is donning deep sea blue tee and shorts. Both impeccably pristine. Both have now been called to bring their warm-up to a halt. Oh my, we're nearly under way.


    Lucy Johnstone on Twitter: "Never been so nervous for a final. Feel like this is his best chance yet - c'mon Muzza!"

    Ryan Heatly on Twitter: "If Andy can stick to his own game and not worry about Djokovic playing any mind games, we may see him finally do it."

    Owen Lee on Twitter: "There were 829,000 Murray tweets in the middle weekend of the Olympics. Why do I think that figure could be smashed tonight?"

    Ian Hyde on Twitter: "Can't help but think Murray's got to do this in 3. Novak loves a five setter."

    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "Sitting down by courtside - it really is pretty blustery, enough to be a factor. Not warm either."

  114. 2103: 

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the players for the 2012 US Open men's final match," bellows the stadium announcer. The players trot onto their stage to find half the audience have decided to make a late entrance. Half price hot dogs being sold somewhere in the concourse probably. A fairly talkative Murray, more chatty than you'd expect at this stage, looked relaxed during his pre-match interview. Djokovic, too, cut a laid-back figure.

    "I've been playing really well through the whole tournament," said the second seed. "Hopefully I can deliver my best game today. Very few points, very few details, will decide the winner so let's have a good match." Let's indeed, Novak. Let's indeed.


    Christian Smith on Twitter: "Djoko WILL NOT COPE with the murray backhand and serve. Andy WILL get a lot of returns in play. Believes he has the right to win."

    Oasis on Twitter: "Murray in 3/4 sets, if it goes to 5, I can't see him beating the Djock."


    Sukhraj Hayer on Twitter: "Murray's extra day rest will mean nothing. Novak is the fittest athlete in tennis & never has struggled with injuries."

    Ben Snowball on Twitter: "How am I meant to choose a BBC Sports Personality of the Year if Murray wins tonight?? It's hard enough already..."

  117. 2057: 

    My colleague David Ornstein has been chatting with Murray's former coach Miles Maclagan. "He's going to need to be prepared to leave blood and sweat on the court," said Maclagan. "They are two of the best athletes in the game and there's no easy way through either of them. If Andy keeps knocking at the door he's going to break through eventually, but logically you have to say Djokovic is the favourite."

  118. 2054: 

    Ten minutes until the players will get the call to leave the locker room. [Takes deep breath to stop hyperventilating.] The cameras have already captured Mr Bond, Sean Connery, making his way through a throng of photographers while fellow thespian Patrick Stewart is also there. A trumpeter currently playing a melodic tune on Arthur Ashe Stadium. It's like being in Greenwich Village.

    Jonathan Overend, BBC tennis correspondent at Flushing Meadows

    "Crowd coming in very slowly. They need to get here quickly, players are coming out just before 4pm local."

  120. 2049:  
    John McEnroe, four-time US Open champion on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "It could boil down to who's got more nerve. Murray has shown he has the nerve by winning the Olympics, while Djokovic has lifted his level in the last couple years and wants to be an all-time great.

    "Today we'll see if [Murray's coach] Ivan Lendl has mad a difference. It'll be huge. Whoever wins this could finish the year as the number one player.

    "In the past with the top three players, Murray has been passive and negative. The negativity is out of his repertoire - he's not yelling at his support team anymore - and he's more aggressive, the serve and forehand has improved. He's fitter than ever."


    Aben Odyuo on Twitter: "Murray don't disappoint us... I 'm still awake waiting for your match... in India #bbctennis."

    Ben Snowball on Twitter: "How am I meant to choose a BBC Sports Personality of the Year if Murray wins tonight?? It's hard enough already..."

    Siddharth Vinay on Twitter: "What an end to this British summer of sport if Murray finishes off his childhood friend in an EPIC 5 set US Open final."

  122. 2046: 

    I suppose you'd like to know about how these two tennis behemoths have fared in past meetings. Ok then. Here goes: Djokovic, bidding for a sixth major title, has beaten Murray in eight of their 14 matches, but the pair are tied at two wins apiece in this year's encounters.

    Djokovic, competing in his third consecutive final at Flushing Meadows, convincingly beat the Briton at last year's Australian Open - their only Grand Slam final match - although Murray gained revenge by defeating the second seed 7-5 7-5 in this summer's Olympic semi-final.


    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "Come on Muzza!"

    British doubles player Colin Fleming on Twitter: "Assumed the position on the sofa for the big final. Wind could play a factor but whatever happens...COME ON ANDY!"

  124. 2040: 

    "It's a Grand Slam final, we're both playing for glory and the trophy. We both have a lot of motivation to make success and win.

    "He's my great friend off the court but on court, but we're professional and want to win.

    "With Ivan and his team, has has been more aggressive and feels different, especially from the forehand side.

    "Winning gold in London brought lot of confidence that he can actually win the big matches. There's no clear favourite, hopefully we will come up with our best games."


    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "Those of us who've witnessed Andy Murray's fanatical dedication over years know that if he does it tonight title will be richly deserved."

    BBC tennis commentator David Law at Flushing Meadows: "The wind is buffeting the red carpet on the court. It's going to be a challenge out there."

  126. 2037: 

    A confident Murray is not too daunted at the task before him tonight, and why should he be - he's got James Bond in his corner. The 25-year-old, seven days older than his opponent, says winning gold at the Olympics has given him the confidence to win a Grand Slam title.

    "Winning against him in the Olympic semi-final was a big win for me," said Murray, who beat Djokovic 7-5 7-5 on his way to gold. "Winning the Olympics did, for me, take a bit of the pressure off. I maybe had less doubts about myself and my place in the game just now. But winning a major is the last thing that I really want to achieve."


    Clare Sharrock on Twitter: "Murray, all the best in the US Open. You've inspired so many this summer with your sheer determination & spirit of willpower."

    Travis on Twitter: "I hate to sound so sceptical, but I think the term "now or never" applies to Andy Murray's grand slam bid today..."

    Michael Leafe on Twitter: "Gonna sit and watch Andy Murray. I know nothing about tennis really, but I quite fancy him here after Wimbledon and the Olympics."

    Rich Hook on Twitter: "Don't wanna tempt fate but on a day celebrating greatness of GB sport surely its destiny Andy Murray wins a 1st major?"

  128. 2035:  
    John McEnroe, four-time US Open champion on 5 live at Flushing Meadows

    "In Australia they went five hours and this will be a real battle. Murray might have a little edge with the day off but Djokovic made light work of Ferrer.

    "My initial pick was Djokovic over Murray in the final but I'm not sure now. I picked Djokovic at beginning, he had more belief then Murray. But that's what Lendl was hired for.

    "This moment is a crucial moment in Murray's career. Either he turns the corner or it will be a really, really tough one to swallow. If he wins he will become a whole new player. He will feel different.

    "The Olympics will have helped but he's got to get that Slam. This is bigger for him than the Olympics. This will take him to a whole new level if he can pull it off."

  129. 2033: 

    There's hardly a cloud in the sky in the Big Apple. Lucky ticket holders are slowly making their way into the giant stadium, some in shades to keep the piercing sunshine from their eyes. But there's a bit of a breeze swirling around Queens, which could be in Murray's favour considering the trouble Djokovic had dealing with the elements in the first set of his semi-final against David Ferrer.

  130. 2026: 

    For history to repeat itself, and for Murray to lay the ghost of Perry to rest, the man from Dunblane must conquer the defending champion, a five-time Grand Slam winner, the favourite and a man who has not lost in a hard-court match at a major tournament since the US Open final in 2010. That's a 27-match winning streak for a player who is bidding to win his fourth straight hard court Grand Slam.


    Evening Standard's Chris Jones on Twitter: "Sir Alex Ferguson will be in Murray's player's box for the final."

  132. 2022: 

    If you're a fan of the British number one and have been searching all afternoon for a good omen then I think you may need to take a seat before reading what I'm about to type. Seventy-nine years ago, on 10 September, Fred Perry, seeded third, won the US National Championships to secure his inaugural Grand Slam win. In glorious sunshine, the Brit beat the second seed Jack Crawford, the then reigning Australian Open champion. Today, on 10 September, Andy Murray, the third seed... need I go on?


    Irvine Welsh on Twitter: "Andy didn't panic v Raonic. Showed he could kill it v Cliic. Got the verdict over big Tam Berwych. Now let's see if he can rock the Djok."


    "It's been a great tournament for me, and the last few months as well. It would be nice to finish on a high but it will be a tough, tough match today.

    "I stayed in [last night] and watched Wedding Crashers - it's one of my favourite movies - played a bit of Scrabble and had an early night.

    "It feels much different to [2008, when Murray lost to Federer in the US Open final]. That final was a great experience but it passed me by quickly and I actually can't remember much about it. I'm much more prepared this time."


    "Novak is in good shape and I'm sure we'll have a great match. Every time you have a big win, or play top players, it helps and winning against him [Djokovic, in the Olympic semi-finals] helps.

    "I will play game, I have good tactics, a good team around me and I've done everything. It's up to me to play my best.

    "He [coach Ivan Lendl] lost a few US Open finals, so he knows what it's like. His record here is incredible and to have him around in moments like these is very important. I hope that will help me today."


    Alan Short on Twitter: "Goodluck to Murray for his final. Has always had the talent to win a slam now he seems to have the confidence too."

    Jack Finnamore on Twitter: "Come on Andy, this is your time. Time to become a legend."

    Sean Sutton on Twitter: "Sorry to spoil the expectant atmosphere, but I see a straight sets win for Djokovic."

  137. 2012: 

    Live coverage has begun on BBC Radio 5 live and John Lloyd has hot-footed it over from Los Angeles to New York and is chatting with Mats Wilander and Colin Murray as part of the pre-bout build-up. Why not listen to the trio nattering about all things tennis while also reading the live text commentary. Multi-tasking at its finest.


    Daily Mail's Mike Dickson on Twitter: "Low humidity and brisk wind = ball will be a bit livelier in US Open final, suits Murray. Problem: Djoko so good on hard courts."

  139. 2007: 

    Welcome and thank you for joining our live text commentary of the men's US Open final. In the next few hours we will either witness Andy Murray clinch his first Grand Slam, becoming the first British man since you know who to win a major tennis tournament, or we will be helpless spectators as the British number one loses a fifth major final. Will Novak Djokovic have the temerity to dampen the mood of a frenzied nation and ruin the dreams of his childhood friend? He'll try his best.


    Dennis Peter45 on Twitter: "The match will be close but I can only see one winner. #Djokovic in 4 sets in an EPIC match."

    Ian Hyde on Twitter: "Got a feeling tonight's Murray's night. Round off the summer in style."

    Stephen Hay on Twitter: "Come on Andy! Don't waste the the time of SSC and SAF."

  141. 2000: 

    Thousands of people crammed the streets of London this afternoon, painting the city in red, white and blue, wildly waving their bunting to celebrate, to bid farewell, to appreciate a gloriously wonderful sporting summer. The jamboree is not over yet however. No siree. Because, across the Atlantic, in the city that never sleeps, the British summer of sport continues.

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Andy Murray wins the US Open

Andy Murray Murray wins historic first major

Andy Murray ends Britain's 76-year wait for a male Grand Slam singles champion with victory over Novak Djokovic in the US Open final.