Andy Murray v Tomas Berdych in US Open semi-finals as it happened

Andy Murray comes from a set down to outclass Tomas Berdych and reach the second US Open final of his career.

8 September 2012 Last updated at 22:54

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As it happened

  1. 2144: 

    David Ferrer's semi-final against defending champion Novak Djokovic has just started but unfortunately we must bring today's live text commentary to an end. The match report on Murray's four-set victory over the big serving Tomas Berdych is already up on this website. Thanks, as ever, for your texts and tweets and don't forget to join us tomorrow for the men's and women's final. Cheerio for now.


    BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on Twitter: "Biggest cheer of the night so far in the Olympic Stadium is for Andy Murray. The announcement is followed by Don't Stop Me Now by Queen."


    BBC Sport's tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend on Twitter: "Live tennis now on 5 Live Sports Extra. Djokovic v Ferrer."

  4. 2137: 

    British number one Andy Murray: "It was brutal. It's hard to describe. You had to focus for every single point, get in the right positions for every shot. The ball was moving, stopping, there were chairs flying. It was hard to serve, I was just trying to get balls in. They were some of the hardest conditions I've ever played in and I come from Scotland, so that's saying something.

    "It's a quick turnaround for the next round, you don't have an extra day to recover. I'll have to do all right stuff tonight and make sure I'm in the right shape tomorrow. I hope so [I will win the title]. You can never say for sure and I know how tough these tournaments are to win. Novak [Djokovic] and David [Ferrer] are very tough opponents. Anything can happen in these conditions but I'll give it everything I have."

  5. 2136: 

    That's Murray through to a fifth Grand Slam final. There's no need to remind anyone that he will become the first player in the Open Era to lose five major finals should he fail to topple either Novak Djokovic or David Ferrer, but there's no need for such pessimism at this stage.


    Fraser MacLeod on Twitter: "Andy's fifth grand slam final, Lendl only won his first in his fifth final...Surely it's fate?"

    Richard on Twitter: "Well played Andy Murray. This young man has come of age. Let's hope he can now win the final"


    Jon in Eastleigh on 81111: "If Murray wins the US Open to go along with his gold and a Wimbledon final will we have a five way SPOTY with him, Farah, Ennis, Wiggo and Hoy?"


    Karl Buckton on Twitter: "Too much people delusional here. Djokovic's tournament to win. Patriotism blinds much."

    Iain Smith on Twitter: "Vamos @Andy_Murray #usopen final 2012 and no. 3 in the world again."

    Pavan Gill on Twitter: "Get In Murray! First time I really feel he could win a grand slam final."

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 6-7 (7-9) Murray

    Lovely improvisation from Berdych sees him eke a mini-break. A manic roar from Murray as a net cord goes Berdych's way for 4-1 and a ripple of unease envelopes the stadium. Wild cheers for a second serve ace from Berdych for 5-2. Murray - grimacing, snarling, scowling - levels at 5-5 thanks to a fabulous return. Set point Berdych, but Murray's nerves are made of granite as a forehand, followed by a backhand winner, bamboozles Berdych. The Czech attempts to vary play by scampering to the net, but a backhand volley drifts long and it's MATCH POINT Murray. The sixth seed produces an ace from his box of tricks to rescue the situation, but it's a temporary reprieve as the Scot earns a second match point and he secures his place in the final when a wonderful match is brought to a conclusion with a wayward Berdych forehand.

    Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 6-6 Murray*

    Berdych holding on and a rip-roaring serve out to the wings, which Murray can only frame, takes him to 40-15. The duo tango at the net, and Murray outwits his opponent with a rasping forehand volley. But a cool ace ensures the fourth set will be decided by a tie-break. Oh my giddy aunt.


    Stuart McKee on Twitter: "Lendl effect working for Andy - close it out then take Djoko apart!"

    *Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 5-6 Murray

    All eyes are soon back on Berdych as a deep backhand volley has Berdych chasing shadows and it's a comfortable hold to love for the third seed. That's how you handle pressure.

    Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 5-5 Murray*

    Whistles and screams of encouragement from the spectators for Berdych. A beautiful Murray backhand forces the sixth seed to net his reply for 15-15. A guttural roar from the Scot as another backhand winner - his ninth of the match - takes him to within two points of securing the match. The towering Berdych advances to the net, though, for an overhead smash and two booming serves, both above 130mph, puts the pressure back on Murray.

    *Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 4-5 Murray

    "Come on," Murray tells himself as a forehand clumsily finds the tape to allow Berdych on the scoreboard. The future Mrs Murray (if you believe everything you read in the papers) is on the edge of her seat, and she'll be watching the match the through lattice of her fingers if her beau carries on in this fashion. The Scot allows Berdych to nick another point before the Czech falters from the baseline. And Kim can breath easily once more as Murray is a game away from reaching the final...

    Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 4-4 Murray*

    Berdych giving the ball a good old wallop and he's back in contention after a sluggish couple of sets. His serve is on song and a tame Murray forehand followed by another wayward return allows the 26-year-old to restore parity. Oof it's tense.


    Stephanie Siu on Twitter: "The wind at the US Open is just incredible? Anyone for swingball?"

    *Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 3-4 Murray

    It was a temporary blip from Murray as Berdych merely wins the one point on the Scot's serve, a driving forehand winner as good as it gets for the Czech in increasingly difficult conditions.


    Terri Swan in Sussex: "Pleaseeeee stay in the zone Murray, don't go walkabout."

    Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 3-3 Murray*

    The wind causing havoc with the Berdych serve as one of his bullets sails into the advertising boards at the back of the court. The world number seven still manages to hold to love, though, and it's even stevens. Anyone fancy five sets?


    Jonny Glengormley via text on 81111: "As a Liverpool fan, any chance of giving Ivan Lendl the job as head coach? He's changed Andy so much. I think Liverpool will be Premier League and European champs in 2 years!!"

    *Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 2-3 Murray

    Oh la la! A Berdych return into the corner sends Murray lunging for the ball in vain and, in a blink of an eye, the sixth seed has three break points. The onrushing Berdych agonisingly pushes a forehand Into the tramlines. One saved. The Czech then ends a lengthy rally by sending a backhand wide. Two saved. The sun retreats into the clouds, as if it can't bear to look, and suddenly everyone sits up in their chairs as Murray meekly nets a backhand. We're back on serve.


    Steve Jeffery on Twitter: "Urge everyone to watch Murrays movement on court at the moment. Unbelievable!"

    Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 1-3 Murray*

    Murray, the only British man (in the Open era) to have reached multiple Grand Slam finals, tantalisingly close to reaching his fifth major final. The world number seven is a shadow of the man who troubled Murray in the opening set. The Berdych forehand faltering like a broken down windmill and Murray, gambolling on the baseline like a heavyweight boxer, has two break points in the bag. Berdych, however, finds the corner with a thumping forehand for deuce, but his forehand turns from friend to foe once again, presenting Murray with a third break point. An ace - Berdych's third of the match - followed by a tame Murray backhand ensures Berdych eventually holds.

    *Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 0-3 Murray

    Murray holds to 15 and saunters back to his chair for the changeover quicker than I can type Andy Murray holds. Blistering serving from the Scot.

    Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 0-2 Murray*

    Murray hasn't played a five setter since his semi-final defeat by eventual champion Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open in January and it seems unlikely that he'll have to go the distance tonight in New York. The Scot's efforts are rewarded with two break points, although the former Wimbledon finalist forces the game to deuce thanks to elegant net play. It's a third break point to Murray when replays show Berdych's forehand missed the paint by 0.00001 millimetres (approximately). The Scot fails to take advantage, but is given a fourth bite at the apple before grabbing his chance with a fifth break point.

    *Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 0-1 Murray

    Just as the guy in charge of the public address system was making plans to look for his Jaws soundtrack CD, Berdych reins Murray in from 40-0 to deuce, a marvellous overhead smash the highlight of the Czech's repertoire. Murray, though, is a cool customer and saunters home.


    James Grant in Edinburgh via text on 81111: "Murray is in majestic form, you can only wonder if the incoming weather is going to play into his hands for the second semi final. This is you moment Murray."

    Val via text on 81111: "Andy is dangerous when he gets into his rhythm. He's had a great summer and he's doing Scotland proud."


    Andrew Stevenson on Twitter: "Looks like it will be 2 slam finals in one year for Murray! Remember the days where 1st week of a Slam were troubling times?"

    Jamie Batten on Twitter: "Murray is now the fittest player on tour and it shows. He can run, work and manoeuvre anybody off the court, even Djok and Ferrer."

    Ian Penford on Twitter: "This is a 'gusty' performance by Murray, 'blowing' Berdych away by throwing caution to the wind. Andy 'breezing' into the final."

    GAME AND THIRD SET- Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-6 Murray*

    A defensive backhand from Berdych drops beyond the paint, gifting Murray set point. A venomous serve into the wings is followed up with a delicately placed forehand winner to rescue Berdych, but it's only a temporary reprieve as a lazy forehand trickles into the net for a second set point to Murray. A shrill from a line judge indicates another Berdych forehand has sailed long - third set point Murray, but the 25-year-old squanders a hat-trick of opportunities. Murray teases his opponent with a number of sliced backhands before conjuring a forehand winner for a fourth set point. Danger averted until the Scot earns a fifth set point... and a rash Berdych forehand edges Murray closer to the final.

    *Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-5 Murray

    An empty packet of crisps is blown onto the court and temporarily delays proceedings. All that's needed to add to the farcical scenes is a deck chair from Coney Island to topple onto Arthur Ashe. It's only Murray's wavy mop which is being ruffled by the conditions, however, as it's another perfect service game from the 25-year-old Brit who has won 100% of points on his serve so far in this set.

    Berdych 7-5 2-6 1-4 Murray*

    Hoorah! Berdych is on the scoreboard, denying Murray the chance of a third set bagel. The Berdych serve is a delicate weapon, though, a double fault at 30-0 giving the Scot a whiff of a chance.

    *Berdych 7-5 2-6 0-4 Murray

    Fortune favours Murray when a sliced backhand trickles over the net and the Czech is struggling with his groundstrokes as another return bounces beyond the baseline - so off target was his return that it hit an advertising board at the back of the court - to present Murray with another easy peasy hold to love.


    Shohidur Rahman ‏on Twitter: "Berdych just looks worn out. Murray has sent him all over the court and the fatigue is starting to show."

    Rich Linfield on Twitter: "Murray has created a great illusion that he is playing in normal conditions, Berdych can't handle him!"


    Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "Staggering play from Andy there. Retrieving, bending, slicing, breaking."

    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "Murray always had a great tennis brain, works things out on the go. Big factor + unbelievable gets."

    Berdych 7-5 2-6 0-3 Murray*

    Murray, hoping to become the first man to win the US Open and Olympic singles gold, screams in frustration as he allows Berdych to race ahead at 30-0 and, inevitably, the camera goes in search of coach Lendl, who is motionless and wearing shades. The Scot reins in Berdych at 30-30 and, with the footwork of a ballerina, forces the game to deuce with an incredible dipping backhand winner down the line. Break point Murray and the Scot, using slice to good effect, secures a double break when Berdych sends a looping forehand into the tramlines.

  36. 1940: 

    Britain's Liam Broady is through to the boys' singles final with a 6-1 6-1 victory over Japanese eighth seed Kaichi Uchida. In Sunday's final he will play Canadian second seed Filip Peliwo after he beats Yoshihito Nishioka 6-4 6-0.

    *Berdych 7-5 2-6 0-2 Murray

    The sparkling Scot has yet to drop a point in the third set, holding to love for a rip-roaring start.

    Berdych 7-5 2-6 0-1 Murray*

    Berdych quickly finds himself trailing 0-30. The stooping Czech awards Murray three break points when he fails to keep his backhand on target and the 26-year-old, as rusty as an old tin can at the moment, gifts his opponent an early break.

    GAME AND SECOND SET- *Berdych 7-5 2-6 Murray

    Wowzers. A gust topples a chair over into the court while Murray is serving. Laughter from the umpire, spectators and players at the farcical scene. If Noel Coward had written scripts for tennis matches... Bravo! Magnificent effort from Berdych, who follows a delicate backhand with a devilish forehand, full of top spin and menace, for 30-15. The British number one levels the match, though, and we're all square. Make yourselves comfortable, we could be set for a long evening.


    Mike via text on 81111: "Murray's brain gets in the way of his skills... had hoped Ivan the terrible could have sorted that.. no other tennis coach could have."

    Berdych 7-5 2-5 Murray*

    Berdych playing like a slug who was once merrily slithering along, chomping on blooming foliage, before coming a cropper after being duped into drinking some liquor and is now all over the place. (Disclaimer: I'm not saying Berdych has been drinking liquor. I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say.) Murray forces the Czech to deuce, but the Scot must serve for the set.


    Andy Murray's former coach Brad Gilbert on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "This is just what the doctor ordered for the Muzzard a quick set and I expect him to take this in 4sets, AM has more variety and better feet."

  43. 1920: 

    British 13th seed Liam Broady takes the first set of his US Open boys' singles semi-final against Japanese eighth seed Kaichi Uchida, and is a break up in the second. The winner will play second seed Filip Peliwo or Yoshihito Nishioka in Sunday's showpiece, with Peliwo leading by a set and a break.


    Pat Cash on Twitter: "Murray settling down but it's gonna be one of those scrappy matches in tough conditions."

    *Berdych 7-5 1-5 Murray

    Take a seat and I shall pen you a fact: In the Open era only two Czech men have reached more Grand Slam semi-finals than Berdych (Kodes six and Lendl 28). Back to the action, a wobble from Murray at 0-30, but he wriggles free from the clutches of the man from Valasske Mezirici, and a pin-point forehand winner sees the Scot romp home.

    Berdych 7-5 1-4 Murray*

    Cheers from the spectators when one of their fellow patrons grabs a plastic bag which had been floating in the air like a delicate feather. On the court, a Murray drop shot forces Berdych to the net and with the Czech in mid-court, the Scot unleashes a beautiful passing shot beyond his stranded opponent. Warm applause from the crowd after that exchange but, remember, they did go a little barmy at the capture of a plastic bag. Oh! Double fault Berdych. Break point. Ace and danger is averted. Second break point Murray... and a net cord goes the third seed's way. Murray galloping towards the second set finishing line.


    Vicki Halsall via text on 81111: "Murray already playing like a changed man in this second set. Seems to always take him a set to properly get into the game."

    Laurence in London via text on 81111: "Murray certainly likes to do things the hard way."


    Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "Should Murray win this set (and I'm not say he will) USO must surely consider Djoko v Ferrer on Armstrong. Severe storms on way around 6pm."

    Josh Cannon on Twitter: "This wind really is ruining the match. Not a real reflection of ability at times."

    *Berdych 7-5 1-3 Murray

    The wind messing with Murray's hair but not his serve. An 88mph ace from the Brit, the ball moving in the air like a James Anderson swinger, then an angled forehand winner, which grazes the line, concludes an impressive service game.

  50. 1858: 

    It's also semi-finals day in the junior event and British 13th seed Liam Broady is serving for a 5-1 lead in the opening set against Japanese eighth seed Kaichi Uchida. The winner will play Yoshihito Nishioka or second seed Filip Peliwo - who are on serve in the first set of their semi-final - in Sunday's showpiece.

    Berdych 7-5 1-2 Murray*

    Questions being asked in the office about Berdych's goatee. I have no opinion on the matter as the sixth seed is much bigger than me and much better at tennis than me. Is he better than Murray? Not on paper but the Czech finds his groove after his opening game lapse, holding to 30.


    Caroline Wozniacki on Twitter: "Tough conditions out there with the wind for Murray and Berdych.. Have a feeling it might be a long match!"

    *Berdych 7-5 0-2 Murray

    In a blink of an eye, the Scot eases to 40-0 and a fabulous forehand grazes the paint and consolidates the British number one's early break.

    Berdych 7-5 0-1 Murray*

    There's always a bump or two in the road if you're Andy Murray at a Grand Slam and more often than not he eventually negotiates the hazards which come his way. It looks like an October afternoon in Scarborough on Ashe at the moment, the players' shirts fluttering in the strong breeze. Brilliant from Murray! His deliciously delicate backhand volley from his shoelaces earns him triple break points and, importantly, applause from the Scot's other half, Kim, who is looking resplendent in yellow. Berdych saves one break point but he can do little to prevent Murray from grabbing the initiative.


    Greg Edwards on Twitter: "Murray playing too many squash shots. Needs to hit through his forehand to cause Berdych any trouble."

    GAME AND FIRST SET - *Berdych 7-5 Murray

    The clock shows one hour and 12 minutes have elapsed since this match began. The conditions frustrating both players as Berdych frames the fluffy yellow ball which is swirling in the air like a ping-pong ball. Berdych comes to terms with his early error though and ratchets double set points, which he takes with a delightful winner. First strike Berdych.

    Berdych 6-5 Murray*

    Murray whacks his racquet to the ground in disgust as he lets Berdych, who was being sent from tramline to tramline, off the hook. A Murray forehand then fails to land inside the court and it's a straightforward hold for the man who is looking to become just the third Czech man to reach the final at Flushing Meadows.


    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "Impressed with how few errors Berdych has made in close to unplayable wind. Muz digs out hold for 5-5. 67 mins on clock."

    *Berdych 5-5 Murray

    Tread carefully, Andrew, tread carefully. The crowd suddenly come to life when Murray, running towards the tape with the court at his mercy, fails to pop a straightforward volley back towards his opponent. At 0-30 it's tense, but the pendulum swings back in the Brit's favour and a menacing serve forces Berdych to send his return long. He holds. Phew, say the Murray fans in our office.

    Berdych 5-4 Murray*

    The 6ft 5in Czech, aiming to reach his first US Open final, looks to be sauntering down a street named easy when 40-0 ahead, but a double fault followed by an errant backhand volley gives Murray a sniff... but a sniff is all the Scot gets as Berdych forces his opponent to serve to stay in the set.

    *Berdych 4-4 Murray

    The pair exchange blows from the baseline before Murray drags his rival towards the net, which proves to be an error as the Czech takes control and sends the Scot scampering hither and tither before levelling at 30-30. The drop shot isn't proving effective for Murray and once again a poor choice of shot allows the Czech to drag the game to deuce. Murray, unfazed, remains calm and commands the net, patting an easy volley beyond a bedragled Berdych.


    Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "So, so hard to do anything that would normally come naturally in this wind. It is playing havoc more with Murray than The Berd at the moment."

    Berdych 4-3 Murray*

    Murray has a peek at 30-30 only for a clumsy forehand to ruin his hopes of a break point. A glimmer of light once again when the Berdych forehand malfunctions for deuce, but the Czech slams the door in the Scot's face - or Murray closes the door himself, you could say, with a poorly executed sliced backhand.

    In other news, the women's final (originally scheduled for Saturday night) has been postponed until Sunday. "The weather forecast for this evening is calling for storms with heavy rain and high winds," says a tournament spokesman. The time of the final has yet to be announced so we'll let you know when we know.


    Ian in Buxton via text on 81111: "I'm Worried that Murray is going to overplay the cat and mouse slice tennis. Berdych may miss a few balls in the wind but still think Murray needs to take the initiative where he can."

    James in Edinburgh via text on 81111: "To be perfectly honest I cannot see Berdych coping with the variation in Murray's game on a still day. So on a windy day like today Berdych will never really get into the flow of the match."


    Andy Murray's former coach Brad Gilbert on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "The tricky thing now about the conditions when the sun peeks out very warm and the wind is swirling and getting worse."

    *Berdych 3-3 Murray

    Berdych whispers something to his opponent as the players swap ends. I'm not sure what was said but I'm assuming it would be advice on how to serve in such blustery conditions or a simple 'how dya do', rather than anything untoward. They are gentlemen. A double fault from Murray allows Berdych to level at 30-30, but the giant Czech's forehand is as brilliant as it is sometimes erratic and Murray, rooted to the baseline, wraps up the game with a delightful forehand winner.

    Berdych 3-2 Murray*

    An annoyed Murray whips off his cap to reveal his curly mane. The Scot fails to notch a point on the Berdych serve and it's a trouble-free hold for the sixth seed.

    *Berdych 2-2 Murray

    Play is delayed as tardy ticket holders attempt to find their seats. I suppose the latecomers are forgiven, there have been tornado warnings in New York after all. Berdych, sometimes brilliant but sometimes brittle, has the upper hand over the Scot - beating Murray in four of their previous six matches and Ivan Lendl believes the 26-year-old has the ammunition to trouble the British number one. The Czech is certainly back in this match. An erratic Murray forehand gifts Berdych break point... Murray's cap is blown off by the wind and the umpire says the point can be replayed. Boos from the crowd and the players approach the net. Oof, I think they might be ready to tussle. Both players remain calm though and restart the game, which the Czech eventually wins when a backhand lob from Murray drifts agonisingly long.


    Jack Brodsky on Twitter: "When was the last time both federer and nadal were absent from a grand slam semi?"

    The 2004 French Open


    Richard Wilson on Twitter: "It seems like the wind is making it hard for not just the players. Some expert umbrella control so far from the ball boys + girls!"

    Gozde Ozakinci on Twitter: "Hearing that there are empty seats at Arthur Ashe makes me sad! I wish I was there to watch Murray game!"


    Will Rider via text on 81111: "Remember that the match has been brought forward, combine that with the tornado warnings and perhaps it's understandable that there are empty seats."


    Jade Russell on Twitter: "Going to be a tough match for Murray but definitely think he can come through!"

    Berdych 1-2 Murray*

    The Czech, taking his time before unleashing his venomous serves because of the wind, overhauls Murray's break point advantage by stooping to his shoelaces and producing a deft volley. A bit of toing and froing at deuce before Murray dashes to the net to earn his second break point. Another foray towards the tape from the Scot, but this time an off balance Berdych unleashes a forehand winner into the corner to make Murray look as if he has cement in his boots. Third break point Murray, though, and this time he's clinical as an under pressure Berdych sends a wild forehand long.


    Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "It is like this match is being played in slow motion."


    Sahil Oberoi on Twitter: "Empty seats at the #USOpen semi final, Murray vs Berdych. Shocking!"

    *Berdych 1-1 Murray

    Murray issues a statement of intent with a colossal 120mph ace for 30-15. The third seed, targeting his opponent forehand, has Berdych scampering along the baseline until a forehand eventually finds the tape. The duo advance to the net and it's the scurrying British number one who comes out on top, dabbing a backhand volley beyond the stranded beanpole for a hold to 30.

    Berdych 1-0 Murray*

    A low key start before a sparse crowd. Ticket holders probably still squeezing the every inch of water from their sopping socks. The sixth seed comfortably negotiates the windy conditions on Arthur Ashe, holding to 15 with a super crosscourt backhand winner. And just to keep you in the loop, you can listen to live commentary of this match with Jonathan Overend and Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 live.


    Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "It is blowing a gale on Ashe. Towels, hats, chairs blowing everywhere. Going to be very tough out here."

    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter at Flushing Meadows: "Crowd flooding into Flushing Meadows but many late arrivals. Very windy - not usually something Berdych likes."

  79. 1725: 

    The umpire has called time and the players bring a halt to the warm-up and head to their chairs to wipe their perspiring brows and sup their energy-boosting drinks. The American flag is proudly waving in the blustery wind. Berdych to serve first.


    "I got to bed early and was up 6am this morning. I was in bed by 9-9.30pm and asleep by 10pm as I needed to be ready early today. I slept absolutely fine last night and needed it as if I hadn't got a good sleep and I was up at 6am I'd be struggling.

    "Tomas beat Roger [Federer] in the last round and Roger's record here is pretty incredible. He's a top player - he's been in the top 10 for the last four or five years at least now. He's had good wins at majors in the past. He can play very, very well in big matches so I need to be ready."

  81. 1724: 

    Er, never assume. There's a reason why Velcro was invented and defending champion Novak Djokovic has offered his opinion on Berdych's victory over Federer. "Maybe for some people it was surprising to see Roger lose because he's been so consistent and dominant in the last couple of years," he said. "But look, Berdych deserved to win. He came up with incredible tennis. I have never seen him play that well. This is tennis."

  82. 1723: 

    It was four years ago that a gawky Murray reached his first and only final at Flushing Meadows. He was comfortably beaten in straight sets by a masterful Roger Federer, but the 25-year-old Scot is a more sophisticated and beefy athlete than he was in 2008 and with the Swiss out of the picture after being surprisingly swatted away by today's opponent Berdych then victory should be as routine as tying a shoelace, right?

    Jonathan Overend, BBC tennis correspondent at Flushing Meadows

    "Amazing weather change here - watch our video - it means Murray and Berdych will be starting shortly. Full commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live."

  84. 1720: 

    Although... When I suggested the weather might bode well for Murray, I meant the British weather of course. Over in the Big Apple, angry dark clouds have been unleashing their fury and playing havoc on a day which shall now be known as Super Soggy Saturday. There were tornado warning for the borough of Queens an hour or so ago, forcing journalists, players and fans to hide for cover. But that's enough weather chat for now, we're not at Wimbledon.

  85. 1715: 

    A very good afternoon to you. We've been here before. Eleven times to be precise. Yes, Andy Murray has teased and delighted us over the years by reaching 11 Grand Slam semi-finals. and another wonderful afternoon awaits us on what is a baking hot day across Britain. There's a waft of burnt burgers in the air, sun cream is being dabbed on sunkissed noses and if the weather is an omen then surely Murray will reach a fifth major final. Surely?

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