US Open: Andy Murray v Milos Raonic as it happened

Britain's Andy Murray beats Milos Raonic of Canada in straight sets to reach the US Open quarter-finals.

8 September 2012 Last updated at 17:18

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As it happened

  1. 0315: 

    Within minutes of the match finishing and the players leaving the court, the heavens open and Arthur Ashe Stadium is soaking wet. Flushing Meadows indeed. Murray got the job done just in time and he can look forward to a quarter-final against Croatia's Marin Cilic. Thanks for joining us. A very good night.


    Infostrada Sports on Twitter: "Andy #Murray qualifies for his 8th straight Grand Slam quarterfinal. Only Federer (34) & Djokovic (13) have longer current streaks."

    Former world number one Boris Becker on Twitte: "Murray played amazing tonite!!!"

    BBC tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend on Twitter: "Fine performance from Murray. Magnificent passing shots as Raonic got desperate towards the end. Great job. Cilic next."

  3. 0310: 

    "I used a lot of variation tonight. He has a huge game, with big serves. I got lucky couple of times but hit my passing shots very well. I had only played him one time before and you start to see things after a few games.

    "I was just trying to react as quickly as possible. Sometimes the serves fly past you, sometimes you get a racquet on them and tonight I got a racquet on them. I tried to stay focused for every points and did a good job of that.

    "It [Cilic] will be a tough match. I lost against him here in the 2009 fourth round. We've played a few times. I won at Wimbledon is out most recent match. If I play a solid match, hopefully I can do it."

  4. 0300: 

    A sensational performance from the British number one, who saunters through to the last eight in exactly two hours. He's into an eighth straight Grand Slam quarter-final, but on this evidence he has everything it takes to go all the way for the first time.

    Murray 6-4 6-4 6-2 Raonic

    Can you recall the British number one posting a more impressive hard-court victory than that? Sensational stuff. Raonic shanks a backhand return wide to confirm the love service hold, and Murray's place in the US Open quarter-finals. He'll play 12th seed Marin Cilic.

    *Murray 6-4 6-4 5-2 Raonic

    Another passing shot, another break of serve. This is a masterclass and will be over shortly.

    Murray 6-4 6-4 4-2 Raonic*

    Another smidgen of pressure on the shoulders of Murray as a double-fault leaves him facing 0-30. The crowd begin murmuring as if to suggest we could be about to witness a late-night fightback. Dream on. Murray puts an inside-out forehand on to the line and follows it up with two ace. This is unbelievably good from the Scot. Raonic nets to seal the deal.

    *Murray 6-4 6-4 3-2 Raonic

    Two double-faults and Raonic is wearing the scowl of a beaten man. Cue two blockbuster aces that end up on Broadway. Still life in the young pup yet.


    Graham Whitehead on Twitter: "If Murry plays like this for the rest of the tournament he's going to be very hard to beat."

    Some Body on Twitter: "Crikey! Whoever thought Andy Murray could make tennis look easy!"

    Murray 6-4 6-4 3-1 Raonic*

    Murray's latest backhand pass takes him to 15-15 and leaves Raonic looking fairly bedraggled. Must say, I expected a lot more from the big man tonight. That said, Murray has offered answers to everything he has offered up. Raonic gets to 15-30 and races in behind an approach, plants a crunching volley and has surely earned himself break points? No chance. Murray digs out another backhand pass that defies belief and quickly wraps up the game.

    *Murray 6-4 6-4 2-1 Raonic

    A stupendous pass gives Murray two break points at 40-15 and after Raonic races into the net to save the first, the Canadian can only find the net on the second. Biggest fist pump so far from Murray, who is not with in touching distance of a mighty fine victory. We weren't sure how he would recover from Saturday's win against Feliciano Lopez. His answer has been emphatic.


    Tom in Sutton Coldfield via text on 81111: "It's matches like these against the tour's heaviest hitters where Murray's extraordinary artistry comes to the fore, dismantling his opponent with all the shots in the book... and then some."

    Louise via text on 81111: "If Murray could wrap this up quickly before any rain that'd be great - I've got paralympics athletics to attend tomorrow! Come on the Olympic champ!!"

    Stephen in Glasgow via text on 81111: "Am I not right in saying that Murray hasn't offered up a single break point? What serving."

    Murray 6-4 6-4 1-1 Raonic*

    Some encouragement for Raonic as Murray dollops two backhands into the net to make it 30-30 in game two. The 6ft 5ins Canadian comes up with a poor backhand of his own but Murray then skews and off-forehand into the net. Deuce. Pressure. Ace. As has been the case all night, Murray has found the right shots at the right time. The Scot nets another backhand to prolong things, but then come two fearsome serves that draw gasps from the packed house on Arthur Ashe Stadium.


    Dr Laz via text on 81111: "Keeping up with the score while on call in a hospital in Ayrshire. Need to sleep but need to be sure Murray puts this to bed before I can do the same. C'moooooon!"

    *Murray 6-4 6-4 0-1 Raonic

    The boy Raonic has never come back from two sets down to win a match in his professional career. Is that about to change? Doubt it. But he holds to 15 in the opening game of the second set after Murray lofts a reaction lob just beyond the baseline.


    Ryan Heatly on Twitter: "The Olympic gold has clearly done Murray a world of good."

    Kenny Simpson on Twitter: "Murray has been absolutely brilliant so far!"

    Murray 6-4 6-4 Raonic*

    A perfect game to seal a two-set lead. Murray caps it with a sumptuous ace down the 'T'. Raonic challenge but Hawk Eye shows it kissed the very edge of the centre line. Murray is within one set of a place in the US Open quarter-finals and, with rain apparently on the way, he will want to get this over and done with asap.


    Murray's former coach Brad Gilbert on Twitter: "Muzzard has the great ability to get serves back and The Missile is getting so frustrated AM spinning his web on him."

    *Murray 6-4 5-4 Raonic

    A fourth double-fault of the night leaves Raonic in trouble at 0-30 and although he almost takes the head off a line judge with his next serve, the 21-year-old Canadian is passed at the net as Murray engineers two set points. He's not winning the battle from the back of the court, so Raonic comes to the front - and it works. A neat volley makes it deuce, with Murray then failing to return successive deliveries.


    Ian Bradley on Twitter: "Murray near faultless, slowly dismantling the Raonic confidence in his serve, incredible standard."

    Dennis Peter45 on Twitter: "Murray's drop shots and lobs at #Ashe are gorgeous to watch. This guy is no joke for the title."

    Murray 6-4 5-3 Raonic*

    Raonic demolished home favourite James Blake in round three but he's on course for a straight-sets defeat of his own tonight. An uncharacteristic forehand error from Murray gives the big man early hope in game eight, but the Scot has so much more variety and agility - not to mention a better work rate. Raonic twice nets before drifting a backhand return beyond the baseline. Chastening experience.

    *Murray 6-4 4-3 Raonic

    Finally some noise from the usually-raucous night-session spectators as Murray ends a gripping rally with a twisting backhand overhead into open court. Raonic looks miffed. He responds with ace number 10. Hanging in there.

    Murray 6-4 4-2 Raonic*

    Murray laboured his way past Feliciano Lopez a couple of days back. No such problems so far today. A clipped forehand winner leaves Raonic falling over his own feet and the Canadian goes long to hand Murray the service hold. It's not making for the best atmosphere out there on Ashe, but Britain's finest is well and truly bossing this.


    Pete, trying to stay away in London, via text on 81111: "Raonic has a huge game no doubt. But Murray is arguably the best in the world at blunting the biggest hitters. He loves pace on the ball and that first set was textbook counter-punching tennis. Maintain concentration and a straight sets win is on the cards. With Cilic, whom Murray despatched at Wimbledon, waiting next, a semi with Federer beckons."

    *Murray 6-4 3-2 Raonic

    Continuing to look a touch disoriented out there, Raonic gets in a right pickle chasing back a lob - firing his return wide and long, falling to the deck with legs all over the shop. Murray then goes in for the kill with a rasping backhand pass to register two break points. Fair play to Raonic as he saves both, the second with a majestic stop volley. But Murray forces a third break point and this time Raonic dumps a heavy forehand into the net. Big blow.

    Murray 6-4 2-2 Raonic*

    Raonic is the youngest man left in the draw and his naivety is starting to show a little. The Galo Blanco-coached right-hander is being pushed around the court, pulled hither and tither, struggling to stay in rallies. Murray holds and will now look to pounce.

  27. 0139: 
    Serena and Venus out

    American sisters Serena and Venus Williams - the Olympic women's doubles gold medallists - lose 6-1 6-4 to Russian fourth seeds Maria Kirilenko and Nadia Petrova in round three of the doubles.

    *Murray 6-4 1-2 Raonic

    Murray battles his way to 30-30 and prowls around the baseline, ready the strike another blow. But he can only stand motionless as Raonic finds a couple of monsters exactly when he needs them. Murray walks back to his chair shaking that head. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do. Jeff Tarango is joined in the BBC Radio 5 live commentary box by Alastair Eykyn.


    Murray's former coach Brad Gilbert on Twitter: "What a amazing shot the Muzzard just hit off a lob that when over his head for showstoping winner he is dialed in."

    Murray 6-4 1-1 Raonic*

    Ridiculous tennis. Just ridiculous. Raonic, well in contention at 15-15, flicks an inch-perfect lob that lands just inside the baseline. Yet Murray legs it back, runs round it and lashes a forehand winner past his befuddled opponent at the net. The 25-year-old Scot then throws down an ace to level us up.

    *Murray 6-4 0-1 Raonic

    Raonic wobbling a 0-30 but cranks up the tried and trusted slingshot of a serve to start the second set with a confidence-boosting hold.


    Matthew Mason on Twitter: "Andy Murray efficient first set - took his chances well. Serve, cross crt shots, and drop volleys. Looking gd for Murray."

    Dan Smith on Twitter: "Murray's drop shots are better than most, he seems to love playing them so I bet his eyes lit up when he saw Raonic's name."

    Wilf Ward on Twitter: "Andy Murray has destroyed raonic's confidence. on for a victory."

    Nick Neill on Twitter: "3 unforced errors in that set, and 4 points lost on serve. This is the stuff of champions."

    Murray 6-4 Raonic*

    Fashion Week is coming up in New York and Murray is playing some extremely suave tennis out there. A couple of Raonic errors help the third seed to 40-0 and three set points. The first is saved, but Murray gives the Canadian a taste of his own medicine with a monster serve on the second. Wild return. Fist pump and roar of "come on!". Murray on the march.


    Dom Breslin on Twitter: "Shocking game from Raonic when it really mattered."

    Rob Pollard on Twitter: "Class from Murray. So typical that a drop shot should bring about a break."

    *Murray 5-4 Raonic

    Yes he can. Raonic follows a double-fault by dumping a poor forehand into the net and glares at the surface accusingly. Then comes another double-fault and Murray has three break points. Two of them are saved, only for Murray to bring that drop shot out of the locker on the third. It does the job and he'll now serve for the opening set.

    Murray 4-4 Raonic*

    Love hold sealed with a rare volley at the net. Not his best, but it does the job. Can Murray apply some pressure now?

  37. 0115: 

    Upset alert over on Louis Armstrong Stadium, where American sisters Serena and Venus Williams trail Maria Kirilenko and Nadia Petrova 6-1 3-2 with a break in the women's doubles third round. The Russian pair are seeded fourth, mind.

    *Murray 3-4 Raonic

    A first fist pump of the evening from Murray as he opens game seven by passing Raonic with a crosscourt forehand. He looks deadly focussed, the British number one, and another awkward return at his opponent's feet ends up in the net. Here's our first break point of the match. Powerfully saved. Raonic then delights the crowd with a cute forehand winner and serve-volley combination.


    Rob Pollard on Twitter: "Patience could be key here for Murray. He will struggle to get a racquet on a lot of these serves."

    Murray 3-3 Raonic*

    Trouble looms for Murray as a horrid forehand sees him slip to 0-30. But the Scot reels off a couple of devilish deliveries before Raonic nets two forehands. Important hold. As we were.

  41. 0104: 

    A reminder that you can hear commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live. Jonathan Overend and Jeff Tarango behind the mics on Arthur Ashe Stadium.


    Shohidur Rahman on Twitter: "I don't understand why Raonic insists on stepping back on an opponent's 2nd serve, especially Murray's which is pretty average."

    *Murray 2-3 Raonic

    The first moment of danger for either man as Murray gets to 30-30 on the Raonic serve. But guess what? He serves his way out of trouble. An ace at 40-30 is called good. Murray challenges. To no avail.


    Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter: "Murray playing a couple of short balls, trying to move the rather ambling Raonic around. It is working 2-2 first set."

    Murray 2-2 Raonic*

    Love hold to the man from Dunblane. Murray pulls the 6ft 5ins right-hander out of his comfort zone with a couple of lovely drop shots. A clear tactic, it would appear. Number 12 seed Marin Cilic awaits the winner, by the way.


    Rob, UK, via text on 81111: "Come on Andy - believe. You have the return. Keep your cool & no pressure. We're all behind you!"

    *Murray 1-2 Raonic

    He's not just a big server, this lad. A delicate volley seals another comfortable hold for Roanic who, lest we forget, leads Murray 2-1 in the career head-to-head including a straight-sets win in the Barcelona quarter-finals earlier this year.


    British junior Liam Broady on Twitte at Flushing Meadows: "Won today 6-4 6-3. Surprisingly big crowd for 1st rnd boys singles. Thankfully mostly supporting me! Playing Pollanen tomoz. Unsure of time."

    Murray 1-1 Raonic*

    Murray responds in kind, holding to 15 with an air of confidence. Blustery conditions out there on Arthur Ashe Stadium. Raonic, the man who has serves a tournament-leading 91 aces this fortnight, preparing to deliver again.


    Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter: "There is an idea of how potent the Raonic serve can be. Two aces and two unreturnables. Holds to 15"

    *Murray 0-1 Raonic

    Will the opening game prove a microcosm of the match? Murray attacks the booming Raonic delivery, passing the 21-year-old with a spectacular backhand up the line on the first point. But the world number 16 responds with a couple of aces to signal his intent.

  52. 0046: 

    They are now, though, and despite a couple of drops of rain the players are going through their warm-up routines. Wimbledon white top, blue shorts, white socks and blue shoes fore Murray. Tango orange top, black shorts, white socks and matching sneakers. Karate kid bandana for the big man, too.


    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter: "Real threat of rain this evening but still Murray and Raonic not on court despite session advertised for 27 minutes ago, daft."

  54. 0042: 

    "I think it will be up there [with the biggest matches of my life]. The fact that it's a Grand Slam adds a little bit more to it.

    "At the same time, it's sort of a situation I feel very comfortable in. So it puts everything aside. I know I can create my opportunities.

    "I know what I'm capable of. I know what I can do. I just have to really step up and do it."

  55. 0040: 

    Big-serving Raonic is only the third Canadian man to reach the round of 16 at a Grand Slam in the Open Era, after Martin Laurendeau at the 1998 US Open and Daniel Nestor at 1999 Wimbledon. Hopes hoes to become the first man from his country to made a major quarter-final in the Open Era. Did we mention he's got a big serve?

  56. 0038: 

    "Raonic has a big game and it will be tough regardless of conditions. I'll have to be patient - sometimes I won't get my racquet on the ball - but hopefully I can get a few returns, guess sometimes, there's a lot of things you can do.

    "He has a big serve and likes to use his forehand a lot, moving way round the backhand to hit it. He favours his forehand a lot and that suggests maybe he's not so confident on his backhand. I will try and get him out of his comfort zone on his forehand. It's tough against a big server but I'll give it my best shot."

  57. 0037: 

    "I feel good. I took pretty much all of yesterday [Sunday] off and came in last night to practise under the lights. I spent a lot of time in my hotel, had a massage, got some food inside me, took an ice bath... all the right things.

    "I didn't play particularly well in my first match, my second was good and in the third they were tough conditions. I've done fine. I could play a little better and hope I will do tonight."

  58. 0035: 

    Murray swept aside Alex Bogomolov Jr in the first round and Ivan Dodig in the second before struggling to victory over Feliciano Lopez on Saturday. Tonight he'll be supported by British boxer Amir Khan, who's watching his first ever live tennis match. Let's hope Andy doesn't go the same way as Amir did in his most recent fight.

  59. 0030: 

    Britain's finest tennis player in modern history id bidding to reach his eighth consecutive Grand Slam quarter-final. The last time he failed to make the last eight at a major was in 2010 at the... US Open. Uh oh.

  60. 0025: 

    First of all the good news: can you think of a better way to be spending your Monday night? The UK-based night owls are finally able to follow something other than 24-hour rolling news or those bizarre you're-never-going-to-win gameshows. If you're in the States, what a way to end your Labor Day weekend. Now for the bad news: there's rain in the air. And more is forecast. Get comfy, we could well be here for the long haul...

  61. 0020: 

    It's a big tournament in the Big Apple and we've got a very big match coming your way. Andy Murray v Milos Raonic for a place in the US Open quarter-finals. A guy with one of the biggest all-court games in the sport against a guy with once of the biggest serves. I think you've guessed it's going to be big. So, without further ado...

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