Wimbledon 2012: day 12 as it happened

Jonathan Marray becomes the first Briton to win the Wimbledon men's doubles title for 76 years as he and Danish partner Frederik Nielsen win in five sets.

13 July 2012 Last updated at 12:12

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As it happened

  1. 2137: 

    We will be back with all the build-up to an almost unbearably important day in our national sporting life from around 10:00 BST. I hope you will be here too. We are heading home to dream of what might be this time tomorrow. Full video coverage of the final of the women's doubles where Serena and Venus Williams are in full-blooded pursuit of their fifth title together is over on our fancy video player gizmo. See you in the morn.

  2. 2130: 

    Tomorrow? Tomorrow? Oh, yes. Tomorrow.

    The first British finalist in 74 years against the best player of all-time in the final of the men's singles on Centre Court.

    Andy Murray v Roger Federer.

    Blinking Nora.


    Matt Davies on Twitter: "Surely, a dude called Marray winning on Centre Court has to be a good omen for tomorrow?"

  4. 2124: 

    A lovely little sidestory to what has been an extraordinary fortnight so far. Best Wimbledon ever? It may still be lacking the sort of ding-dong stratospheric epic of the Federer v Nadal 2008 type, but in terms of drama and storylines, I can't think of any better.


    Doubles winner Freddie Nielsen: "By far the best thing I've ever experienced in tennis. The crowd got us going."

  6. 2119: 

    Up into the Royal Box head Nielsen and Marray where the doubles presentation traditionally takes place. The snapper pack down below looks as least as healthy as it was for Serena on the same court a fair few hours before. The flashbulbs fire as they lift the silverware. Both their arms look like they are faltering under the weight of the trophies, but the crowd force them to keep them aloft, cheering on and on.

    David Mercer, BBC Sport

    "It's a fairytale but in fact it's more wonderful than fiction. They'll want to hold those trophies for hours and hours, days and days and years and years. They will never lose the title of Wimbledon champions."

    John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "Jonathan Marray was the best player on the court, a rock from the start of the match to the end. It's incredible what they've achieved. They were playing Challengers before this."

  9. 2115: 

    Beautiful, beautiful scenes. Marray and Nielsen jig into each other's arms, arms aloft and people bouncing all around.

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-6 (5-7) 3-6 Marray/Nielsen

    A streaky Nielsen volley dies just over the net to give Britmark 30-15, but a cat-like volley from Tecau bring the scores back level. Fingernails chewed down to the quick. A little gamesmanship as the serve is delayed by a discussion at the returners' end. Tecau nets, the crowd erupt. One measily point away. And Neilsen puts away the volley!

    David Mercer, BBC Sport

    "This was no fluke, this was brilliant!"

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-6 (5-7) 3-5 Marray*/Nielsen

    Clubbing power from the Swede wraps that one up. No room for error now. One service game from the title. Here's Jonny.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-6 (5-7) 2-5 Marray/Nielsen

    It is like watching a crystal vase wobbling on a six-foot high shelf. Impossibly nerve-tightening, bottom-clenching stuff. Nielsen teases over a couple volleys, the second at an eye-wateringly acute angle, before a Marray instinct block at the net drops in just in time at the back of the court to take the game to love. One more hold will do it, first Lindstedt has the fuzz.


    Lizzi Martin on Twitter: "Come on Marray/Nielsen....! They seem like such nice guys and they would be so thrilled to win!"


    Callum Leslie-Draper on Twitter: "Dinner in front of genuine British hope at Wimbledon. come on Marray and Nielsen!"

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-6 (5-7) 2-4 Marray/Nielsen*

    Tecau fire down four grunters to take the game to love. New balls popped open under the chair. Nielsen, whose has been the flakier of the two serves, to come.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-6 (5-7) 1-4 Marray/Nielsen

    Nielsen, crouched like a frog at the net, leaps into the air in delight as a Marray serve arcs past his ear and out wide for an ace at 30-30. The Dane bludgeons over a volley in the next rally, the ball climbing and creeping it's way over the net cord from somewhere seemingly around halfway down the net. Some trick that. Nielsen is all apologies to the opposition. I, for one, don't believe him.


    Working man on 81111: "I am following the doubles between customers, really excited! Hope Marray/Nielsen win!"

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-6 (5-7) 1-3 Marray*/Nielsen

    Lindstedt keeps up the chase with a solid hold. Pressure whistling out of Centre Court like a stove kettle now as the balls are passed Marray's way.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-6 (5-7) 0-3 Marray/Nielsen

    That is one back in the bag and it was as tricky as packing a three-year-old into a car seat. 0-30 but Nielsen prises Linstedt and Tecau's fingernails out of the game and pulls it round. Three holds from victory...

    John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "Marray and Nielsen are playing like vets, by that I mean like veterans. Every test that is being thrown at them they're responding."


    Scott Brown on Twitter: "That's a great way to bounce back from the tie break!"

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-6 (5-7) 0-2 Marray/Nielsen*

    That gets the crowd going. Nielsen gets lucky, walking straight into the line of fire of a Lindstedt smash at the baseline and patting back a sublime reflex winner into the open court. Marray mashes a backhand volley down into the turf to set up a precious break point at 30-40. One to be treasured but Lindstedt is far too casual as he screws a regulation backhand volley wide. Britmark, as I might start calling them, are four holds away from a Wimbledon title. Hold on to your hats.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-6 (5-7) 0-1 Marray/Nielsen

    Marray blitzes his second serve in the search of an early killer blow at 40-15 and comes up with the booby prize of a double fault. He finds his range on the next one though and sees the opening game home safe and well.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-6 (5-7) Marray*/Nielsen

    Groans echo around Centre Court as at 5-4, with Nielsen having two serves to come, Marray can't quite bend his racquet round a pair of tempting volleys at the net. The tables spin on a sixpence and Lindstedt and Tecau finally get to grips with this squirmy little shoot-out as the Swede allows Nielsen's return to float long on set. Doom and gloom descend around Centre Court as the crowd dig in for a nerve-shredder of a decider.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 6-6 (2-4) Marray/Nielsen

    A glorious jagging forehand winner from Nielsen. A volley down the middle from Marray. A roundhouse return that stretches Tecau beyond his own sinews and the Brit/Dane alliance has a 3-1 lead. Lindstedt and Tecau claw one back, but a slam-dunk overhead from Nielsen ties up another Marray service point. They swap ends leading 4-2 and the crowds are simmering...

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 6-6 Marray/Nielsen

    A few squeaks and creaks in the crowd as 30-30 peeks up on the scoreboard. Marray stares that scoreline right back down into the hole it crawled out off with two laser-guided serves. T to the B, we are into a tie-break.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 6-5 Marray*/Nielsen

    There isn't even a mirage of a break out there under the roof. Tecau bounds back to his stool with only a one-point dent in his serve. If Marray can do the same in the next game, it is a tie-break time once more.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 5-5 Marray/Nielsen

    Nielsen looks like he is held together with sticking plaster a little bit. There is enough of a Heath Robinson repair job on him to keep him firing through another service game though.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 4-4 Marray/Nielsen*

    Lindstedt unwisely puts a serve right into Nielsen's forehand hitting zone and the Dane relishes getting a groundstroke which isn't going to make him see stars of pain. Winner. Lindstedt lands the next two, before a Marray volley splits them down the middle for 30-30. Lindstedt rolls out the big guns and bazookas down another couple of brutes to put a can on the increasing crowd decibels.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 3-4 Marray/Nielsen

    Marray has been the bedrock of this doubles partnership and Neilsen is full of appreciation as he delivers another service game to love.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 3-3 Marray*/Nielsen

    Tecau's service game looks like it isn't going to be another whistlestop affair as he bashes his way to 40-0. Marray puts a little bit of a stick in the spokes though as he spots Lindstedt edging out of position on the next point and directs his return down the line for a clean winner. Nielsen is not looking comfortable off his backhand wing though, wrist still heavily strapped, and his patted replay is batted away by Lindstedt for the game.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 2-3 Marray/Nielsen

    Freddie Nielsen unloads with some feisty serving of his own. Lindstedt and Tecau nibbles a point off the game, but there is nothing decent to get their teeth into.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 2-2 Marray/Nielsen*

    Something of the air of Dolph Lundgren about Lindstedt as he mercilessly blasts his way through a service game to love. He looks like the sort of guy who you could rely upon to do the decent thing for a much-loved, but terminally ill family pet.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 2-1 Marray/Nielsen

    Marray, for once, can't scrape a stooping volley off the deck as the net envelopes his effort off Lindstedt's sharp return. A crackerjack of a serve out wide from Marray leaves his oppoenent swiping thin air though and ensures the set continues on serve.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 2-1 Marray*/Nielsen

    Lindstedt and Tecau's fingers snap into the air in unison to challenge the call at the back of the court as a prodded groundstroke is called long. No dice from the Hawkeye geeks and Marray and Nielsen have 30-15. That Marray return is one you could fall into a torrid holiday love affair with. Another stroked exocet on return brings up 30-30, before a netted volley from Tecau, after a ripple off the net cord, gives Marray and Nielsen deuce. Tecau puts his foot down and accelerates clear for another hold though from there.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 1-1 Marray/Nielsen

    Freddie Nielsen still firing on all cylinders, a strong hold of serve to take he and Marray level.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) 1-0 Marray/Nielsen*

    Jonny Marray is looking a little acccusingly at the surface as he struggles for traction in the opening point. There might be a bit of residual moisture out there. Umpire Eva Asderaki is giving him much sympathy though. There is not a lot of low-hanging fruit on the Lindstedt serve by way of consolation either. A little bit of chin music on the final serve as it tinkles past Nielsen's bonce by millimetres. First blood to Lindstedt and Tecau in the fourth.

  39. 1950: 

    Here we go...

  40. 1950: 

    Neilsen and Marray are first out of their chairs, deep in discussion around mid court, while Lindstedt and Tecau pick at their strings on the sidelines.

  41. 1947: 

    Pit-pat of practice volleys at the net. A few dollied smashes. "Three minutes," barks the umpire. We are almost back up and running.


    Keith on Twitter: "Is tennis one of the few sports that has more female than male fans?"

  43. 1944: 

    Here they come. Jonny Marray, Freddie Nielsen, Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau back on court...

  44. 1940: 

    Rightio, the net cord has been snapped back sharp and ship-shape, the boy-boys and girls are standing to attention, and the umpire has climbed up to the crow's nest. Just missing four, quite crucial people...


    Robin on text 81111: "Re doubles partners tapping after every point. Is it the doubles equivalent of all the towelling and ball selection of singles? No sports more neurotic than tennis. "


    Emma Sanders on Twitter: "Marray/Nielson are doing a great job! Hope the delay doesn't affect their momentum..."

  47. 1936: 

    Sarah with an excellent point there. For the sporting venue that has everything, a few more ladies' loos wouldn't go amiss before we start getting too ambitious about a Court One roof.


    Sarah Day on Twitter: "For those wondering why crowd was sparse for start of doubles: 15 minutes between matches, approx. 30m queue for the ladies."

  49. 1927: 

    The hamsters are going in their wheels and the roof is sliding across to take this match indoors. Twenty minutes or so until we have closure, the various, heaters, coolers, spinklers and dehumidifiers have done their job and we are ready to return.


    Edward Ditchfield on Twitter: "It takes a brave man to play doubles at the net. I'm just surprised that more of them don't get hit in the Tsongas!"

  51. 1919: 

    There is an ominously long pause at the end of the set as the skies darken, a mob of court-coverers loiter with intent beind the sightings and those walky-talkies get an airing. Brollies bloom, the teenagers scamper across the surface and the rain is back again. Players off and that has to favour Lindstedt and Tecau who will have an extra 30 minutes or so to come up with a masterplan to get back in this match.

    GAME AND THIRD SET- Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5-7) Marray/Nielsen

    Two ripper returns from Marray fizz over the tape, singing the cord en route, as he snaffles both of Tecau's service points. Following the tradition of that great Scouse model of sporting honesty Robbie Fowler, Marray calls a foul on himself that the umpire never saw. Replays show he gave the net a fair clout with the follow through from a volleyed winner. What would have been 4-0 turns to 3-1, and is that honesty going to be costly? Three set points for Marray/Nielsen at 6-3 up, but two are raked back off the table by Tecau and Lindstedt. Nervy, nervy stuff. One more chance and it is on serve. A rifled return comes back at Nielsen's eyebrows, he takes evasive action and spins to see the ball fly long. Second set bagged and Marray and Nielsen are within sight.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 6-6 Marray/Nielsen

    A pinging return Marray return is into Lindstedt's shins before he can dig it out and Marray/Nielsen have 0-30 and the crowd huffing and puffing them along. Lindstedt is struggling with his own serve and gets a little bit of a let off as Nielsen flops a volley into the net. Nothing shoddy about his final serve that sends a puff of chalk as it whistles along the T. Tie-break time.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 5-6 Marray/Nielsen

    Another fine pick-up from Nielsen sucks in its cheeks to squeeze down a sliver of space, past Lindstedt and just inside the tramlines for 15-15. Gutsy stuff. The Dane's service radar is a little out of kilter though and he is breathing life into the Tecau/Lindstedt axis with some inviting second serve mush. They can't quite gobble it down fast enough though and Marray/Nielsen are safe once more.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 5-5 Marray/Nielsen*

    No such worries for Tecau as he and Lindstedt rumble on through a service game of their own to love.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 4-5 Marray/Nielsen

    It looks like the beautiful thing that is this Marray Neilsen relationship could be on the rocks as the latter hammers a smash over and apparently wide. Neilsen lobs in a challenge but shakes his head ruefully as he heads to the baseline. Praise Hawkeye! He has shaved the chalk and spared himself a ticking off. They aren't out of the woods yet though. 30-40 follows and Jonathan Marray is required to dredge up some more of those peppery tee-offs to keep the opposition at bay. Stress lines deepening amongst the British and Danish relatives in the players' box before their men scrape through to the changeover.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 4-4 *Marray/Nielsen

    Lindstedt must have been taking notes. He whips down a quartet of crackers, the final spitting out wide with Marray out somewhere near the front row in a futile attempt to return.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 3-4 Marray/Nielsen

    That wrist strapping seems to have added a little snap to the Nielsen service action. Four monsters coming crashing down like Hawaii breakers to seal off the game to love.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 3-3 Marray/Nielsen*

    Marray and Neilsen are staring at the back end of 40-0, before a block return from the Englishman pins Tecau on his tootsies as he pursues his own serve in from the baseline. A Lindstedt volley is into the mesh has the crowd a'murmuring in expectation, but that hope is snuffed out in the next rally.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 2-3 Marray/Nielsen

    Tick-tock. Clunk-click. Big-serving from Marray, brutal splattering volleys from Nielsen at the net and the British-Danish partnership are purring like a contented Cheshire. Their opponents coughing in the dust. Might be a bit of trouble up mill here though... A medical timeout called by Nielsen as he gets his niggly wrist bound up by the doc. Marray chuckling along as the treatment is administered, laughter being the best medicine and all I guess.


    Jamie on Twitter: "Two of the best volleys you'll ever see, back-to-back - they're not bad, these guys, are they?"

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 2-2 Marray*/Nielsen

    Marray puts the house on a forehand return winner in answer to Linstedt's pedestrian second serve at 15-0. Tecau has left him a clear corridor down the line, but the Liverpudlian clumps it a little long. That is the last they see of that game as it is carried off to love. A sniff of a chance, but nothing to get the juices really flowing.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 1-2 Marray/Nielsen

    Frederik Nielsen scrapes a twee half-volley back off his toecaps to avert the danger at 15-30 and earns himself an extra bit of power behind the congratulatory fist-bump from Marray. Back in front they go...

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 1-1 Marray/Nielsen*

    Linstedt and Tecau have kept a lid on some bubbling emotions and serve out themselves.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 4-6 0-1 Marray/Nielsen

    The crowd are chomping at the bit for this one now. Marray sends down a whipcrack of a final serve and the return is plumped long by Linstedt, who throws his head back and has a howl at the setting sun. A solid hold to start the last big push. Mike Henson at the controls, taking over from Rob Hodgetts.


    Nielsen receiving some treatment to his left wrist at the sit-down, after seemingly wincing in pain when he fist-bumped partner Marray at the end of the set. Turns out, the bump was with the other wrist, though, so not clear when the injury occurred. Anyway, he's fit to play on.


    Helen Shaw on Twitter: "When did doubles partners start doing this tapping each other after every point? ‪#slightlyirritating‬ ."

    GAME AND SECOND SET- Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-6 *Marray/Nielsen

    Some decent fight from Marray and Nielson to reach 15-30 and then 15-40 but Lindstedt and Tecau scrap back to deuce. Lindstedt then buries one in the net to hand the Briton and his partner a third set point and when Tecau nets off Marray's return down the middle, the three-quarter full Centre Court erupts.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-5 Marray/Nielsen

    Nielsen bounds back to his chair with a spring in his step after holding to love. His serve has been wobbling a bit but it was right back on the money in that one. At the sit-down the crowd decide it's Mexican wave time.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 4-4 Marray/Nielsen*

    Swede Lindstedt again the aggressor at the net as he and Tecau keep pace in the set.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 3-4 Marray/Nielsen

    Marray getting into a decent rhythm now and bustles through another service game in quick time.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 3-3 *Marray/Nielsen

    Marray can't direct another big Lindstedt serve and gets a low five from his partner as they try to ge each other up. But the brooding Lindstedt powers down his first love service game of the match.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 2-3 Marray/Nielsen

    Nielsen fires the first ace of the match but he's still under pressure and the opposition edge to 30-40. Neilsen stops the rot with a drive volley and then unleashes another ace before Lindstedt finds the net to give Marray/Nielsen the hold.


    Matt, Bromley, on 81111: "Surely they should sell tickets on the cheap if there are so many empty seats? Would help build some atmosphere." Wimbledon do re-sell tickets.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 2-2 Marray/Nielsen*

    Both pairs indulge in some brotherly fist-bumps at the start of the game. A third double fault from Tecau hands Marray/Nielsen 15-30 and another glimmer of an opening. But some aggressive spiking at the net takes Lindstedt and Tecau to the game.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 6-4 1-2 Marray/Nielsen

    Marray, shirt billowing in the wind under an overcast sky, fires down a dominant service game for a quick hold.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 1-1 *Marray/Nielsen

    Marray hides his racquet behind his back to usher out a Lindstedt forehand for 15-15. Neilsen mis-hits a towering lob but it has Tecau scurrying back and he turns and pumps his forehand long for 15-30. But Marray can't take advantage and thuds his return into the net. Lindstedt, too, finds the net as he comes racing in to give Marray/Nielsen a break point but a Tecau volley snuffs out the chance. A heavy Lindstedt sets up advantage and they close out the game when Nielsen nets.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 0-1 Marray/Nielsen

    Nielsen's serve is under pressure and he goes 0-30 down before fighting back to 30-30 after a Tecau return drifts wide. Nielsen sneaks into the backhand court and buries a smash to hold.

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Lindstedt/Tecau 6-4 Marray/Nielsen*

    Freddie Nielsen wallops a thumping backhand return off Tecau's serve for 0-15, but relinquishes the next point by dumping his return into the base of the net. Marray, from the backhand court, can't handle another Tecau serve to set up two set points and some quick hands from the all-action Lindstedt at the net give the fifth seeds the first set.


    Les in Leeds on 81111: "Brit in doubles final where are the spectators? Court half empty."

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 5-4 Marray/Nielsen

    Marray races through his service game to keep the first set alive and the British/Danish duo scamper to their seats for a sit down and a chat about how they salvage the set.


    Tim Duke on Twitter: "Good to see Brits in 2 of 5 ‪#Wimbledon‬ finals. Come on Jonny Marray and @andy_murray."

    Lindstedt/Tecau 5-3 *Marray/Nielsen

    The tall Lindstedt, all muscle and bustle with a white headband, pumps down some aggressive serves to reach 40-0 but Marray gives himself some breathing space with a decent backhand return which forced an error at the net from the advancing Lindstedt. It doesn't last and Lindstedt/Tecau consolidate the break.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 4-3 Marray/Nielsen

    All of a sudden the first break points - three of them - on the Nielsen serve. They save one but Lindstedt opens his shoulders and puts some venom into a double-handed backhand into the backhand corner to force the break.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 3-3 Marray/Nielsen*

    Romania's Tecau opens with a double fault but partner Lindstedt saves face with an aggressive smash at the net for 15-15. A couple of decent serves are too hot for Lindstedt and Marray and that's another hold.


    Oliver Savory on Twitter: "The first of the British Wimbledon finals. Come on Marray!"

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 2-3 Marray/Nielsen

    A decent hold from Marray, finished with a spiked cross-court smash at the net from Nielsen.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 2-2 *Marray/Nielsen

    Quick work at the net from Tecau brings up 30-15 but Marray flashes a decent return for 30-30. But the Briton can't dig one out of his feet and finds the net to hand the game to Lindstedt and that's all four holding their opening serves.


    Nick Jenkins on Twitter: "Is Johnny Marray 4ft 5' tall?" He's 6ft 2ins, to be precise.

    *Lindstedt/Tecau 1-2 Marray/Nielsen

    Nielsen's serve stands up ok as they close out another hold with a spooned long forehand from Tecau in the vicinity of the Royal Box.

    Lindstedt/Tecau 1-1 Marray/Nielsen*

    A decent return down the backhand line from Nielsen nudges his team in front at 15-30 but Tecau fires a big second serve that Marray can't cope with and they draw level. Another poor Marray return on a second serve hands the game to Lindstedt/Tecau, the finalists for the past two years.

    Lindstedt/Tecau* 0-1 Marray/Nielsen

    Briton Marray kicks us off, his taller partner Nielsen crouching in front of him like a sprinter in his blocks. They reach 30-30 before Marray/Nielsen win the first rat-a-tat doubles rally and go on to clinch the opener.


    Anon on text (please put names on your texts): "Good luck to Jonny Marray from all at his home club, Hallamshire tennis club, in Sheffield. Bar is packed in expectation. "

  94. 1714: 

    Sun streaming down onto Centre Court, final serves being practised, chairs and drinks bottles organised, chit-chat focused. Crowd sparse so far but a decent round of applause greets the four players as they walk to their respective ends. Time please. Marray to serve.

  95. 1710: 

    Players knocking up. Marray and Nielsen beat the famous Bryan brothers of America in the semi-final - remarkable really, given they only requested a wildcard to play together at the last minute having paired up a few weeks before. Marray is not worried about being overshadowed by Andy Murray - "he can steal my thunder any time" - he said, while Nielsen is the grandson of two-time Wimbledon finalist Kurt Nielsen. "He's arguably the greatest tennis player ever to come out of Denmark," Neilsen told BBC Sport. "I've always been Kurt Nielsen's grandson, I only became Frederik Nielsen in my 20s. To me there's Wimbledon and then there's everything else. The chance to play on Centre Court was all I ever wanted from tennis."

  96. 1700: 

    The doubles net is up, the line judges file on in military fashion and we're close to Marray time. Britain's Jonathan Marray, 31 and Denmark's Frederik Nielsen are set to take on fifth seeds Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau in the men's doubles final. Out front, Serena Williams emerges on the balcony of the Royal Box to show off the Venus Rosewater bowl to the cheering crowds below.


    From Iain Ruddick on Twitter: "Feel for Radwanska, Serena was just too powerful, always going to be tough even without being ill."

  98. 1652: 

    Serena has now matched sister Venus's tally of five Wimbledon singles titles and there are only seven women above them on the all-time list. Stand by for some Brit action on Centre Court - and I'm talking Marray, not Murray. Jonathan Marray is in the final of the men's doubles, alongside Denmark's Freddie Nielsen. They're up against fifth seeds Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau, with Marray bidding to become the first Brit to win the crown since Pat Hughes and Raymond Tuckey in 1936. Yep, the same year Fred Perry became the last Brit to win the men's singles...


    From Emma Sanders on Twitter: "Never seen Serena Williams this emotional. It shows how much this means to her. Has to be her most prized."


    From Ros Clarke on Twitter: "Serena Williams is awesome in every way. Love her."


    Five-time Wimbledon women's singles champion Serena Williams: "I can't even describe it. I almost didn't make it a few years ago. I was in hospital but now I'm here again and it was so worth it. I'm so happy. Just never give up, you can continue. Thank you, guys in the box today, daddy, mum - I can't name everyone one but thank you from the bottom of my heart." On Radwanska: "Aggie played so well and that's why she's had such a great career and she's so young and you guys should give her another round of applause."

  102. 1643: 

    We've had Aggie, here's Renie, it could be a final from 1893. Serena's turning on the waterworks now, I'm not sure I can take this, I'm welling up...


    Agnieszka Radwanska: "I'm still shaking so much. I think I had the best two weeks of my life. She was too good today but I'm just so happy to be here in the final. I think it was not my day but I'll try again next year."

  104. 1643: 

    Radwanska, the first Polish woman to reach the final of the women's singles since 1937, receives her runners-up silver salver before Williams takes possession of the Venus Rosewater Dish for the fifth time. Aggie's a bit teary during her chat with Sue Barker - an understated woman but she obviously cares a great deal.


    From Ayajul Malik on Twitter: "One of the greatest tennis players of all time, all she needs now is an olympic singles gold and she'll have the whole set."

  106. 1639: 

    Williams hits the deck before going climbing, doing a Pat Cash and wading into the crowd. Hugs for the old man, hugs for her mum and sister, before heading back onto the court again. The contrast with Radwanska, sniffling into her hanky while sat hunched in her chair, could not be greater. She has to be given tremendous credit - just when we were rifling through the record books trying to find out the most one-sided finals in history, the Pole went "boo!" and gave Serena a scare.


    From Ian Robbins on Twitter: "Congrats Serena, really enjoyable match and great battling from Radwanska. Superb story for Serena."

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Williams 6-1 5-7 6-2 Radwanska

    As the clock ticks towards the two-hour mark, it's a minor miracle they're still out there at all after the start Radwanska had. But it's Serena serving for her fifth Wimbledon singles title... the Pole steers a backhand return wide before scrambling all over the baseline, sticking up the lob and turning to see her opponent net with an overhead. Williams finds another biggun for 30-15 before crunching out another ace for two match-points... WILLIAMS HAS WON IT! Backhand down the line, her fifth-time Wimbledon singles crown.


    From Lee Grist on Twitter: "Tell the fat lady to start gargling & clearing her throat, she's on in a few minutes."

    *Williams 6-1 5-7 5-2 Radwanska

    Radwanska outfoxed at the net, dabbing a volley wide, and she misses with an attempted forehand pass. Three break-points as Serena locks and loads and drills a backhand return cross court... Williams swishes out after netting with a forehand and she sends her next return well wide... lucky, lucky Aggie, a very naughty net cord that forces Williams to plonk a backhand long, only for Radwanska to net with a backhand for a third break-point... stick a bonnet on it, that's a cute as a bairn, a Williams drop-shot to break...


    Stats so far: Aces - Radwanska 2-16 Williams; Unforced errors - Radwanska 14-34 Williams; First serves in - Radwanska 70-57 Williams; Points won on first serve - Radwanska 64%-81% Williams; Points won on second serve - Radwanska 37%-48% Williams;

    Williams 6-1 5-7 4-2 Radwanska*

    Williams can smell it now, almost touch it, as she pings a forehand winner down the line. Radwanska hoicks a forehand return long before Williams slams down her sixth ace in her last seven points on serve... Radwanska goes inside-out and gets a return back in play and Williams puts her pick-up into the net. Radwanska into the net with a backhand, Serena stepping on the gas and opening up the gap rounding the final bend...

    John McEnroe, BBC TV

    "Serena is showing a lot of heart and guts to pull it together here because a lot of players would have fallen apart. She can see how bad she wants it which is a wonderful thing after she's won so many before."

    *Williams 6-1 5-7 3-2 Radwanska

    That's right, Alan Wright (see below), it's favouritism, nothing to do with the fact that attempting to spell Agnieszka correctly for an entire two-hour live text commentary is probably more difficult than solving the Rubik's Cube. Punchy exchange from behind the baseline, finished with a slam-dunked forehand winner and we've got ourselves a break as Radwanska pushes a backhand long...


    From VC Aneke on Twitter: "Things not looking too good for Serena. She's got to get a better grip on proceedings in this final set."

    Williams 6-1 5-7 2-2 Radwanska*

    ... Have. Some. Of. That. Aces o'clock from Serena, that game done in less than a minute...


    From Alan Wright on Twitter: "Annoying. If you're going to call Williams 'Serena' then you should call Radwanska 'Agnieszka'. Favouritism in the extreme."


    From Sarah Day on Twitter: "After an hour and a half, crowd has finally settled on 'come on Aggie' as the appropriate cheer."

    *Williams 6-1 5-7 1-2 Radwanska

    Rat-a-tat baseline exchange, eventually won by Serena, before the Pole leaks a forehand pass just wide for 15-30. Double-fault for two break-points... that's spunky from Radwanska, a peach of a forehand that skims the sideline and she follows that with a backhand down the line for deuce... Williams missed with a backhand, Radwanska extricates herself from some potential nonsense... apologies, we had a bit of * problem for a couple of games, sorted now if you refresh the page...

    Lindsay Davenport, BBC TV

    "Champions adjust. Let's see if Serena is able to do that here."

    Williams 6-1 5-7 1-1 Radwanska*

    Williams looking ragged as a tattered old wind sock at the moment, errors on both wings, but that's a good forehand winner down the middle having cleaved open the court with some heavy-shelling from behind the baseline. Radwanska sticks up the old moon ball, Serena puts it away on the bounce for 40-15... that's a hold, they're neck-and-neck rounding the back straight...

    *Williams 6-1 5-7 0-1 Radwanska

    Just when Serena was skipping through a field on a hot summer's day, she's just been roughly taken down by an overzealous farmer. Savage backhand from Williams for 15-15 and two points later we have the match in miniature - cute pick-up Radwanska, Williams with a brutal forehand down the line. Double-fault for deuce, skewed backhand into the tramlines, break-point... well-played Radwanska, Williams blobbing a lob long, before the American rips a backhand into the net. A forehand return like the Hammer of Thor leaves Radwanska rooted behind the baseline but Williams follows that with a forehand that lands long and wide. This Williams forehand really misfiring now, if Radwanska can keep her on that flank, she could be in business...

    Lindsay Davenport, BBC TV

    "It's very important for Serena to re-establish her power game in this final set, to get back her swagger."


    From Jack, London, via text on 81111: "Radwanska didn't win that set; Serena lost that set."

    John McEnroe, BBC TV

    "In that set, Radwanska got more on her serve, she hit the ball a bit cleaner, she employed the slice off the forehand. She managed to get in Serena's head to make her feel those nerves."


    From Jude on Twitter: "Whoop whoop whoop we've got a 3 set thriller!!!

    GAME AND SECOND SET- Williams 6-1 5-7 Radwanska*

    Williams tensing up? Drive-volley into the net before a double-fault makes it 0-30... better from Williams, a solid cross-court backhand, but she follows that with an errant backhand that hands Radwanska two set points... SET RADWANSKA! And don't this crowd love it. This could be the greatest comeback since Lazarus, and even Lazarus didn't have to put up with Serena's first serve...

    *Williams 6-1 5-6 Radwanska

    Radwanska finding the lines with her serve, two easy points for 30-0, and Serena heaves a backhand into the tramlines for 40-0. Easy hold to love, Williams serving to stay in the set.


    From Jenny Judge on Twitter: "Come on Aggie, punish Serena's unforced error tally. With the crowd on her side, she might do it."

    Williams 6-1 5-5 Radwanska*

    Radwanska a completely different animal now at the business end of the second set - no longer pawing with the jab, but planting her feet and sitting on her shots. Williams with a brutal overhead for 15-0 before the Pole sends a screaming backhand down the line for 15-15. But that's nice from Williams, stepping in behind a big first serve and putting away a backhand winner. Forehand volley from Williams, greeted by a guttural roar, before the four-time champion steps in and puts away a backhand down the line. If she don't get you one way, she'll get you another...

    Lindsay Davenport, BBC TV

    "Radwanska is getting a bit more power on her shots because now she's believing she can hang in there in the rallies. With Serena it's all about the nerves. She's said they have affected more as she gets older."

    *Williams 6-1 4-5 Radwanska

    Williams bends a backhand down the line for 0-30 before Radwanska hits back with a piledriven forehand. Serena can only fend this first serve into the tramlines and she's unable to pick up a neat little drop-shot from the Pole, to riotous applause. Signs of nerves from the American, and I'm not sure some of these crowd reactions will be to her liking. Hold, they go wild again, Serena serving to stay in the set...


    From Martin Daniels on Twitter: "Finally this match might get interesting! Fair play to Radwanska, she could of crumbled after early break in 2nd set."

    John McEnroe, BBC TV

    "On previous chances, Serena would move in and take balls in the air but she didn't there and it cost her the game."


    Stats so far: Aces - Radwanska 2-10 Williams; Unforced errors - Radwanska 7-22 Williams; First serves in - Radwanska 67-57 Williams; Points won on first serve - Radwanska 57%-79% Williams; Points won on second serve - Radwanska 44%-45% Williams;

    Williams 6-1 4-4 Radwanska*

    Radwanska has some splendid touches but Serena is just smothering her work - it's like a watching a miniature portrait painter attemping to work up on deck in a storm. Williams misses with a backhand for 15-15 before Radwanska knifes a horrible backhand long. That was a chance. Double-fault from Serena, followed by a 120mph first serve... Williams just misses with an attempted forehand pass on the gallop, deuce... ace down the middle but that's tremendous from the Pole, getting the better of a baseline rally and finishing it off with a drilled backhand down the line. Biggest cheer of the day so far, and here's a slightly more muted one as Radwanska chisels out her first break-point... deary me, that was a seriously bad call on that serve - challenged, in by miles - before Williams hoicks another forehand long. We've got ourselves a contest...


    From Kim Collins on Twitter: "Really want #Radwanska to win... unfortunately I think she's turned up too late in this game."

    *Williams 6-1 4-3 Radwanska

    ... chance gone, Radwanska now has the unenviable task of trying to hold her own serve. Serena nets with a backhand but follows up with some penetrating shots from the back of the court before leaping into the court and dispatching a forehand volley. That's a cute little drop-shot from Radwanska, a little dab of paint on the Centre Court canvas, and that's another hold of serve.


    From Anukram Adhikary on Twitter: "So much looking forward to #Serena serving her 100th ace of the tournament!"

    Williams 6-1 4-2 Radwanska*

    This is better by Radwanska, getting more purchase on the ball, and Williams eventually tugs a backhand wide. Serena with a smelly old backhand into the net, footwork all at sea, but that's a gem of a pass from the American, leaving her opponent rooted with a whipped backhand cross court. Williams makes it 30-30 courtesy of a well-crafted point, finished with a forehand volley, and Radwanska can only find the net with a forehand return on the next point. Ace...


    From Jamie on Twitter: "Torn between my desire to see A-Rad make a match of it, and seeing Marray's match before I head out!

    *Williams 6-1 3-2 Radwanska

    Better from Radwanska, peppering the lines on that baseline rally for 15-0 and again for 30-0. The crowd thawing out now as the sun eases its way through the clouds, and what a shot this is from Serena, a pinpoint pass down the line. Deep second serve by Radwanska and Williams can only hoick it wide wth a backhand and that's a regulation hold.


    From A Tennis Fan in London, via text on 81111: "The equal prize money 'debate' is completely irrelevant to this match. What a shame someone felt the need to bring it up YET AGAIN."

    Pat Cash, BBC Radio 5 Live

    "How many times has Serena slammed down a serve and Radwanska doesn't even move? It's like her feet are nailed to the floor. We've heard about her health problems this week and perhaps she's struggling a bit."

    Williams 6-1 3-1 Radwanska*

    That's splendid guile from Radwanska, an angled forehand on the run, but Williams hits back with two straight aces. Radwanska didn't even move, as if she'd been turned to stone... ripper from Radwanska, setting herself and lacing a double-fister down the line, but Radwanska follows up with an unforced error on the backhand flank and Serena seals with an authoritative backhand volley...


    Clare Balding on BBC Radio 5 Live: "The trouble with best-of-three tennis is that it goes in a flash if you don't start well."


    From Shah AP on Twitter: "No way S Williams best ever. What abt Navratilova, Graf, Evert? Graf won 22 Slams, Navratilova 9 Wimbledons. Serena nowhere near."

    Lindsay Davenport, BBC TV

    "It's just a really tough match-up, made worse on the grass for Radwanska."

    *Williams 6-1 2-1 Radwanska

    Three break-points, returns flying by Radwanska's ears like bullets, and Serena only needs one of them, the Pole netting with a backhand. A mournful look from Radwanska and a grumbling sound from the Centre Court crowd, a sound that says "these tickets cost an awful lot of money for a little over an hour..."

    Williams 6-1 1-1 Radwanska*

    Serena spreads her wings and puts away a solid forehand volley before sending down a fourth ace. And that's the tournament record, 90 aces so far... Serena, who has so much time to set herself, drills a backhand down the line to hold... you know what someone asked Andy Murray at his presser last night? "What contribution have your dogs made to your progress to the final?" The thing is, Andy actually spent time wrestling with the question...

    Lindsay Davenport, BBC TV

    "Radwanska is in the lead for the first time in this match. Maybe that will give her a little more confidence to go for her shots."


    From Abdullah Mahmood on Twitter: "AR has to really go for broke and come in and take advantage of any short balls. Even then she knows Serena can pass her."

    *Williams 6-1 0-1 Radwanska

    The ladies final back under way and that's a muff from Williams, a ballooned backhand for 15-0. Williams sprays a forehand long before missing with a wild and windy forehand return. New balls, of course, and they appear to be spring-loaded... Radwanska with an easy hold - a sentence I didn't think I would be writing today.


    From Sunny Chan on "This ladies final is not putting up a good case for equal prize money."


    We'll obviously be building up to the men's singles final from early tomorrow morning seeing as a certain Andy Murray is in it. We've got the opportunity to put your Twitter questions to our BBC pundits. So fire them in via @bbcsport using #bbctennis and we'll pick the best.


    From Robert Poderoso on Twitter: "McEnroe: 'Serena arguably best ever'. I think she is playing against much weaker opposition vs the Martina Graff era. Thoughts?"

  157. 1506: 

    We're back out again, not exactly sunbaked, but mildly toasty...

  158. 1501: 

    Covers coming off, rain presumably has ceased, players should be back out in a few minutes... John Hurt rocking an extravagant beard, presumably playing a role, darling. And here's comedian Michael McIntyre, talking with other celebrities in that way celebrities do...


    From a gutted Sim in London, via text on 81111: "Had a 20 quid bet on 50-1 on serena to win the first set 6-0. And they think Radwanska had a disappointing set!"

  160. 1455: 

    In the Open Era, there have been a few one-sided mullerings in women's finals, to use the vernacular: in 1975 Billie Jean King beat Evonne Goolagong 6-0 6-1, while in 1992 Steffi Graf took down Monica Seles 6-2 6-1. Handy players, Goolagong and Seles...

    Lindsay Davenport, BBC TV

    "Radwanska has had plays in rallies but she hasn't come out with any energy. She likes to play it calm and cool but she needs to rev it up if she wants to turn this match around."


    From Tiral, London, via text on 81111: "If Serena Williams had competition like the men do, I feel we would see Serena more consistent. She's bored and literally her own best opponent!"

  163. 1451: 

    Sorry Aggie, hadn't quite written you off yet, I pressed the wrong button, not game, set and match, merely the opening set...


    From Mayowa Olubowale on Twitter: "Poor Radwanska!! Come on Aggie!!

  165. 1450: 

    The shortest women's Wimbledon final in history? Not this year, it happened in 1923, when Suzanne Lenglen beat Norway's Molla Mallory 6-2 6-0 in 23 minutes. Good job she won those two games, might have been embarassing... covers on, players off...

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Williams 6-1 Radwanska*

    Pinpoint by Williams, backhand winner down the line, but it's 30-30 as Serena nets with a forehand. Bit of rain out there now... ace out wide and the first set is sealed with another cannonball delivery that would have taken out a galleon...

    Pat Cash, BBC Radio 5 Live

    "No smile there from Radwanska after finally getting on the board. She's third in the world and she expects to do better."

    *Williams 5-1 Radwanska

    Radwanska looks extremely unhappy out there, even when she noticeably steps up the effort Serena has all the answers. Radwanska plonks an attempted drop-shot into the net before serving up a double.. applause now as Williams goes wide with a forehand return, but here's two break-points... saves one with a good first serve... and another... ace out wide, but Serena saves courtesy of smash... Radwanska gives her heel a little tap with her racquet, it's not getting any easier out there... that's cute at the net for another game-point but misses the line with a cross-court forehand... ace, Radwanska's on the board, although judging by the reaction you'd think she'd just revealed all the deepest secrets of life...

    Pat Cash, BBC Radio 5 Live

    "Just to get on the board would be a good effort for Radwanska in this set. She's actually played pretty well. If she can get a little more confidence she can start to play some more of her shots, start to push Serena around a bit and get into the match."


    From BBC Sport's Aimee Lewis on Twitter: "Late comers running up the stairs, making an awful hullabaloo by shushing all the way. They've missed quite a bit as Serena 5-0 up in first."


    From Jamie on Twitter: "Not long now until Marraymania, from the looks of it."

    Williams 5-0 Radwanska*

    Already we're looking at Radwanska having to mount a comeback of Stalingrad proportions, as Williams pumps another backhand winner down the line... Radwanska gets a sighter of a Serena second serve and plonks a backhand into the net and that game is sealed with a serve... Radwanska, already looking deflated out there, is being trounced.

    *Williams 4-0 Radwanska

    Radwanska needs a foothold, at the moment she's sliding down the cliff-face with rocks crashing down on her face... Williams unable to track down that drop-shot from the Pole before Radwanska tugs a backhand long... Serena doing Radwanska a favour with a mishit backhand only for Radwanska to repay in kind... double-fault makes it deuce, iffy backhand hands Williams the advantage, Serena puts away a thunderclap backhand...

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 Live

    "Serena has worked out how to use the wind now and you have to fear for Radwanska even at this early stage of the match."


    From Imogen Middleton on Twitter: "This year has gone far too quickly for my liking: drama, entertainment and quality tennis - bring on next year!"

    Williams 3-0 Radwanska*

    Williams tees off with another forehand winner down the line and it's looking ominous for Radwanska as she knifes a rather meek backhand into the net. That'll help, a rare double-fault for 30-15, before Radwanska just misses with an attempted forehand winner... Williams nets with a forehand to give her rival a glimmer and that's tidy work from the back of the court, Serena's forehand malfunctioning again, for deuce... Radwanska with some tremendous scrambling from the back of the court, only for Serena to finish her with an overhead, and Williams closes things out with a drop-shot, like being punched in the mooey with a feather...

    Lindsay Davenport, BBC TV

    "This is the type of opponent Radwanska is always going to struggle against, the powerful ones and especially on grass."


    From BBC Sport's Mike Henson: "Another pearler of a stat from the WTA: Serena has won 190 of the 194 Grand Slam matches in which she has won the first set."


    From Allie on Twitter: "Does anyone remember the US Open Final last year? No one gave Stosur a chance against Serena and she won."

    *Williams 2-0 Radwanska

    Radwanska loses her first point on serve before Serena finds the net with a backhand. Some humpty from the baseline and there's only one winner when that happens, although she does manage to outlast her American rival on the next point. Brutal from Williams, chiselling out a break-point with a crunching backhand return, but that's ballsy from the Pole, saving with a backhand down the line. Serena gives Radwanska the runaround before putting away a smash but that's another break-point saved, Williams pushing a forehand wide.

    Radwanska gives a little yelp when she hits the ball, almost like a small dog hiccupping, but Serena remaining focused on this point, putting away a forehand volley. Williams goes long with a forehand return before Radwanska yanks a backhand wide... that's peachy from the Pole, a cute little lob that Williams swivels on and hits head high into the crowd... Serena stalking the net and putting away a backhand winner for another deuce... Williams gets a good look at that second serve and piles into a screaming forehand winner... Radwanska pushes a forehand into the tram-lines, and we've got ourselves a break...

    John McEnroe, BBC TV

    "Radwanska has got to play every ball on purpose, she can't afford to just push the balls back to Serena."


    From Chris Rhodes on Twitter: "They can hype it up all they want but this ladies final will be over before you can put the kettle on."


    From Edward Poole on Twitter: "So the Ladies get flowers before the final at @Wimbledon , so the men should get ...a crate of beer?"

    Williams 1-0 Radwanska*

    Serena's going to have first dibs on serve... Williams's first serve is on the money and she finishes off the first point with a double-fister cross-court. Williams into the net with a forehand but the Pole is only able to fend the next serve into the net. First ace of the match, straight down the middle, and Radwanska eyes her racquet mournfully, perhaps thinking to herself: "I've got more chance of winning a stage of the Tour de France on a bike made of cheese than I have of fending her off with this thing..."

  185. 1406: 

    Someone has sent me a rather smug tweet pointing out it's a ripper of a day up in Manchester, which would be great for Mancunians were it not for the fact that Centre Court is in southwestern London. Sun coming out as I type...

  186. 1403: 

    Players knocking up now, we'll have some play in three or four minutes...

  187. 1402: 

    Ahead of the final, Serena Williams has been answering your Twitter questions via BBC Sport presenter Rishi Persad (@BBC_Rishi) and particular highlights included finding out she would not swap Florida for an English castle ("it's too cold with all that stone"), she can play guitar and that she doesn't arm wrestle with Venus - "they don't engage in that kind of thing". Revealing...

  188. 1358: 

    Players making their way towards the court now, Radwanska shadowed by Serena all the way. When you can see them coming like this, the similarities between tennis and boxing become clearer. To continue the theme, it's apparent before they've even hit a ball that it's lightweight versus middleweight out there...


    Nine-time champion Martina Navratilova on BBC One: "Radwanska will have to take a guess on the serves because you're going to get aced either way. She'll also have to disrupt Serena's rhythm and move her around."

    John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Radwanska has always been one of my favourite players to watch, she's got the best hands in the game, but power hitters take the racquet out of your hands..."

  191. 1353: 

    Radwanska's previous best at a Grand Slam were five quarter-final finishes, two of them at Wimbledon, 2008 and 2009. She has tasted success at Wimbledon, however, winning the girls' singles in 2005. They should be on court in seven minutes approximately...

  192. 1349: 

    While Radwanska is all gossamer touch, Williams is the iron fist - a record 24 aces in her semi-final against Victoria Azarenka and 80-odd in all, only Philipp Kohlschreiber (98) in the men's draw has delivered more. That Serena serve will be the decisive weapon in this match. Nine-time singles champion Martina Navratilova has spotted Radwanska dancing in the locker room: "Loose as a goose," apparently...

  193. 1343: 

    You can watch the women's final on BBC TV in 3D on the HD channel at 14:30 BST, as well as online, mobiles and on BBC Big Screens across the UK - and BBC radio 5 live as well of course.

  194. 1341: 

    I'm hearing you can get Williams at 8-1 on, which are extraordinary odds for a two-horse race. Then again, you could have got Buster Douglas at 40-1 with some Vegas bookmakers before he fought Mike Tyson, and all I remember about that fight is Iron Mike scrabbling about on the floor trying to reinsert his gumshield.


    Tom Ruzyllo on Twitter: "Jenson clearly just a big Sue Barker fan, throwing in the towel in Q1 so he can catch all the ‪Wimbledon‬ build-up!"

  196. 1338: 

    I like Radwanska, full of finesse with an understated manner - she reacted to reaching her first Grand Slam final with no more than a little hop, as if she'd achieved nothing more monumental than polishing off a punnet of strawberries. However, she's a little bit chesty, and we don't know how that might affect her game today.


    From BBC Sport's Clare Balding on Twitter: "Bumped into Jonny Marray as he checked out Centre Court before the doubles final. What a lovely guy."


    Flavio, in Manchester, on 81111: "Radwanska is the underdog and on top of that, has had to worry about her respiratory illness. So I'm rooting for Radwanska today."

  199. 1333: 

    The covers are being removed from Centre Court, looks like it's going to be an outdoor final after all. Serena, of course, can equal her sister's record of five Wimbledon titles this afternoon, while a victory for Radwanska would make her the first Pole to reach the world number one spot.

  200. 1329: 

    Marray is the first Brit into the final of the men's doubles for 52 years: Mike Davies and Bobby Wilson lost the 1960 final to Rafael Osuna and Dennis Ralston, while the last Brits to win the thing were Pat Hughes and Raymond Tuckey in 1936. Marray wins today, Murray wins tomorrow, it's double-bubble.

  201. 1326: 

    Of course, we've got a Brit in action on Centre Court today, Jonathan Marray in the men's doubles. The 31-year-old from Liverpool, playing alongside Denmark's Freddie Nielsen, beat 11-time Grand Slam winners Bob and Mike Bryan in four sets in the semi-finals and play fifth seeds Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau in the final. According to former British Davis Cup coach John Lloyd, Marray is "one of the best five volleyers in the world".

  202. 1320: 

    Royal Box update: we've got Hurt (Elephant Man, Rings, Hellboy), Hart (Miranda) and loads of former lady tennis players. Tomorrow, there will actually be royalty: Cambridge (Duchess of, hubby apparently not interested). Queen not coming, no idea why.

  203. 1315: 

    These two women have played each other only twice before, in Berlin in 2008 and Wimbledon the same year - Williams won both matches in straight sets. This is Williams's 18th Grand Slam final and she's won 13 of them. Only four women have reached more Grand Slam singles finals - Chris Evert (34), Martina Navratilova (32), Steffi Graf (31) and Evonne Goolagong Cawley (18).

  204. 1308: 

    Agnieszka might not be a household name but the 23-year-old has achieved a fair bit in her career: three titles this year, 10 in her career and earnings of more than $9m. Put that in your bank account and smoke it. Jadwiga Jedrzejowska, the last Polish woman to reach the ladies singles final at Wimbledon, didn't earn a jot, her being amateur, but she was on the box: 1937 was the first year the Championships were televised by the BBC.

  205. 1300: 

    Afternoon all and welcome to a rather grim SW19, brollies up on Centre Court, looks like this could all be going off indoors. First up we've got the women's singles final, four-time champion Serena Williams versus third seed Agnieszka Radwanska. Word on the street is that Radwanska, the first Pole to reach the ladies singles final at Wimbledon since 1937, is going to get hosed off the court by Williams's power. Word on the street was that Federer was going to get munched by Djokovic. Word on the street is often wrong.

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