Wimbledon 2012: Andy Murray v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as it happened

Andy Murray becomes the first British man to reach a Wimbledon final for 74 years when he beats Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in four sets.

6 July 2012 Last updated at 19:30

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As it happened

  1. 1927:  

    Centre Court almost totally empty now, just a few burgundy-shirted cleaners hoovering the plastic pint-pots, discarded Union flags and broken French hearts. On that poignant note, I'm off to immerse my fingers in a bucket of ice. See you Sunday?


    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: "I was in my match and focused so I didn't take any notice of all the fans, it was not really important.

    "At the beginning it was tough because he didn't give me the chance to go to the net and didn't miss with his serve, in the third his level dropped and I broke, but he came back.

    "At the end with Andy I just told him that I didn't know whether the ball was in or out. I thought it was wide but I didn't know for sure."


    From Nick, via text on 81111: "Destiny is calling. Only the greatest tennis to ever play the game stands in your way andy. No problem!"


    From Charlotte, Wrexham, via text on 81111: "I love karma- my fella has just spent a week in sunny Spain whilst I've been stuck in the gloom. Now he's going to a soggy wedding on Sunday whilst I watch the biggest tennis match for a generation."


    Let's not forget that we actually have TWO Brits in finals on Sunday - earlier on today, Jonathan Marray and his partner Frederik Nielsen fought past defending champions Mike and Bob Bryan in the men's doubles semi-finals. It's all happening.

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "What an opportunity. He's got one monkey off the nation's back with the first finalist in 74 years so it's a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Murray has to keep the ball out of that danger zone in the middle of the court and if he can keep the ball away from Federer's backhand then of course he has a chance. It's another big big task for Murray. He's obviously lost to Roger in a Grand Slam final before but it's another great win today and he's been so resilient, that was so uncomfortable in the fourth set. He's got to do that for one more occasion and keep believing he can go the whole way. The start is going to be crucial."


    BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray: "Arms burst skywards as Murray's last forehand return streaks off screen. Tsonga challenges and the low-def viewing quality means no-one knows if he is wrong. The Hawkeye replay is followed by a replay in reality as the celebrations start all over. Commemorative team photos and cheek-stretching grins all over. It really is rather nice."

    Mark Petchey , BBC Sport

    "Obviously when you remember watching Murray play on Centre Court for the first time against David Nalbandian it was unbelievable, the signs were there that this was a guy who had a chance to win a Grand Slam. To witness it is such an incredible occasion, but we all need to temper our enthusiasm. He hasn't won it yet and he has a far sterner test in the final that he even had today."

  9. 1913:  

    I'm hearing that Roger Federer is 2-1 on to win Sunday's final. Murray actually leads the old master 8-7 in the head-to-heads, but he's famously never beaten him in a Grand Slam event. And has lost to him in two Grand Slam finals, failing to win a set on either occasion. Still, when you've just ended a hoodoo that's hung around for 74 years, who gives a hoot about something so laughably recent?

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Did I wonder whether it was going to come? I thought he was going to win a Grand Slam and I always thought Wimbledon would be the first one he would win on grass and it's destiny I think."


    Bit more from Murray: "I just tried to stay calm but it's not easy. You can (stay calm) but it's just difficult, there's a lot of pressure when you're on the court, but you've just got to focus on the next point." When asked what his parents were feeling, he said: "I've no idea and I'm not that bothered, it's a lot harder for me for sure."


    British Prime Minister David Cameron: "It is great news that we have our first home-grown men's finalist at Wimbledon for over 70 years, especially in this exciting Olympics year when the eyes of the world are on the UK. I'll be watching the final on Sunday and like the rest of the country, will be getting right behind Andy Murray - I wish him the best of luck."

  13. 1909:  

    There were times when that all seemed so easy. There were times when it all seemed impossible. Two sets and cantering, one duff service game and we were plunged into the ghastly unknown. As ever, as ever.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Some people were wondering, including myself, if this day would actually come. I feel really bad for Tim [Henman]. The stress these guys have been under - I was never under that pressure - so I've go to hand it to Murray. The way [Ivan] Lendl was so unreactive shows there's one more match to go. I would have liked to see him go off there a little more but great credit to Murray."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    More from Timmers: "Murray did so well to finish that off in four, because I'm not sure anyone could have handled a fifth."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "It was an amazing match with all the ebbs and flows. It could not have gone any better for the first two sets. He lost his serve in the space of a few minutes, then Tsonga really got going and when he threw caution to the wind it got uncomfortable."

    Boris Becker , BBC Sport

    "I think this will be the most watched Wimbledon final in many, many years."


    Andy Murray, talking to BBC Sport in the aftermath of his historic semi-final win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: "Bit of relief, excitement, it's tough to explain. It was such a close match. In the last two sets both of us had chances. He came back with unbelievable passing shots, had break points at 4-4 and I had to hang tough and I just did it. It was a very emotional way to end to the match, I've just got to keep it together for the final. It will be one of the biggest matches of my life. I've had experience against Roger in the final of Slams before. I'll use that to my advantage, learn from my mistakes. It's obviously going to be a very tough match. He's playing great."


    What's that? You've got some DIY planned for Sunday afternoon? You're going to clear out the loft? I hope you're joking. Because if you're not, I shall be - oh I see, you are. Very funny. I'll let you off after that. I'm not sure I've got the strength to fight.


    Only one man motionless and emotionless amid the mania. That's right - Ivan Lendl. Just give us something Ivan. Just a sign that a human heart beats behind that inscrutable exterior. Any sort of sign... nope.


    Anyone up to anything on Sunday?

  23. 1853:  

    Wonderful scenes in the evening sunshine. In the distance over there on Henman Hill, thousands of arms wave furiously - it's like a cornfield in a gale. Murray collapsing into his chair, Tsonga - hats off, sir, hats off - grinning like the happiest gate-crasher the world ever saw.


    From John Noble on Twitter: "Bring the bus!! Tartan it up! U wait 50+ years for one & 2 come along at once #2BritsInAWimblesFinal #bbctennis good effort JWT Well done AM."


    From GregColes on Twitter: "WE LOVE YOU MURRAY! IT'S YOUR YEAR!"

  26. 1849:  

    Bedlam - merry, ruddy bedlam. Murray goes cross-court, Murray goes to a place no British man has dared tread in 74 years. Hands to head, disbelieving, cacophony all around. Roof on Centre? It's just been taken off.

    GAME, SET AND MATCH - Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 7-5 Tsonga

    Dark shadows sneaking across Centre, the July sun sinking low to the west. Tsonga - now then, he's pulled that forehand way wide, and he's at 0-30 as screams echo all around. Overhead away for 15-30. At the net... into the net! Two match points, two match points, deafening defeaning... DONE HIM! DONE HIM!


    From Jim from Boroughbridge, N Yorks, via text on 81111: "Just about to enter a flooded tunnel on the East Coast Mainline at Grantham. As and when we re-emerge I am hoping to read of a Murray victory. Pleeeaaassseee!"


    From Pete W, via text on 81111: "They have closed the metro in Prague. Desperately trying to get home to see the conclusion. Why today? It's like they don't care at all."

    Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 6-5 Tsonga*

    Bad time for a second double-fault of the match from Murray. An even worse time for a forehand into the net - 15-30, lucky lucky lucky as Tsonga bats a second serve just long. Fingernails being mangled in all corners, hats being pulled apart, offers of sandwiches being pushed away. Murray's serve now wobbling, but there's a heart beating fast in the Frenchman's breast too - replies off second serves long, and we shall dance again.


    From Chris Donnell on Twitter: "Tsonga throwing punches out here that Ali would be proud of, fly like a butterfly sting like a bee."

    Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 5-5 Tsonga

    When will it come, will it ever come? Murray into a second serve but to tug a backhand into the tape, and Tsonga careers through to 40-0 with stomach-turning alacrity. Umpire Carlos Ramos feeling this tension down to his fingertips too - he over-rules a Tsonga drive out wide and suffers the embarassment of losing a challenge on his own call. Level pegs once again - I have no idea where this match is heading now, but who does?

    Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 5-4 Tsonga*

    I've actually started feeling a bit sick. Thanks to Dirsy, I thought he was steering us home there. Murray lets Tsonga come in fast and he can't dig out his backhand; 15-30, horrible moments. Blistering forehand from Tsonga, the hammer of Thor - he'll have break points here, of course he will, it was always going to be like this... Big serve, reply long, one saved. First serve... bah, long. Second - it's sitting up and asking to be mangled, and Tsonga - sweet baby Jane, he's stuck it long! Murray as Houdini, Tsonga now with a face of fury and correspondingly flaying forehand - long, long, Murray back in front. Cruel, cruel sport...


    From BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray Mount: "A collective gulp from the Hill as two Murray break points slide down the swanny. No-one moving anywhere now, I fear that somewhere drinks receptacles may be being refilled with the same liquid for a second time."


    From Rory in Hampshire, via text on 81111: "I am 14 years old and have been on trains since four, following the tennis, can feel the tension, just let out a quick come on andy at the sight of him breaking tsonga...getting very strange looks now!"


    From Mike, via text on 81111: "Currently cursing the bump and grind of the scotrail shuttle home from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Contemplating jumping off at Falkirk to catch the end of this (deciding?) set in a local hostelry."


    From BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray Mount: "The crowd are getting fidgety, sensing an 'I was there' moment on the horizon as Murray breaks for a 3-1 lead in the fourth. Some Scots discussing the possibility of hanging off the net cord, ala Wembley 77, if their man can finish the job."


    From Anonymous (names please), via text on 81111: "On the tube on the way home. Nobody reading, everyone just started to talk about Murray. Nobody ever talks on the tube. Feels odd! Come on Andy."

    Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 4-4 Tsonga

    Dark and brooding overhead, we could really do without the rain at this point, especially the tennis nutjobs on Henman Hill. Tsonga stoops and angles a volley wide and the Frenchman follows up with a meek and mild forehand into the net. The door ajar... Tsonga dredges up some humpty, ace down the T, only to knife a backhand into the net on the next point - two Murray break-points... Murray has a sighter of a second serve - that's spunky from Tsonga, a forehand volley into the open court... that's outrageous from the Frenchman! Scrambling from Murray, pops up the lob, only for Tsonga to hunt it down, swivel and for Murray's subsequent volley to land wide... Tsonga saves, overhead, this set looks like going the distance... here's Fordyce again...


    From Swifty, near Portsmouth, via text on 81111: "Sitting at the front of a coach with 35 11-year- old Americans taking them to France on a tour, me and the coach driver are the only brits on the coach, keeping him updated on the score while he drives, living the dream. Come on Murray!!"

    Miles Maclagan , BBC Radio 5 Live

    "I wondered when Andy went 3-1 up if he had tightened up. Did the nerves kick in? Sometimes you make bad decisions when you're nervous. But after a couple of good games from Tsonga Andy is back on track."

    Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 4-3 Tsonga*

    Fordyce taking a comfort break, Ben Dirs in the seat for a couple of games as rain threatens up ahead... Murray being pinned to the back of the court by Tsonga's naked aggression but that's a cute knifed drop-shot for 15-15. Tsonga bunts a forehand return long before Murray dispatches a forehand pass after a dinky pick-up by the Frenchman. Murray pulls ouf a hefty first serve and puts away the forehand winner for the hold...

    Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 3-3 Tsonga

    This worries me - as Murray went to his chair at that changeover, he looked up at his entourage and held up his hands as if to say, what do you expect me to do about that? Tsonga a man inspired now - he will dive full length, Becker reborn, to somehow stick away a volley, and Murray will go wide for 40-15. Perplexing mid-rally challenge from Tsonga, but when he can hit backhand winners like that - fizzeroo - who cares?

    Miles Maclagan , BBC Radio 5 Live

    "I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Andy didn't play badly. That was incredible from Tsonga."


    From Anonymous (names please, especially if you're at a wedding), via text on 81111: "At my brothers wedding, updating my table on with the murray game.. hopefully he will wrap it up this set cos don't think I will be sober enough to read much more.. c'mon murray."

    Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 3-2 Tsonga*

    Never count Tsonga out until the corpse has stopped twitching. Wonderful running forehand pass for 15-30 - that ball curved out and back in as if on rails - but Murray will find a big serve down the middle for 30-30. Too good! Tsonga one-handed backhand that rips through Murray's defences, and he's got a break-back point. Never easy, never easy... Ace! Brilliant. Deuce, Murray chasing, Tsonga at the net and stooping - a touch from the gods, wondrous volley, a second break point. Murray on the defensive - back foot, back of the court, backhand... oh no, into the net...

    Pat Cash , 1987 Champion and 5 live summariser

    "Desperate play from Tsonga, he's realised his time is running out."


    From Eddie Brennan, on a Perth-bound train, via text on 81111: "I have just passed through a very deserted Dunblane train station. Hoping to get home to watch the boy from Dunblane do it. Would it be wrong to order the train driver to step on it!!"

    Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 3-1 Tsonga

    Time for a look at Murray's coach Ivan Lendl - nope, not a flicker. I've seen statues more animated. Double-fault from Tsonga, Murray with a whisper of a opening for the first time in an age - he'll ping that past his opponent for break point, and he's in this rally - fearsome forehand, Tsonga charging the tape, Murray crunching a pass, Tsonga volleying... LONG!


    From BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray Mount: "General opinion is that Andy's lady Kim Sears looks disproportionately unhappy with her lot. I'll leave it at that."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "The first two sets it looked like Murray was dominating the baseline rallies but in this last set he's backed off a bit and is not as explosive as he was."

    Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 2-1 Tsonga*

    Two gifted points on the bounce from Tsonga off Murray second serves, both backhands, both off-balance. CRASHEROO! Searing forehand cross-court winner from Murray, his best shot in an age. Can that fire fresh vigour into his tightening limbs and fearful onlookers?

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Certainly Tsonga is moving better and hitting the ball harder and that's affecting Murray at the moment, he's not sure how to handle it."


    Murray v Tsonga third set stats - Aces: Murray 0-6 Tsonga; First serves in: Murray 55%-58% Tsonga; Points won on 1st serve: Murray 75%-73% Tsonga; Points won on second serve: Murray 40%-50% Tsonga; Unforced errors: Murray 3-8 Tsonga.

    Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 1-1 Tsonga

    Some awful weight behind that Tsonga serve. Centre horribly silent now, the nerves oscillating between spectators and Scot, exponentially increasing with every unforced error and Tsonga winner.


    BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray Mount: "Comfortably the Mount's favourite moment of the match so far as Tsonga fields a Murray volley in the bread basket. Cheers as the fifth seed sinks to the deck are followed by supportive applause as he clambers back to 90 degrees and sympathetic groans as the slo-mo shows the full horror."

    Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 1-0 Tsonga*

    Murray's body language is transformed. An emotionless automaton in the first two sets, he's now shouting at those invisible demons, grimacing and shrugging, twitching and bitching. Two big chances for Tsonga on the backhand side at 30-30 - he's missed them both, and if he had half a backhand you'd dread to think where this match might be.

    Mark Petchey , BBC Sport

    "I just wonder if Murray thought he had already booked his place in Sunday's final..."


    From David, on a train, via text on 81111: "Shouting "c'mon Tim!" didn't get the laugh it did last year... Then again I was at the match then not on the 5:30 to Bedford."

    GAME AND THIRD SET - Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 Tsonga

    Murray finds finesse for 0-15 - no, long for 15-15, but what's happened here? Yoi yoi-yoi - Murray pulverises a forehand straight at Tsonga, and I fear he's worn that in the petanques. Yup, the Frenchman is down. No greater discrepancy in nature than between the agony of it happening to you and the chuckles in seeing it happen to somebody else. Murray... long, correctly on a challenge, and that sets up a set point for the wounded Tsonga. First serve long. Second sitting up, Murray clambering all over this, backhand... into the net! Forget the damage down to his boules - Tsonga is back in this match, and Murray, from cruising with elegant dominance, is suddenly a'wobbling.


    We have a Brit through to a final at Wimbledon - and his name is Jonathan Marray. He has made the men's doubles final with partner Frederik Nielsen after they downed defending champions Bob & Mike Bryan in four sets.


    From BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray Mount: "Subtitled advisory on the screen that the match is being shown on the big screen on Court Two with plenty of seats available. There are a few takers, notably the shorter of stature, for that offer."

    Murray 6-3 6-4 3-5 Tsonga*

    Lovely rink-a-dink-dink at the net from the two gladiators, popping up drop-shots, ricochetting back volleys, Tsonga lobbed and left leaden-footed by Murray's put-away. Now for the set. Or break. Deep breaths.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "When Tsonga gets on these streaks he's dangerous and that's what Murray's finding now, Tsonga looking so much better."

    Murray* 6-3 6-4 2-5 Tsonga

    I feared that might happen. Tsonga holds with a spring in his step and a grin on his face - one more of those and the set is his. There's Henri Leconte! He's wearing shades as well as a Porthos-style goattee, an expression just visible behind the dark glasses that hints of a long night and no shortage of good times.


    BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray Mount: "Forget the virtues of the Murray's improved second serve, the talk to the right of me is all about the surprisingly high quality of a particular value supermarket's sparkling wine range. Something for everyone out here, as long as that something is obscured views of tennis or booze."

    Murray 6-3 6-4 2-4 Tsonga*

    Blue skies up above, seat-gripping drama down below. Murray needs to slam the brakes on this slide, and he does so by mixing it up for the first time in a while - backhand slicers that Tsonga has to bend double to reach, tempters left hanging just beyond the net. The bad news is that Tsonga will have new balls to serve with in the next game. Finished? I fear we've barely begun.


    BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/ Murray Mount: "'C'mon Tsonga' comes an unsteady, English voice as the Frenchman breaks at the beginning of the fifth. 'Four bottles,' says her companion by way of explanation to miffed Murray fans in the vicinity."


    From Nathan Bright on Twitter: "Been on the train home from work for the first 2 sets. Is it wrong to want a Tsonga fight back so I can watch Murray win the 4th?"


    From Scott, London/Italy, via text on 81111: "We are drinking booze in the Italian hills. Murray better win. That's all."

    Murray* 6-3 6-4 1-4 Tsonga

    For the 101st time, that is NOT 1980s husky-voiced balladeer Paul Young sitting next to Judy Murray: it's Simon Fuller, entertainment mogul, man behind the Spice Girls, Murray's manager. Fuller fact for you: his first involvement in the hit parade was with Paul Hardcastle's 1985 Vietnam toe-tapper '19'. Hence the name of his management company, 19 Management. Sacre bleu - woeful overhead into the net from Tsonga, and Murray will have a break-back point here. First serve long and wide. Second spitting from the pan - no, top-edge from Murray. Brilliant from Tsonga, at last finding his range on the backhand - punishing down the line, Murray's chance gone. Nervous now?

    Murray 6-3 6-4 1-3 Tsonga*

    You never truly thought it was going to be easy, did you? Tsonga a man reborn out there - piling into service returns that 20 minutes ago were edging off his frame or thundering past his ears. Glimpse there of Kim Sears, veil of long hair billowing round her face. Dreadful backhand from Murray that slides down the net with a sound like a trombone parp, but he'll get away with this as Tsonga duffs a backhand of his own into the turf. Anxious shouts from the half-cut knee-knockers in the crowd.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "I want to know what the trainer did because Tsonga is a different man. He finally got out there, stuck that chest out and started to become more aggressive. All of a sudden we have a match here."

    Murray* 6-3 6-4 0-3 Tsonga

    Tsonga, you probably won't want reminding, was two sets down against Roger Federer in the quarter-finals a year ago and came storming back to win it in five. Suddenly the Frenchman is alive, eyes bright, knees jiggling - he holds with a volley as peachy as his previous ones were wooden, and this match is very much back on.


    From Anonymous (names please, especially from Mauritius, unless you're s'posed to be at work), via text on 81111: "Watching the live feed at the airport in Mauritius! 2-0 already to Murray boarding my flight now, won't find out the result until 6 a.m tomorrow!"


    From BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray Mount: "A guttural, celtic-accented 'C'mon Andy' rips through the silence as Murray prepares to serve at set point. Not sure if the man himself heard it over on Centre, but it gees the rest of the crowd on. The claps are turning to full-blooded cheers and Sunday party plans are being mentally pulled together."

    Murray 6-3 6-4 0-2 Tsonga*

    Gaaghh - Murray double-faults to widespread surprise and then stuffs a straightforward forehand volley into the net from a foot away, and suddenly it's 0-30. Uncharacteristically feeble top-spin forehand, three break points, first time since the third game of the first set. First serve long, second sitting up, Tsonga battering deep, to the net, Murray wide! He's lost a break - no-one saw that one coming, no-one.


    Murray v Tsonga second set stats - Aces: Murray 5-2 Tsonga; First serves in: Murray 77%-71% Tsonga; Points won on 1st serve: Murray 94%-81% Tsonga; Points won on second serve: Murray 80%-0% Tsonga; Unforced errors: Murray 1-11 Tsonga.

    Murray* 6-3 6-4 0-1 Tsonga

    Hang history, hang precedent. Even with Tsonga's record over five sets, I think we can now stand up and say it loud: Andy Murray will never have a better chance of making a Wimbledon singles final. Tsonga won 0% of points off his second serve in that set. I'm rubbing my eyes too. Golden sunshine dripping onto the Centre Court grass; Tsonga holds with an ace down the middle. He's wearing the boss-eyed look of a man who's just been spun in a centrifuge.


    Meanwhile in the men's doubles, the Bryan brothers have hit back, taking the third set 7-6 (7-4) to peg Britain's Jonathan Marray and Denmark's Frederik Nielsen back to 2-1. It's a hugely tight match that one. If Marray does come through, he will be the first Brit in a men's doubles final at Wimbledon in the Open Era.


    From Olly in London, via text on 81111: "For a guy like Tsonga it's all about the mental battle. When you get on a roll against him he struggles to stop it. Murray knew that and has just blitzed him from the start."

    Mark Petchey , BBC Sport

    "Given the occasion, that can only be described as immaculate from Murray..."

    GAME AND SECOND SET - Murray 6-3 6-4 Tsonga*

    Murray ruthless on the serve, unblinking on the baseline shoot-outs. 30-0, shadows stretching across Centre from net-posts and umpire's chair. Tsonga's won a point on Murray's serve! Good volley too. Long on the backhand - plus ca change - and Tsonga bellows at the heavens like a wounded bison. The heavens offer him nothing back - backhand again, sliced long, les wheels coming off, the set Murray's. Goodness me. Goodness me backwards.


    From Rob Pollard on Twitter: "Murray serving brilliantly, returning brilliantly, and hitting his forehand brilliantly. Great combination."


    From Cindy, London, via text on 81111: "OMG! Leaving office in 25 mins and will be out of signal range for 30 mins. Can't bear it ... May need to stay late at work for Murray. Hope he appreciates it!"

    Murray* 6-3 5-4 Tsonga

    I'm not sure I've ever seen Murray play this well. Even on the points that he's losing making Tsonga do desperate things in desperate ways. The Frenchman hangs on by a single fingernail with a slicey inside-out backhand at the net, but he know needs to break Murray to prevent himself slipping two sets down. Having not won a single point on Murray's serve all set. Gulp.


    From SJC961 on "For me Murray's already playing a lot more aggressively than Fed or Djok did; I fancy him unless Tsonga really gets in the groove."

    Murray 6-3 5-3 Tsonga*

    Murray has lost just one point on his serve in this entire set. He holds again to love, and there's the strangest feeling permeating Centre: not just hope, not just excitement, but something that feels magically like true belief.


    From BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray Mount: "There aren't boos, but I'm reading mental daggers into the silence that greets a shot of the chinoed big cheeses in the posh seats on Centre. How much queuing did they do? The one for a taxi from the station doesn't count."

    Murray* 6-3 4-3 Tsonga

    Tsonga being forced to go for broke here, flailing at everything, throwing the odds and game-plan into the fire. He hangs on as an unconvincing volley just falls in and strides to the sanctuary of his chair to bury his face in the silent darkness of his towel.


    From Josephine, Glasgow, via text on 81111: "Just arrived back from Majorca. Thrilled and excited at score so far. C'mon Andy!"

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "What in the world is going on out there, Tsonga's head has got to be a lot more into it than this. Andy is playing great but Tsonga's nerves have got the better of him a bit. But he knows what it takes to come back."

    Murray 6-3 4-2 Tsonga*

    Whisper it quietly, but Murray is playing like a dre - hang that, yell it from the rooftops! Murray holds to love, the service an impenetrable code, the groundstrokes missiles blasting gaping holes in Tsonga's punch-drunk defences.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "I'm not sure how Tsonga must be feeling mentally right now and I'm not sure what game-plan he had. Whatever it was it's not working, he's being picked off from all over the court right now."


    Murray v Tsonga first stats - Aces: Murray 3-2 Tsonga; First serves in: Murray 62%-63% Tsonga; Points won on 1st serve: Murray 78%-87% Tsonga; Points won on second serve: Murray 64%-22% Tsonga; Unforced errors: Murray 3-9 Tsonga.

    Murray* 6-3 3-2 Tsonga

    Francesco is the president of the ITF, in case you were wondering. Tsonga only winning 13% of points in his second serve at the moment, and that's a horrible stat - stinging backhand replies from Murray, the Frenchman swatting at the fizzing balls with impotent anger like a bear attacked by a swarm of bees. Murray to break point, Tsonga out the back of the court and almost out the back door - forehand off balance, forehand into the tram-lines. Murray has broken, Murray has broken again...


    From BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray Mount: "Chance for a flag count as Murray takes the first and the ensignia flutters. About an even split between Saltires and Union Jacks I reckon. I can feel a week-long Scot/Brit bias debate brewing..."

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Tsonga doing a better job off the serve, trying to keep his composure but making sure he serves big enough to stay in front in this set."

    Murray 6-3 2-2 Tsonga*

    Anything you can do, mutters Murray, holding to love with the aid of two aces and a whole lot of mustard on the others. Great to see our old pal Francesco Ricci Bitti in the Royal Box, although a shame he's not brought his kids Vicki and Dicky with him.


    And Serena Williams is into yet another final. She and sister Venus have beaten number one seeds Liezel Huber and Lisa Raymond 2-6 6-1 6-2 on Court 1 and are now gunning for a fifth Wimbledon doubles title together.

    Murray* 6-3 1-2 Tsonga

    Kylie there in the Royal Box, having some sort of who-can-wear-the-biggest-sunglasses duel with the neighbouring Anna Wintour. The editor of Vogue nicknamed 'Nuclear', I'm told, which suddenly makes me hope she's not reading this text commentary. Tsonga finding his Gallic groove now, holding with increasing ease. The contest is alive.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "I seem to remember the same thing happening in the opening set against Novak Djokovic at the French, Tsonga lost that in about five minutes and you thought he was dead. But he came back and almost won it."


    From James Bovill on Twitter: "Oh and as well as Murray, what about Marray. British man two sets up against second seeds in men's doubles semi. Amazing effort!"

    Murray 6-3 1-1 Tsonga*

    The white lines crisp on the lush green rectangle in front of us. Line-judges in cream trousers and deckchair-striped shirts lean forward, hands on knees, as Murray signals for a ball, bounces it twice, glances across the net and thrashes down a fearsome serve. Tsonga struggling to make any sort of a dent in the Murray serve at the moment, and Murray has started to poke and prod at his suppurating backhand with cruel pleasure.


    From "4 British guys at Roskilde festival in Denmark", via text on 81111: "Relying on your text commentary updates!! C'mon Murray!"

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Tsonga should play more first-strike tennis, the way Federer played against Djokovic - try to unsettle Murray and not allow him to get into the same groove he got into in the first set."

    Murray* 6-3 0-1 Tsonga

    A word of caution to those uncorking the bubbly and dusting off the spare party poppers left over from Aunty Judith's 50th birthday party - Murray also won the opening set of last year's semi-final against Rafa Nadal. A word of optimism: the key words in that previous sentence were 'Nadal' and 'Rafa'. Tsonga to the net off a screaming first serve, pulls back that right arm and pops away the winner. Iffy off-balance backhand from the Frenchman - that's the chink in his thickset armour - but a volley to make Edberg misty-eyed and battering serve out beyond Murray's backhand stretch calm the troubled waters.


    BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Henman Hill/Murray Mount: "People starting to get a bit panicky about sightlines as late-arriving standers infiltrate the sitters. A few polite shoulder taps follow and everyone is friends again as the Muzmeister holds with a glorious pass for 5-2."

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "The longer rallies from the baseline are the types of rallies I'd have thought Tsonga would like to avoid, he's allowing Murray to get into his rhythm."


    Roger Federer's been talking to the press after his semi-final win over Novak Djokovic. Here's a snippet: "I've played a lot of tennis lately. I'm maybe the guy with most matches played this year, so it's not like I've been on the sideline. I think that helps, building confidence and momentum really. Obviously you want it to pay off in the big matches against the best of the players. It's nice it worked today. It's always nice beating someone like Novak, who has done so well here last year, the last couple years. I think overall the surface made the match play differently and potentially in my favour. I was able to be very aggressive, particularly once I did get into the third set where I thought we both played our very best. Now looking back, that was obviously the key to the match."

    GAME AND FIRST SET - Murray 6-3 Tsonga*

    Murray drawn to the net, Tsonga bouncing in his eyeline, Murray fizzing down the line... no, Tsonga read that as quickly as a tacky gossip mag and slaps away the volleyed winner. Clubbing power on the Murray forehand - buried down the line, Tsonga sagging on the ropes under the thumping body-shots. Murray with a big serve out wide, Tsonga nowhere, Murray effortlessly popping away the winner. What a start, what a start...

    Murray* 5-3 Tsonga

    Technically this isn't actually Tsonga's second Wimbledon semi, to go with his defeat to Djoko 12 months ago; back in 2003, he reached the semis of Junior Wimbledon, only to lose to eventual champion Florian Mergea. Florian, who's laughing now? Bright sunshine now, bouncing back off the browning turf, Tsonga gathering himself in his service stance, throwing himself into the ball toss - Murray will pull out that infuriatingly obsessive backhand slice, but Tsonga is on it and biffs away the winner. Murray to serve for the set.


    Well, well, well, what do we have here on Court 12? Britain's Jonathan Marray and Danish partner Frederik Nielsen are two sets up in the men's double final against two-time winners, American twins Bob and Mike Bryan. They won the first set 6-4 and have just taken the second 11-9 on a tie-break. The second seeds are in big trouble.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "There's not so much pressure on Murray's serve, he can hit his spots and not do anything out of the ordinary. This is a really nice start from Murray, just what I would have hoped for."

    Murray 5-2 Tsonga*

    Gasps, giddy gasps, as Murray runs on to a forehand out wide and flays it with merciless pace back across Tsonga's Gallic nez. The Frenchman must hold to stay in the set. 28 minutes gone.


    From Chris, via text on 81111: "Stuck in traffic on the M6 relying on your updates. My wife couldn't care less which is unbelievably frustrating when you want a 'Murray's broken' high 5."

    Murray* 4-2 Tsonga

    The Tsonga tserve a sight to see when its in full thumping order - quickly to game point, Murray almost turning himself inside out to reach a wrong-footer at the net but dinking his desperate backhand just long. Just seen a poignant shot of a side exit to the All England Club, where a desolate Novak Djokovic has just ducked into a waiting SUV and driven out of this year's Wimbledon for a final time.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "When you're nervous, and it's such a big moment for these guys, it's so hard to make the right decisions. You start second guessing yourself and when you miss the opportunity you have to move on. Djokovic was unable to do that against Federer."


    From Ben Marinic on "So far Murray has JWT's number. He's moving he ball well with mixture of pace. Doesn't help JWT get into a much needed groove."


    From BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Murray Mount/Henman Hill: "The first rule of Murray Mount is apparently don't stand on the picnic tables. A security guard ticks off a fan as he leaps aboard to celebrate the Scot's early break. Most of the fans content themselves with polite applause, the biggest cheers so far has been for a wide shot of themselves on the big screen."

    Murray 4-1 Tsonga*

    Unmistakable explosive popping report as Murray punches that two-fisted backhand from his own corner deep into Tsonga's backhand extremities. Quick feet from the Frenchman, in to an exchange at the tape and thrashing away an overhead, and that's formidable - backhand that zips over the net and down like a swallow to leave Murray sprawling - two break-back points. Fierce serve, Tsonga's forehand into the line. Part deux: Murray cuffing a cross-court forehand onto the outer portion of the line to escape the hook. Ace down the middle at 136mph. Ace out wide! Let's leave the talk of mockers alone, but this is a hugely encouraging opening.

    Murray* 3-1 Tsonga

    Still plenty of seats free around Centre, but before you reach for your green biro and watermarked stationery that's simply because the incumbents require urgent remedial restroom work after that previous semi-final thriller. Murray finding the line with another forehand pearler but Tsonga's hammering serve is starting to rumble into gear - Murray replies long, wide and ugly, and the Frenchman is on the board.


    Let's quickly hear from Novak Djokovic, who lost to Roger Federer in four sets: "Look, you know, he played well. No question about it. He was the better player. In the important moments he was aggressive, you know, hitting from both sides. Obviously that's what you expect when you play against Roger at the final four of a Grand Slam. I knew that. I expected him to be at the top level, but I expected myself, as well. You know, I needed to be very consistent in order to win this match; I wasn't. I had ups and downs throughout the match. Unfortunately the one that lasted for, what, 15, 20 minutes, end of the third, beginning of the fourth, costed me the win today."

    Murray 3-0 Tsonga*

    Right - who has this: Henri Leconte, 1996; Cedric Pioline, 1997; Sebastien Grosjean, 2003-4; Richard Gasquet, 2007. NB Seb's name in French translates as "Sebastien Big-Trousers". Tsonga charges to the net off a Murray second serve but boffs his approach long; another forehand tugged into the net, and it's the start of happy fantasy for Murray supporters so far.


    From Marcus Hutchinson on Twitter: "Andy Murray to sneak the win in in what could be a thriller if Tsonga can play well."

    Murray* 2-0 Tsonga

    Tsonga to the net, and he'll eat up that overhead for afternoon tea. First big roar from the Centre Court crowd as Murray steps into a backhand and pulls a vicious winner cross-court - 30-30. Tsonga perhaps a little tight here - long for the first break point of the match, but that's a dead-eyed drop-shot off his toes. Murray - ooh la la, wonderful forehand pass conjured up and over the net, and Tsonga crashes to the turf like a darted rhino. Opening down the line, Murray climbing into his backhand - makes it!

    Murray 1-0 Tsonga*

    Murray to serve first, pummeling in the first three to leave Tsonga fruitlessly flailing into the net. 40-0. Mmm, hummingbird touch from the big Frenchman - delicate backhand lob that Murray can only wave past. Duelling at the baseline, Tsonga long, game in the pouch. Quick quiz question: can you name the five Frenchmen who have reached Wimbledon semi-finals in the Open era? Leave your browsers alone - let's keep this old-skool.

  128. 1601:  

    All set? Off we go...

  129. 1600:  

    More optimism, while we're at it: no Frenchman has ever won a title here in the Open era. The last monsieur to lay his hands on the old pot was Yvon Petra back in 1946, which might not quite be Fred Perry '36 - but then, what is?

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "It's offence Murray's going to need to beat Tsonga and go on and play Roger Federer. Defence got him to number four in the world. But he needs defence and offence to go on and win Slams."

  131. 1600:  

    As the two players loosen up, anticipatory buzz rising up from the smiling punters, let's open out with the good stuff. Murray is on a four-match winning streak against Tsonga and has won both their previous meetings on grass. He's also on a 14-match winning streak against Frenchmen at Grand Slam events, and if that doesn't stir your patriotic juices then red blood does not flow through your veins. Or you're French.

  132. 1558:  

    Wonderful hours to be alive and awake as a sports fan. Grey across the land, doomsday and Armageddon on every newspaper page, barely a sniff of sunshine all summer - and here we are, fresh from a glorious first semi-final, turning the first page of a story that could make us whoop, wail and weep.

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "Murray feeds off the crowd, he likes that atmosphere with the crowd, he eggs them on. He gets energised and I hope he does that today."

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "This is the one where Murray controls the outcome compared to the other semis he's played here. I thought he was too passive against Roddick and Nadal but I don't think he's going to make the same mistake today."

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Tsonga's a better player than he ever was, he's not as up and down as he was, he's a physically strong guy, to me he looks like an American Football player."

  136. 1551:  

    Camera flashes strobe down in the far corner - a glimpse of white tracksuit tops, muscular movement behind the green screens - I think the players are on their way...


    Overall Djokovic v Federer stats - Aces: Djokovic 9-12 Federer; First serves in: Djok 63%-64% Fed; Points won on 1st serve: Djok 71%-75% Fed; Points won on second serve: Djok 57%-72% Fed; Unforced errors: Djok 21-10 Fed.

  138. 1546:  

    How are you feeling, by the way? Whether you're in bits with nerves, giddy with excitement or ga-ga with a combination of the two, you're among like-minded souls this afternoon. Strap yourself in and we'll ride this rollercoaster together.

  139. 1546:  

    They're opening the roof on Centre, which means two things: we'll have a brief delay before Andy Murray and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga stroll on (stretch; put kettle on; source three hours of snacks), and that a single shaft of sunlight suddenly strikes the lush turf. And, in the process, casts a glorious celestial spotlight on an oblivious steward. You are the chosen steward, sir, if only until the roof opens another two feet and so spreads the sunny delight to your colleagues standing either side of you.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Mentally it seemed that Djokovic was not quite there. It was almost like we here were glimpses of the old Djokovic there, he was getting down, glancing up at his box. It is so long since we have seen that side of Djokovic."

  141. 1541:  

    Afternoon, Fordyce here. Hardly an hors d'oeuvres, was it?


    From Paul Thompson on Twitter: "Good result for Murray. I'm sure he'd much rather play Federer than Djokovic in the final!"

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "It is another incredible performance and you write him off at your peril. I think a lot of people had written him off against Djokovic, but for him to make it through to the final, and in four sets in less than two and a half hours, was massive."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Roger was fantastic but I was surprised at how many unforced errors that Djokovic made."

    Boris Becker , BBC Sport

    "I think Roger shocked Djokovic with the way that he kept going for his shots and attacking his serve. I don't know how well they get on, you hear rumours that they are not the best of friends, and I think that win means a lot to him."


    Roger Federer: "Obviously, I'm ecstatic, I'm so happy. I played a great match. It has been a tough tournament for me. I was able to play some fantastic tennis."

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "Not only will he have a chance to win the championship for a record seventh time on Sunday, against a player who will be making their debut in a Wimbledon final, he could also return to world number one with victory."

  148. 1529:  

    They said he was finished, they said he was washed up, they said he was old, they said he was past it. Turns out they knew nothing about Federer at all. Righto, while we have a surfeit of tennis on Centre Court today, we do not have a surfeit of seats, so I'm making way for Tom Fordyce whose job it is to tell you all about the other match happening today.


    From Joe, bored at work, via text on 81111: "Comparisons with God are appropriate for this man, a masterly performance, Murray has no chance in the final #FedforKing."

    GAME, SET AND MATCH - Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-6 3-6 Federer

    Luck be a net cord tonight! Djokovic with a drop-shot so naughty it needed bending over the knee and spanking, and it teeters and drops over Federer's side of the net. But Federer puts away the overhead for 30-15 before Federer sprays a forehand wide for 30-30... Djokovic challenging, he thinks his forehand has skimmed the line, point replayed, he was right... another challenge, on the serve, but it just kissed the line... match point... DONE IT, FEDERER THROUGH TO HIS EIGHTH WIMBLEDON FINAL!

    Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-6 3-5 Federer*

    A look of resignation flickers across Djokovic's face during the changeover, if Federer serves another game like that, he knows the game is up. Big first serve out wide that Federer is only able to waft out but the Swiss is really leaping into his forehands this afternoon and he makes it 30-30 with another slammer that Djoko is unable to deal with. Lengthy exchange from the back of the court, Djokovic strafing the baseline, and the Swiss player eventually caves. But we have a deuce as Djokovic goes long and the Serve eventually holds to force Federer to serve for the match...

    *Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-6 2-5 Federer

    Federer with a peach of a pick-up from off the baseline, 40-0, and Djokovic sticks a forehand long and wide... the defending champion serving to stay in the contest...

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "There are parallels with matches that Federer has played against Djokovic when he has had the Serb on the ropes but he has come back. That was a big opportunity for him in the last game."


    From Chris Shelford on Twitter: "When Roger Federer retires, he can replace HawkEye. This man just does not get challenges wrong, ever."

    Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-6 2-4 Federer*

    Time for Djokovic to unleash hell on his rival, but there's nothing fiery or infernal about that backhand, missing the sideline by a couple of inches. And again... SHOT SIR! Federer hooks a dipping forehand winner for three break-points, that was magnificent... Djokovic puts away a backhand volley to save one and that's arch brinksmanship from the Serb, a backhand that just kisses the sideline... three break-points saved, another meaty first serve for advantage, only for Federer to land one to the solar plexus, a laced forehand down the line... forehand into the net from the third seed, before Djokovic steers a backhand long again after a questionable call on the baseline... Djokovic holds... what's that noise? It's the Fat Lady... but when the Fat Lady's singing, Djokovic will still be swinging, I promise you that...


    From Dave James on Twitter: "Centre court crowd don't seem to know how to react to this. Fed has Djoko on the ropes at the moment. Glorious tennis."

    *Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-6 1-4 Federer

    ... but Federer has feathered the pedal and gapped his rival again (as they say in the world of MotoGP), racing through that service game to love... the six-time champion can see and smell the promised land again - or is it just a mirage?

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "Federer will be acutely aware that he had two match points against Djokovic in the semi-final of the US Open last year and lost. Djokovic does not give in easily."


    From Albert Freeman on Twitter: "'Federer has never lost a Wimbledon semi-final'. Yeah, so...neither have I."

    Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-6 1-3 Federer*

    What has Djokovic got in his locker? A thousand-dollar suit? Or a mouldy old shirt and a crinkled pair of socks. It's all razzle-dazzle at the moment from Federer, and what a shot that is, a fizzing forehand pass. Not so great on the next point, into the net, before Federer gambles on a challenge and calls correctly, that forehand skimmed the line. Djokovic with a ballsy hold as Feds goes long, the Serb strapped them on in the locker-room and it turns out they're still firmly in place as we go deep into bandit country in this fourth set...

  161. 1505:  

    Elsewhere, it's stopped raining at Wimbledon which means there will be play on the outside courts. Britain's Jonathan Marray's men's doubles semi-final match has been moved to Court 12 and they have just arrived to knock up. Marray and partner Frederik Nielsen take on top seeds Bob and Mike Bryan for a place in the final.


    From Neal, Leicester, via text on 81111: "Federer rolling back the years, looks like Djokovic might be holding back the tears if this carries on!"

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "Federer has never lost a Wimbledon semi-final, he has been in seven of them. It is a cheeky little record that."

    *Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-6 0-3 Federer

    Djokovic's focus is all out of whack at the moment and Federer is all over him like a cheap suit - not that he wears them, of course. Djokovic hammers his way back to 30-30, only to bunt an in-swinger into the body miles long... Novak misses with a backhand, Federer looking greenlit all the way to an eighth Wimbledon final... unless we're in for a pile-up...


    Third set stats - Aces: Djokovic 2-2 Federer; First serves in: Djok 65%-71% Fed; Points won on 1st serve: Djok 65%-75% Fed; Points won on second serve: Djok 50%-75% Fed; Unforced errors: Djok 9-4 Fed.


    Psychic Jeff Tarango? This was the 5 live commentator's prediction before the match: "Federer will rise up and have one of those magical moments. A lot of the greatest players of all time have a two-year lull when they don't win a Grand Slam and then all of sudden come back and do it when nobody expects it. This is that moment for Federer."

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "The concentration is not there from Djokovic, and neither is the tennis at the moment."

    Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-6 0-2 Federer*

    Djokovic with an unforced error, looks like someone might have reached behind him during the changover and flicked that switch to 'off'. And another, a wild backhand hands him three break-points... now that's ballsy from Djokovic, a roasting forehand down the line that Federer just can't deal with, but he follows up with a forehand that lands miles wide - we have ourselves an early break, Federer sending the script up in flames...

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "Federer is not giving away cheap points on his second serve. He is winning seven out ten points behind it, that is an amazing statistic."


    From Anna in Luxembourg, via text on 81111: "Type faster Mr Dirs! I can't watch the live video, and am relying on your up-to-the-second scribing to keep me in the loop. Super exciting by the sounds of it. C'mon Fed!"

    *Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-6 0-1 Federer

    Djokovic will maybe still be thinking about that ballooned smash, although one of the facets of a great champion is the ability to tear up the memory immediately and lob it in the mental trash can. Old Federer can still run around a bit but it looks like the old waterworks might need seeing to, he's off the court for a good few minutes. Djokovic puts away a backhand pass after the restart before plonking a forehand return into the net... Federer hooks a forehand wide for 30-30 but the Swiss finds a large first serve for 40-30 and a kicker out wide for the game.


    Clare Balding on BBC Radio 5 live: "Will this be a four-set play or five-set play? It's just amazing tennis."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "The court officials will be in consultation with the Met Office and the weather radar in the referee's office and if there is no more rain in prospect then expect to see the roof opened up."

    Boris Becker , BBC Sport

    "It is a very smart move from Federer to leave the court and give Djokovic a bit of time to reflect on that missed overhead smash and the loss of the second set."


    From NT Ndlazi on Twitter: "Roger Federer on grass is like Lionel Messi in a Barcelona shirt - unstoppable."


    David Law on BBC Radio 5 Live: "Federer has the world number one on the ropes."

    GAME AND THIRD SET - Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-6 Federer*

    Djokovic serving to stay in the set, can Federer ask him some of life's big questions? There's one at least, Djokovic slipping on the baseline and handing Federer the open court, and that's savage hitting from the Swiss, a laced forehand down the line. Federer bunts a forehand return into the net for 15-30... that's unbelievable defence from Federer, sending up the speculative lob and Djokovic ballooning the smash... Djokovic saves one break-point with a forehand down the middle after a serve out wide... FEDERER BREAKS FOR THE SET! Sensational exchange again, the Swiss peppering the sideline with that top-spin forehand and eventually putting away the smash. He wore black and I wore white. He would always win the fight. Bang bang, he shot me down.

    *Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-5 Federer

    Federer with a boomer down the middle for 15-15 before Djokovic spreads his wings and flays a forehand long. Federer comes over all cute, playing the drop-shot when he should have put his racquet through it, and here's a break-point, Federer opening up and firing a forehand wide... saved, beefy first serve that Novak bunts long, and Federer has another rummage in his top-drawer, finds another first serve and holds... crisis averted...


    In other news, Tomasz Wiktorowski, Agnieszka Radwanska's coach, has been talking to BBC Radio 5 live about her illness: "She's still sick, we're trying to do the best to bring her back to health for the match.

    "As you know what can we do? With the anti-doping policy we have to obey all the rules. We can't use all the medications in the shops. We can just use garlic, hot tea with honey, aspirin...nothing else.

    "I think the worst day was during the quarter-final for sure. That was the worst day and the night. She is getting better but very slowly. She is very strong girl it is not such a big problem. To retire and cancel the final...not at all."


    From Michael Blighe on Twitter: "This is like watching the Federer of old, fantastic shot making, really making Djoko work for every point. Classic match."

    Djokovic 3-6 6-3 4-4 Federer*

    We are at a very delicate point - neither player knows it as such, but they could be about to drop this match and see their Wimbledon hopes shattered for another year. But that's safe hands from Djokovic, an easy hold to 15...

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "The timing from these players is right on now, they have played themselves right into form."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "This is a very delicate point of the match, the first two sets were reatively straightforward, but the intensity and the tempo has stepped up. Federer has had the best chances to break, but this is the business end of the set now."

    *Djokovic 3-6 6-3 3-4 Federer

    Federer with an ace down the middle, an easy hold here would be a big statement of intent, and a fizzing forehand makes it 30-15. Djokovic nets with an attempted backhand pass before the Serb knifes a backhand return long. Regulation hold, and we have good news from elsewhere, court covers are being inflated.

    Boris Becker , BBC Sport

    "We expected a heavyweight fight, it is certainly looking like one."

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "What a passage of play that was, the most intense game yet. Djokovic survived and now Federer has to regroup."

    Djokovic 3-6 6-3 3-3 Federer*

    Djokovic loses his footing behind the basline and flails a forehand long before ballooning a backhand to make it 30-30. The door ajar... the door is open, Djokovic double-fault... CRASH BANG WALLOP, WHAT A POINT! Unbelievable display of hitting by both men, only ended when Federer arcs a forehand wide - how much did that take out of the old man? Whatever, that's a break-point gone... but we're back to deuce as Djoko finds the net with a forehand... lucky, lucky Novak, Federer outfoxed by a net cord... but Djokovic, oozing unconscious guilt, nets again... and here's another point straight out of the top-drawer, 26 shots threaded together like jewels before Djokovic finally buckles... another break-point saved, Federer hoicking a backhand long... Federer long with a forehand before the Swiss puts a volley long... big, big hold after the most intense period of the match so far...


    From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "We don't know his name yet [nor us yours], but the 2012 Wimbledon champion is playing on Centre Court right now. "


    From George Rowe on Twitter: "No offence meant to Murray or Tsonga, but why oh why could this not be the final?! It's exhilarating."


    David Law on BBC Radio 5 Live: "We could have another couple of hours of this... Yes please!"


    From Akinpelu Kayode on Twitter: "If Fed doesn't disrupt Novak's rhythm NOW and win this fulcrum set, he just wont have enough steam left to turn around the fourth."


    2003 finalist Mark Philippoussis is having a stint co-commentating on BBC Radio 5 Live: "It was an amazing experience in the Royal Box, very humbling. I was more nervous sitting in the Royal Box then I was playing on Centre Court. I went out and bought a suit in the morning when I found out I was going to be in the Royal Box."

    *Djokovic 3-6 6-3 2-3 Federer

    Djokovic ricocheting round the court like a pinball off flippers and Federer is unable to deal with the heat on that forehand pass. Federer steps in and rat-a-tats a smash down the middle and Djoko misses with an attempted backhand pass. The crowd take the chance to stretch the old legs and discuss what's what - what's what is it's all a little bit tense.

    Djokovic 3-6 6-3 2-2 Federer*

    Ivanisevic looking suspiciously at his girlfriend's mobile phone up in the Royal Box - Goran would be fairly near the top of the list of people whose wives I would not text. Djokovic with an easy hold, we're going with serve in the third...


    Second set stats - Aces: Djokovic 3-2 Federer; First serves in: Djok 65-57 Fed; Points won on 1st serve: Djok 93%-54% Fed; Points won on second serve: Djok 75%-70% Fed; Unforced errors: Djok 3-3 Fed.

    *Djokovic 3-6 6-3 1-2 Federer

    I wouldn't call the Centre Court atmosphere rock concert, there's more of an intensity about it - doyens plumbed into classical music. Federer with a cross-court forehand winner for 40-0 and he seals the hold with a regulation forehand down the middle.

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "That was a major error by Federer to miss a second-serve return at 15-30. He then missed a forehand at 30-40. The half chances are going begging from Federer."

    David Felgate , Tim Henman's former coach on BBC Radio 5 Live

    "A sigh is about as angry as Federer gets."


    From Karen, via text on 81111: "Federer half a pace too slow against the top players, and it will be brutal once Djokovic settles down, no way can Federer go 5 sets at this level."

    Djokovic 3-6 6-3 1-1 Federer*

    This match absolutely rattling along, we've only just reached the hour mark. Well played Federer, coming out on top after another lengthy exchange from the back of the court, they're the types of points he needs to win more of. Federer knifes a backhand wide - unforced, that was a second serve - but we have ourselves break-point as Novak plonks a forehand long... Djokovic thinks he's saved it with an ace, but computer says no... wild and windy forehand from Federer, chance gone... Federer into the net with a forehand return, but it's deuce again as Djokovic nets with a forehand. Real tension out there now, we all know this is a pivotal game... easy smash by Djoko and he finds a biggun to hold...


    From Chris O'Donnell on Twitter: "Told you so! Federer takes a mental breather in the 2nd set, he better pick it up or choo-choo, Novak steam-train!"

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "As Federer gets older, you can see that it is getting harder and harder to keep his rivals at bay. When Djokovic manages to get him on the defensive, it is really hard for him to get back into rallies. Djokovic, by contrast, can soak up the Federer groundstrokes a bit better. Federer needs to keep that first serve percentage high to ensure that he can dictate points."

    *Djokovic 3-6 6-3 0-1 Federer

    From Djokovic that second set was a case of "don't you dare make me look like a monkey on Centre Court, otherwise I'll come up behind you and pull your pants down". Federer, looking to finish these rallies early, misses with a forehand before Djokovic finds the net after a marathon exchange. Iffy forehand from Djokovic for 40-15 and the six-time champion wraps up that game with a nice and easy overhead...


    There's worrying news emerging regarding the women's final between Serena Williams and Agnieszka Radwanska. The Pole has had to pull out of her media conference because of breathing difficulties.

    GAME AND SECOND SET - Djokovic 3-6 6-3 Federer*

    Federer had a chance there, short ball from Djokovic and the Swiss player pops it long. Inside-out forehand winner from Djokovic for 30-0 and here's set-point... ace out wide, that set done and dusted in half an hour...

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "How Federer must wish that he started the set serving as he did in that last game. And what a contrast between this match and Andy Murray and David Ferrer's, they are rattling through the games so quickly here."

    *Djokovic 3-6 5-3 Federer

    Not sure what Federer can do about this - too much power and too much accuracy at the moment from Djokovic, every time the Swiss player tries to stop covering up and emerge from his crouch he's met with a barrage of punches. Federer makes that forehand volley looks easy, considering that ball came at him like a bat out of hell, before Djokovic fires long with a forehand. Ace out wide for the game, let's see what he can do on this Djokovic service game...


    Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 Live: "They're really fancy lights on the Centre Court roof, looks like you should have them on your Rolls Royce."

    Boris Becker , BBC Sport

    "That is when you know you are in trouble against Djokovic. His backhand is always solid, but when he starts landing the forehand..."


    From Scott_H on Twitter: "I wonder who Andy Murray would prefer in the final if he was to get there?"

    Djokovic 3-6 5-2 Federer*

    Another lengthy exchange ends with Djokovic stepping in and putting away a vicious forehand winner and here's another one, not much Federer could have done about that, like attempting to catch bullets between your teeth. Great challenge from the defending champion, make that three forehand winners on the spin...

    *Djokovic 3-6 4-2 Federer

    Federer with a wrong-footing backhand before Novak sends a forehand wide and long. Djokovic gives the net post a little dig with his racquet after failing to dig out a pass but he follows that with a coruscating backhand down the line. But Federer holds his nerve, now for what Dan Maskell used to call the crucial seventh game...

    David Felgate , Tim Henman's former coach on BBC Radio 5 Live

    "It's got a lot to do with first serve. Djokovic has not lost a point on his first serve in this set."

    Djokovic 3-6 4-1 Federer*

    Djokovic opens up to his full wingspan and puts away a hummer and a dinger of a forehand winner and Federer, being made to play to his limits now, sends a backhand long. Straightforward hold, Djokovic coasting the championship rounds in this set...


    From Fritha, working hard but one eye on live text, Edinburgh, via text on 81111: "Can you tell Feds to slow down please, I need this to be a 4 hour match so I can watch Murray at home."

    *Djokovic 3-6 3-1 Federer

    Have that! Federer trying to stamp his authority on this set and sending down a thunderclap smash for 30-0. Djokovic laces a backhand down the line - a different murmur this time, one that says "aaah, we were actually right" - before Federer tugs a forehand long. Now Federer hooks a backhand long and we'er at deuce... ace from Federer before Djokovic goes wide with a backhand return...


    From Richard, Bath, via text on 81111: "Told my 10yr old son Federer would win, and he will. Not sure where these 'pundits' are getting their predictions. Anyone watching this week could see Federer has been playing better than Djokovic. He's close to his best. "

    Djokovic 3-6 3-0 Federer*

    Djokovic with a solid forehand volley for 40-0, and all of a sudden Federer looks like he's being bullied - easy hold and Federer wanders back to his chair, head down and crestfallen, looking like a man who thought he had had discovered the elixir of life, only to wake up and realise it was Tizer.


    From Akinpelu Kayode on Twitter: "It will be so myopic of anyone to think Djokovic is out of this. We all know when he flips the switch, he's a beast. Ask Nadal."

    *Djokovic 3-6 2-0 Federer

    Best point of the match so far, Djokovic being snapped this way and that by some evil, angled groundstrokes before finding the net with a backhand - 0-30. Three break-points as Federer plays a squash shot into the base of the net... one saved, Djokovic climbing into a forehand return that lands just long... Break! Djokovic with a backhand down the line after a lengthy baseline exchange and Federer buckles beneath it. Looks like Djokovic has flicked that switch, stand by for the after-burners...

    Boris Becker , BBC Sport

    "Djokovic has to settle down and try and get more comfortable. He has done a few more unforced errors, but it is only the first set there is still plenty more tennis to come."


    First set stats - Aces: Djokovic 2-5 Federer; First serves in: Djok 58-75 Fed; Points won on 1st serve: Djok 64%-83% Fed; Points won on second serve: Djok 88%-83% Fed; Unforced errors: Djok 4-2 Fed.

    Andrew Castle , BBC Sport

    "Federer has won 15 of the 20 points on his first serve. He is serving with both great accuracy and power at the moment."

    Djokovic 3-6 1-0 Federer*

    That's not a good statement from Djokovic, double-fault to kick off the second set. Federer misses with an attempted forehand pass after a net cord catches out Djokovic. Djokovic dredges up a couple of steamy first serves before Federer conjures a very cute angled volley for 40-30... but that's a welcome hold for the defending champion as Federer knifes a backhand into the net...

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "An absolutely ideal start for Federer. He has lost six out of the seven matches he has played agaisnt Djokovic and so to come out to play like he has is exceptional."


    From Ben McAdam from a "flood-risk" Durham, via text on 81111: "I sincerely hope there is romance in this game. Federer's technical expertise and experience will overcome Djokovic's power and determination. Federer vs Murray final all the way."

    GAME AND FIRST SET - *Djokovic 3-6 Federer

    Federer giving it some humpty - two straight aces to kick off the game before Djokovic steers a backhand long. Three set-points... that was easy as shelling peas for Federer, moving Djokovic all around the back of the court before lollipopping a forehand winner down the line. Don't get too complacent, Roger fans, he'll only be safe when he's soaping up in the shower... then again, have you seen Psycho?

    Djokovic 3-5 Federer*

    Djokovic fans might be mollified by the fact the Serb has this unerring ability to flick the switch and come back to life when you think he's flatlined. Example one: hooked, cross-court forehand winner that leaves Federer rooted behind the baseline. Naughty from Djokovic, scuttling into the net and bunting a backhand winner down the line for the hold. Federer serving for the set, only 23 minutes played...


    From Siva on Twitter: "Here I am thinking this match is going to be won on tie-breaks. Seems I am wrong. Do not underestimate the six-time champion!"

    *Djokovic 2-5 Federer

    Federer seals that game with another ace down the middle, the six-time champion has got this set by the jaffers - he's won 15 of his 20 points on serve, sending it down with a sniper's accuracy.


    Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 Live: "If he's wearing new shoes, that's a big error on Djokovic's part. He's the only one slipping out there."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "Great use of the slice from Federer, not only does it stay low and force Djokovic to play the slice in response, it also makes for a much greater differential between those shots and when he does really go for it."

    Djokovic 2-4 Federer*

    Early signs suggest Federer is the romantic favourite with the fans, but sport is rarely about romance, it's far more like a spit and sawdust kitchen sink drama where the bare facts rule. Federer chisels his way into this game, threading a forehand down the line that Djokovic is unable to deal with, and here's a break-point, Djokovic going down like a granny on rollerskates and netting with an attempted volley. Break! Djokovic into the net with a backhand after Federer, once again, knifes a return back into play, we've got ourselves a Centre Court murmer, and it's a murmur that says: "Maybe we were wrong after all..."


    Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 Live: "Talking about the indoor conditions, I think it favours Roger as he played a lot more indoor tennis as a kid and that will be in his subconscious. Novak is a lot more dominant outdoors."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "We were talking about Federer playing close to the lines, it looks like Djokovic fancies his chances of hitting the lines as well."

    *Djokovic 2-3 Federer

    That's why Federer wants to get on his bike and make things happen, Djokovic peppering the baseline with hefty groundstrokes for 0-15, only for Federer to send down his first ace for 30-15. And another! Not too many questions being asked on serve, pretty cagey at the moment...


    From Sam Huxley on Twitter: "Judging by the crowd noise I think Centre Court want Federer to win! Groans at every point he misses."

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Those four dropped match points against Djokovic at the French Open may be the making of Tsonga. I remember the match I lost to Ivan Llendl in the final of the French Open in 1984 which were horrible but made me stronger.

    "This match reminds me a little of when he played Andy Roddick in the semi-finals here in 2009 and was favourite, but played too passively. He didn't hire Ivan Lendl to go to the semi-finals. He has to take the next step."

    Djokovic 2-2 Federer*

    Djokovic with a crackerjack ace down the middle before Federer steps in and fires a forehand long. Signs that Federer doesn't fancy getting involved in extended punch-ups, trying to squirm his way out of the corner at every opportunity, and signs Djokovic doesn't look too comfy at the net, peach of a backhand pass. But that's another regulation hold...

    *Djokovic 1-2 Federer

    Federer balloons a forehand miles wide before Djokovic steers a forehand return into the tramlines. The first challenge of the match from Djokovic and it's an iffy one and Federer serves out the game courtesy of a whipped top-spin backhand. The first three games very much scouting reports, no heavy artillery as yet...


    From Lee Fernie on Twitter: "Hoping for a Federer v Murray final. Don't like the way Djokovic bounces the ball so much before every serve!"


    From John Newsome on Twitter: "Imperious opening game from #Federer - means nothing mind you but it's a nice way to start."

    Djokovic 1-1 Federer*

    Djokovic with a dipping backhand pass which Federer is unable to get a handle on before Federer nets with a forehand return. Tame backhand return from Federer, we're back level...

    *Djokovic 0-1 Federer

    Federer won the toss and chose to serve. First blood to Federer, although in the grand scheme of things it's just a pin prick, they'll be wading through claret in a couple of hours... Federer pulls out two more plum first serves for 40-0 before stiffing a volley wide. But that's a straightforward hold, the Swiss player with a foothold on the cliff-face...


    From Rish on Twitter: "Actually fancy the Fed Express/Tsonga double. Both players seriously being overlooked.Fed was great in quarters.Tsonga dangerous."

  246. 1307:  

    Players knocking up now, we'll have some play in about five minutes. Djokovic, you have to think, is in his prime. Federer, now 30, probably isn't. But that's the thing about great champions, just when you think they're a dried up husk they manage to wring out a few last drops of magic. Stand by.

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "I would like to think the roof will give Federer an edge with his indoor record. Without the wind he can play closer to the lines, but, even in spite of that, I think that Djokovic is still favourite. This surface is playing closer to a hard court. I think this is the hardest surface to defend on, it is unusual for Federer to be playing on a grass court and not to be favourite. "

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Federer has a little more variety to his game and he will have to use that today. I think in the back of his mind that this might be his last best chance to win a Slam. If he wins this event, he will be back up to number one, break Pete Sampras' record for total number of weeks in the top slot and shut some people up. Including me!"

  249. 1303:  

    Only five men have beaten Roger Federer more than once in Grand Slams - Nadal (eight), Djokovic (five), Corretja, Clement and Nalbandian (two wins each). I think that's an interesting stat, but having thought about it, I've no idea why. Rod 'The Rocket' Laver is also in the box - that lad knew how to play this game, two career Grand Slams. Top tip: make tennis matches more exciting by finding out who the person next to you is rooting for and then root for the other bloke instead. Obviously I can't do that, I'm impartial (but I think Federer might just sneak this...)


    From Jamie Scott, Birmingham, via text on 81111: "I'm a Roger fan all the way, but I suppose it would be quite nice if Ivan Lendl could finally win Wimbledon... "


    From Phil, Wrexham, via text on 81111: "I think we are in for two classic 5 set thrillers, Andy always does it the hard way. Murray v Federer final."

  252. 1257:  

    The Royal Box is choc-o-block-a-ding-dong today - we've got Minogue, we've got Tendulkar, we've got Wintour, we've got Frost, we've got Taylor (Roger, the former British tennis player, not the Duran Duran drummer), we've got Leconte and we've got Mr Francesco Ricci Bitti. Five minutes until players take to the court...

  253. 1253:  

    Federer has one only one of his last five Grand Slam encounters against Djokovic, although they have never played each other at Wimbledon, and never on grass. These two men have played each other more than any other male pair in Grand Slam history, 10 matches in all and they're locked at 5-5.


    Mat on Twitter: "Federer is the man. Timeless Great. Would be fitting for him to win and go down in history by joining Sampras on 7."

  255. 1247:  

    Head to head, Federer leads Djokovic 14-12, but most people will be plumping for the Serb today. Djokovic has won six of their last seven meetings and has won five of the last six Grand Slam singles titles. This ain't no interregnum, baby, this is a bona fide dynasty.


    Wimbledon Roof: "Biggest day of my career so far. Focused, and ready to do my duty. Wish me luck! Oh... and there's some tennis too I think?"

  257. 1239:  

    Many thanks Aimee Lewis, Ben Dirs here for our first man semi-final, defending champion Novak Djokovic versus six-time winner Roger Federer. With Andy Murray up against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga later today, many people will be calling this an hors d'oeuvre. That would be true, if you like eating Lobster Thermidor before the main course. Come nine o'clock this evening, they could be passing round the wafer-thin mints - today is what you might call a surfeit of tennis.

  258. 1233:  

    The Voice of Wimbledon has just been on the public address system and declared that there will be no play on the outside courts until 13:00 BST. That's the British summer for you. And with that news I will hand you over to my colleague Benjamin Dirs, who will guide you through the first semi-final of the day. I'm told he won't mention Bunny Austin or Fred Perry...


    Andy Stevens on Twitter: "Murray @ grand slams. Three finals and six semi-finals. Tsonga has been in one final and six semis. Who feels the pressure?"

  260. 1226:  

    My colleague David Ornstein pinned down John Lloyd to ask his thoughts on today's semi-finals. The former British number one predicts Murray and Djokovic will prevail in four sets. BBC tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend also agrees with Mr Lloyd so there you go. Feel free to ping us your predictions on today's matches, either by using the hashtag #bbctennis or by texting 81111.


    Scott Clark on Twitter: "Sachin & Kylie in the crowd? You'd get a good view sitting behind them - just my luck I'd have Greg Davies & Steven Finn instead!"

  262. 1225:  

    If you are out and about, there are lots of BBC big screens across the country showing the tennis for a fantastic shared experience.


    ED Mathew in Twitter: "Fed-Djoko will be a battle of the minds. Can Fed "believe" even at the loss of a set or two?"

  264. 1223:  

    BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Aorangi Terrace: "Having tied down some seating and posed for mocking pictures for their mates back home, Paul and Dean are keen to orientate themselves in relation to Wimbledon's bars. Fair enough if your day began at three in the morning and you have already chalked off 200 driving miles down from Wigan. Paul is backing Murray to beat Tsonga, but his pick for the tournament is first on court. 'Federer is going to absolutely smash him in the final,' he says confidently. Maybe the stewards sensed where his loyalties lay. His giant fishing umbrella was confiscated at the gates, leaving them a little short of cover under the darkening skies."

  265. 1217:  

    Many believe Murray's progress to the final is a foregone conclusion after Rafael Nadal's dramatic departure from these shores just over a week ago, but discount Le Muscle from Le Mans at your peril - a man the Scot describes as one of the best grass court players on the planet. For those of you who want to see a little more of the Frenchman then take a peek here, although if six packs and tree-trunk thigs offend then do cover your eyes. You have been warned.


    Dom Breslin on Twitter: "A year ago against Tsonga, many said he was finished. What a turnaround it would be if Federer can stun Djokovic today!"

    James BC on Twitter: "I bet Tsonga has the crowd behind him by the end of the match. Guy is just so likeable!"

    Ali Foster on Twitter: "Murray to win in straight sets. His returns were stunning towards the end of the Ferrer game & will be too much for Tsonga."

  267. 1208:  

    You know it's a special day when Kylie Minogue and Sachin Tendulkar stroll into town. The Aussie songstress - who will always be Charlene to me - and India's little master will take to their seats in the Royal Box alongside golfer Luke Donald, former Wimbledon champ Goran Ivanisevic and broadcaster Sir David Frost.

  268. 1202:  

    The sky is the colour of unhappiness and play has already been delayed on the outside courts, but as BBC Weather's Louise Lear says: "If you're lucky enough to have Centre Court tickets you'll be very pleased that they've built a roof." Louise, though, is optimistic for this afternoon and promises "glimpses of sunshine" and I have no reason to doubt her.

  269. 1157:  

    BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Aorangi Terrace: "Marianne, Lesley and Linda have travelled down from just south of Glasgow to take their place on the hill, just as they did last year for Andy Murray's semi-final defeat to Rafael Nadal last year. Hopefully a different outcome today? 'Not hopefully, definitely,' says Lesley. 'He's going to do it.' Marianne and Linda will be celebrating extra heartily if that is the case, with tickets for Sunday's final safely locked away. 'We've heard they are going for £45,000 on the ticket exchanges. My husband wants to sell, but I'm not budging!' adds Marianne."

  270. 1150:  

    I can announce that the All England Club's diligent groundstaff have emerged from the bowels of Centre Court to removed the plastic covering which has been protecting the grass throughout the morning. The roof has been brought into action and, with just over an hour until blast off, Centre Court is a hive of activity.


    Ed McNally on Twitter: "Predicting a Tsonga win, the pressure will be too much for Murray. Federer will just have the edge against Djokovic."

  272. 1141:  

    The contest between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic is almost being treated as an aperitif, although obviously a vintage sort. That's the impact Murray mania has, I suppose. The six-time winner and defending champion will face each other for a sixth time in the last four of a Grand Slam, although interestingly this will be their first encounter on grass.


    From Griff in Birmingham: "Why all the negativity about Murray?! He's on OUR side and got to three slam finals, how does it make him a bottler if he was beaten by the better player on the day. With 2012 being the most British year ever, let's fully get behind our boy for once. Come on Muzza, I believe!"

  274. 1137:  

    BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Aorangi Terrace: "You know that scene from Deep Impact when hoards of humanity head for the hills to escape a tsunami? It has nothing on 10:30 BST on Aorangi Terrace. As the gates open to let in ground pass holders, the tannoy politely requests no running. A few people pander to the Voice of Wimbledon with a power walk but, once the slopes of Murray Mount are in sight, it is every man, woman and cool bag for themselves. Chests-heaving, high-fiving celebrations for those who have secured themselves a bench in prime big screen viewing position. A damp car rug on the grass for the less swift."


    Kara in Manchester on 81111: "Allez Tsonga! Lovely bloke, great tennis player... Want to see that celebration at least one more time before the this tournament ends..."

  276. 1125:  

    Murray has admitted he does not pay much attention to the annual brouhaha which surrounds him during Wimbledon, but should the Scot flick through the newspapers this morning he will notice his face adorning the front and back pages. "Murray plans to KO Tsonga — and 74 years of hurt," declare The Sun, while the Daily Mail proclaim: "It's in Your hands, Andy!" Perhaps it's just as well he only listens to his team during the Championships.


    Stewart Mills on Twitter: "Love to see a Fed-Tsonga final, rather than 'the bloke who shouts a lot when winning' vs 'the bloke who shouts a lot when losing'"

    Dan Shoesmith on Twitter: "Calling it now: Federer/Tsonga final. Murray will bottle the big stage again, and Federer will have too much for Nole."

    Christian Smith on Twitter: "Straight sets for Murray today, J-W Tsonga feeds off the crowd, and today they will give him nothing. Fed-Djok impossible call."

  278. 1115:  

    "I want to do this for myself," said Murray ahead of his tussle with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. "I understand how important it is and I do not want to waste the chance by playing a stupid match, or not acting right or not preparing properly. I'd be disappointed if I lost before the final in any tournament, but I don't just expect to get there. It's a very difficult thing to do. You need to make sure you perform properly."

  279. 1110:  

    Good morning and thank you for joining us. Apparently, there are two semi-finals taking place at Wimbledon this afternoon, one of which will feature a gentleman you may have heard of. He goes by the name of Andy Murray and the Briton will step onto Centre Court later this afternoon knowing he has the opportunity to create tennis history, knowing he can become the first British man since Bunny Austin to win a semi-final at SW19.


    Ryan Doyle on Twitter: "All the talk in our office is whether or not Murray can do it. Might have to build our own Murray mount out of office furniture!!"

    Claire Hanes on Twitter: "I'm so flippin excited about the tennis today."

    Nick Wright on Twitter: "JWT a really terrific player, but Andy Murray will have too much for him today. This is (finally!) his time."

  281. 1100:  

    Two victories is all that is needed. Two victories and the championship, the greatest prize in his sport, will be his. Oh, how easy it sounds. It is a trophy which has escaped the clutches of everyone from this nation for 76 years but steadfastly his supporters slept under canvass overnight; in discomfort, in the drizzle, in anticipation, in the hope of witnessing history on the special lawn in this very special part of south west London.

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