Wimbledon 2012: Andy Murray v Marin Cilic as it happened

Andy Murray beats Marin Cilic in straight sets to reach his fifth straight quarter-final at Wimbledon.

3 July 2012 Last updated at 14:32

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As it happened

  1. 1420:  

    That's me done on this match, but I'll be back for the quarter-final match between Serena Williams and Petra Kvitova as quick as you can say "Del Potro's toast"...


    Andy Murray, speaking to BBC TV's Garry Richardson: "It was quite a tough match to analyse because it was very bitty. We were on and off the court. Last night, I was in a good position. Cilic started well today - he was hitting the ball cleaner. But I served well in the third set, especially."

    Richard Krajicek , BBC Radio 5 live

    "After the rain break Murray came out firing - if he plays like this nobody will stop him. Not Federer or Djokovic."


    Andy Murray on court gate: "I don't care which court I play on. It makes no difference, but if you play on Centre with the roof you know you'll get your match in. But I don't deserve to play every match on Centre."


    From James Stevenson on Twitter: "Murray seems to have stepped up a gear today. Serving well and just about getting everything else spot on too."

    GAME, SET AND MATCH - Murray 7-5 6-2 6-3 Cilic

    Murray sets up three match-points with a booming ace down the middle and the Scot is through to the quarter-finals as Cilic scoops a backhand into the bottom of the net. Fifth straight year Murray has reached the last eight, he plays either David Ferrer or Juan Martin del Potro next, Ferrer waltzing that one at the moment.

    *Murray 7-5 6-2 5-3 Cilic

    Cilic playing some of his best tennis now as the match draws to a close and Murray can't deal with the heat of that service game, Cilic holding to love...

    Murray 7-5 6-2 5-2 Cilic*

    ... straightforward hold for Murray, sealed with an inside-out forehand winner, Cilic will have to serve to stay alive...

  9. 1403:  

    Been scratching your head over how Wimbledon will get itself ready for the Olympics, just 20 days after the end of the Championships? Well, scratch no more. Let London 2012 director of sport Debbie Jevans and senior groundsman Neil Stubley enlighten you.

    Miles Maclagan , BBC Sport analyst

    "Cilic doesn't have the skills at the net to finish the points. Two sets and a break, you can't see them being out here for too much longer."

    *Murray 7-5 6-2 4-2 Cilic

    I do apologise, I've been saying Murray won the second set 5-2 for the last few entries - Cilic didn't give up, I just naused up. Three break-points for Murray, he's stomping all over Cilic now, although Cilic does well to save two of them. And that's splendid from Cilic, teeing off with a backhand winner down the line. Cilic with a forehand winner to save a fourth break-point and the Croatian is fighting to the death here, you have to credit him for that.

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "Murray isn't having to do an awful lot to break. He's just doing what he does well - getting the ball back, moving it around - and waiting for the mistake."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "This is as good as it gets from Murray. For me, he's playing like he did in the closing games of the Davydenko match."

    Murray 7-5 6-2 4-1 Cilic*

    Murray pulls out a couple of plums to move into a 30-0 lead and very nearly pulls off a forehand round the net post from behind the baseline. Easy hold, Cilic being bullied out there. They should stick Murray on Court One every match, he seems to like it out there...

    *Murray 7-5 6-2 3-1 Cilic

    Cilic outlasted in a lengthy baseline rally, the forehand a problem again, and Murray has two break-points. And you have to say that's magnificent from Murray - or you could describe it in any manner you like - the number four seed chasing that ball down and whipping a forehand winner down the line.


    From Nadim Naaman, in Southfields, via text on 81111: "Let's end this nonsense about which court Murray should be on - most probably from folk who don't follow tennis for the other fifty weeks of the year. Murray himself certainly hasn't complained, and neither do Federer and Djokovic when they play on Court 1. Hardly an outside court, is it?"


    From Wimbledon chief executive Richard Lewis on BBC Radio 5 live: "The media saying that the Murray game could have been moved last night - it's not as easy as that. The decision about moving games around is very complex. It's about what is best for the Championships to get to a conclusion."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Cilic is having to play great points just to stay in the match at the moment. That's the problem for him. He's not getting many freebies, is he?"

    Murray 7-5 6-2 2-1 Cilic*

    Another iffy drop-shot from Murray - not exactly a percentage shot - but the British number one makes it 40-15 with a booming ace down the middle before securing the game with another, Cilic gambling and shuffling out wide.

    *Murray 7-5 6-2 1-1 Cilic

    On we plough on Court One, Murray moving into a 0-30 lead as Cilic hoicks another forehand wide. Not sure Murray needed to play that drop-shot, certainly not into the net, and that's a peach from Cilic, a little bunt that leaves the Scot rooted to the baseline. Cilic looks a bit yippy on his forehand, all over the place with that one, but that's better, the Croatian covering the net and putting away a solid cross-court volley. However, Cilic nets with a forehand but he does eventually extricate himself from a sticky situation.

  21. 1336:  

    They're taking a break on Court One and seeing what the weather will do. Not sure it's going anywhere, might as well play on. No, can't be bothered...

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "Great play from Murray to wrap up that second set. He's been aggressive, he's moving Cilic around the court and he's going for shots. He's not just pushing the ball around the court and waiting for a mistake."

  23. 1334:  

    I have been asked to say this: At the conclusion of Andy Murray's match with Marin Cilic - whenever that might be - our man will quiz Andy for his regular column. If you'd like to pose a question - quirkier and more colourful, the better, although nothing blue - tweet or text us using #askandy and we'll pick the best.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Murray's serve was awesome when he was down on the big points."


    BBC TV commentator Simon Reed: "Cilic is one out of eight on break points. He hasn't had a chance!"

    Murray 7-5 6-2 1-0 Cilic*

    Murray finds the net with an inside-out forehand for 15-30 before Cilic steps in and slam-dunks a forehand for two break-points. Murray saves one with a thunderclap first serve and the second with another beefy delivery out wide. Cilic hits the deck only for Murray's lob to land miles long but Murray saves a third break-point with an ace. Cilic hooks back a backhand he had no right getting back and Murray saves a fourth break-point with yet another ace... tremendous forehand from Murray saves the day, Murray's strapped them on and got them firmly in place. Brollies going up...

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "Murray's not an easy guy to pin back. Cilic will be more concerned with just getting the ball back in play at the moment. Cilic is not going to beat Murray at the back of the court. He's got to use his all-court game."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "When you see Murray running so much around the court, it sends out a message to the opponent, that you'd better hit the corners or the ball's coming back. It adds to the pressure to make that backhand or forehand a little bit more special."


    From Anthony Macpherson on Twitter: "What's all this about Murray preferential treatment? Let the fella play, regardless of court. The whole conversation's embarrassing."

    GAME AND SECOND SET - *Murray 7-5 6-2 Cilic

    Cute from Murray at the net, luring Cilic in with a knifed drop-shot before putting him away with a rinky-dinky lob. Cilic finds a slick second serve that Murray can only hook wide before the Croatian dredges up a decent forehand from the recesses of his memory...

    Smelly forehand to follow before Murray misses with an attempted pass down the line. Cilic has Murray scurrying behind the baseline before sticking away the overhead before Cilic's forehand misfires again - sits up like a lollipop and Murray climbs into a backhand winner. A laced cross-court forehand from Murray gives him the advantage and Cilic finds the net with a tame backhand to hand the Scot the set... raining...

    Murray 7-5 5-2 Cilic*

    The Middletons in the Royal Box, parents of Kate. Commoners, obviously. Murray to serve and here he is stepping in and putting away the forehand winner. Murray with a spunky serve out wide, 132mph, before Cilic shovels a backhand long. Cilic sizes up a second serve and sprays a forehand long and wide, that's been his Achilles heel this match.

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "People ask why Murray wasn't on Centre Court. But you've got to be fair. It's not a tournament just for British players. You've got to give other players the chance to play on Centre Court. Juan Martin del Potro is a US Open champion, and I suppose you could say he's got a better record than Murray. He's a Grand Slam champion."

  33. 1306:  

    Murray and Cilic are back out, we should have some play in a minute... should... saying that, the punters are swaddled up to the nines, looks horrible out there...


    From Helen Barnes on Twitter: "How much preferential treatment should Murray receive? Home advantage should be enough (please NO bending rules - embarrassing)."

  35. 1219:  

    The bad news is it's coming down like golf balls. There is no good news. We'll be back when - and if - it ceases.

    Goran Ivanisevic , BBC Sport, 2001 Wimbledon champion

    "I don't agree that [Murray] should be on Centre Court, everybody should play at least one match on court one. It is a beautiful court. "

  37. 1216:  

    Cilic it was who made the request to the umpire and that's fair enough, any rain on grass makes it like a skating rink. However - and there is always a however - why exactly they haven't dragged the covers on is anyone's guess... lobbing it down now, here they come...

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "I think Murray would be happy to carry on. He wants to get that second set under his belt."


    BBC TV weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood: "The forecast today is rather cloudy and rather damp. As we go through the afternoon, it's looking rather wet. That rain will be mostly light and patchy, but later on it's likely to turn heavy. Even into the evening, we could have heavy rain. But at least tomorrow afternoon, it's looking that bit brighter."

    *Murray 7-5 4-2 Cilic

    Cilic has now lost six of the last seven games, he needs a foothold in this set... Cilic with a forehand winner before Murray hooks a backhand wide. Murray sprays a backhand long but makes it 40-15 with a whipped forehand winner. Bit of tit and a bit of tat at the net, which ends with Clic putting away another forehand winner... play suspended...

    Murray 7-5 4-1 Cilic*

    ... Murray wins that one point on serve, as the rain continues to fall...

  42. 1210:  

    While we've got covers on Centre Court, we've got play on Court One...

  43. 1207:  

    ... activity in the crowd on Court One, which means we've got some rain, they could be off before they've even come on...

  44. 1204:  

    Light and Tuneful on your television - that's what the Wimbledon theme tune is actually called (educate and inform), players are out on court, Andy Murray looking like his face has only minutes ago left his pillow. Starting to rain, according to weatherwoman Carol Kirkwood, which, frankly, is a ruddy nightmare.

  45. 1155:  

    Morning all. As a new dawn breaks, a new text commentator emerges: this is Ben Dirs, not Tom Fordyce. Fordyce is spending this warm summer day indoors, writing frightening verse to a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg. Murray and Cilic due on court in five minutes, and it's actually quite clammy outside, all covers are off.

  46. 1714:  

    Announcement over the public address system: "Rain expected to be intermittent, blah blah blah, equally hanging around, we'll start when we can blah blah..." Inconclusive.


    From Anonymous (out yourself, man) via text on 81111: "The irony about one of the 'Mury' lads is that he's Cambridge educated - he was as bad a centre forward as he is a speller."


    From John in London, via text on 81111: "If Murray doesn't get out again today it starts to negate the effects of Cilic's five-setter. Meanwhile, Fed is through and Novak will get through nicely today under the roof."

  49. 1707:  

    Stat attack: Aces - Murray 5-4 Cilic; Double faults - Murray 1-1 Cilic; 1st serves in - Murray 65%-63% Cilic; 1st serve points won - Murray 76%-69% Cilic; Fastest serve - Murray 130mph-126mph Cilic; Av 1st serve speed - Murray 114mph-115mph Cilic; Winners - Murray 14-14 Cilic; Unforced errors - Murray 9-12 Cilic; Total points - Murray 42-55 Cilic.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Murray's a set up and a break against someone of Cilic's class. That's a good day at the office in these conditions against an opponent who must be feeling the effects of his last match."


    From Dave James on Twitter: "How long have you been waiting to do the Cilic Bang joke?"

    From Matthew Clemson on Twitter: "At least it was a pleasant change from the usual "Murray Mint" gag!"

  52. 1652:  

    Umbrellas sprout all around like multi-coloured mushrooms. With that dreary forecast earlier we've probably done well to get an hour and nine minutes of tennis in. Anyone for cards?

    Murray* 7-5 3-1 Cilic

    Smashing return of serve from Murray - Cilic in all sorts of bother off his serve now, moving with all the grace of a bulldozer. The Croat will pull a forehand wide, and that's the break - but is that rain in the air too?

    Murray 7-5 2-1 Cilic*

    Ole! 125mph ace out wide from Murray. Rain is imminent, I'm told. It's summer 2012 - tell me something new.

    Goran Ivanisevic , BBC Sport, 2001 Wimbledon champion

    "This is not the way he can beat Andy, he doesn't feel comfortable coming to the net, he seems scared. I don't know why so many tall players don't like coming forward to the net that much."


    From Phil Butterfield on Twitter: "Andy Murray hasn't complained of an injury yet. Is he ok?"

    Murray* 7-5 1-1 Cilic

    Horror-show from Cilic as he comes to the net, only to slap the world's easiest volley into the net. No natural with the volleys, Marin. Murray foxed by a ball that spits up off the baseline as if off a stray stone, and then Cilic - BANG! opens up his body to crash a forehand winner cross-court.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "In the two services games that Cilic lost in that first set, Murray didn't have to do an awful lot. If your opponent gives it to you, then you take it. It wasn't the prettiest set, the conditions are tough. There's no question that Murray has to go after the Cilic forehand."


    From Angus in London, via text on 81111: "Stu, if they had 'Andy' on their shirts nobody would be taking pictures."

    Murray 7-5 1-0 Cilic*

    There's a nun in the crowd there. What's that? It doesn't look like fancy dress to me - lots of nuns drink pints of lager. With stubble. Murray using that drop-shot with some success now, and the crowd are awake from their earlier frozen-toed slumbers.

    Richard Krajicek , BBC Radio 5 live

    "Murray looks dangerous when he comes to the net and he can also hit winners from the baseline. But both players are still struggling a little bit and there is definitely more to come from them."

    GAME AND FIRST SET - Murray* 7-5 Cilic

    Now then. Cilic lumbers to the net with telegraphed intent, and Murray will loop a lob into unreachable areas. Cilic wobbling now, crashing a backhand long, the crowd yelling, Murray narrowing his eyes at set point - Cilic off balance, flaying a forehand... wide!


    From Stu in Edinburgh, via text on 81111: "I keep seeing pictures of those 4 guys with 'M U R Y' on their T-shirts. Why didn't they go for A N D Y?! Not going to get any medals in the spelling Olympics."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Murray is so good on the counter. He reads the game so well. His movement is so good."

    Murray 6-5 Cilic*

    Great defensive tennis from Murray - Cilic's flashing forehands have him chasing with frantic footwork, but he's there every time to float back backhand slices until the Croatian crumbled. Rammo on Henman Hill; Mexican wave around Court No.1, probably to help the spectators ward off hypothermia.

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "Neither player really clicking with their first serve yet."

    Murray* 5-5 Cilic

    Murray's ladyfriend Kim Sears there court-side, sporting an austere black trenchcoat like a Bulgarian espionage agent. Clubbing exchange of backhands at the baseline, Murray going long and grimacing in self-admonishing fury. All not well in the Briton's brainbox at present.

    Richard Krajicek , BBC Radio 5 live

    "Federer is looking good but I think Andy Murray will win this year's title"

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "I spoke to Bob Brett (Cilic's coach) about Murray's game against Marcos Baghdatis in the last round. One of the things I noticed was that Baghdatis didn't put anything away. Murray kept coming back into the rallies. I told him: 'That's what you need to get Cilic to make sure he does - put chances away.'"

    Murray 5-4 Cilic*

    Both players struggling with the wind out there - it's swirling, blustering. Murray making errors now too - five unforced ones so far, a forehand pulled way long, but fortunately for him his opponent is battling the same malaise - seven unforced errors from the big lad, and Murra will return from the change-over knowing a break will give him the set.

    Goran Ivanisevic , BBC Sport, 2001 Wimbledon champion

    "He was pretty pumped (Cilic) before the match and he knows he has to play better than last game and be more aggressive. It's a miracle seeing Cilic volleying. I have now seen everything."

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "The conditions are funny. You can try to hit through the wind and end up over-hitting the ball."

    Murray* 4-4 Cilic

    Ivan Lendl there in his favourite shades/anorak combo. Few men could pull it off; the former world number one is one of them. Serve dominating in these early exchanges - just 27 minutes gone, and these two are still feeling each other out.

    Murray 4-3 Cilic*

    The winner of this match will face David Ferrer or Juan Martin del Potro in the quarter-finals. Cilic, another giant of a man, crouches like a giraffe at a water-hole as Murray serves - easy hold, the set yet to take flight. Tension thick in the chilly air.

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "If Cilic loses this match, he can blame me, because I gave him a hit for an hour yesterday. I had a chat with his coach Bob Brett as well. We were talking about how Andy's second serve is weaker and how Cilic needs to attack that."

    Murray* 3-3 Cilic

    Murray scampering and scrapping, but that forehand will... no, just wide, and Cilic holds again. The rain holding off, for now, even as red-nosed spectators pull on anoraks and cast intimidated glances at the impenetrable grey clouds up above.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Murray hasn't got a big second serve but he's been backing it up well so far during this championship."

    Murray 3-2 Cilic*

    124mph ace from Murray to follow a whipping cross-court forehand winner from the very toppermost of draws. Groans from the crowd, as he double-faults, that would be more appropriate on hearing of the cancellation of the entire tournament, but another sizzler out wide see him seal the game.

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "I think it helps Murray to have someone around such as Ivan Lendl, who has the Grand Slam titles and was such an innovator in his day - working with nutritionists and on training methods, always looking for the edge. But we know how good Murray is. Everyone talks about getting his mental side right, and maybe refining the tactics at the same time. That's all that's between Murray and I'd say several Grand Slam titles."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "That was a sloppy service game from Cilic - getting a break and then giving it away with three forehand errors."

    Murray* 2-2 Cilic

    Pushed double-fault from Cilic, the first of the match, and Murray will have his first break points of the match. First serve pummelled well wide, but Murray is under the cosh on the second and slices a defensive forehand into the net. Dear oh dear - easy forehand pulled into the tramlines from the no.16 seed, and Murray has stolen the break back with eagle-eyed alactrity.

    Murray 1-2 Cilic*

    Is it raining? Maybe just a little dampness in the air, the sort you experience when walking past an open bathroom door after someone's been showering. Better from Murray, slicing in one of those trademark backhand drop-shots that dies on the turf before his opponent can get anywhere close.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "I think the key for Murray is to get Cilic on the run. That's the Cilic weakness. He's not very quick over the first couple of steps."

    Murray* 0-2 Cilic

    Cilic has matched his best ever display at Wimbledon by reaching the fourth round. Not that it's been easy - his third round, five set win over Sam Querrey was, at five hours 31 minutes, the second longest singles match in Wimbledon history. Although still only half as long as the Isner-Mahut madness of two summers ago. The Croatian holds easily with a forehand slapped into Murray's backhand corner.

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "I think the fact that it's harder to hit winners will favour Marin Cilic. When Andy can't hit winners, he gets into a negative state of mind."

    Murray 0-1 Cilic*

    People have got gloves on in the crowd. And not just calfskin ones to match their clutch-bags - actual woolly gloves. Cilic piling into Murray with long-limbed langour, Murray tugging a feeble forehand into the net - good Lord, he's been broken in his very first service game.


    From Chris Doherty on Twitter: "If all the players say they love playing on grass and its their favourite surface, where aren't there more tournaments on it?"

  88. 1542:  

    Augury for the optimists: of the six previous meetings between these two, Murray won five of them. Including the sole previous match on grass. One for the pessimists: Cilic is unbeaten this year on grass, having won Queen's a fortnight ago. Albeit after Nalbandiangate. Bandygate.

  89. 1539:  

    Bloke there in a plastic Union flag bowler hat, and a nylon McEnroe-style wig underneath it to boot. And a man in a tiger outfit. In for a penny. Murray aiming to reach the Wimbledon quarter-finals for the fifth successive year.

  90. 1537:  

    I can see Andy Murray and Marin Cilic in the corridor that leads from the locker-room to court - shall we?

  91. 1536:  

    Talking of which, the forecast isn't great in south-west London this afternoon - 70% chance of rain. Or it'll rain 70% of the time. 70% of south-west London will get rained on. I'll confess I'm not entirely sure - there was definitely a 70% in there somewhere, I could swear...

  92. 1534:  

    No roof today for Andy Murray, and no Cinderella-style dash to beat the clock tower's chimes - we're on No.1 Court, and if the weather and light want to monkey around with us, monkey with us they will.

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