Wimbledon 2012: Andy Murray v Marcos Baghdatis

Andy Murray beats Marcos Baghdatis in four sets with just minutes left before officials call off play for the night

30 June 2012 Last updated at 23:25

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As it happened

  1. 2321:  

    Time to stagger out into the SW19 air and do it VERY QUIETLY so Merton council/local residents don't have us arrested. Surreal old night. See you Monday morning?


    From Marin Cilic, Andy Murray's next opponent: "There was definitely some drama there whether they would finish in time. Well done to Andy Murray, he played well. For me it's a big challenge to play Andy, especially on Centre Court at Wimbledon where he is motivated the most."


    Marin Cilic up next for Murray in round four on Monday. Cilic, if you didn't see it, had to go to 17-15 in the fifth set to get past Sam Querrey. I feel like we've all done the same tonight. Exhausted. In the best possible way.

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    "In the end a great performance. Murray looked out of sorts for a while but Baghdatis from 4-2 in the second set only won two more games. It seems like Murray's having a bit of luck this year and that makes you think whether it could be his year."


    From William Francis on Twitter: "Amazing stuff at Wimbledon. Well done Murray. The time limit really added a bit of extra spice. Timed tennis - just an idea."

  6. 2309:  

    And this: "I was struggling quite a lot with my footing. It felt like the ball was always there (falling out of his pocket) so I went to having just one ball. It was annoying. I'm blaming the shorts - it wasn't my fault. It was a tricky first week, and I'll need to play better. I was very nervous today. I had to hustle my way through the match."

  7. 2307:  

    Here's Murray: "I was realy struggling. He was coming in a lot, I had a lot of break points and when I wasn't taking them he was getting a lot of momentum. I thought when I got up at 4-1 I asked and was told we had one more game. When I broke him I thought that was it."

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Baghdatis was the perfect worthy opponent. He gave Murray headaches then went away at the perfect time - so we finished at 11.02pm. You couldn't write that script. And Murray's got to be feeling so much better than he was an hour-and-a-half ago."

  9. 2303:  

    Ever seen anything like that before?

    GAME, SET AND MATCH - Murray 7-5 3-6 7-5 6-1 Baghdatis

    The clock is striking. Murray - BONG - laces a forehand into the corner for 15-0. BONG! Baghdatis into the net. Murray throws the ball up - BONG - ace! Match BONG! point... Big serve... he's done it! BONG! BONG! BONG!

  11. 2300:  

    The tournament referee is poised courtside - Murray races to the baseline, he won't let him on...

    Murray* 7-5 3-6 7-5 5-1 Baghdatis

    If Baghdatis is broken here they'll surely have to let Murray serve it out, won't they? 0-15, a deafening tick-tock sound in everyone's head. Lovely forehand, feeble backhand into the net, 15-30. Long! Two break points, 2259 hrs. Surreal. BROKEN! And that's 11pm!


    From Stefan Burtoft on Twitter: "That cross court forehand was like sex off a racquet. Publish that."


    From James Holman on Twitter: "Surely the ball boys/girls are past their bed time...is this why they're stopping at 11?"

    Murray 7-5 3-6 7-5 4-1 Baghdatis*

    If our umpire has to announce that play is being suspended, he may have to do it while running full-pelt for the locker-room. Is there an ejector-seat function in his chair? Guttural roar from Murray as he holds - we have four minutes of official play left...

    Nick Bollettieri , BBC Radio 5 live

    "I'd get Murray's management team to go to the neighbouring houses and ask them to let this match carry on! He's focused he's hitting the ball well, but he's hitting offensively, even his backhand, not defensively. I would think Murray wants to win this and get out of here now."

    Murray* 7-5 3-6 7-5 3-1 Baghdatis

    How will the crowd react if this gets pulled at 4-2? Baghdatis holds, and I wonder if that was the last chance of a finish tonight slipping away. I've never been a fan of intractable rules, and I'm becoming even less of a fan with every passing minute.

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "Do you think referee Andrew Jarrett should walk on with a crash helmet on?"


    From Richard in Sheffield, via text on 81111: "Re Francis (planning permission): it's not a planning matter, going past 11pm is a noise abatement issue covered under Environmental Health laws."

    Murray 7-5 3-6 7-5 3-0 Baghdatis*

    Latest from the blazered officials: they might now allow us to go "a minute or two" past 2300. Who said pompous? Let's get this done. Murray slamming away a series of crunching serves to hold to love - we have 11 minutes, 13 at a push, for Murray to win three more games. If I were Baghdatis, I might suddenly remember I needed a restroom break. Is that wrong? Probably. That's pressure for you.

    Goran Ivanisevic , BBC Sport, 2001 Wimbledon champion

    "Andy Murray is serving really well since the roof closed. His whole game is better. He doesn't want to come back on Monday and play a couple more games."

    Murray* 7-5 3-6 7-5 2-0 Baghdatis

    At 15-30 Murray has a lovely opening down the backhand wing but sends it marginally wide. Baghdatis moving like a giraffe on roller-skates though - wide, break point, wonderful clouted forehand cross-court from Murray for a break point, his 19th. Big serve, it slips away again. My giddy aunts, another searing reply that nearly sets light to the grass. Nerveless punch and counter-punch from the baseline, yet another break point, yet another opportunity lost as a backhand drifts wide. The chances coming thick and fast now, Bags drawn to the net to push long. First serve a mile long. Second serve.. LONG! Finally, he's broken him - seven games in eight for the darling of the home crowd...


    From Conor McNamara on Twitter: "With career prize winnings of more than $20,000,000 you'd think Murray would have deeper pockets."


    From Chessie on Twitter: "I live around the corner from the All England Club. It's really no trouble if you want to go on past 11 - just ask."

    Murray 7-5 3-6 7-5 1-0 Baghdatis*

    Murray has 24 minutes to get to the brink of victory. That's an ask alright - can we not just have a little leeway here? So many twists and turns in this plot. Baghdatis to the net, he'll put this away - no he won't he's down too! He's staying down too, nose buried in the turf, struggling to his feet as the crowd roars their sympathy. Good tactic - he's a lovable sort, Baggy, and Murray knows this performance could work against him. Serves it out, but how can this possibly be finished by 2300?

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "It's a lot easier playing than it is watching, that's for sure."

    GAME AND THIRD SET - Murray* 7-5 3-6 7-5 Baghdatis

    What will happen if Murray is serving for the match as the clock strikes 11? Will the ball - PUFF! turn into a pumpkin as the bell tolls? Unlikely, on reflection, but I'll grab a pic on my phone if it does. Long from Baggy for 30-30, greeted with feverish shouts from the - BREAK POINT! Bags has gone wide... surely now - Baghdatis to the net in desperation, Murray taking aim, pulling the trigger... lands it!


    From Francis, via text on 81111: "Just looked at the planning permission for the roof. Does not appear to restrict the playing of tennis to 11.00pm.wonder why Henman thinks play stops at 11?"

    Murray 7-5 3-6 6-5 Baghdatis*

    This is madness - ANOTHER ball has fallen out of Murray's pocket, and instead of being at 40-15, he's suddenly at 30-30. What the... he's stuffed a simple forehand winner wide, and from nowhere he's presented Baggy with a priceless break point. BOOM! 132mph serve out wide, a wall of screaming delight bouncing down from the spectators, Bags wide, and he's held. Lord alive, what theatre under the lights!

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Four years ago at the Australian Open, Baghdatis played the great Lleyton Hewitt. They started the match at 10.49pm, they finished at 4.34am. Now do you think they could go past 11pm here?"


    From Chloe McConnell, on playing past 11pm, on Twitter: "The crowd have to leave but players allowed to stay and finish the match, problem solved."

    Murray* 7-5 3-6 5-5 Baghdatis

    The tension is doing strange things to people's brains. "LOUD NOISES!" yells one half-cut wag, in the style of Steve Carell's weather-man in Anchorman. Murray smelling smoke at 15-30, attacking far more now, just long for 30-30. Ach - forehand onto the tape, 40-30. Now it's Baggy's time to crumble under the crushing pressure, slamming his forehand wide, but what an overhead that is - high-wire artistry from the likeble Cypriot...

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Murray knew when he was a break down in that third set that he needed to be more aggressive. Now the pressure is back on Baghdatis."

    Murray 7-5 3-6 5-4 Baghdatis*

    Murray went ballistic at the end of that game - screaming, fist-pumping, stabbing his finger into the side of his head and mouthing something furious at the demons on his shoulders. Slamming serves, blistering pace, hold to love, and so the wheel turns again - Baghdatis must now hold to stay in the set. Anyone going to bed yet?

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Murray's not looking at his knee now. He's thinking about the match and playing with intensity."

    Murray* 7-5 3-6 4-4 Baghdatis

    A key announcement on the scoreboard: the match will DEFINITELY be postponed at 2300 if it has not reached a conclusion. What if it's 5-3 and two sets up to Baggy? Will they pull the plug if one player is a single hold of serve away? Murray tears into Baghdatis - volley, in he comes, break points a-go-go... he's down again! Someone buy that man a decent pair of shoes. Still a break point left. Baghdatis - what on earth - out! Bizarre choice of shot, flicking forehand slice halfway down the net, but it means one key thing - break-back!

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "Murray's predicament in this baseline rallies is that Baghdatis is able to generate a lot of power from the baseline."

    Murray 7-5 3-6 3-4 Baghdatis*

    Whoever said Baghdatis had something of Gavin Henson about him deserves a pat on the back. A more naturally olive-skinned Henson, but still. Pair of lucky net-cords for Murray to give himself some desperately needed breathing space. Backhand return spinning away long, and Murray staunches the flow. For now.

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "This is an intriguing part of the match. When Baghdatis came out, he didn't have anything to lose. Now, a break up in the third set, he's got something to lose."

    Murray* 7-5 3-6 2-4 Baghdatis

    Wonder how much that break of serve changed the thinking on extending this match to its conclusion. "Hi, Merton council's emergency line - can I help you?" "Er, no, wrong number, don't worry about it..." Baghdatis pushes a forehand wide for 30-30. Interesting - backhand flayed long, break point. He's taken two from a possible 14, Murray, and - heavy sigh - stuffs another with a backhand into the line. Murray to the net, but off a daft approach that is neither deep nor dangerous - flashing pass down the line. Baggy throwing all his cards down - slashing forehand down the line, and he's wriggling away again.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Baghdatis has played exceptionally well. He's hugged the baseline and moved forward far more than Murray has. Can he keep his nerve?"

    Murray 7-5 3-6 2-3 Baghdatis*

    Uh-oh. Murray runs round a backhand and dunks his forehand into the net - 0-30. Dreadful backhand pulled way wide, and suddenly Baggy has three break points. Moans of horror from the cheap seats. Brutal slugging from the baseline, brutal blows being worn by both players - ripper down the line from Baggers, and he's made it! Break gone, Murray wobbling...

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "Maybe a couple of extra tickets for the local authorities for the second week? That would be a nice touch?"

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Baghdatis is showing real grit and determination out there. Qualities he's always had."

    Murray* 7-5 3-6 2-2 Baghdatis

    Boris Becker there in the Royal Box, like a friendly lion. Brilliant defence from Murray, chasing down an overhead, firing in a backhand, Baggers... netted! Break points as Centre bellows its boozy approval. Chasing, chasing, Baghdatis bossing it, volleying with nerveless style, holding, holding...

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Murray's moving a bit gingerly so far in that left knee but he's getting the job done."

    Murray 7-5 3-6 2-1 Baghdatis*

    Rapid hold from Murray. Glimpse of Centre Court from the outside there - it looks like a spaceship. Henman Hill thinning out a fraction - people have homes to get to, but I can't pretend I'm not slightly disappointed by the dilettantes.

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "Not any more."

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Tim Henman! Call up the authorities. You live in this area, don't you?"

    Murray* 7-5 3-6 1-1 Baghdatis

    Baggy goes wide with a flaying forehand but essays a splendid drop-shot off the forehand that foxes Murray all end up. Can't land the first serve, Baghdatis, but with Murray crashing a flat backhand onto the tape he doesn't have to. Murray in a grump with some sections of the crowd here for making too much noise while rallies are in progress. Maybe not the best fight to pick, Andy.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Ivan Lendl will have told Murray: 'Hit the damn ball!' But in more polite terms."

    Murray 7-5 3-6 1-0 Baghdatis*

    Still rammed here. Of course it is. Boom! Ace down the middle. Boom mkII - aced out wide. And another! Whatever Murray had in the half-hour delay should be made available to the seriously ill in hospital.

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "I think there's a little bit of leeway with the 11pm finish. But is it 10 past? Is it 20 past? We don't know. But if they don't finish tonight, with the knock-on effect it will have for the rest ofthe draw, it will be bad news."

  54. 2138:  

    "Thank you for calling Merton council. The office is now closed until Monday. Please call back then. Beeeeeeeeeep...."

  55. 2136:  

    A reminder: this match will be postponed until Monday if it isn't finished by 2300. Unless - novel tweak to the earlier understanding here - Wimbledon are able to get special permission from Merton council. Who's got a number for Merton council?

  56. 2136:  

    Bloke next to me: "This is costing me a fortune. I've got a child-minder looking after my son, and I can't go home until this is over..."

  57. 2133:  

    Still with us? Of course you are. And so are the players - here they come...

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "We need a rule change here. If this goes to five sets, you need to go to the All England Club and tell them we can go past 11pm!"

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "It's not the All England Club's decision. The local council doesn't allow play to go on past 11pm because there are things such as transport to consider for getting the fans home afterwards."

    Goran Ivanisevic , BBC Sport, 2001 Wimbledon champion

    "I don't think Baghdatis can win the match, Andy is a better player but still he needs to be more aggressive. He's letting Baghdatis dictate the tempo too much."

    Nick Bollettieri , BBC Radio 5 live

    "Negative emotion gives inspiration to the other side. This interruption should favour Murray."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "Andy did such a good job of closing out that first set. Everything was looking good. Then he let Baghdatis dictate a bit more and didn't take the chances he had. The big test for Andy is dealing with adversity. But it's a good chance for him to regroup, talk to Ivan Lendl and start again."


    From BBC Sport's Ben Dirs on "I get the feeling watching Murray it's not that hard for his opponent to sway the crowd - a smile, a shrug and you've got 'em."


    From Ros Clarke on Twitter: "Seriously, people, knitting is a multi-tasking activity. She's knitting while watching, not instead of."


    Slightly premature graphic there, but go with it - with gloom filling the arena, the match will be suspended for 30 minutes while they close the lid. Quick bit of maths - back on around 2135, and with the cut-off time for play coming at 2300, will they have time to get two more sets in? We could be taking this into Sunday...

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Baghdatis is getting some pop on those serves despite the cool conditions. Good job by him. Andy Murray's moving a bit gingerly and he's going to have a bit of time to think about it, it appears."

    GAME AND SECOND SET - Murray* 7-5 3-6 Baghdatis

    No problems here - clattering overhead, 40-15. Scratch that, Fordyce - Baggy into the net, surprise dooce. Feeble forehand into the net from the brooding Murray, big serve, backhand reply... long!

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "We can see right now why Baghdatis was once in a Grand Slam final and a semi-finalist here."

    Murray 7-5 3-5 Baghdatis*

    Remarkable, ridiculous - another ball pops out of Murray's pocket, and that will cost him the point. And darken his mood still further. Cuffed forehand into the corner, panicked shouts from the concerned crowd. Volley deep; over to you, Marcos.


    From Gemma Blackman on Twitter: "Why would you pay for Saturday Centre Court tickets then bring your knitting?! If you're not enjoying it, I'll have your seat!"

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Murray's got to step it up and make his mark on the returns. Baghdatis isn't known as one of the better servers on the tour."

    Murray* 7-5 2-5 Baghdatis

    Baggy is relishing every second of this - he knows Murray is lost in self-reproach. Wonderful volley at the net after Murray skids, slips and limps away like a full-back rucked by a rampaging Springbok back row, and he'll have to hold serve now to stay in the set.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "It all looked like it was turning Murray's way. He played a weak service game at 2-1. It was so frustrating for him not to break back when he had Baghdatis at 0-40. But it's tempting to play it safe against Baghdatis - a player who is known sometimes for beating himself."


    From Richard Daniels on Twitter: "It's brilliant to see Baghdatis enjoying himself so much. People forget sport is supposed to be fun."

    Murray 7-5 2-4 Baghdatis*

    They'll have to start thinking about closing the roof soon. Darkness rolling down the seats and across the grass. Hello - there's a lady in the crowd knitting. Maybe she's doing her neighbour a pullover - he looks freezing. Perhaps it's to distract her from the horrors out in front of her, in the style of the tricoteuses perched by the guillotine - Baghdatis breaks again, and Murray is in one of those curious tailspins of his.


    From Peter Hughes on Twitter: "Baghdatis=Gavin Henson."

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Baghdatis is enjoying every minute of it out there. This is why crowds love to see him play. He's just soaking it up. It was like a practice session out there for a moment with all those sliced backhands."

    Murray* 7-5 2-3 Baghdatis

    Fury from Murray here - immediate chance to break back, and he wastes it - backhand pass onto the tape, and he slams his racquet into the sole of his right foot in frustration. It triggers a strange exchange of errors, the two swordsmen taking it in turns to stab themselves in the foot. Deuce to ad to deuce to ad; back to deuce as the quality suddenly leaps heavenwards - lob from Murray, Baggy somehow staying alive, fighting back and pulling clear as Murray flays a forehand wide. Big chance, big miss.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "It was looking rather routine for a moment, but there were two weird things in that game - the fall and then the ball coming out of his pocket."

    Murray 7-5 2-2 Baghdatis*

    Oops - Murray slipping here, figuratively and literally - onto his backside, break point down. Now, what's happened here? Murray crashes the ball long, but I think the spare ball has slipped out of his pocket and onto the court - yup, the umpire has called a let. Lucky boy. Oh dear - long again, into the net, break handed back. Wasteful, and Centre admonishes with a heavy silence.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "You get a feeling that Murray's athletic ability is starting to get to Baghdatis mentally, and it's making Andy more comfortable."

    Murray* 7-5 2-1 Baghdatis

    Murray slices, slices, gets to 15-30. Oh, way long on the backhand punch from Baggy as Murray fires in a bizarre chipped forehand pass. Two break points. Endless slicing backhands from Murray, Baghdatis snatching control with a fast, flat backhand. Exact repeat on the next point, deuce. Limited aggression again - ah, backhand down the line to open up the court, rasping top-spin cross-court for another opportunity. Taken! Arms aloft on Henman Hill...

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "When Murray plays the three in front of him - Djokovic, Nadal, Federer - that's when he's at his most aggressive. But it's difficult to turn it on all the time. He's a great mover and counter puncher. I just think he should be looking to be proactive. He did that in the final service game of the first set. He finished off that set very well."


    From Toby from Derby, via text on 81111: "Despite winning the first set I still think Murray needs to be a bit more aggressive. At the moment he's relying too much on mistakes from baghdatis, rather than hitting winners himself."

    Murray 7-5 1-1 Baghdatis*

    Titters around Centre as a line-judge ducks to avoid a Murray serve and loses her cap in the movement, spilling out blonde hair in the classic secretary-taking-off-glasses-unpinning-bun fashion. Murray holds with fierce concentration.

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "I'd really like to see Murray take it to Baghdatis now. See if he can make an impression."

    Murray* 7-5 0-1 Baghdatis

    Elements of larceny about that first set. Baggers was bossing it, if anything, but he's always had that flaky edge. He'll hold here, and a gaggle of fans in hats fashioned from half tennis balls - or rather, hats fashioned to look like half tennis balls - applaud with restraint.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "That's the book on Baghdatis. You've just got to stick with him."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "Ideally, you want to close the roof at the end of a set. The most important thing is that the match is finished. If it's not finished, there's no play on Sunday, so it's a long wait."


    From BBC Sport's Ben Dirs on Twitter: "A red-faced buffoon spreads his arms and roars 'I HATE MURRAY!' It's hardly Wildean wit on Henman Hill."

    GAME AND FIRST SET - Murray 7-5 Baghdatis*

    Now - can he hold his nerve? With a slam and a step Murray suddenly accelerates the aggression - in he comes, deadly volleying, Kim Sears applauding in her lemon sports jacket - set points, ace!


    From BBC Sport's Ben Dirs on Twitter: "Henman Hill is so rammed I can barely get on it. I'm stuck on some concrete behind some awful youths quaffing port."


    From Greg Herold-Howes on Twitter: "With Rufus missing there are now no British birds left at Wimbledon #findrufus"

    Murray* 6-5 Baghdatis

    Lovely point construction from Baghdatis, working Murray around. Could Murray be more aggressive on his returns? He's struggling to put much dent in the Baggy bodywork so far. That's better - slicing backhand that slides across the grass at ankle height for 40-30, and now Baghdatis will snatch at a forehand and send it marginally long. Deuce - to advantage, amid wild shouts, as Bags biffs into the net again. Well played, sir - a brace of fiery first serves. Murray onto a short reply - battering pass, another break point, Baggers floating in a backhand slice - that's heading wide, it IS wide! Break stolen away with perfect timing...

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Since Murray got together with Ivan Lendl before the Australian Open, I've noticed some changes. At the Australian, he was definitely trying to be more offensive. He succeeded against Djokovic when he played the best match of his life and just came up short. The other thing was to be more aggressive on the return. You can't go much on what happened during the clay court season. This is where it's going to matter."

    Murray 5-5 Baghdatis*

    Two solid first serves, two fractured returns wide. 30-0. Super punched backhand return from Baggy, taking the ball at the top of the bounce and clouting cross-court; slicing backhand that Baghdatis can't dig off the turf. Very cautious from Murray so far, very much playing the defensive roll to the Cypriot's cavalier flourishes.

    Pat Cash , BBC Sport

    On Murray's winner to save break point: "Great chase down, he was miles off the court. It brings back the memory of when he played Richard Gasquet when he landed in with the fans in the front row."

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Baghdatis is playing well. He's causing problems for Murray."

    Murray* 4-5 Baghdatis

    Glimpse there of Ilie Nastase in the Royal Box. He's wearing a jacket that's half dinner suit, half Rear Admiral. Can he carry it off? We both know the answer to that. Bravo, maestro. Sloppy from Murray, tossing away opportunities to attack the second serve, but Baggy hooks a forehand just wide and we'll teeter at deuce. Mmm, a stop-volley dashing in from the Cypriot that purrs class; Murray whingeing here about a baseline-clipper that seals the game, but it won't change the fact that he'll have to come out and hold to stay in the set.

    Jonathan Overend , BBC Sport

    "Murray is just shaking his head at the moment. In our position, you can see every grimace."


    From Jack Saunders on Twitter: "Can we ban towels from tennis, wipe after every point is ridiculous #murray #getonwithit"

    Murray 4-4 Baghdatis*

    Trouble now - Murray long for 0-30, relieved applause as a crunching serve takes it to 15-40. Trouble again as Baggers comes to the net - lob from Murray, sailing long for two break points. Now then. First serve long, second sitting up - Baghdatis looping in a backhand, and - gossamer touch - delicious disguised drop-shot from Murray. One saved. Baghdatis all over this rally though - to the net, Murray nowhere, the volley into open court - Murray sprinting, reaching, stretching... it's gone long! Hold them horses though, Murray will challenge this. Let's have a look. Here comes the Hawk-Eye verdict... would you believe it, it's nibbling the outermost reaches of the line. Execution stayed. Baggers wide with another forehand, dominates the next rally but then stuffs a backhand into the tape. Lucky. Very lucky.


    Matt from Bungay, via text on 81111: "Tim Henman claims only 4 players in the Mens last 32 have single handed backhands - Federer, Kohlschreiber, Gasquet and Almagro. What about Mikhail Youzhny? It's a shot of beauty!"

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Baghdatis has been the more aggressive player. He's been more willing to take the play to his opponent. It's served him well so far."

    Murray* 3-4 Baghdatis

    Murray's coach Ivan Lendl there - dark blue t-shirt, shades, cap, chin resting on the balustrade at the front of the players' box. Gasps of concern from the patrons as Murray slips awkwardly out wide, legs splaying like a fawn caught on ice, but I think he's okay - yup, up to his feet with somewhat melodramatic sloth. Baggers in the groove, the better player of the two without question in these early exchanges.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Looking at the bottom half of the draw now, I'd say the favourite on that side is Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. He's got some pedigree and he had four match points against Novak Djokovic at the French Open. But if Murray can get through to the semi-finals, it will be a massive point for him knowing that he doesn't have to face Rafa Nadal. The fact that no one in that half of the draw has ever reached the final here will have a lot of players salivating."

    Murray 3-3 Baghdatis*

    The last patch of Centre Court sun has now slipped away, and cardigans are tugged on as the evening chill sneaks into its place. Sweet volleying again from Baggers, punching back one attempted pass and then another - 15-30, back to 30-30 with a deep fizzer of a serve. That's more like it - in to the net, stiff-wristed volley, slashing overhead put-away. Really quite windy out there now - Murray's white shirt being tugged and teased by the swirling breeze.


    From Stephanie Siu on Twitter: "A ponytail-less Baghdatis. That is the second best hair decision after Federer's chop of '05."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "I think it's a fine line for Murray with that slice. If he doesn't get it through, then it sits there and Baghdatis can dictate."

    Murray* 2-3 Baghdatis

    Baghdatis no longer sporting the Xavier Malisse/baddie in a Steven Segal film ponytail that you may be familiar with; it's now a sort of mid-length shagginess that's neither quite here nor there. Classic issue for the long-haired man needing to make a change. Good serving from the Cypriot, Murray fending a brace of spitters off his chest and into the net.

    Goran Ivanisevic , BBC Sport, 2001 Wimbledon champion

    "Murray has to be careful, he's too careful at the moment. He should just show who the boss is on Centre Court, because Baghdatis will be nervous but he'll come into it more."


    From Sir Robin, Wimbledon, via text on 81111: "Baghdatis has escaped from an Indiana Jones film. Don't let him put his racquet down for a minute because he will start wielding a sword like a lunatic from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Murray will need his wits about him."

    Murray 2-2 Baghdatis*

    The first "COME ON MURRAY!" of the day - well timed, as Baggers laces a forehand onto the line and then capitalises on Murray's frantic, looping fetch to stick away a winner. A woman in the crowd there in luminous yellow anorak with hood up and strings pulled tight under her chin. She looks like she's preparing to sail singlehandedly round the world, not get squiffy on Chablis in front of the tennis. Baghdatis to the net, lovely angled drop-shot that Murray will somehow reach but only to flick a forehand wide. Better pressure this time from the Briton, turning the screw, leveling up as Baghdatis goes long.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "Baghdatis doesn't have the feel or the hands of Murray. He likes to be unpredictable, though."

    Murray* 1-2 Baghdatis

    Duelling exchange of backhands from the baseline - Murray slicing, Bagho whipping, slices again - no, Murray into the net. Mrs Baghdatis, of course, is former player Karolina Sprem, and I'm told she's expecting. Marvellous news. Plenty of yellow Scottish standards being waves in the outer reaches of Centre.

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "If Murray's too passive and lets Baghdatis come to the net, it could be difficult. It's not easy to play defensively on a grass court."

    Murray 1-1 Baghdatis*

    Baghdatis's fiancee watching on there. She bites her bottom lip as Murray spanks the first double-fault of the match. Bagho long, into the net with a backhand slice and then onto the net-post. Windy out on Centre, and I think it'll cause a few problems with ball-toss on the serve and any overheads.

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "I hate to say this, but I agree with John. I think Baghdatis is capable of causing a few problems, but I think Murray will get through."

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "I'm going to go with Murray to win in four sets. I think Baghdatis has a lot of talent."

    Murray* 0-1 Baghdatis

    Miles Maclagan there, former coach of Murray, current coach of Baghdo. From the look of his sunhat and shades combo, I'd say he's come as Reni from the Roses. Baghdatis to the net, backhand volley that is crisp and classy. Murray aims an off-balance backhand at the baseline and tugs it into the net.

    John McEnroe , BBC Sport

    "The second that Nadal lost, people watching on Henman Hill were saying: 'Let's go, Andy. This is it.' You forget how tough his half of the draw is. Baghdatis is a character in his own right. How many racquets did he break in Australia? I think he broke my record. But he loves to be out there. He will enjoy every moment of it, win, lose or draw."

  122. 1912:  

    Absolutely ramma-damma-ding-dong out on Henman Hill. Inside Centre, there's a row of spectators in pink t-shirts, each with a large letter on their chest. I think they're trying to spell MURRAY, but there's been some sort of mix-up over the seating order - at the moment it reads MURY. Sloppy.


    Spain's David Ferrer on Andy Murray, speaking on BBC One: "It's going to be a very close match, I think Andy Murray is favourite to beat Baghdatis, but he is a very good player and plays very good on grass courts."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "You just can't take anything for granted here. Andy Murray's got to focus, do a job and get through to the second week. There's been so much chat about the draw since Nadal went out. It could do Andy a favour next Friday, but he's got to get there."

  125. 1908:  

    A row of giddy ladies there in full Union flag fig - hats, strappy tops, empty Pimm's pots. Down below me, a rank of long telephoto lenses trained on the players' box - Kim Sears edging her way past various pairs of knees to her seat in the sun.

  126. 1904:  

    If you're watching BBC One, you may be aware that Raiders of the Lost Ark will now be shown at a later time. Probably on a Bank Holiday, I'd wager. Here come the players!


    Back in '06 Baghdatis went on to make the semi-finals, a clowning Cypriot prince who was almost tailor-made for a certain segment of the Wimbledon crowd - big smile, lots of ostentatious diving, plenty of shrugs and playful winks. Six years on he's out to 42 in the world, but the character underneath remains the same.

  128. 1902:  

    Intruiging match-up for the neutral, this one, potentially nerve-rattling for those in the Andy Murray camp. The two players have met six times in the past, and each man has three victories. Only one of those matches was on grass - here at Wimbledon in 2006, when Baghdatis took it in three. Different era, different players though - Baggers was coming off the back of the Aussie Open final and a ranking of eighth in the world; Murray was coming off the back of only being 19.

  129. 1901:  

    Well, we've had to wait a little while - Serena took her time, David Ferrer went to four. But finally, with the shadows occupying all but a small angular section of Centre Court, the moment has come. All set?

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