Wimbledon 2012: Heather Watson v Agnieszka Radwanska as it happened

Britain's Heather Watson loses in straight sets in 58 minutes to world number three Agnieszka Radwanska at Wimbledon.

29 June 2012 Last updated at 17:46

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As it happened

  1. 1735:  

    As Federer and Benneteau make their way onto Centre Court, I will bid you farewell...


    Agnieszka Radwanska, following her victory over Heather Watson, on BBC One: "I think in the beginning she was a bit nervous, she did better in the second set. She is a good, young player and she can play some really good tennis. This is my best season in my career. I'm really happy I can play my best tennis here and hopefully it can continue."

    Sam Smith , BBC Sport

    "It's been a clinic. The barebones of it are Watson doesn't hit the ball hard enough to trouble Radwanska. But I didn't seen one negative ion in her body and she held it together. That's the kind of tennis Radwanska plays week in, week out and why she is the world number three. I'm sure she will go deep into the draw. As for Watson, there are lots of lessons she will take from this."

  4. 1730:  

    Not much you can say about that, other than Watson will have at least learned plenty of lessons - that was essentially a 58-minute crash-course in elite-level tennis from Agnieszka Radwanska. Hit it too hard, was too accurate, this girl could go far.

    GAME, SET AND MATCH - Radwanska 6-0 6-2 Watson

    Righto, Watson serving to stay alive. Radwanska has Watson scurrying all over the court like her gofer, before paying her for her services with a pinpoint smash. For once, Watson comes out on top after a toe-to-toe exchange, but she hands Radwanska a first match-point with an errant backhand... one saved, Watson hunting down a drop-shot and nibbling over a forehand winner... but it's merely a stay of execution, Radwanska putting Watson out of her misery two points later...

    Sam Smith , BBC Sport

    "Watson is in good company. Radwanska has put her racquet through a lot of players, top players, this year. I feel like I want to attach a turbo to Watson's racquet, just to give her shots some pop."

    Radwanska 6-0 5-2 Watson*

    Watson pushes a forehand return into the tramlines for 40-0 but that's a chunky backhand return from Watson to keep her in the game.... not for long, best rally of the match, but it ends with Watson dinking an angled backhand into the net...

    *Radwanska 6-0 4-2 Watson

    Watson leaps into a forehand winner at the net before Radwanska skews a backhand long for 30-0. The number three seed sprays a forehand beyond the baseline and a forehand into the net makes it a hold to love. If slim had packed its bags and left, maybe it's changed its mind and is thinking about checking back in...

    Radwanska 6-0 4-1 Watson*

    The shaft of light that momentarily pierced Centre Court is gone in the time it takes Radwanska to deliver four clubbing serves...

    *Radwanska 6-0 3-1 Watson

    Radwanska goes long with a forehand before Watson laces a forehand winner down the line for 30-0. Too much heat on that first serve from Watson and the British number four has dodged a double-bagel and much nastiness from certain sections of the UK press...

    Radwanska 6-0 3-0 Watson*

    Radwanska with a rare mistake, a forehand into the net for 30-30. And another, this time a backhand volley into the net - break-point, bring the noise... Watson puts her forehand return wide, Radwanska bang on the money with her serve... bread and butter point from the Pole, finished with a forehand down the line, but Radwanska nets with a backhand again. But that's a hold, Watson prodding a forehand volley into the tramlines...

    Sam Smith , BBC Sport

    "I think Heather Watson has to be a little more aggressive. It's going to have to be special from Watson because her ball gives Radwanska too much time on the ball. I'm sure Watson is concerned about making too many unforced errors out here but really that time has gone. I hate to be the voice of doom here but there has not been a lot of compassion from the Pole."

    *Radwanska 6-0 2-0 Watson

    We've got new balls now, which you have to think will help Radwanska more than Watson. But that's a crisp forehand winner by Watson for 15-15, only for a rather powder-puff second serve to be feasted on by the Pole. Radwanska just has too much clout for the wee Channel Islander... If Centre Court is sometimes referred to as a sporting cathedral, at the moment it's as if the congregation is being treated to a 45-minute sermon from Deuteronomy: bemused silence.

    Radwanska 6-0 1-0 Watson*

    That's nice from Watson, bending the knees and leaving her opponent rooted with a cute backhand lob, and she outlasts Radwanska on the next point to make it 15-30. But that's a great chance missed, Watson dinking an attempted drop-shot into the net, and Radwanska slams the door on Watson's fingers with two well-worked points, bolting it shut with a lob.

    Andrew Cotter , Commentator, BBC Sport

    "Radwanska is playing well but not brilliant tennis at the moment. Heather Watson is giving her too many cheap points. Radwanska untroubled and she has not dropped a game."

    GAME AND FIRST SET - *Radwanska 6-0 Watson

    Only been on court for 20 minutes and Watson is serving to stay in the first set. Watson is stuck in first gear at the moment with smoke coming out of the bonnet and the mirrors snapped off, it's a bit ugly out there. Poorly-executed drop-shot by the Brit and all of a sudden she's facing three set-points... only needs one, hold to love, that set took 24 minutes...


    James, at work in London, via text: "Shameful, first Brit in 3rd round for 10 years and rafts of empty seats on Centre. I know where I would rather be right now!"


    Peter via text: "What we are seeing from this match, and both Anne and Laura's losses to Schiavone and Errani is how important guile and court craft still is. The British girls don't quite have that yet, but once they do they will be contenders."

    Radwanska 5-0 Watson*

    Radwanska hasn't hit an unforced error yet, and only one winner, it's Watson who is making the mistakes. Radwanska playing like a garage door at the moment, this time Watson sends a forehand long after an extended rally... MISTAKE! Radwanska pushes a forehand wide and looks horrified, as if she's genuinely shocked to discover she's fallible, before Watson puts away a solid forehand pass for deuce.

    Break-point for Watson as Radwanska goes long with a forehand on the stretch... Watson misses with a backhand. Watson shovels another backhand long before Radwanska outhits her from behind the baseline to hold.

    Sam Smith , BBC Sport

    "Heather Watson needs to generate pace but Radwanska is going to make it difficult for her to do that. This is one of the most difficult opponents Watson could face at this stage in her career."

    *Radwanska 4-0 Watson

    Radwanska with a dinky lob and Watson is unable to hunt it down, 0-15. Radwanska just keeping it in play and waiting for Watson to make the mistake, this time she goes wide with an attempted backhand pass. Second serve pops up for Radwanska and the Pole licks her lips and gobbles it up, backhand winner for two break-points... too much heft from Radwanska, Watson can't deal with that forehand, we have a double-break...

    Andrew Cotter , Commentator, BBC Sport

    "Radwanska doesn't make too mistakes herself, she is not a flashy player, but she does draw mistakes out of other players."

    Radwanska 3-0 Watson*

    Watson incontinent with unforced errors at the moment, it's all a little bit too easy for Radwanska. Watson balloons a forehand long, that's a hold to love. The first "come on Heather", more in hope than expectation...


    Sarah in London via text: "Very excited for the Watson v Radwanska match - definitely a star for the future, however, today I feel it will go Radwanskas way. Just hoping Heather puts up a good fight!"

    Sam Smith , BBC Sport

    "Radwanska likes to use a 'v' serve out to the wings of the court. It is not that fast, about 100mph, but it's really accurate. It's as if she's aiming for 10p pieces into the corners."

    Sam Smith , BBC Sport

    "Radwanska will tempt you with a lot of bait. It's a fine line for Watson, it's about being aggressive but not overstepping the mark."

    *Radwanska 2-0 Watson

    Watson sprays a backhand long to make it 0-30 before the Brit serves up a restorative ace. But it's two break-points for Radwanska and she needs only one of them, I'm sorry to relate that was a litle bit tame.

    Radwanska 1-0 Watson*

    That's spunky from Watson, stepping in and putting away a hefty drive-volley for 15-30 and what a shot that is to take the first game to deuce, a cross-court forehand on the gallop. The slight Watson standing toe-to-toe with Radwanska and putting away another forehand winner for a second deuce, but the Polish woman does eventually hold. Encouraging...

  29. 1626:  

    Poland's Radwanska, 23, has reached the quarter-finals at Wimbledon twice, in 2008 and 2009, while Watson is deep in uncharted territory, as far as she's concerned, anyway. Centre Court a little bit sparsely populated after Djokovic's victory, hopefully more punters will be filing in soon.

  30. 1620:  

    Afternoon. Novak's through, now it's time for Heather. Watson, the British number four, is up against third seed Agnieszka Radwanska and a victory would make her the first home woman into the fourth round since Sam Smith in 1998. And here they come, play on Centre Court in about 10 minutes...

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