Wimbledon 2012: Rafael Nadal v Lukas Rosol

Two-time Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal is knocked out by world 100 Lukas Rosol.

28 June 2012 Last updated at 22:22

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As it happened


    Sam Gosling on Twitter: "The draw just opened right up for Andy Murray!"

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "The only way this match has consequences for Andy Murray is if he gets to the semi-finals. At the moment, he's in the third round. He's got to play Marcos Baghdatis, and he's got to concentrate on that. But if Andy does get to the semi-finals, then he won't be playing Nadal."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "Rosol hit every shot as hard as he could. He was hitting the ball very flat, so it was moving fast across the court, but the margin for error is small. But he didn't make any errors."

  4. 2216:  

    Before I go, just a reminder of my first entry at 1800: "You have to say Rosol's got two hopes of winning this: slim and none, and slim's got his bags packed and is about to leave town..." Night...

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "It was a freak performance. It's amazing we don't know more about Rosol. It's not as if Nadal lost the match. Rosol came out and hit winner after winner. I think he hit 20 aces."

  6. 2215:  

    The big question is, how much did Nadal lose that match and how much did Rosol win it? Bit of both, probably, but more of the latter. Rafa got his head ripped off. Next up for our man Rosol is 27th seed Phiipp Kohlshreiber - the start of big things or a flash in the pan? Whatever it is, some pan, some flash... lights literally going out here, let's get out of here...

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "I've never seen a performance like that in those circumstances. Rosol served it out like a seasoned campaigner."

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "How typical of Nadal. At one of his lowest moments, he is still signing autographs. It's a mark of the gentleman he is and the sportsman he is. But he wasn't good enough on the day. And for Lukas Rosol to be ranked 100 in the world is a joke."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "You kept thinking that at some stage Rosol would realise who he was playing and maybe lose his nerve. But that never happened."

  10. 2210:  

    Tremendous to see Rafa scribbling a few autographs before exiting Centre Court, the mark of the man. "It was my best match ever," says Lukas Rosol, which is rather like Bruce Forsyth saying he's done rather well ending up with a former Miss World.

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "These great championships have produced huge, huge upsets in history, but this is one of the greatest in history."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Rosol just played on instinct and it was stunning."

  13. 2207:  

    I'm not sure what to say about that - while Rafa's got his shirt off, it's worth checking for tyre tracks, he just got mown down by a Czech-made juggernaut. Let's put this in perspective - this guy has lost five times in the first round of qualifying at Wimbledon and is ranked 100 in the world. What computer is the ATP using to do its rankings? A Commodore 64?

    GAME, SET AND MATCH Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 4-6 Rosol

    Lid on, and we could be about to see the biggest upset at Wimbledon since Peter Doohan beat defending champion Boris Becker in 1987. Strap yourselves in, here we go... ACE! FOREHAND WINNER, ROSOL! ACE! THREE MATCH-POINTS! ACE! BING-BADDA-BING, RAFA'S TOAST!

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 4-5 Rosol

    Well done to an old BBC colleague Dan Warren for this one: "Rosol isn't playing tennis, he's playing elevennis." Clever boy. This reminds me of when a batsman goes berserk in a Twenty20 match, just nothing Nadal can do to tether the Czech player, who's swinging for everything.

    Nadal goes long with a forehand before Rosol gets an unlucky net cord - 30-30... Rosol gets a sighter of that one, a short second serve, but finds the net with a forehand return... Nadal holds, Rosol serving for the match...

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 3-5 Rosol*

    It's like Rosol has been hypnotised - Nadal can try slowing things down all he likes, but he might be better off clicking his fingers in his opponent's face. Ace, the third in a row, takes Rosol's tally to 18, before he sends down yet another forehand winner. Ace! Forehand winner! Rosol is so in Nadal's face, it's a wonder the Spaniard has a face left.

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "Nadal has just got to find a way to break the Rosol serve. But it's harder to do that on an indoor court because there's no wind - and so the serve tends to come through faster."


    Derek Paterson on Twitter: "This is one of the most exciting games of tennis I've seen in ages! #GoRosol"


    Mike Hanton on Twitter: "Somewhere in SW London a curly haired Scotsman slowly adds another needle to his 'Rafa Doll'. This is awesome by Rosol."

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 3-4 Rosol

    What a shot that is, Rosol leaving Nadal rooted like an oak with a drilled cross-court backhand. Lordy! Have some of that, Rosol skipping into the court and crackerjacking a forehand down the line. Air shot from Rosol makes it 15-30, but that's not good, a forehand that lands yards long. Forehand return into the net, backhand return wide, Nadal holds.

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 2-4 Rosol*

    Rosol has indeed come from nowhere, very much to tennis what Joe Johnson was to the baize. Ace from the big man makes it 40-0... AND ANOTHER! On serve, Rosol is what you might call a little bit Brian Ferry - a slave to love.


    Stephanie Siu on Twitter: "This is magnificent! Rosol is so confident! Uncle Toni is not amused."


    Helen Gallon on Twitter: "Come on Rafa, show this disrespectful upstart who is boss."


    Malcolm Harvey on Twitter: "Seriously, WHO IS THIS GUY?!!"

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "You're allowed 20 seconds between points. Rosol is dead on it, Nadal isn't. Nadal is slowing it down."


    Tom Howorth on Twitter: "Rosol has a similar style to Soderling... and we all know how he's hurt Rafa in the past."

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 2-3 Rosol

    Poor challenge from Rosol, that serve was so in it almost didn't hit the line, and Nadal makes it 30-0 with an ace. Bit more chat from Nadal, no idea what about, before another biggun makes it three game-points... tame forehand long from Rosol, easy hold...

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 1-3 Rosol*

    Rosol a man in a hurry, skipping towards the baseline a full 10 seconds before time is called. Oh my word, Rosol opens up and slams a howitzer forehand down the line. Monster forehand to follow which Nadal is unable to withstand, before Rosol goes long with a backhand.

    Another booming first serve from Rosol, who is playing at 100mph at the moment, but he follows that with a wild and windy woosh that lands six feet long. No nerves-a-jangling for Rosol, wraps up that game with a rock-solid smash...

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "I'm almost speechless."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "I can't believe what I'm seeing. I keep thinking it's going to stop, but if Rosol doesn't, that's all that matters. Still a long way to go, though."

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 1-2 Rosol

    Nadal, concern chiselled into his features, moves into a 30-0 lead behind a couple of solid first serves. Ace out wide before Rosol goes long with a return, the Spaniard with a foothold...

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 0-2 Rosol*

    Nadal, with all that experience, making his opponent wait... Rosol pulls out a plum and puts away the easy forehand winner before skimming the line with a 92mph backhand. MISSES ONE! 30-15... but that's another easy forehand winner behind a beast of a serve and that's a hold...

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "The logic points to Nadal winning in five sets. The problem is that he's facing someone to whom logic doesn't apply that much. Rosol has taken the ball on and given Nadal no time to breathe. In the second and third sets, Nadal was blown off the court."

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 0-1 Rosol

    After a 43-minute hiatus, we've got some play, Nadal to serve. Nadal shovels a backhand long before Rosol piles into a drive-volley, like a whip-cracked square-cut. Forty-six winners now for the Czech 'mystery man no more' before Nadal gets into the game with a forehand winner. Rosol knifes a backhand long before the Czech forces a break point off the back of more penetrative hitting... BREAK! Rosol winds up with a forehand and Nadal can't handle it.

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "I think Nadal will win the final set 6-3."

    Lindsay Davenport , BBC Sport

    "The fact that the game is indoors now will help Rosol's serve. But against that, he's had 45 minutes to think about what's happened. I think Nadal will win."

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "Rafa's won the sprint back to the baseline. He got Rosol by a yard."


    Hashim Albahbahani on Twitter: "The delay at Centre Court is perfectly timed; now we don't have to choose between the Euros and Wimbledon."

  39. 2120:  

    Right, players have appeared, we'll have some play in, erm, about 15 minutes...

    Tim Henman , BBC Sport

    "It's very unusual to see Rafa Nadal in a match where he can't dictate play from the baseline. For two sets today, he couldn't do that. But he worked hard and got the break of serve."

  41. 2119:  

    Slow handclaps now, which means the roof presumably is on and no-one can work out why they're not playing it. Alas, I am unable to see whether the roof is fully on or not from my vantage point.

  42. 2116:  

    The order of play has just been handed to me, revealing that Britain's Heather Watson is second on Centre Court on Friday, the British number four up against third seed Agnieszka Radwanska. Roof almost on...

  43. 2111:  

    Elsewhere, play has been suspended, so the wisdom of bringing the roof on has been borne out. Equal pay-gate rumbles on, with Tim Henman being put on the spot by John Inverdale - Henman plays it nice and cool, think he just about got away with that...

  44. 2103:  

    Looks like the roof is just about in place, almost... certainly bright out there all of a sudden, I'll keep you posted...

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "They used to say that if you needed one player to play for your life, it would be Jimmy Connors. Now it would be Rafa Nadal. And we've got to bear that in mind. He will never quit. He will not go away."

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "This break has come at a good time for Rosol. It hurts Nadal a lot more than it hurts him."

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "Shutting the roof doesn't take 30 to 40 minutes. But they have to get the air conditioning going because the grass sweats."

    GAME AND FOURTH SET Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 Rosol*

    Right then, they're going to put a lid on the court, which will take 30 minutes, what with the knock-up. The crowd don't really know what to make of that - some leaving, some cheering - and players march off court.

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 6-2 Rosol

    Rosol's first serve points won have dipped alarmingly in this set, from 92% in the first to 60%. Rosol goes long with a forehand for 0-30 before Rosol brings it back to 30-30 with a leaping forehand that skims the sideline. Remarkable defence from Nadal, coming over all Jahangir Khan, before Rosol tugs a forehand wide. Backhand winner from Nadal, we've got a decider...

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Rosol shouldn't think too much. He's just got to keep doing what he's doing and going for the ball."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "It's a nice feeling for Nadal. He's actually bossing some of these rallies now."


    Matthew Vernon on Twitter: "To Tim Purcell: Surely Sampras losing to Bastl in 2002 was a massive shock, even with Pistol Pete's declining prowess."

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 5-2 Rosol*

    Rosol with a beautifully-worked point - opens up the court with a sliced backhand that hugs the line before putting away a ripper of a forehand down the other flank. Rosol thinks he's got a dud ball as a return dips into the net, although even he doesn't look that convinced after giving it a squeeze. Away-swinger from Nadal, Rosol into the net, looks like we've got ourselves a decider...

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 4-2 Rosol

    Bit of Nadal out there, I think, Rosol with the forehand winner before some weird hand gesture towards his mates up in the crowd. Nadal floats a forehand in and Rosol goes long with the forehand on the swivel, two break-points... Rosol goes long after a punch-up of a rally and the crowd go wild. Calm down, treacle, it's only a break...

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "Assuming Nadal wins the fourth set, the temptation must be for the referee to say: 'Stop, close the roof and turn the lights on and let's finish the match.' And I've just had it confirmed that the referee is prepared to do that."


    Tim Purcell on Twitter: "Not really had too many upsets this early since Doohan beat Becker and maybe Hewitt went early in his pomp. Sniff of one here?"


    Vivek Kumar Singh on Twitter: "Rosol has brought some crowd (including me) from Italy vs Germany back to tennis!!"


    Allison Rose on Twitter: "Gonna go out on a limb and say Rosol's never played like this in his life."

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 3-2 Rosol*

    Nadal puts away a smart volley for 30-0, but the scowl remains. What a return that is - a little skip and a spanked backhand down the line. But Rafa holds, scowling all the way to his chair like a child called in for his dinner.

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 2-2 Rosol

    Surely Rosol will blink at some point? The matchsticks holding up his lids have got to snap at some point. Rosol outfoxed at the net, 15-15, before Nadal is on the wrong end of a net cord and slices a backhand long. That's very measured from Rosol, big serve, easy forehand winner, have some of that...

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 2-1 Rosol*

    Nadal moves into a 40-0 lead with an away-swinger down the middle and that's an easy hold, Rosol swinging his return long...

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 1-1 Rosol

    A fresh can of balls for Rosol and the Czech will like that. But what a shot that is, Nadal guiding a forehand winner down the line. Real frustration from Nadal as Rosol climbs into a ferocious forehand winner and the Czech wraps things up with another boomer down the line. You sense the crowd are warming to Rosol...

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Rosol has just been hitting through Nadal, taking the ball on and forcing the issue. Nadal just has to hang in there. He's playing an inexperienced player, and at some point the level will drop - you would think."

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "Nadal made one unforced error in that second set and he still lost it."


    Alex Holt on Twitter: "Nadal looks in trouble - Murray-Rosol semi-final?"

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "I don't understand why Rosol's ranking is 100. This is mind-boggling. There aren't too many weaknesses in his game at the moment. But this is a huge stage of the match for him. He's got to establish himself in this fourth set early."

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 1-0 Rosol*

    Rosol lost in the first round of qualifying the last five years, while Nadal has never lost a match at Wimbledon after winning the first set, a record that stretches back 28 encounters. But don't write Rafa off yet - if he was an animal and you ran him over in your Range Rover, you'd have to go back and finish him off with a three wood from the boot. Rosol with a venomous forehand winner, just to show he's not gone anywhere, but Nadal comes through...


    Jozef Brodala on Twitter: "Hard to tell which player is world number two and which one number 100. Rosel has risen to the occasion."


    Fred Gardner on Twitter: "Wimbledon just wouldn't be the same without Nadal in the final. He is a champion and that will show through. Vamos Rafa!!"

    GAME AND THIRD SET *Nadal 7-6 4-6 4-6 Rosol

    Nadal goes long with a backhand return as Rosol moves into a 30-15 lead and Nadal can't deal with that volley from the Czech, two set-points. Rosol finds the net with a forehand... Nadal goes long, Rosol on the verge of something big, this could be the biggest upset at Wimbledon for quite some time...

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "We keep thinking that Rosol has got to blink at some stage."

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 3-5 Rosol*

    Ace from Rafa down the middle, his 13th to Rosol's 14, and he levels the score on the next point. Nadal with a hold to love, can the old master conjure something here. Got to be honest, doesn't look like it.


    Hemal Mamtora on Twitter: "C'mon Rosol. You can do it. Easy and smooth."

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 3-5 Rosol

    Rosol is absolutely loving this, a little fist pump as he has Nadal fetching this way and that behind the baseline. A successful challenge from Rosol and he makes it count, moving into a 4-15 lead behind two more big serves. Nadal goes long with a backhand, Nadal serving to stay in the set.

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "The great thing about Rosol is that although he makes some daft shots, it doesn't seem to bother him."


    Freeman on Twitter: "Rosol is having a great game so far but we all know Nadal grows as a tournament progresses. Rule him out at your own peril."


    Martyn Link on Twitter: "Now then Lukas Rosol, you are distracting me from the footy... You are making Nadal look ordinary. Amazing."

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 3-4 Rosol*

    Rosol pokes a backhand return long for 15-15 before the Spaniard rips down an ace for 30-15. Rosol, stretching, sends a backhand long and the Czech is unable to withstand the pace on that final serve.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "When Nadal got through the first set, it looked as though he would build from there, but he played the worst service game you could imagine at the start of the second. It gave Rosol some confidence. Nadal is playing defensive tennis. A lot of the time, he's had no choice."


    Bart Somsen on Twitter: "Nadal now behaving like a spoilt kid on court. Come on Rosol!"

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 2-4 Rosol*

    While Nadal isn't liking this at all, Rosol was spread out between games like a woman having her nails done. Too easy again for Rosol on serve, Nadal just hasn't got an answer if the first delivery goes in.


    David Grice on Twitter: "Didn't think Rafael Nadal would struggle so much against Rosol's serve. C'MON LUKAS!!!"

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "Nadal was playing badly in the first set but managed to win it. The difference now is that Rosol is playing so well, he's capable of beating anyone."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "A little bump there between Nadal and Rosol at the changeover. We'll give the benefit of the doubt and say it was an accident."

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 2-3 Rosol

    Nadal with an ace down the middle, as we're still trying to define exactly what he thinks is unfair. That's a pretty straightforward hold, though, although he's clearly wound up out there - like a man who popped down Spar for some bread and milk, only to find himself caught up in an armed robbery. This wasn't supposed to happen...

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "I can only assume that Nadal is complaining to the umpire that Rosol is doing something before he serves. He's dancing around. I don't see anything particularly wrong with that. I've seldom seen Nadal as agitated on a court as he is now."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Rosol is in the zone right now. It's incredible, the way he's playing."

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 1-3 Rosol*

    Nadal chuntering away to the umpire - something's not fair, apparently - and he's still chuntering away a full 30 seconds after Rosol is behind the baseline and ready to serve. Booming ace down the middle for 40-0... AND ANOTHER! Nadal is getting a pasting out there...

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "You just don't know what Rosol's going to do. He hasn't been playing to any pattern. He sees a gap and goes for it, and it's very hard for Nadal to read."


    Anais Mutumba on Twitter: "I don't know who Lukas Rosol is but for his first Wimbledon, he is playing some incredible tennis! He's making Nadal work."

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 1-2 Rosol*

    Rosol into a 0-30 lead, a net cord taking a forehand long, before a rapid-fire baseline exchange ends with Rosol having carved out three break points... one saved... another, a slight deflection almost taking the line-judge out... but he can't save the third, Nadal netting with a forehand... The question is - who is Lukas Rosol? And where the ruddy hell has he been?

    *Nadal 7-6 4-6 1-1 Rosol

    ... Rosol showing no signs of breaking, another thunderous service game to hold...

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 1-0 Rosol*

    Felicity Kendal liked that, the veteran sit-com star senses an upset. Almost a snarl at the end of that service game from Nadal, scurrying back to his chair like a dog hunting a bone...

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Rosol doesn't have an alternative gear, does he? He just belts it. He's playing remarkably well. He goes for everything at Mark 5 - and he's been making them."

    Nadal 7-6 4-6 Rosol*

    Nadal, pinned to the back of the court by the depth of Rosol's hitting, goes long with a backhand before the Czech shoots the two-time champion down with two straight aces. That's the set - I think Nadal could be in trouble here, Rosol has the vacant look of a madman who knows not what he's doing.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Rosol's not getting tight at the moment. He's playing a fabulous game."

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Nadal is not having a good day at the office, even though he's up a set. The best part of his game today has been his first serve."

    *Nadal 7-6 4-5 Rosol

    ... regulation hold for Nadal, Rosol to serve for the set... not going well for Elena Baltacha, she's just lost the first set of her second-round match 6-0 against defending champion Petra Kvitova...

    Nadal 7-6 3-5 Rosol*

    Nadal loses his footing and hunches at the end of the point, as if he's done himself a mischief. Cute point from Rosol, a knifed drop-shot followed by a regulation volley into the open court, before the Czech's eighth ace makes it 40-0. A double from Rosol before he has Nadal looking like a granny on rollerskates with another drop-shot. The Spaniard ends up tangled in the net, his racquet ends up under Rosol's chair, but the good news is he's OK...

    *Nadal 7-6 3-4 Rosol

    Nadal loosens his collar slightly with a love service game, but it's still a bit hairy out there, as if he's stuck in a lift with a raving lunatic...

    Nadal 7-6 2-4 Rosol*

    My BBC colleague Eleanor Oldroyd, over on 5 live sports extra, tells me Sergio Garcia is big pals with Mardy Fish, rather than being the victim of a ticket ballot mix-up. Rosol really is bullying Nadal out there, three more crackerjack first serves and the game is his...

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Nadal's timing is completely off. He's not happy with the way he's hitting his groundies. I still think he's going to break back at some point, though. Rosol picks the wrong shot too often."

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "There have been more unforced forehand errors so far from Nadal than Rosol."

    *Nadal 7-6 2-3 Rosol

    Nadal struggling with his timing, especially on the forehand wing, but the Czech is having no such problems - searing forehand down the line for 30-30, although he follows that with a wild one that lands long. Naughty little drop-shot from Nadal to hold...

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "Nadal is not liking the way he's being bossed around in so many of these rallies. He's not used to that."


    Fraser Marnie on Twitter: "As a huge Murray fan, it irks me that when Nadal plays that badly, it's always against someone who he'll beat. Do it vs Murray!"

    Nadal 7-6 1-3 Rosol*

    Rosol is revelling in this like a pig in the proverbial, look at that backhand winner down the line. Followed by an ace, another boomer that has Nadal scrabbling, and another one that has Nadal bunting tamely wide. It's like Holding versus Boycott out there on Rosol's delivery, circa 1980...


    Ben Mulvany on Twitter: "Wow. Rosol taking the fight to Nadal."

    *Nadal 7-6 1-2 Rosol

    Little smile from Rosol at the end of that last game, he's enjoying this, as well he might. Couple of bombs from Nadal make it 30-0, an ace makes it 40-0, and another one makes it a hold. Rafa needed that.

    David Mercer , BBC Sport

    "What's going on? That was awful by Nadal."


    Calvin Biddle on Twitter: "Not the usual Nadal but I can still see him winning this."


    Gluurt Wilders on Twitter: "I thought that coaching was not allowed. I saw Toni Nadal yelling during the tie-break. Or does Nadal enjoy special privileges?"

    Nadal 7-6 0-2 Rosol*

    Nadal incontinent with unforced errors at the moment, another forehand that misses, and it seems like Rafa's left his mojo somewhere, because it's not on Centre Court. Break-point for Nadal but Rosol puts the shutters up, ace out wide, before Nadal knifes a backhand into the net. Rosol holds, I'm not sure I've ever seen Nadal this out of sorts.

    John Lloyd , BBC Sport

    "It was one of those sets that sometimes you've just got to get through. I can't remember the last time Nadal's forehand and backhand were so short. Against a more experienced opponent, he would have lost that set."


    Kadeer Rafiq on Twitter: "That's the sign of a great champion, that Nadal can play that badly against an inspired opponent and win the set."

    Nadal 7-6 0-1 Rosol*

    Note to Rafael Nadal's undertaker: use titanium nails and bury him 12 feet under. That said, Rosol has three break-points in the first game of the second set - double-fault, that was meek as milk from Rafa.

    GAME AND FIRST SET *Nadal 7-6 (11-9) Rosol

    Nadal with a rasping cross-court forehand for 2-1 before scrambling like Ballesteros behind the baseline and putting away the sucker punch down the line. Rosol with an ace for 2-3 before the Czech nets with a rather tame backhand.

    Nadal's forehand not at its best so far in this tournament and he fires that one wide for 4-3. Rosol right back in this tie-breaker as Nadal nets with a forehand, before the clearly-rattled Spaniard bombs one long on the gallop.

    Rosol gets a good look at this second serve from Nadal but slams his return into the net, 5-5... splendid rally, Rosol eventually popping up a volley and Nadal climbing into a forehand winner, but Rosol saves the set-point... Rosol with a set-point, Nadal serving to save... forehand rally, Rosol brings it to an end with an iffy one into the net...

    ... set-point Nadal at 8-7, Rosol serving to stay in it, and the Czech does so, Nadal returning into the net... third set-point for Rosol, carved out with a cross-court forehand, but Nadal is equal to it again, extending play with a forehand winner... SET NADAL! Rather tame end to a fine set of tennis from Rosol, forehand into the net...

    Nadal 6-6 Rosol*

    As an interesting aside, Sergio Garcia is sticking with James Ward on Court One rather than popping over to Centre to watch his mate Rafa. Whatever match he's watching, can't hep thinking he should be polishing his links game over at Royal Portrush.

    Rosol sends a forehand return into the tramlines before Nadal nets with an iffy forehand of his own. Nadal tugs a forehand wide for deuce and here's a set-point as the Spaniard frames one into the stand... ace down the middle, chalk flying, fist pumping in defiance... Nadal pulls out another plum to nick the advantage before Rosol pulls a forehand wide. Breaker...

    *Nadal 5-6 Rosol

    Rosol having a bit of a chat with the umpire over a line-call before sending Nadal with wrong way with a forehand. Nadal simply unable to deal with this first serve of Rosol's, and his second serve's not bad either, that's another regulation hold, Nadal will serve to stay in the set.

    Nadal 5-5 Rosol*

    Nadal moves into a 30-15 lead as Rosol yanks a backhand return long before the Czech finds the net with a forehand. Nadal winds up and lets go with a forehand down the line, we're still with serve...

    *Nadal 4-5 Rosol

    Nadal, as is his wont, towelling down after every second point, and Rosol is making him sweat with this first serve of his, that's another easy service hold. This Rosol kid is handy...

    Nadal 4-4 Rosol*

    Bit worried about James Ward's old man over on Court One, looks like he's fallen asleep in front of a three-bar electric fire. Nadal wins his service game to love, good challenge on game-point, the ball skimming the line...

    *Nadal 4-3 Rosol

    Rosol has got some first serve on him, he's just won that service game to love in the blink of an eye. In fact, by my calculations, he's won 100% of points on first serve so far.

    Nadal 3-3 Rosol*

    Win or lose today, Rosol won't actually be going home - with Mikhail Kukushkin, he defeated British pair Colin Fleming and Ross Hutchins in the men's doubles yesterday. Nadal sprays a forehand long to make it 0-30 before Rosol plonks a forehand into the net.

    Break-point for Rosol as Nadal misses with another forehand but the Spaniard retrieves things with an ace. Second break-point for Rosol and the Czech takes it, leaving Nadal rooted with a cross-court forehand winner. Rosol giving Nadal something to think about out here on Centre...

    *Nadal 3-2 Rosol

    Rosol sends a double-fisted backhand miles long before knifing a single-hander beyond the baseline. Nadal with a break-point as the Czech pushes a forehand wide and Nadal needs no second invitation...

    Nadal 2-2 Rosol*

    A fair breeze running its fingers through Centre Court hair, making the heat all the more bearable, as Nadal steps in and puts away a fizzing forehand pass. Ace down the middle from Nadal... and another... Nadal goes long with a backhand but wraps up that service game with another forehand winner.

    *Nadal 1-2 Rosol

    Still a masterblaster of a day in London, the patrons basting in 27C degree heat. Rosol showing no signs of stage-fright on Centre, he's just won that service game to love.

    Nadal 1-1 Rosol*

    Here's a stat for you: Nadal has not won a title on a surface other than clay since October 2010, when he won in Tokyo. Liking that? There's more where that came from. James Ward has just taken Mardy Fish into a fifth set over on Court One, it's all going off out there. Ace from the Spaniard makes it 40-15 and another to secure a straightforward hold.

    *Nadal 0-1 Rosol

    It's Rosol to serve first and I do believe he's kicked off with two aces. Nadal gets on the scoreboard with a dinked backhand winner. Rosol edges a forehand into the slips - well caught that man - before putting away a crisp forehand winner. And that's a hold...

  130. 1800:  

    Players knocking up now in the early evening sun, a marvellous sight indeed. These two men both 26 but that's about all they have in common, tennis-wise: Nadal has 50 career titles to Rosol's none and two Wimbledon titles to Rosol's one first-round victory. Nadal has not lost before the third round at a Grand Slam since 2005 at SW19. You have to say Rosol's got two hopes of winning this: slim and none, and slim's got his bags packed and is about to leave town...

  131. 1752:  

    Righto, time for some Rafael Nadal on Centre Court, the world number two and two-time champion up against Lukas Rosol of the Czech Republic, the world number 100. There I was chuckling at the pink people at Wimbledon and then I looked in the mirror: an hour watching Keothavong v Errani on Court Two and I look like the Singing Detective.

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Wimbledon: 25 June - 8 July

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