World Snooker Championship: Ronnie O'Sullivan v Campbell as it happened

Ronnie O'Sullivan beats Marcus Campbell 10-4 in the first round as he returns to snooker to defend his world title.

20 April 2013 Last updated at 21:09

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As it happened

  1. 2058: 

    O'Sullivan safely through and a repeat of last year's final could take place in the second round next weekend. Have a read of Ben Dirs's report from the Crucible. The BBC Sport website will have daily match reports and all the scores from the matches. That's me done for the day. Thanks for your company.

    Philip Studd, BBC Radio 5 Live at the Crucible

    "All in all, a highly satisfactory start for O Sullivan. He couldn't have been certain how he would respond to being back in the heat of competitive battle after such a long absence, but it didn't take him long to answer any doubts.

    "He missed very little, he scored heavily and he produced a couple of pressure clearances from a long way behind.

    "The Rocket has sent a strong message to the rest of the field with this display. He means business and if someone wants his title, they are going to have to earn it."


    George Wysocki: "Comfortable for Ronnie but things could have been very different if Campbell had taken his early chances."

    James Rowe: "Valiant effort from Marcus Campbell, but whoever Ronnie's opponent was, they were going to be up for a tough fight."

    Ian Robbins: "Fantastic to have @ronnieo147 back on the baize."

  4. 2052: 

    O'Sullivan - Campbell

    953 -TOTAL POINTS- 560

    283 -BALLS POTTED- 159

    92% -POT SUCCESS- 87%

    63% -LONG POT SUCCESS- 67%

    85% -SAFETY SUCCESS- 87%

    102 -HIGHEST BREAK- 55

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the Crucible

    "Ronnie O'Sullivan compared his return to the Crucible to a Rolling Stones reunion, which sounded a little bit ludicrous when I read it. Thing is, though, there isn't a snooker player in history who has made snooker look so soulful and rhythmic."

  6. 2048: 

    Ronnie through and now has a rest until next Saturday, when he will face the winner of Ali Carter and Ben Woollaston. Should O'Sullivan get to the final, he will be playing every, single day from that Saturday onwards.


    Dil: "The Rocket is back."

    GaryOnCue: "Well done Ronnie. He's back and played like he was never really away."

  8. 2043: 
    Ronnie O'Sullivan 10-4 Marcus Campbell

    In goes the pink from Ronnie. There was a mini revival from the Scot but to no avail at the champion moves into the second round for the 18th time in his 21 Crucible appearance.

  9. 2042: 

    Ronnie gets a snooker of his own, isn't that always the way!

  10. 2040: 

    A safety battle. Marcus trying for a snooker, Ronnie trying for a pot.


    Kayley Jay: "I can't see Marcus doing a Bond here. Haven't seen him play before though so it could be famous last words!"

  12. 2037: 

    Ronnie takes the baulk colours but misses the blue, Marcus decides to play on needing one snooker.

  13. 2035: 

    Yellow, green and brown needed for victory....

  14. 2035: 

    18 for Campbell and he went for a long blue into the green pocket, but got it all wrong. Ronnie back to the table. was the big Marcus's last shot of the championship?

  15. 2030: 

    Campbell pockets a beauty, straight into the heart of the pocket, stopping the cue ball dead. He follows it up with a smashing pink to middle but those are the only points he can score.

  16. 2028: 

    O'Sullivan has so far managed to compile 40. Remarkable considering where the balls where...and that's where his run comes to an end. Leads by 33.

  17. 2027: 
    Michael White

    Michael White will be enjoying his mid-session break more than Mark Williams, who has work to do to get back into their match.

  18. 2025: 

    Marcus with the first chance after a good red, but a bad miss on the blue allows Ronnie to come to the table. Awkward balls, though. Blue, pink and black all out of commission.

  19. 2021: 

    The boys are back on the baize. How long can Marcus Campbell hold out for?


    Stuie Neale: "Ronnie one away, fair play to Marcus though."

    Philip Studd, BBC Radio 5 Live at the Crucible

    "Bizarre end to that mini session with O'Sullivan seemingly losing concentration in sight of victory after a blistering start to the evening. Missed a fairly easy yellow when poised to clinch the match 10-2 and Campbell, helped by that extraordinary fluke on the green, has managed to take the match to an interval."

    John Parrott, Snooker Analyst, BBC Sport

    "Mark Allen has something to put behind him in this year's World Championship because he took liberties in his first round game last year against Cao Yupeng. He is a decent player, not brilliant.

    "Allen played a few shots in there which were questionable and he got beaten. His attitude on the table has improved immensely, he is a serious runner in the event, especially if his A game turns up."

  23. 2016: 

    Young Michael white is giving a great account of himself. The fresh-faced 21-year-old from Neath is now 3-1 ahead against Mark Williams. Pot success up at 89% compared to Williams's 79%.

    John Parrott, Snooker Analyst, BBC Sport

    "Judd Trump has not pushed from last year and I don't know what this is down to, whether he is applying himself properly off the table or not. He might think the game is easier than it is.

    "You start off full of beans and get some good wins early on in your career, reach a big final - is he capable of winning it? Yes he is. Is he applying himself and practicing? I don't know about that."

    John Parrott, Snooker Analyst, BBC Sport

    "Mark Selby did not play well to win the UK Championship and the Masters. That will be by his own standards. He won through sheer determination and application because when Selby is flowing, he does not miss a ball. If he plays on top form, he will be up there."

  26. 2011: 

    What did 1991 champion and BBC snooker analyst John Parrott have to say about the Crucible contenders? He picks out a few players to keep an eye on...

  27. 2009: 

    Coverage of Ronnie O'Sullivan v Marcus Campbell has now finished on BBC Two, but you can still watch the match at the top of this page when the players return from their break.

  28. 2006: 

    O'Sullivan has potted 263 balls in the match so far, to Campbell's 146, leaving his pot success at 93% to 87%. The cleaner is now on the table, sweeping away the chalk marks - to avoid those nasty kicks.

  29. 2004: 
    Ronnie O'Sullivan 9-4 Marcus Campbell

    O'Sullivan concedes. Well, well. We have an interval. This match goes on!

  30. 2002: 

    O'Sullivan drowns the yellow. A safety battle is on! Remember, the champ needs a snooker.

  31. 2001: 

    Ronnie in a hurry to get this match wrapped up, but not just yet. Campbell is now 28 ahead with only 27 remaining on the table. Someone will be getting a cuppa ready for him.

  32. 2000: 

    Just when you thought he was going along nicely, Campbell misses a red into the corner pocket - he cued across it. Ronnie comes to the table, and misses too.

  33. 1956: 

    Campbell is having to work hard to keep control of the cue ball. No-one expected him to win but he can put a bit more respectability to the scoreline by notching a few more frames. At least it isn't a 10-0 whitewash, like Eddie Charlton suffered at the hands of John Parrott in 1992.


    Sean O Hoireabhard: "Feel bad for Campbell, hard to play his best when he knows that Ronnie will win easy anyway."

  35. 1953: 

    Mark Williams is off and running, gets his first frame on the board. Still 2-1 behind to fellow Welshman Michael White.

  36. 1952: 

    ...and Campbell knocks in a difficult black. Reds are well spread out. Can he keep his head together? He's favourite for this frame now.

  37. 1951: 

    Tries to develop the pack of reds via the black, but it does not quite work out. 29 for Ronnie and he has to play up into baulk. Campbell steps up and smashes a red into the corner pocket...

  38. 1950: 

    O'Sullivan in amongst the reds, all balls in the open. I'd be surprised if he let this chance pass.


    Richard Ottaway via 81111: "Ronnie will have his mental stamina severely tested from the quarter finals on. I think at 37, another title will be beyond him. Robbo or Maguire to win."

  40. 1947: 

    Can Marcus take the match into the mid-session interval? He needs this frame for that to happen.

    Ken Doherty, Snooker analyst, BBC Sport

    "The crowd want to see as much of Ronnie as possible. Marcus fluked the green and it is nice to see the players smiling. It is probably just prolonging the inevitable for Campbell though."

  42. 1945: 
    Ronnie O'Sullivan 9-3 Marcus Campbell

    Pink confidently into the heart of the pocket, and he drains the black too. The match goes on!

  43. 1944: 

    Campbell pots the yellow, and flukes the green across the length of the table. Both players share a smile. In goes the brown, needs the three remaining colours...

  44. 1942: 

    ...yellow...MISSED by Ronnie. He was stretching a little to get to it. Stares at the table for a few seconds before heading back to his chair. Not the table's fault that time, Ron.

  45. 1942: 

    A difficult red down the top cushion is rolled in with easy by Ronnie. Needs yellow, green and brown for the match...

  46. 1940: 

    Just 28 for Campbell, got to feel sorry for him. Maybe he has been overawed by the occasion. Ronnie should wrap it up from here now.

  47. 1939: 

    Mark Williams in a bit of trouble early on. Michael White has doubled his advantage against the two-time world champion for 2-0.


    William Hamilton: "As good as Ronnie has been lets not go overboard. Much tougher tests lie ahead."

  49. 1936: 

    Oh, what have we here!! A missed red to the middle from Ronnie, took his eye off the pot? A kick? Who knows. Marcus lives!!


    Scott McLeish: "Very impressive start from Ronnie. Clearly benefitting from the increase in tournaments on the tour this year. Oh wait..."

  51. 1934: 

    A grimace from Campbell as he leaves a red for Ronnie to the middle pocket. He is, literally, sniffing the chance to close out the match at the opportunity. Black in open play. CHANCE for O'Sullivan!

  52. 1932: 

    Marcus opens with a cracking red...but again can only muster a measly 12. Good fortune for 'The Dumbarton Destroyer' though, not leaving anything for Ronnie to play at, who has to play safe into baulk.


    Oscar van Duijn: "It does not look like Ronnie has been out for so long. Incredible snooker by The Rocket!"

    Pete Gray: "Ronnie O'Sullivan is a genius with a snooker stick."

    Tony Pearson: "See Ronnie's struggling after his year break #magical."

  54. 1929: 

    Marcus Campbell breaks off in the 12th frame. Any shot he plays now could be his last in this year's World Championship.


    Paul Dargan: "Ronnie's picked up where he left off last year. It's as if he was cryogenically frozen - whilst bottling the form too!"

  56. 1927: 
    Ronnie O'Sullivan 9-2 Marcus Campbell

    Whoosh!! And The Rocket is away. A sublime lesson in cue ball control, coupled with potting accuracy. That 90 break was brilliant. One away now, this could be over very soon.

  57. 1922: 

    Young Michael White has began his Crucible career in sensational fashion, opening with an 87 break to take a 1-0 lead against Mark Williams.

  58. 1922: 

    Ronnie opens the 11th with a good, long opener into the yellow pocket. Black in the open, plenty of reds to go at. Hold on to your hats.


    Ed Vickers: "Could never get bored of watching Ronnie O'Sullivan."

    Diarmuid Smyth: "Ronnie looks like he's never been away!"


    Ken Doherty, Snooker analyst, BBC Sport

    "Ronnie is in full flow and it is amazing. He has been out for the whole year and has come back where he left off. He is manoeuvring the ball effortlessly and it is a joy to watch."

  61. 1918: 
    100 - Ronnie O'Sullivan 8-2 Marcus Campbell

    Campbell has a chance, but was unable to capitalise, that's been the story of his match so far. We have our first century of the match as Ronnie clears up the table, barring the black, with a break of 102.

  62. 1916: 

    Ronnie motoring, and the half-century is up. Has to wait as referee Jan Verhaas - who will be officiating this year's final - takes extreme care to re-spot the pink.

  63. 1911: 

    But Campbell breaks down on 12 after a missed red to the centre. All reds in the open, colours not tied up either, great chance for Ronnie to close to within two.

    Philip Studd, BBC Radio 5 Live at the Crucible

    "O'Sullivan looks more relaxed this evening than he did for his entrance this morning and no wonder. The first session could scarcely have gone better for him, he's already proved his game is in great shape despite that year long hiatus. Just three more frames and he can enjoy a week off before he returns for round two next weekend."

  65. 1909: 

    Ronnie attempts the safety back into baulk with his first shot of the evening session, but sees the cue ball roll into the yellow pocket. A chance for Marcus, one which he really needs to take.


    Peter Cafferky: "Id say its safe to say Ronnie O'Sullivan is going into the next round."

  67. 1907: 

    Ronnie O'Sullivan comes out to Robbie Williams' Let Me Entertain You. The crowd have settled down. A manly handshake between the two players and Campbell breaks off in the tenth.

  68. 1906: 

    Marcus Campbell is out, looks up to his people in the box at the top of the Crucible Theatre.

  69. 1905: 

    Michael White and Mark Williams are out into the arena after being introduced by MC Rob Walker.

    Ken Doherty, Snooker analyst, BBC Sport

    "I thought Ronnie looked in imperious form. He looked very focussed and countered and it is good to have him back. He stole a couple of frames and it gave him the impetus to forge a 7-2 lead. The buzz around Sheffield is amazing today."

  71. 1901: 
    BBC coverage

    Live coverage of the Ronnie O'Sullivan v Marcus Campbell match is under way on BBC Two and on BBC Two HD, or at the top of this page. I'm running through until the conclusion of the match.


    George Wysocki: "Selby can certainly last the distance but don't think he'll win the triple crown, Ronnie-Higgins would be tasty."

  73. 1858: 

    Ali Carter: "Been a good start today at the Crucible. Proper tournament, proper players! #howitshouldbe."

    Mark Allen: "En route to Sheffield. This is it!!!!!"

  74. 1851: 

    Assuming Ronnie gets through, who will be his biggest threat in the tournament? John Higgins? The Scot is in his half of the draw, and has won the same number of world titles as O'Sullivan. What about Mark Selby going for the 'triple crown' of BBC events? Let me know; use the hashtag #bbcsnooker or text in via 81111.

  75. 1849: 

    The crowd are settling in and the cameramen are ready. Around 10 minutes before the players are back in the arena.

    (Pic via World Snooker)

  76. 1847: 

    An all Welsh affair taking place as two-time world champions Mark Williams takes on debutant Michael White - a highly rated youngster, whose fearless potting could cause concern to Williams. Just to add a bit more Welsh flavour to the tie, the referee is Paul Collier from Newport.

  77. 1844: 

    Two first round matches got under way this afternoon. Barry Hawkins leads qualifier Jack Lisowski 6-3 after an engrossing session in which both players complied century breaks.

    2005 champion Shaun Murphy is 5-4 in front against Martin Gould. Murphy knocked in a 112 clearance in the fifth frame. Both matches play to a finish on Sunday from 19:00 BST.

  78. 1840: 

    Campbell, though, is up against the world's best player and has never won a match at the Crucible. It would be a remarkable turn around if he managed it, but needs some heavy scoring to get it done. Too many times in the first session he was in amongst the balls, but was unable to make a sizeable contribution. Ronnie nicked two close frames, and the opening session ended 7-2 instead of 5-4.

  79. 1837: 

    Is this all over for Marcus Campbell? Well, the biggest deficit a player has come back from in the first round of the World Championship is seven frames. This was achieved by Nigel Bond in 1994. He was 9-2 down to Canada's Cliff Thorburn, but made an incredible comeback to win 10-9. Bond made seven straight breaks of 60 or more which put him in the next round.

  80. 1831: 

    The Rocket touched down this morning, but by the afternoon, it had relaunched. A super session from the world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan saw him take a commanding 7-2 advantage over Marcus Campbell heading into this evening's final session.

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

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